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Pidge and Lance but in a Teen Titans Beast Boy and Raven AU!


@queenscene2 I hope you like it! It’s been a good long while since I’ve seen this awesome little cartoon, but I did what I could!


Pidge sighs and she slips her headphones on, pressing her fingers together gently as she begins her morning meditation. The candles are lit and the silence is peaceful. Once she is sufficiently rested, there will be plenty of time to help Hunk with the maintenance of his cyborg body, help Keith in the training room, and make sure Allura isn’t using the peanut butter for whatever horrendous lunch conglomeration she has planned today.

Then perhaps she and Lance can relax with a video game or three.

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You are heroes, they told us for the first time when we were barely kids.


You are heroes, they repeated to justify the fact we were risking our lives.


You are heroes, they claimed when some of us started to die or disappear.


You are heroes, they smiled, waiting for the right time to stab us in the back.

Just some visuals for my next serie “Far from what we were„ which sets in an Alternate Universe where the drivers are superheroes…that I’ll try to release enterely in English if I have the guts to do it ! x’)

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I’m having a moment of bravery here, folks. This may get deleted by the powers that be, but not before it’s seen by many first. I’m hunkered down at home. What I had planned to do today is on pause because #rioting and #looting I turned on #SyFy #harleyquinn #dccomics Season 1 Episode 1 and I overhear this scene as I’m standing in the other room. What did they just say?

I #rewind because maybe just maybe I misheard. Nope. Still there.


I don’t know when I took the pill from Morphius but this shit right here *IS* called #predictiveprogramming and it’s hidden all over in film and television. Didn’t someone…anyone review the script before recording the scenes? Did voice actors have full disclosure of what they were recording? I’m sure they did but why would such a gem of a scene left in the opening sequence. Why? Because, the way I see it, someone could’ve stopped this.

Why didn’t they? Rich white elitists, their pyramid of money, and usurping resources from the poor and middle class. The way I see it the powers that be want us divided. They want dissonance and civil unrest and what is happening right now plays into this agenda. Even if you haven’t notice this in what you watch it is always there as our minds are pawns to an agenda beyond our control. DC Comics seems harmless right? Kids love #Batman #Superheroes and #villains their brains are also moldable and shapeable.

What else is in what we watch. What is entertainment trying to share with us as a warning on some level. I don’t think anything is a coincidence anymore. We as human beings need to no longer be complacent and put this kind of shit on blast! Be angry! Be engraged! #planprepare #cometogether #riseup

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Adjustment Day, Chuck Palahniuk, p. 269-70 
The biggest bestsellers in history had been targeted at children and young adults. People who had no power, they were starved for stories depicting similar kids attaining an ultimate power. From Harry Potter to Superman to Luke Skywalker to Robin the Boy Wonder, it would seem that all kids wanted to develop their own latent superpowers and to see their parents dead.
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Cover by Mr. Goatee:… I haven’t been able to stop making this since I started thinking about it… my school work has suffered 😔 

 Anyway, the basic plot is that Superman succumbed to mind control (or is under the influence of kryptonite, magic, etc. it’s not that important) and Batman is trying to take him down after he’s already wreaked a good part of the city. Unfortunately, he doesn’t snap out of it in time but when he catches a glimpse of Bruce’s face, he remembers a wonderful night they had together at a Wayne gala. 

 This doesn’t really fit in any of the canon timelines but I did take inspiration from the newer Justice League, Batman, and Superman animated movies for their costumes!

Hope you enjoy!

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