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I like versions of Bruce Wayne/ Batman where Bruce Wayne didn’t die in the alley and Batman was born in his place. I like versions where Bruce Wayne puts on the mask of Batman instead of a Batman who puts on the mask of Bruce wayne.

Like it’s not who came first the chicken or the egg. Bruce Wayne comes first and Bruce Wayne remains. Bruce Wayne didn’t die in that ally. Bruce Wayne became motivated to help the powerless and created Batman to help the people Bruce Wayne couldn’t.

I like Batman because after all his tragedies hes still the kid who wants to help people. Tragedy, loss and pain stays with Bruce but it didn’t kill Bruce.

I like that his caring a goodness still shine under his brooding stoic nature. I like that it shows you can be hurt and still remain kind even if your exterior is stoic. I like that Bruce never lost that peice of “I want to save the world” that lots of us have when were kids.

Thank you for reading my love for Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Lol feel free to comment I got a bunch of thoughts on Bruce Wayne/ Batman.

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