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Ahhhhh nooooo that’s too cuteeeee 🥺🥺🥺 I can just picture them out at dinner at like a nice French restaurant and a kiddo comes running up all wide eyed and excited to see iron man and captain America and they just look at each other fondly cuz loke, they aren’t Gonna say no! So they take a picture and then have it printed and framed as a reminder of their anniversary?!? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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It’s never too late for asks!! Here’s another selection from my unpublished stony a/b/o wip:

The scent of heat lingers in the air—Tony had suffered another, alone, and before he knows what’s happening he’s lifting the mussed sheets to his nose and inhaling.

The spicy sweet scent of heat is like a punch to the gut and he moans deep in his throat, heat glowing in his belly at the scent of young virile omega. He inhales deeply, cock thickening in his sweats and gives in to the urge to rub the sheets against his scent gland, groaning as his mate’s scent sticks to his skin.

Right now he doesn’t think at all about why he’d refused to fuck Tony while he was in his heat, right now all he can think about is getting more of the mouth watering scent onto his skin.

The distant sound of a door closing reaches him and he’s knocked back into reality, clutching Tony’s sheet to his face, cock hard and throbbing in his sweats. He releases it like he’s been burnt and stumbles back, shame and horror growing within him as the sound of footsteps on the stairs grow in his ears.

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Lol ok im not giving you 29 sentences, but I am giving you a lot so here we go….

Tony hangs back at the door, unsure if he should go, hoping desperately that Steve won’t shoo him away quite yet. Steve turns and smiles at him, waves him over and then crouches down so they’re eye level.

“I’m Steve,” he murmurs, extending his hand for Tony to shake with a grin, “it’s nice to meet you Tony.”

Tony shakes his hand, gaze darting to the round bag once more. Steve catches where his gaze is and grins conspiratorially, “You wanna see it?” he whispers and Tony nods excitedly.

Steve laughs—deep and loud and bright somehow—and nods, stands straight and grabs the bag before unzipping it and pulling out the shield in one smooth movement.

He holds it while Tony inspects it, hands tucked behind his back so he doesn’t reach out and smudge it. Steve nudges his arm with his elbow and grins when he looks up.

“Go on kiddo, touch it.”

His fingers shake when they slide along the curved face of it, the metal cool against his skin. He grins at Steve and the older man grins back, ruffles his hair and then flips the shield and offers it to Tony.

He stares at Steve wide eyed for a moment before taking it, gasping softly at the unfamiliar weight on his arm.

“Looks good on you,” Steve says with a grin, “might have to bring you on as my sidekick,” he jokes. Tony grins and lifts the shield, grabbing Steve’s hand to drag him across the hall to his room so he can show him all his Captain America stuff.

They pass nearly an hour reading comics while Steve tells him what really happened, sitting together on Tony’s bed, the shield propped against the pillows.

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Aww thank you my dear!! Here’s a little something for you anyway!!


Tony stares at the screen JARVIS is projecting, horror yawning inside him. His liver and gallbladder are both lit up like a fucking Christmas tree and it’s not because of the palladium core that’s been killing him slowly for weeks now.

Irregular cell mutation JARVIS had said.

AKA cancer

The big C

A hysterical giggle lodges in his throat and he presses a shaking hand against his mouth to keep it in.

“Sir, shall I start contacting oncology specialists?”

Tony shudders at that word, eyes screwing shut against the image of his own body betraying him.

“Sir, are you alright?”

At that, he really does laugh, sharp and bitter. There’s a moment of silence and then JARVIS speaks again, sounding apologetic and sad and Tony really needs to look at his code if he’s starting to express human emotion like that.

“I am sorry sir, you do not deserve such untimely news as this.”

Tony snorts and shakes his head, thinks back on his behavior of the past decade, of the sex and booze and willful ignorance, of the merchant of death, and no, he can’t agree with JARVIS because he really does deserve this.

“Put calls in to Johns Hopkins and that place in Switzerland that’s been doing immunotherapy.”

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Fourteen?!? Lmao ok. I’ll do seven sentences from one fic and seven from another!

This is a non MCU wip, @longhornletters this one is for you!

Black Dog Motel exists in a void between three towns, The Devil’s Triangle as the locals call it, tucked away on a winding back road lined with dense forest, the shadows of twilight turning the spanish moss that drapes over nearly every tree into something sinister and dark.

Holden isn’t sure if it’s the setting or the case they’re here to consult on, but he’s uneasy and on edge, always feeling like something is waiting in the corner of his vision, waiting in the shadows for him to lower his guard so it can slink forward and snatch him in its claws.

Abandoned and decaying houses peek through the trees, their windows smashed and empty, like hollow eyes of the dead, watching all those who pass by without really seeing. He shivers and looks away, down the long and lonely road ahead of them.

Bill smokes silently beside him, humming along to the song that’s pouring from the speakers, hand draped casually over the wheel. Holden wouldn’t normally allow himself to look this long, but he can’t stand their surroundings anymore so he chooses instead to look at Bill.

The older man’s gaze flickers over to him, eyes wrinkling around the edges as he smiles and then blows out a ring of smoke effortlessly.


Steve settles in on the couch in his living quarters, once again amazed by the luxury that living in Tony’s mansion has brought to his life. Everything in here is new and beautiful—so very different from the second or third hand furniture that had been in his childhood home.

The past is so distant now, faded with time and turned sepia toned in his mind’s eye.

But today isn’t about the past, it’s about the present and the future.

Steve is the first to admit that the future is an amazing place, and once he’d overcome his initial shock of how different things are, he’d found himself at home here.

There’s so much that has changed, but what Steve is interested in today is something as old as time itself.


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Oh my goodness that’s so many roses lol thank you love!! You get ten sentences from my a/b/o stony wip!

It’s been nearly a year since they’ve seen each other and he can see that Steve is surprised—Tony is a little taller now, with more muscle on his frame than he’s ever had.

Steve of course looks exactly the same.

Still as beautiful as ever.

They stand staring at each other for a long moment before Steve laughs and draws him in for a hug that’s long and warm and feels like home.

Tony inhales his scent greedily, a shiver running over his spine at the familiar taste of it on his breath. Heat blooms in his belly and on his cheeks and he ducks his chin as they separate, unwilling to let Steve see how much he loves him.

“You look good Tony, it’s—it’s so good to be home,” Steve murmurs, his large hand lingering on the nape of Tony’s neck warmly.

It’s inappropriate—Steve isn’t truly family, and a display like this could be interpreted as Steve staking a claim on Tony despite his lack of presentation.

Tony can hear the buzz of voices around them, gossiping, but he can’t bring himself to step out from under Steve’s hand.

Not when it’s exactly where he wants to be.

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Never too much

Steve thought that after they finally got together he would stop wanting to kiss Tony all the time.

He was wrong. So wrong. It somehow made him want to kiss Tony even more because now he knew he could so why wouldn’t he?

And he couldn’t just kiss him once, he couldn’t just press his lips against Tony’s once and go away. He had to give Tony many kisses, all over his face, he did that absently and Tony never seemed to mind it.

A good morning kiss would be a light kiss on his lips and then in his messy curls that Steve found absolutely adorable with his face all marked up from the messy sheets.

For a good night kiss, Steve would kiss his cheeks, a kiss that lingers while he breathed Tony in, feeling him right there, close to him, alive and well ( he needed that reassurance constantly).

And Steve would not kiss only Tony’s face but also his knuckles, the palm of his hands, inside his wrists, his neck and everywhere he could reach. (He also loved to kiss inside Tony’s thighs whenever they made love. It’s a soft spot for Tony it makes him shiver and produce those little noises Steve loved so much and turned him on a lot ).

Making out with Tony was so perfect to him, they would kiss and let their hands explore each other’s bodies but also look at each other when they needed to break apart for air. Just staring at Tony’s brown eyes made Steve weak in his legs with Tony’s hands over his face tracing his lines.

There’s also kisses for each occasion for example when Tony is feeling sick he gets a lot of forehead kisses and very tight hugs that can practically heal any headaches and sore throats. Maybe Steve loves to kiss Tony a lot sue him, he’s a man in love. But what Steve had never noticed is that he gets as many kisses as he gives and right now it’s when he realizes that. Right now, after having a very terrifying nightmare, Tony’s holding him close and whispering sweet things to him to calm him down and between every word, he gets a kiss. Instead of thinking about crashing a plane into the ocean he’s thinking about how soft Tony’s lips are and how much he loves his voice, he could hear Tony talking for the rest of his life, how incredibly beautiful his name sounded coming from the burnett’s lips, he decided to hold on to that.

When he stopped shaking his love asked “ are you better, honey? Do you need anything else? Want me to go grab another blanket? Cuz I can do that you know what I’m just gonna-”

“It’s fine sweetheart” Steve said softly “I don’t need a blanket I have you right here"  that made Tony smile softly. At the very beginning of their relationship, everytime Steve said sweet things like that Tony would brush it off with a sarcastic comment or a funny joke. But he knows Steve means it. Every word. And now he just smiles and kiss him.

Waking up with the sight of a sleeping Tony is one of the things Steve can never get tired of. He’s so beautiful like this and today Steve decided not to go on his morning run. Instead, he would be right here in bed with Tony for as long as he can ( also it’s a Saturday and he knows Tony has no meetings today). The soldier turned his face to watch his fella asleep, kissed his hair and cuddled closer. He wasn’t going anywhere.

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A fic! Just the first chapter for now, and I’ll be posting a chapter every couple of days as I clean them up. The whole thing has a wordcount of 29k, which may go up or down depending on the edits I’ll be making along the way. I’ll post about this again on tumblr when the whole thing is up.

This is the expansion of idea # 2 in this list of mine, except as I was writing it I was like, how about doing some set-up first? And some details got changed along the way. Also, seven out of the nine chapters are explicit, it’s that kind of fic.

Not a Breakup (4007 words) by scaramouche
Chapters: 1/9
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Sex Then Feelings, Banter, Getting Together, Angst, Misunderstanding, Communication Issues, Jealousy, Switching, Happy Ending, Avengers Tower, Tony POV

Summary: Tony knew it was a bad idea to start sleeping with Steve. It could mess up team dynamics, make things even more awkward between them in the future, or just plain get in the way of their trying to save the world. Tony foresaw all of the above, but not the eventual arrival of feelings, and at the most inopportune moment.

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“Yes, Halloween time! You think we could introduce our kids to Hocus Pocus this year?”


“You mean our three years old kids? To a movie about witches sucking the life out of kids? Do you really want me to answer this?”


“I guess your answer is no…”


“To put it mildly.”


“It is a good movie!”


“Our kids are three years old! We will watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!”


“Halloween! Booo!”

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“We are doing okay, thank you for asking. Just hanging out at home.”


“It is surprising how fast one can get used to walking in sweatpants all the time. A few days ago I put on jeans and was like ‘woah, how people can walk in this thing’.”


“Well… You looked good. I mean, you always look good, but jeans brought up something in you that sweatpants don’t.”


“Oh? If you like, I can slip into something that would really accentuate the things you like about me.”


“You read my mind.”

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I kinda combined the following two prompts from an anon and @ishipallthings​​ into one fic. I hope you guys don’t mind! 


Sorry it’s taking me a century to go through all the prompts in my inbox. 😔 

I hope you enjoy the fic! 🤍

too close for comfort

steve/tony, fluff, getting together, 2532 words

It was born out of a genuine desire to help, but as with many things in his life, Tony soon finds that the situation is rapidly spiraling out of his control.

It all started because Steve had looked so goddamn sad all the time. The guy seemed to have the tendency to turn every single negative emotion inwards and Tony just couldn’t stand seeing him wound up so tight anymore, like if someone were to poke him in the wrong way he would just snap one day.

So maybe when Steve was seated at the dining table one day, shoulders hunched in on himself and a grim expression on his face, Tony’s resolve to just leave the man alone finally broke and he asked, between sips of his fifth cup of coffee of the day:


Blue eyes turned his way, ever wary and apprehensive.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but—” Tony set his MIT mug down on the counter and took a fortifying breath. “Do you want a hug?”

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