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I don’t get why are so people talking shit about Superman and Lois. The ending of Supergirl doesn’t have anything to do with this. First of all I want to say, that I’m the biggest fan of Supergirl, I read her comics, I love the cast, I want Supercorp to happen and all that. But I love Superman too! And I found that all this negative comments toward the show is not fair.

I personally think that Supergirl is ending because it was a Melissa’s decision. Every actor on the Arrowverse had a 6 year contract for what I investigated. Now Melissa is a mom, it’s a life changing experience and we’re living through a pandemic, maybe her priorities has changed and that’s ok, been the lead of a TV Show is a big deal, a lot of hours and long days of work. So I think it was her time to “hang up” the cape. Even if a lot of us didn’t want that.

But please guys, don’t send hate toward Superman and Lois, Tyler and Bitsie don’t have anything to do with that. In this DC universe it’s always been Superman and Supergirl, this big universe of kryptonians and I’m very sad to see Supergirl go, I truly am, but one thing doesn’t have to do with the other. It doesn’t mean that they’re changing Supergirl with Superman, if the lead of the show doesn’t want to continue, it doesn’t mean the other one it’s replacing them. Supergirl is a show that all of us will cherish forever, even if a lot of “fans” stop seeing the show because “bad writing” I was the fan who never stop watching, the one who saw every interview, every comic con (yeah that awful comic con too) and I’m certainly going to miss seeing Katie and Melissa’s chemistry on my screen, but that doesn’t going to erase with a Superman show, it’s completely different.

So please be kind, if you don’t want to watch it, don’t. But don’t send hate toward the show and be toxic about it. Be better and think about what Supergirl has teaching us over the years, the meaning of family and been kind.

Ps. Supercorp Endgame🤗

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i love how whenever something bad happens to any character I love I go into mommy mode.


“Oh Brucie Baby are you okay?”


“Jay Jay? 🥺 Are you good? Do you need huggies?”



“HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT HAPPENEDDDDD WHAT DID YOU DO?! DO YOU NEED A HUG WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! It’s because of Carol isn’t it? Fuck her 😤 You a bad bitch always been a bad bitch”


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Dark Superman

Not really a new work. I just re-mastered it a bit. The mantle was simulated in Marvellous Designer and looked kinda boring. So I used the new dynamics functions in Zbrush to make it more fluid. Rendered in Keyshot. The final image is achieved in Photoshop. 

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Own the digital and I LOVE IT. I love the meta set-up, the shifting art styles, SEA Lois, their daughters… If I could, it would be one of the recent Supes media I would want as main inspiration for a new Supes movie or tv show- maybe not a full adaptation but at something to make a nod to. (My first pick for a Supes animated movie or tv show or new mini-series would be an Elseworlds based on the Roman Empire, but that’s pure wish)

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Fun Fact. Do you know all the feelings you have towards a fictonal character is real. So when you’re crying yourself to sleep at night because your favorite character went through a lot of pain and suffering or because they DIED it’s legit feelings since your brain can’t tell the difference between the fictonal characters and real characters.

When you fall in love with a character it’s legit falling in love with a person.

So that means I’m in love with Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne. Which is great… but it’s not because DC pratically ignores Green Lantern AND Batman just has way too much emotional baggage for even ME to handle

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Henry wrecks you

To the cardi b and megan thee stallion song

summary: Imagine if your boyfriend, Henry Cavill catches you enjoying “the cardi b and megan thee stallion song,” and decides to take you up on the words to the lyrics.

word count: 1842

Pairing: Henry Cavill and You

Warning: Choking, Dom Henry/Sub reader, squirting, creampie, body fluids, unprotected sex

I hope you all enjoy and feedback would be much appreciated, you can DM me. Reblog the shit out of it if you liked and or loved it !!!




Originally posted by littlesati

You are in your house dancing about to the song the newest hit song” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

Little do you know Henry came in with Kal after a walk, but the song is too loud for you to even hear them enter. Kal goes and lays down next to the couch in the living room but Henry is wondering what you were up to, especially with the song you had blaring in the stereo. He hears the lyrics he got a beard and I’m tryna wet it and he hears your voice.

“Wooh das right ima wet dat beard!”

He lets off a low chuckle at you letting loose and enjoying yourself. He comes closer to you, seeing you move your waist slow and then watches you bend over the bed arching your back to bounce your ass in the air. He stands behind you enjoying the view and he tilts his head to the side admiring the movement. He thinks of all the times he’s already seen you bounce just like that on his cock.

You stick your tongue out and as you’re still moving to the beat, you look over your shoulder and see Henry standing there. His arms are crossed, his eyes fixed on your hourglass figure.

“Enjoying yourself love?“ The words rumble in his chest his eyes roaming your body.

You stand up straight but not fully facing him, "Hen—.” You stammer.

He interrupts, “Oh no no dont stop on my account sweetheart, besides watching you is entertaining.”

You grab your phone on the bed and stop the song, “Sorry babe I got carried away.” As you turn he is right infront of you.

“You gonna start the song again, hmm? Maybe even have it looped? Playing it over and over and over,” He whispers in your ear, teasing you as the last few words melted within you. He’s talking about what he wants to do to you. He kisses your neck and he slides the phone out of your loosened grip, taking it from you easily.

“Is that what daddy wants ?” You groan in a whispered tone that you know turns him on.

He opens his eyes looking at the phone and starting the song again.

There’s some hoes in this house, there’s some hoes in this house…

Slowly he stands straight. You push him back starting to roll your hips again sliding your hands though your soft hair from the scalp, pulling it back then letting it go. As you let go of your hair you bend forward causing your slightly wavy strands to stretch to the ground. You poke out your ass giving more emphasis to your natural arch and slowly pick yourself up and making a wave with your body as you stand sideways.

Henry watches you dance for him and he smirks, taking off his shirt and revealing that hard body you love running your hands on. He smiles revealing his canines and he reaches to unbutton his pants, his pecks and arms flexing distracting you to slow your movements and then stop. Turned on, you walk up to him, run your hands over him and lick his chest looking up into his eyes.

Beat it up…

He keeps his eyes on yours, panting as your hand goes into his pants to stroke his cock. Sticking your tongue out and seductively licking your cupid’s bow and teeth with the tip then dragging it against the top of your mouth, you hear

Swipe your nose like a credit card

Henry gets on his knees and takes off your pants and panties all at once while you get rid of your shirt and bra. He takes your leg on his shoulder swiping his nose and dragging is tongue along the same trail, you moan out at the excitement. Feeling his tongue makes you arch in response and surprise as he sticks it in and flattens his tongue, causing your sex lips to spread around it. As it opens he enters you with it keeping it flat playing with your opening. You are already wet knowing the taste of you makes him wild. He moves his other arm to bring the leg you are using to balance yourself to his shoulder. He grips your thighs and spikes his tongue into your cunt as he lifts you up. He is gaining control at a fast pace having you so vulnerable as he walks a few steps to the bed. His name leaves your lips over and over again and he slams you on the bed causing you to yelp out loud. He loses contact with your cunt for a minute which makes you look down and you see his eyes on you, looking animalistic with tousled curls messed from your grips and lips pinkened and plump from making out with your sex. You stare as henry gets up he takes off his pants and boxers, his standing his cock rock hard having precum already slipping out. It looked painful how hard he was, he spreads his precum over it and you open your legs wide holding onto your inner thighs.

I tell him where to put it, never tell him where I’m bout to be

Henry looks at you with a knowing look, “Where would you like it, love?”

You don’t waste time to answer, “In my wet ass pussy”

He comes closer and slides the head in, both of you hearing the glistening wetness of your pussy. You cry out as you feel his thick cock spreading you making your walls pulsate and clit throb. Your head falls back and you arch feeling him spread you more as he pushes in deeper, his hands roam your curves, admiring your beauty. He grips your breasts and holds onto them while pushing, all the way in, a blend of pain and pleasure. You both moan and you watch as he chokes your breasts in his hands.

He doesn’t let go and starts to rock in and out of you. “Like it my little whore?” Bending over he sucks on your breasts one after another and you feel his hips move faster working in and out of you.

“Oh fuck yes Henry!!”

Hearing you pushes him to keep going, to make you scream and say things you never thought you would. His tongue circles your nipples.

I need a hard hitter I need a deep stroker

He flicks your nipple on one breasts and the same on the other, then finally lets go of them and you sigh at the release. His hands slide down your body softly and then with an iron grip holds you and down by the hips, his cock then slamming as he grunts and growls, fucking the juices out of your pussy as you scream out to the beating he’s giving you. He finds that angle that allows his cock to hit your cervix constantly with ease. Moving one hand he circles your clit and you begin to squirt.

“OH FUCK ME UP HENRY, YES!!” you grip his shoulders we he drills into you. You feel the build up to your release and he moans as your inner walls grip onto his shaft. His thighs are grounded on the bed as his back gives him the power to pound his hips into you. He makes you call out his name as you cum, your cunt washing his cock as he fucks you so hard that you squirt, hitting his torso and chest. He doesn’t stop stroking your clit, licking his thumb to lubricate it to start yet again. He finds your spot again on your clit, making you come undone again, drawing out a high pitch screams as he continues to work you.

“Not gonna stop, I’m not done with you.” He grunts out and you look up seeing sweat dripping down his chest and feel some of your own slide down your body. He pulls out for a moment and grabs your thighs to flip you on your stomach. You know what’s about to happen on instinct, getting on your hands and knees without a thought, and he sheaths himself deep inside of you again.

Never lost a fight but I’m looking for a beatin

You both call out in heat as Henry mercilessly pounds into you with deep strokes, coating his cock as his balls sack hits your ass. You arch and his hand rests there while the other grips your shoulder, as he moves, hitting into you making your body shake. Panting, sweating, cussing, you feel your pussy juices dripping down your legs and he rests his hand on your hair, pressing it into your back. He gathers it into his fist and pulls your head back, causing your mouth to open as he keeps the other on your shoulder. He slows down his movements pulling out of you only a few inches then he pushes and pulls you at the same time making sure he starts off slow to hit it just right so he can pick up the speed without missing a beat.

His muscles flex as he makes a mess out of you, giving you everything he’s got to fuck up your soaking wet cunt. His thrusts start to lose coordination and you know he’s about to cum, but as you try to move his strength overpowers you and he pins you down. He pins you by holding the side of your face into the mattress and the other arm around your waist keeping it up. You lay there gripping the sheets and he gives a few more strong thrusts. He moans out your name constantly as he shoots his hot seed into you pumping it in deeper and deeper to make sure it stays. He grabs you by the throat leaning down over you panting into your ear, “So much more to do to you, need to gag you, even tie you up.”

He places his forehead on the back of your head still holding your neck but now rubbing it lightly with his finger tips. He moves and kisses your shoulder to your back then to the other shoulder. Keeping himself inside of you he spoons with you holding your body against his wanting you close, needing to be next to you.

“I love you sweetheart” he whispers into your ear as you close your eyes smiling feeling his breathe on your neck.

“ love you too, baby but next round is my turn.“

He lets out a chuckle, his breath moving your hair as he inhales the scent of it. You hear the smile in voice as he says, "See you the next round then love.”

You both cuddle and you kiss on his arm that is wrapped over your chest as he kisses your hair, neck, and shoulders. Who fell asleep first you both don’t know but the last thing that happens was an exchange of kisses and words of love.

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Within the hour, you are with Sy at the market. After a brief meeting with some of his men, he takes and holds your hand as you look at the different stands selling all kinds of goods and services. You nod stiffly as he introduces you to some of the merchants that he is friends with. Some look at you as if you are a criminal, and you hate the feeling, but he gave warning looks that made them avert their eyes if they were anything but respectful. You don’t’ want to be grateful for that but you are.


Sy’s serious demeanor melts into an easy smile as he strides to a blonde woman with light eyes. Her hair is a short mop of curls, but neat. You feel your stomach twist as he picks her up and hugs her, spinning her around. You keep her eyes downcast, surprised at having to tamping down jealousy.

“Come here,” he smiles, extending his hand. He lifts an eyebrow as you approach, hands folded and eyes downcast. “This is my sister, Helena. Helena, this is—”

“I know who you are!” she gasps. “You didn’t tell me it was her!”

Your eyes rise and roll, making the brother and sister laugh.

“Hi!” Helena hugs you.

Your eyes widen at the open display of affection. Your eyes raise to Sy, who smiles humorously as you hesitantly put your arms around the woman. “Hi.”

“You have to excuse Helena,” Sy says sarcastically. “She’s been a bit unbearable since she found out she was pregnant.”

“With your very first niece, Captain Syverson, so shut up!”

You feel yourself relaxing, even laughing a little. Their affectionate banter makes you feel a part of something.

“I have some business to attend to,” He nods. “Helena knows the place like back of her hand.” He leaves you alone.

“Come on!”

You find yourself being grabbed by the arm and brought up to speed on current gossip in mere minutes regarding people in the square, as well as who has the best goods and services. You can’t help but smile with her a little. Her mood is contagious.

“So…murder, huh?”

Your head snaps up. “Uh…yeah.”

“I got your file.”

You stiffen. What?

Helena puts up her hands in a defenseless gesture. “Okay, let me be honest. I am a counselor.”

You step backward, feeling betrayed. “I am not a head case.” You look around, feeling trapped. Where can you go?

“No, you are not.” Helena shakes her head. “And believe me when I tell you, Sy doesn’t think you are, either. He has never introduced me to someone unless…” She pauses to pick her words carefully. “There is something more.”

You mind begins to race. What the hell does that mean? “Alright.” You decide to wait for more information.

But instead, Helena walks you through the market one more time. She gives more information about the shopkeepers, and basically gives you inside information on how to negotiate prices. “So, you got it?” Helena’s eyes spark at you.

“Yes, yes, got it.”

Helena becomes a little more serious, but the warmth is still in her features. “How’s it going?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Must be going well,” Helena chuckled. “He does not call me to meet just anyone.”

Seeds of hope sprouted in you, surprising you. The way he held you the shower stirred your insides, like he knew… “He hasn’t had a prisoner in sometime, I heard—”

“Uh-huh,” Helena nods. “New supplies come to merchants two days a week. How about we meet for lunch sometime?”

“Alright.” It was then your attention averts completely, noticing an artisan’s stand. “What is that?”

“Jewelry and supplies to make it,” Helena answers. “You wanna go?”

“Is it allowed?”

“Why not?” Helena smiles as she leads you over to look.

Your eyes light at all the stones and cords. Your memory clicks at most of it, causing tears to come to her eyes remembering your father.

Helena touches your shoulder, showing concern.

You clear your throat. “My father and I used to bead together.”

“Your father?!”

You giggle at that. “Yes…my father.” You looked. “That big box there? We had one like that full of our beads and cords. And when he came back from assignment—”

“You beaded and talked?”

You nod, feeling the grief engulf you again. You miss him so much and times like this it hurts in your chest. You take a deep breath. “He had this necklace that my mother made for him—a wedding gift, I think—and he taught me to make one for my husband someday.” You frown at some of the necklaces. “They are like these, but they are—they are wrong…”

“Mass produced is more like it.”

“They are wrong.” Your father was way too careful about how he showed her to do this.

“I believe you.”

You turn at that. “They are not real…not like the ones my father taught me to make.”

“Oh,” the shopkeeper interrupts. “These are not real. The real ones from the Orion are too expensive.”

“Orion?” Helena’s eyes grow wide as saucers. “Is your mother from Luna II, Zen? Is your mother from the warrior women planet?”

You blink. “I don’t know. All I was told is that my mother and father loved each other, and they were rejected by each other’s families. They fought to stay together. She died. He took me to Luna III when I was very young.” You swallow hard to tamp down your emotions. “All I know.”

“One question, Zen,” Helena says slowly. “The first full moon of spring, what is it called?”

“The Diri D'jed?” Zen shrugged, keeping her head down as she tried to control her emotions. “That’s what my father called it—”

“No, Zen,” Helena shook her head. “On Luna III and IV it is called the season of giving and making prosperity. Zen, Diri D’jed is Orion culture. You are Orioni.”

Zen blinks. “The Orioni—”

“Orion City is the capital of Luna II.” Helena smiles gently, grabbing Zen by the shoulders. “No wonder you can’t be claimed. Not only is it against your nature, it’s against your upbringing. You’re a warrior woman.”

You stand there not sure what to think when Sy returns.

“She show you around?” he asks you.

You nod, still lost in your thoughts.

“I think she is Orioni, Sy.”

“Orioni?” his eyes widen. “Well, that would explain a lot.” He looks at you and takes your hand. “Thanks for everything, sis.” He gives his sister a one arm hug. “See you soon.”

Sy takes you to the kennels to visit Lysander Carter, the animal keeper for law enforcement. “What’s goin’ on? Everything okay?”

Lysander Carter was not as big as Sy but looked just as combat ready. His blue eyes were softer, too. He looks at you and back at Sy, unsure if he should speak.

“Go on.”

Lysander’s gaze travels to his trainee, Gabrielle. She looked like she was being taken care of, having gained some weight already. She pet the mother dog, cooing to her, scratching her ears while petting its pups who were already finished eating. “Gabrielle, why don’t you go inside? Take the pups with you.”

Gabrielle tenses, her eyes widening  as she moved nervously.

Lysander calls over his shoulder, “Would you brush the horses, please? I haven’t had the chance.”

She immediately brightens and gathers the three pups, carrying them inside as the mother dog followed her.

“What is it?” Sy asks.

Lysander nods, raking his hair. “She’s been abused, Andreas. Severely.”


“Not the dog! Gabrielle!” he gives an exasperated sigh. “She’s got scars all over her—cuts, burns, whips…I bet she was hospitalized before she was shipped here.”

Andreas took a breath. “She may have gotten into—”

“No,” Lysander shakes his head emphatically. “No. I did a little asking around. She got those before jail, and some of the women in this batch are protective of her. They watch me, Andreas—” he looks at you. “even the real criminals watch me.”

“Did you introduce her to Helena?” Sy asks.

“Of course, and she’s great with her,” Lysander nods, his chin lifting. “She is also in full agreement with me.”

“Arrange for her to have lunch with Helena twice a week,” Sy advises, impressed that he was taking a stand. He turns to you. “Would you mind going with her once a week?”

You are caught off guard. “Why?”

“You are brave and strong,” Sy says. “I think she can learn from you.”

“I suppose so,” you say, going into an at ease position. The idea of being with and helping someone like Gabrielle sounded good.

“She’s really good with the horses,” Lysander says softly, watching her in the distance. “Better than me.”

Sy’s brows raise. “Better than you?”

Lysander nods.

“Has her conditioning started?”

Lysander’s eyes dropped. “A little.”


“This isn’t easy, okay?” Lysander defends. “She’s not a fighter, she’s not manipulating. She’s just there, and scared, damn near on the verge of tears half the time. And she tries so hard, Sy, because she is afraid.”

“Then have you rewarded her?”

Lysander sighed.

“Start with that,” Sy suggests. “She’s not a virgin, is she?”

“I get the feeling she is,” Lysander nods sadly. “In the way that counts, that is.”

“Then teach her why it counts, Lysander,” Sy puts a hand on his shoulder. “There’s a reason you were matched. You are gentle by nature, so is she. Be patient, be gentle, dig deeper, and pay attention, okay?”

Lysander nods. “Thank you.”

“And, would you have Gabrielle pick a pup for me?”


“Thank you.”

Sy takes your hand, turning to leave. He takes you back to the artisan stand.

“What?” you ask.

“Buy whatever you want.”


“Go on,” he nods. “if this makes you happy—” he frowns over the stones. “and get the authentic ones.”

You try not to cry as you get enough materials to make a few pieces. It is all put in a bag and you hold it, staring at it. “Thank you.” You whisper.

He kisses your cheek and takes you home. You feel scared for the first time in forever. This man frightens you. He frightens you because he has what it takes to touch your heart.

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Smallville Superman Redesign

Basically there was just too much incongruence with the deisgns on the rest of the show plus Clark’s personality for him to wear a classic suit. He is not the most bright, sunshiney take on the character, he should wear muted colors and probably leather. Tom said no tights and I think Clark would say the same thing. Also there’s really no reason he couldnt keep his hair longer. Smallville’s Superman should look distinctly Smallville as opposed to the very general thing they went for imo

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