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[Sugar Daddy!Bruce Wayne and Sugar Baby!Clark Kent]

Clark finds himself in a certain arrangement with Bruce Wayne and so do you, when the two of you start dating, shit hits the fan in a couple of ways.

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Ch 1 - This Thing We Sink Into

In this Chapter: The setting up of not one, but two arrangements. 


Originally posted by unleash-hell-little-one

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I just woke up thinking about how fucked up Bruces Life would be if Superman was born and sent to earth way earlier and actually saved Bruces life when his parents were shot. Bruce would definitely hate Superman for not saving his parents but may give that up eventually. Also, with him being saved by Superman would trigger either him never becoming the bat or becoming the bat but always standing in supermans shadow (and that will make Bruce definitely hate supes even more) what triggers Batman to be even more training and working which would lead to an upgraded bat.

Given Bruces morals he still would only kill a villain if necessary and also, he would not become a villain himself, even if he hates Superman, because he’d become what killed his parents.

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I Will Protect You From Yourself~ Clark Kent

Request are open and request made by anonymous. Gif made by thegirlisno0ne.

Warnings: self harm and suicidal reader


Originally posted by thegirlisno0ne

After three months of dating Clark Kent, it surprised you that he put up with you for so long. He even mentioned moving in soon. The one and only Superman saw something great in you and you have to fuck it up by being you.

What I mean to say is that you have not disclosed much about your past. You did not tell him of the horrible times where bullies pushed you into cutting and how it is still a release from the pain of today’s world.

Clark did not need that additional pressure. He deserved a strong and independent woman. Not someone who could barely stand on her own without thinking about what life would be like if she did not exist.

You hadn’t talked to Clark in about two weeks. It was easier to distance yourself. But you did not know the worry going on his head especially since he has not heard your voice. He wondered if he did something wrong. Were you finally afraid of him?

Knock knock knock

“Y/n, please let me in! We need to talk!” You heard Clark say outside your door. Your eyes widened when you heard him. You had fresh cuts littering your wrists.

“Just-just go.” You whimpered trying to clean your cuts quickly.

“You’re hurt! Please let me in.” Clark begged.

“Please go Clark.” You said.

“I’m coming in.” Clark said as you ran to the bathroom.

You heard the door slam open and heard Clark run to the bathroom. You cried out as you heard the door jiggle. You forgot to lock the door!

“Y/n!” You heard Clark yelp as you curled into a ball.

“Go away Clark.” You cried. You felt his calloused hands touch your arms and bring them down. You looked up and saw tears in his eyes. Before you could say anything, he fell to his knees and you heard crying into your lap.

“I’m suppose to be a superhero but how can I be when I can’t save you from yourself?” Clark cried into your lap.

“Clark, it is my fault not yours.” You tried to assure.

“But I still did not pick up on the signs. What if you had done worse and I did not know?” He said. “Please let me clean them.”

Clark got up and filled a bucket of soapy water and a soft wash rag. He began with cleaning your face of tears before going down to your wrists. He rolled your sleeves up and saw the other scars adorning your wrist.

“How long?” Clark asked softly.

“Since middle school.” You whispered.

“You are 24 now. God, why was I so stupid?” He growled under his breath. You shrunk away for a second before you felt his mood change. “I promise to always help you through this. Is this why you began to not talk to me?”

“Y-Yes. I figured you needed a strong girl not some fuck up.” You whimpered as he pulled you into his chest forgetting about the damp red stained wash rag.

“You are not a fuck up. I love you way too much to let you go. You are continuing this fight. And if I have to protect you from yourself, I will.” Clark promised before cleaning the rest of your scars

It was a few minutes of silence went by as Clark wrapped your arms in bandages. He picked you up and over to the couch in your apartment. As he laid you down, he planted a soft kiss against your lips.

“You still love me after all of this?” You questioned him as he sat beside you.

“Of course I do. I was worried you had grown afraid of me honestly. I love you way too much to let you go.” Clark said as you felt more tears fall. “I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong?”

“I’ve just never had someone stick around even after all of this.” You whimpered as he pulled you into his chest.

“I will always be there.” He whispered as a promise.

The two of you stayed on your couch for about 2 hours before Clark got dinner for you two. Clark took some time off as a superhero to stay with you for the next week. Afterwards, he asked you to move in. It was hard but Clark made sure you never felt unloved when you were by his side.

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More potential character interactions I’d like to see if we get a Marvel DC crossover.

Especially the whole resurrection process and Moira… Imagine that talk with Hawkman or Hawkgirl.

Me personally I don’t need a fight. Maybe heroes vs villains. But other than that I just want them all to interact.

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Can you give examples of Bruce being a PTA dad? (because he is the head of the Gotham Academy Parent Teacher Association and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.)

I imagine him being peak Dad™ at these meetings

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