dcmultiverse · a day ago
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Jon, this is Batman’s son, Damian.
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (2022)
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hereforthecartoons · a day ago
Thinking about that one time in JL TAS when Batman thought Wonder Woman was buried under rubble and literally dug through it with his bare hands until she climbed out and then proceeded to hide his hands from her. Thinking about how it took Flash (2) minutes of talking to get him to go to Flash Appreciation Day and drag Orion along with him. Thinking about how Batman, literally he squishiest and most vulnerable member of the team, shot Martian Manhunter and the Flash away from the Watchtower so he could crash it into the enemy’s doomsday weapon, KNOWING he was far more likely to die than those two. Thinking about how on Superman’s birthday he personally delivered cash, knowing it was a shit gift, to him in the Fortress of Solitude because  he didn’t know how to give it otherwise. Thinking about how Batman is aware that he probably won’t ever fix Gotham, but still goes out and does it anyway because every life he saves is another life that won’t end up like his. Thinking about how Batman’s greatest strength is not his intelligence, or his skill, or his willpower, but his compassion for life even at its ugliest.
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mud-muffin · a day ago
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dont ever talk to my husband or his son ever again 😃
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fightlikeashehulk · a day ago
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
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Batman/Catwoman #12 (2022)
written by Tom King art by Clay Mann & Tomeu Morey
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causeimanartist · 2 days ago
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Long time no Clark! I still love him (even if I draw Bruce way more)
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ftmbatman · a day ago
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frownyalfred · a day ago
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nvm I love Batman Reddit again
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overheard-over-chili · a day ago
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aedandraws · 2 days ago
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A Kon and Jon Kent fancomic I finally finished it!!! Enjoy! And please don’t let this flop. Lmao
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Oh my god they’re perfect
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seas-space-and-stardust · 2 days ago
Who's Dating Batman?
I'm gonna do more of these specifically cause they're funny. This is gonna boil down to that one meme of 'Bruce has two hands' and I love that for him.
Side Note: can someone tell me how Cass enters the BatFam?
First << Prev Next>>
Jason: why is Bruce more broody than normal
Dick: oh someone wrote another story about Batman dating Superman
Steph: wait, they're not dating?
Bruce nowearenotdating
Steph: awww he's blushing!
Dick: c'mon Bruce, it's better than you dating yourself
Jason: wait what?
Steph: please say more
Bruce: hnnn
Dick: when Bruce first came out as funding the Justice League everyone thought he was dating Batman
Jason: oh my god
Jason: whole new meaning to fu-
Bruce: Jason
Steph: ha you're in trouble
Dick: you know they wouldn't mind
Bruce: not happening
Dick: you're just worried the kiddos will make fun of you
Bruce: irrelevant
Dick: they all think you're dating Selina
Bruce: what
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plainly-colorful · 2 days ago
Imagine an angery captain marvel.
Some league member are called into help as a hero is having an epic face off with their main villain. These extra heros doing as much damage control as they can. Getting people out of the city to a safe area, saving bridges and builds so life can go on afterwards. All but joing the fight, as its not their fight.
Imagine Marvel amongst all the chaos, doing his best. Helping everyone he can. Imagine what he would see through his experience. His fellow heroes not seeing the small details he sees. How an office building was saved at the cost of a park. A park where a homeless person could find a safe place to sleep. Things these heroes how never had to worry about going without or where they would sleep at night.
As the fight continues more and more structural damages. Marvel knowing which one would be fixed first and which ones would be put off for later. Knowing as this battle destroys more of the city, the less help people like the homeless will get.
Imagine a storm rolls in, the rain begins to pelt down as lightning strikes. Marvel jumps into the battle. Refuing to listen that this isn't his fight. It took only a few minutes to come to an end after that. Marvel's eyes aglow with anger and power as the city's hero trueto berate him.
"I was protecting this city," marvel states in a even voice. A voice forgine with its usual chipper tone. "I was protecting Your city. This fight could have easily shifted somewhere less populated, less damaging."
I want an angry marvel.
I want him seeing issues that the other heros don't see. He can see things that they will only think about when writing reports months later.
Just imagine this usually childish man into just gives them a cold look that makes batman check his backup plans.
I'm very tired right now but like... imagine
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violetbumblebea · a day ago
Clark should be slightly unnerving to look at. He passes human but people still get chills when they are in the same room as him. They get the primordial sense of 'Danger. Predator.' (There's just something wrong about him) It's the the Uncanny Valley - a non-human that looks like a person but could seriously injure you.
Most people can ignore it. But, every now and then (maybe he moved to fast, maybe the light caught his eyes wrong, maybe his teeth seemed sharper), people will flinch.
The first time someone doesn't flinch or look uneasy around him (save his parents) is with Batman. In exchange? Clark will do whatever it take for him (WHATEVER it takes)
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spockl · 2 days ago
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When you’re trying to work but your bf really wants your attention 🥺🐶🖤
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lodinsonl · a day ago
The boys are back in town
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Look at my kids 😭
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maxmarvel12345 · 19 hours ago
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World's Finest Vol. 2 #1 - Worlds Apart (June 28, 1990)
Written by: Dave Gibbons Penciler by: Steve Rude Inker by: Karl Kesel Colorist by: Steve Oliff Edited by: Mike Carlin (editor) Published by: DC Comics
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smallvillegazette · 2 days ago
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CLARK KENT / KAL-EL IN SUPERMAN & LOIS Season 1 Episode 15 “Last Sons of Krypton”
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iszapizza · 2 days ago
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Batman and Justice League doodles!
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clarkjk · a day ago
Dick and Clark are also my top favourite DC characters ever and their relationship is so important to me too, like how Nightwing got his name from Superman and how he wouldn't be the hero he is if Superman didn't show him what it means to be a hero with his compassion and optimism, like Bruce also helped forge Dick's idea of a hero but he was always the darkness in contrast to his cheerfulness, Bruce helped Dick to process his trauma and anger, but Clark taught him how to be himself and not get sucked into the spiral Bruce was. Some writers define Nightwing as the love child of Batman and Superman and that is just so important to me , they are my favourite
Yes, yes, yes! I love this canon relationship and invite this discussion.
Bruce wasn't really ready for a child when he took Dick into his home; emotionally, Bruce was still unpacking the untimely demise of his own parents and knee deep in the angsty trenches of childhood trauma. But he saw himself in Dick, reflecting back at him with grieving blue eyes like looking into a mirror. It plays like a scene out of his head that’s haunted him like a broken record... and Batman, who has to be prepared for everything and is such a control freak, found the nerve to accept a task he felt he wasn’t prepared for and couldn’t control. He took in a child. And out of such a pure place in his heart, too: he didn't want Dick to go on alone or succumb to an urge for vengeance. For Bruce, without love to nurture him, the only thing that watered his young heart was their blood, and from it grew an insatiable thirst for righteousness. He saw a young version of himself in Dick, still salvageable. And for Bruce, that's always been someone he's wanted to save, a fate he's yearned to reverse. Making Gotham city a safer place so no other child would ever know his wretched destiny was all he ever wanted. He couldn’t turn his back on Dick.
He couldn’t even turn his back on himself, could never forget that night that’s etched his soul like two bullets pierced through bodies and lost in the night. He can’t move on. Death leaves no survivors.
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But the thing is, Bruce knew only he didn’t want Dick to become him, this man that’s trapped reliving a moment that broke his life before it even began, in the days of his adolescence. He wants Dick to have a life beyond all he knows, to be someone who surpasses the caging box of the city lines he lives in. He didn’t want Dick to be like him, he wanted Dick to be better. To live, to survive.  But Bruce himself struggles so much with his trauma, with being better. He doesn’t know how to be that role model for Dick, or how to encourage him to be his own person. One that steps out the shadows. He only knows how to hide in them, and he doesn’t want to take Dick down with him. I think I love that a lot about the Dick & Bruce relationship.
It’s so tragically, horribly human. In a way, Bruce is trying to save Dick because he’s given up on himself. Living vicariously, in a sense. He’s resigned himself to the shadows, but he still wants Dick to see the light. Alas, he’s become a creature of darkness, and he doesn’t know how to get Dick there. But he wants to. He understands the spot Dick is in, if that makes sense, but not how to get him out of there.
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And Bruce is content leading by being everything Dick doesn’t want to become. Denied justice and cheated by a system as corrupt as though inflicted with terminal cancer, he makes a doctor of himself and tries to medicate it with obsessive devotion. He tries to draw himself up into the person that Dick would never want to become; he sees himself as a damned and cursed person. Bruce reminds criminals to stay down, or he’ll come for them. He reminds those that are his children to keep shooting high, or they’ll become him should they fall from grace. That’s how Bruce parented Dick... the only way he knew. Not being the best man, but by not... so Bruce thinks.
Clark is the light that Bruce beckons him towards. Clark is someone who knows traumas, but instead of sinking into shadows, always sticks to the light. Essentially, everything Clark has is everything Bruce wants for Dick. He isn’t a man stuck living in his past. He’s the man of tomorrow. Make no mistake, having Dick around shows Bruce how it is to not be all alone in the shadows. But Bruce is such a caring man, deep down. He doesn’t want to keep Robin with him, he wants to set him free. Show him the door, up and away.
To give Dick what he himself lost years ago in an alley: a future.
He doesn’t want to trap Robin. Defensive mechanisms will lead him to pushing Dick away, time and time again. But the truth is? Neither of them want to be parted, and their traumatic bonding is strong.
Dick is the most precious thing that Bruce has. He even gets a little jealous of letting Dick spend time with Clark, worried that he’ll see how much obviously better Clark is than him and abandon him. And Dick and Bruce truly are very alike, because they share these same insecurities about each other. They really are cut from the same cloth, good as family, more alike than common blood could bring.
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They’re complicated people that get stuck in their own heads. Bruce and Dick are very alike and push each other both away because of it. Clark doesn’t want those two to separate, either. He doesn’t see Bruce as this thing for Dick to dread becoming, or raising a child as something Bruce isn’t equipped to do, but he admires Bruce and Dick for who they are. And that’s a duo that’s better together.
And in the end, Clark is not the wedge that divides them, but oftentimes the glue that melds them together. He doesn’t pull Dick to the light. He stands by them both and warms their shadows. Because they are both oh so alike, they both admire and stan one boy in blue and think he’s oh-so grand. Clark is dearly beloved by both Bruce and Dick, and both Dick and Bruce share in that they wish they could be more like him and have his gentleness and compassion. And because Bruce is Bruce, he’ll always push Dick away. But Clark holds a candle to both of them and sees them both for their strengths. That’s the thing about Clark... he always sees the best in people, and he knows how to bring it out. Even in unwilling, stubborn types.
And the best of those two, is when they’re by each other’s side.
And Clark does everything in his power to keep it that way.
If anything, it’s not necessarily that Dick chose the name Nightwing as a homage to Superman, but as something that is representative of something bigger. Of combined love, of family. A symbol of the bond shared between the three of them. That’s what raised Nightwing.
Tumblr media
In the end, Clark is something that makes the three of them a family. It’s pride month, and I want to scream to the rooftops that Dick Grayson has two dads. Sometimes, a family isn’t a father, mother, and son. It’s a bat, an alien, and their little bird. “Uncle Clark,” no, this man has two dads, you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
Even if they don’t agree on parenting methods...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They’ll always be the OG super family to me!
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