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Thinking about how the only character who’s character arc wasn’t completely destroyed and instead developed into something bigger and beautiful was Cas…

like the he really went from God’s perfect soldier to an angel abomination in love with Dean-i-hate-God-more-than-myself Winchester.

And Castiel was evidently the fandom’s written character like. The fandom loved him and begged for him to live and to love and the writers just sort of gave it to us. I think Cas was there for the fandoms sake more than anything else cuz it’s not like the writers ever liked him.

In conclusion, stan Cas

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Dean: Sam, Cas and I are just friends okay?!

Sam: Dean, you both practically live together!

Dean: Okay, so?

Sam: You sleep in his bed! You make out with him all the time-

Dean: Okay and?

Sam: Last night you practically ran over the guy who tried to flirt with him, Dean!

Dean: …….my question still stands..

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Sherlock ends badly: ok wow I’ve been in denial about massive flaws this shitshow has had the ENTIRE TIME and am only just realising now that it was always bad. I feel stupid for enjoying it.

Game of Thrones Ends badly: Well it was DEFINITELY a good show for a long time, but it’s been slowly slipping for a while and I realize that now. I’m angry at the showrunners for buying their own hype, but I could rewatch the earlier seasons and still enjoy it.

Star Wars ending badly: wow yeah entitled fans and executive meddling do not a good combination make. Also there are officially more bad star wars movies than good!

Supernatural ending badly: wow ok I feel cheated and used, but I always knew this show was stupid and liked it in spite of that. I’m angry that the show ended this way but I still love it? And actively enjoy it?

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i keep getting hit over the head anew by the fact that misha collins’ last appearance on the show was somebody else pretending to be him on the phone for evil dean-luring purposes, and how that was the one thing that made me really believe he was going to be in the finale because in no way was his last-ever appearance on spn going to be lucifer pretending to be him on the phone to make dean run up some stairs like he’s a romcom character booking it through an airport for true love! like … OUCH.

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I can’t believe they had to bring back the “I can’t do this alone” “yes you can” “well, I don’t want to.” I can’t believe Sam Winchester had to mourn his brother. And grow old without him. And that everything was for nothing.

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I’m just waiting for Mr. Jensen Ackles to go full Robert Pattinson on the finale.

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EXACTLY!!! I’ve written thousands of words about it in random notes and google docs that I’ll never post and I might sound insane but at its heart supernatural belongs to the FANS it’s cradled and shaped by us it can’t be concluded by a room of disconnected writers when it’s been so affected by external sources. it’s bigger than them! the whole show has played into that idea! this whole season it’s been clear if any being is dictating a character’s fate, then they don’t have free will.

I had that same thought too… would they die on a sword like this just to subconsciously drive that message home?? who knows! but I just don’t think they had that kind of awareness sitting around a table somewhere. so I’ll say no.

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The most hysterical thing about the finale is that it made a cishet man (Jensen) experience fridging, queerbating and burrying yours gays in a speed run which is just hilarious to me. I feel like he is now the only person who qualifies for that A for ally that people tried to put in the LGBT+ acronym. He may not have thrown the first brick at Stonewall but he sure is throwing the next one

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If Dean Had A Daughter..

Her mom was a hunter and that’s how her mom met Dean

Dean wouldn’t find out about her until her mom died

They would meet when she was 17

Deans protective as fuck about her

She would be bi

Her and Dean would check out men and women together

She Loves pie

Much to Dean’s dismay she loves Bon Jovi

She jams to the oldies

She’s sarcastic as hell

Her and Sam like making fun of Dean together

Castiel acts as if she was his own daughter

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I’ve; said this once already, but; I  hope Michael and Adam get a spin-off; I really, really do, as Michael’s death was; unmistakably demanded to be relieved of Chuck, so a much more charitable God, Jack, could take the controls, so the writers had the position to kill Dean in 15x20, in that had left Adam somewhere; abandoned, cold, terrified, grieving, confused and mercilessly stripped from Michael through the writer’s directive.

The; same can be; spoken for Castiel and Jack; it would be courteous to see the duo, father and son, reconstructing heaven, producing angels to remove the kingdom from nearing destruction, urging the angels that remained on earth. After the fall, the civil war that their wings; would be furnished back to them if they returned home, in allowing us to see the blueprints of Dean’s heaven, and Jack speaking with Amara alike Michael does with Adam, teaching him how to use his new powers.

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Spook Of The Day #231 • Cinco Saltos, Argentina’s Occult City

Cinco Saltos is a city in Argentina renowned for its mysterious paranormal activity. Not only is it labelled a ‘city of witches’, UFOs have also been sighted above the hustle and bustle of the South American nightlife.

Bajo Negro is the area known for being the place where witchcraft happens.

In 2009 a mysterious discovery in a cemetery complicated the picture: the intact corpse of a 8 to 12 year old girl who died in the 1930s and was chained up.

Many believe that as a result of the little light this city sees throughout the year this is an epicentre of occult activity. Was this young girl of a victim of it?

Follow to hear a real ghost story everyday + check out to hear more real supernatural experiences…

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