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arcadiuspromos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ARCADIUSHQS is a SEMI-APPLESS TVD/TO/LEGACIES RPG built for muns to explore character development through plotdrops and events. we invite both canons and oc’s!                      WILL YOU SURVIVE THE TRIALS OF CADE?
HOME / ASK / NAVIGATION                                                           c: x
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indigenousrph · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Please note I blocked out the name of w****** and s***w*****s out of respect, as from most people I’ve heard who are from tribes that the w****** is present in do not spell out or say the name as much as possible as there’s fear that saying the name can conjure one. Not sure if this is the same with s***w*****s, I’ve never heard anyone state that, but figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Anyway the answer is ... don’t?? I really don’t mean this to be rude, but our cultures are closed cultures for a reason. Don’t appropriate any of our mythology or legends or whatever else you would like to call them. So just ... don’t. Play us as witches, vampires, fairies, ghosts, whatever other species in your supernatural rps (I’d say I’m personally wary of non-Natives using Natives to portray werewolves, just because of the association with Twilight and all that racist mess but idk that’s a personal opinion, I’m sure not every Native agrees on this one). But stay absolutely clear of using any of our mythology. Our cultures are closed. End of discussion.
Also I want to say this is safe to reblog if anyone sees it, I have seen supernatural rps this time of year already using our mythology soo....feels like this can be turned into a psa of sorts.
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thesoulspulse · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know it’s kinda late but since I’ve been having trouble sleeping I really wanted to share the fruits of my labor for my Danny Phantom rpg maker project “Ghost Stories.” Some of these are actually ones I already made before, such as Danny in ghost form, Vlad, and Jazz, but the rest are all new! If any of you have RPG Maker VX Ace and want to make a Danny Phantom fan game feel free to use these as long as you credit me as SecretSigil.
Update: Fixed Paulina since I forgot to darken her skin tone during editing. Thanks again @moipale for catching that!
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seancerpg · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
App count updated ( +1 )
Peter Dinklage as The Astrologist
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theislesrphqpromo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Waking up in a new strange place those from Beacon Hills and those from New Orleans and Mystic Falls must try to figure out who is an ally, who is an enemy and trust that those titles do not drastically change as things move forward. The dead from those lands have also seemed to be ripped from their rest and thrown into the Isles without any warning. Its not just each other or the Faye they have to watch out for but the strange dark creature that has been leaving bodies behind, are the Isles meant to be a new home or simply a stopping place till they can find their own dimensions once more?
This is an Teen Wolf, TVD, The Originals, Legacies, and OC based rp set in the Isles of Avalon home of the Faye.
Home ||  Plot ||Navi ||App
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sanctuaryhqs · 23 days ago
hello i'm back again to ask for mr post and would like to add mr blud to the list. thank you
I just woke up why would you make me use brain power like this? 
Someone bring Billie a Post Malone and a Yungblud! 
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ethereumhq · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome Week(s) 
We are so thrilled to see how full our ask box and DMs have been with enthusiasm for this group already, so we wanted to throw together a place to hang out and stay inspired over the next few weeks before opening! We’ve put together a voice meme for those who wish to participate (accessible under the read more) which we hope will be a fun way to start interacting with the world of Obsidian City. If you’re not comfortable posting a voice note, feel free to answer them in text, too!
Where can you post them? We would like to invite anyone interested in joining the group to post in the #ehqinsp tag. If you have edits, playlists, pinterest boards or just a kind word to share you can do so there as we all get excited about our roles. No pressure though, lurkers are welcome too.
Finally, we’ve made a silly little uquiz that you can take HERE to find out which Obsidian City species you are. Don’t forget to reblog and share your results in the tags! 
Voice Meme
read the following aloud: ethereum, carynthia, obsidian city, st. vladimir's, port grave, elysian sea, wailing waters, bloodhearth, (bonus points if you can say ‘shadow of sisyphus’ 5x fast   
poorly describe your favorite supernatural show/book/movie/video game
which ehq species would you most want to be 
are you gettin' jacked up on ethereum
what was the first vampire media you remember consuming
what would you get sent to the bloodhearth penetentiary for
what territory would you choose to live in
would you get tricked by a fae
which species are you most excited to see in play
what custom weapon would you have made for yourself if you lived in obsidian city
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darkesthourrpg · a month ago
Hi. Do admins and/or members have mw moc who are 35+?
Hello there! I’m so glad you asked, I have recently been noticing that most of my favorite fcs are no longer under 30 so I’m happy to put my fc crush skills to good use! 
Rahul Kohli, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Gong Yoo, Oscar Isaac, Rami Malek, Alfonso Herrera, Adrian Grenier, Benjamin Bratt, John Leguizamo, James Roday Rodriguez, Andre Braugher, Billy Porter, Cress Williams, Idris Elba, Aldis Hodge, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Winston Duke, Berk Cankat, Riz Ahmed, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Harry Shum Jr, Lamorne Morris, Marwan Kenzari, Malcolm Goodwin, Michael Trevino, Nikesh Patel, Peter Gadiot, Steven Yeun, and Daniel Henney are the first ones we could think of!
Our members, of course, are also more than welcome to comment your favorite men of color that are 35+ because we’re sure you’ve got some that we might have missed! Or let us know if you agree with any of the suggestions above!
Tumblr media
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duskfellhq · 20 days ago
we’d love some new faces to join !! especially with our current met gala event happening. i will be on and off the main the rest of night for any questions or apps. 
Tumblr media
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katmereunihqs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Katmere University!
Located on a small island off the coast of Alaska, Katmere University was originally a community of witches and warlocks who fled the Salem Witch Trials. As the years went on their community grew while they trained up the next generation of wix, safe from the prying eyes of humans and the looming vampire threat. 
They eventually opened their community up to the children of other wix, and by the late 1900’s they opened the doors of their university to vampires, shifters, and werewolves. Katmere University caters to those who would rather stay around other like-minded individuals as they get their high education. 
It was only during the past semester that Katmere opened its doors to all supernatural beings, a shift from its smaller population. Now any creature, no matter what they are, can attend the school. Unsurprisingly, this change has not been embraced by many of the school’s founding families, nor the Circle. Some have even chosen to transfer to one of the other supernatural colleges in the country. 
But the school remains the same: all are welcome at Katmere University.
Katmere University. Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way! Apply today!
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allthingsroleplay · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
into the dark
nestled in the midsts of europe is a city country known only to those privy to the secrets of the supernatural. frauxrough cups france, switzerland and italy hiding itself well into the mountains. while the road is little known, it is clear to those magic has granted such permission. fierce large walls protect the city from intruders that threaten to expose it.
maintaining it’s sweet reputation, things have been going well for the fraux and its citizens despite the looming darkness that threatens to challenge everything these creatures have grown to known.
home & guidebook & claims & requests
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vicecityhq · a month ago
Tumblr media
WITNESS(ES) SAY THEY REMIND THEM OF: sweet goth aesthetics. With a slight resemblance to LEE MINHO (LEE KNOW) of/the STRAY KIDS.
Last Name, First Name: Bae, Minhwan ALIAS: Teller Realm of birth(if earth, nationality): Earth, Seoul, Korean Age: 23 Gender: genderfluid Preferred Pronouns: he/they Species: mixed-blood (Healer / witch) Occupation: Howlers/ Salutary Sexual Orientation: pansexual Any Associated/Owned Businesses: Runs his own anonymous business casting spells, giving astrology readings, healing people for no questions asked, and reading palms.
Skin Color: warm ivory, translucent blue hue just under the skin Eye color: dark brown Scars: scar on the back of his left thigh Piercings: both ears Tattoos: howler tattoo on hip Hair color: purple Abnormalities: Transformed form: Minhwan looks mostly human except for the blue coursing beneath his skin, which is more prominent in the dark or when he’s healing others
SINS:  greed  /  gluttony  /  sloth  /  lust  /  pride  /  envy  /  wrath
VIRTUES: chastity  /  charity  /  diligence  /  humility /  kindness /  patience /  justice / temperance
KNOWN LANGUAGES:   Korean, basic Italian, basic French, some German, some English, a little bit of Latin.
SECRETS:   Minhwan has a dark rage simmering inside of him that he only ever uses when he needs to, pretends to be innocent and captivating but can be extremely manipulative.
SAVVIES:   astrology, cooking, wonderful with diagnostics due to his precognitive abilities, can read people like a book.
Powers & Abilities:   Healing, potion creation, spell and charm casting only through science magic mixture, medical intuition, precognitive intuition, manifestation.
Traits:   prideful, manipulative, forcefully kind, vaguely apathetic.
Date of Birth:   10/25/1998
Date of Death:
Crime Record:   Minhwan’s legal record is clean, since he’s never been CAUGHT, but he’s stolen, lied to officers, stolen money from one night stands and scammed aggressive clients. Hates cops but has a tendency to seduce officers so they feel uneasy bringing them in. .
CW: brief mentions of bullying and abuse
The first thing Minhwan was ever taught was never to be prideful. That hubris would be the downfall of man, one of the many sins of the soul, and that he would regret it if he ever was.
But it was the first sin he found and clutched to ever so dearly, and the wrath that came with it kept him warm on winter nights. He’d been born to a beautiful witch and a openhearted healer that had shown him all the ways to love, that love was love, that love didn’t always encounter phrases or need words, that sometimes it was just a look or a touch of the foreheads, that love was something that embodied your soul and kept you warm and safe, and that that was a beautiful thing. Minhwan knew that love was not big, grand gestures but a simple cup of tea kept warm on the table, or an extra spoonful of sugar. Love had been the basis of how he’d been raised and he’d wanted nothing more than to grow up one day and find someone to love him, too.
But he realized growing up that no one would, or could, ever love him the same way his parents did, and so that it was just a fleeting thing he had chased. The worst thing about his parents dying wasn’t that they had died in an accident, it was that he’d always had that uneasy anxiety when separating from them for the day. He clinged a little tighter than the other kids at school, he said I love you a little more, watched them go a little longer. He never wanted to admit that he was right, growing up. That no matter what he did or said, if he thought about it too hard, feared it, gave it that power, that it would happen eventually, until he realized that he didn’t make things come true: he could just feel them before it happened. And what was worse in the world than the feeling of knowing something and being unable to stop it? To try and stop the universe was disrespectful in itself but he never stopped trying.
His parents had taught him that healing was a gift, it was a blessing bestowed upon him, and that he should do anything in his power to help others and be kind to them, so he did. Even if he didn’t like it. Even if he hated the people he was trying to help, even if they hurt him. He had to make his parents proud, didn’t he? To carry on that gift they bore him with? Even if it felt horrible and shameful and unfair? He had to smile at his bullies and let people walk all over him because to fight back with his gifts would be unfair, unruly, wicked even.
Shortly after his parents death, he’d been adopted by a richer couple that had sent him to fancy european private schools, where he’d found love hiding in little pockets of sweaters, notes folded up on his desk in class, in brave confessions in little poems, and yet he didn’t feel loved. He’d only felt seen, powerful, and it fed into an ego that roamed beneath the layer of his skin that flexed when famished. He knew he was beautiful, he knew he was smart, and he knew that anyone would be lucky to have him around, but none of it made him feel any better. Flowers on Valentine’s didn’t feed the monster brewing inside the way that beating up a classmate for dumping milk on his head for rejecting him did. Nothing felt as good as delivering justice or watching it play out, until he realized that justice was not karma and karma was something not to be messed with.
He’d messed with karma a few times and never came out on the winning side.
After graduating and cutting ties with the man who barely called himself a father, he’d stumbled around different countries trying to find his way in life. He’d become a little happier, a little brighter, and learned more about his past and his history, feeling better and better the more alone he became. But still, he watched others pass him by, reading them like books, the good and the bad. He’d dated, gotten hurt, left, came back and left again. Smothered within him was the flame of courage and compassion, and after coming out alive, he’d realized that it was not humility being demanded or kindness being curated in his life. Minhwan was hurt and frightened and no amount of giving back to his community could heal the wounds in his heart. Sometimes, he had nightmares and shaky hands and teary eyes and forgiving people who hurt him wouldn’t get him anywhere. Why should anyone be forgiven for hurting others?
So, Minhwan had done the one thing he’d been taught not to do, and decided to play karma herself, and watched as the man’s life fell to shambles around him and Minhwan basked in the glory of the fall. It felt good to see him cry too, to see him fall apart, to see him hurt. Even if it was evil, what was wrong with that? It hurt to realize that being hurt had not left him strong and powerful but partially evil and a little dry, somewhat manipulative.
Minhwan had left Europe after, heading for his birthplace, living around the city and doing odd jobs for others. Healing, spells, charms–even the bad ones, because he could withstand it, because he could also redirect it. It was just something that came with the fine script and so many people didn’t often care about the difference between spells and charms, didn’t care about the backlashes of curses and hexes, paid him so much to heal those hurting. His gift could be used for currency and that was something in of itself: why should he let it be free?
On the night of his 21st birthday, Minhwan realized that he was a dark, manipulative witch and a morally grey healer, and those were probably not a good combination of things. He’d gone out and gotten drunk, stumbling miles back to the home of his adopted father who accepted him back with no words and very little questions, and just one phrase. “You can’t be all bad, there must be some good, too.” The man had never been warm to him, never sent him a birthday gift but always paid his tuition, never had the strength to leave his office and guide him in life, but it was something that made sense in Minhwan’s head. He didn’t have to see himself as all bad. He could help people, he could resent people, and that darkness that settled in the core of his chest didn’t necessarily mean he was bad. If the wrath inside of him kept him warm, then who was he to cast it out to the cold?
So, he moved to the one place his adopted father had warned him about, hearing about the gang that seemed to welcome people like him, without an up to grade sterling moral code, a palace where his business could thrive, and a place where he felt safe because he knew he’d never let anyone hurt him ever again.
INTERVIEW QUESTION (para sample): “Just run us through what happened that night”. - Officer
“Just run us through what happened that night.”Minhwan knows exactly what happened that night.
He knows, and he’s pissed about it, because it means that he’s being shimmied out of his cozy hiding place, a place where he’s set up his business, his safe space and, well, his home. He knows that the moment they’d come to take him in for questioning he’d been compromised and nothing is more infuriating than having to sit here in his kuromi print sweatpants while being questioned by two officers, one of which he’s seen around before. They hadn’t given him time to change, or time to even prepare for this, so it’s on the spot, and nothing is better and more authentic than on the spot reactions from him.
But he knows that he’d healed the man who killed another, and he knew about it, and shrugged it off to settle down for a night of lounging around in sweatpants and minding his business. Most people didn’t get to see his full face but they all knew his name, and the cops had been quick to follow that lead. But they didn’t look at him as the suspect of a murder or someone who would do harm, just with the intent to drag out something he must’ve been hiding.
“I-I don’t know, I already told you,” he murmurs, looking between the two of them. He’s been in the room long enough to have a feel for who they are, how the one on the left he barely knows feels restrained and frustrated and impatient and how the one on the right is trying his best to be empathetic, but he just isn’t. Minhwan doesn’t know which one is worse. The ticking time bomb or the one pretending he isn’t a time bomb at all.
“I have a lot of clients, I wouldn’t remember…” Minhwan speaks slowly, voice low in his throat and he looks up at them with wide eyes, pleasing eyes, as he starts to map out his exact revenge. This could be tricky. He’d healed someone only for them to go and kill someone else. Not his business and he didn’t care, but now he was being questioned because they had a suspect in mind, sure. And was he tied to them? Or were they trying to make that connection? Better cut it off while he’s ahead. He can’t help it though, money is money, and he likes being affiliated with this new gang he’s discovered. It’s not his problem if the people who come to see him end up killing others without thought of consequence. He does what he’s asked usually and heals when he’s paid to, always.
“Do you remember him?” It’s a baited question, coming from Officer on the left, Ticking Time Bomb. Minhwan perks up as they slide over a picture of the man’s corpse, and he jumps in his seat, releasing a sudden, ear piercing shriek, loud enough that he can feel the blood vessels behind his eyes threatening to burst. The two officers are startled into backing up from the table just a bit, out of arm's length, and Minhwan laughs internally, watching the conflict etch across their faces. What a couple of losers.
“Why would you show me that?!” Minhwan screams, and the fake tears burst forth nearly straight away. He’s always been good at getting tears to come as they’re called but tonight is exceptional. Maybe it’s the anger coursing through his veins that helps but within a matter of mere seconds, he’s having to run at his cheeks with the sleeve of his oversized cardigan. “I told you I didn’t know him, I just gave him a reading!”
The fake empathetic cop nudges the ticking time bomb of a man as if to say way to go, grabbing a few tissues to hand to Minhwan, who takes them shakily, hiccuping slightly as he speaks. He breathes in the energy of the room around him, soaking up the pity this man feels for him, choking on the disgust of responsibility as he can feel it shrouding over the man in bursts of dark shadows.
In all reality, it was a bit gross. What kind of shock factor were they expecting? For him to suddenly confess that he knew the killer, that he would cooperate, to break down and give a little sob story? No, Minhwan knew that over the top, out of control theatrics were his key. He couldn’t pretend to be sad but he could pretend to sob in shock from the horror of seeing a dead man. But he’s seen plenty of dead people and they know nothing of it.
“I think that’s enough for today.”
Minhwan can nearly taste the sign of this man because the energy he gives is that of someone who feels they have to cater to their humanity without actually wanting to. Interesting. A bit like him, only Minhwan knew that he did it and he didn’t drive himself up the wall by pretending. Minhwan knows he’s pretty when he cries and he stares up at the men, each struggling with their own demons.
“I want to go home, just let me go home.” He whines in a sad pathetic little voice.
They turn to each other, each with a clear difference of opinion. He can tell by the tense, stiffening of their upper bodies, the feet pointed away from one another. Good, they’ll start to turn on one another and he’ll be the last of their problems. And once they agree to take him home, it’ll all have been worth ruining his $40 concealer and a perfectly good night in.
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adcrescent · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
                                 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐐𝐔𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐋𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐃𝐎 𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐋 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐈𝐑 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋
They have lived, and fought, in the French Quarter, for centuries. Gruesome times, blood spilling in the streets and too many losses to count. And then, almost by miracle, a truce. A decree signed by blood, from each leader of the factions, binding all those of their species to a new set of rules, one supposed to protect them all.
But limitations came with these rules, power divided and not as equally as they all thought. The witches, knowing how others looked down on them, had little trust in the other leaders and, with a powerful spell, creating a mirage when the truce was signed, making the word etched on paper appear differently as they were. The leader of the factions thought they were all gaining more than the others, grin barely hidden. Only when it was signed, the deal sealed, did the contract appeared as it was. The witches had control over the French Quarter and anyone who dared challenge them would die. Vampires and werewolves could enter the Quarter but only if they did not show powers.
                                      𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐓 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐄 𝐎𝐅 𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃
The contract, signed by blood, bound them all by blood, and breaking it seemed impossible. At least, it was until the original vampires got wind of it. They descended on the city and the Quarter, slaughtering anyone who stood in their ways, putting the vampires back in control, and vanquishing the witches from the Quarter. Doing magic was forbidden and for the wolves, turning was impossible, leaving them as powerless humans, stripped, by magic, of their wolves’ forms and powers. When they learned that the Crescent coven and the Onyx pack were working together to break the curse made upon the wolves, the original vampires and their clan killed all but one wolf, a perpetual reminder of what they could do.
But in the shadows, the fight isn’t over. Old enemies are lurking, making alliances and waiting for the right time to strike.
                                               𝐃𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐋, 𝐃𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐋
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thesoulspulse · 10 months ago
I just realized, I shared this on my discord server but not here on tumblr! So guess what? I started working on another RPG Maker project centered around an oc I’ve grown very attached to, Iris Brooks.
This project is still in the testing stages since I need to finish setting up the basics and creating a lot of the custom sprites for Iris and such to add a little extra flair, but so far it’s looking great! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this small showcase video of what I’ve come up with so far, including part of the intro I’ll probably use once I delve into the actual story of this game eventually. Because yeah...I’m hoping I might be able to make an interesting game out of this even if its not very long.
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paradisushq · 3 months ago
good morning my lovelies! i just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank this group so, so much for being so wonderful to me the last few days as me and my family go through a loss. 
it’s so nice to have a support system like this behind me--and to also know that both us admins can not be online for a couple days and that you guys have taken initiative with our valentine’s event. we couldn’t ask for a better online family and we’d always love for more people to join us here!
Tumblr media
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kourtwrites · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
For the past 100 years, New York City has remained at peace. The supernatural residences each claimed a borough in NYC for their own species to rule over and established a council made up of its leaders to oversee them. Only two years ago everything changed. One by one a string of murders plagued New York taking out almost all of the leaders of the existing supernatural groups. Now tensions are high and the Council is being run by a group of fresh faces. The system is falling into chaos, and it’s only a matter of time until history repeats itself…
Darkest Hour is an original character supernatural roleplay. We are focused on creating a world rich with fantastical elements, entertaining plots, and development for characters of many different species! Are you a dedicated writer who wants a safe and inclusive space to bring and develop your muses? We’d be delighted to have you!
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sanctuaryhqs · 17 days ago
we keep getting people who aren't usually played. I love it. it makes me happy. hear me out though. bones next?
someone bring us the real love of corpse's life, he needs this
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ethereumhq · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s acceptance day!! We still plan on sending out acceptances around 3pm EST at the latest. We are so incredibly excited to write with all of you, and if anyone wants to get a last minute app in, we’ll be around!
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darkesthourrpg · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
LEYLA BINICI (Ayça Ayşin Turan) is looking for their SIBLINGS (1/3) connection. Please message BECCA for more information regarding this connection and make sure they approve your bio before applying. The connection is OPEN.
UTP (They would have been born human, so they can be a Seraph or have been turned into anything as well)
Any Turkish FC
Sibling (2/3)
TW Kidnapping
Leyla was raised by the Binicis, truly believing that she was a witch most of her life. The woman she believed to be her mother was the supreme who convinced her that she was a late bloomer who would eventually develop her abilities. Only years later did Leyla discover why she never did.
Leyla Binici was not their biological daughter. Once upon a time, the supreme and her husband were expecting a baby girl. That much is true. Only between the pressures of leading a coven and those like Richard Hastings questioning the woman’s every move as leader, she ended up miscarrying. To afraid of presenting an image even momentarily straying from that of perfection, the Binici chose to do something almost unspeakable. They kept the miscarriage a secret, tracking down a human family who lived not all too far outside of the city. The mother was only sixteen. A mere child herself and, after some convincing, was willing to let them take her baby in as their own. No one would ever have to know. Only, Leyla’s biological mother had a change of heart, but the Binici’s did not take no for an answer. The news would later report the basement having been flooded. The sixteen year old girl barely making it out alive. And what happened to the child? Well, the Binici’s did what they did best. They wore their perfect façades better than the best of them as they welcome their ’new daughter’ to that of the Upper East Side. Sure, Leyla may never develop the gift and may have an irrational fear of water, but they would cross those bridges when they came to it. Or so they’d tell themselves in a poor attempt to ease their consciences. And it might have worked to, if they hadn’t realize that their daughter whom they had been sure was human was actually that of a banshee.
Banshees when they activate their fail safe and regenerate, are reborn to a family of humans with no memories or knowledge of their past lives, only seeing glimpses of them throughout dreams. So, when Leyla regenerated, she would have regenerated into your character's family. Your character could have a vague memory of her or maybe they only remember the stories their mother told them of their sister who was stolen away at birth and how their mother tried to alert the authorities, but the Binicis were too powerful of a family to go against and any attempts their mother made to reclaim Leyla were quickly hushed out. Or maybe they have no knowledge of Leyla at all and Leyla and them can find out together that they are related. I'm happy to plot it out/figure out how we want their dynamic to be once they run into each other.
Just one thing to note is that even though Leyla and Jay's 'parents' have passed, Leyla is still currently pretending to be a witch since the Elders who worked with the ex-supreme are threatening her to stay silent as to not hurt the coven's reputation with the information that the ex-coven leader broke the accords on multiple accounts and the Elders let it happen.
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jcylenz · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
For over two hundred years, fate has chosen various unfortunates to wash up on the shores of Meridium. Those who are trapped upon this island think their imprisonment is bad enough – and then the changes begin. Though years pass, they begin to realize that they do not age a day. What’s more, they are gradually endowed with mysterious powers connected to one of the elements that dominates the island: water, fire, air, or earth. Unexplainably immortal and mysteriously empowered, there is plenty to cope with already. But the challenges have only continued. It’s beginning to seem as if the island has a mind of its own. And its intentions are far from pure.
The Stranded is a skeleton and original character roleplay mixing aspects of town, supernatural, and apocalypse rps into one. If you’re seeking an established and welcoming community of writers in a roleplay with alluring lore and consistent plot drops, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome ashore.
To learn more, click the source link to be redirected to the main!
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