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scienceninjaturtle · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Variant Cover: NICK BRADSHAW
$3.99 US | 32 PGS | 6 of 7 | $4.99 US VARIANT (Card Stock)
ON SALE 9/14/21
The Super Sons were trapped in the past by Felix Faust and Vandal Savage so they could unlock the secrets of the future. A young sorceress named Rora has teamed up with Superboy and Robin to get them back to their own time—if they can overcome their über-magical captors!
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triacetylmorphine · 14 hours ago
need me a girl so thick she is something of a whale the way her phat ass is so well insulated with a layer of blubber. type to throw it bacc n cause a tsunami. rearrange some tectonic plates. fuck up some natural coral reef formations and the like. know what i mean
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taopriest · a day ago
Tumblr media
Steve Aoki and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu are listed for the lineup for SUPERSONIC on September 19 in Tokyo. It seems very likely Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Steve Aoki will collab too for Ninja Re Bang Bang.
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not-back-to-this · a day ago
So anyways
Jon listens to Fireflies by Owl City because he genuinely likes it and Damian Listens to 100 little curses
fucking fight me
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detectivedamian · a day ago
Following Damian getting friendzoned by Jon, Jon realizing he’s in love with Damian, Jon trying to court Damian, and Jon figuring out Damian’s in love with him, too; Jon becomes emboldened by the knowledge that it’s him, that Damian loves him.
He writes him a note in class and passes it to him. It’s all rather simple: Will you go out with me? -Jon
Damian is confused at the note, because that sounds like a date? Oh, Jon must want him to pass the note to somebody. Ouch, but he’ll do it to keep his cover. And then he looks up and sees a pretty girl with long eyelashes, and of course he thinks yeah, that’s Jon’s type and passes the note to her. The girl takes the note, and is very confused, looking back at Jon. And now Jon is miming “no” to her, shaking his head, body combusting with pure red. Damian watches Jon bury his head in his hands and wonders what he missed. Damian has to go to lunch ahead of him because Jon spends the first five minutes explaining that the note was not meant for her, please, oh god, don’t misunderstand.
They’re flying home in one of the patented Bat-Planes with their fathers after a long, arduous mission that Damian didn’t want to call for help to close, but the mystery led Batman and Superman to them anyway. They’re in the back, snarking at each other, the way they always do, and Damian smiles. It’s everything in Jon not to kiss him, then. They’re silent for a moment, Damian drawing up a report on his pad, Jon watching the way the lights reflect on that perfect skin, on his long eyelashes, the emerald green of his eyes. Jon reaches over, slowly, to take Damian’s resting hand at the armrest, and he squeezes it. The words are on his lips: Damian, can I kiss you? Damian... I love you. Damian blinks at him and takes the hand away, instead patting his back. “You’re flushed,” Damian notes, “Is it possible for a Kryptonian to get motion sick?”
“Well sure,” Clark says from the front two seats with Bruce, before Jon can scream, “...usually it takes more than a smooth plane ride like this, though!” Bruce offers some antacids and ondansetron, because bats are always prepared for anything, and Damian is already standing and lifting one of the plane’s many compartments up to retrieve medication Jon does not need to sooth an infliction Jon does not suffer from. Damian returns a moment later, hiding concern under inconvenienced irritation. Jon’s eye twitches as he takes the bottle and mumbles a very insincere “thanks”.
They have to go undercover for a mission, infiltrate this fancy little gala where their target will be attending with some blueprints to a world-ending machine-- Jon isn’t paying super close attention to the overly-complicated details but it sounds like a death ray of some sort. Very James Bond. Damian draws up a backstory and passes Jon the papers and a costume, some patchy plaid suit and glasses that are wider and thicker than what he usually wears, blond wig, too. He looks like a total dork. By the time Jon has figured out how to get this wig to look like normal human hair, he steps into the main room at their Fortress of Attitude and finds his heart is stopping.
Damian stands at the center in a dress, bright lime green with ruffles, small black mary-janes with white pantihoes, and it doesn’t even stop there. He’s got a blond wig on, too, and it’s big and wavy, and those curls frame his face and oh god he’s wearing this ruby red lipgloss. His eyelashes are coated in mascara and there’s green eyeshadow on his lids and Jon can feel his knees wobbling as Damian bats his eyelashes at him. Jon coughs and crosses the way as Damian slips on elbow-length white gloves, then gingerly sets a hand at his upper arm and squeezes. “So,” he says with a blush, “I guess we’re a couple of betrothed lovebirds for the night?”
Damian scowls and slaps the hand away. “No! Didn’t you read the mission biops? We’re brother and sister, genius! Nobody would buy an engagement at our age. This is Europe, Jon, not the Persian Gulf.”
Because of course. Of course that’s how Damian set them up. Damian is manufacturing their fake IDs and passports as he’s crossing his arms. The night is going to be long, and awkward, because he knows very well that the interest between himself and Damian is not that of a familial bond, and people are going to notice them staring lovingly at each other, right? “You really think people are going to buy that you and I are brother and sister?”
“Of course,” Damian glares at him. “Why wouldn’t they?”
“No reason,” Jon rolls his eyes.
On another mission, the’re headed to Hawaii. They can go as themselves this time, of course, because the Wayne Foundation has a headquarters there, and it wouldn’t be suspicious if Damian Wayne just brought his friend along to a tourist hotspot. Damian assures him: “We’ll be right on the beach, a prime stakeout location if we’re going to spot Miss Spumoni in the open.” Jon nods along, but he’s staring at Damian again, thinking about having a romantic walk on the beach with him, sharing a coconut together, kissing him in front of the sunset...
“Our hotel is roughly a quarter of a mile away from the Wayne Foundation HQ stationed in Honolulu.” Jon’s face goes red-- a hotel.
“Are we sharing a room?”
Damian scoffs at him. “Of course. We never know when we could get ambushed. Separating while we sleep is one surefire way to find ourselves at a disadvantage.” A hotel room! Together! Sharing breakfast alone together! One bed! Cuddling! A soft first kiss in the glow of the sunrise! If Damian notices Jon melting on the spot, he doesn’t acknowledge it.
When they get to the hotel room, there are two beds. Because that’s what they’ve done every time before. Jon wants to die. Damian is puzzled by the way Jon buries his face in his hands and stews to himself silently.
It’s later on this trip, after the mission is over and Spumoni is behind bars. Damian relents and tells Jon they have the hotel for a few more days-- may as well enjoy the rest of Hawaii.
They go surfing together. Jon falls off his board and Damian laughs at him.
They do actually share a coconut together, having lunch at a shack on the beach in the summer heat.
Damian falls asleep in the sun and wakes up buried in sand. He screams at Jon who is at this point at the other end of the beach, grabbing a popsicle. He hears Damian’s angry screeching. The vendor is confused about why this kid suddenly just starts breaking into side-splitting laughter.
Damian refuses to go into the water, and Jon, renewed in all of this sun he’s soaking up, lifts Damian easily over his shoulder and drags him to the water as Damian is screaming and hitting at his back.
There’s one night where there’s a luau, and Jon convinces Damian to hula dance with him. There’s even a slow song, and as Damian pauses in his loose dancing with Jon, he looks around to find couples holding each other close and dancing together. He’s a little jealous, not that he’ll show it. Jon’s probably jealous, too, he figures, for different reasons. Jon would probably love to be holding a pretty dainty girl in his arms, slow dancing (while he stands at the sidelines and watches his best friend fall in love). Jon is just a friend, after all, and it still hurts. He grows tense, and straightens his back as he brings his walls back up. But then Jon’s hand is on his shoulder, and as he turns his head to look up, Jon is pulling him into his chest, smiling at him, just like he did at the engagement party that one time. “There are cameras here,” Damian mutters.
“Your dad’s a playboy, I think his son could handle a scandal or two.”
And to his surprise, Jon rests their foreheads together and closes his eyes, wrapping both hands together at his lower back. It’s so romantic, and god help him, Jon is playing with his heart now, and he’s mad about it. He closes his eyes, too, and he wraps his arms around Jon’s neck, rubbing his nose against Jon’s and hoping he doesn’t notice. (Jon does). They’re like this for what feels like an eternity before Jon opens his eyes just a sliver. He’s leaning down, closer, and Damian stays still, eyes still shut. This is it, Jon knows. His lips brush against Damian’s--
-- but it’s not even a kiss because there’s an explosion in the distance that startles the luau, and both Jon and Damian are pulling away from each other, eyes wide, before they jump into battle mode.
They don’t talk about it at all afterwards. Damian has no idea there’s anything to talk about, he’s just soaking up what he thinks was an accidental brush on Jon’s part. Jon is fuming at the universe. In an almost hilarious shift, Damian is the one all sunshine and smiles on the ride back, while Jon is quietly stone-faced and twitching.
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spacebubblehomebase · 2 days ago
(⚠️TW: Blood.)
Took a break from drawing, by making OTHER drawings! 🤣 This time though, I took a page out of your suggestions and practiced with blood! Decided to make something for my favorite DC duo! 👀✨ Just a quick doodle!
Damian and Jon: (Fights because they aggressively care a lot about the other.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, I designed a costume for Jon in an AU where he grew up normally with his family & friends (or as normal as an alien Super can get anyway). Becoming a teenager in his own time. I keep calling it the #SunshineBoyAU! Things can get pretty serious when you're growing up as a superhero, but that's what friends are here for! 🥰 Though Jon's partner can be quite reckless for a human, so Jon has his work cut out for him. 😅 Ah well.
The things we do...
Tumblr media
Bonus art of the #SuperSons logo that I made a phone background pattern with! ☺️ You can use it for FREE as long as you remember to credit me! 😉 Plus, the NO BLOOD version of my first two artworks! 👍 Tried to go simpler on the details. What do you guys think? 🤔 What's your opinion on the costum- er, I mean, the uniform I made for Jon? 😅 Any thoughts on the AU?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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a-bitchtm · 3 days ago
And I love Sonia's ponytail style. Its a great look on her!
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a-bitchtm · 3 days ago
Supersonic girl my beloved. I MISSED YOU SO MUCHHHHHH. I screamed when my webtoon notification came.
My beloved
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a-bitchtm · 3 days ago
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prensaescenario2021 · 4 days ago
Skrillex estrena nuevo sencillo "Supersonic (My Existence)"
Skrillex estrena nuevo sencillo “Supersonic (My Existence)”
SKRILLEX, NOISIA, JOSH PAN & DYLAN BRADY LANZAN SU NUEVO TEMA “SUPERSONIC (MY EXISTENCE)” ESCÚCHALO AQUÍ Skrillex comparte su nuevo tema “Supersonic (My Existence)” con Noisia, josh pan y Dylan Brady. En este nuevo lanzamiento, josh pan ofrece una interpretación vocal espectral e inquietante que se entrelaza con el impecable trabajo de producción de Skrillex, y con el trío de productores…
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bikarbonat · 4 days ago
Sonic the hedgehog
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oceanera12 · 4 days ago
Me debating how I want to answer this: "I can comment on how much I love the Birds as well, thank them for the comments they left, give an update on where I'm at on the sequel, or give a snippet of what I've written."
"What kind of snippet would you give them, you're not that far in and you don't want to spoil everything from the beginning of the story so what?"
"IDEA! Post some of the short Superson's spin-off story to see if anyone wants to see it?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't have anything to do with the Batchildren and I'm pretty sure this lovely person wanted something with the Little Birds."
"Fine. But at least give them an update on where you're at as well."
I am currently up to chapter 7 of 20 on the rough draft of The Birds: Building a Nest, hooray!
And now, a sneak peek at my idea for a short spin-off story: The Birds: Supersons
Clark loved Metropolis. He loved the people, the atmosphere, the quick pace, the skyscrapers, and the light it just seemed to emit. It was so unlike Smallville, but it had become a home away from home.
Clark loved his job. His co-workers, his desk, and yes, even Mr. White’s yelling grew on him over time. Being part of the news of his city was amazing to him, whether it was connecting with the people of his city or learning about the new and exciting opportunities coming to the city.
But most importantly, Clark loved his family. Lois was his light when work got dark. She was his strength and his reason for fighting. His Mom was still in Smallville, but Clark made sure to visit at least once a week and call almost every day. Clark was never surprised to find her on the phone with Lois when he returned home after saving a runaway train or something.
And finally, his boys. Jonathan and Jordan. The moment they entered the world, Clark knew he would do anything for them. He made a silent promise to himself and to the spirits of his late fathers, that he would be the best father he could be.
It was hard. He could never abandon the city. But there were moments where he was torn between work and family. There were days he failed. But Clark took them in stride and made efforts to do better at both.
When the boys had a game or activity at school, he made sure to do some extra patrols a few hours beforehand so he could attend. Or at least, hopefully, attend. If not, he made sure Lois filmed the entire thing. Then, when he got home, he would pull the boys close and they would watch it together with Clark whispering “no spoilers, this is my favorite show!” which made them both smile.
Lois and he discussed telling the boys about the other side of his job. Many times. There were many reasons to tell and many not to tell. The main consensus was “not now,” or “when they’re older. They were only seven after all. No need to tell them now. It was best to just tell them that when they were in trouble to scream for Dad as loud as they could. No one could claim it didn’t work.
But the thing Clark loved most was coming home.
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axiang1980 · 5 days ago
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