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May 1, 2019

My boyfriend made a delicious supper for us. He cooked some yummy enchiladas with lots of cheese. Thanks a million my love.

1er Mai 2019

Mon copain avait préparé un délicieux souper pour nous. Des enchiladas qui sont tellement agréablement fromagés. Milles mercis mon amour.

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It’s Been 25 Years Since I Eat At A Ponderosa! Good Eats! 🥩🥔🥩@ponderosasteakhouseofhazard @ponderosa37 🥔🥩🥔🥩🥔🥩@ponderosasteakhouse 🥔🥔🥔@ponderosasteakhouseeg 🥩🥩@ponderosasteakhousewarren 🥔@ponbonsteak @ponderosacardiff @ponderosasteakhouseuae 🥩🥩#ponderosa 🥔🥔🥩🥩🥔🥔🥩#ponderosasteakhouse #eating #hungry @foodnetwork @foodys @food @floridatraveling 🥩🥔🥩@visitflorida @florida @youtube @youtube_shoutout_awesome #goodeats #resturants #eating #dinner #supper @dinner 🥩🥩@last__supper Follow Me On 🥩Instagram At Fearsman26 🥔🥔 (at Ponderosa Steakhouse)

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For lunch I had a granola bar.


25 carbs. 190 calories. 123BGL before eating.

For supper I had a plate of General Tao chicken and rice with a garden salad and pickles.


85 carbs. 800 calories. 214BGL before eating.

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