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Every day we watch the news, and get all the updates to depress us about the current health situation in the world. The number of infected, the number of dead, the relatively small amount of recovered, not knowing if they are susceptible to being reinfected.  We hear about the leaders not doing enough, doing too much that will make future generations suffer financially, helping other countries before our own, not doing enough to help the world.  Overall, it just goes to show that you can’t please everybody. No matter what choices our elected leaders make in the wake of such a global crisis, somebody will call for their head, their job, or just find ways to ridicule them publicly. Being a leader of a world leading nation, is hard, no doubt.  Many of the decisions they make will anger some and please others, and may cost lives.  We know none of these decisions are made lightly, but we do know that most world leaders are doing their best to make educated decisions that they believe are for the betterment of their people, or their allies, or the global population in general.And then you have the leader of a major superpower, public in the news.  Few things he has done have been shown as for the betterment of the people.  The one example I could show, is when he talked about having the country back to work and opened up by a specific date, he was then shown new information, and he backtracked and changed his plan, specifically for the betterment of the people.  There are so many other choices he has made that are not in anybodies best interest, other than his own pocketbook.                 -Accepting a certain number of dead specifically so that the stock market would not fall.                -Shipping broken ventilators to one state                -National stockpiles full of expired or rotten/crumbling supplies                -Publicly stating that governors need to be nice to him to get help. Full on extortion here.-Flatly denying that he ever said things that can be backed up by simply watching public news broadcasts he made days or weeks ago.  Is it so hard to accept and admit that you made a mistake or changed your mind based on new facts?-Using an emergency measures act to cut off emergency supplies for your closest allies, friends and neighbours that have always had your back throughout history?-Enforcing emergency measures to ensure the entire nation isolates to prevent the spread, and publicly playing golf with a large team following for protection and assistanceThis is just a small example of the publicly made blunders that enfuriate the people of the United States, and the world watching.  Many other leaders are making similarly harmful choices for their people, but far less publicly, or at least less publicly than we hear about in the news.  People should come before financials and reputations.  Taking care of your country and your neighbours should supercede anything else in history, or else what the hell are you protecting?  Without the people, you wont have the financials, or the workforce, or anything else you pride yourself on being in control of.As much as we all hate to see such a populated and powerful people suffer, I almost secretly hope that it continues so publicly, if only to see the American people wake up, and realise what kind of government and leader they have chosen to elect and blindly follow and support.  Let the people realise that they mean nothing more than a price tag or a tradeable commodity, to line someone elses pocketbook at the expense of all life, morality, or anything else. Let the people choose to matter and take control.  Be a little less United States and a little more power to the people.  Hold your leaders accountable for what they say, and their actions that they hide behind closed doors.  Take apart the power that they reinforce at every opportunity, and redistribute it to an organisation or elected power that actually cares for humanity, and will help to build a healthy, supportive nation.  Drop the power hungry zealots, and start from scratch.  Rebuild the entire country, or countries if necessary, and actually support what matters: The people.   I’m not talking violent retribution, or attacking any political leaders.   Im simply talking about reform and revolution in constructive ways.  Don’t go back to normal when this is over. We need different, so lets be different.

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@staff​ & @support


I reblogged that from my very not Tumblr app desktop laptop.

I would like to edit it from my very not Tumblr app desktop laptop.

Please let me edit the post from my very not Tumblr app desktop laptop.


Yours truly,


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I'm back home for quarantine and I'm finding myself struggling with behaviors I haven't seen since high school. Any tips on how not to relapse in this crazy stressful time?

Hello sweetheart.

I feel this deeply. Being stuck within the house is a challenge in itself, but more so if you’re contantly thinking of the food thats there. But think of this time as an opportunity. An opportunity to fully stamp out your behaviors.

Surely, if youve been recovering you know the importance of simply doing. Ignoring the feelings and learning to push your limits. This is potentially the hardest time to do it. It will only get easier when life goes back to normal. So take this time to try and really step outside those boundaries your ED has set.

My biggest thing personally is staying away from instagram posts and pinterest models among other social media outlets that trigger me or make me want to revert back to my old ways. We are always on our phones especially now. Try to avoid the things which do not truly benefit you and help you move forward in your recovery journey.


Lara 😘😘

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Things to do while in quarantine

  • Write (some ideas: poem, jot down your feelings, song, writing your thoughts in a journal)
  • Learn how to do something new
  • Create new makeup looks
  • Create new characters
  • Throw out old objects that you no longer use
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or make a donation
  • Call, text or video call family and friends
  • Create art (some ideas: paint, draw, sketch, create new makeup looks)
  • Deep clean your home
  • Decorate your room
  • Take a shower and have a day or night dedicated just to self care
  • Binge-watch a new show
  • Grow a garden
  • Begin reading a new book series
  • Catch up on school work
  • Try some at home excerising routines
  • Try cooking something new
  • If possible, try ordering take out from a local business in your area (not only will you get some food, but you’ll also be supporting your community during a tough time)
  • Check out some new music
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I know some folks are scared at the Coronavirus daily news reports and such. I hear ya. Also right now suicides and pleas for help from people who feel alone, afraid, isolated and hopeless are way way up all over the place. Please remember to reach out to people and keep them in your thoughts. You never know when a five to ten minute conversation might make a difference for someone. 

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Hey y’all, Admin Jae here…

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong or anything bad going to happen, this is just an FYI type of post.

As you may know, COVID-19 has thrown our world into chaos and confusion and right now things are looking pretty dark for the time being.

So I want to apologize to you all. You may or may not know this, but I am an essential employee in a grocery store while attending school and right now my world, just like many others, have been thrown through a loop.  Like others, I am struggling to find a balance in trying to keep up with the demand at work while attending to my own studies and trying to learn how to do school at home while having to work around the internet usage due to my dad being an essential government employee who’s “at home work” demands high usage of our internet.

That being said, I am not sure when I will be able to get content out, as I basically have spent my last few days/weeks splitting my time between working, sleeping, and attempting to complete assignments on time.

I am trying my best, as I am sure everyone else is, but I felt like I needed to explain and apologize for my absence on this blog (especially with it being so new and just having opened it right before the world went to hell in a hand basket sans hand basket).

The Ask Box will stay open for anything and everything I, and knowing K, will try our best to assist and complete and comfort, if need be.

Please feel free to drop by in our box anytime you want. My replies may be a bit late depending on what is going on, but I will try my best to answer as quickly as I can.

That being said, I will be taking requests for quarantine comfort /anything/, as these are scary times and I know that not only do I hope to be able to bring a sense of peace to you but I am sure that I will feel it too.

We are in this together, and we WILL get through it together

(just 6ft/1.5m apart please!!!)

~ Admin Jae~

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I am the mother of a teenage daughter with multiple mental health issues. Ever since she was very young her dad pretty much taught her to hate me. Telling her that I didn’t really love her, that I never wanted her, and that I loved my older daughter more. I never knew this was going on until she told me. It was September 2011 and her dad, my ex husband, physically abused me in front of my girls. I was able to get to the phone to call 911. He was arrested and sent to prison. That very night she told me what he had been telling her for years. I always wondered why my relationship with my daughter was so rocky. And to this day, it is still rocky. Parenting a child with mental health issues is challenging. Especially when, to them, you’re the reason for their problems. To her, I am her safe space, but I am also her verbal punching bag. Trying to keep my own sanity in all this is extremely difficult. Yes, she’s on medication, yes, she sees a therapist. But when she refuses her meds, it’s a whole different story. I work full time so if she isn’t up when I leave for work then I can only hope she’ll take her meds. There’s so much more to my story, but this already has been emotional enough to open up this much. Thank you for listening. 

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Hey Pan Fam and Friends

Y'all good?

Everything ok?

If you need to talk or vent or just need a friend, shoot me a message. Or if you want to interact via asks and submissions to keep you entertained, that works too! This is a rough time but social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnecting.

I will do my best to help lighten that emotional load!

Love you, if you need anything let me know!


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