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gabbigabriella2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Naught Dorothy? Sexy chef? Whatever fits your fantasies babe 馃挋馃拫
I love when my followers spoil me 馃グ apron was a gift from my wishlist!
馃挋Onlyfans/Fansly(both on SALE)/Manyvids馃挋
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mariesackler2 days ago
ADCU Creators Masterlist!
The more content Adam delivers the more new creators enter our Tumblr fandom.
In order to be more inclusive and welcoming, I would like to share a Google Form to be utilized as a comprehensive Masterlist for writers, artists, and GIF makers for our ADCU fandom.
Tumblr media
A few quick points I would like to make:
I will not be censoring who is added to this list. Everyone is welcomed.
It will be your responsibility to add your information.
I am not responsible for any of the content that is on any of the blogs listed.
I will be adding this link to my pinned list and making sure the list stays alphabetized and not abused. I will not be responsible for maintaining it, regularly outside of what's been mentioned. This will be a community form. It is a tool to be used to make it easier to find fellow creators and boost their work!
Please share this post! Share the creators! Boost each other up!
ADCU Creators Masterlist Form
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clydesducktape15 hours ago
Writer Wednesday Master List 09-15-2021
Another wonderful round up of Writer Wednesday fics for you this weekend! Thank you to @autumnleaves1991-blog for taking time to put these prompts together.
Please support our writers and take a little peek at someone who might be new to you. Reblog, leave a little comment, and a like!
Tumblr media
As always, these lists are compiled by me, as I鈥檓 helping out our lovely host. If your fic is missing, feel free to shoot me a DM to get it added. I鈥檓 human, Tumblr is a hellscape, we鈥檙e trying our best but sometimes things fall through the cracks.
Previous weeks
Tumblr media
Is This Our First Date? by @romanticgumchewer-reactivated鈥 (Rick Flag x OFC)
Yes, Mr. Moreno by @toomanystoriessolittletime鈥 (Marcus Moreno x OFC)
Won't Let Go by @princessxkenobi鈥 (Frankie Morales x F!Reader)
In the Thickness of Blood by @mylifeisactuallyamess鈥 (Serial Killer!Armitage Hux x Blood Spatter Analyst F Reader/DCI!Ben Solo x BSA!Fem Reader)
Milkshakes for 3 by @radiowallet鈥 (Marcus Moreno)
The Diner by @nolanell鈥 (Din Djarin x Force Sensitive Female Reader)
You eating that? by @ionlyjoinedforboydholbrook鈥 *Steve Murphy x DEA!Reader)
Extra Pickles, Hold the Mayo by聽@absurdthirst鈥 (Agent Whiskey x F!Reader)
Must be an Anthology by @clydesducktape鈥 (Ronnie Peterson x Reader)
A Place to Land by @miraclesabound鈥 (Annette McHenry)
You Come Here Often? by @imtryingmybeskar鈥 (Marcus Pike x f!reader)
whoop-dee frickin鈥 doo by @bimando鈥 (max phillips x gn!reader)
Atomic Burger by @sunnysidekit鈥 (Santiago 鈥楶ope鈥 Garcia x GN!Reader)
Diner HCs by @underwood0723鈥 (Whiskey x fem!Reader, Dave York x fem!Reader, and Frankie Morales x fem!Reader)
I鈥檓 in! by @geo-winchester鈥 (Poe Dameron x Reader)
At first sight by @queridopascal鈥 (Javier Pe帽a x F!Reader)
Untitled by @yespolkadotkitty鈥 (Dave York x 鈥渇lorence鈥/nurse!reader)
late night date by @itspdameronthings鈥 (Santiago Garcia x reader, Benny Miller x Reader)
**More will be added as new fics are posted. Also if your fic was missed, please let me know and I will add it to the list.**
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oberynmartell6 months ago
everyone is complaining about how聽鈥渢umblr is dying鈥 but how the fuck is it supposed to survive if ya鈥檒l dont reblog from content creators??? if all you do it like their work instead of reblogging it, instead of spreading it around. liking a post instead of reblogging just encourages content creators not to create anymore
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oscar-piastri2 months ago
why you should reblog and support content creators
i鈥檝e been on tumblr since 2012 and became a content creator in 2014/5, so i鈥檝e been here for years and I can confirm that: people barely reblog posts now and it鈥檚 becoming an issue. yes content creators make stuff mostly for them, but if we post them it鈥檚 so people can see and enjoy it. and this happens when you hit聽鈥渞eblog鈥
the likes/reblogs ratios is a big disaster. when I first started, the reblogs were like 70% of a post with 30% of likes. now it鈥檚 10% reblogs and 90% likes. likes are good, don鈥檛 get me wrong, but they don鈥檛 give us visibility.
reblogging = sharing posts to your followers. it鈥檚 easy and quick
reblogs are important because it motivates people to create stuff and create more
it鈥檚 a great way to introduce your followers to a show/an artist/sports. i don鈥檛 wanna throw myself flowers but a few of my followers got into motorsport because I was reblogging posts about it (and also creating gifs and edits)
reblogs are a great way to make new friends because your followers/mutuals will see you have stuff in common and it will help to engage a conversation and start a friendship.
content creators spend a lot of time editing and a reblog shows that these hours weren鈥檛 lost聽
reblogging helps us making our work be seen as tumblr鈥檚 tags are sometimes broken and they don鈥檛 appear in tags
it encourages people to create more and. i鈥檓 posting graphics and reblogs are encouraging me to keep posting them and creating more
top bonus is when you leave nice stuff in the tags. we see them and we love it and we love you
reblog because it鈥檚 free and the button exists for a reason
there is many more reasons but i won鈥檛 spam you
we are nice
we provide stuff for free
we take requests and make stuff you ask for
we share our resources: colorings, writing tips, where to get pictures, where to get fonts, tutorials, links for softwares
because we struggle a lot with tumblr鈥檚 tags
because people are sometimes rude to us and send rude asks (ex: writers - to publish their writings sooner)
because our work is being stolen by people claiming it鈥檚 theirs
because our work is being reposted on other social medias without asking us and crediting
i鈥檓 not pointing a gun to your face screaming聽鈥淩EBLOG鈥, i鈥檓 just telling you that if you like a post, you should think about reblogging it so your followers can see it and you鈥檒l make one person happy <3
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shouldbecelebrateda year ago
start reblogging content, please. it鈥檚 the only way to really support content creators on this website. likes don鈥檛 do anything. the only way for original content to float around and get discovered by new users is by reblogging it. it doesn鈥檛 cost much and it鈥檚 the least you can do??
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pontiacsbandit3 months ago
you know what鈥檚 cool about reblogging? you can have awesome content on your own blog without being guilty of stealing.
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harrison-forda month ago
it was brought to my attention that @love-marvel-3000 has been reposting gifs with no credit. even if your sets aren't among the ones that have been stolen, please still bring awareness to this post. gif reposting is very frustrating and it discourages creators from making more sets so any kind of support is greatly appreciated
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bluenettebaby3 months ago
鉁╠aily reminder to tip your favorite sex worker鉁
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milo-my-beloved3 months ago
this isnt exactly a rant but something i've noticed:
in fandoms where the majority of fans are made up of younger people (like the grishaverse), i am finding that way fewer people are commenting on fics.
now i'm not complaining about younger fans! i am only 17 myself! but please, please comment on people's fics. it doesnt have to be an essay - it can literally just be a keysmash, a smiley face, a few words, anything really!
but comments are so, so important to fic writers. i genuinely cannot describe how happy a comment makes me when i get one - it's a nice little serotonin boost and it makes me want to write more things! so please, if you want to support fic writers, please consider commenting on our work :D
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awaaria month ago
People saying art should be free WACK
Content creators asking for reblogs are selfish WACK聽
Sketches gets 500 notes while a solid 5 hours worth of art gets 5 notes WACK
Creators staying up late at night to make art after coming home from their long hours jobs聽WACK
People saying your commission prices are too high WACK
Creators feeling self doubt about their skill after seeing no recognition聽from their work WACK
Regardless all of these things, we still keep making art, we content creators are tight as fuck
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bouncyirwin6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
旃挫勾靷繝 鞐办姷 by @ScarecrowPink on Twitter || Posted with permission
Do not repost/crop or edit the art without permission from the original artist.
All credit goes to the artist. Please support them on Twitter too with follows, likes and comments.
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louisforlouies4 months ago
Tumblr media
In fandom spaces, fan-made content is often lost. At LouisForLouies, we'd like to do anything in our capacity to provide a boosting platform for louie content creators.聽
For that reason, we are planning on creating a database of all content creators across the fandom, and linking it to our blog. Once we're done preparing it, any louie will be able to access the database when looking for new fan-made content, browse it, filter it by content type, and more. As a bonus, we also would like to use the database as as way to boost content creators with small stores, to create a one-stop marketplace for all louies.聽
If you are a content creator that makes Louis-related content, and you are interested in being included, please fill out this form.聽
If you're a louie that enjoys fan-made content, please reblog this post so that more content creators will find our form!聽
If you have any questions about this database, don't hesitate to contact us.
Please note that, for now, this form is limited to content creators with a tumblr account. In the future, we might expand it to content creators who do not have a tumblr account.
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mariesackler24 days ago
It Feels Like Home (Santiago Pope Garcia x F!Reader)
CW: Drinking, Cursing, Mention of past angst, slight sexual reference
This is pure fluff.
WC: 1.3k
AN: I am so happy to be able to have finally gotten my stuff together so I was able to participate in this weeks Writers Wednesday hosted by the lovely @autumnleaves1991-blog and organized by the wonderful @clydesducktape. Thank you both for all that you do for the fanfic communities.
Read on Ao3!
Tumblr media
Santi opened his eyes, his hand was swift to reach for you, only to find that the bed was empty. A distant murmur of music floated from underneath the bedroom door.
Sitting up slowly Santi stretched out his tense muscles. It had been a long time since he had slept this late and on a mattress that didn鈥檛 drive springs into his back. Santi surveyed his surroundings.
It was very much 鈥榶ou鈥 in every way. He hoped in time that he would see himself reflected back here and in every space in your world. He wanted this to be home. The home that he never believed he would have in life.
Standing, Santi wandered to your dresser, a small framed photo of the two of you together, looked back at him. The picture was taken several years before, one of the last times he remembered being happy. You had flown halfway across the globe to see him, spend a week with him.
You insisted on taking the photo, stating that the sunset was perfect. You were perfect. He would never deny you anything, he couldn鈥檛. So he smiled and held you close knowing that his time with you was precious. Santi rubbed his face. He almost lost you after that trip.
You had grown tired of waiting for him. He couldn鈥檛 blame you. You had waited longer than he had ever expected. Hell, he never planned on you. He was set and content in his ways. He did his job and he did it very well. Drinks on the weekends, gorgeous bed companions that didn鈥檛 ask for anything but his body for the night. It was what he was good at but then you crashed through his life and made him believe again. Believe that he could have more in his life than the job.
Sometimes, it infuriated him. The best thing about his former life was that he didn鈥檛 trouble himself with emotions. He felt compassion for the people he protected and outrage at the ignorance and hatred of cruel men.
But love, love wasn鈥檛 something Santi dealt with, sure his heart would occasionally seize up when he saw the guys and how happy they were; with their new partners and Frankie with his kid. And it would nip at the back of his head, late nights as he sat alone in his hotel room, staring at the blank walls. You changed all of that.
He wasn鈥檛 even sure how it had developed to what it was today. The memories of tearful video chats and racy texts flooded his mind. It had been a long journey but here he was standing in your bedroom, his bedroom. You had announced this the night before, as your sweaty bodies laid tangled in each other. This was his home now.
Santi could hear the words and understand the meaning behind them but as he kissed your glistening body, fear still tugged at his heart. Did he deserve this? Was he good enough? Once you knew him, really knew him would you let him stay? Shaking his head, he wandered towards the source of the music.
Leaning against the wall, Santi took in the scene in front of him. You, irresistible in cotton panties and his teeshirt were bouncing around the kitchen to the twang of folk music playing from your phone.
You were not a cook. He knew this much. So, the fact that you were elbow deep in what appeared to be pancake batter, brought a swell of emotions from Santi鈥檚 chest. He didn鈥檛 deserve you. But as he stood and watched you happily dish out the flattest pancakes he had ever seen, he knew that he needed to spend every single day for the rest of his life proving that he did.
Smiling to himself, he moved silently behind you, his hands immediately finding your hips.
鈥淨uerida, what are you doing?鈥 He hummed, his lips brushing a kiss to your ear. Yelling, you dropped the spatula, causing the batter to fly. Yelping, Santi backed away as you spun around.
鈥淛esus, Christ Santiago!鈥 You shouted shutting off the oven. Santi raised his hands in defense before noticing the thick white batter clinging to your forehead. Biting back a laugh, he walked to you.
鈥淧reciosa, you got a little something.鈥 He murmured wiping your forehead. Rolling your eyes, you playfully slapped his hand away. Santi was faster. 鈥淣ow, now behave.鈥 He quipped caging you to him. You surely could get used to this, being wrapped up in this man.
鈥淚 made you breakfast.鈥 You proclaimed proudly as Santi swept sweet kisses over your face.
鈥淥h yeah?鈥 He whispered into the curve of your neck. 鈥淚 think I am all set right here.鈥 Santi鈥檚 hands slid effortlessly under your cotton panties, desperate to feel your bare skin, Santi had spent too long missing your touch. He had a lot of time to make up for.
Goosebumps greeted his palms as he kneaded your ass. Without question, you could abandon the plate of pancakes, rip off your shirt and drown yourself in him but you needed for him to know, he had to know that today was important. In fact, it was the most important day for you both. Pressing your hands to his breast, you gently pushed him away.
鈥淕o sit at the table, Mr. Garcia.鈥
Santi took in your face. Your eyes were shining with amusement but your tone was firm. Fuck. He loved you. Nodding, he stepped backward.
鈥淵es, ma鈥檃m.鈥 He purred seating himself donning a soft smile. Turning around, to block his view from your workings, you quickly shoved a few cheap candles in the best-looking pancake. Maybe a waffle maker would be a good idea for the future, you thought aimlessly as you admired your creation.
鈥淐lose your eyes.鈥 You sang peeking over your shoulder at Santi, who was blissfully regarding you with adoration.
鈥淪ure, thing hermosa.鈥 He chuckled crossing his arms over his chest. Carefully, placing the plate in front of him, you lit the candles.
鈥淥PEN!鈥 You shouted a wide grin plastered across your face. Santi鈥檚 eyes widened in surprise, running his tongue across his lip, he cocked his head at you.
鈥淏aby, it鈥檚 not my birthday.鈥
鈥淚 know that!鈥 You retorted, pushing his shoulder. 鈥淏ut it is the first day of the rest of our lives together, so I thought some kind of celebratory carbohydrates were in order.鈥 Your voice softened as the statement left you. 鈥淪o we make a wish for the future.鈥 You breathed running your hand through his curls. Santi鈥檚 nostril鈥檚 flared and his eyes shimmered as he absorbed the significance behind your words.
鈥淨uick, blow out the candles!鈥 You cried breaking the tension and swooping down towards the pancake. Santi mechanically mirrored your actions. Swiftly, you pulled the candles from the doughy saucer. Santi remained quiet as you threw them away and grabbed the forks and syrup. Nervously, you sat down next to him. 鈥淟et me guess, not a pancake guy?鈥 You joked awkwardly pouring the maple syrup. Santi suddenly grabbed the edge of your chair and dragged you to him.
鈥淚 love you.鈥 He breathed cupping your face in his hands. 鈥淭his is perfect, querida.鈥 Santi rubbed his nose down yours before claiming your mouth in a soft kiss. A rush of warmth descended over you, as your hands explored the other.
All the loneliness and grief were worth every second with you. The quickening of your breath and the taste of your lips brought him solace he had never known. Gasping, you broke away from his grasp, choking on a giggle you shook your head. The man was a livewire. Your heart crashed hard in your chest as you caught your breath.
Santi smiled as he studied your face while you regained your composure. It had become abruptly quite clear to him in these moments that all of this time he had been searching for a place to call home, but home wasn鈥檛 a place. It was you.
Lovelies: @huxdameron @poedameronloverx @anetteaneta @letoatreiides @ellenmunn @one-hell-of-a-disappointment @sacklerscumrag @caillea @direnightshade @aellynera @mylifeisactuallyamess @leatherboundbirate @theoncrayjoy @hopeamarsu @sister-winter73 @millenialcatlady @insufferablelust @butyoudidthis4what @xxcatrenxx @jynzandtonic @fathersonandhouseofgucci @paper-n-ashes @roanniom @paterson-blue
Thank you for reading!
If you enjoy my stories, let me know! My Inbox is open, and I welcome comments! Please reblog if you fancy sharing this piece.
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gabbigabriellaa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes watching a person get dressed is even sexier than watching them get undressed 馃挍馃挌馃挍
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