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#supreme can fuck off anyway
cherumie · 8 months ago
how lucky are the people who joined the fandom after like 2016, when the anime was more popular than the manga and Grelle was either characterized as the horny gay guy who exists to be punished or the poor damsel in distress who is unable to lift a finger to help herself and is crushed by depression and is crying. constantly.
#there were sooo many fics where she'd be kidnapped and abused in various ways by Will or Seb or an oc#like she can be kind of emotional i guess but like...... cmon#back then it was a battle between SebaGrelle Grelliam and UnderGrelle#no other characters were even considered as possible love interests and sebagrelle reigned supreme#now this was back when Undertaker was just the funny funeral man who just happened to be this wise old strong as fuck reaper#before campania#so that Undertaker's chemistry with anime Grelle was off the charts especially bc of that scene where she hugs him#there /was/ grelliam back then for sure but god the amount of fics where he's the reason she 'wants to become a woman'#or he's just downright abusive but Grelle never does anything bc she's hopelessly in love with him#Grelle abuse was a disease back in the day#honestly the grelle tag on ao3 seems like a desert these days but i guess quality is better than quantity#ill start writing again myself when i get back on my antidepressants bc right now everything is a huge effort#i feel so nostalgic rn after typing that all out#i should make an analysis post about the fandom's perception change of Grelle from like 2013 to present day#because the difference is like.... how is this the same character#its almost like i grew up with grelle from her cringe teenage phase to the mature /ish/ career woman she is now#there's a metaphor here somewhere#anyways i have work today and then i have the next 3 days off so ill be a lot more active during my break#also Mary is getting tooth surgery Tuesday so I'll tell you how that goes#im not worried theyre just pulling one out#anyways good morning i love grelle
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wasabito · 12 months ago
sugar daddy headcanons
don’t ask me what this is because i kid you not, this is about 50% word vomit, but anyway, reader is getting that coin,,, 18+ content, minors dni
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
mainly has a sugar baby because he's bored as hell and wants someone who’ll let him talk their head off. the sex is good too, but he could get that anywhere.
committed relationships are a tad difficult due to his career of choice (ignoring the fact that other shaman find him far too insufferable to date seriously, not that he's really looking for all that - he plays around a lot)
but the starry look in your eyes whenever you see him is rather addicting, it feeds his ego in a special way and that's something he can't get anywhere else
long story short, this man has the capacity to change your whole life around; he's willing to do it too. just say the word, whatever you need he is sure to provide
not very strict given the circumstances, he's way too confident in himself and how enamored you are with him to set any rules, so there aren't any.
if you behave, you are rewarded. but on the off chance that you misbehave, gojo may be inclined to set rules for you, while administering whatever punishment he sees fit
he loves to pamper himself and you whenever he can and is willing to reciprocate sexual favors too
he'll ice you out, custom designer drip, furs, etc; gojo will see something and go “oooh this would bring out y/n’s eyes” - might even go a little overboard because he has all this money and nothing to spend it on but his insatiable sweet tooth
he's a rather lax sugar daddy, a bit childish, but his dick game (and black card) go crazy fr. you'd be sprung and in love before you knew what hit you, good luck with that though.
Nanami Kento
probably looking for companionship more than anything, someone to come home to possibly? either way, sex would just be an added bonus for him
likes engaging in conversations with you, idle small talk, maybe even reading together - would be as involved in your life as you would allow
he's single-handedly the most comfortable sugar daddy to be around, in my humble opinion. nanami is both kind and a gentleman to you, always
gives gifts he knows you'll appreciate, rather than gifts that are for his own enjoyment. so, expect sentimental things like custom jewelry with your name engraved on it
likes it when you send him photos of yourself, they don't at all have to be nudes, but those are appreciated too
dates are always special, and nights-in are even more so. nanami is surprisingly romantic and makes you wonder why he's still single
if you're in school, he'll want to hear about it, and he'll also encourage you to try your best while he supports you financially
would fuck you like he had something to prove because he's a service top, simply put. he gets off on your pleasure and making you feel good and just the knowledge of you enjoying sex with him is enough to take him over the edge
(tbh, it's a race between you two on who catches feelings first)
if nanami catches feelings first it's certainly not because he's a simp, but you've managed to make things rather enjoyable and worthwhile for him. he hopes he’s done the same for you too
he has no issues making things official with you
Getou Suguru
lowkey treats it like a business transaction
granted, it's a mutual gain for the both of you. getou takes care of you financially, while you handle his physical needs for him
he can be strict on occasion but hides it well behind a mask of kindness or relative indifference. he isn't one to make demands, but he's also not above guiding you in what he believes is the right direction (and all with a smile)
if he's taking you out expect to be dressed in the finest garments to match his fly - dress code is probably the one thing he's quite strict on
has good dick, and i mean really good dick, but he can be a little selfish with returning some sexual favors because he's very likely to stick to the exact terms of the initial agreement. nothing more, nothing less.
he is very clear with what he wants and what he expects from you as his sugar baby. and he will encourage you to be upfront with him about how best he can take care of you
money is not an issue, he’ll give you what you want and even extra as long as it’s within reason
won't dig into your personal life, probably doesn't even care, so there has to be a mutual respect of boundaries, he leads by example, of course
personally, i don't think getou would be 'strictly business' all the time.
maybe one night you give him that toe-curling triple gawk gawk 3000 super-soaker supreme and make him want to adjust the terms and conditions of your agreement the following morning
he can be flexible when he wants, he just needs a little push *wink, wink*
Fushiguro Toji
please, let's be real here, the man is more of a fuck buddy than a sugar daddy
he probably won't even tell you straight up that the main thing on the negotiating table is his big dick, but that's exactly what he acts like
he could spare some money for you, if he’s not betting it all on races he never actually wins, but chances are he'd ask you for some money too
you'd have to put your foot down on this one, or else you'd be the sugar daddy/mommy and he'd be the baby
the funny thing about toji is that the one time he spends his cash on you like a real sugar daddy, it’s for dinner at some fancy restaurant in the city.
maybe his last hit job paid well so he orders you steak and lobster. then you both a get shitfaced drunk, wall fuck, and he’s gone by morning
do you guys even communicate? probably not, unless random texts at one or two in the morning count??
he seems like the type to crash at your place in between jobs or maybe you come back from work or school to find him raiding your fridge - later he eats you out on the kitchen counter as thanks
he's the only sugar daddy who probably won’t turn the dynamic into something serious
toji doesn’t set any kind of rules. he’s not even really possessive. the day you decide to cut shit off, he'll probably hit it one last time, then bounce
he's really just a "call me if ya need me." type of dude.
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miekasa · 10 months ago
more boyfriend headcanons: love languages
↯ pairing: eren jaeger x (fem) reader
↯ genres and warnings: modern au, college au to some extent, fluff
↯ notes: i cannot stop thinking about him, so have 50 more head canons about this absolute menace. despite the title, he can and will turn anything into a love language, so beware.
Tumblr media
annoying the hell out of you (quality time)
You’ve heard of girls sitting on their boyfriend’s laps and hugging them/falling asleep while they play games, now get ready for: boyfriends hugging you from the back while you attempt to do any mundane activity bc they miss you.
Because that’s Eren. About almost anything, because his physical affection, when not in the presence of other people, is absolutely on ten thousand and one.
The only public place he doesn’t mind cuddling up to you is the library. He doesn’t mind putting his arm around you or leaning his head on your shoulder, or even doing the sitting hugging thing in the library. Mostly because few people are there anyway.
Mind you, you’re the one who even showed him where the library was, and now he doesn’t know how to act. “Eren it’s not a ‘cuddling spot.’ It’s the library where I—and lots of other people, including yourself—go to do homework.” “If not cuddling spot, then why library chairs and study rooms cuddly?”
Particularly when it’s getting late and you’ve been crammed in the library for hours, and Eren just wants you to pack it up so he can drive you home. He’ll squeeze himself between your body and the back of your chair, wrap his arms around your stomach, and lay his cheek on your back.
Most times he falls asleep waiting for you to be finished. Sometimes he gets impatient and tickles you until you agree to leave. Either works for him.
He doesn’t not like holding hands in public, but it’s not his go to either. If you’re walking together, sometimes he’ll wrap his arm around your shoulder—usually after some cocky comment—or even walk behind you with his hands on your shoulders like it’s a two person conga line.
He doesn’t kiss you in public a lot, and never around his friends. They can see the literal hearts in his eyes when he’s around you though, so it’s not like he has to. On occasion, he will kiss your cheek. It’s kind of random, but you don’t question it.
In all honestly, whenever he gets affectionate or cuddly in public is all pretty random, even to him. Sometimes he’ll just be standing around you and he’s hit with the urge to engulf you in a hug and kiss your cheeks and he has to stop himself like, “....Why did I just think about doing that?”
Partially because he wasn’t outwardly hugged or shown affection a lot as a child, so sometimes he gets to urges children do to just want a hug. But he’s also pretty bad and/or new at processing his emotions like that so he mostly stands there like 🧍 looking at you with lovey dovey eyes instead.
Touchy when he’s drunk. But that’s not exclusive to you; anyone in a five foot radius of him will be subject to his arm slung around their shoulders, or him being slumped over their back, or random head ruffles.
Most commonly Armin, but I think we all knew that. Sometimes it’s Jean, and Jean is an even messier drunk, which results in the both of them actually being overly affectionate with each other in a strange, but endearing way. They both deny it to their graves when they’re sober, though.
Hovers around you. Constantly. Like a shadow. 
Does not leave you the hell alone when you’re in the kitchen. Will make it 100x more difficult for you to cook or just maneuver, which is ironic seeing as the most gourmet thing he can cook up is bagel with cream cheese. 
Sometimes Eren seems unaware of his size in comparison to you and your friends. It’s very sweet that he laughs with his whole body, but he’s got to realize that if bumps into you because of his sporadic laughter, that he might accidentally knock you into next Tuesday.
Likes when you touch his hair, doesn’t matter where or when, or who’s around. He loves it, all of it.
Will press his face against yours if he has stubble, just to be annoying. Like always.
If you hadn’t gotten it from everything else, he just likes to annoy you in general. But, like, affectionately. I keep saying it’s his love language and I mean it. Really—what it is is that he likes spending time with you, but he also likes annoying the hell out of you, too.
Bites. Not in a sexy way—well, unless you want him too—but, just because. Bites your shoulder when you’re not expecting it, bites your cheek while you’re in the middle of watching a show. Sometimes he takes your hand in his and your think it’s going to be sweet and he’s going to kiss it, but really he just brings it to his mouth to bite it.
Bites your ass, too. Again, just for fun. Because he thinks he can get away with it. Biting is a love language I’m telling y’all.
Likes to give you piggy back rides, even if you don’t ask for them or need one. You could be going from your room to the living room and Eren insists on carrying you there. 
And for some reason, he thinks that because he likes to hold/lift you, that that should apply to you as well?? Like he’s not 6′1 and big bodied, hello?? Eren you cannot just jump on top of people, you’re grown. 
He lets you dress him a lot. His fashion sense isn’t bad, and to be honest with you, I think he’d be a little bit of a hypebeast LOL. I don’t mean decked out head to toe in Supreme (god forbid...) but definitely has a bit of a sneaker obsession.
Not that he keeps them clean or is obsessive about creasing them he couldn’t care less. He just thinks they’re cool. Maybe even some accessories too, like those KAWS toys. Not a lot because they’re hard to get, but is really proud of his little growing collection.
But if you want to dress him up, he’s down for it. Would even let you buy him a pea coat so he can pretend to be a scholar. (He’s not BYE). He’ll tell you if something really isn’t his style, but he’ll wear it if you tell him he looks hot 🙄
Kinda forces his way into your life in little ways. Like, he’ll start adding his favorite snacks to your grocery lists. Moves a pair of your shoes from the door to make room for his own when he’s over. Basically claims two drawers for himself in your dresser. Annoying. Endearing.
Lowkey has his own intricate skincare routine, but he likes doing it with you more. He’ll make it a whole thing, and buy wine, and stupid drinking card games, and sit with you on your bed for 2 hours playing while your face masks dry. 
Texts you if you’re in the same room as him, but not paying attention to him. Especially if you’re doing schoolwork.
Throws pillows at you while you’re sitting at your desk to get your attention. He could just say your name, but it’s so much more fun this way (according to him anyway). It’s all fun and games until you smother him with one. 
Thinks arguing with you is cute, and sometimes says or does—or doesn’t do, for that matter—things just to incite an argument. Not a big one, or something serious, just petty things to rile you up so he can kiss and make up for it. For example, he’ll purposely putting the dishes in the wrong place, or hiding the remote from you, or putting his clothes in the wrong hamper.
“Eren, I swear to god, if you don’t stop putting the water bottles on the top shelf—” “What are you gonna do it about, pretty girl? Hit me with it? You can’t even reach—ow!”
being your loudest hype man (words of affirmation) 
The amount of pictures he has of you... criminal. From off-guards, to posed photos, to selfies, to screenshots, he has them all tucked away in a little folder with your name and a string of very inappropriate emojis after it.
Screenshots 90% of your snaps to him, even if his just of your eyebrows up. Sometimes because he thinks it’s funny, sometimes to save the picture because he likes it, but mostly because he knows you don’t understand WHY and that’s gives him the most satisfaction 😌
Loud and annoying in your comments on social media too. Hype man almost to a cringe fail level. He doesn’t care though, he has to let it be known. 
You could post a simple picture of you and Mikasa at lunch and Eren is in the comments screaming as per usual. @jaegerbomb: do i see TWO pretty best friends??? fuck it up besties 😫🥵🥵😜
Oh, but he doesn’t take to it lightly when you call him bestie, or refer to him as your friend in any capacity. He’s your boyfriend, and would like to be labeled as such.
If you did that prank where you pick up the phone while you’re around him and say “Oh, I’m not too busy, I’m hanging with a friend right now,” he would pout about it for days. Days. Doesn’t get over it, and reminds you of your transgressions every two to three business weeks.
Tells you you look hot all the time, regardless of what you’re doing or wearing. He means it, too, genuinely, he thinks you’re hot. But he does get a kick out of how potentially embarrassed it makes you.
Tells you you’re smart and beautiful and his favorite person on the planet. He means it, always, even if the delivery isn’t romantic. Although, he would argue that telling you he would “tap that” is very romantic. 
for him: receiving gifts & words of affirmation
Eren would be really humbled and honored to receive a gift from you. He needs to receive physical affection, too—but something about you thinking about him enough to buy or make him a gift that he’ll love and cherish really hits home for him. He doesn’t have many people who would do that for him.
If you buy him anything, he’s using it the second it’s out of the wrapping paper. You buy him shoes? He’s wearing them the next day. A new case for his phone? Rips the old one off in an instant. A little trinket for his keychain? He can barely remember to carry his keys in the first place, but suddenly he can’t ever forget them now.
He just can’t get over the fact that you think about him and know him well enough to tailor your purchases to his liking. It’s almost an impossible concept to him, and really reassuring that you love him as much as he loves you.
On a similar note, he actually doesn’t mind couple items, as long as they’re not obvious and/or corny. Down to have a pair of matching hats or phone cases or even sneakers. You don’t even have to always/only wear them at the same time, just knowing you have the same thing at home kinda makes him feel fuzzy inside.
He also thinks it’s hot. He can’t explain why knowing his girl has the same kicks at him is hot, he just knows it is.
As much as he likes telling you how hot you are, Eren also likes to hear that you find him attractive—and that you like him, in general. For the most part, he gets that from your physical reciprocity and quite literally letting him hover around you like a fly, but it’s nice to be told with words every once in a while.
For as much as he knows it, he gets a little caught of guard whenever you tell him you love him. He knows you love him, but hearing it sometimes is a little surreal to him. Very reassuring, too, and everyone needs a little reassurance from time to time.
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stefencestrange · 3 months ago
I’m just putting this out here for no one to see, but if you think that Stephen is out of character in NWH, please rethink. No he is not a variant. No he is not a Skull. He is Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange—the one and only.
his solo film delves into his egotistical nature, with a direct quote of him: ‘I can and I will’. He takes one look at the Eye, and decides to use it without knowing the consequences. Stephen ‘Try me, Beyoncé’ Strange does what he wants, when he wants
“oh but he’s too not-serious and joking”: did you watch Ragnarok?? He literally fucked with Thor for the fun of it. So yeah, I’d say he’s entitled to hold a mug that reads ‘oh for fox sake’, and that he is able to wink (not for the first time, remember IW and Tony?) and smile with Peter
In contrast to his role in IW and Endgame, yeah he’s not as serious because he doesn’t hold the stakes in his hand. He doesn’t have the Time Stone to worry about. He doesn’t have all the painful answers. And with these outcomes, he saw what Peter Parker meant to Tony; perhaps Stephen helping the kid is a way to say sorry to Tony
“but it just seems so irresponsible of him”. Are we talking about the same man? Once over, as seen in his solo film, he has done spells without knowledge of the full consequences before. He started to fracture time before Wong and Mordo intervened, but then used that to his later advantage to stop Dormammu.
Additionally, we don’t know the full story of the trailer. There is evidently a lot cut out. There could be a whole scene of him and Peter where he reiterates that once the spell is started, it can’t stop. And Peter may just be swept up in the moment that he temporarily forgets the necessities; May, Ned and MJ. Also, it was us as the internet that decided he was to be the responsible one in DSMoM. But with review of his character, it’s evident that he’s not. He is not the responsible one: he annoyed Dormammu into submission using an item he had no idea of its full power; only changed his joking demeanour in IW after viewing the outcomes. Perhaps DSMoM is going to explore his growth to become the Sorcerer Supreme, because I don’t think Marvel named him that off-screen. Anyway, that’s all I’ve gotta say. Please reconsider his character before saying that it’s ‘not your Stephen Strange’
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cerastes · 2 months ago
Arknights Chapter 8 from the lens of W
W, after spending a few days covertly planting bombs all over Talulah’s control room in Chernobog: “Ok~ay! I’m ready to kill the ever-loving hell out of the boss! It’s gonna be so cool and efficient! Not a thing in this world that sufficient boom-booms can’t solve!”
Talulah, the next day, during their scuffle: *accurately determines the location of the bombs and fries their detonating mechanism with her flames* “Well.”
W: “Well!”
*45 minutes of Talulah punching W’s face in later*
Talulah: “Alright, this has been extremely annoying, so I’ll grant you the honor of dying to my blade.”
W: “May I suggest a counterpoint?” *explodes herself out of the room and off the tower*
Talulah: “Hm.”
W, using her Cockroach Constitution to survive that: “Well, everything hurts, but at least I am not dead. On the flipside, things couldn’t possibly get worse, only way this could get any crapier is, hypothetically, someone I can’t stand and who I would want to embed my fist into the face of opening that door right now and making small talk with me.”
Kal’tsit, opening the door: “Huh. What are you doing here.”
W: “Oh for the love of--”
Doctor: “I heard a voice that hates me in here, who-- Oh, hey, W.”
W: “Okay, Kelshi, timeout, what the HELL, why are you buddy buddy with Bastard Supreme now?”
Kal’tsit, mentally drinking a cigarette to cope with the situation: “It’s a long story.”
W: “Well better put on your troubadour panties and start telling it.”
Kal’tsit: “Amnesiac.”
W, whose eyes have achieved 70 revolutions per second: “You don’t actually believe that, do you? Hey, Doc, what do you think of human life?”
Doctor: “Well, it’s valuable...? Is this a trick question? Especially as Rhodes Island’s tactician, I have a duty and a responsibility to treasure it and keep all of our Operators alive, and that’s not getting into my duties as a proper doctor.”
W: “Kelshi?! What the fuck!?”
Kal’tsit, drinking crack cocaine in her mind: “Yeah.”
W: “Anyways, I’m not here to stop you or anything, that won’t be necessary at all since the gig is up on my end.”
Kal’tsit: “The... Gig?”
W, who just now remembered that Scout, the one and only person who knew about W’s double agent activities in benefit of Babel, now Rhodes Island, is dead, and thus, no one alive in the Rhodes Island end of the board has any means to know about it nor any reason to believe W: “Oh. Right. Well! I guess I’ll just nail you in the face, after all.”
Kal’tsit, growing a turbo murder beast from her spine: “Consider the following.”
Turbo Murder Beast: *chucks W like a gmod ragdoll out of the window, towards the tower*
W: “Fair enough. But hey, at least this puts me close to the tower again, and now I know Amiya and perhaps the Lungmen Pig are going to throw down with Big T, maybe I can snipe her with a bomb while they do that.”
Rosmontis: “Halt there. I know you.”
W: “Shut the fuck up, Rosmontis, I’m trying to advance the plot.”
Rosmontis: “:(”
Shieldguard: “That was kinda mean...”
W: “Ok, I’m finally up here, let’s see if I can bomb Talulah while the bunny and the pig distract her!”
Ch’en, with Talulah in a Full Nelson: “GIVE HER SOME PEPPER, AMIYA!”
Amiya, punching Talulah in the gut with non-stop haymakers: “This one’s for Scout! And this one’s for Ace! And this one’s for Theresa! And this one’s for Doctor! And this one’s for... Am I forgetting someone? Well, whatever, this one’s for Scout again!”
Kal’tsit: *sneezes*
W: “Well, guess not. Oh, right, we’re supposed to stop this massive warcrimes roomba from colliding with the other massive warcrimes roomba, so I’ll just go and pull the handbrake now, pass the key.”
Amiya: “Literally why the hell would I trust you.”
W, ripping her sweater open to reveal an “I <3 Theresa” t-shirt underneath it: 
Amiya: “Fair enough, here you go.”
W: “Hey. This doesn’t work.”
Talulah, but actually Talulah now: “Try this one, and say Woogie! Woogie! Woogie! to the console.”
W, pulling back the handcrank while giving Chernobog a Rocket Power handshake: “Well, that’s done with.”
Amiya: “W, I don’t like you >:(”
W: “Good! I knew you had a good head on your shoulders. I wouldn’t wish me on my worst enemy. Well, bye, now.” *jumps off again while Ch’en puts Talulah but actually Talulah now in an atomic wedgie* *lands in a duffle bag* “Oh no.”
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kjd55 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[2:51 am]
Tumblr media
re-uploading this bc it didn’t show in tags last time :(
warnings/info: face cuts, bruises, nothing to bad though. gn!reader
you stood in your kitchen, pouring a glass of orange juice for yourself. it was nearly 3 am, but you couldn’t sleep.
you hadn’t seen vinnie all day, not that you normally saw him much anyway in your shared apartment. he was only your roommate after all.
he was also a supreme asshole. he liked to eat your food, blatantly insult you when he was around, and use up all the hot water right before you were going to have a shower. the nerve!
you couldn’t tell if he was genuinely mean, or if he did it just to tick you off, considering your reactions were pretty entertaining (not that you’d ever openly admit it.)
you were startled into choking on your drink to the sound of your door rattling. vinnie, dressed in a black hoodie and black sweats came sauntering through. his hood was up, but you still caught a glimpse of his face through the dampened kitchen lamp. a deep cut ran down the side of his cheek.
he tried to pass you to head to his room, but you caught onto his sleeve. without turning, he groaned. “not now y/n.”
not answering him, you kept a firm grip on his arm. with your other hand, you pulled his hood down and gasped. “what the fuck vinnie?” not only did he have that cut on his cheek, but was also complimented by a giant blue-turning bruise, and a split lip.
sighing, he tried to push away from you. “i got jumped, no big deal. you should see the guys who tried to steal my shit. now can you let me go?”
but to no avail. you dragged him to the bathroom. if you thought you weren’t wide awake before, you definitely were now.
you brought out the mini first aid kit from a drawer. “stay still.”
he rolled his eyes, but winced when you brought an alcohol soaked q-tip to the deep gash on his face. “y/n i can do it.” he said, and you could feel the harsh undertones to it.
you ignored him though, and continued to nurse him. you tried to disregard how close his face was to you; his mint-breath faintly fanning over your face.
he could also feel the close proximity, the unspoken tension that clung to the air. trying to ignore it, he closed his eyes.
he had a crush on you, to keep it short. he thought your reactions to him annoying you were cute. but now you were actually here, barely 5 inches in front of him, a concerned expression adorning your face. it was adorable to him.
“where the hell were you at almost 3 in the morning to get jumped in the first place?” you questioned whilst putting the first aid kit away.
he shrugged and you sighed. you knew he wouldn’t answer.
still, you touched his shoulder. “be more careful next time, please.” you paused, looking away. “i don’t like seeing you hurt.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kingkatsuki · 7 months ago
Ok so all this sex pollen thirst got me thinking. So imagine Bakugou and Kirishima are roomies. Bakugou gets hit with the quirk and decides to go try to wait it out at home (obviously it's not a fuck or die, but it is supremely uncomfortable).
this plan probably could have been successful but! He hadn't planned on you, his best friend hot girlfriend being at the apartment.
Now I envision this going down two ways.
A) your there alone and waiting for Kiri. Bakugou sees you and is about ready to die in that moment cause the small amount of reason he has left tells him he shouldn't try to fuck his best friend's girl. You can clearly see somethings wrong with him so before he can make a run for his room your on him, pressing your hand to his forehead, trying to turn him to check for wounds and it's taking ever ounce of self control Bakugou has not to jump you then and there.
Finally he just blurts out sex quirk or something and runs back down to his room. You put two and two together and figure you should call Kiri to see what you should do or who you should call etc. You two talk about it a bit and he ends up saying if you wanna you could help Bakugou out with it. Kiri isn't a jelous guy, and his best friend is struggling so why not? So you go help Bakugou out.
B) Bakugou gets home, and it's late at night. He knew kiri was having you over and he's glad you two seem to be in Kiri's bedroom. So he goes to his room and does the only thing he thinks might help. He whips out his aching cock and just starts jacking it like his life depends on it (cause he certainly feels like it does).
It all goes to shit when he realizes he can here you and Kiri fucking right next door. And it just breaks him.
He flys out of bed, doesn't even bother putting pants on, and bursts through Kiri's bedroom door. You and Kiri are briefly shocked but Kiri quickly catches up to the situation.
"if you wanted to join, all you had to do was ask Bakubro"
You nod in agreement.
"don't call me that right now!"
He basically shoves kiri off of you and just goes to town, and when it's all said and done you feel like you've been railed into another plane of exsistance. Only then do you find out why he suddenly felt compelled to burst in on you two.
But hey, kinda works out, you and Kiri had been wanting to talk to him about a threesome anyway!
Sorry this got so long!!!! If you can't tell I'm a total Kiribaku slut.
This is big brained, and I can’t decide what scenario I prefer.
The non-con possibilities of option one have me 🥵
And option two with Bakugou being a perv 👌🏻
Can I offer up a third possibility of Bakugou coming home after being hit with the quirk and you can see he’s physically in pain. Sweat is pouring off his body and the scent of his quirk mingled with his natural musk is filling the air. His eyes look completely feral as he catches sight of you before he tries to make a beeline to his room. Of course Kirishima is instantly worried for his friend and won’t let him shut himself away which just makes it worse. And Bakugou has to blurt out what happened. You can already see him rolling his hips as he creates a dull friction against the tent in his hero pants, dark eyes fluttering underneath his mask as he grasps the doorframe. Kirishima is worried as he turns back to you, “We gotta help him, babe.” The words coming out of Kiri’s lips almost make Bakugou cum on the spot as his best friend motions for you to come closer.
Or maybe option four. Bakugou coming home to the apartment he shares with you and Kirishima and pretending that he’s been hit with a sex pollen quirk. He’s panting, dripping with sweat and has the pained expression on his features. He doesn’t look like himself but of course you’re worried, Bakugou is never like this. He manages to explain to you through pants what happened to him on the job today and you’re instantly asking what you can do to help make him feel better. The compliant tone of your voice has him hard under his pants as he groans at the innocent look on your face, this was too easy— He begs you to help him, to take the pain away. The suggestion making you uneasy as you bite your lip, thinking you should really call Kirishima and get him to come home early. But there isn’t any time. Bakugou is practically begging you now, his breath coming out in harsh pants as he wills you to help him. So of course you do. Of course— Bakugou was never hit by a sex pollen quirk, he just wanted to get you into bed. And look how easy it was...
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call-me-aesthetic · 6 months ago
If Twisted Wonderland was an American Public School
WARNING: There are some slight sensitive topics that are featured in here! Reader discretion is advised!
Part 2 can be found here
Riddle Rosehearts:
- That one preppy girl who takes all honors and AP classes 😑
- Wants everyone to know that he’s becoming a doctor one day for his strict parents or he’ll dishonor the family
- Reminds the teacher about homework, knowing well that he’ll get slander for it
- Complains about how he got a 90 on his test or a B on his report card, a try hard much?
- Wears a cardigan with thicc but cute glasses since he’s one of those people with can’t see shit on the board so he has to move to the front of the class
Ace Trappola:
- The SoundCloud rapper, that’s it
- “Wanna listen to my mixtape? It’s pretty fire, my guy.” 😩🔥
- You will not miss him BLASTING out some song on his Bluetooth speaker, that shit be echoing through the hallways
- Tells you to stop what you’re doing only for him to either sing horribly or do a backflip, thinking that he’s so cool
- Wears a Supreme jacket with AirPods and waves on his head
Deuce Spade:
- Assuming that he’s still a delinquent, he’s that kid with the most fucked up school record
- Not much of a bully but will still talk shit to your face without caring, might even throw stuff at you during a lesson and you would be the one getting in trouble instead of him 🗿
- If he ever gets mad, it would be overdramatic like kicking the desks, punching the lockers, or walking out of the classroom unannounced and everyone would look at each other wondering wtf happened
- Covers the entire desks with drawings of skulls and those “s” if you know what I mean
- Wears Champion hoodies, wants you to know that he’s broke and rich at the same time
Trey Clover:
- The guy that’s not really popular but everyone knows him since he’s in all their classes
- Most people might have a crush on him because he’s REALLY nice 😳👉👈
- Gives off “older brother” vibes based on the way he looks and acts, like offering you a ride home if you beg ask nicely
- Secretly bakes creme brulee but doesn’t want to mess with the flow so he sticks to the status quo
- Wears the school’s hoodie just because he thinks it looks good on him, and the fact that he doesn’t know what else to wear
Cater Diamond:
- Hot Cheetos girl 🥵
- Has a whole buffet of food in his backpack and will not hesitate to eat them during a lesson, no sharing either sorry
- Excuses himself to the bathroom or full on skips class just to film a Tiktok
- Has about 100 followers on Instagram Magicam and brags about how he’s famous
- Wears a Thrasher hoodie with large hoop earrings and his hair in a bun
Leona Kingscholar:
- The kid who flunked their freshman year that also sort of vibes with new classmates
- Always gets mistaken as a teacher by people since he looks and sounds old
- Knows the lessons but still fails them anyways, didn’t really give a damn either 🙄
- Captain of every sports club you can think of, never actually plays but has a lot of knowledge on them
- Wears the school’s letterman from years ago since it used to be his brother’s and that he’s too lazy to buy a new one
Ruggie Bucchi:
- That one kid who NEVER has money for the book fair or any other school event
- Always has to ask his classmates for some cash
- If he somehow does, then he’s one of those kids who buys Diary of the Wimpy Kid or the World Record books
- If he’s feeling cheap, he’ll buy the “cool stuff” like the chocolate scented calculator or fruit snacks 😭
- Wears oversized hoodies and basketball shorts that are clearly hand-me-downs
Jack Howl:
- That one athletic kid who’s both scary good and competitive when it comes to school games like football or soccer
- Literally the best player on his team and without him, they’re trash as hell 💀
- Tries his absolute best to support his teammates without yelling at them for how dumb they are
- Wears the school’s jersey just to show off his “school spirit”
Azul Ashengrotto:
- The kid who sell snacks for “charity” but everyone knows he’s keeping the money to himself
- If you don’t have cash or try to negotiate with him, the only thing he’ll do is raise the price up
- “What do you mean you don’t have ten bucks? I can see it in your pocket.”
- Just bring nothing with you, he’ll doing anything to steal your stuff 🤭
- Wears a collar shirt with a tie and khakis that have pockets to keep his glasses and money in
Jade Leech:
- The kid who puts on a goody two shoes facade but is actually a stoner
- Only does “safe” drugs like vape but occasionally smokes weed, mostly in the bathroom or behind the school 🌬
- Can play it off and hide the scent when he’s high, teachers never suspect anything from him
- No one really cares to stop him unless he gets caught or something idk
- Wears clothing that either makes him look like a businessman or a junky, there’s nothing in between
Floyd Leech:
- The kid that’s plays basketball or volleyball just because he’s hella tall, and is actually good at the sports but doesn’t put much effort into them
- Always stays behind after gym, even though the teacher tries to make him leave for his next class 😬
- “I swear after this one shot, I’ll go to class.” *He never made that shot*
- Will jump you no matter who or where you are, and will get angry if you step on his new shoes
- Wears the jersey of any famous team with the latest pair of Jordan sneakers
Kalim Al Asim:
- VSCO girl at best, don’t lie to me now 🤡
- The only words he knows are “And I oop– sksksk.” and “Save the turtles.”
- Walks during a track meet while everyone else is running and sweating hard, the teacher doesn’t care either
- Doesn’t really do anything in gym but talks to his classmates and stands near the water fountain to refill his Hydro flask
- Wears tie dye shirts with cute scrunchies
Jamil Viper:
- That one quiet kid who everybody thinks is a serial killer but he’s actually not, I swear
- He just wants school to be over and spend the rest of his summer relaxing 😔
- Although he shouldn’t abuse his “power,” he‘ll move his hands in his pockets or backpack to make it look like he’s about to pull a weapon out.
- “Chill, I’m just grabbing a pencil.” *Everyone in the class started crying*
- Wears dark colored hoodies that intimidates people but are actually comfy
Vil Schoenheit:
- The baddie popular girl 😌💅✨
- Arrives to school late with a Starbucks in hand from his local Target
- Fixes himself every 5 seconds like reapplying his lipgloss or spraying Bath and Body Works cherry blossom perfume
- Uses acrylic nails and long hair extensions as weapons during a cat fight
- Wears a crop top with ripped jeans and those clout sunglasses
Rook Hunt:
- That creepy guy in the hallways who tries to get your attention, even if you don’t know him
- Scares people when he says, “Ayo, where my hug at?” 🥶💯
- Uses at least 10 cans of Axe body spray a week after gym class, which stinks up the locker rooms
- Waves at you if he passes your class, even walking into the room just to say hi
- Wears literally anything but always include a hat
Epel Felmier:
- The artist girl who just wants to be alone 🧑‍🎨
- Purposely draws in front of you but pretends like you’re not looking
- If you complement him, he’ll just brush it off and proceeds to diss himself
- “Thanks but I’m not THAT good at drawing, teehee.” *Insert Radio Rebel face*
- Wears a hoodie or a cardigan with big pockets to put his art supplies in
Idia Shroud:
- I don’t even need to tell you who he is, y’all already know ahaha 🥴
- Sneaks a whole PlayStation in his backpack so he can play with it during lunch
- Is on his phone 24/7 even in class to the point where teachers don’t care anymore
- Tries to get people into anime but only to little success
- Wears a shirt of any anime character or that damn ahegao hoodie, girl bye
Ortho Shroud:
- The nerdy kid who’s known for destroying others at many games
- Plays classics like D&D, Yugioh, Pokémon, the whole shabang
- Daily Beyblade battles during recess with everyone surrounding him, the menacing aura radiates off of him
- Will steal your things if you lose to him but gives it back a week later cuz he’s sweet 🥰
- Wears light up Sketchers shoes and those Minecraft shirts you find at Old Navy
Malleus Draconia:
- The theatre kid who also goes to band practice, change my mind 👁👄👁
- Takes his role seriously when it comes to school plays and concerts, even if he gets casted as a damn tree or doesn’t go solo
- Remembers the songs and their lyrics to any musical you name, a really good singer at that too
- Plays almost every instrument, you definitely know this since you can hear him down the hallways during a test
- Wears a white button up shirt, black pants with fancy dress shoes, and top it all off with a fricking Rolex watch
Lilia Vanrouge:
- The weird guy who pranks people and vandalizes school property in every way possible
- If you ever get a textbook with a message that tells you to go to a certain page only for you to found a picture of a dick, yeah that was him 😒
- When using a Chromebook, he’ll leave a tab open on YouTube so when the next person uses it, pray that your ears will still work by tomorrow
- During lunch, he is a literal DEMON that mixes milk with chicken nuggets together and having the audacity to eat it too
- Wears an oversized raincoat or a windbreaker but idk wtf kind of things he has hiding underneath
- That guy in class who consumes Monster energy drinks and falls asleep 99% of the time but somehow manages to pass the class 🤷
- Whenever he’s awake, he’ll talk to the teachers since he’s basically friends with them for some reason
- Writes his name out of boredom on any desk you sit on but in different places, sometimes around the corners or the sides
- Has a sixth sense because he’ll wake up if you try to draw on his face and if you did get something on him, it’s on sight
- Wears those colorful hoodies that zips all the way up to cover his face with a matching backpack, it’s pretty cool ngl
Sebek Zigvolt:
- That kid who literally knows everything about historical wars and will show it off during class
- Also has knowledge on weaponry, which has people questioning him but he’s just very dedicated on serving his country and people
- Knows how to fight and defend himself from a bitch since he spent his summer at a military boot camp, put respect on my man’s name 😤
- Honestly a great partner for a group project, actually does the given work but not the whole thing for you
- Wears anything that has camo pattern and chunky combat boots
I only made this because me and my friends were talking about our school memories so yeah. This is based from my experience so they might not be exactly accurate. Might even be a part two if you want.
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knightsofkenn · 4 months ago
Hiiiii <3 ily omg can I request a supreme leader! Kylo ren x reader with just a ton of filth but basically the reader is a knight of ren and hands out with the other knights and kylo gets jealous and it goes on from there ❤️
Reminder | Kylo Ren x Knight!Reader
Tumblr media
Tags: Jealousy, Dom!Kylo, Reader is a Knight, Knights of Ren, Mentions of Alcohol, Quickie, Closet Sex, Kylo Being an Ass, Praise Kink, Dick so good you Cry ;)
A/N: Hey everyone! Next up for Filthy Friday is a Knight!Reader fill!! I actually reallly enjoyed writing this perspective so THANK YOU ANON🤍🤍
Kylo was seething.
His fists were balled.
His body itching to kill.
It was fucking you. You, the girl he had handpicked to join his Knights, the girl he had saved one too many times from death, the girl he had taken in and taught- was haphazardly flirting with his men.
Normally he wouldn’t step in or say anything to his Knights if they chose to fraternize and bed new prospects, but he hadn’t expected it from you.
When he had first met you and begun training, you were so timid and afraid of anyone that tried to speak to you, though it could be argued his training was successful since you had overcome your shyness.
But he had never imagined that you would be throwing yourself at your colleagues, in a far too tight black dress.
You were leaned against Vicrul, your body facing his as the two of you joked about the last mission you had gone on. You and Vicrul had been separated from the group, leaving the two of you stuck with each other’s shitty jokes as you tried to navigate your way across the foreign planet.
“I can’t believe you guys left us!” You joked the sour drink in your hand giving you more courage to speak freely. It was nice to relax and unwind with your friends, especially since Kylo had been in a pisspoor mood since you and Vicrul had returned.
“I’m glad we left. You two needed some alone time anyways” There was a chorus of “ooo” and rambunctious laughter as you all laughed and somewhat blushed from Ushar’s teasing nature.
You were far from interested in Vicrul, but you hadn’t slept with anyone in so long. It wasn’t exactly a bad idea. You knew that you would have no trouble separating business from pleasure, and he was attractive.
Kylo’s gaze narrowed in on you, watching as you silently sipped your drink. He had briefly run through your mind and was not impressed by your thoughts.
He would have to do something about it before you forgot who owned you.
You instantly put down your drink, you and the other Knights standing at attention as your Supreme Leader approached. “Sir” You greeted, nervously licking your lips when he stopped in front of you.
“I wanted to let all of you know the assignments for next week. Y/N, you’re on the perimeter. Make sure no one can get in or off of this base without you knowing. Vicrul, Ushar, the two of you will be on the outer rim.”
Kylo was pleased by their troubled groans from the assignment. Kylo was sure to keep them far away from you, and outer rim duty typically lasted weeks at a time.
“That’s fucking ridiculous” Ushar grumbled, his broad shoulders tense. You watched as Vircrul nodded in agreement, slamming his glass onto the bar.
Kylo simply ignored them and continued his assignments. “If you have any complaints, feel free to shove them up your ass” Kylo muttered, storming out of the lounge area.
You hadn’t thought anything of it. Of Kylo’s shit mood, or the strange assignments. But, things would become more clear when he pulled you from the hallway and into an abandoned closet.
“What the fuck!” You nearly yelled, recognizing Kylo’s presence as well as you recognized your reflection. His hand was wrapped around your waist, and he seemed to be squeezing you with all the strength he possessed.
“Quiet” He quipped, his energy erratic as he sniffed the back of your neck. You wanted to resist, to question him, but it was in your nature to obey him.
“I’m very disappointed in you Y/N...” Your eyes grew wide, fearful of what you had done wrong. Kylo’s hand slipped lower, skimming the exposed top of your thighs.
“I can’t believe you would sit around and flirt with Vicrul” The disgust was evident in his tone, as well as the jealousy when he slowly rolled your dress up.
“If you wanted to play, all you had to do was ask”
You nearly turned and ran from the closet, but you couldn’t deny your core growing wet from his words. Sure Vicrul was attractive, but Kylo was fucking beautiful.
Your back arched, your body sensitive to the intrusion. You didn’t know how he had managed to slip into you so easily. You were by no means a virgin, but you hadn’t expected him to slide right in.
“Shitttt, Fuck!” Kylo groaned, his breath labored as he adjusted to the feel of your cunt. It didn’t help that the awkward standing position left your legs closed, adding to the tightness he felt when he pushed into you.
Kylo. You whined in your head, knowing that he could hear what you were thinking. His length was warm and thick, leaving you full and stuffed with each roll of his hips. “I know... You’re not used to this baby”
You nearly cried from his mocking tone. The pleasure coupled with his forceful thrusts was sending you to another planet. You badly wanted to scream, to let him hear the wanton moans you could let out. But, he had ordered your silence, and it was physically impossible to disobey him.
Kylo could see your internal struggle, mixed with the way you shook from his cock, the night was taking an interesting turn. Please. You whined once more.
This time Kylo moved a hand over your mouth, nearly suffocating you. “Go ahead and moan baby”
That was all it took for your chorus of muffled pleas to escape, urging Kylo on. He felt completely in control. His hand over your mouth to silence your pleasure, the way your cunt was creaming on him. “Mm-Mmm”
Kylo nearly laughed, his hand growing warm from your incessant moaning and from the feel of it, crying. “Awww, it’s so good you’re crying.”
You only cried harder, the pleasure building so intensely that you didn’t have any other release.
“It’s alright baby, you’ll have plenty of time to scream when I take you to my room”
Filthy Friday Masterlist
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ibiitsu · 4 months ago
Norman x twin gn reader hc’s
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Headcannons of being Normans twin :)
Warning(s): tpn manga spoilers
Request: can i request some headcanons of being norman's twin (norman x f!reader or gn!reader) the reader's personality is completely the opposite of norman like shes still smart like norman but athletic like ray and shes barely serious (she makes jokes even when shes in danger-). If you want a guide, you can search in wattpad, ''reborn into the promised neverland ray x reader''
A/n: Haven’t read tpn in ages so don’t expect accurate stuff from my shit memory
I also wasn’t bothered to read the whole book 🗿sooo y/n’s personality is probably not what you imagined,,, sorry 😶
Kinda hating this :(
Tumblr media
Y/n and Norman used to try and trick people that they were the other twin… which works for about 5 seconds before y/n ruins it by trying to copy Norman’s walk and falling flat onto their face
When y/n was doing the hide and seek thing with Krone they surprisingly won despite being spotted in the first minute (y/n started swearing because there was a spider in the tree)
Y/n ditched the younger kids the second they got into the forest cuz… fuck them kids “they we’re going to slow me down anyways” …was y/n’s excuse to justify their actions
Krone gave y/n a jump scare which proceeded in them screaming their head off while flipping her off and running for their life. For some reason it worked and it was a great distraction (y/n was definitely the mvp)
Y/n did some big brained moves and pretended to be Norman to give him time to rest and that was the only reason Norman had time to climb the giant boulder and look down on Krone (Norman died after climbing the boulder and just lay like a dying fish for 5 minutes)
This was also the one and only time that y/n and Norman tricked people into thinking that they were each other because fear is the greatest motivator (apart from money)
The only reason Norman and Ray won was because of y/n supreme power
Norman fusses over y/n like a mum, so after the game with Krone, he threw a hissy fit about how they were so reckless and stupid
Although after that, he helped apply ointment to help their muscles since surviving a running krone is exhausting (but hella impressive since Krone cuts down trees with her bare HANDS)
Y/n’s pretty smart like Norman but when they’re in a stressful situation they easily panic and abandon all reason
Somehow y/n gets perfect tests scores
When Norman got shipped out, y/n followed quickly after him to try and save him before they both get eaten cuz they didn’t want to die alone 💀
Y/n started beating the shit out of Isabella after she was about to bring Norman inside a room while Norman just stood there, still in shock and confusion
Then a demon appeared
“Haha… I’m in danger 😃”
Y/n also got shipped to Lambda 7214 because of their incredible strength and stamina, along with their outstanding test scores (y/n is op)
I just realized I’m just starting to write a whole story plot and call it headcannons …whatever, it’s staying to make this look longer
—— When they’re adults in the human world——
Norman’s a doctor and y/n leeches off his money
Y/n’s probably smart enough to become a lawyer or something but honestly, they couldn’t be bothered and it was so much easier to just rely on Norman and his giant bank account (take advantage of your rich friends ;))
Y/n also lives with Norman because free housing is the best thing ever (also because his hair is nice and fluffier than yours)
Norman wants to cuddle after a long day of work and they only reason that you agree is because of his hair (fluffy hair fluffy hair fluffy hair-)
Norman sucks at cooking though and you aren’t even trusted to even go in the kitchen so you either order food or go out (imagine being rich enough to do this everyday and get actual good food instead of junk… *cries in poor*)
Occasionally when the trio meet up, you and Norman still pretend to be each other… which still fails miserably, but at this point, it’s become a tradition
Tumblr media
My brain is fried and I have no more ideas, sooo bye 👋
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inarizahki · 2 days ago
Okay I need to tell you this because it involves Kita.
So I went to college and there is this really pretentious bitch who feels oh she knows everything and her opinion is supreme etc etc. So like I got to know that she watches anime and has watched haikyuu. So I was listening to her "opinions" which she was spewing out to her group of followers. Yeah I was eavesdropping don't mind me. Anyways so she was talking about Inarizaki and had the fucking audacity to say that except Suna everyone on the team is such a "baby"(in a negative way) . I had to intervene and I said even ARAN and KITA too???
Then she said yeah especially Kita like he gives such a baby childlike vibes. I told her that has she dropped her brains on the road or something because like Kita is the most mature character like every fucking person knows that. But she was like totally brushing me off because her opinions are supreme. (Her followers are dumbasses and yeah they haven't watched Haikyuu so can't argue). I just cooled myself down and I asked her hey do you read smut? And she was startled she was like yeah, so what? I said okay just wait. And I spammed her inbox with your fic links because your blog is like the ultimate shrine for KITA SHINSUKE and damn she obvious got hot and bothered because the next day she couldn't meet my eyes. Although after a week she straight up came and said "but canonically he still a baby" , I stood up and said to her face "Sweetie don't say incomplete sentences. He is my baby....daddy. Yeah he is my baby daddy now go fuck yourself on your fingers while I got Kita and his thiccc thighs to grind on"
Istg she was so damn bothered in front of the entire class. I may have gone too far but I can do anything to defend the loves of my life. On a side note yeah he is my baby to squish his cheeks but only f'me so no offhand comments by any other bish please.
this reads like a fever dream
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jawritter · 9 months ago
This Is Home
Tumblr media
Summary: Sam leaves you and Dean lone to go help Eileen with a Vamp hunt in Texas, and Dean shows you a whole new side of himself you never new existed, especially towards you.
Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, all the fun stuff that comes along with it. Insecure/shy reader, hint of shy Dean. Mild hand kink, no sorry. Language. 
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Written For: @spnkinkbingo​
Square Field: Size Kink
Word Count: 3003
Bate’d By: @deanwanddamons​ Thanks babe!
Dividers By: @firefly-graphics​
A/N: Please do not copy my work! Feedback is golden! Hope you all enjoy this one! 
Masterlist    My Patreon
Tumblr media
It was a typical Saturday night. Sam was nose deep in some book at a table in the library. Dean was in his cave watching TV and nursing a beer. You were curled in the little reading corner, you'd set up for yourself in your room at the bunker. All was mostly quiet and peaceful. Well, as peaceful as someone in your line of work got anyway. The downtime was welcomed though, so you decided to enjoy the serenity while it lasts and not look the gift horse in the mouth. 
A roll of thunder sounded somewhere overhead, but you didn’t really pay it much mind. Not like a place this big was in danger of any weather, and you actually enjoyed the rolling spring thunderstorms that hit Kansas this time of year. In fact, you didn’t really pull yourself from your book until a knock on your door startled you back to the present. You quickly mark your place and yell for whoever it was to come in because it could only be one of two people. 
The door cracked and Sam’s face appeared in the door of your room, giving you a tight smile as slid his body about halfway through the door, and peered over into the corner you’d huddled down in for the night. 
“Sorry to bother you Y/N, but Eileen just called. She said she needs some help with a vampire hunt down in Austin, Texas, and I just wanted to let you know I’m going to be headed out for a couple of days,” he’d said, and you straighten up a little in your chair. 
If Sam was going  away to Texas to help Eileen work a case, that means you were stuck here with Dean for no less than a week. Lovely. You’d always harbored feelings for the elder Winchester, sure, but he didn’t know that, not at all. You kept it well hidden and to yourself. Using Sam as a buffer was a good way to do it too, but now, it was about to be just you and Dean for days. You’d been with the Winchesters for years, but you never ceased to not be nervous around Dean, and you were pretty sure it was because of the feelings you had for him. How were you going to keep it covered up when it was just you and him?
“You sure you guys don’t need one more? Cause I’m willing to rock that third wheel if you guys don’t mind?” you offer, but Sam just chuckles and shakes his head. 
“No, I think we can handle this one,” which was just Sam code for he wants some alone time with his girlfriend. “I’m sure you and Dean will be fine. There is plenty here to keep you both entertained for the next few months. I’ll be back in a few days anyway.” 
You give Sam a tighter smile than the one he’d given you when he’d opened the door to your room, and tried not to show how big of a coward you were being over him leaving you there alone with Dean. 
“Just thought I’d offer. If you change your mind, just let me know,” you assure him, and he nods before exciting your room. Thankfully, he didn’t call you out about why you were so afraid to be left alone here with Dean, because you were pretty sure he knew how you felt about his brother. 
You listened as Sam’s footsteps made their way further and further down the hallway towards the garage, and you swear you jumped when you heard the garage door closing echo through the building. 
For a place that was so full of stuff, it sure could have a cold empty feeling at times.
You hadn’t even had time to pick up your book when a knock on your door disturbing  you again, and this time it could only be one person. 
“It’s open,” you said in a voice that seemed to already be trembling. 
Get ahold of yourself Y/N!
“Hey sweetheart. Sam tell you he was leaving?” Dean asked, coming in through your door a lot more boldly than Sam had a few moments ago and taking a seat on the foot of your bed.  
“Yeah, he just left.”
You cleared your throat, and settled your gaze back to your book. The words were blurred because all of your focus was on the extremely attractive green eyed hunter sitting perched on your bed. You could literally feel his gaze running over your body as you sat there pretending like the words you were reading were sinking in, and you wondered if he could see right through you. If he did, he never let on. 
“So, uh...I got some pizza in the oven, and there’s enough beer here to get us through the next ice age, wanna join me? No reason to sit here all by yourself.” Dean offered. There was a softness to his deep baritone voice that surprised you. He wasn’t a shy person, and he definitely wasn’t as quiet as you were.  If you didn’t know better you’d think he was afraid you were going to turn him down. 
“Yeah, sure,” you tell him, finally looking up to meet his gaze, and you hoped the shiver then ran through your body wasn’t a visible one. Dean was huge come paired to you. Tall and broad. Thick in all the right places. His hand alone was probably almost as big as your head, and those fingers...fuck they could probably ruin you. The same fingers that were running up and down the length of his thick, jean clad thigh as he rubbed his left hand over it. 
“Cool. I’ll get everything set up in the Dean Cave, it should be ready by the time you get there.” 
You swallowed thickly as you watched his perfectly bowed legs carry him to your door, and out of it towards the kitchen. Fuck this was gonna be a long few days. Dean had never really offered you to eat with him, or spend much time with him at all anyway.
When you’d first met Dean Winchester, he was carrying the Mark Of Cain. You were a little terrified of him, and with good reason. Not long after that he became a demon, and you had to watch as Sam tried desperately to save his brother. If you thought he was terrifying as a man with the Mark Of Cain, Demon Dean was something nightmares were made of. It took you a long time to warm up to him after that, and you were pretty sure that’s why he still kept his distance from you even today. He had warmed up to you since becoming human,  including you willingly on hunts, and Sam said that’s something by itself. He made sure you had food and anything else you would want, but this behavior of asking you to share a pizza with him was new. He’d never done it before. 
Stop it Y/N! He just wants some company! Stop looking into things and making something out of nothing! AND STOP LUSTING AFTER THE MAN!!!!
No matter how much you scolded yourself, the thoughts continued to slip their way into your senses every time he was close, or just in the same room…
He was more than his looks. He was sweet, kind, and giving to a fault. He was everything a woman could ever dream of with looks to boot, and he was way out of your league. 
With a long, exaggerated sigh, you pull yourself up from the chair and make your way down the hall towards  where Dean was waiting with a pizza and beer as promised, The Witcher paused on TV to binge watch. Did he remember you told Sam on the way home from your last hunt that you wanted to watch the series? Maybe he was paying even more attention than you thought he was. 
“I hope supreme is okay? It’s all we had left in the freezer.” Dean said, as you entered the room. 
The two recliners that had occupied the space had been replaced with a rather large couch in the center of the room, and a small coffee table was within reach. That’s not what had your attention though. 
He’d apparently taken the liberty of getting comfortable while waiting for you, choosing to change into a dark green Henley and a pair of loose hanging grey sweatpants that did little to hide what he was packing. You were pretty sure that he’d forgone the underwear. 
“Yeah, supreme’s fine,” you answer as you slowly make your way into the room after tearing your eyes away from the screen. 
“Good, cause I could have totally gone out to get us a hamburger if you didn’t want pizza,” he said, flopping down on the couch really close to you and grabbing his own slice of pizza. 
“Oh no, this is perfectly fine Dean, You didn’t even have to do this.” 
You were trying really hard to not focus on his extremely large form sitting next to you on the couch, but it was damn hard when the scent of his body wash seemed everywhere, and he was close enough for you to literally feel the heat coming off of his body. 
“I wanted too, besides, you and I don’t really get to spend a whole lot of time together, especially when Sammy is around.” Dean answered with a shrug. “Sam seems to think you're scared of me, which I hope he’s wrong, cause I really really don’t want anyone to be scared of me. Especially you.”
“I’m not afraid of you Dean,” you tell him earnestly. You honestly felt a little bad that you had given him that impression, all because you were insecure and shy. 
“Really, because most of the time I feel like you're avoiding me?” 
Dean had suddenly become very interested in the label on his beer bottle and was avoiding looking at you all together. 
“I mean, I know when we first met I wasn’t exactly myself, but I...I think I’ve been doing at least okay since then. Nothing too crazy.”
“Dean, seriously, I’m not afraid of you, I’m just a bit of an invert, and besides, you have way better looking girls than me gunning for your attention with just the snap of your fingers. It’s not like you need me tagging along.” 
You hated how pathetic that sounded, but it was the truth. It’s how you felt. You had seen the type of women Dean normally went for, and that wasn’t you, not by a long shot. You were short, a bit of a nerd on your best day, and you definitely weren’t some busty blonde. You were...just you. You were nothing special. There was nothing memorable about you. You were just Y/N. The “stray” that the Winchester brother’s had picked up. At least you were sure that’s what all the other hunters thought about you. You were nothing Dean would ever want. 
The elder Winchester sat his beer and pizza down on the coffee table, and grabbed your hands in his giant, warm, calloused grip. It was grounding and comforting all while sending an excited shiver through your body at the way his hands completely engulfed your own. 
“Look at me Y/N/N,” Dean said with a deep, gruff timber to his voice that made your breath catch in your throat as you tore your eyes away from his hands that were wrapped around yours, and to his jade colored eyes there were boring into you. 
You wondered if your heart was beating so hard he could hear it from where he was sitting on the couch next to you, because you swear you were about to go into cardiac arrest. 
“How do I make you understand that none of those girls are even on my radar. Sweetheart, you're the only one I see, and have seen for a long time. I couldn’t care less what those other girls have to offer, when I have so much better than anything they can bring to the table right here. I like you Y/N, a lot, maybe more than I should for your own good, but there’s only one girl I want, and she’s sitting right here next to me.”
To say your mind was blown was an understatement, and you surely looked liked a dumbfounded toddler sitting there with your mouth hanging open, but as soon as Dean lowered his mouth to yours, and pressed a soft, tender kiss to your lips it was as if some sort of second nature you didn’t even know was buried deep down inside of you took over, and there was in the world was the way his lips felt as the moved with yours. The way his tongue danced so easily along with your own. The way his taste and scent was everywhere. It was intoxicating. It was everything you had been missing and them some. 
His calloused hands rest heavily on your hips as he pulls you closer to him, deepening the kiss and pressing your small frame against this solid chest as his free hand sprawled over your back. You felt so small in his grasp, but never so safe in all of your life at the same time. His lips trailed their way down your throat, sucking his mark at your pulse point for the world to see, and pulling a moan from somewhere deep down inside of you. 
When he was satisfied, his strong and capable hands lifted your night shirt from your body and tossed it to the floor. The dominante growl that left his lips when he saw you had forgotten your bra sent a shiver of anticipation straight to your core. 
You were always a little ashamed of the fact that your breasts were on the smaller side. In fact, when you were still in school the boys used to make fun of you, saying you favored a boy more than a girl when you had to take gym class with them. 
Dean wasted not time latching ahold of your erect nipple sucking and licking at you like you were the best thing he’d ever had in his mouth, giving the other nipple the same attention until you were desperately grinding against his wide thigh in search of the friction your aching clit was begging for. 
Dean let go of your nipple with a pop, his eyes heavy and lust blown as he helped guide your path over thigh. 
“So fucking beautiful baby girl,” he mumbled to himself and the impressive bulge that you could fell drag over the top of his thigh told you he wasn’t lying and it did nothing but spur you on. 
The thin shorts you had on for the night and the lack of underwear created the perfect amount of friction just where you needed it the most and before long your legs were shaking and you were right on the edge as Dean’s callosal hands left bruising finger prints on your hips as he pushed you on faster. 
“Fuck Y/N,” Dean all but groaned at the wet mark you were leaving on his sweats and you swear you felt his dick twitch between the thin fabric that was restraining it. “Bet you can come just like this can’t you baby. Come on honey. Cum for me.”
It was like something had exploded inside of you, and you came all but screaming his name, your core clenching around nothing and your body nearly bowed in two from the force of your release if it were not for Dean’s strong grip holding you up. 
While you were still coming back to yourself, Dean lowered you on the couch, and quickly rid himself of his clothes, leaving him standing hard and completely naked next to you before he  covered your body with his own, the weight of his meaty length pressing against your still quivering cunt and his sheer size was breathtaking. He was the biggest man you had ever seen and you were worried that for a moment that there was no way you were going to fit all of him inside of you. 
The warmth of his hand guided your gaze to meet his, and there was more love and affection showing there than you had ever seen before. You were certain no man would ever look at you the way he was looking at you know, and it almost knocked you breathless. 
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this sweetheart, but is this what you want, because if I go there then this is it for me; your it for me.”
In a moment of bravery, you place your hand on the side of his face and the way he nuzzles into your touch makes your heart flutter in your chest. This was real. He was real. This wasn’t a dream you were going to wake up from. Dean Winchester wanted you, and dammit you wanted him. You wanted him more than you ever wanted anything.
“That’s all I’ve ever wanted Dean. It’s you. It’s always been you.”
It was like that was the permission he was waiting for, because as soon as the words were out of your mouth, his lips were on yours, and this length was sliding through your soaking folds and into your waiting heat with one sure push of his hips. Your mouth fell open in a silent scream as he was fully seated inside of you. You had never felt so full. So stretched. It's too much, and then again not enough all at the same time. 
Slowly he started to thrust in and out of you, testing the waters and gauging  your reactions to him, but soon enough he was pounding into you with force, and there really is no real word to describe the amount of pleasure that was ripping through your body with every drag of his manhood against your velvet heat. 
He was hitting your G-Spot with mapped out precision, and it wasn’t long until your walls were starting to collapse around him. 
“Come on baby girl, I can feel,” Dean said with gritted teeth as his own pace started to falter and his eyes began to become unfocused with the effort it took not to fall over the edge until he had you there. 
“You can do it baby cum for me.”
Your body must have had a secret connection with him that you didn’t know about, because as soon as the words were out of his mouth you were falling over the edge again, and your body sucked his cock deep inside of your cunt, milking him until he was swearing and coating your insides with his hot seed. 
By the time you both came down from your highs you were both a shaking mess. Dean climbed off of you on shaky legs and you watched as his perky, very naked ass made its way to the bathroom, returning with a washcloth to clean you both off before he grabbed your hand and led you to his room to curl up on under the covers with him in the safety of his arms. 
For the first time in a long time you fell asleep feeling safe and loved. For the first time you didn’t feel so alone anymore. Dean as the safe place you had always looked for, that place you thought you’d never find was always right there in front of you. This was it. This was what you were missing. This is home.
Tumblr media
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Jensen and Dean’s Babes:
Dean’s Babes
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featherfur · 3 months ago
Lowkey been thinking of a crossover of MDZS and TGCF where Xue Yang became a ghost obsessed with returning Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing’s souls and it actually starts to work except Hua Cheng really doesn’t appreciate some upstart fucking around Ghost City and murdering his ghosts to practice piecing them back together so Xue Yang has to run but ends up running into Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji and try to keep himself from being killed again and it only works because he’s waving a decently patched together soul of A-Qing who’s cursing up a storm that could put Qi Rong to shame.
Xue Yang finally admits that Hua Cheng managed to get Xiao Xingchen’s spirit pouch from him when he bolted because Xue Yang was in the middle of stitching some pieces back together and now Wei Wuxian can’t just leave XXC in the hands of anyone because that’s his martial uncle/brother (?) via mom and also because in general he and LWJ are good people.
They don’t even really know who this ‘Ghost King’ is because they really don’t bother with ghosts that aren’t hurting people nor do they associate with gods except on accident so they follow Xue Yang to Ghost City, on a magic leash connected to WWX who’s having maybe too much fun seeing what he can do with a fully formed powerful sapient ghost instead of the demonic restless spirits he normally handles.
Except Hua Cheng does know Wei Wuxian he just thought that surpreme died within months of appearing so he’d never thought of him again when he was told he got torn to shreds by his own power after his reason to continue got murdered (e.I. The Wens) but now he’s extremely confused because uh “you? Should not be alive.” “Yeah I get that a lot”
The most powerful supreme Hua Cheng ever met (beyond himself) that rose to Supreme level in three months and then preceded to fuck off and die, is apparently now alive again? Hua Cheng has dealt with some shit but it’s been like 400 years since Jun Wu and he’s just not doing this alone also Xie Lian has a sensor for danger and shows up anyways when Hua Cheng is trying to interrogate Wei Wuxian on how the fuck his shattered soul was pieced together perfectly, even better then when he’d actually been a supreme, and returned to a body.
(Xue Yang is magically leashed by Hua Cheng as well just for funsies because Hua Cheng is not done with him yet)
They finally manage to get to the reason they’re here, when A-Qing starts yelling from Lan Wangji’s sleeve. Hua Cheng is more than willing to let A-Qing stay and fix herself because he thinks this is funny and he has a tiny soft spot for kids and Gege likes her, but A-Qing wants to protect Xiao Xingchen and that’s her Reason for existing.
Xiao Xingchen’s spirit pouch is finally returned by Hua Cheng who quite honestly just wants to kill Xue Yang and move on with his life as a married man, and Xiao Xingcheng is just existing and only reacts to say he’s sorry to A-Qing and a very firm “No.” when Xue Yang asks to have him back which leads to a pouty and grumbling Xue Yang but the only person who cares is Xue Yang so he gets ignored. (A-Qing does eventually asked to be handed to him after he’s gagged just so she can insult him but settles down after two hours of yelling because she does need his help to be while again and he can help Xiao Xingchen but as soon as she gets feet she’s kicking him in the face)
Now Hua Cheng is even willing to let Xue Yang go if WWX just fucking leaves because, yes even when WWX was a Supreme Hua Cheng still out ranked him in power but if he could reach Supreme that fast Hua Cheng doesn’t want him anywhere near Gege on principal but Xie Lian is soft on people in red who are devoted to their husbands and are down with murder so Hua Cheng can’t just kill them. So they can just leave please
Except apparently Xie Lian knows Xiao Xingchen because they got confused for each other on more than one occasion and met a few times before his eyes were carved out and Xie Lian wants to help his friend and the only way to fix him is to find Song Lan, except no ones seen him in a while and Hua Cheng does NOT know how that translated to ‘let’s go on a cross country hunting trip for someone who very well could be dead because my husband got mistaken for a 17 year old cultivator twice and apparently adopted him like every other slightly trying to be good person he meets’ but it’s not like he’s going to say no to spending more time with Gege
Lan Wangji has to come to terms with the fact that his husband was straight up a Supreme Ghost and nobody noticed that he was dead and also with the fact that while he didn’t really want to be immortal now he has to be because he doesn’t want his husband to be lonely if he dies and returns to being a ghost. Wei Wuxian and Xie Lian think that’s the most romantic thing every, Xue Yang and A-Qing want to die, Xiao Xingchen is scolding them for being rude but also thinks it’s sweet and Hua Cheng realizes that he’s both a glorified baby sitter and that he actually respects that and wants to see how it turns out.
Idk how but Feng Xin and Mu Qing end up bothering Jiang Cheng just because I want to watch that shit go down for fun
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resanoona · 7 months ago
On a Picnic
Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader
Request by anon: could I request one in which reader and Jay have been hanging out for a while and they decide have a picnic. A old man tries to flirt with reader by saying disgusting things and Jay gets mad and protects her. They end up confessing their feelings to each other and kissing and cuddling in the park, trying to forget what happened before.
Word Count: 1,314
Warnings: 18++, sexual references/words, sexual harassment, fluff
A/N: Please take note of the warnings before expanding! Back with a new one! Sorry this took a while because I’ve been having some serious anxiety episodes coupled with all the work I’m handling right now. Not one of my best works but I hope you guys like this anyway! This was not beta-ed so any mistakes are mine. Sorry for the drought but hit me up with what you guys think!
Tumblr media
You smiled as Jay raised the basket he was holding.
“You were serious.” You said, a smile playing on your lips.
Jay gave you a mock offended look, “You doubted me?” which sent you into a fit of laughter.
“Come on, the weather is great today.” Jay said, you could see a little mischievous glint in his eyes with a little playfulness.
You and Jay had been spending more and more time together. It had been great, just being with him, in his company felt great. You were yourself when you were with him, you didn’t have to worry about whether the things you said sounded smart or have to second guess your every move. You didn’t have to worry about anything.
You’d gotten into Jay’s car, asking what else you needed and Jay had shook his head, telling you that you didn’t have to do anything and that he’d planned it all.
Jay pulled up at the park and you smiled to yourself as you climbed out of the car, Jay barely allowing you to carry the mat. You rolled your eyes but went along with it, falling into step easily next to Jay.
Jay had picked a good day for a picnic - it was a nice day, the sun was out but it wasn’t hot, the breeze was cool against your skin and there weren’t too many people around.
Jay led you to a little spot he had found just a few days ago. It was secluded enough that the two of you would have your own privacy, right behind this short concrete wall that faced the lake.
“I found this corner a few days ago.” Jay smiled.
“It’s great, Jay.” You said, smiling.
“Less people, less staring, you know.” He muttered, you could see the corners of his lips turned up a little like he was proud of himself and waiting for your reaction.
You smiled, “You do know me well.” You gently teased.
Jay smiled as he took the picnic mat from you and laid it out before he looked at the basket. “Damn, I forgot the wine. I’ll be right back.”
You smiled and nodded as you watched Jay jog away, back to the truck to get the cooler.
You smiled to yourself as you took out the food from the basket, noting that Jay had packed foods you had liked. It was sweet, how Jay remembered little things you had said – about how you hadn’t been on a picnic in years, about how you liked things quiet, even about the kind of food that you like.
You turned slightly to smile at Jay as you heard a rustling behind you, your smile falling as your eyes fell on a stranger. The person standing in front of you was an older man, you could see strands of grey hair among his brown locks.
You frowned slightly, stepping back instinctively.
“Can I help you?” You asked.
The man stepped forward, slightly closer to you. “You have a nice body.” He said, keeping his voice low.
You felt your gut give a throb, glancing over the man’s shoulder. This was the downside of liking quiet corners. There was no one around if you ever needed help.
You stepped back again, gently bumping against the low wall behind you. You could feel your heart hammering against your chest as you felt the hair on your arms stand, goosebumps rising across your skin.
“Don’t come any closer.”
The man smiled. “Oh come on, I know you’re interested in me as well, I can see it in your eyes.”
You swallowed, shaking your head but you could almost feel your limbs freeze up. Your brain was screaming at you to run, to scream but you couldn’t get your body to move.
He leaned forward his fingers running across your face, his fingers hovering just slightly above your skin, as he played with a strand of your hair. He was so near to you now, you could feel his breath on your face when he next spoke.
“You have a great face too, I’d love to be all over it.” He whispered, dragging his words out, his eyebrows wiggling.
You shuddered as you felt his breath on your face before he was suddenly pulled away from you. Jay was back, a look of rage crossing his face as he pushed the guy further backwards away from you.  
Seeing Jay again seemed to release all the energy that had frozen up in your body and you finally let out a breath.
Jay stood protectively in front of you now, completely blocking you from view.
“What the fuck did you say to her?” Jay growled.
The man climbed to his feet, rubbing his face which had made contact with Jay’s fist. “Mind your own business and move on.” He tried to bypass Jay.
“Don’t even think about it.” Jay growled back, stepping closer towards you and closing his hand around yours.
“We were just talking about how she had a good body and…” The older man smirked.
Jay let out a growl but you tugged him backwards slightly, shaking your head.
“Get the hell out of here. Before I arrest your sorry ass for even looking at my girl.” Jay growled again, casually raising his shirt and flashing his badge.
The man’s eyes landed on the badge that was tucked securely at Jay’s waist, hidden under his shirt and muttered something inaudible under his breath before slinking away.
Jay stared at him as he disappeared off before he finally turned to you.
“I’m sorry, are you okay?” Jay’s green eyes studied you.
You took a breath, looked up at him and gave him a small smile. “Yeah, now I am.”
Jay leaned forward, pulling you towards him. “Sorry.” He whispered, holding you against him securely.
You smiled against his touch and looked up at him. “Did you mean it?” You asked, looking up at him.
Jay cocked his head to the side a little. “What?” He asked.
“What you said to that creep… about him looking at...” You let your voice trail off. You could feel your heart jumping again but this time in a good way.
A sheepish look crossed Jay’s face. “Look, Y/N…”
He paused, as if he was assessing the situation. “I meant to do this in a much smoother way…”
You laughed. “Oh come on, give yourself a little more credit. You’re plenty smooth, Halstead.”
Jay smiled as you stood there in the corner of the park still wrapped in his arms, your chin raised slightly looking up at him. “You haven’t answered my question.”
“Every single word, Y/N. I meant every single word.” Jay whispered back.
You smiled, straightening up a little. “So, what are you waiting for?” You asked him cheekily. The words were barely past your lips before Jay’s lips were on yours and you melted into him.
Jay pushed in a little deeper and you took a breath before Jay pulled away. “Sorry, if you…”
“Shut up, Halstead.” You muttered, pulling him back towards you.
Jay laughed against your lips before he gently threaded his hand through your hair, continuing the kiss.
When the both of you finally pulled away from each other, Jay gently pushed your hair out of your eyes. “Come here.”
The both of you finally settled on the mat Jay had laid down for you, as you cuddled into his embrace, the secluded corner finally benefitting the both of you.
Jay pressed his lips onto your temple. “You sure you’re okay, right?”
You nodded, your head resting on his chest. “As long as you’re here.”
Jay reached a hand over to cover one of yours. “Always. I’ll always be here.”
You looked up. “I love you.” Jay whispered. “I have for a long time.”
You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face. “That’s my line.”
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jtargaryen18 · 8 months ago
Dark Commander ~ Pt. 11
Tumblr media
(Image is a manip using an original work from
Part 11
Series Masterlist
Words: 1.8k
Pairing: Hydra Supreme aka Commander Steve Rogers x Civilian Reader
Warnings: References to non-consensual sexual situations, executions, and drugging. This chapter contains violence and death. This is a dark fic. Please read responsibly.
Disclaimer: The author of this work claims no ownership of characters aside from the reader, and original secondary characters mentioned. This work is not intended for those under the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content and darker themes. By reading this work or any works on my blog (jtargaryen18), you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. I do not consent to have my work hosted on any third party app or site. If you are seeing this fanfiction anywhere but archiveofourown and tumblr, it has been reposted without my permission.
Summary: Immediately following the Battle of New York in May 2012, the world is about to learn that Hydra is very much alive, a parasite that’s infiltrated both SHIELD and the US Govt. The world is about to meet the Hydra Supreme… Will the Avengers be able to stop Hydra before it’s too late? Will they be able to stop its Dark Commander?
 May 21, 2012 4:17 PM
Bravo Base, Massachusetts
Steve got two crucial pieces of information in a ten-minute span. And he was no believer in coincidence. He ended his call with the lab just as he reached his suite of rooms. Pausing at his door, he grinned as he contemplated what he was about to do.
Swiping his card, he let himself in, knowing his little captive had already been delivered here.
And he knew just what he was going to do with her. What part she was going to play in tonight’s little drama.
Steve found her in his bed as he prescribed, lying on her side facing the door. Her right arm was tucked under her, handcuffed to the bed post. She watched him with weary, tired eyes. A loud growling of her stomach greeted him.
Steve grinned. “I was about to ask why you aren’t happy to see me,” he teased, “but I guess hunger does that to you, huh?”
He had to admit, it was the first time he’d kept a captive. She likely hadn’t eaten in two days. He’d have to get better at this.
Or kill her. He even had a reason to after her little escape attempt that morning.
But the bravery, the stupidity of that little stunt fascinated him. Steve hadn’t seen that steel in her. The will to fight even when she knew she wouldn’t win, wouldn’t get away. He understood that will. Admired it. Once, before Erskine’s serum, he’d been that person.
But as his gaze roamed over her curvy form, he knew it wasn’t admiration keeping him from putting a bullet in her brain. She was a good fuck and he’d barely tried her so far. Steve hadn’t had a woman like her since he came out the ice and he didn’t remember the times before he went in being that good.
Steve loved those curves, her softness. He loved her submission to him. Having a woman submit to his dominance with a will to please him, even just to survive, appealed to him. Sure, he enjoyed taking what he wanted by force here and there. But he could still have that with this one. He’d proved that when he punished her for hijacking that SUV, pleading her case to a state trooper, and stupidly trying to outrun him.
Steve wasn’t worried about the state trooper and what she told him. Not now.
Still, there was a lesson to be taught here. Steve couldn’t have her making a fool of him again, much less jeopardizing Hydra’s plans in any way.
Blowing out an exhale, he studied her. Reaching a decision, he pulled the keys to the cuffs from his jeans and went over to unlock the one keeping her chained to his bed.
Then he got in her face. She froze.
“Go to the bathroom if you need to, quickly. We’ve got company coming.”
Her eyes widened in fear and that was satisfying.
“Nod if you understand.”
She nodded.
Then carefully, like she wasn’t sure the offer was real, she rose from the bed and edged around him to the bathroom and closed the door. There was no click to indicate that she’d locked it.
She was getting it.
Steve headed to the suite’s kitchen and poured her a glass of water, placing it on the end table by the plush chair in the living room. Taking a seat, he pulled out his phone. A simple text message to arrange for dinner to be prepared. They’d deliver it when he sent the next text and not before.
Steve had business to attend to in the meantime.
When he heard the bathroom door open in his bedroom, he called her by name. Carefully, she padded into the living room, waiting meekly by the end table.
Steve pointed to a spot in the floor by that table, at his feet. “Sit.”
Without question, she did.
“The glass of water is for you,” he told you. “Drink it slowly or you’ll be sick.”
“Thank you,” she muttered, reaching out for the glass with a shaking hand.
Steve grinned.
“Our company will be here in a minute,” he advised her. “And no matter what you see, I want you to stay right there… where are you now. And watch. Think you can do that?”
Her gaze met his and she nodded. Her concern about what she might be agreeing to registering on her face.
“Remind me what you do,” Steve prompted her. Did he remember right? Didn’t Rumlow tell him that she was a scientist? Or did she tell him while she unwittingly told him everything last night?
“I’m a… quantum physicist,” her voice was barely above a whisper. “I will be… when I finish my doctorate.”
“You must be one hell of a student then,” Steve mused, “for SHIELD to draft you for such a mission.”
Her gaze dropped. “They wanted… my mentor. Dr. Birack.”
“Why didn’t they get him?”
Her eyes were shiny. “He… wanted me to have the opportunity,” she said quietly. “To start building a portfolio.”
“He’d be dead by now,” Steve informed her.
“It’s only a matter of time before I will be,” she said under her breath. But Steve heard it plain as day.
Steve glared at her. “Think death would be better than this? I can prove you right.”
Her gaze dropped. She lowered the glass to her lap. Her trembling caused the water it held to ripple.
Steve pushed down his pity, buried it deep. Pity made him weak, and he couldn’t afford to be weak. Not anymore.
The knock at his door had him grinning. Steve went to greet his guest at the door.
At least Rumlow had the wherewithal to look mildly concerned about why his commander had summoned him to his private quarters.
Steve motioned him in.
She was the first thing Rumlow saw, and his gaze lingered a beat longer than Steve cared for.
“Thanks for making time for me,” Steve told him easily. “I know you’ve been busy.”
“Yeah,” Rumlow’s gaze bounced from Steve to her and back. “Whatever you need, I’m here.”
“How’s the hunt going for our little runaway agent?” Steve asked him, knowing the outcome even as he posed the question.
“I’ve got people on it,” Rumlow told him. “We’ll get her.”
With his hands on his hips, Steve nodded. “Agent 16 made it back to SHIELD headquarters in New York about 12 hours ago.”
Rumlow’s throat worked as he swallowed. His dark eyes widened as what Steve said sank in.
A quick glance at her showed her keen interest in the conversation. Her eyes were round in something like hope.It fueled his anger more.
“I’m… I’m sorry, Commander,” Rumlow told him sincerely. “I take full responsibility for this.”
“You’re goddamned right you do,” Steve informed him. “That agent saw me. I’m outed.”
Rumlow stepped back on instinct, his gaze lowering. After a moment, he nodded. “Commander, I realize that we need to do a better job of handling the Asset. But he could also get us out of this mess. If anyone could infiltrate that place and off her, he could.”
Steve didn’t know what pissed him off more. That he was shifting blame to the Asset or making it his problem.
“What are the odds that ‘Captain America has gone fucking evil’ weren’t the first words out of her fucking mouth?” Steve wanted to know. “Or maybe you think she started with ‘Rumlow is working for Hydra?’”
Rumlow slowly shook his head. 
“You’d risk sending the Asset anyway?”
Now Rumlow looked afraid, and Steve was delighted. He should be afraid.
“But you’re right,” Steve told him. “You haven’t done the best job of handling him. Have you?”
Rumlow steeled himself a little, his gaze meeting his commander’s. “We follow protocol,” he explained. “Some situations make it a little difficult to reign him in.”
“When he’s done with each mission you wipe his memory, yes?”
Rumlow nodded, still looking uneasy.
“Then why all the other petty little torments?” Steve demanded, looming over the other man. “Some interesting things turn up in his medical profile. You and I both know what type of injuries you get in our line of work. Bu—The Asset has injuries on top of those. Makes him seem like a goddamn domestic violence victim sometimes.”
Rumlow took another step back. Now he suspected…
“Why torture him when you’re going to wipe his mind anyway?” Steve asked.
“We haven’t—”
“You have. Because you can.” Steve’s fingers slid into his jeans pocket, curled around the knife in his pocket.
“And he’s treated worse than you treat your little prisoner?” Rumlow demanded.
One last stand. The fucker knew he was done. He had nothing left to lose.
“My prisoner?” Steve turned and motioned to where she sat by his chair. “Hmmm… There she is. You had her all picked out for yourself last night, didn’t you? You wanted her.”
Rumlow’s gaze moved to her and lingered. She cringed at having their attention on her, seeming to curl in on herself.
“Would you have preferred him to me, doll?” Steve demanded.
Those big eyes were on Rumlow now. Slowly, she shook her head.
“You must have wanted her bad to put yourself in this position,” Steve pointed out. He pulled the knife out in no particular hurry, wanting Rumlow to get a good look at it as he switched it to his left hand. Reaching back in, he pulled out the white pill Rumlow had given her.
Steve held it up. “You gave her this earlier, right before she took off. It’s quite a bit stronger than what I gave Tate for her. What was the plan? To almost put her into a fucking coma? When I think she’s no longer of any use, what? You bring her around with some adrenaline and take your turn?”
The look of horror on her face just fueled Steve’s self-righteousness.
“She’s good,” Steve informed him. “I haven’t tried everything on her just yet but… yeah, you missed out on a high-quality fuck.”
Steve flicked open the knife with his left hand as he took a step toward his guest, backing him into the wall. Steve threw that tiny white pill at Rumlow’s face and he blinked, flinched. That moment’s hesitation was all he needed.
The knife was sharpened, slid into the side of Rumlow’s neck like a hot knife in butter. Rumlow’s agonizing scream rang through the apartment as Steve twisted the knife  and roughly pulled it back out, watching as dark blood poured out of the puncture like a fountain.
Rumlow’s hands flew to his neck in a futile effort to stop the bleeding. The man slid down the wall to the floor, his dark eyes wide in panic. The gurgling sounds coming from his throat led Steve to know he was choking on his own blood.
Red ran down his arms, his body, like a small river to a growing pool on the carpet.
Steve wiped the knife and his hand on the side of his jeans, watching the life fade from the soldier’s face with no small degree of satisfaction.
The soft sound of sobbing drew his attention to her.
But as he instructed, she stayed right there though he could tell from the escalating fear in her eyes that it wasn’t without effort. One hand covered her mouth, tears flowing freely, as she watched Rumlow die with him.
Dropping heavily into his chair, Steve pulled out his phone and sent a text to bring up their dinner.
The nect text he sent was a request for a cleanup crew.
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supremeinlilac · 7 months ago
Into the light (I'll hold you)
Pairing: Coven!Cordelia Goode x Fem!Reader
Prompt: Slow dancing in the greenhouse.
Word Count: 2557
Warnings: Self doubt, angst.
A/n: Canon divergent, H*nk doesn't exist and Delia's acid attack never happened, although she has still had the Sight previously. Was saving this fic but fuck it, I'm posting it now😌
Tumblr media
The night of eerie suspense and the lingering sense of being watched. You enjoyed the days festivities when you were younger, skipping excitedly door to door under a white sheet with your friends.
This Halloween would be your second at Miss Robichaux’s, the first you’d all gone out to a party and got a little too drunk, returning to an irritated Ms Goode. It had been the first time you’d kissed her, and she’d rejected you because of the state you’d been in.
Still, it was the night that had started the path of your relationship with the headmistress.
You loved Halloween.
This year, Fiona Goode, reigning Supreme, returned to the academy. You were instantly weary of her, due to the fact Delia never liked to bring her mother up in conversation of her past. When you’d overheard her telling your girlfriend that she was wasted potential in the school, a prickle of icy anger called the hair at the nape of your neck to stand rigid.
You and the rest of the witches had decided to stay in, watch films and play games. It wasn’t often that everyone could get together to celebrate an evening where witches were celebrated, so they wanted to make the most of the friendly atmosphere that surrounded them. It never lasted long in the coven.
Fiona went out to a bar, her witches hat crooked atop her head and you found yourself glaring at her as she left. The woman alit a flame inside you, one that easily spread and engulfed your powers, fire licking hotly at the tips of your fingers and threatened to overpower you.
Cordelia had stayed behind with you, much to her mother protest, to have a quiet night while the rest of the hubbub would be concentrated in the living room. You were both wrong to think that there’d be no disturbances.
The shattering of glass fractured the silence in your shared room with Cordelia. She’d been braiding your hair, an intimacy that the pair of you rarely found time to do together. She hummed the song you were sung as a child, a habit that she’d picked up in your time at the coven, the action now second nature. It no longer only served to soothe you, but now it brought her comfort too.
Her fingers stilled in your hair, head snapping to the door. You heard a couple of loud thuds and shouts, and then her hand was clutching yours protectively.
“Hey Cordelia?” You heard Queenie shout up the stairs, “you best look outside.”
She was off the bed like it had burned her, drawing the curtains back to show the slow advance of the people outside. You heard her shaky inhale, before she fisted her hands in her trousers and turned to you.
“It’s just the locals. Playing tricks on us, you know how Madison likes to irritate them the rest of the year. Lord knows we’re not the best neighbours,” her face looked serious but the waver in her voice betrayed her. She sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than you.
It had been a blur after that, shouting and running, and Cordelia slipped out of your grasp. You’d been fighting, had a kitchen knife pressed into your hand by, Zoe, maybe? No. It had been one of the other girls.
They wouldn’t die, those zombies, if that’s even what they were. You’d slashed at a part of them that they shouldn’t have been able to get back up from. Yet it did, limbs flailing and reaching spindly towards you.
Knocked to the ground, you think you must have passed out. But not before you’d seen Cordelia trying to defend the house, eyes furious and scared and dark.
You remembered the purr of the chainsaw, the splatter of blood. The silence that hung after.
The next day you found Cordelia sat at her usual bench in the greenhouse, frows furrowed in concentration as she mixed ingredients with the gentle crack of test tubes and vials. You could see the anguish behind hooded eyes, it was clear that she’d been restless last night, down here long past when everyone else slept.
You had seen her from your window as you’d been drawing the curtains the night before, standing over the pile of haphazardly thrown bodies of the zombies. You weren’t sure how long she’d spent there, not wanting to disturb her until now.
She’d also been absent at both breakfast and dinner, with the excuse of paperwork, but you could see through the thinly veiled lie. You brought her a sandwich and a yogurt, setting them down on a bench before pulling a chair up beside her to watch her work.
Cordelia could mix potions and restore plants without thinking, her craft a lovingly perfected dance in which he moved around the greenhouse with practised ease, plucking vials off the shelves and balancing glassware in steady hands.
Her hands shook. Slightly, almost unnoticeable was the small tremor but it indicated her unease. There was blood still crusted under her fingernails.
You softly coaxed her to put the glass down with fingers around her wrists, guiding her to look at you before lazily lacing your fingers together. She whispered a greeting with a small smile, almost as if she hadn’t registered your presence until you’d touched her.
“I feel like I failed everyone. My girls.” Her voice cracked languidly, eyes falling to where your hands joined on her lap, her nails scraping at your skin nervously. “How can I be headmistress when I cannot protect you all?”
“It’s not your job to do it all alone.” You reminded her gently, thumb brushing over whitened knuckles, following the dip and contour of her skin. “Cordelia.”
A single droplet of shimmering water does not sink a ship. A single cloud cannot shield the sun. A single parent could spend years doubting their worth, unaware that it takes a village to raise a child.
No single person can bear the weight of the world’s troubles without crumbling.
Not even Cordelia, whom you thought could harness the sun if she willed it, could do everything herself. It simply was an unrealistic expectation that her mother had used to weigh her down with.
“Look at me, baby. You are not alone, okay?”
When her head lifted slowly, the light caught the water in her eyelashes, diamond tears shimmering and rolling down the curve of reddened cheeks. You were quick to coo at her, hand coming to cradle her face so you could lean to kiss them away, salt on your tongue.
She shook her head, refusing to look at you and you felt hopeless, like a bystander on the site of an accident. As much as you tried to couldn’t get close enough to her to help, to comfort her as she needed. Running in a dream, tripping over a mere breath and wading through syrup as you tried to escape.
“I’m a failure.”
You found yourself shaking your head, the phantom of a protest falling from your lips, how could Cordelia think that.
“Everything that Fiona says is true.” She continued, head falling into her arms on the desk. Your hand rested on her back, a gentle reminder of the comfort you could give her if only she asked for it. If only she would accept it when you would give it to her anyway.
“I don’t belong here.” Whispered from under her hair which hid her.
Cordelia didn’t realise her own worth, and you wondered if anyone ever truly does.
Does the night sky know its beauty? Or does it envy the blue of the day? Does it wait for the sun to kiss its head and grant it eternity. The night sky is rich with light, if it would only look deep enough within itself to find it. Burning stars and planets reflecting the sun, a kaleidoscope of colour on an ebony canvas.
Cordelia would often look at pictures of her absent mother when she believed to be alone. She was secretly envious of Fiona’s effortless graceful command and hold that she had over the whole coven. She believed her own magical abilities to be inferior to that of the Supreme’s, but it was an unfair comparison, for a Supreme would always persist.
She thought that it meant hers weren’t strong enough, scared for eventualities like the previous night, that she would fail at the role of protector. But she hadn’t failed, she’d fought just like you and Zoe, and it was just the luck of the draw that Zoe’s fear would trigger her Power Negation.
But Cordelia held such raw natural, burning potential that you’d habitually find yourself staring as she practised spells. Eyes following the deft flow of her fingers as she’d manipulate movement. She’d had the second sight within her, so at least on a subconscious level she must know her power.
“You belong here. And look around you, look at this place. Yourgreenhouse.”
“You made it into what it’s become. It’s you.” You spoke, letting yourself spin to appreciate all the work she’d put into this place, into herself.
Cordelia lifted her head, hair falling from her eyes and crowning her face as she followed your gaze to the hanging planters, the glass vials. To the floor that she’d swept only days ago, leaves starting to litter the stone again.
She watched you run fingertips over the exposed brick on the wall, your attention solely on her work around you. She could see the adoration in the iris’ of your eyes, alight with your honesty. You gaze returning, always, to her as you walked to her.
Tentatively, you reached out for her. Was she yet ready to accept your help, your love as you wanted to give it to her?
Still unsure, Cordelia shied away from your comforting touch, head returning to her hands.
“You don’t have to live behind Fiona’s words anymore.” You whispered into her temple, as if straight into her mind.
Sometimes it is easier to live in the shadows than to confront those who cast them.
She’d spent her whole life cowering in Fiona’s shadow, growth and development stunted from the lack of light. Self-belief fractured into a gaping crack.
She’d been trapped, dark and alone with a mother figure who didn’t love her in a way she understood how to be loved. They both loved each other then, and ove each other now, but sometimes mere love isn’t enough. It isn’t consistent enough to be safe. You can love someone and still hurt them.
You had spent time working on her confidence, creeping back into the light and into herself again. Breaking down the thoughts that had grown to immobile threatening walls that only served to block the light more.
All it had taken was one night of Fiona being back for all that progress to retreat back to where they’d been hidden. Cordelia had urged you then to back away, to leave her and grow by yourself, that she was only holding you back.
But you gritted your teeth and grinned in the face of the devil. You weren’t scared of the dark. And you’d be damned if you were leaving it without your girlfriend. Even if you had to start right back at the beginning, you’d help her to heal.
“You could be the next Supreme.” You urged, pulling her head from where it rested on the table, forcing her to look in your eyes and see your honesty.
“Don’t say things that aren’t true.” She begged, vision hazed by tears.
“But it is true, Delia. You’re so powerful.” You pressed, eyes conveying your severity like your voice couldn’t. Willing her to believe.
You reached to brush the tears that clung to her eyelashes before they fell and stained her face. A lingering kiss to her lips, the feeling of her lower lip wobbling between your own. In that moment, you could feel her fragility.
You didn’t want to push further, knowing that she may never truly believe in her full potential like you did. Instead, you pushed yourself to feet and bounced in front of her. She looked up in confusion, eyes still full with tears that caught the light, and you wanted nothing more than to kiss them away again. They didn’t deserve to dampen her skin.
“Dance with me?” You asked, standing and offering a hand the way you’d so often seen in movies.
A shy smile formed on the headmistress’ lips, cheeks pink and the tips of her ears flushed as she allowed herself to be pulled from her seat. Into the shine of the moonlight, which shone beams of liquid silver through the glass onto the hard stone and the soft of Cordelia.
Your arms secured themselves around her waist while hers stroked the back of your neck. Moments like this made you wonder if perhaps the cliché’s people told you about love had been true. Maybe this could be forever. It always felt like forever when you were in her arms.
You swayed to phantom music, slow and deliberate, soft touches and kisses on bare shoulders. You felt like even a whisper would shatter the perfect peace you’d enveloped you both in, sending ripples of doubt over the sheer water and to Cordelia again.
The moon felt like perfect company in that moment, like a third person, watching and waiting. A witness to the silent change.
Cordelia pressed her forehead to yours, her fingers splayed through the hair at the back of your head, holding you close. You could see the depth of her eyes, searching for the lie in yours that wasn’t there to find. You truly believed that she was the next Supreme, she had to be.
“Say something.” She breathed, hand on your waist dancing under the hem of your top, cold fingers on warm skin.
“Like what?” You asked, pulling back momentarily so you could smile at her. The hand that was behind your head tucked hair behind your ear and brought your hand from her shoulder so she could press lips to your knuckles. The ridge of bone under the soft of her skin and then she was hugging you again.
“Anything, I just want to hear your voice.”
So you told her about yourself. Stories she’d never heard and memories you’d thought you’d forgotten. Whispers of your past shared with your future.
She nuzzled her chin into the crook of your neck and listened, breathing deep the smell of your perfume that clung, lingering to the collar of your clothes.
A laugh.
Rippling up your throat at reminiscing a memory, vibration muffled against her ear at your jaw, and Cordelia swore that she could feelyour emotions. Truly feel you, and she realised that you couldn’t lie to her. Couldn’t will yourself to say something untrue just to still the aching beat of her heart within her chest.
You couldn’t make yourself want to mend her. You didn’t want that. You wanted to help her heal. Heal from her past that held less joy and laughter than yours did.
You wanted to help her create memories of her own, just like this.
Slow dancing in the greenhouse.
Dancing in the dark under the glow of the patient moon.
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hella1975 · 3 months ago
hello bestie!!! this is a very special good morning ask because as you may or may not know, it is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of taob!!! to celebrate, hannah thought we should steal abby's idea of getting a cameo from dante so we've been secretly organizing that for almost a whole month!! a very special thank you to abby for the idea and the following people for donating five dollars: hannah (verdanthoney), boom (boomerang109), emi (emi_artblock), espí (drama-queen-supreme), jo (lessons-from-moths), clara (claracaboozle), emi (emi_artblock) mari (sifu-sugarqueen), nikki (im-a-sokka-for-you-ooh), mar (wrong-way-maremi), abby (abby420) someone who donated under the name oatmilkmocha who i can't remember who they are (FEEL FREE TO COMMENT, MYSTERY PERSON. I'M SORRY), and kai donated anonymously but i'm calling her out for a thank you anyway. emi's already been listed twice (yes that was intentional, as was listing abby again since she was both the genius with the idea AND one of the people who helped fund it), but i'm mentioning emi a third time because she donated a lot and we appreciate it very much. so yeah, in the attached video dante is only going to thank me and hannah (which is my fault cause i'm dumb and don't understand forms) BUT it's from way more people than just us, it's from everybody i listed here and (in spirit) it's from the whole cult. we hope you take dante's words about appreciating yourself and your writing to heart. it takes a truly special person to accidentally become a cult leader by drunk posting a fic, but it doesn't surprise me in the least that you did it--you're just that amazing. there are absolutely no words for how grateful i am to have you in my life and how beautiful i think you are (inside and out). this is long enough, so i'm going to let zuko take it away before i get too sappy:
It is currently 10:56am. I am hungover and sat on the edge of my friend’s bathtub because the bathroom is the only place I could sneak off to to listen to this (and when I say I ZOOMED off when I realised what the fuck you guys had done). I genuinely don’t know what to say. I guess when I clicked on the link I sort of was still waiting for it to be a joke..... but then it wasn’t..... and Zuko’s voice is just casually saying ‘hella’ and ‘redemption is a human word’. I about near lost my shit.
This is one of the kindest, most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me, and I wish I could convey how much this means but I am genuinely speechless. I’m shaking and yes I did cry, which we all know isn’t something I do easily. But hearing ‘keep writing, keep writing’ from the voice of a character I have loved and have taken to create a story that so many people found friendship through - that was the part that made me full level sob in this here bathtub. I’m sure I look a sight. Sorry to my friend’s parents.
You guys mean the world to me. It’s taob’s one year anniversary and I genuinely didn’t think anyone had noticed, and I didn’t mind that!! I almost didn’t want it to be a big deal!!! But here you were, planning this behind my back, spending actual hard earned money (how dare you) on me, to create this beautiful gift. I will never forget this. I’ve been having a difficult time at the moment (AND YOU TOLD DANTE BASCO ABOUT IT YOU WANKERS) but this has picked me up so quickly that I might have whiplash.
Again, no words here can actually describe how much this means to me. I love every single person seeing this so fucking much. And for those of you responsible ( @boomerang109 @abby420 @verdanthoney @sifu-sugarqueen @emi-artblock @im-a-sokka-for-you-ooh @drama-queen-supreme @claracaboozle @hi-raethia @lessons-from-moths and I cant seem to tag the other two but this is absolutely aimed at you), you guys have made my day, and possibly my entire year. I need to reiterate that this is one of the kindest things anyone’s ever done for me, which I feel gets thrown around a lot but I genuinely mean it. This is so thoughtful and impossible and it’s from a bunch of people on the internet who owe me nothing. That’s what jars me about this. This isn’t like real life where there’s social standards and if you don’t get someone a gift it’s frowned upon. You all genuinely could have just not done anything and no one would have looked at you any different, but instead you came together and you did this amazing thing and I just. Thank you, thank you, thank you
I love you all so much. Happy one year anniversary to taob. I hope that even when this story finishes (not anytime soon lbh), the cult continues strong xxxx
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throwmethatcello · a year ago
My favorite moments from each member of Vox Machina.
- The whole trash talk pre-battle against Kevdak. Travis WOW.
- "Grand Poobah de Doink of all Thisanthat" and everything that came with that title.
- When he asked Pike to teach him how to read and I ugly cried + "I spend the following years learning how to read" in the epilogue and I also ugly cried.
- “The Grog and Craven Edge show”
- When he was sad because he didn't have a role in Vex and Percy's wedding and then they asked him to be the flower girl and he “Can I have this job??” Groooog why are you so wholesome :'(
- "I thought he'd never leave" - No explanation needed
- "I open the door COMPLETELY NAKED" - Behold the supreme queen of powerplays, we are not worthy and we'll never be.
- When she went find Kaylie after Scanlan died and convinced her to go see him + Later when Allura told her the resurrection ritual succeeded and she was so happy but she was all alone in that tavern so she just started buying everyone drinks (and spending money????? !!!!!!) and flirting with people out of habit but then she kinda remembered she was with Percy and backed off and went to sleep, lmao what a journey.
- Her wedding vows. Laura Bailey will you please let me live.
- The time the Briarwoods caught him spying on them and he serious and genuinely attempted to fuck his way out of there and in all fairness who can blame him. Truly the bisexual representation I deserve, god bless this dumb horny boy.
- “let's go, you bastard!” and kissed Percy. Thank you Liam O’Brien for my life.
- He really went straight to Percy’s bathroom and got into the tub with him just to share an awkward silence and tell him that he’s like a brother to him and then showed him his ass as he left. Vax’ildan what the actual fuck, brothers don’t do that kind of shit and you know it, why are you like this!!!
- *Masterfully parlays with an ancient green dragon and keeps his cool until the very moment she leaves the room. Proceeds to have a panic attack* Also pretty sure he kinda wanted to fuck the dragon. Anyways this scene is sexy af and I stan a badass bitch with severe trauma and valid kinks.
- When he literally inflicted damage to himself with a kettle full of fantasy menthos to win a cannonball contest.
- Wasted! Percy (ft. Keyleth and the weird marquesian drink)
- "SYLAS!!!!"
- This motherfucker, this absolute agent of madness went and signed yet another soul-binding contract with a demon under the galaxy brain reasoning that "I already sold my soul once, so if I sell it again worst case scenario I get to watch 2 demons fighting over my soul and that would be very entertaining" I'm-
- “It’s going to be FUN, FUN, FUN!”
- Flashcards class with Pike. Just. Amazing. Outstanding. Sam Riegel what you have is called TALENT. 
- “...and it was the METRIC SYSTEM!”
- The time Taryon Darrington spent his first night in company of a lady and immediately decided it was going to be the last one. 
- His “fuck you dad” speech was absolutely beautiful and his explanation on how Vox Machina showed him what it meant to be a family. Sam you can’t just fucking do this kind of shit to unsuspecting watchers, I’m soft. 
- "We are basically gods!" *proceeds to jump off a cliff and die" WE LOVE A DUMBASS QUEEN.
- When she went off on Raishan, just omg Keyleth, the raw power of it all!!!
- "Hey percy you know what would be fun, if I turned into a fucking elephant and you got on top of me so we can go deliver this mask/helmet to Grog in a cool classy fashion. *turns into an elephant* Oh shoot I forgot doors exist, it sure would have been a good idea to polimorph after leaving the room, well whatever, here goes nothing *starts to fucking smash the door with her elephant body* Oh, here comes Grog and Scanlan, hey guys! Wait, why are you attacking me it's me, your good friend Keyleth! Ouch! Ok you know what now I'm pissed, let's fucking go!! If I shall go down in this form so be it. *Rages against Grog and Scanlan and gets fucking decked*
- Keyleth’s epilogue was just beautiful and the perfect way to close the campaign. Much feels. Much cry.
- *Takes a sip of the weird Markesian drink* "Haha I don't feel anything" *Takes another sip of the weird Markesian drink. Passes out automatically*
- Pike: Maybe we should sleep together and see how it goes
Scanlan: O- OKAY????
Pike: No just kidding lol sorry
- “Guiding bolt up his butt” 
- "Sometimes I talk to Scanlan through the earring even though I know he can't hear me" like, Ashley stop. And then she gets drunk and starts actually talking to him like, ASHLEY STOP.
- "You'll leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave!"
- "Do you spice?" or "Scanlan spends a whole episode in a quest for drugs. Ends up getting a bag of baking soda for like 400G. Lives with the shame for the rest of his life" Perfect. Spectacular. You just can't write shit this good.
- When he apologizes to Pike for being a fuckboy.
- Every single counterspell this motherfucker has ever casted.
- Basically the whole battle against Vecna was endless epic content from Scanlan.
- You know what, every single Scanlan moment is iconic and we all know it. Let's not pretend we can just pick a few.
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relaxxattack · 2 months ago
wait omg what are the canon endgame wof pairings you DON'T like? 👀 no pressure of course, im just not a fan of several of them either and im interested to hear what you think :]
honestly most of them?? like idk 😭
ripnami for one is just odd to me. like i don’t dislike riptide but there’s an age difference and a like, immediate love type thing, and the romance is just sorta Boring and Annoying imo?? maybe that’s just cuz im gay though
starflights whole debacle was ATROCIOUS. like i understand why he mightve had a crush on sunny— she was like one of the only other people he knew growing up— but they were all essentially adopted siblings and she obviously felt platonically towards him? and then fatespeaker was brought in, and one part of fans hated her for replacing sunny cuz they shipped sunnyflight, another group of fans hated her for obviously being practically written AS a sunny replacement, and then the last third just fiercely loved her out of spite. so like. starspeaker is Cute, sure, but it just feels like a weird work around to the supreme awkwardness of sunnyflight.
clay and peril? ehhh. clay seems like, SO aromantic to me, so that’s one reason i dont like it, and the other is just. peril as a character always felt like she was handled weirdly. like im not sure if she was a good concept poorly executed, or a bad concept that sort of followed itself through well, but either way my feelings on her constantly go back and forth. i get that she’s probably just like, genuinely mentally ill, but i don’t think the author really represented it too well? but at the same time, i don’t think i’m one to talk on the rep of people like that. (is sociopath the right word??? i literally don’t even know). basically it bothers me how she swings from like. yandere to hilarious older sister character. i love her, but i also feel weird about her. she’s like a girboss in a bad way.
glorybringer… okay theyre really cute, it’s just their development feels a little silly to me. then again, it’s a children’s book. also there’s an age difference, although idk how much that counts for dragons??
moonbli: i hate moonbli okay. they dumped qinter— one of the Only Well Developed Ships— for moonbli. ive ranted before about how much i hate the winter-qibli-moon love triangle, but GOD it’s so bad. like— in book six, moon is fascinated by both the boys. winter treats her like shit, but she can hear that in his thoughts he actually thinks she’s incredible. qibli is nice to her, but he’s like, super sus for some reason. moon actually TELLS DS that she doesn’t like either of them, but she Must pick one because her futures say so? like UM??? (she’s aromantic but denying herself or something) meanwhile in the winter pov book he’s absolutely tortured by guilt and his abusive family, so eventually he breaks off to find moon because he feels bad for treating her bad cuz he’s in love with her. also they have some Moments together. then in qiblis book, he’s also in love with moon, but spends the entire book bonding and flirting with his roommate winter! who is no longer an asshole now that he’s broken off from his family. moon is busy hanging out with some 2000 year old guy who attempted literal genocide, but it’s okay because he’s sad. anyway after like 200 pages of flirting, winter and qibli meet up with moon again and they’re happy because they’re both in love with her or something. except winter is upset because moon is defending the guy who tried to genocide his race and is going to do it again. moon and qibli decide this makes winter the biggest asshole in the entire world, abandon him, and then defeat DS together without him. then moon decides she “chooses” qibli and moonbli becomes canon and they leave winter in some random ass town. like? WHAT THE FUCK??? and we’re supposed to enjoy the moonbli ship :|
like no fuck off and PLEASE give us aromantic moon and mlm qinter please. THERE ARE NO CANON MLM RELATIONSHIPS. and im not just saying this cuz im a gay guy, like qinter legitimately had so much good development throughout arc two and then they get dropped like a hot potato
and then finally we have… whats left, turtlejou? i could take it or leave it ig. too much weird magic stuff there. i would actually maybe prefer turtle and peril just because they’re Actually Friends and their dynamic in book 8 was cool and way less creepy then cleril.
sundew and willow? they're cute but ive seen the mean lesbian and nice lesbian trope many times and they just didn’t pull it off too well. still better then 90% of the ships here though.
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danishmiilk · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing || kim doyoung x fem reader
genre || fluff, humour
au || hogwarts!au, very flirty friends to lovers!au, ravenclaw!doyoung x ravenclaw!reader
word count || 5.2k
release date || 19 Feb 2021, 12:00 a.m. SGT
summary || what the fuck does kim doyoung mean flirting with you all these years wasn’t a joke?
taglist || @lebrookestore​ @loonacitys​ @yasmini24​ @yellowqi​ @sweetlyjaem​ @taeilsith​ @allegxdly​ @leejunini @chezzontop @peachyyjaes @aevizen @heartyyjeno @lucaswithnoshirt @lcvemark​ @radiorenjun​ @kunrengui​ @ncttboo​ ; send a dm or an ask to be added to the taglist!
warnings || swearing i think????
a note || YAYAYAYAY my first fic in idk how long LMAO- anyway happy 500 to everyone <3 i am super excited for this bc i love this fic HAHAHA also this is a ddgf spinoff bc my baby,,,
Tumblr media
“Kim Doyoung,” you call out, huge smile in place on your face as you stride over to your friend with unbelievable confidence. 
The boy in question turns around with a smile of his own, and you mentally note the shine of the light reflecting off the piece of metal pinned to his black school robes. Prefect. Like you. His eyes linger for a moment on the lack of a badge on your robes (done purposely to screw with him, of course), and they widen in shock and disbelief. When he finally speaks, his tone is jokingly accusing. 
“You didn’t write me, Y/n L/n.”
“So? We aren’t BFFs, you know. Anyway, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have. I don’t have your address.”
Doyoung’s eyes keep sweeping over the empty patch on your robes where a prefect badge would sit, before likely realising it’s not very appropriate. His ears a little redder, he tsks and stares you down in mock distaste, “You say that every year. And don’t mind me asking but…”
“Oh, I’m not a prefect,” you wave him off dismissively, already dying of laughter on the inside. 
For a moment, you think the boy who tops your cohort every year without fail’s going to believe you, then he narrows his eyes. 
“Liar! Your hand keeps playing with something in your robe pocket, it has to be your badge!” He moves closer and grabs your wrist, attempting to pull it out of your pocket. Unknowingly, you’ve backed into the wall and Doyoung’s got your wrist pinned to the red bricks. 
He’s so close you can see the individual threads that make up his blue and bronze tie. 
“Careful, Doyoung,” you warn with your voice low, “Any more and people would even think you liked me.”
Sure enough, he lets go like he’s been scalded and you slip the badge back into your robes as conspicuously as possible. 
“Don’t know how long you’re going to attempt to trick me for, but I’d always known you’d be the other Ravenclaw prefect in our year. Either way, good to see you, huh? I’m the Quidditch captain.”
“Vice.” You grimace. Inferior again? You really needed to stop losing to Kim Doyoung. 
“I think we’ll be spending a lot of time together this year,” Doyoung muses, knocking his shoulder into yours, “Oh, you haven’t brought your trunk onto the train yet?”
You shake your head, “Ewww, yeah. More time together than we’d like, huh.”
Doyoung’s seemingly received rather good breeding from his rather good and also rather old wizarding family, because he picks up your trunk without you even having to ask him to do so (because 1. you would never! and 2. thank god, your back was starting to hurt.)
“Thank you, Mr Kim, how very kind of you!” He snorts at you and leaves with a cliched swish of his robes, leaving you to spend the rest of the long train journey with your two annoying best friends and a pile of unfinished homework which you’d planned to copy from Doyoung but somehow had forgotten to ask him.
The pieces of paper and parchment strewn across your seat make you look miserably at them, knowing full well that you could finish all of them if you started now but of course, procrastination. 
“Donghyuck, can I copy your homework? Please? My best friend of all time?” 
Clasping your hands together, you summon The Cute™️ and make your best puppy-dog eyes at the Gryffindor, but your efforts merely earned you an eye roll.
“No,” Donghyuck rolls his eyes, “My work is so ridden with mistakes that if you copied me the professors would all know. Anyway, aren’t you supposed to be a Ravenclaw that loves studying?” 
“Nobody likes studying! Well, except maybe Doyoung.”
“That’s just unfair,” Yangyang declares, unwrapping a chocolate frog with way more force than he needed, “How do you still get second in level if you don’t study? I study so hard and—” Donghyuck laughs so hard he drops the jellybean in his hand, “You don’t study!” 
If you didn’t know better, the frown Yangyang shot Donghyuck would’ve been scary. “I study so hard! You have no idea because you’re a degenerate!”
“I do all the degenerate things with you! So you’re a degenerate too!”
“You’re both failures of human beings.” You don’t even look up from your essay on werewolves as you wag the index finger of your left hand at them, “Awful, childish friends.”
True to his remarkably childish nature, Donghyuck crosses his arms and huffs at you, “Fine, just run off with your boyfriend and never come back!”
Werewolves momentarily forgotten, your head snaps up, “What boyfriend?”
“Doyoung is not— how did you even come to that conclusion?”
“You’re flirting all the time, Y/n,” Yangyang points out with a shrug and his mouth full, “Everyone can see that you’re just secretly pining after one another.”
And okay, fine, maybe you were jokingly flirting with Doyoung all the time, but if Yangyang wanted to be like this, two could play at this game. “Like you’re not secretly in love with that Slytherin kid— what’s their name? Yuta’s friend?” Donghyuck snickers at the side and you decide that he deserves to suffer too. “And you, Lee Donghyuck! Who do you like, hmm?”
“Dong Sicheng, Slytherin prince,” he deadpans, looking you straight in the eye, and Yangyang chokes. “Are you for real?”
“Obviously not,” Donghyuck sighs, “But don’t think I didn’t notice your little attempt to change the subject there, hmm?”
Tumblr media
“You look very nice in that Quidditch uniform, captain.” You whistle softly and come to land at his side. The Ravenclaw Quidditch uniform is supremely ugly and Doyoung knows it. Yours looked a little better on you, worn as fashionably as it could possibly be worn, but Doyoung had his Beater’s uniform on and bat in his hand exactly how they were supposed to be worn. Nobody did that. It was just too ugly.
“And you’re not following uniform regulations, vice-captain,” Doyoung retorts, fastening his helmet in a way that squishes his hair down unattractively. Grimacing, you adjust his helmet for him so it makes his hair look a little better, complaining inwardly about how some particular people with unfairly good genes don’t even look too bad wearing the ugliest things you’ve seen in your life. The particular people being not-Doyoung, obviously.
Doyoung leans close to put your shoulder pads on straight and you freeze, startled by the proximity. His hand lingers for a second longer than was necessary— or was that your imagination at work? Suddenly, his fingers lightly dancing on your shoulder offer you welcoming warmth and you don’t really want him to retract his hand.
“It’s honestly great to see you two… uh, getting along, but the trials are about to start, so would you please just confess to each other and date and then we can get going?” Your fellow Chaser, Renjun, and your current least favourite person in the world cuts in with his usual sarcastic tone, nodding toward the door.
“Yeah,” Doyoung breathes, “Don’t worry, we weren’t doing anything, Renjun. Be more respectful to your seniors.”
All Renjun does is stare at you skeptically.
Tumblr media
You hang back as the stampede of students leave the room with Professor BoA chasing after them, calling them to return to class. You don’t expect her to succeed— you yourself can barely hear her anyway. From somewhere within the herd, there’s a very Doyoung scream. Oh no, he must’ve gotten stepped on.
Waiting till the rest of the occupants have left the classroom, you walk over to Doyoung slowly, ignoring the pointed glare he sends your way that very clearly tells you to hurry up, because your mother did not raise you to be a weak bitch who takes orders from other people. Specifically, other people who’re Kim Doyoung. 
Your hands on your hips, you looked down at the head boy, half-teasing and half-concerned, deciding to ask one of the stupidest questions one could ask a boy lying on the floor and cradling his right wrist. 
“Are you okay?”
“Dude, I think my hand’s broken,” Doyoung whines with a roll of his eyes, “Are you stupid or are you blind?”
“Hmm,” you pull out a chair from the nearest table and drag it over to Doyoung, straddling it so you could place your chin on the backrest thoughtfully and blink down at him. “Do the ones down at the lake need backup?”
“No, Yangyang and Donghyuck’re there and I don’t know, they’re probably capable of taking down a cursed-by-dark-magic giant squid, right?”
The look on your face, you imagined, was one of absolute horror. 
“What the fuck makes you think that the Gryffindor morons are going to be able to handle a— okay, you know what? Nevermind. As the very responsible head boy and the even more responsible head girl, we shall stay in the comfort of this classroom and hope they don’t die.”
“Because that’s what sits right with your moral compass?” Doyoung’s wry smile’s so funny you nearly laugh.
“How could it not?”
Very not-obviously (yeah, totally!), Doyoung points at his right hand with his left and jiggles his wrist around a bit before wincing at the pain. Mm, no shit, Doyoung, we generally don’t move our broken limbs for a reason.
Taking pity on him because you’re not actually that bad of a person, you gently take his right hand in your left, pulling out your wand. “This may hurt a little, but I’m going to save your hand, okay?”
Unsurprisingly, Doyoung’s trust in you is almost nonexistent. He looks up, alarmed, reminding you kind of like a bunny (and no, you weren’t just saying that because he hates it when people make that comparison) and tries to pull his arm away, “Why don’t we just go to the nurse?” The head boy accompanies this suggestion with a small smile and an awkward laugh, “Yeah? Heh, uhm, yes.”
You lean forward so your faces are closer than what Doyoung would’ve liked them to be and smile. Seriously, you were good at magic. Your grades were excellent. You have no idea what Doyoung was so hesitant about.
“Trust. Me.” An incantation was muttered and you tapped your wand on his wrist.
In hindsight, maybe you shouldn’t have. Doyoung’s hand vanished from the wrist down. He screamed. You screamed. Then someone outside the window screamed, but they were probably screaming about the giant squid so you ignored it.
“What the fuck did you do to my hand?” Doyoung screeches at you, panicking immediately. 
“Nothing! You’re overreacting, okay, you always do that, calm down!” Your hand reflexively squeezes whatever it’s holding and Doyoung lets out another scream. Oh, that must’ve been his hand. “Sorry, sorry, but at least your hand’s still there and causing you pain right?”
“I literally broke it, of course it’s causing me pain!”
“But at least it’s still there!”
“I can’t fucking see it!”
“Swearing is not befitting of a head boy! Okay, hear me out, just let me cast another spell and I swear your hand’ll be cured! Fixed! Good as new!”
“No!” He glowers at you so intimidatingly you flinch back. Throwing his good arm in front of his face, he glances down despairingly at his wrist (or visible lack thereof) and glares at you like you’re going to break his arm. “Who knows what else you’ll do, actually make it disappear?”
“Fine, okay, but Doyoung—”
“I’m walking you to the hospital wing and that’s final.” Naturally, you move forward and slip your hand into his good one, dragging him along. “Let’s go!” 
Doyoung follows you haltingly at an infuriatingly slow pace. His hand’s still slung over his body lightly, him moving almost protectively to shelter it, and maybe you’re a little insulted. So maybe you made a teeny-tiny mistake, but who doesn’t sometimes? After all, it’s the thought that counts.
“Let go of my hand, Y/n,” Doyoung growls at you, shaking your hand out of his, but your grip remains firm. 
“No can do, Mr Kim, I haven’t escorted you to the hospital wing yet. If I let you go now— who knows? Your weak ass might just shrivel up and die.”
His eyes flash and you can tell Doyoung’s getting a little annoyed. Oh, it was fun, always fun to rile him up. 
"I broke my wrist, not my neck."
"I know," you grin right back at Doyoung, "Hey, we've been friends for seven years, why don't you just let me take care of you?"
"Friends… I don't know about that," Doyoung squints, though to be honest you're unsure if it's for dramatic effect or because of the sunlight streaming in through the windows. 
Still, you pout a little and peel one hand off Doyoung's arm to clutch your chest in mock hurt. "Kim Doyoung! You love me!"
"I don't know about that."
"Do you want me to kiss you to show you just how much I love you?" You threw down the sentence, a hundred percent joking and desperate to win the un-aggressive argument.
"Do it," Doyoung smirks at you, "I know you wouldn't dare to."
You hated to admit it, but in that moment, confident flirty Doyoung was kind of hot. The absolute mess of an outfit he was wearing— loosened tie, disheveled hair, rumpled robes, top buttons of his shirt missing— was such a… refreshing change from the prim and proper Doyoung you were so used to seeing. (read: Quidditch uniform.) It was good seeing someone so serious about studies, but there was only so much of perfectly ironed clothes and neatly tied scarves one could take, especially when the wearer of the painfully goody-two-shoes clothes had a nice face he was probably unaware of. What a waste of handsomeness. You, you were a good fun head girl.
But enough was enough, and you had to snap out of it. After all, it was just Doyoung, and it's not like you don't usually playfully flirt around with each other. So what if he was wearing something that made him look handsome? He looked handsome most of the time anyway, and though a tad too proper for your taste, you can't help but grudgingly admit that he is handsome. 
If it's been seven years and you still haven't caught feelings for the hot guy, then you're probably not going to suddenly catch feelings for said hot guy because of a change in outfit. You're just appreciating good-looking people, that's it. Just Doyoung, just Doyoung.
He's still staring at you with an infuriating little smirk playing on his lips, "Scared? I knew it, Y/n."
Typically, you hated backing down from challenges, but seeing as the only other option was to "swoop in and capture his lips with yours", yeah… exceptions can be made. Simply averting his eyes, you searched for a witty comeback and came up empty. 
So you're just going to say whatever comes to mind.
"This feels an awful lot like sexual tension right now," you blurt out, immediately working hard to stop yourself from blushing and pretend that's all part of the joke. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY THAT, Y/N L/N?
Mission fluster Doyoung accomplished though, as he sputters and coughs a little, dropping the subject completely. Better he's flustered than you are, anyway, because you need time to desensitise from Doyoung being handsome. 
He's just a random dude you've known for seven years.
Tumblr media
The better part of an hour later, with a visible wrist that’s been healed by the nurse, Doyoung slides into the chair beside you in the library. You don’t need to ask how he’s managed to find you— this is where the two of you always come to study before finals. Donghyuck and Yangyang are great, sure, but they’re also very distracting (see: throwing books at each other then proceeding to get kicked out of the library), so Doyoung’s definitely a better choice for a study buddy. 
You’re almost suffocated by the painfully awkward ensuing silence, something that usually never happens to the two of you. You’re briefly debating filling the silence with a bad pick-up line when Doyoung does it for you. Without the pick-up line part.
“Why do our friends always suspect we like each other? I mean, we’re just friends, aren’t we?”
“Maybe because we keep flirting with each other— jokingly,” you emphasise the last word and train your eyes on his face so as to not miss the flicker of emotion that appears in his eyes and vanishes in less than a second. As a reflex, you add on, “You look nice when your outfit isn’t so prim and proper, by the way. Everyone loves a loosened tie.”
His face darkens. 
“Are you joking when you flirt with me?” There’s now a note of seriousness in his eyes that makes you close your book, joining him in being completely serious about this conversation. In your rush to answer, you don’t read his face.
“Well. I’m not.” He sighs. “I thought you felt the same way as I did, but maybe you’ve just been thinking that was always a joke anyway, and I know you never meant to hurt me, but— just don’t flirt anymore, okay, Y/n? Stop making me feel like I have a chance when I never did.” 
You’re left speechless. You had no idea Doyoung felt that way about you— I mean, wasn’t all that flirting over the years just joking? The flirting came so naturally to you that you didn’t even notice that perhaps Doyoung was only like this to you, or just assumed that it was kind of like an inside joke between the two of you.
“I’m sorry,” you avert your eyes and apologise, though you weren’t too sure yourself what you’re apologising for.
“Don’t be sorry for something you have no control over, Y/n. But we can still be friends, right?” The smile that graces his lips is small and sad.
It’s for a long time that you stand there, after you nod in response, and after he leaves.
Tumblr media
“In this way!” Donghyuck’s hold on your wrist is so tight it’s cutting off your blood circulation. You hiss a little and try to peel his fingers off your arm, but it’s like he’s got suctions on his fingers because they don’t budge even an inch.
“Haven’t you any idea how this looks? You’re dragging me into the Gryffindor boys’ dorm five minutes to curfew and I’m the head girl! I’m supposed to set a good example, you know, what if people think we’re dating or something,” you whine, stating all of your extremely legit reasons not to be dragged to have a best friend conversation on Yangyang’s bed.
“If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that too much, you know. The entire school ships you and Doyoung together anyway— you have a very good potential love story, head girl x head boy, just like last year! And last last year’s heads! Oh my god, Sooyoung and Sungjae were the cutest,” Yangyang gushes, shooting finger guns at you and leaping onto the red comforter of his bed.
“I’m sorry? The school what?” 
Donghyuck and Yangyang, being the excellent best friends that they were, ignore your question completely and push you onto the former’s bed. “Speaking of Doyoung now,” Donghyuck narrows his eyes at you, and you have a small panic attack. You’re trying not to give anything away, but one look into Donghyuck’s eyes tells you that he knows everything.
“What’s this bullshit about Doyoung walking around looking depressed? Did you reject him? What the fuck?”
You blink up at him, unsure as to how he knew this, “How did you know that?”
“You actually rejected him?” Yangyang screeches so loudly the neighbouring dorm bangs on the wall to shut him up, but he (of course) pays them no mind, “WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU REJECT YOUR CRUSH OF SEVEN FUCKING YEARS? ARE YOU DAFT?”
“I can’t take it anymore!” Donghyuck screams, suddenly slamming your head into the pillow in frustration, “Are you kidding?”
You swat him away, more annoyed than anything, “No? What crush? I don’t have a crush on him!”
“I- I wasn’t, not really,” you muttered, looking down at your hands, “But you could say that I was oblivious to my feelings for him to some extent.”
“Okay, we need to calmly talk this out,” Donghyuck picks up his wand and points it at you threateningly, “So when did you find out you liked him?”
“Bet she just psycho-ed herself into thinking she didn’t like him.” Yangyang takes the aggressive bestie role to another level altogether, looking ready to whack you with everything he had on his bed at any time.
“I guess I did… think… I liked him? I found out… that day you guys went to fight the squid? Like, I don’t know, it just suddenly hit me that oh my god, I actually have a crush and am seriously attracted to Head Boy, Kim Doyoung, but I just wrote it off as thinking he was handsome or something. Which he is.”
Donghyuck fake gags, “Look at that disgustingly lovesick smile on her face.”
“So why the fuck did you reject him?”
“Because I thought our years of flirting was a joke! I just and by just I mean two minutes ago realised that my feelings aren’t a joke!”
“Nobody else thought it was a joke!” Yangyang groans, burying his face in his hands, “So this is what took you so long to get together?”
“But now I fucked up! He’s never going to want to talk to me ever again!”
Finally, their faces turn serious. “Okay, so how much did you make him think he had no chance with you romantically? On a scale of one to ten?”
Yangyang sighs, long-suffering, and takes your hand like an elder would, “Just shut up. Seriously, just shut up. I’m going to trick Doyoung into going to the same place as you alone because we both know he’s not going to do that willingly, and then you just… grab his neck and kiss him or something. Confess. Yeah. Don’t ask me how.”
And for once in your life, you decide that maybe Liu Yangyang and Lee Donghyuck, reckless, stupid, brave Gryffindors, have an extremely valid point and an excellent idea. And for once in your life, a conscious decision is made to trust them. After all, it couldn’t get worse, could it?
Maybe your best friends weren’t that bad after all.
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe she still needs people to smack sense into her,” Yangyang grumbles from beside him, stuffing his wand into the pocket of his robes with so much force Donghyuck thinks that one day, he’s going to break that hawthorn. When that day comes, Donghyuck will say “I told you so” with his entire chest, but that’s besides the point.
“What are friends for, am I right? Oh,” Donghyuck squints into the distance, spotting a familiar figure, “Thar he blows.”
“Isn’t it she?” Ever know-it-all Yangyang cuts in, scoffing at Donghyuck’s apparent illiteracy in literature, “How stupid of you, Hyuck!”
“I mean pretty boy over there,” he rolls his eyes, “What did you think? Moby Dick, yes, but this one’s a guy, what about the concept’s so hard for you to grasp? Look, the second word of the title’s even that one particular reproductive orga-”
Yangyang interrupts Donghyuck rudely, leaving him to mourn his choice of best friend. You didn’t choose someone who couldn’t appreciate your dick jokes, that was for sure, so Donghyuck himself wasn’t sure why he was friends with Liu Yangyang. “You mean Doyoung?”
So he just sighs, “I mean Doyoung.”
“Let’s go.”
Donghyuck really wishes he could’ve brought his camera along from the muggle world to take a picture of Doyoung’s expression when the Gryffindors jump out of a nook and block his way like some Chinese idiom Yangyang was always saying, but sadly muggle technology malfunctioned hard in Hogwarts.
“What do you want. Did you blow up a frog? A duck? A raven? My broomstick?” Doyoung’s eyes widen when Yangyang stares back at him, unimpressed, “YOU ACTUALLY BLEW UP MY BROOMSTICK?”
“No,” Donghyuck flicks his forehead, “Stop thinking the worst of us. Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s going to be a prefect meeting in the Room of Requirement in an hour or so, you do know where the Room of Requirement is, right?”
Doyoung blinks at them, confused, “But I’m the Head Boy? How could I not have known about this meeting if I was the one who planned it?”
He can feel Yangyang’s fingernails digging into his arm accusingly. Fuck, of course Doyoung would know if there was to be a meeting. “Maybe the Head Girl planned it,” Yangyang pretended to shrug, acting like it was a legit thing, “See you there then, Doyoung.”
“Does she really not want to talk to me that badly…” Doyoung trails off, playing with the strap of his shoulder bag, and Donghyuck exchanges a worried look with Yangyang, briefly wondering just how bad his best friend had fucked up. The prefect opposite them straightens up like he’s just realised something, “But Yangyang, you’re not a prefect, are you?”
“He was saying it on my behalf,” Donghyuck feigns confidence and flashes his badge at Doyoung, “See, I’m a prefect.”
Doyoung frowns even harder, “I can see that. Why are you being so weird today?”
Donghyuck has to physically bite his lips to prevent an awkward laugh spilling out as that would ruin everything, “Oh, no particular reason. See you!” 
Grabbing Yangyang’s wrist, he drags him down a deserted corridor, “I’m going to lose it, why did that get so funny at the end?”
To his disappointment, his best friend doesn’t even laugh, only turning his head to look at him in a horrified kind of way, “The prefects never have their meetings in the Come-and-go Room.”
At this point, Donghyuck can’t even bring himself to care, only shrugging, “Whatever. I’ll send my patronus over to tell Y/n.”
Tumblr media
You hesitated in front of the blank wall, rehearsing your pre-written confession and apology one last time. Perhaps you’d been standing there for way more time than was socially acceptable though, because Yangyang hisses and jabs your waist, “Come on! I think he already knows you’re going to go and is probably waiting hopefully, so just go in!”
Donghyuck pipes up at the side, “We bombed the appointment making.”
“That does nothing to calm my erratic heartbeat!”
“Erratic heartbeat,” Yangyang mimics you sarcastically with a snort, “What’s done is done, hurry up and go in before he realises no other prefects are coming.”
The wall before you suddenly disappears and you quickly step through into what looks like a conference room but with beanbags instead of proper chairs. When you turn around again, Donghyuck and Yangyang have disappeared, no doubt the work of a Disillusionment Charm. 
Ungracefully, you trip over the nearest beanbag and end up sprawling at the foot of one of the bookshelves at the back of the room, and someone else’s foot too - Kim Doyoung’s. Great! Everything had started out great!
“Hey,” you started off awkwardly, taking the proffered hand and brushing your robes off.
Doyoung sighs down at you, “Look, Y/n, let’s not be awkward, okay? I know after my… confession it can be confusing or uncomfortable, but we’ve been friends for seven years, Y/n. Let’s not throw that away just for some useless feelings.”
He looks so sadly hopeful that another pang of guilt hits you quickly, and you rush to amend the situation, “Uh, about that-”
“Are all the other prefects not here yet? I thought you always came with Hyuck,” he blabbers on, not giving you any chances to speak at all, so you repeat yourself louder this time. “About that-”
Cutting you off again, Doyoung starts pacing around. “We never have meetings here, what’s with the sudden location chang-”
“ABOUT THAT!” You shout forcefully, making Doyoung actually spin around and step over a beanbag gracefully without losing his balance, looking at you silently. Ugh, opposites attract, you suppose.
“Well,” you looked away, suddenly not as confident anymore, “Kind of… Yangyang and Donghyuck didn’t call you here for a prefect meeting. I wanted to- okay, they wanted me to- okay, they forced me to come and talk to you one-on-one because there was a misunderstanding which was quote unquote very dumbass of us.”
Doyoung blinks, “What about? If it’s about being sorry you don’t return my feelings it’s really fine, you don’t have to apologi-”
“Will you just hear me out?”
His hands shoot up quickly and he backs off, “Okay, okay, sorry.”
“Thank you, Mr Kim. So, uh, anyway, I actually wrote a script for this but like… screw it. It’s more natural if I don’t use it. I perhaps maybe just found out that I like you? I know, please, it sounds so rushed, doesn’t it, but Hyuck and Yang kinda metaphorically and literally slapped sense into me and screamed the truth so… there’s that, I guess. I was happy when we had that whole over the top flirting thing going on, I really was. Maybe it’s because I’ve liked you for a long time.”
Doyoung looks less shocked than you’d thought he would, but you could see the quick change of mood and surge in confidence he was experiencing (this, obviously, was not because Doyoung was now walking over to you to fake- no, sorry, scratch that, flirt again).
“So what else did Hyuck and Yang tell you to do?”
“Grab your neck and kiss you, if I’m not wrong. Their words, not mine,” you grinned up at him, “I’ll do it if you’re not mad at me for being a dumbass and hurting your feelings. Or your hand.”
“I never thought the day I take love advice from Lee Donghyuck and Liu Yangyang would come,” Doyoung cocks his head at you, smiling slightly, “But I think you should go for it.”
Scrunching your nose, you shook your head a little, “Go for what?”
“Grab my neck and kiss me,” he smirks.
“Oh,” you roll your eyes and laugh, “Nah. You can do it.”
“Okay then. I will.”
So Doyoung grabs your neck and kisses you.
Tumblr media
“Crudely phrased,” you threw at your best friend, who was (of course) waiting for you outside the Ravenclaw Tower with (of course) your other best friend, “But overall the idea was good.”
With a coy smile, Donghyuck directs his eyes toward your intertwined hands, “Did a bit of experimentation?”
“A little more than a bit,” Doyoung laughs, “Thank you, you two.”
“Name your first child after me.”
“Name your second child after me.”
You laugh fondly, reaching over to yank at Yangyang’s ear, “Your name is terrible and I’d never name my child after you. What if he or she takes after you?”
“Name him/her after me then,” Donghyuck dances out of your reach, “I’d be the best uncle ever.”
“That’s not true,” a horrified Doyoung cuts in, “I don’t want my kids, if I ever have kids, to be anything like you. How did you even become a prefect?”
“I was handsome.”
“Y/n I’m going to tell my mom you said my name is bad.”
“Come on, Yangyang, don’t be petty.”
Tumblr media
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