moonlightdancer26 2 days ago
I saw some maraurders Stans complaining about how there isn鈥檛 a movie or anything like that about the maraurders but are scared it will be ruined and one person was like they might make snape the mc that would ruin everything.
Had a good laugh at the last bit 馃拃
Snape being the main character would literally be the ONLY thing saving the movie (along with Remus ofc, but how he鈥檚 handled is very important).
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rileylwlloved a day ago
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avsar5133 2 days ago
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sparring-spirals 3 months ago
Every time we learn more about F.C.G they get more unsettling and concerning, exactly how I was hoping it would be. Horses don't have souls cause they can't talk. Flat Exandria. Diving into people's brains to "check on them". It's terrible. Riveting.
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nachosforfree 9 months ago
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ending shipping discourse once and for all
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shmuzzieheart a month ago
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I loved drawing this
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gawki 9 months ago
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darkverrmin 6 months ago
Jaskier: He broke my heart after two decades. What do I do now?
Jaskier鈥檚 friends/colleagues/literally everyone: Just try to move on and keep doing your thing, you don鈥檛 need him.
Jaskier: Nice, I'll do that.
Jaskier: I will also write a hit song called "fuck you geralt"
Jaskier: And I will go from a cute little bean to a buff sexy god
Jaskier: Not because I want him back
Jaskier: But because I can
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tizzymcwizzy a month ago
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teex 3 months ago
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desperate measures | CGY @ DAL 05.07.22
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alkalinefrog 2 months ago
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I couldn鈥檛 get this conversation with @jjackfrost out of my head
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nandomando 2 months ago
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firethekitty 5 months ago
Once again thinking about how at the end of the Spamton NEO fight after you cut off all his strings and he鈥檚 raving that he鈥檚 finally free and he鈥檚 going to live for himself. then he says 鈥渨atch me fly, mama!!鈥 with that silly little jingle playing in the background that sounds like it鈥檚 taken from a 鈥測ou鈥檙e our millionth visitor!!!!鈥 page
and then he just falls to the ground and lays there and there鈥檚 no music or sound or dialogue. just deafening silence. just his motionless body and lifeless eyes and black background and it feels like it stays on that screen for hours. i remember having to literally look away when i played it for the first time bc it made me so viscerally uncomfortable and almost kind of nauseous. to this day i can barely even rewatch it lmao
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mommyclaws 3 months ago
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Reading Shadowpaw's chapters and I think it's cute how much he likes Rootpaw
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sparring-spirals a month ago
okay im going to give a fair warning now that i am so incredibly fucking tired, and all of the posts i am seeing in the tag are HEIGHTENING MY SENSE OF DELIRIUM.
Bc. This is like a mixing pot of 20 of my favorite character tropes/jokes/flaws blended together.
Laudna being distraught and being WAY TOO FOCUSED on "I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY THEN I'LL BE HAPPY ITS FINE BUT ALSO WHAT IF SHE NEVER LOVES ME AGAAAIIIN" and Imogen just About To Fucking Lose it going "welll i cant fucking BELIEVE- but its FINE but also GODDAMMIT-". and apparently both of them are going through LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE IN THE FUCKING PARTY TO ASK WHAT TO DO, BEFORE ASKING EACH OTHER. And Dusk and Ashton both DIRECTLY asked Imogen and Laudna whether they were in a relatio ship- and those ANSWERS- I.
(And Dusk asking Imogen and then getting That Reaction is so, so funny, and Ashton asking Laudna and then feeling bad about assuming- and Laudna's reaction- is so, so funny). And apparently Laudna is consistently wailing "i broke her roooock :(" and Imogen is just Peak I am Dealing REALLY Well With My Emotions Do Not Fucking Touch Me.
and Fearne is??? a QUOKKA?
These characters are so flawed and care about each other so much and are all kind of terrible at it and I am thriving, this is GREAT. i am trying to get it out of my system in one post so i can be somewhat coherent during the rerun.
like i love character foibles and flaws and I specifically love flaws manifesting like this, in a mildly romcom slightly embarassing, mostly hilarious, understandable, terrible decision making. its hilarious. its great. fuck yes.
like, this is about the romance to an extent, definitely, but its also about the humanness of it all and relationships (of all kinds) being stupid and messy and full of TOO MANY feelings to function- just. These two going around the Bell's Hells trying to get relationship and emotional advice and getting the most beautiful blend of helpful, confused, well intentioned, kind of useless advice from everyone other than each other.
Come on. Come on. :'D
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franbamm 8 months ago
i love that in this picture phoenix is just. standing there.
"oh look. a car"
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this is the pose of a man with no fear. a man with no self-preservation instincts. a man who knows he cannot die
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quigley-yy a month ago
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True psychic tales will say they were close friends
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