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‘Ten at the BoneYards’

Before the Dana Point Harbor Break Water, there was on just the right tide and swell a primo California Hot-Dogging Surf Spot. Affectionnately and Appropriatley called the ‘BoneYards’. One of my favorite locations during the 60’s.

John Dunn

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So here are some sutfffs I’ve done. Mostly from summer 2019. Top two are done with posca pens. My first ever graffiti (I live on the edge I know) and then my Landyachtz Status. I was in a skateboarding spending spree and I’m so glad, because now I have two. Bottom two are just lil fella! Do I hashtag? Anyways follow me! I wanna get involved!

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This one of a kind mosaic artwork was made by SwellColors’ owner and artist, Mary Tantillo. Elevated to a piece of art, this surfboard surely is a representation of a local islander’s life well lived. It was completed September 2019- a perfect representation of Local Summer.

The design on this board depicts a series of blooming flowers surrounding softly rolling waves- full of aloha spirit.

This is part of a series of surfboard mosaics made at SwellColors Glass Studio. We are more than happy to create a custom design, catered to your memories and inspiration, so please contact us if interested.

SwellColors Ships Worldwide Every Day.

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