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Steeper provisioning comes as a surprise

Steeper provisioning comes as a surprise

यह सुनने के लिए कीमत है ऐक्सिस बैंक कमेंट्री के बारे में कि वे अपनी स्थिरता शीट को बहुत कम करना चाहते हैं क्योंकि वे समाप्त कर चुके हैं, कहते हैं कृष्णन ASV, वरिष्ठ वीपी, एचडीएफसी सिक्योरिटीज
एक्सिस बैंक के नंबरों पर आपके प्रारंभिक विचार।हमने जो अनुमान लगाया था, उसकी तुलना में प्रोविजनिंग बहुत अधिक थी। हमने वास्तव में लगभग 2.2% सामान्य संपत्ति संरक्षण पर सोचा था, एक्सिस को अधिक नहीं करना पड़ सकता…


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axis bank: Axis Bank Q3 result: Steeper provisioning comes as a surprise

axis bank: Axis Bank Q3 result: Steeper provisioning comes as a surprise

It is worth listening to Axis Bank commentary about why they want to cushion their balance sheet as much as they have done, says Krishnan ASV, Senior V-P, HDFC Securities
Your initial thoughts on Axis Bank numbers.Compared to what we expected, the provisioning has been much steeper. We actually thought at nearly 2.2% standard asset coverage, Axis may not need to do much more. Unfortunately, they…

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i was gonna rant why hange’s death bothered me so much and i thought @chicken-strips-yum KNEW ABOUT HANGE’S DEATH BUT CLEARLY THEY DIDN’T SO I’M GONNA DIE

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My favorite burgers are ‘Surprise Burgers’. The pineapple inside the burger adds a hint of sweetness, while the sauce adds some tanginess! Warning: the added sauce and pineapple makes for a mess with little ones!

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Celeste Classic Gets A Surprise Sequel That You Can Play Right Now

Celeste Classic Gets A Surprise Sequel That You Can Play Right Now

Acclaimed platformer Celeste turned three-years old this week, and to celebrate, creator Maddy Thorson surprised fans by announcing a sequel of sorts to the game. No, it’s not a direct follow-up to the game available on consoles and PC, but rather a sequel to classic Celeste, the original Pico-8 version of the game dubbed Celeste Classic 2: Lani’s Track. The best part? It’s available now for free…

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“WHat’cha doin’?” 

This is what happens when you have Clementine as your sister! This was before Evangeline was taken to put on the priestess crown, about a year before, while Clementine was still part of the black scripture!

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So Fau-G came out today and surprise surprise…

So Fau-G came out today and surprise surprise…

The game is bugged. Bugged as hell. This broke India’s record for most pre-registrations and it’s bugged as hell. The D pad is useless because you move fast only if you point it forwards, the camera angle is often really weird and borderline broken at times, the weapon pickup system doesn’t work, the storyline makes no sense as yet, the only thing you need to do to play is keep clicking that one…

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OK BUT i need to know would it be out of line if i stole my good friends keys, cleaned her house, did the dishes, washed&dried her laundry/bed sheets, set out some flowers, pet her cat, lit a candle, hanged eucalyptus on her shower head and bought her a good dinner and left her a slice of cheesecake in her fridge for dessert… returned her keys, without her knowing, while she was at work, just for her to come home to it all… IS that over stepping and crazy?? She’s going through it and i’m concerned and just want to make her week alittle easier, someone please fucking reply!!!

sincerely a leo worried about her leo friend

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Surprise Carpet Cleaning Tile Grout Cleaner Upholstery Cleaning Surprise
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