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#surrealism rp
jaysflight · 7 months ago
can’t believe mexican dream showed up, caused chaos, died, and then became a plot point in the exile arc
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galaxinaa · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Mort Kunstler
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hufflehermione · 2 years ago
How to interact with the HP RP Community a guide:
Step 1: tags tags tags tags tags tags
Step 2: Do you have any emotions? Commentary? Tag em! No that’s not too many tags.
Step 3: RP?
Step 4: Have RPers you love excited to meet YOU cause of your tag rants????
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pighmypuff · 3 years ago
Since you're a big blog and get so many notes, can you stop using the hp rp community tag? You're clogging up my dash
Is this hate mail for having too much activity on my blog? Mama, I made it!
But in all seriousness, how dare you accuse me of being a big blog. I am a middle tier blog at best.
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i-feel-odd · 24 days ago
Tape Five Has Been Found!
Three cryptids explore a shoggoth hole, have existential crisis, more at 11.
If you like weird post apocalypse rp or modded minecraft, you'll also love the odditysmp content by @rocket-dust and the streams by @rowan-kastaros ! Check them out Or Else 🐸
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Just, uh. I've been scrolling this blog and I feel like something terrible happened here.
Not really, just a really surreal rp experience that lasted about a year. I honestly can not explain any of it adequately.
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i-feel-odd · 17 days ago
The sixth tape has been released!
The gang checks out and interdimensional doorway, and frog has an existential crisis! I'm really proud of this one so I hope ypu giys enjoy it! Be sure to checkout @rocket-dust and @rowan-kastaros for their osmp streams and video series!
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i-feel-odd · a month ago
The Third Tape Has Been Released!
If you like swamp cryptids, office workers, and human-ish? witches, check it out!
Everyone in this video has a channel, so check out @rocket-dust (Strega) at their channel and @mesperyian-of-erebos on twitch!
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i-feel-odd · a month ago
The first episode of my weird horror comedy minecraft smp is out!
This first ep is from corvids perspective (played by my gremlin pal smurg) If you want to see a group of people wake up in a hotel with no memory, hunted by horrible monsters swarming just outside, give it a watch. @rocket-dust has their own perspective uploaded as well, and @mesperyian-of-erebos is in on this too!
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