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Narcissism, how it started to destroy my marriage. I am the narcissist in the relationship, my wife Kayla, has 0% narcissism in her. Having narcissism in my life was more than enough to bring destruction to my marriage. Almost all the the traits tied to narcissism I have exemplified except for physical abuse.

I have gaslighted

I have screamed

I have confused her

I have put my needs above her own needs

I have criticized

I have love bombed

I have heightened her anxiety

I have made her doubt herself

I have caused panic attacks

I have destroyed emotions and emotional safety

I have lied and I have cheated

• • •

Yes, narcissism helped me destroy everything good in my marriage. The self absorbed way that I live. Arguments I can win by gas lighting, confusing or commanding. Making my wife walk on eggshells to please me while not caring how that affected her. The lack of emotions I would share with her while judging and degrading her own emotions and struggles. The nights spent arguing and listening to her cry while feeling annoyed that I had to be inconvenienced by her emotions.

Why am I painting such an awful picture?

This stuff is real. This is a huge struggle for me and lots of other people out there. Narcissism and my choices have had us at the brink of destruction for years.

How do you come back from that? How do you heal? Where is the light in that dark tunnel?

#wakeupwarrior #motivation #repost #survivor #relationships #ptsd #mentalhealth #love #sad #gaslighting #psychologicalabuse #motivation #abuse #quotes #divorce #inspiration #recovery #loveyourself #selflove #life #healing #sociopath #psychopath #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #narcissisticabuse #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #narcissism (at Chesapeake, Virginia)

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Elizabeth Smart and her parents <3

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One thing I absolutely love and adore about myself is, no matter how bad I’ve been treated, no matter how I’m feeling, no matter what I’ve been through or what I’m going through, I still have a heart of gold and endless love to give.

That’s one thing no one can ever take from me.


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Oh to fall off the deer into the death grass

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So these past months i have been really working on myself and getting to know myself better. I took these past months and found out i have new triggers and new things that just make me tick. I figured out i needed help but i wasn’t in the mindset to help myself back then. I have gotten better these past months and have been feeling better. I’m honestly happy i’m learning things about myself i never knew about before. I could honestly say i am much happier knowing that i have improved. I just wanted to keep you guys updated even if its something little like this. I know that i am still working on myself daily and its not some thing i can fix over night but now i know i have to watch for triggers to get a better understanding of myself. So yeah i hope every single one of you know it’s not easy and it’s been hard on me and probably you but i just want you to know you aren’t alone and if i am continuing to fight you should to! I LOVE YOU AND SO DO MANY OTHERS JUST KNOW THAT !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!

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Κάτια Ταραμπάνκο: Aποχώρησε από το Survivor 4 (vid)

Κάτια Ταραμπάνκο: Aποχώρησε από το Survivor 4 (vid)

Η απάντηση για την τύχη της Κάτιας στο παιχνίδι δόθηκε στο έκτακτο Συμβούλιο του νησιού όταν ο Γιώργος Λιανός ανακοίνωσε ότι η Κάτια είναι καλά στην υγεία της πλέον, ωστόσο θα χρειαστεί να αποχωρήσει από το παιχνίδι.
“Θα ήθελα να σας πω ότι η Κάτια Ταραμπάνκο είναι πλέον καλά στην υγεία της. Παρ’όλα αυτά, οι συνθήκες στο φετινό Survivor δεν της επιτρέπουν να συνεχίσει. Όπως σας είχα ανακοινώσει…


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Τέλος το Survivor για την Κάτια Ταραμπάνκο! Η επίσημη ανακοίνωση

Ο Γιώργος Λιανός πραγματοποιήσε έκτατο συμβούλιο στον Άγιο Δομίνικο με κάποιες ανακοινώσεις- έκπληξη στο #SurvivorGR.

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, ο παρουσιαστής αναφέρθηκε στην περιπέτεια υγείας της Κάτιας Ταραμπάνκο στο ριάλιτι επιβιώσης, λέγοντας:null

“Η Κατια Ταραμπανκο είναι πλέον καλά στην υγεία της. Παρόλα αυτά, οι συνθήκες στο φετινό Survivor, δεν της επιτρέπουν να συνεχίσει. Όπως σας έχω…


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Survivor yarışmasıyla adını duyuran Nagihan Karadere estetiğin dozunu kaçırınca sosyal medyanın diline düştü!

Survivor yarışmasıyla adını duyuran Nagihan Karadere estetiğin dozunu kaçırınca sosyal medyanın diline düştü!

Survivor yarışmasıyla adını duyuran Nagihan Karadere, sosyal medyada gündem oldu. Bir markanın halkla ilişkiler danışmanlığını yaptığını söyleyen Karadere, değişimiyle herkesi şaşırttı. Eşinden olaylı bir şekilde boşanan Nagihan Karadere yaptırdığı estetik operasyonlarla bambaşka birine dönüştü. 35 yaşındaki atlet Karadere sosyal medya büyük ilgi gördü. 2018 yılında Survivor ünlüler – gönüllüler…


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This Isn’t Done by Justice Graff

You think you won,

But this isn’t done.

I’m still standing,

Fans are still clapping.

Look at you. 

You’re losing it.

You’re emptied out.

Without a doubt,

I’m on top,

And you’re underground,

But this isn’t over until you’re knocked down.

You’re pathetic.

You’re weak.

Doesn’t seem like a challenge to me.

I’m strong.

I’m fast.

I can knock you down on your ass.


I cannot,

I will not.

I’m not miserable like you.

I may be on top,

And you may not know when to stop,

But I’m better than you.

I’m kinder than you.

I refuse to be like you.

I refuse to drop to your level.

Perhaps you should look up to mine,

And make up for the time you spent being weak,

Being mean,

Being the one that will never get the best of me.

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survivor amazon is so funny bc the whole first episode is just the guys tribe talking about how much smarter and stronger and better they are than the women and how they aren’t going to lose any challenges and they’ll just demolish the other tribe and then the women immediately win the first immunity and on top of that rob cesternino is in the corner talking to his magic eightball like it’s jesus

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I’m so

Fucking tired

Of fighting

I’ve been fighting for my life for almost 11 years

Why do I get this burden while you live your life

So freely .




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Scott Duncan (cinematographer), Survivor intro montage (CBS)

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Acı eşiği yüksek biriyimdir (iğneden korkmam ve hayatımda saysam iki üçü geçmeyen iğne olmam dışında) bekliyorum bakalım hayat survivorunda finale kalabilecekmiyim yoksa en başta elenenlerdenmi olucam…

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The seventh song eliminated was New Religion! You can access round 8 here:

Remember to vote for your LEAST favorite song.

Fallen Songs:

Smoke and Mirrors: 20% of responses

God Bless You: 27.3% of responses

Love Isn’t Always Fair: 17.6% of responses

Die for You: 28.9% of responses

Youth and Whisky: 28.9% of responses

Ritual: 37% of responses

New Religion: 30% of responses

Album Winners:

“Sweet Blasphemy” off of 2010’s “We Stitch These Wounds”

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If you are an adult survivor of abuse and happen to live in the Western North Carolina area/eastern Tennessee, we can help you. Resources are also online at so anyone can use that, regardless of where you live.

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FIRST OFF, a huge thank you to friends and the community for signal boosting Sevina’s GoFundMe. She’s been through so much, and yet still has more to overcome. 

Unfortunately, a close contact of her abuser attempted to reach out to her through the email system. While the support given has been great & has given her hope, she doesn’t feel safe in keeping this GoFundMe open for much longer.

If you are reading this, and have followed her story, this is her first attempt to reach out for help under this severe circumstances, and I’m angry that this abuser continues to stalk her despite her objections. 

WHAT I’M ASKING is if you could donate to her campaign one last time before she shuts it down. I’m not sure what the next steps will be, but I wanted to be sure she has enough of a cashflow before she goes offline.

Link is below. Thank you!

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Always listen carefully to a child’s stories, because sometimes the monsters are real

#Truth #DomesticAbuse #domesticviolence #childabuse #newlife #FatherAndSon #domesticviolenceawareness #Survivor #narcissist #author #domesticviolencesurvivor #childabuseawareness #newlease #bullying #bullyingawareness #parenting #parenthood #fatherhood #inspiration #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticabusesurvivor

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