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Well shiiittt

Received a text from the gym manager basically stating they can no longer keep certain employees on the payroll due to the shut down. When this happened we were given the opportunity to work in the gym but having a 6 year old I needed to be home focusing on her school so I declined the opportunity. Tomorrow is my birthday, I have to pick up my last check. Yay. Not looking forward to this at all. This is super emotional right now. It hits me in waves and I want to cry.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I have decided that after I pick up my check I am going to order some sushi for pick up and run into Walmart to pick up a few things as well as a lego kit. I don’t want to adult so I am gonna stuff my face with sushi and play with legos.

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day 16?: reflecting on that time a date took me to a sushi restaurant and they went to the bathroom and I thought it’d be a great idea to try wasabi so I stuck a giant piece in my mouth and visibly suffered enough that the waitress was concerned for my life and then I swiftly recovered before my date came back and they had no idea this happened until I drunkenly told them a month later

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