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Sustainability is something that is really important to me and I have learned how to make my college experience as low waste as possible. I recognize that there is definitely economic privilege needed to buy things like iPads for school and that some of these tips may not be accessible to everyone, but I hope some of these are helpful. Being sustainable isn’t about being perfectly zero waste, instead it is about reducing your environmental impact as much as possible.

  • Ipad: I take all my school notes using Good Notes on my iPad. I know that some places don’t allow you to use technology in class but this is what I use and I find it really helpful. I’m so much more organized because I am able to keep all my notes together and with me always.
  • Rocketbook: If you aren’t able to use an iPad, I would definitely recommend checking out the Rocketbook notebook. It is a reusable notebook that allows you to take scans of your notes then wipe off the page.
  • Quizlet: I know a lot of people really love paper flashcards but quizlet is so helpful! It even has games that help you learn.
  • Reusable water bottle: Everyone knows this but plastic water bottles are so bad for the environment! You can reduce so much waste by carrying your own bottle.
  • Silicone baggies: Most of my classes are back to back but all the to-go food in the dining halls are wrapped in tons of plastic. I bought these silicone ziplock bags that are so durable and convenient. I always keep a few in my bag.
  • Solar powered charger: A solar powered charger for your phone and laptop is super helpful. I never have to worry about running out of battery and I don’t have to use energy when I’m charging. This one seriously changed my life.
  • Keep a thermos for coffee: I try to not buy coffee when I’m on campus but on days when I need a pick me up, carrying my own thermos with me ensures that I don’t need to waste any plastic.
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