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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Productivity is often a scary word. It holds so much power in certain circles. It determines bonuses and promotions and value. However, productivity isn’t always what we think it is. It’s often linked to how much we get done in a day or how much we focus on. As a result, we’ve lost focus on the things we have passion about. Being productive is less about getting “things” done and more about prioritizing important aspects of our lives that are sustainable. Being productive may mean attending all 4 of your scheduled meetings. It can also be that you ate all 3 meals and had a snack. Don’t underestimate the things you get done because they aren’t found on a checklist.

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Come for the dinosaur, stay for the *crunch*!
#MindYourDirt #SullytheSucata #africanspurredtortoise #dinosaur #reptilerescue #minizoo #whathaveigottenmyselfinto #heshuge #cityboyfarmer #urbanfarmer #sustainability #sustainable #homestead #homesteading #raisingdinosaurs #lookwhoscomingtodinner (at San Diego, California)

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Hey so I literally never make posts on here but jsyk I’m giving all the sales I make on my depop this week to support BLM. I’ve been donating to the bail project so far but I’m open to other options as well!

My username is okolivia. I’ve got tons of new and vintage in all sizes. Literally hundreds of items! If you have any $ to spare and need new clothes please check me out! I think it’s rad to help crush police brutality AND fast fashion in one fell swoop.

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The building industry is responsible for the high consumption of energy and a large amount of CO2 emissions. As architects and civil engineers, we are aware that we should design resource-efficient buildings in order to reduce their environmental impact.

During our course “Experimentarium. Alternative materials for sustainable architecture”, we focus on the embodied building energy, especially the building materials. Since we understand materials as the key to find environmental-friendly solutions, we propose to collect information about traditional and non-traditional (experimental) materials for construction.

We propose to explore not only the consciousness for environmentally accurate use of materials but also, its proper handling and material flow. That is how this collection of materials gave form to a handbook, which helped the students to critically understand the impact of every design decision about materials in an architectural project.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for the e-catalog

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3PM EST TODAY: tune in for an Insta Live about what to look for in a non-medical mask! (My lil’ buddy Bane and I are stoked.) We’ll need these for a while, so I’ll be interviewing Wendy Lee (@asianfusionweddings), who was at ground zero for SARS in Canada, still works with frontline health professionals, and with that experience and knowledge makes custom non-medical masks for friends and family. (Wendy made this custom mask for me; I actually purchased it, along with two more in support.)
Confused by the explosions of non-medical face masks on the market now? Can’t decide what fabric is best for skin as well as protection? Or what shape and straps are best? Not sure how many you need because they need to be washed after each outdoor wear? We’ll be talking about it all. Bring your questions and comments!
#masks #nonmedicalfacemasks #covid19 #skin #WendyLee #sustainable #handmade #cotton #EgyptianCotton #hypoallergenic #Canadian #🇨🇦 #Bane #Beautygeeks (at Live on Instagram)

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Richlite is made from paper?! Hard to believe, but true. Layers of high quality paper make a dense and sustainable product.

Made from many layers of high quality engineered paper, Richlite’s surface texture comes from the natural variation in the way the fibers lay within the paper. Rolls of paper are infused with a thermosetting resin before they are cut to length and laid up by hand. Each sheet is carefully stacked, alternating the direction of paper for the ultimate balance and stability. The stacks are pressed under even heat and pressure, which bonds the layers of paper together and cures the product. The panels are then slowly cooled to produce a solid, stable sheet material.

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CORONA: A Silver Lining

For the past few months news headlines have been constant. The centre of attraction for the entire globe is and has been the novel coronavirus. The numerals in news articles are intimidating. We are living with the fear of either contracting the disease or its effect on the economy. Yet there is something more saddening than this, i.e., we have missed the brightness in this gloomy situation.

The petite yet notable positive impacts of lockdown have been ignored. While the corona has confined us to our homes, it has given the mother nature a chance to breathe. Also, it has given us a break from the routine workaholic life.

Impact of lockdown on nature

Low Pollution: With closing down of industries and no traffic on the roads, the level of pollution has decreased significantly.

“People in Punjab can see Himalayan Ranges from more than 100 miles away.”

Clean Rivers: The waters of rivers have become clean to the extent that fishes can be seen easily.

“The water of Ganga River is now fit for drinking after necessary treatment.”

Wildlife Rejuvenation: Minimal human activity has given a golden opportunity to the other creatures inhabiting the Earth to roam freely.

“Swans can be seen in Venice Canals.”

Impact of lockdown on our health

Healthy Eating Habits: Since restaurants, cafes, bars are closed, everyone is consuming meals cooked at home.

“Home cooking usually uses less oil, fresh ingredients, and little to no processed foods, making it a healthier option than eating out.”

Family Time: With schools, offices operating from home, families are getting time to sit together watch movies, eat, play, etc.

“Spending time together is a great way to relieve stress and improve mental health.”

Improved Sleeping Pattern: Earlier, due to hectic routines and workload, sleep was compromised. Work from home saves time, and so we can sleep for an extra hour.

“Even an extra hour of sleep makes a big difference to our health.”

Milestone (NGO) agrees that these times are miserable and frustrating. But we request everyone to cooperate and look at the bright side. The most important thing is to stay healthy mentally and take good care of each other and stray animals.

The Corona situation will settle with time, but we need to remember its positive impacts and should work towards building a coexisting, sustainable environment.

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Let’s talk about the Lorax

Everybody knows the once-ler needed truffula trees to make his thneeds right? Well, what was stopping him and his workers from just trimming the trees instead of cutting them down? That way he’d have an endless supply of raw materials. And if he needed the wood fibers to make the thneeds, and therefore cutting down the trees was necessary, he could have easily planted new ones so that he’d still have that endless supply! But no, he was too shortsighted to realize that he might run out of trees, what an idiot.

the Lorax has two morals

1: give a shit about the trees.

2: don’t be a shortsighted idiot.

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