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#sustainable aviation fuel
waynefarley · 7 months ago
Boeing Commits to Deliver Commercial Airplanes Ready to Fly on 100% Sustainable Fuels
Boeing Commits to Deliver Commercial Airplanes Ready to Fly on 100% Sustainable Fuels
Boeing is setting an ambitious target to advance the long-term sustainability of commercial aviation, committing that its commercial airplanes are capable and certified to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuels by 2030. Boeing has previously conducted successful test flights replacing petroleum jet fuel with 100% sustainable fuels to address the urgent challenge of climate change. According to…
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thesassenachsblog · 3 months ago
Hybrids in the skies
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The aviation sector might have evolved significantly with the improvements in propulsion system technology to deal with air-traffic potential demand developments and surges in fuel prices in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. Let’s take a look at the potential possibilities of these electric vehicles in aerospace in our society in this sponsored post.   
Hybrid-electric airplanes might use fuel-powered engines and batteries to drive electric propellers, or use electrically driven propellers alongside conventional turboprop or jet engines. Though hybrids don’t do away with fuel entirely, their electric motors facilitate designs that could be impossible for planes with fuel-powered engines alone.
The hybrid really allows you to do some things that you can't do with conventional engines. Most of these schemes are using the hybrid power plant tightly coupled to the design of a very aerodynamically ‘clean’ airplane, and using electric motors to make it more efficient. Check disclaimer on profile and landing page.
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