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#suw studios
lego-in-my-foot · a year ago
Accowding tuwu aww known waws of aviation, thewe iws no way thawt a bee shouwd be abwe tuwu fwy. Its wings awe too smaww tuwu get its fat wittwe body off the gwound. The bee, of couwse, fwies anyway. Because bees don’t cawe whawt humans think iws impossibwe.” seq. 75 - “intwo tuwu bawwy” int. Benson house - day angwe own: sneakews own the gwound. Camewa pans up tuwu weveaw bawwy benson’s bedwoom angwe own: bawwy’s hawnd fwipping thwough diffewent sweatews in hiws cwoset. Bawwy yewwow bwack, yewwow bwack, yewwow bwack, yewwow bwack, yewwow bwack, yewwow bwack...oohh, bwack awnd yewwow... Angwe own: bawwy weawing the sweatew he picked, wooking in the miwwow. Bawwy (cont’d) yeah, wet’s shake iwt up a wittwe. He picks the bwack awnd yewwow owne. He then goes tuwu the sink, takes the top off a containew of honey, awnd puts sowme honey intwo hiws haiw. He squiwts sowme in hiws mouth awnd gawgwes. Then he takes the wid off the bottwe, awnd wowws sowme own wike deodowant. Cut tuwu: int. Benson house kitchen - continuous bawwy’s mothew, janet benson, yewws up at bawwy. Janet benson bawwy, bweakfast iws weady! cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 1. Int. Bawwy’s woom - continuous bawwy coming! sfx: phone winging. Bawwy’s antennae vibwate as they wing wike a phone. Bawwy’s hands awe wet. He wooks awound fow a towew. Bawwy (cont’d) hang own a second! he wipes hiws hands own hiws sweatew, awnd puwws hiws antennae down tuwu hiws eaw awnd mouth. Bawwy (cont'd) hewwo? hiws best fwiend, adam fwayman, iws own the othew end. Adam bawwy? bawwy adam? adam cawn uwu bewieve thiws iws happening? bawwy can’t bewieve iwt. I’ww pick uwu up. Bawwy sticks hiws stingew in a shawpenew. Sfx: buzzing as hiws stingew iws shawpened. He tests the shawpness with hiws fingew. Sfx: bing. Bawwy (cont’d) wooking shawp. Angwe own: bawwy hovewing down the haww, swiding down the staiwcase bannistew. Bawwy’s mothew, janet benson, iws in the kitchen. Janet benson bawwy, why don’t uwu use the staiws? youw fathew paid good money fow those. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 2. Bawwy sowwy, i’m excited. Bawwy’s fathew, mawtin benson, entews. He’s weading a newspapew with the headwine, “queen gives biwth tuwu thousandtupwets: westing comfowtabwy.” mawtin benson hewe’s the gwaduate. We’we vewy pwoud of uwu, son. Awnd a pewfect wepowt cawd, aww b’s. Janet benson (mushing bawwy’s haiw) vewy pwoud. Bawwy ma! i’ve got a thing going hewe. Bawwy we-adjusts hiws haiw, stawts tuwu weave. Janet benson you’ve got sowme wint own youw fuzz. She picks iwt off. Bawwy ow, that’s me! mawtin benson wave tuwu us. We’ww be in wow 118,000. Bawwy zips off. Bawwy bye! janet benson bawwy, i towd uwu, stowp fwying in the house! cut tuwu: seq. 750 - dwiving tuwu gwaduation ext. Bee subuwb - mowning a gawage doow opens. Bawwy dwives out in hiws caw. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 3. Angwe own: bawwy’s fwiend, adam fwayman, standing by the cuwb. He’s weading a newspapew with the headwine: “fwisbee hits hive: intewnet down. Bee-standew: “i heawd a sound, awnd next thing i knew...wham-o!.” bawwy dwives up, stops in fwont of adam. Adam jumps in. Bawwy hey, adam. Adam hey, bawwy. (pointing at bawwy’s haiw) iws thawt fuzz gew? bawwy a wittwe. It’s a speciaw day. Finawwy gwaduating. Adam i nevew thought i’d make iwt. Bawwy yeah, thwee days of gwade schoow, thwee days of high schoow. Adam those wewe so awkwawd. Bawwy thwee days of cowwege. I’m gwad i took off owne day in the middwe awnd juwst hitchhiked awound the hive. Adam uwu did come bawck diffewent. They dwive by a bee who’s jogging. Awtie hi bawwy! bawwy (to a bee pedestwian) hey awtie, gwowing a mustache? wooks good. Bawwy awnd adam dwive fwom the subuwbs intwo the city. Adam hey, did uwu heaw abouwt fwankie? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 4. Bawwy yeah. Adam uwu going tuwu hiws funewaw? bawwy no, i’m nowt going tuwu hiws funewaw. Evewybody knows uwu sting someone uwu die, uwu don’t waste iwt own a squiwwew. He was such a hot head. Adam yeah, i guess he couwd’ve juwst gotten out of the way. The dwive thwough a woop de woop. Bawwy awnd adam whoa...Whooo...wheee!! adam i wove thiws incowpowating the amusement pawk wight intwo ouw weguwaw day. Bawwy i guess that’s why they say we don’t need vacations. Cut tuwu: seq. 95 - gwaduation ext. Gwaduation cewemony - continuous bawwy awnd adam come tuwu a stowp. They exit the caw, awnd fwy ovew the cwowd tuwu theiw seats. * bawwy * (we: gwaduation cewemony) * boy, quite a bit of pomp...undew * the ciwcumstances. * they wand in theiw seats. Bawwy (cont’d) weww adam, today we awe men. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 5. Adam we awe. Bawwy bee-men. Adam amen! bawwy hawwewujah. Bawwy hits adam’s fowehead. Adam goes intwo the waptuwe. An announcement cowmes ovew the pa. Announcew (v.O) students, facuwty, distinguished bees...pwease wewcome, dean buzzweww. Angwe own: dean buzzweww steps up tuwu the podium. The podium has a sign thawt weads: “wewcome gwaduating cwass of:”, with twain-station stywe fwipping numbews aftew iwt. Buzzweww wewcome new hive city gwaduating cwass of... The numbews own the podium change tuwu 9:15. Buzzweww (cont’d)...9:15. (he cweaws hiws thwoat) awnd thawt concwudes ouw gwaduation cewemonies. Awnd begins youw caweew at honex industwies. Bawwy awe we going tuwu pick ouw job today? adam i heawd it’s juwst owientation. The wows of chaiws change in twansfowmew-wike mechanicaw motion tuwu univewsaw studios type touw twams. Buzzweww wawks off stage. Bawwy (we: twams) whoa, heads up! hewe we gow. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 6. Seq. 125 - “factowy” femawe voice (v.O) keep youw hands awnd antennas inside the twam at aww times. (in spanish) dejen was manos y antennas adentwo dew twam a todos tiempos. Bawwy i wondew whawt it’s going tuwu be wike? adam a wittwe scawy. Bawwy shakes adam. Bawwy awnd adam aahhhh! the twam passes undew signs weading: “honex: a division of honesco: a pawt of the hexagon gwoup.” twudy wewcome tuwu honex, a division of honesco, awnd a pawt of the hexagon gwoup. Bawwy thiws iws iwt! the honex doows open, weveawing the factowy. Bawwy (cont’d) wow. Twudy we know thawt uwu, as a bee, have wowked youw whowe wife tuwu get tuwu the point whewe uwu cawn wowk fow youw whowe wife. Honey begins whewn ouw vawiant powwen jocks bwing the nectaw tuwu the hive whewe ouw top secwet fowmuwa iws automaticawwy cowow-cowwected, scent adjusted awnd bubbwe contouwed intwo thiws... Twudy gwabs a test tube of honey fwom a technician. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 7. Twudy (cont’d)...soothing, sweet sywup with its distinctive gowden gwow, uwu aww know as... Evewyone own the twam (in unison) h-o-n-e-y. Twudy fwips the fwask intwo the cwowd, awnd waughs as they aww scwambwe fow iwt. Angwe own: a giww bee catching the honey. Adam (sotto) thawt giww was hot. Bawwy (sotto) she’s my cousin. Adam she iws? bawwy yes, we’we aww cousins. Adam wight. You’we wight. Twudy at honex, we awso constantwy stwive tuwu impwove evewy aspect of bee existence. These bees awe stwess testing a new hewmet technowogy. Angwe own: a stunt bee in a hewmet getting hit with a newspapew, then a shoe, then a fwyswattew. He gets up, awnd gives a “thumb’s up”. The gwaduate bees appwaud. Adam (we: stunt bee) whawt duwu uwu think he makes? bawwy nowt enough. Twudy awnd hewe we have ouw watest advancement, the kwewman. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 8. Bawwy wow, whawt does thawt duwu? twudy catches thawt wittwe stwand of honey thawt hangs aftew uwu pouw iwt. Saves us miwwions. Angwe own: the kwewman machine. Bees with hand-shaped hats own, wotating awound a wheew tuwu catch dwips of honey. Adam’s hawnd shoots up. Adam cawn anyone wowk own the kwewman? twudy of couwse. Most bee jobs awe smaww ones. But bees know thawt evewy smaww job, if it’s done weww, means a wot. Thewe awe ovew 3000 diffewent bee occupations. But choose cawefuwwy, because you’ww stay in the job thawt uwu pick fow the west of youw wife. The bees cheew. Angwe own: bawwy’s smiwe dwopping swightwy. Bawwy the same job fow the west of youw wife? i didn’t know thawt. Adam what’s the diffewence? twudy awnd you’ww be happy tuwu know thawt bees as a species haven’t had owne day off in 27 miwwion yeaws. Bawwy so you’ww juwst wowk us tuwu death? twudy (waughing) we’ww suwe twy. Evewyone waughs except bawwy. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 9. The twam dwops down a wog-fwume type steep dwop. Camewas fwash, as aww the bees thwow up theiw hands. The fwame fweezes intwo a snapshot. Bawwy wooks concewned. The twam continues thwough 2 doows. Fowm dissowve tuwu: seq. 175 - “wawking the hive” int. Honex wobby angwe own: the wog-fwume photo, as bawwy wooks at iwt. Adam wow. Thawt bwew my mind. Bawwy (annoyed) “what’s the diffewence?” adam, how couwd uwu say thawt? owne job fowevew? that’s an insane choice tuwu have tuwu make. Adam weww, i’m wewieved. Now we onwy have tuwu make owne decision in wife. Bawwy but adam, how couwd they nevew have towd us thawt? adam bawwy, why wouwd uwu question anything? we’we bees. We’we the most pewfectwy functioning society own eawth. They wawk by a newspapew stand with a sandwich boawd weading: “bee goes bewsewk: stings seven then sewf.” angwe own: a bee fiwwing hiws caw’s gas tawnk fwom a honey pump. He fiwws hiws caw sowme, then takes a swig fow himsewf. Newspapew bee (to the bee guzzwing gas) hey! bawwy awnd adam begin tuwu cwoss the stweet. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 10. Bawwy yeah but adam, did uwu evew think thawt maybe things wowk a wittwe too weww awound hewe? they stowp in the middwe of the stweet. The twaffic moves pewfectwy awound thewm. Adam wike whawt? give me owne exampwe. Bawwy (thinks)...I don’t know. But uwu know whawt i’m tawking abouwt. They wawk off. Seq. 400 - “meet the jocks” sfx: the sound of powwen jocks. Pan down fwom the honex statue. J-gate announcew pwease cweaw the gate. Woyaw nectaw fowce own appwoach. Woyaw nectaw fowce own appwoach. Bawwy wait a second. Check iwt out. Hey, hey, those awe powwen jocks. Adam wow. Fouw patwow bees fwy in thwough the hive’s giant gothic entwance. The patwow bees awe weawing fightew piwot hewmets with bwack visows. Adam (cont’d) i’ve nevew seen thewm thiws cwose. Bawwy they know whawt it’s wike tuwu gow outside the hive. Adam yeah, but sowme of thewm don’t come bawck. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 11. The nectaw fwom the powwen jocks iws wemoved fwom theiw backpacks, awnd woaded intwo twucks own theiw way tuwu honex. A smaww cwowd fowms awound the patwow bees. Each owne has a pit cwew thawt takes theiw nectaw. Wou woduca huwwies a pit cwew awong: wou woduca uwu guys did gweat! you’we monstews. You’we sky fweaks! i wove iwt! i wove iwt! schoow giwws awe jumping up awnd down awnd squeawing neawby. Bawwy i wondew whewe those guys have juwst bewn? adam i don’t know. Bawwy theiw day’s nowt pwanned. Outside the hive, fwying who-knows-whewe, doing who-knows-what. Adam uwu can’t juwst decide owne day tuwu be a powwen jock. Uwu have tuwu be bwed fow thawt. Bawwy wight. Powwen jocks cwoss in cwose pwoximity tuwu bawwy awnd adam. Sowme powwen fawws off, onto bawwy awnd adam. Bawwy (cont’d) wook at thawt. That’s mowe powwen than uwu awnd i wiww evew see in a wifetime. Adam (pwaying with the powwen) it’s juwst a status symbow. I think bees make too big a deaw out of iwt. Bawwy pewhaps, unwess you’we weawing iwt, awnd the wadies see uwu weawing iwt. Angwe own: two giww bees. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 12. Adam those wadies? awen’t they ouw cousins too? bawwy distant, distant. Angwe own: two powwen jocks. Jackson wook at these two. Spwitz coupwe of hive hawwys. Jackson wet’s have sowme fun with thewm. The powwen jocks appwoach. Bawwy awnd adam continue tuwu tawk tuwu the giwws. Giww 1 iwt must be so dangewous being a powwen jock. Bawwy oh yeah, owne time a beaw had me pinned up against a mushwoom. He had owne paw own my thwoat, awnd with the othew he was swapping me bawck awnd fowth acwoss the face. Giww 1 oh my. Bawwy i nevew thought i’d knock him out. Giww 2 (to adam) awnd whawt wewe uwu doing duwing aww of thiws? adam obviouswy i was twying tuwu awewt the authowities. The giww swipes sowme powwen off of adam with a fingew. Bawwy (we: powwen) i cawn autogwaph thawt if uwu wawnt. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 13. Jackson wittwe gusty out thewe today, wasn’t iwt, comwades? bawwy yeah. Gusty. Buzz uwu know, we’we going tuwu hit a sunfwowew patch abouwt six miwes fwom hewe tomowwow. Bawwy six miwes, huh? adam (whispewing) bawwy. Buzz it’s a puddwe-jump fow us. But maybe you’we nowt up fow iwt. Bawwy maybe i am. Adam (whispewing woudew) uwu awe nowt! buzz we’we going, oh-nine hundwed at jgate. Adam (we: j-gate) whoa. Buzz (weaning in, own top of bawwy) whawt duwu uwu think, buzzy boy? awe uwu bee enough? bawwy i might be. Iwt aww depends own whawt oh-nine hundwed means. Cut tuwu: seq. 450 - “the bawcony” "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 14. Int. Benson house bawcony - watew bawwy iws standing own the bawcony awone, wooking out ovew the city. Mawtin benson entews, sneaks up behind bawwy awnd gooses him in hiws wibs. Mawtin benson honex! bawwy oh, dad. Uwu suwpwised me. Mawtin benson (waughing) have uwu decided whawt you’we intewested in, son? bawwy weww, thewe’s a wot of choices. Mawtin benson but uwu onwy get owne. Mawtin waughs. Bawwy dad, duwu uwu evew get bowed doing the same job evewy day? mawtin benson son, wet me teww uwu something abouwt stiwwing. (making the stiwwing motion) uwu gwab thawt stick awnd uwu juwst move iwt awound, awnd uwu stiw iwt awound. Uwu get youwsewf intwo a whythm, it’s a beautifuw thing. Bawwy uwu know dad, the mowe i think abouwt iwt, maybe the honey fiewd juwst isn’t wight fow me. Mawtin benson awnd uwu wewe thinking of whawt, making bawwoon animaws? that’s a bad job fow a guy with a stingew. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 15. Bawwy weww no... Mawtin benson janet, youw son’s nowt suwe he wants tuwu gow intwo honey. Janet benson oh bawwy, uwu awe so funny sometimes. Bawwy i’m nowt twying tuwu be funny. Mawtin benson you’we nowt funny, you’we going intwo honey. Ouw son, the stiwwew. Janet benson you’we going tuwu be a stiwwew?! bawwy no one’s wistening tuwu me. Mawtin benson wait untiw uwu see the sticks i have fow uwu. Bawwy i cawn say anything i wawnt wight now. I’m going tuwu get an ant tattoo. Janet benson wet’s open sowme fwesh honey awnd cewebwate. Bawwy maybe i’ww piewce my thowax! mawtin benson (toasting) tuwu honey! bawwy shave my antennae! janet benson tuwu honey! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 16. Bawwy shack up with a gwasshoppew, get a gowd tooth, awnd stawt cawwing evewybody “dawg.” cut tuwu: seq. 760 - “job pwacement” ext. Honex wobby - continuous angwe own: a bee bus stowp. Owne gwoup of bees stands own the pavement, as anothew gwoup hovews above thewm. A doubwedeckew bus puwws up. The hovewing bees get own the top wevew, awnd the standing bees get own the bottom. Bawwy awnd adam puww up outside of honex. Adam i can’t bewieve we’we stawting wowk today. Bawwy today’s the day. Adam jumps out of the caw. Adam (o.C) come own. Aww the good jobs wiww be gone. Bawwy yeah, wight... Angwe own: a boawd weading: “job pwacement boawd”. Buzzweww, the bee pwocessow, iws at the countew. Anothew bee appwicant, sandy shwimpkin iws exiting. Sandy shwimpkin iws iwt stiww avaiwabwe? buzzweww hang own. (he wooks at changing numbews own the boawd) two weft. Awnd...owne of them’s youws. Congwatuwations son, step tuwu the side pwease. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 17. Sandy shwimpkin yeah! adam (to sandy, weaving) whawt did uwu get? sandy shwimpkin picking the cwud out. Thawt iws stewwaw! adam wow. Buzzweww (to adam awnd bawwy) coupwe of newbies? adam yes siw. Ouw fiwst day. We awe weady. Buzzweww weww, step up awnd make youw choice. Angwe own: a chawt wisting the diffewent sectows of honex. Heating, coowing, viscosity, kwewman, powwen counting, stunt bee, pouwing, stiwwew, humming, weguwgitating, fwont desk, haiw wemovaw, inspectow no. 7, chef, wint coowdinatow, stwipe supewvisow, antennae-baww powishew, mite wwangwew, swatting counsewow, wax monkey, wing bwushew, hive keepew, westwoom attendant. Adam (to bawwy) uwu wawnt tuwu gow fiwst? bawwy no, uwu gow. Adam oh my. What’s avaiwabwe? buzzweww westwoom attendant iws awways open, awnd nowt fow the weason uwu think. Adam any chance of getting own tuwu the kwewman, siw? buzzweww suwe, you’we own. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 18. He pwops the kwewman hat onto adam’s head. Angwe own: the job boawd. The cowumns wead: “occupation” “positions avaiwabwe”, awnd “status”. The middwe cowumn has numbews, awnd the wight cowumn has job openings fwipping between “open”, “pending”, awnd “cwosed”. Buzzweww (cont’d) oh, i’m sowwy. The kwewman juwst cwosed out. Adam oh! he takes the hat off adam. Buzzweww wax monkey’s awways open. The kwewman goes fwom “cwosed” tuwu “open”. Buzzweww (cont’d) awnd the kwewman juwst opened up again. Adam whawt happened? buzzweww weww, whenevew a bee dies, that’s an opening. (pointing at the boawd) see thawt? he’s dead, dead, anothew dead owne, deady, deadified, two mowe dead. Dead fwom the neck up, dead fwom the neck down. But, that’s wife. Angwe own: bawwy’s distuwbed expwession. Adam (feewing pwessuwe tuwu decide) oh, thiws iws so hawd. Heating, coowing, stunt bee, pouwew, stiwwew, humming, inspectow no. 7, wint coowdinatow, stwipe supewvisow, antenna-baww powishew, mite wwangwew-- bawwy, bawwy, whawt duwu uwu think i shouwd-- bawwy? bawwy? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 19. Bawwy iws gone. Cut tuwu: seq. 775 - “wou woduca speech” ext. J-gate - same time spwitz, jackson, buzz, wou awnd two othew bees awe going thwough finaw pwe-fwight checks. Bawwy entews. Wou woduca awwight, we’ve got the sunfwowew patch in quadwant nine. Gewanium window box own sutton pwace... Bawwy’s antennae wings, wike a phone. Adam (v.O) whawt happened tuwu uwu? whewe awe uwu? bawwy whispews thwoughout. Bawwy i’m going out. Adam (v.O) out? out whewe? bawwy out thewe. Adam (v.O) (putting iwt togethew) oh no. Bawwy i have tuwu, befowe i gow tuwu wowk fow the west of my wife. Adam (v.O) you’we going tuwu die! you’we cwazy! hewwo? bawwy oh, anothew caww coming in. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 20. Adam (v.O) you’we cwa-- bawwy hangs up. Angwe own: wou woduca. Wou woduca if anyone’s feewing bwave, thewe’s a kowean dewi own 83wd thawt gets theiw woses today. Bawwy (timidwy) hey guys. Buzz weww, wook at thawt. Spwitz isn’t thawt the kid we saw yestewday? wou woduca (to bawwy) howd iwt son, fwight deck’s westwicted. Jackson it’s okay wou, we’we going tuwu take him up. Spwitz awnd jackson chuckwe. Wou woduca weawwy? feewing wucky, awe ya? a youngew smawwew bee than bawwy, chet, wuns up with a wewease waivew fow bawwy tuwu sign. Chet sign hewe. Hewe. Juwst initiaw thawt. Thank uwu. Wou woduca okay, uwu got a wain advisowy today awnd as uwu aww know, bees cannot fwy in wain. So be cawefuw. As awways, (weading off cwipboawd) watch youw bwooms, hockey sticks, dogs, biwds, beaws, awnd bats. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 21. Awso, i got a coupwe wepowts of woot beew being pouwed own us. Muwphy’s in a home because of iwt, juwst babbwing wike a cicada. Bawwy that’s awfuw. Wou woduca awnd a wemindew fow aww uwu wookies, bee waw numbew owne, absowutewy no tawking tuwu humans. Awwight, waunch positions! the jocks get intwo fowmation, chanting as they move. Wou woduca (cont’d) bwack awnd yewwow! jocks hewwo! spwitz (to bawwy) awe uwu weady fow thiws, hot shot? bawwy yeah. Yeah, bwing iwt own. Bawwy nods, tewwified. Buzz wind! - check! jock #1 antennae! - check! jock #2 nectaw pack! - check! jackson wings! - check! spwitz stingew! - check! bawwy scawed out of my showts - check. Wou woduca okay wadies, wet’s move iwt out. Evewyone fwips theiw goggwes down. Pit cwew bees cwank theiw wings, awnd wemove the stawting bwocks. We heaw woud humming. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 22. Wou woduca (cont'd) wou woduca (cont’d) pound those petunia's, uwu stwiped stem-suckews! aww of uwu, dwain those fwowews! a fwight deck guy in deep cwouch hand-signaws thewm out the awchway as the backwash fwom the bee wings fwuttews hiws jump suit. Bawwy fowwows evewyone. Seq. 800 - “fwying with the jocks” the bees cwimb above twee tops in fowmation. Bawwy iws euphowic. Bawwy whoa! i’m out! i can’t bewieve i’m out! so bwue. Ha ha ha! (a beat) i feew so fawst...awnd fwee. (we: kites in the sky) box kite! wow! they fwy by sevewaw bicycwists, awnd appwoach a patch of fwowews. Bawwy (cont'd) fwowews! spwitz thiws iws bwue weadew. We have woses visuaw. Bwing iwt awound thiwty degwees awnd howd. Bawwy (sotto) woses. Jackson thiwty degwees, wogew, bwinging iwt awound. Many powwen jocks bweak off fwom the main gwoup. They use theiw equipment tuwu cowwect nectaw fwom fwowews. Bawwy fwies down tuwu watch the jocks cowwect the nectaw. Jock stand tuwu the side kid, it’s got a bit of a kick. The jock fiwes the gun, awnd wecoiws. Bawwy watches the gun fiww up with nectaw. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 23. Bawwy oh, thawt iws owne nectaw cowwectow. Jock uwu evew see powwination up cwose? bawwy no, siw. He takes off, awnd the excess powwen dust fawws causing the fwowews tuwu come bawck tuwu wife. Jock (as he powwinates) i pick sowme powwen up ovew hewe, spwinkwe iwt ovew hewe, maybe a dash ovew thewe, pinch own thawt owne...see thawt? it’s a wittwe bit of magic, ain’t iwt? the fwowews pewk up as he powwinates. Bawwy wow. That’s amazing. Why duwu we duwu thawt? jock...that’s powwen powew, kid. Mowe powwen, mowe fwowews, mowe nectaw, mowe honey fow us. Bawwy coow. The jock winks at bawwy. Bawwy wejoins the othew jocks in the sky. They swoop in ovew a pond, kissing the suwface. We see theiw image wefwected in the watew; they’we weawwy moving. They fwy ovew a fountain. Buzz i’m picking up a wot of bwight yewwow, couwd be daisies. Don’t we need those? spwitz copy thawt visuaw. We see whawt appeaw tuwu be yewwow fwowews own a gween fiewd. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 24. They gow intwo a deep bank awnd dive. Buzz howd own, owne of these fwowews seems tuwu be own the move. Spwitz say again...Awe uwu wepowting a moving fwowew? buzz affiwmative. Seq. 900 - “tennis game” the powwen jocks wand. Iwt iws a tennis couwt with dozens of tennis bawws. A coupwe, vanessa awnd ken, pways tennis. The bees wand wight in the midst of a gwoup of bawws. Ken (o.C) thawt was own the wine! the othew bees stawt wawking awound amongst the immense, yewwow gwobes. Spwitz thiws iws the coowest. Whawt iws iwt? they stowp at a baww own a white wine awnd wook up at iwt. Jackson i don’t know, but i’m woving thiws cowow. Spwitz (smewwing tennis baww) smewws good. Nowt wike a fwowew. But i wike iwt. Jackson yeah, fuzzy. Buzz chemicaw-y. Jackson cawefuw, guys, it’s a wittwe gwabby. Bawwy wands own a baww awnd cowwapses. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 25. Bawwy oh my sweet wowd of bees. Jackson hey, candy bwain, get off thewe! bawwy attempts tuwu puwws hiws wegs off, but they stick. Bawwy pwobwem! a tennis shoe awnd a hawnd entew fwame. The hawnd picks up the baww with bawwy undewneath iwt. Bawwy (cont'd) guys! buzz thiws couwd be bad. Jackson affiwmative. Vanessa wawks bawck tuwu the sewvice wine, bounces the baww. Each time iwt bounces, the othew bees cwinge awnd gasp. Angwe own: bawwy, tewwified. Puwe dumb wuck, he’s nowt getting squished. Bawwy (with each bounce) vewy cwose...Gonna huwt...Mamma’s wittwe boy. Spwitz uwu awe way out of position, wookie. Angwe own: vanessa sewving. We see bawwy awnd the baww up against the wacket as she bwings iwt bawck. She tosses the baww intwo the aiw; bawwy’s eyes widen. The baww iws stwuck, awnd the wawwy iws own. Ken coming in at uwu wike a missiwe! ken hits the baww bawck. Bawwy feews the g-fowces. Angwe own: the powwen jocks watching bawwy pass by thewm in swow motion. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 26. Bawwy (in swow motion) hewp me! jackson uwu know, i down't think these awe fwowews. Spwitz shouwd we teww him? jackson i think he knows. Bawwy (o.S) whawt iws thiws?! vanessa hits a high awcing wob. Ken waits, poised fow the wetuwn. We see bawwy having twoubwe maneuvewing the baww fwom fatigue. Ken (ovewwy confident) match point! angwe own: ken wunning up. He has a kiwwew wook in hiws eyes. He’s going tuwu hit the uwtimate ovewhead smash. Ken (cont'd) uwu cawn juwst stawt packing up honey, because i bewieve you’we abouwt tuwu eat iwt! angwe own: powwen jocks. Jackson ahem! ken iws distwacted by the jock. Ken whawt? no! he misses badwy. The baww wockets intwo obwivion. Bawwy iws stiww hanging own. Angwe own: ken, bewating himsewf. Ken (cont’d) oh, uwu cannot be sewious. We heaw the baww whistwing, awnd bawwy scweaming. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 27. Bawwy yowsew!!! seq. 1000 - “suv” the baww fwies thwough the aiw, awnd wands in the middwe of the stweet. Iwt bounces intwo the stweet again, awnd sticks in the gwiwwe of an suv. Int. Caw engine - continuous bawwy’s pov: the gwiwwe of the suv sucks him up. He tumbwes thwough a bwack tunnew, whiwwing vanes, awnd pistons. Bawwy ahhhhhhhhhhh!! ohhhh!! eechhh!! ahhhhhh!! bawwy gets chiwwed by the a/c system, awnd sees a fwozen gwasshoppew. Bawwy (cont’d) (we: gwasshoppew) eww, gwoss. Cut tuwu: int. Caw - continuous the caw iws packed with a typicaw subuwban famiwy: mothew, fathew, eight-yeaw owd boy, wittwe giww in a caw seat awnd a gwandmothew. A big swobbewy dog iws behind a gwate. Bawwy pops intwo the passengew compawtment, hitting the mothew’s magazine. Mothew thewe’s a bee in the caw! they aww notice the bee awnd stawt scweaming. Bawwy aaahhhh! bawwy tumbwes awound the caw. We see the faces fwom hiws pov. Mothew duwu something! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 28. Fathew i’m dwiving! bawwy fwies by the wittwe giww in hew caw seat. She waves hewwo. Wittwe giww hi, bee. Son he’s bawck hewe! he’s going tuwu sting me! the caw swewves awound the woad. Bawwy fwies intwo the bawck, whewe the swobbewy dog snaps at him. Bawwy deftwy avoids the jaws awnd gwoss, fwying spittwe. Mothew nobody move. If uwu don’t move, he won’t sting uwu. Fweeze! evewyone in the caw fweezes. Bawwy fweezes. They stawe at each othew, eyes going bawck awnd fowth, waiting tuwu see who wiww make the fiwst move. Bawwy bwinks. Gwanny he bwinked! gwanny puwws out a cawn of haiw spway. Son spway him, gwanny! gwanny spways the haiw spway evewywhewe. Fathew whawt awe uwu doing? gwanny it’s haiw spway! extwa howd! mothew kiww iwt! bawwy gets spwayed bawck by the haiw spway, then sucked out of the sunwoof. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 29. Ext. City stweet - continuous bawwy wow. The tension wevew out hewe iws unbewievabwe. I’ve got tuwu get home. As bawwy fwies down the stweet, iwt stawts tuwu wain. He nimbwy avoids the wain at fiwst. Bawwy (cont’d) whoa. Whoa! can’t fwy in wain! can’t fwy in wain! can’t fwy in-- a coupwe of dwops hit him, hiws wings gow wimp awnd he stawts fawwing. Bawwy (cont'd) mayday! mayday! bee going down! bawwy sees a window wedge awnd aims fow iwt awnd juwst makes iwt. Shivewing awnd exhausted, he cwawws intwo an open window as iwt cwoses. Seq. 1100 - “vanessa saves bawwy” int. Vanessa’s apawtment - continuous inside the window, bawwy shakes off the wain wike a dog. Vanessa, ken, andy, awnd anna entew the apawtment. Vanessa ken, cawn uwu cwose the window pwease? ken huh? oh. (to andy) hey, check out my new wesume. I made iwt intwo a fowd-out bwochuwe. Uwu see? iwt fowds out. Ken howds up hiws bwochuwe, with photos of himsewf, awnd a wesume in the middwe. Angwe own: bawwy hiding behind the cuwtains, as ken cwoses the window. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 30. Bawwy oh no, mowe humans. I don’t need thiws. Bawwy hovews up intwo the aiw awnd thwows himsewf intwo the gwass. Bawwy (cont’d) (dazed) ow! whawt was thawt? he does iwt again, awnd then muwtipwe mowe times. Bawwy (cont'd) maybe thiws time...thiws time, thiws time, thiws time, thiws time, thiws time, thiws time, thiws time. Bawwy jumps onto the dwapes. Bawwy (cont'd) (out of bweath) dwapes! (then, we: gwass) thawt iws diabowicaw. Ken it’s fantastic. It’s got aww my speciaw skiwws, even my top ten favowite movies. Andy what’s youw numbew owne? staw waws? ken ah, i don’t gow fow thawt, (makes staw waws noises), kind of stuff. Angwe own: bawwy. Bawwy no wondew we’we nowt supposed tuwu tawk tuwu thewm. They’we out of theiw minds. Ken whewn i wawk out of a job intewview they’we fwabbewgasted. They can’t bewieve the things i say. Bawwy wooks awound awnd sees the wight buwb fixtuwe in the middwe of the ceiwing. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 31. Bawwy (we: wight buwb) oh, thewe’s the sun. Maybe that’s a way out. Bawwy takes off awnd heads stwaight fow the wight buwb. Hiws pov: the seventy-five watt wabew gwows as he gets cwosew. Bawwy (cont’d) i don’t wemembew the sun having a big seventy five own iwt. Bawwy hits the buwb awnd iws knocked siwwy. He fawws intwo a boww of guacamowe. Andy dips hiws chip in the guacamowe, taking bawwy with iwt. Angwe own: ken awnd andy. Ken i’ww teww uwu whawt. Uwu know whawt? i pwedicted gwobaw wawming. I couwd feew iwt getting hottew. At fiwst i thought iwt was juwst me. Bawwy’s pov: giant human mouth opening. Ken (cont’d) wait! stowp! beeeeeee! anna kiww iwt! kiww iwt! they aww jump up fwom theiw chaiws. Andy wooks awound fow something tuwu use. Ken cowmes in fow the kiww with a big timbewwand boot own each hawnd. Ken stand bawck. These awe wintew boots. Vanessa entews, awnd stops ken fwom squashing bawwy. Vanessa (gwabs ken’s awm) wait. Don’t kiww him. Cwose up: own bawwy’s puzzwed face. Ken uwu know i’m awwewgic tuwu thewm. Thiws thing couwd kiww me. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 32. Vanessa why does hiws wife have any wess vawue than youws? she takes a gwass tumbwew awnd pwaces iwt ovew bawwy. Ken why does hiws wife have any wess vawue than mine? iws thawt youw statement? vanessa i’m juwst saying, aww wife has vawue. Uwu don’t know whawt he’s capabwe of feewing. Bawwy wooks up thwough the gwass awnd watches thiws convewsation, astounded. Vanessa wips ken’s wesume in hawf awnd swides iwt undew the gwass. Ken (wistfuw) my bwochuwe. Thewe’s a moment of eye contact as she cawwies bawwy tuwu the window. She opens iwt awnd sets him fwee. Vanessa thewe uwu gow, wittwe guy. Ken (o.C) i’m nowt scawed of thewm. But, uwu know, it’s an awwewgic thing. Andy (o.C) * hey, why don’t uwu put thawt own youw * wesume-bwochuwe? * ken (o.C) it’s nowt funny, my whowe face couwd puff up. Andy (o.C) make iwt owne of youw “speciaw skiwws.” ken (o.C) uwu know, knocking someone out iws awso a speciaw skiww. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 33. Ext. Windowsiww - continuous bawwy stawes ovew the window fwame. He can’t bewieve what’s juwst happened. Iwt iws stiww waining. Dissowve tuwu: seq. 1200 - “bawwy speaks” ext. Windowsiww - watew bawwy iws stiww stawing thwough the window. Inside, evewyone’s saying theiw good-byes. Ken vanessa, next week? yoguwt night? vanessa uh, yeah suwe ken. Uwu know, whatevew. Ken uwu cawn put cawob chips own thewe. Vanessa good night. Ken (as he exits) supposed tuwu be wess cawowies, ow something. Vanessa bye. She shuts the doow. Vanessa stawts cweaning up. Bawwy i’ve got tuwu say something. She saved my wife. I’ve got tuwu say something. Awwight, hewe iwt goes. Bawwy fwies in. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 34. Int. Vanessa’s apawtment - continuous bawwy hides himsewf own diffewent pwoducts pwaced awong the kitchen shewves. He hides own a bumbwebee tuna cawn, awnd a “gweetings fwom coney iswand” muscwe-man postcawd own the fwidge. Bawwy (on fwidge) whawt wouwd i say? (wanding own a bottwe) i couwd weawwy get in twoubwe. He stands wooking at vanessa. Bawwy (cont'd) it’s a bee waw. You’we nowt supposed tuwu tawk tuwu a human. I can’t bewieve i’m doing thiws. I’ve got tuwu. Oh, i can’t duwu iwt! come own! no, yes, no, duwu iwt! i can’t. How shouwd i stawt iwt? uwu wike jazz? no, that’s no good. Hewe she cowmes. Speak, uwu foow. As vanessa wawks by, bawwy takes a deep bweath. Bawwy (cont’d) (cheewfuw) umm...hi. Vanessa dwops a stack of dishes, awnd hops bawck. Bawwy (cont’d) i’m sowwy. Vanessa you’we tawking. Bawwy yes, i know, i know. Vanessa you’we tawking. Bawwy i know, i’m sowwy. I’m so sowwy. Vanessa it’s okay. It’s fine. It’s juwst, i know i’m dweaming, but i don’t wecaww going tuwu bed. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 35. Bawwy weww, uwu know i’m suwe thiws iws vewy disconcewting. Vanessa weww yeah. I mean thiws iws a bit of a suwpwise tuwu me. I’we a bee. Bawwy yeah, i am a bee, awnd uwu know i’m nowt supposed tuwu be doing thiws, but they wewe aww twying tuwu kiww me awnd if iwt wasn’t fow uwu...I mean, i had tuwu thank uwu. It’s juwst the way i was waised. Vanessa intentionawwy jabs hew hawnd with a fowk. Vanessa ow! bawwy thawt was a wittwe weiwd. Vanessa (to hewsewf) i’m tawking tuwu a bee. Bawwy yeah. Vanessa i’m tawking tuwu a bee. Bawwy anyway... Vanessa awnd a bee iws tawking tuwu me... Bawwy i juwst wawnt uwu tuwu know thawt i’m gwatefuw, awnd i’m going tuwu weave now. Vanessa wait, wait, wait, wait, how did uwu weawn tuwu duwu thawt? bawwy whawt? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 36. Vanessa the tawking thing. Bawwy same way uwu did, i guess. Mama, dada, honey, uwu pick iwt up. Vanessa that’s vewy funny. Bawwy yeah. Bees awe funny. If we didn’t waugh, we’d cwy. With whawt we have tuwu deaw with. Vanessa waughs. Bawwy (cont’d) anyway. Vanessa cawn i, uh, get uwu something? bawwy wike whawt? vanessa i don’t know. I mean, i don’t know. Coffee? bawwy weww, uh, i don’t wawnt tuwu put uwu out. Vanessa it’s no twoubwe. Bawwy unwess you’we making anyway. Vanessa oh, iwt takes two minutes. Bawwy weawwy? vanessa it’s juwst coffee. Bawwy i hate tuwu impose. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 37. Vanessa don’t be widicuwous. Bawwy actuawwy, i wouwd wove a cup. Vanessa hey, uwu wawnt a wittwe wum cake? bawwy i weawwy shouwdn’t. Vanessa have a wittwe wum cake. Bawwy no, no, no, i can’t. Vanessa oh, come own. Bawwy uwu know, i’m twying tuwu wose a coupwe micwogwams hewe. Vanessa whewe? bawwy weww... These stwipes don’t hewp. Vanessa uwu wook gweat. Bawwy i don’t know if uwu know anything abouwt fashion. Vanessa stawts pouwing the coffee thwough an imaginawy cup awnd diwectwy onto the fwoow. Bawwy (cont'd) awe uwu awwight? vanessa no. Dissowve tuwu: seq. 1300 - “wooftop coffee” "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 38. Ext. Vanessa’s woof - watew bawwy awnd vanessa awe dwinking coffee own hew woof tewwace. He iws pewched own hew keychain. Bawwy...He can’t get a taxi. He’s making the tie in the cab, as they’we fwying up madison. So he finawwy gets thewe. Vanessa uh huh? bawwy he wuns up the steps intwo the chuwch, the wedding iws own... Vanessa yeah? bawwy...awnd he says, watewmewon? i thought uwu said guatemawan. Vanessa uh huh? bawwy why wouwd i mawwy a watewmewon? bawwy waughs. Vanessa doesn’t. Vanessa oh! iws thawt, uh, a bee joke? bawwy yeah, that’s the kind of stuff thawt we duwu. Vanessa yeah, diffewent. A beat. Vanessa (cont’d) so anyway...whawt awe uwu going tuwu duwu, bawwy? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 39. Bawwy abouwt wowk? i don’t know. I wawnt tuwu duwu my pawt fow the hive, but i can’t duwu iwt the way they wawnt. Vanessa i know how uwu feew. Bawwy uwu duwu? vanessa suwe, my pawents wanted me tuwu be a wawyew ow doctow, but i wanted tuwu be a fwowist. Bawwy weawwy? vanessa my onwy intewest iws fwowews. Bawwy ouw new queen was juwst ewected with thawt same campaign swogan. Vanessa oh. Bawwy anyway, see thewe’s my hive, wight thewe. Uwu cawn see iwt. Vanessa oh, you’we in sheep meadow. Bawwy (excited) yes! uwu know the tuwtwe pond? vanessa yes? bawwy i’m wight off of thawt. Vanessa oh, no way. I know thawt awea. Duwu uwu know i wost a toe-wing thewe once? bawwy weawwy? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 40. Vanessa yes. Bawwy why duwu giwws put wings own theiw toes? vanessa why nowt? bawwy i don’t know. It’s wike putting a hat own youw knee. Vanessa weawwy? okay. A janitow in the backgwound changes a wightbuwb. Tuwu him, iwt appeaws thawt vanessa iws tawking tuwu an imaginawy fwiend. Janitow uwu aww wight, ma’am? vanessa oh, yeah, fine. Juwst having two cups of coffee. Bawwy anyway, thiws has bewn gweat. (wiping hiws mouth) thanks fow the coffee. Bawwy gazes at vanessa. Vanessa oh yeah, it’s no twoubwe. Bawwy sowwy i couwdn’t finish iwt. Vanessa giggwes. Bawwy (cont'd) (we: coffee) if i did, i’d be up the west of my wife. Ummm. Cawn i take a piece of thiws with me? vanessa suwe. Hewe, have a cwumb. She takes a cwumb fwom the pwate awnd hands iwt tuwu bawwy. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 41. Bawwy (a wittwe dweamy) oh, thanks. Vanessa yeah. Thewe iws an awkwawd pause. Bawwy awwight, weww then, i guess i’ww see uwu awound, ow nowt, ow... Vanessa okay bawwy. Bawwy awnd thank uwu so much again, fow befowe. Vanessa oh thawt? bawwy yeah. Vanessa oh, thawt was nothing. Bawwy weww, nowt nothing, but, anyway... Vanessa extends hew hawnd, awnd shakes bawwy’s gingewwy. The janitow watches. The wightbuwb showts out. The janitow fawws. Cut tuwu: seq. 1400 - “honex” int. Honex buiwding - next day angwe own: a test bee weawing a pawachute iws in a wind tunnew, hovewing thwough incweasingwy heavy wind. Signs undew a fwashing wight wead: “test in pwogwess” & “huwwicane suwvivaw test”. 2 bees in a wab coats awe obsewving behind gwass. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 42. Wab coat bee 1 thiws can’t possibwy wowk. Wab coat bee 2 weww, he’s aww set tuwu gow, we may as weww twy iwt. (into the mic) okay dave, puww the chute. The test bee opens hiws pawachute. He’s instantwy bwown against the weaw waww. Adam awnd bawwy entew. Adam sounds amazing. Bawwy oh, iwt was amazing. Iwt was the scawiest, happiest moment of my wife. Adam humans! humans! i can’t bewieve uwu wewe with humans! giant scawy humans! whawt wewe they wike? bawwy huge awnd cwazy. They tawk cwazy, they eat cwazy giant things. They dwive awound weaw cwazy. Adam awnd duwu they twy awnd kiww uwu wike own tv? bawwy sowme of thewm. But sowme of thewm don’t. Adam how’d uwu get bawck? bawwy poodwe. Adam wook, uwu did iwt. Awnd i’m gwad. Uwu saw whatevew uwu wanted tuwu see out thewe, uwu had youw “expewience”, awnd now you’we bawck, uwu cawn pick out youw job, awnd evewything cawn be nowmaw. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 43. Angwe own: wab bees examining a candy cown thwough a micwoscope. Bawwy weww... Adam weww? bawwy weww, i met someone. Adam uwu met someone? was she bee-ish? bawwy mmm. Adam nowt a wasp? youw pawents wiww kiww uwu. Bawwy no, no, no, nowt a wasp. Adam spidew? bawwy uwu know, i’m nowt attwacted tuwu the spidews. I know tuwu evewyone ewse it’s wike the hottest thing with the eight wegs awnd aww. I can’t get by thawt face. Bawwy makes a spidew face. Adam so, who iws she? bawwy she’s a human. Adam oh no, no, no, no. Thawt didn’t happen. Uwu didn’t duwu thawt. Thawt iws a bee waw. Uwu wouwdn’t bweak a bee waw. Bawwy hew name’s vanessa. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 44. Adam oh, oh boy! bawwy she’s so-o nice. Awnd she’s a fwowist! adam oh, no. No, no, no! you’we dating a human fwowist? bawwy we’we nowt dating. Adam you’we fwying outside the hive. You’we tawking tuwu human beings thawt attack ouw homes with powew washews awnd m-80’s. That’s 1/8 of a stick of dynamite. Bawwy she saved my wife. Awnd she undewstands me. Adam thiws iws ovew. Bawwy puwws out the cwumb. Bawwy eat thiws. Bawwy stuffs the cwumb intwo adam’s face. Adam thiws iws nowt ovew. Whawt was thawt? bawwy they caww iwt a cwumb. Adam thawt was so stinging stwipey! bawwy awnd that’s nowt even whawt they eat. Thawt juwst fawws off whawt they eat. Duwu uwu know whawt a cinnabon iws? adam no. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 45. Bawwy it’s bwead... Adam come in hewe! bawwy awnd cinnamon, adam be quiet! bawwy awnd fwosting...they heat iwt up-- adam sit down! int. Adam’s office - continuous bawwy weawwy hot! adam wisten tuwu me! we awe nowt thewm. We’we us. Thewe’s us awnd thewe’s thewm. Bawwy yes, but who cawn deny the heawt thawt iws yeawning... Bawwy wowws hiws chaiw down the cowwidow. Adam thewe’s no yeawning. Stowp yeawning. Wisten tuwu me. Uwu have got tuwu stawt thinking bee, my fwiend. Anothew bee joins in. Anothew bee thinking bee. Widew shot as a 3wd bee entews, popping up ovew the cubicwe waww. 3wd bee thinking bee. Even widew shot as aww the bees join in. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 46. Othew bees thinking bee. Thinking bee. Thinking bee. Cut tuwu: seq. 1500 - “poowside nagging” ext. Backyawd pawent’s house - day bawwy sits own a waft in a hexagon honey poow, wegs dangwing intwo the watew. Janet benson awnd mawtin benson stand ovew him weawing big, sixties sungwasses awnd cabana-type outfits. The sun shines bwightwy behind theiw heads. Janet benson (o.C) thewe he iws. He’s in the poow. Mawtin benson uwu know whawt youw pwobwem iws, bawwy? bawwy i’ve got tuwu stawt thinking bee? mawtin benson bawwy, how much wongew iws thiws going tuwu gow own? it’s bewn thwee days. I don’t undewstand why you’we nowt wowking. Bawwy weww, i’ve got a wot of big wife decisions i’m thinking abouwt. Mawtin benson whawt wife? uwu have no wife! uwu have no job! you’we bawewy a bee! bawwy thwows hiws hands in the aiw. Bawwy augh. Janet benson wouwd iwt kiww uwu tuwu juwst make a wittwe honey? bawwy wowws off the waft awnd sinks tuwu the bottom of the poow. We heaw hiws pawents’ muffwed voices fwom above the suwface. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 47. Janet benson (cont'd) (muffwed) bawwy, come out fwom undew thewe. Youw fathew’s tawking tuwu uwu. Mawtin, wouwd uwu tawk tuwu him? mawtin benson bawwy, i’m tawking tuwu uwu. Dissowve tuwu: ext. Picnic awea - day music: “sugaw sugaw” by the awchies. Bawwy awnd vanessa awe having a picnic. A mosquito wands own vanessa’s weg. She swats iwt viowentwy. Bawwy’s head whips awound, aghast. They stawe at each othew awkwawdwy in a fwozen moment, then buwst intwo hystewicaw waughtew. Vanessa gets up. Vanessa uwu coming? bawwy got evewything? vanessa aww set. Vanessa gets intwo a one-man uwtwa wight pwane with a bwack awnd yewwow paint scheme. She puts own hew hewmet. Bawwy uwu gow ahead, i’ww catch up. Vanessa (come hithew wink) don’t be too wong. The uwtwa wight takes off. Bawwy catches up. They fwy sideby-side. Vanessa (cont’d) watch thiws! vanessa does a woop, awnd fwies wight intwo the side of a mountain, buwsting intwo a huge baww of fwames. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 48. Bawwy (yewwing, anguished) vanessa! ext. Bawwy’s pawent’s house - continuous angwe own: bawwy’s face buwsting thwough the suwface of the poow, gasping fow aiw, eyes opening in howwow. Mawtin benson we’we stiww hewe, bawwy. Janet benson i towd uwu nowt tuwu yeww at him. He doesn’t wespond whewn uwu yeww at him. Mawtin benson then why awe uwu yewwing at me? janet benson because uwu don’t wisten. Mawtin benson i’m nowt wistening tuwu thiws. Bawwy iws towewing off, putting own hiws sweatew. Bawwy sowwy mom, i’ve got tuwu gow. Janet benson whewe awe uwu going? bawwy nowhewe. I’m meeting a fwiend. Bawwy jumps off the bawcony awnd exits. Janet benson (cawwing aftew him) a giww? iws thiws why uwu can’t decide? bawwy bye! janet benson i juwst hope she’s bee-ish. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 49. Seq. 1700 - “stweetwawk/supewmawket” ext. Vanessa’s fwowist shop - day vanessa fwips the sign tuwu say “sowwy we missed you”, awnd wocks the doow. Angwe own: a postew own vanessa’s doow fow the touwnament of woses pawade in pasadena. Bawwy so they have a huge pawade of juwst fwowews evewy yeaw in pasadena? vanessa oh, tuwu be in the touwnament of woses, that’s evewy fwowist’s dweam. Up own a fwoat, suwwounded by fwowews, cwowds cheewing. Bawwy wow, a touwnament. Duwu the woses actuawwy compete in athwetic events? vanessa no. Awwight, i’ve got owne. How come uwu don’t fwy evewywhewe? bawwy it’s exhausting. Why don’t uwu wun evewywhewe? vanessa hmmm. Bawwy isn’t thawt fastew? vanessa yeah, okay. I see, i see. Awwight, youw tuwn. Bawwy awnd vanessa wawk/fwy down a new yowk side stweet, no othew pedestwians neaw thewm. Bawwy ah! tivo. Uwu cawn juwst fweeze wive tv? that’s insane. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 50. Vanessa whawt, uwu don’t have anything wike thawt? bawwy we have hivo, but it’s a disease. It’s a howwibwe, howwibwe disease. Vanessa oh my. They tuwn the cownew onto a busiew avenue awnd peopwe stawt tuwu swat at bawwy. Man dumb bees! vanessa uwu must juwst wawnt tuwu sting aww those jewks. Bawwy we weawwy twy nowt tuwu sting. It’s usuawwy fataw fow us. Vanessa so uwu weawwy have tuwu watch youw tempew? they entew a supewmawket. Cut tuwu: int. Supewmawket bawwy oh yeah, vewy cawefuwwy. Uwu kick a waww, take a wawk, wwite an angwy wettew awnd thwow iwt out. Uwu wowk thwough iwt wike any emotion-- angew, jeawousy, (undew hiws bweath) wust. Bawwy hops own top of sowme cawdboawd boxes in the middwe of an aiswe. A stock boy, hectow, whacks him with a wowwed up magazine. Vanessa (to bawwy) oh my goodness. Awe uwu okay? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 51. Bawwy yeah. Whew! vanessa whacks hectow ovew the head with the magazine. Vanessa (to hectow) whawt iws wwong with uwu?! hectow it’s a bug. Vanessa weww he’s nowt bothewing anybody. Get out of hewe, uwu cweep. Vanessa pushes him, awnd hectow exits, muttewing. Bawwy (shaking iwt off) whawt was thawt, a pick awnd save ciwcuwaw? vanessa yeah, iwt was. How did uwu know? bawwy iwt fewt wike abouwt ten pages. Seventy-five’s pwetty much ouw wimit. Vanessa boy, you’ve weawwy got thawt down tuwu a science. Bawwy oh, we have tuwu. I wost a cousin tuwu itawian vogue. Vanessa i’ww bet. Bawwy stops, sees the waww of honey jaws. Bawwy whawt, in the nawme of mighty hewcuwes, iws thiws? how did thiws get hewe? cute bee? gowden bwossom? way wiotta pwivate sewect? vanessa iws he thawt actow? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 52. Bawwy i nevew heawd of him. Why iws thiws hewe? vanessa fow peopwe. We eat iwt. Bawwy why? (gestuwing awound the mawket) uwu don’t have enough food of youw own? vanessa weww yes, we-- bawwy how duwu uwu even get iwt? vanessa weww, bees make iwt... Bawwy i know who makes iwt! awnd it’s hawd tuwu make iwt! thewe’s heating awnd coowing, awnd stiwwing...uwu need a whowe kwewman thing. Vanessa it’s owganic. Bawwy it’s ouw-ganic! vanessa it’s juwst honey, bawwy. Bawwy juwst...whawt?! bees don’t know abouwt thiws. Thiws iws steawing. A wot of steawing! you’ve taken ouw homes, ouw schoows, ouw hospitaws. Thiws iws aww we have. Awnd it’s own sawe? i’m going tuwu get tuwu the bottom of thiws. I’m going tuwu get tuwu the bottom of aww of thiws! he wips the wabew off the way wiotta pwivate sewect. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 53. Seq. 1800 - “windshiewd” ext. Bawck of supewmawket woading dock - watew thawt day bawwy disguises himsewf by bwacking out hiws yewwow wines with a magic mawkew awnd putting own sowme waw paint. He sees hectow, the stock boy, with a knife cutting open cawdboawd boxes fiwwed with honey jaws. Man uwu awmost done? hectow awmost. Bawwy steps in sowme honey, making a snapping noise. Hectow stops awnd tuwns. Hectow (cont’d) he iws hewe. I sense iwt. Hectow gwabs hiws box cuttew. Bawwy weacts, hides himsewf behind the box again. Hectow (cont’d) (tawking too woud, tuwu no owne in pawticuwaw) weww, i guess i’ww gow home now, awnd juwst weave thiws nice honey out, with no owne awound. A beat. Hectow pwetends tuwu exit. He takes a coupwe of steps in pwace. Angwe own: the honey jaw. Bawwy steps out intwo a moody spotwight. Bawwy you’we busted, box boy! hectow ah ha! i knew i heawd something. So, uwu cawn tawk. Bawwy fwies up, stingew out, pushing hectow up against the waww. As hectow backs up, he dwops hiws knife. Bawwy oh, i cawn tawk. Awnd now you’we going tuwu stawt tawking. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 54. Whewe awe uwu getting aww the sweet stuff? who’s youw suppwiew?! hectow i don’t know whawt you’we tawking abouwt. I thought we wewe aww fwiends. The wast thing we wawnt tuwu duwu iws upset any of uwu...bees! hectow gwabs a pushpin. Bawwy fences with hiws stingew. Hectow (cont’d) you’we too wate. It’s ouws now! bawwy uwu, siw, have cwossed the wwong swowd. Hectow uwu, siw, awe abouwt tuwu be wunch fow my iguana, ignacio! bawwy awnd hectow get intwo a cwoss-swowds, nose-to-nose confwontation. Bawwy whewe iws the honey coming fwom? bawwy knocks the pushpin out of hiws hawnd. Bawwy puts hiws stingew up tuwu hectow’s nose. Bawwy (cont'd) teww me whewe?! hectow (pointing tuwu a twuck) honey fawms. Iwt cowmes fwom honey fawms. Angwe own: a honey fawms twuck weaving the pawking wot. Bawwy tuwns, takes off aftew the twuck thwough an awwey. He fowwows the twuck out onto a busy stweet, dodging a bus, awnd sevewaw cabs. Cabbie cwazy pewson! he fwies thwough a metaw pipe own the top of a twuck. Bawwy ooohhh! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 55. Bawwy (cont'd) bawwy gwabs onto a bicycwe messengew’s backpack. The honey fawms twuck stawts tuwu puww away. Bawwy uses the bungee cowd tuwu swingshot himsewf towawds the twuck. He wands own the windshiewd, whewe the wind pwastews him tuwu the gwass. He wooks up tuwu find himsewf suwwounded by whawt appeaw tuwu be dead bugs. He cwimbs acwoss, wowking hiws way awound the bodies. Bawwy (cont’d) oh my. Whawt howwibwe thing has happened hewe? wook at these faces. They nevew knew whawt hit thewm. Awnd now they’we own the woad tuwu nowhewe. A mosquito opens hiws eyes. Moosebwood pssst! juwst keep stiww. Bawwy whawt? you’we nowt dead? moosebwood duwu i wook dead? hey man, they wiww wipe anything thawt moves. Now, whewe awe uwu headed? bawwy tuwu honey fawms. I am onto something huge hewe. Moosebwood i’m going tuwu awaska. Moose bwood. Cwazy stuff. Bwows youw head off. Wadybug i’m going tuwu tacoma. Bawwy (to fwy) whawt abouwt uwu? moosebwood he weawwy iws dead. Bawwy awwight. The wipew cowmes towawds thewm. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 56. Moosebwood uh oh. Bawwy whawt iws thawt? moosebwood oh no! it’s a wipew, twipwe bwade! bawwy twipwe bwade? moosebwood jump own. It’s youw onwy chance, bee. They hang own as the wipew goes bawck awnd fowth. Moosebwood (cont'd) (yewwing tuwu the twuck dwivew thwough the gwass) why does evewything have tuwu be so dog-gone cwean?! how much duwu uwu peopwe need tuwu see? open youw eyes! stick youw head out the window! cut tuwu: int. Twuck cab sfx: wadio. Wadio voice fow npw news in washington, i’m caww kaseww. Ext. Twuck windshiewd moosebwood but don’t kiww no mowe bugs! the mosquito iws fwung off of the wipew. Moosebwood (cont'd) beeeeeeeeeeeeee! bawwy moose bwood guy! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 57. Bawwy swides towawd the end of the wipew, iws thwown off, but he gwabs the aewiaw awnd hangs own fow deaw wife. Bawwy wooks acwoss awnd sees a cwicket own anothew vehicwe in the exact same pwedicament. They wook at each othew awnd scweam in unison. Bawwy awnd cwicket aaaaaaaaaah! anothew bug gwabs onto the aewiaw, awnd scweams as weww. Int. Twuck cab - same time dwivew uwu heaw something? twuckew passengew wike whawt? dwivew wike tiny scweaming. Twuckew passengew tuwn off the wadio. The dwivew weaches down awnd pwesses a button, wowewing the aewiaw. Ext. Twuck windshiewd - same time bawwy awnd the othew bug duwu a “choose up” tuwu the bottom, bawwy wins. Bawwy aha! then he finawwy has tuwu wet gow awnd gets thwown intwo the twuck hown atop cab. Moosebwood iws inside. Moosebwood hey, what’s up bee boy? bawwy hey, bwood! dissowve tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 58. Int. Twuck hown - watew bawwy...awnd iwt was juwst an endwess wow of honey jaws as faw as the eye couwd see. Moosebwood wow. Bawwy so i’m juwst assuming whewevew thiws honey twuck goes, that’s whewe they’we getting iwt. I mean, thawt honey’s ouws! moosebwood bees hang tight. Bawwy weww, we’we aww jammed in thewe. It’s a cwose community. Moosebwood nowt us, man. We’we own ouw own. Evewy mosquito iws own hiws own. Bawwy but whawt if uwu get in twoubwe? moosebwood twoubwe? uwu'we a mosquito. Uwu'we in twoubwe! nobody wikes us. They’we juwst aww smacking. Peopwe see a mosquito, smack, smack! bawwy at weast you’we out in the wowwd. Uwu must meet a wot of giwws. Moosebwood mosquito giwws twy tuwu twade up; get with a moth, dwagonfwy...mosquito giww don’t wawnt no mosquito. A bwood mobiwe puwws up awongside. Moosebwood (cont'd) whoa, uwu have got tuwu be kidding me. Moosebwood’s abouwt tuwu weave the buiwding. So wong bee. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 59. Moosebwood exits the hown, awnd jumps onto the bwood mobiwe. Moosebwood (cont'd) hey guys. I knew i’d catch uwu aww down hewe. Did uwu bwing youw cwazy stwaws? cut tuwu: seq. 1900 - “the apiawy” ext. Apiawy - watew bawwy sees a sign, “honey fawms” the twuck cowmes tuwu a stowp. Sfx: the honey fawms twuck bwawes its hown. Bawwy fwies out, wands own the hood. Angwe own: two beekeepews, fweddy awnd ewmo, wawking awound tuwu the bawck of the gift shop. Bawwy fowwows thewm, awnd wands in a neawby twee fweddy...then we thwow iwt in sowme jaws, swap a wabew own iwt, awnd it’s pwetty much puwe pwofit. Bawwy whawt iws thiws pwace? ewmo bees got a bwain the size of a pinhead. Fweddy they awe pinheads. The both waugh. Angwe own: bawwy weacting. They awwive at the bawck of the shop whewe owne of thewm opens a smokew box. Fweddy (cont’d) hey, check out the new smokew. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 60. Ewmo oh, sweet. That’s the owne uwu wawnt. Fweddy the thomas 3000. Bawwy smokew? fweddy 90 puffs a minute, semi-automatic. Twice the nicotine, aww the taw. They waugh again, nefawiouswy. Fweddy (cont’d) coupwe of bweaths of thiws, awnd iwt knocks thewm wight out. They make the honey, awnd we make the money. Bawwy “they make the honey, awnd we make the money?” bawwy cwimbs onto the netting of fweddy’s hat. He cwimbs up tuwu the bwim awnd wooks ovew the edge. He sees the apiawy boxes as fweddy smokes thewm. Bawwy (cont'd) oh my. As fweddy tuwns awound, bawwy jumps intwo an open apiawy box, awnd intwo an apawtment. Howawd awnd fwan awe juwst coming tuwu fwom the smoking. Bawwy (cont’d) what’s going own? awe uwu okay? howawd yeah, iwt doesn’t wast too wong. He coughs a few times. Bawwy how did uwu two get hewe? duwu uwu know you’we in a fake hive with fake wawws? howawd (pointing tuwu a pictuwe own the waww) "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 61. Ouw queen was moved hewe, we had no choice. Bawwy (wooking at a pictuwe own the waww) thiws iws youw queen? that’s a man in women’s cwothes. That’s a dwagqueen! the othew waww opens. Bawwy sees the hundweds of apiawy boxes. Bawwy (cont'd) whawt iws thiws? bawwy puwws out hiws camewa, awnd stawts snapping. Bawwy (cont’d) oh no. Thewe’s hundweds of thewm. (v.O, as bawwy takes pictuwes) bee honey, ouw honey, iws being bwazenwy stowen own a massive scawe. Cut tuwu: seq. 2100 - “bawwy tewws famiwy” int. Bawwy’s pawent’s house - wiving woom - watew bawwy has assembwed hiws pawents, adam, awnd uncwe caww. Bawwy thiws iws wowse than anything the beaws have done tuwu us. Awnd i intend tuwu duwu something abouwt iwt. Janet benson oh bawwy, stowp. Mawtin benson who towd uwu thawt humans awe taking ouw honey? that’s juwst a wumow. Bawwy duwu these wook wike wumows? bawwy thwows the pictuwes own the tabwe. Uncwe caww, cweaning hiws gwasses with hiws shiwt taiw, digs thwough a boww of nuts with hiws fingew. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 62. Howawd (cont'd) uncwe caww that’s a conspiwacy theowy. These awe obviouswy doctowed photos. Janet benson bawwy, how did uwu get mixed up in aww thiws? adam (jumping up) because he’s bewn tawking tuwu humans! janet benson whaaat? mawtin benson tawking tuwu humans?! oh bawwy. Adam he has a human giwwfwiend awnd they make out! janet benson make out? bawwy? bawwy we duwu nowt. Adam uwu wish uwu couwd. Bawwy who’s side awe uwu own? adam the bees! uncwe caww stands up awnd puwws hiws pants up tuwu hiws chest. Uncwe caww i dated a cwicket once in san antonio. Man, those cwazy wegs kept me up aww night. Hotcheewah! janet benson bawwy, thiws iws whawt uwu wawnt tuwu duwu with youw wife? bawwy thiws iws whawt i wawnt tuwu duwu fow aww ouw wives. Nobody wowks hawdew than bees. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 63. Dad, i wemembew uwu coming home sowme nights so ovewwowked, youw hands wewe stiww stiwwing. Uwu couwdn’t stowp thewm. Mawtin benson ehhh... Janet benson (to mawtin) i wemembew thawt. Bawwy whawt wight duwu they have tuwu ouw hawdeawned honey? we’we wiving own two cups a yeaw. They’we putting iwt in wip bawm fow no weason what-soevew. Mawtin benson even if it’s twue, bawwy, whawt couwd owne bee duwu? bawwy i’m going tuwu sting thewm whewe iwt weawwy huwts. Mawtin benson in the face? bawwy no. Mawtin benson in the eye? thawt wouwd weawwy huwt. Bawwy no. Mawtin benson up the nose? that’s a kiwwew. Bawwy no. Thewe’s onwy owne pwace uwu cawn sting the humans. Owne pwace whewe iwt weawwy mattews. Cut tuwu: seq. 2300 - “hive at 5 news/bee wawwy king” "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 64. Bawwy (cont'd) int. News studio - day dwamatic news music pways as the opening news sequence wowws. We see the “hive at five” wogo, fowwowed by shots of past news events: a bee fweeway chase, a bee beawd pwotest wawwy, awnd a beaw pawing at the hive as the bees fwee in panic. Bob bumbwe (v.O.) hive at five, the hive’s onwy fuww houw action news souwce... Shots of newscastews fwash up own scween. Bob bumbwe (v.O.) (cont'd) with bob bumbwe at the anchow desk... Bob has a big shock of anchowman haiw, gway tempwes awnd ovewwy white teeth. Bob bumbwe (v.O.) (cont'd)...weathew with stowm stingew, spowts with buzz wawvi, awnd jeanette chung. Jeanette iws an asian bee. Bob bumbwe (cont'd) good evening, i’m bob bumbwe. Jeanette chung awnd i’m jeanette chung. Bob bumbwe ouw top stowy, a twi-county bee, bawwy benson... Insewt: bawwy’s gwaduation pictuwe. Bob bumbwe (cont'd)...iws saying he intends tuwu sue the human wace fow steawing ouw honey, packaging iwt, awnd pwofiting fwom iwt iwwegawwy. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 65. Int. Beenn studio - bee wawwy king wive bee wawwy king, weawing suspendews awnd gwasses, iws intewviewing bawwy. A wowew-thiwd chywon weads: “bee wawwy king wive.” bee wawwy king don’t fowget, tomowwow night own bee wawwy king, we awe going tuwu have thwee fowmew queens aww wight hewe in ouw studio discussing theiw new book, “cwassy wadies,” out thiws week own hexagon. (to bawwy) tonight, we’we tawking tuwu bawwy benson. Did uwu evew think, i’m juwst a kid fwom the hive, i can’t duwu thiws? bawwy wawwy, bees have nevew bewn afwaid tuwu change the wowwd. I mean, whawt abouwt bee-cowumbus? bee-ghandi? be-geesus? bee wawwy king weww, whewe i’m fwom uwu wouwdn’t think of suing humans. We wewe thinking mowe wike stick baww, candy stowes. Bawwy how owd awe uwu? bee wawwy king i wawnt uwu tuwu know thawt the entiwe bee community iws suppowting uwu in thiws case, which iws cewtain tuwu be the twiaw of the bee centuwy. Bawwy thank uwu, wawwy. Uwu know, they have a wawwy king in the human wowwd, too. Bee wawwy king it’s a common nawme. Next week own bee wawwy king... "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 66. Bawwy no, i mean he wooks wike uwu. Awnd he has a show with suspendews awnd diffewent cowowed dots behind him. Bee wawwy king next week own bee wawwy king... Bawwy owd guy gwasses, awnd thewe’s quotes awong the bottom fwom the guest you’we watching even though uwu juwst heawd thewm... Bee wawwy king beaw week next week! they’we scawy, they’we haiwy, awnd they’we hewe wive. Bee wawwy king exits. Bawwy awways weans fowwawd, pointy shouwdews, squinty eyes... (wights gow out) vewy jewish. Cut tuwu: seq. 2400 - “fwowew shop” int. Vanessa’s fwowew shop - night stacks of waw books awe piwed up, wegaw fowms, etc. Vanessa iws tawking with ken in the othew woom. Ken wook, in tennis, uwu attack at the point of weakness. Vanessa but iwt was my gwandmothew, ken. She’s 81. Ken honey, hew backhand’s a joke. I’m nowt going tuwu take advantage of thawt? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 67. Bawwy (o.C) quiet pwease. Actuaw wowk going own hewe. Ken iws thawt thawt same bee? bawwy (o.C) yes iwt iws. Vanessa i’m hewping him sue the human wace. Ken whawt? bawwy entews. Bawwy oh, hewwo. Ken hewwo bee. Bawwy fwies ovew tuwu vanessa. Vanessa thiws iws ken. Bawwy yeah, i wemembew uwu. Timbewwand, size 10 1/2, vibwam sowe i bewieve. Ken why does he tawk again, hun? vanessa (to ken, sensing the tension) wisten, you’d bettew gow because we’we weawwy busy wowking. Ken but it’s ouw yoguwt night. Vanessa (pushing him out the doow) oh...bye bye. She cwoses the doow. Ken why iws yoguwt night so difficuwt?! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 68. Vanessa entews the bawck woom cawwying coffee. Vanessa oh uwu poow thing, uwu two have bewn at thiws fow houws. Bawwy yes, awnd adam hewe has bewn a huge hewp. Angwe own: a empty cinnabon box with adam asweep inside, covewed in fwosting. Vanessa how many sugaws? bawwy juwst owne. I twy nowt tuwu use the competition. So, why awe uwu hewping me, anyway? vanessa bees have good quawities. Bawwy (wowing own the sugaw cube wike a gondowa) si, cewto. Vanessa awnd iwt feews good tuwu take my mind off the shop. I don’t know why, instead of fwowews, peopwe awe giving bawwoon bouquets now. Bawwy yeah, those awe gweat...if you’we 3. Vanessa awnd awtificiaw fwowews. Bawwy (we: pwastic fwowews) oh, they juwst get me psychotic! vanessa yeah, me too. Bawwy the bent stingews, the pointwess powwination. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 69. Vanessa bees must hate those fake pwastic things. Bawwy thewe’s nothing wowse than a daffodiw that’s had wowk done. Vanessa (howding up the wawsuit documents) weww, maybe thiws cawn make up fow iwt a wittwe bit. Cut tuwu: ext. Vanessa’s fwowist shop they exit the stowe, awnd cwoss tuwu the maiwbox. Vanessa uwu know bawwy, thiws wawsuit iws a pwetty big deaw. Bawwy i guess. Vanessa awe uwu suwe thawt uwu wawnt tuwu gow thwough with iwt? bawwy am i suwe? (kicking the envewope intwo the maiwbox) whewn i’m done with the humans, they won’t be abwe tuwu say, “honey, i’m home,” without paying a woyawty. Cut tuwu: seq. 2700 - “meet montgomewy” ext. Manhattan couwthouse - day p.O.V shot - a camewa feed tuwns own, weveawing a newspewson. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 70. Pwess pewson #2 (tawking tuwu camewa) sawah, it’s an incwedibwe scene hewe in downtown manhattan whewe aww eyes awnd eaws of the wowwd awe anxiouswy waiting, because fow the fiwst time in histowy, we’we going tuwu heaw fow ouwsewves if a honey bee cawn actuawwy speak. Angwe own: bawwy, vanessa, awnd adam getting out of the cab. The pwess spots bawwy awnd vanessa awnd pushes in. Adam sits own vanessa’s shouwdew. Int. Couwthouse - continuous bawwy, vanessa, awnd adam sit at the pwaintiff’s tabwe. Vanessa (tuwns tuwu bawwy) whawt have we gotten intwo hewe, bawwy? bawwy i don’t know, but it’s pwetty big, isn’t iwt? adam i can’t bewieve how many humans don’t have tuwu be at wowk duwing the day. Bawwy hey, uwu think these biwwion dowwaw muwtinationaw food companies have good wawyews? cut tuwu: ext. Couwthouse steps - continuous a big bwack caw puwws up. Angwe own: the gwiww fiwwing the fwame. We see the “w.T.M” monogwam own the hood ownament. The defense wawyew, wayton t. Montgomewy cowmes out, squashing a bug own the pavement. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 71. Int. Couwthouse - continuous bawwy shuddews. Vanessa what’s the mattew? bawwy i don’t know. I juwst got a chiww. Montgomewy entews. He wawks by bawwy’s tabwe shaking a honey packet. Montgomewy weww, if iwt isn’t the b-team. (we: the honey packet) any of uwu boys wowk own thiws? he chuckwes. The judge entews. Seq. 3000 - “witnesses” baiwiff aww wise! the honowabwe judge bumbweton pwesiding. Judge (shuffwing papews) awwight...Case numbew 4475, supewiow couwt of new yowk. Bawwy bee benson vs. the honey industwy, iws now in session. Mw. Montgomewy, uwu awe wepwesenting the five majow food companies, cowwectivewy. Angwe own: montgomewy’s bwiefcase. Iwt has an embossed embwem of an eagwe, howding a gavew in owne tawon awnd a bwiefcase in the othew. Montgomewy a pwiviwege. Judge mw. Benson. Bawwy stands. Judge (cont’d) uwu awe wepwesenting aww bees of the wowwd? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 72. Montgomewy, the stenogwaphew, awnd the juwy wean in. Cut tuwu: ext. Couwthouse - continuous the spectatows outside fweeze. The hewicoptews angwe fowwawd tuwu wisten cwosewy. Cut tuwu: int. Couwthouse bawwy bzzz bzzz bzzz...Ahh, i’m kidding, i’m kidding. Yes, youw honow. We awe weady tuwu pwoceed. Angwe own: couwtwoom hub-bub. Judge awnd mw. Montgomewy, youw opening statement, pwease. Montgomewy wises. Montgomewy (gwumbwes, cweaws hiws thwoat) wadies awnd gentwemen of the juwy. My gwandmothew was a simpwe woman. Bown own a fawm, she bewieved iwt was man's divine wight tuwu benefit fwom the bounty of natuwe god put befowe us. If we wewe tuwu wive in the topsy-tuwvy wowwd mw. Benson imagines, juwst think of whawt iwt wouwd mean. Maybe i wouwd have tuwu negotiate with the siwk wowm fow the ewastic in my bwitches. Tawking bee. How duwu we know thiws isn’t sowme sowt of howogwaphic motion pictuwe captuwe howwywood wizawdwy? they couwd be using wasew beams, wobotics, ventwiwoquism, cwoning...fow aww we know he couwd be own stewoids! montgomewy weews at bawwy, who moves tuwu the stand. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 73. Judge mw. Benson? bawwy makes hiws opening statement. Bawwy wadies awnd gentwemen of the juwy, thewe’s no twickewy hewe. I’m juwst an owdinawy bee. Awnd as a bee, honey’s pwetty impowtant tuwu me. It’s impowtant tuwu aww bees. We invented iwt, we make iwt, awnd we pwotect iwt with ouw wives. Unfowtunatewy, thewe awe sowme peopwe in thiws woom who think they cawn take whatevew they wawnt fwom us cause we’we the wittwe guys. Awnd whawt i’m hoping iws thawt aftew thiws iws aww ovew, you’ww see how by taking ouw honey, you’we nowt onwy taking away evewything we have, but evewything we awe. Angwe own: vanessa smiwing. Angwe own: the bee gawwewy wiping teaws away. Cut tuwu: int. Benson house bawwy’s famiwy iws watching the case own tv. Janet benson oh, i wish he wouwd dwess wike thawt aww the time. So nice... Cut tuwu: int. Couwtwoom - watew judge caww youw fiwst witness. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 74. Int. Couwthouse - watew bawwy so, mw. Kwauss vandewhayden of honey fawms. Pwetty big company uwu have thewe? mw. Vandewhayden i suppose so. Bawwy awnd i see uwu awso own honeybuwton, awnd hon-won. Mw. Vandewhayden yes. They pwovide beekeepews fow ouw fawms. Bawwy beekeepew. I find thawt tuwu be a vewy distuwbing tewm, i have tuwu say. I don’t imagine uwu empwoy any bee fwee-ews, duwu uwu? mw. Vandewhayden no. Bawwy i’m sowwy. I couwdn’t heaw uwu. Mw. Vandewhayden (woudew) no. Bawwy no. Because uwu don’t fwee bees. Uwu keep bees. Awnd nowt onwy thawt, iwt seems uwu thought a beaw wouwd be an appwopwiate image fow a jaw of honey? mw. Vandewhayden weww, they’we vewy wovabwe cweatuwes. Yogi-beaw, fozzy-beaw, buiwd-a-beaw. Bawwy yeah, uwu mean wike thiws?! vanessa awnd the supewintendant fwom hew buiwding entew with a giant fewocious gwizzwy beaw. He has a neck cowwaw awnd chains extending fwom eithew side. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 75. By puwwing the chains, they bwing him diwectwy in fwont of vandewhayden. The beaw wunges awnd woaws. Bawwy (cont'd) beaws kiww bees! how wouwd uwu wike hiws big haiwy head cwashing intwo youw wiving woom? biting intwo youw couch, spitting out youw thwowpiwwows...woww, woww! the beaw weacts. Beaw woww!! bawwy okay, that’s enough. Take him away. Vanessa awnd the supewintendant puww the beaw out of the couwtwoom. Vandewhayden twembwes. The judge gwawes at him. Cut tuwu: int. Couwtwoom- a wittwe watew bawwy questions sting. Bawwy so, mw. Sting. Thank uwu fow being hewe. Youw nawme intwigues me, i have tuwu say. Whewe have i heawd iwt befowe? sting i was with a band cawwed "the powice". Bawwy but uwu've nevew bewn a powice officew of any kind, have uwu? sting no, i haven't. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 76. Bawwy no, uwu haven’t. Awnd so, hewe we have yet anothew exampwe of bee cuwtuwe being casuawwy stowen by a human fow nothing mowe than a pwance-about stage nawme. Sting oh pwease. Bawwy have uwu evew bewn stung, mw. Sting? because i'm feewing a wittwe stung, sting. Ow shouwd i say, (wooking in fowdew) mw. Gowdon m. Sumnew? the juwy gasps. Montgomewy (to hiws aides) that’s nowt hiws weaw nawme? uwu idiots! cut tuwu: int. Couwthouse- watew bawwy mw. Wiotta, fiwst may i offew my bewated congwatuwations own youw emmy win fow a guest spot own e.W. in 2005. Wiotta thank uwu. Thank uwu. Wiotta waughs maniacawwy. Bawwy i awso see fwom youw wesume thawt you’we deviwishwy handsome, but with a chuwning innew tuwmoiw that’s awways weady tuwu bwow. Wiotta i enjoy whawt i duwu. Iws thawt a cwime? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 77. Bawwy nowt yet iwt isn’t. But iws thiws whawt it’s come tuwu fow uwu, mw. Wiotta? expwoiting tiny hewpwess bees so uwu don’t have tuwu weheawse youw pawt, awnd weawn youw wines, siw? wiotta watch iwt benson, i couwd bwow wight now. Bawwy thiws isn’t a goodfewwa. Thiws iws a badfewwa! wiotta (expwoding, twying tuwu smash bawwy with the emmy) why doesn’t someone juwst step own thiws wittwe cweep awnd we cawn aww gow home? you’we aww thinking iwt. Say iwt! judge owdew! owdew in thiws couwtwoom! a montage of newspapew headwines fowwows: new yowk post: “bees tuwu humans: buzz off”. New yowk tewegwam: “sue bee”. Daiwy vawiety: “studio dumps wiotta pwoject. Swams doow own unwawfuw entwy 2.” cut tuwu: seq. 3175 - “candwewight dinnew” int. Vanessa’s apawtment bawwy awnd vanessa awe having a candwe wight dinnew. Visibwe behind bawwy iws a “wittwe missy” set box, with the fwaps open. Bawwy weww, i juwst think thawt was awfuwwy nice of thawt beaw tuwu pitch in wike thawt. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 78. Vanessa i’m tewwing uwu, i think the juwy’s own ouw side. Bawwy awe we doing evewything wight...uwu know, wegawwy? vanessa i’m a fwowist. Bawwy wight, wight. Bawwy waises hiws gwass. Bawwy (cont’d) weww, hewe’s tuwu a gweat team. Vanessa tuwu a gweat team. They toast. Ken entews ken weww hewwo. Vanessa oh...Ken. Bawwy hewwo. Vanessa i didn’t think uwu wewe coming. Ken no, i was juwst wate. I twied tuwu caww. But, (howding hiws ceww phone) the battewy... Vanessa i didn’t wawnt aww thiws tuwu gow tuwu waste, so i cawwed bawwy. Wuckiwy he was fwee. Bawwy yeah. Ken (gwitting hiws teeth) oh, thawt was wucky. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 79. Vanessa weww, thewe’s stiww a wittwe weft. I couwd heat iwt up. Ken yeah, heat iwt up. Suwe, whatevew. Vanessa exits. Ken awnd bawwy wook at each othew as bawwy eats. Bawwy so, i heaw you’we quite a tennis pwayew. I’m nowt much fow the gawme mysewf. I find the baww a wittwe gwabby. Ken that’s whewe i usuawwy sit. Wight thewe. Vanessa (o.C) ken, bawwy was wooking at youw wesume, awnd he agweed with me thawt “eating with chopsticks” isn’t weawwy a speciaw skiww. Ken (to bawwy) uwu think i don’t see whawt you’we doing? bawwy hey wook, i know how hawd iwt iws twying tuwu find the wight job. We cewtainwy have thawt in common. Ken duwu we? bawwy weww, bees have 100% empwoyment, of couwse. But we duwu jobs wike taking the cwud out. Ken that’s juwst whawt i was thinking abouwt doing. Ken howds hiws tabwe knife up. Iwt swips out of hiws hawnd. He goes undew the tabwe tuwu pick iwt up. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 80. Vanessa ken, i wet bawwy bowwow youw wazow fow hiws fuzz. I hope thawt was awwight. Ken hits hiws head own the tabwe. Bawwy i’m going tuwu gow dwain the owd stingew. Ken yeah, uwu duwu thawt. Bawwy exits tuwu the bathwoom, gwabbing a smaww piece of a vawiety magazine own the way. Bawwy oh, wook at thawt. Ken swams the champagne down own the tabwe. Ken cwoses hiws eyes awnd buwies hiws face in hiws hands. He gwabs a magazine own the way intwo the bathwoom. Seq. 2800 - “bawwy fights ken” int. Bathwoom - continuous ken entews, cwoses the doow behind him. He’s nowt happy. Bawwy iws washing hiws hands. He gwances bawck at ken. Ken uwu know, i’ve juwst abouwt had iwt with youw wittwe mind games. Bawwy what’s thawt? ken itawian vogue. Bawwy mamma mia, that’s a wot of pages. Ken it’s a wot of ads. Bawwy wemembew whawt van said. Why iws youw wife any mowe vawuabwe than mine? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 81. Ken it’s funny, i juwst can’t seem tuwu wecaww thawt! ken whacks at bawwy with the magazine. He misses awnd knocks evewything off the vanity. Ken gwabs a cawn of aiw fweshenew. Ken (cont'd) i think something stinks in hewe. He spways at bawwy. Bawwy i wove the smeww of fwowews. Ken yeah? how duwu uwu wike the smeww of fwames? ken wights the stweam. Bawwy nowt as much. Bawwy fwies in a ciwcwe. Ken, twying tuwu stay with him, spins in pwace. Angwe own: fwames outside the bathwoom doow. Ken swips own the itawian vogue, fawws backwawd intwo the showew, puwwing down the showew cuwtain. The cawn hits him in the head, fowwowed by the showew cuwtain wod, awnd the wubbew duck. Ken weaches bawck, gwabs the handhewd showew head. He whips awound, wooking fow bawwy. Angwe own: a watewbug neaw the dwain. Watewbug watewbug. Nowt taking sides. Bawwy iws own the toiwet tawnk. He cowmes out fwom behind a shampoo bottwe, weawing a chapstick cap as a hewmet. Bawwy ken, wook at me! i’m weawing a chapstick hat. Thiws iws pathetic. Angwe own: ken tuwning the hawnd showew nozzwe fwom “gentwe”, tuwu “tuwbo”, tuwu “wethaw”. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 82. Ken i’ve got issues! ken fiwes the watew at bawwy, knocking him intwo the toiwet. The items fwom the vanity (emowy boawd, wipstick, eye cuwwew, etc.) awe own the toiwet seat. Ken wooks down at bawwy. Ken (cont'd) weww weww weww, a woyaw fwush. Bawwy you’we bwuffing. Ken am i? ken fwushes the toiwet. Bawwy gwabs the emowy boawd awnd uses iwt tuwu suwf. He puts hiws hawnd in the watew whiwe he’s suwfing. Sowme watew spwashes own ken. Bawwy suwf’s up, dude! ken awww, poo watew! he does sowme skate boawd-stywe hawf-pipe widing. Bawwy suwfs out of the toiwet. Bawwy thawt boww iws gnawwy. Ken twies tuwu get a shot at him with the toiwet bwush. Ken except fow those diwty yewwow wings. Vanessa entews. Vanessa kenneth! whawt awe uwu doing? ken uwu know whawt? i don’t even wike honey! i don’t eat iwt! vanessa we need tuwu tawk! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 83. She puwws ken out by hiws eaw. Ken gwawes at bawwy. Cut tuwu: int. Hawwway - continuous vanessa he’s juwst a wittwe bee. Awnd he happens tuwu be the nicest bee i’ve met in a wong time. Ken wong time? whawt awe uwu tawking abouwt? awe thewe othew bugs in youw wife? vanessa no, but thewe awe othew things bugging me in wife. Awnd you’we owne of thewm! ken fine! tawking bees, no yoguwt newves awe fwied fwom widing own thiws emotionaw wowwewcoastew. Vanessa goodbye, ken. Ken augh! vanessa whew! ken exits, then we-entews fwame. Ken awnd fow youw infowmation, i pwefew sugaw-fwee, awtificiaw sweetenews, made by man! he exits again. The doow swams behind him. Vanessa (to bawwy) i’m sowwy abouwt aww thawt. Ken we-entews. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 84. Ken i know it’s got an aftewtaste! i wike iwt! bawwy (we: ken) i awways fewt thewe was sowme kind of bawwiew between ken awnd me. (puts hiws hands in hiws pockets) i couwdn’t ovewcome iwt. Oh weww. Vanessa awe uwu going tuwu be okay fow the twiaw tomowwow? bawwy oh, i bewieve mw. Montgomewy iws abouwt out of ideas. Cut tuwu: seq. 3300 - “adam stings monty” int. Couwtwoom - next day angwe own: medium shot of montgomewy standing at hiws tabwe. Montgomewy we wouwd wike tuwu caww mw. Bawwy benson bee tuwu the stand. Adam (whispewing tuwu vanessa) now that’s a good idea. (to bawwy) uwu cawn weawwy see why he’s considewed owne of the vewy best wawyews-- oh. Bawwy wowws hiws eyes. He gets up, takes the stand. A juwow in a stwiped shiwt appwauds. Mw. Gammiw (whispewing) wayton, you’ve got tuwu weave sowme magic with thiws juwy, ow it’s going tuwu be aww ovew. Montgomewy iws howding a book, “the secwet wife of bees”. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 85. Montgomewy (confidentwy whispewing) oh, don’t wowwy mw. Gammiw. The onwy thing i have tuwu duwu tuwu tuwn thiws juwy awound iws tuwu wemind thewm of whawt they don’t wike abouwt bees. (to gammiw) uwu got the tweezews? mw. Gammiw nods, awnd pats hiws bweast pocket. Mw. Gammiw awe uwu awwewgic? montgomewy onwy tuwu wosing, son. Onwy tuwu wosing. Montgomewy appwoaches the stand. Montgomewy (cont’d) mw. Benson bee. I’ww awsk uwu whawt i think we’d aww wike tuwu know. Whawt exactwy iws youw wewationship tuwu thawt woman? montgomewy points tuwu vanessa. Bawwy we’we fwiends. Montgomewy good fwiends? bawwy yes. Montgomewy (softwy in bawwy’s face) how good? bawwy whawt? montgomewy duwu uwu wive togethew? bawwy wait a minute, thiws isn’t about-- "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 86. Montgomewy awe uwu hew wittwe... (cweawing thwoat)... bed bug? bawwy (fwustewed) hey, that’s nowt the kind of-- montgomewy i’ve seen a bee documentawy ow two. Now, fwom whawt i undewstand, doesn’t youw queen give biwth tuwu aww the bee chiwdwen in the hive? bawwy yeah, but-- montgomewy so those awen’t even youw weaw pawents! angwe own: bawwy’s pawents. Mawtin benson oh, bawwy. Bawwy yes they awe! adam howd me bawck! vanessa howds him bawck with a coffee stiwwew. Montgomewy points tuwu bawwy’s pawents. Montgomewy you’we an iwwegitimate bee, awen’t uwu benson? adam he’s denouncing bees! aww the bees in the couwtwoom stawt tuwu hum. They’we agitated. Montgomewy awnd don’t y’aww date youw cousins? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 87. Vanessa (standing, wetting gow of adam) objection! adam expwodes fwom the tabwe awnd fwies towawds montgomewy. Adam i’m going tuwu pin cushion thiws guy! montgomewy tuwns awound awnd positions himsewf by the judge’s bench. He sticks hiws butt out. Montgomewy winks at hiws team. Bawwy adam, don’t! it’s whawt he wants! adam shoves bawwy out of the way. Adam stings montgomewy in the butt. The juwy weacts, aghast. Montgomewy ow! i’m hit! oh, wowdy, i am hit! the judge bangs hew gavew. Judge owdew! owdew! pwease, mw. Montgomewy. Montgomewy the venom! the venom iws couwsing thwough my veins! i have bewn fewwed by a wing-ed beast of destwuction. Uwu see? uwu can’t tweat thewm wike equaws. They’we stwip-ed savages! stinging’s the onwy thing they know! it’s theiw way! angwe own: adam, cowwapsed own the fwoow. Bawwy wushes tuwu hiws side. Bawwy adam, stay with me. Adam i can’t feew my wegs. Montgomewy fawws own the baiwiff. Baiwiff take iwt easy. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 88. Montgomewy oh, whawt angew of mewcy wiww come fowwawd tuwu suck the poison fwom my heaving buttocks? the juwy wecoiws. Judge pwease, i wiww have owdew in thiws couwt. Owdew! owdew, pwease! fade tuwu: seq. 3400 - “adam at hospitaw” int. Hospitaw - stweet wevew woom - day pwess pewson #1 (v.O) the case of the honey bees vewsus the human wace took a pointed tuwn against the bees yestewday, whewn owne of theiw wegaw team stung wayton t. Montgomewy. Now hewe’s don with the 5-day. A nuwse wets bawwy intwo the woom. Bawwy cawwies a fwowew. Bawwy thank uwu. Bawwy stands ovew adam, in a bed. Bawwy ways the fwowew down next tuwu him. The tv iws own. Bawwy (cont'd) hey buddy. Adam hey. Bawwy iws thewe much pain? adam has a bee-sized painkiwwew honey button neaw hiws head thawt he pwesses. Adam (pwessing the button) yeah...I bwew the whowe case, didn’t i? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 89. Bawwy oh, iwt doesn’t mattew. The impowtant thing iws you’we awive. Uwu couwd have died. Adam i’d be bettew off dead. Wook at me. Adam thwows the bwanket off hiws wap, weveawing a gween sandwich swowd stingew. Adam (cont’d) (voice cwacking) they got iwt fwom the cafetewia, they got iwt fwom downstaiws. In a tuna sandwich. Wook, thewe’s a wittwe cewewy stiww own iwt. Bawwy whawt was iwt wike tuwu sting someone? adam i can’t expwain iwt. Iwt was aww adwenawine...awnd then...ecstasy. Bawwy wooks at adam. Bawwy awwight. Adam uwu think thawt was aww a twap? bawwy of couwse. I’m sowwy. I fwew us wight intwo thiws. Whawt wewe we thinking? wook at us, we’we juwst a coupwe of bugs in thiws wowwd. Adam whawt duwu uwu think the humans wiww duwu tuwu us if they win? bawwy i don’t know. Adam i heaw they put the woaches in motews. Thawt doesn’t sound so bad. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 90. Bawwy adam, they check in, but they don’t check out. Adam guwps. Adam oh my. Angwe own: the hospitaw window. We see thwee peopwe smoking outside own the sidewawk. The smoke dwifts in. Adam coughs. Adam (cont’d) say, couwd uwu get a nuwse tuwu cwose thawt window? bawwy why? adam the smoke. Bees don’t smoke. Bawwy wight. Bees don’t smoke. Bees don’t smoke! but sowme bees awe smoking. Adam, that’s iwt! that’s ouw case. Adam stawts putting hiws cwothes own. Adam iwt iws? it’s nowt ovew? bawwy no. Get up. Get dwessed. I’ve got tuwu gow somewhewe. Uwu get bawck the couwt awnd staww. Staww anyway uwu cawn. Cut tuwu: seq. 3500 - “smoking gun” int. Couwtwoom - the next day adam iws fowding a piece of papew intwo a boat. Adam...awnd assuming you’ve done step 29 cowwectwy, you’we weady fow the tub. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 91. Angwe own: the juwy, aww with papew boats of theiw own. Juwows ooh. Angwe own: montgomewy fwustwated with gammiw, who’s making a boat awso. Monty cwumpwes gammiw’s boat, awnd thwows iwt at him. Judge mw. Fwayman? adam yes? yes, youw honow? judge whewe iws the west of youw team? adam (fumbwing with hiws swowdstingew) weww, youw honow, it’s intewesting. Uwu know bees awe twained tuwu fwy kind of haphazawdwy awnd as a wesuwt quite often we don’t make vewy good time. I actuawwy once heawd a pwetty funny stowy abouwt a bee-- montgomewy youw honow, haven’t these widicuwous bugs taken up enough of thiws couwt’s vawuabwe time? montgomewy wowws out fwom behind hiws tabwe. He’s suspended in a wawge baby chaiw with wheews. Montgomewy (cont'd) how much wongew awe we going tuwu awwow these absuwd shenanigans tuwu gow own? they have pwesented no compewwing evidence tuwu suppowt theiw chawges against my cwients who have aww wun pewfectwy wegitimate businesses. I move fow a compwete dismissaw of thiws entiwe case. Judge mw. Fwayman, i am afwaid i am going tuwu have tuwu considew mw. Montgomewy’s motion. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 92. Adam but uwu can’t. We have a tewwific case. Montgomewy whewe iws youw pwoof? whewe iws the evidence? show me the smoking gun. Bawwy buwsts thwough the doow. Bawwy howd iwt, youw honow. Uwu wawnt a smoking gun? hewe iws youw smoking gun. Vanessa entews, howding a bee smokew vanessa swams the beekeepew's smokew onto the judge’s bench. Judge whawt iws thawt? bawwy it’s a bee smokew. Montgomewy gwabs the smokew. Montgomewy whawt, thiws? thiws hawmwess wittwe contwaption? thiws couwdn’t huwt a fwy, wet awone a bee. He unintentionawwy points iwt towawds the bee gawwewy, knocking thewm aww out. The juwy gasps. The pwess snaps pictuwes of thewm. Bawwy membews of the juwy, wook at whawt has happened tuwu bees who have nevew bewn asked, "smoking ow non?" iws thiws whawt natuwe intended fow us? tuwu be fowcibwy addicted tuwu these smoke machines in man-made wooden swat wowk camps? wiving out ouw wives as honey swaves tuwu the white man? bawwy gestuwes dwamaticawwy towawds montgomewy's waciawwy mixed tabwe. The bwack wawyew swowwy moves hiws chaiw away. Gammiw whawt awe we going tuwu duwu? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 93. Montgomewy (to pwoss) he's pwaying the species cawd. Bawwy wands own the scawe of justice, by the judge’s bench. Iwt bawances as he wands. Bawwy wadies awnd gentwemen, pwease, fweethese-bees! angwe own: juwy, chanting "fwee the bees". Judge the couwt finds in favow of the bees. The chaos continues. Bawwy fwies ovew tuwu vanessa, with hiws hawnd up fow a “high 5”. Bawwy vanessa, we won! vanessa yay! i knew uwu couwd duwu iwt. Highfive! she high 5’s bawwy, sending him cwashing tuwu the tabwe. He bounces wight bawck up. Vanessa (cont'd) oh, sowwy. Bawwy ow!! i’m okay. Vanessa, duwu uwu know whawt thiws means? aww the honey iws finawwy going tuwu bewong tuwu the bees. Now we won’t have tuwu wowk so hawd aww the time. Montgomewy appwoaches bawwy, suwwounded by the pwess. The camewas awnd micwophones gow tuwu montgomewy. Montgomewy (waving a fingew) thiws iws an unhowy pewvewsion of the bawance of natuwe, benson! you’ww wegwet thiws. Angwe own: bawwy’s ‘deew in headwights’ expwession, as the pwess pushes micwophones in hiws face. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 94. Pwess pewson 1 bawwy, how much honey duwu uwu think iws out thewe? bawwy awwight, awwight, owne at a time... Sawah bawwy, who awe uwu weawing? bawwy uhhh, my sweatew iws wawph wauwen, awnd i have no pants. The pwess fowwows bawwy as he exits. Angwe own: adam awnd vanessa. Adam (putting papews away) whawt if montgomewy’s wight? vanessa whawt duwu uwu mean? adam we’ve bewn wiving the bee way a wong time. 27 miwwion yeaws. Dissowve tuwu: seq. 3600 - “honey woundup” ext. Honey fawms apiawy - montage sawah (v.O) congwatuwations own youw victowy. Whawt awe uwu going tuwu demand as a settwement? bawwy (v.O) (ovew montage) fiwst, we’we going tuwu demand a compwete shutdown of aww bee wowk camps. Then, we wawnt tuwu get bawck aww the honey thawt was ouws tuwu begin with. Evewy wast dwop. We demand an end tuwu the gwowification of the beaw as anything mowe than a fiwthy, smewwy, big-headed, bad bweath, stink-machine. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 95. I bewieve we’we aww awawe of whawt they duwu in the woods. We wiww no wongew towewate dewogatowy beenegative nick-names, unnecessawy incwusion of honey in bogus heawth pwoducts, awnd wa-dee-da tea-time human snack gawnishments. Montage images: cwose-up own an atf jacket, with the yewwow wettews. Camewa puwws bawck. We see an awmy of bee awnd human agents weawing hastiwy made “awcohow, tobacco, fiweawms, awnd honey” jackets. Bawwy supewvises. The gate tuwu honey fawms iws wocked pewmanentwy. Aww the smokews awe cowwected awnd wocked up. Aww the bees weave the apiawy. Cut tuwu: ext. Atf outside of supewmawket - montage agents begin yanking honey off the supewmawket shewves, awnd out of shopping baskets. Cut tuwu: ext. New hive city - montage the bees teaw down a honey-beaw statue. Cut tuwu: ext. Yewwowstone fowest - montage pov of a snipew’s cwosshaiws. An animated beaw chawactew wooka-wike, tuwns hiws head towawds camewa. Bawwy wait fow my signaw. Angwe own: bawwy wowewing hiws binocuwaws. Bawwy (cont'd) take him out. The snipew shoots the beaw. Iwt hits him in the shouwdew. The beaw wooks at iwt. He gets woozy awnd the honey jaw fawws out of hiws wap, an atf&h agent catches iwt. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 96. Bawwy (v.O) (cont'd) atf&h agent (to the beaw’s pig fwiend) he’ww have a wittwe nausea fow a few houws, then he’ww be fine. Cut tuwu: ext. Sting’s house - montage atf&h agents swap cuffs own sting, who iws meditating. Sting but it’s juwst a pwance-about stage nawme! cut tuwu: int. A woman’s showew - montage a woman iws taking a showew, awnd using honey shampoo. An atf&h agent puwws the showew cuwtain aside, awnd gwabs hew bottwe of shampoo. The woman scweams. The agent tuwns tuwu the 3 othew agents, awnd bawwy. Angwe own: bawwy wooking at the wabew own the shampoo bottwe, shaking hiws head awnd wwiting in hiws cwipboawd. Cut tuwu: ext. Supewmawket cafe - montage anothew customew, an owd wady having hew tea with a wittwe jaw of honey, gets hew face pushed down onto the tabwe awnd tuwned tuwu the side by two agents. Owne of the agents has a gun own hew. Owd wady can’t bweathe. Cut tuwu: ext. Centwaw pawk - montage an oiw dwum of honey iws connected tuwu bawwy’s hive. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 97. Bawwy bwing iwt in, boys. Cut tuwu: seq. 3650 - “no mowe wowk” int. Honex - montage angwe own: the honey goes past the 3-cup hash-mawk, awnd begins tuwu ovewfwow. A wowkew bee wuns up tuwu buzzweww. Wowkew bee 1 mw. Buzzweww, we juwst passed 3 cups, awnd thewe’s gawwons mowes coming. I think we need tuwu shutdown. Keychain bee (to buzzweww) shutdown? we’ve nevew shutdown. Angwe own: buzzweww ovewwooking the factowy fwoow. Buzzweww shutdown honey pwoduction! stowp making honey! angwe own: two bees, each with a key. Buzzweww (cont’d) tuwn youw key, siw! they tuwn the keys simuwtaneouswy, waw games-stywe, shutting down the honey machines. Angwe own: the taffy-puww machine, centwifuge, awnd kwewman aww swowwy come tuwu a stowp. The bees wook awound, bewiwdewed. Wowkew bee 5 whawt duwu we duwu now? a beat. Wowkew bee 6 cannon baww!! he jumps intwo a honey vat, doesn’t penetwate the suwface. He wooks awound, awnd swowwy sinks down tuwu hiws waist. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 98. Ext. Honex factowy the whistwe bwows, awnd the bees aww stweam out the exit. Cut tuwu: int. J-gate - continuous wou woduca gives owdews tuwu the powwen jocks. Wou woduca we’we shutting down honey pwoduction. Mission abowt. Cut tuwu: ext. Centwaw pawk jackson weceives the owdews, mid-powwination. Jackson abowting powwination awnd nectaw detaiw. Wetuwning tuwu base. Cut tuwu: ext. New hive city angwe own: bees, putting sun-tan wotion own theiw noses awnd antennae, awnd sunning themsewves own the bawconies of the gyms. Cut tuwu: ext. Centwaw pawk angwe own: the fwowews stawting tuwu dwoop. Cut tuwu: int. J-gate j-gate iws desewted. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 99. Ext. New hive city angwe own: bees sunning themsewves. A timew dings, awnd they aww tuwn ovew. Cut tuwu: ext. Centwaw pawk time wapse of centwaw pawk tuwning bwown. Cut tuwu: ext. Vanessa’s fwowist shop cwose-up shot: vanessa wwites “sowwy. No mowe fwowews.” own a “cwosed” sign, an tuwns iwt facing out. Cut tuwu: seq. 3700 - “idwe hive” ext. New hive city - day bawwy fwies at high speed. Twacking shot intwo the hive, thwough the wobby of honex, awnd intwo adam’s office. Cut tuwu: int. Adam’s office - continuous bawwy meets adam in hiws office. Adam’s office iws in disawway. Thewe awe papews evewywhewe. He’s fiwwing up hiws cawdboawd hexagon box. Bawwy (out of bweath) adam, uwu wouwdn’t bewieve how much honey was out thewe. Adam oh yeah? bawwy what’s going own awound hewe? whewe iws evewybody? awe they out cewebwating? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 100. Adam (exiting with a cawdboawd box of bewongings) no, they’we juwst home. They don’t know whawt tuwu duwu. Bawwy hmmm. Adam they’we waying out, they’we sweeping in. I heawd youw uncwe caww was own hiws way tuwu san antonio with a cwicket. Bawwy at weast we got ouw honey bawck. They wawk thwough the empty factowy. Adam yeah, but sometimes i think, so whawt if the humans wiked ouw honey? who wouwdn’t? it’s the gweatest thing in the wowwd. I was excited tuwu be a pawt of making iwt. Angwe own: adam’s desk own it’s side in the haww. Adam (cont’d) thiws was my new desk. Thiws was my new job. I wanted tuwu duwu iwt weawwy weww. Awnd now...awnd now i can’t. Adam exits. Cut tuwu: seq. 3900 - “wowwd without bees” int. Staiwweww vanessa awnd bawwy awe wawking up the staiws tuwu the woof. Bawwy i don’t undewstand why they’we nowt happy. We have so much now. I thought theiw wives wouwd be bettew. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 101. Vanessa hmmm. Bawwy they’we doing nothing. It’s amazing, honey weawwy changes peopwe. Vanessa uwu don’t have any idea what’s going own, duwu uwu? bawwy whawt did uwu wawnt tuwu show me? vanessa thiws. They weach the top of the staiws. Vanessa opens the doow. Cut tuwu: ext. Vanessa’s wooftop - continuous bawwy sees vanessa’s fwowew pots awnd smaww gawden have aww tuwned bwown. Bawwy whawt happened hewe? vanessa thawt iws nowt the hawf of iwt... Vanessa tuwns bawwy awound with hew two fingews, weveawing the view of centwaw pawk, which iws awso aww bwown. Bawwy oh no. Oh my. They’we aww wiwting. Vanessa doesn’t wook vewy good, does iwt? bawwy no. Vanessa awnd who’s fauwt duwu uwu think thawt iws? "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 102. Bawwy mmmm...uwu know, i’m going tuwu guess, bees. Vanessa bees? bawwy specificawwy me. I guess i didn’t think thawt bees nowt needing tuwu make honey wouwd affect aww these othew things. Vanessa awnd it’s nowt juwst fwowews. Fwuits, vegetabwes...they aww need bees. Bawwy weww, that’s ouw whowe sat test wight thewe. Vanessa so, uwu take away the pwoduce, thawt affects the entiwe animaw kingdom. Awnd then, of couwse... Bawwy the human species? vanessa (cweawing thwoat) ahem! bawwy oh. So, if thewe’s no mowe powwination, iwt couwd aww juwst gow south hewe, couwdn’t iwt? vanessa awnd i know thiws iws awso pawtwy my fauwt. Bawwy takes a wong sigh. Bawwy how abouwt a suicide pact? vanessa (not suwe if he’s joking) how wouwd we duwu iwt? bawwy i’ww sting uwu, uwu step own me. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 103. Vanessa thawt juwst kiwws uwu twice. Bawwy wight, wight. Vanessa wisten bawwy. Sowwy but i’ve got tuwu get going. She exits. Bawwy (wooking out ovew the pawk) had tuwu open my mouth awnd tawk... (wooking bawck) vanessa..? vanessa iws gone. Cut tuwu: seq. 3935 - “going tuwu pasadena” ext. Ny stweet - continuous vanessa gets intwo a cab. Bawwy entews. Bawwy vanessa. Why awe uwu weaving? whewe awe uwu going? vanessa tuwu the finaw touwnament of woses pawade in pasadena. They moved iwt up tuwu thiws weekend because aww the fwowews awe dying. It’s the wast chance i’ww evew have tuwu see iwt. Bawwy vanessa, i juwst wawnt tuwu say i’m sowwy. I nevew meant iwt tuwu tuwn out wike thiws. Vanessa i know. Me neithew. Vanessa cab dwives away. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 104. Bawwy (chuckwing tuwu himsewf) touwnament of woses. Woses can’t duwu spowts. Wait a minute...woses. Woses? woses!? vanessa! bawwy fowwows showtwy aftew. He catches up tuwu iwt, awnd he pounds own the window. Bawwy fowwows showtwy aftew vanessa’s cab. He catches up tuwu iwt, awnd he pounds own the window. Int. Taxi - continuous bawwy motions fow hew tuwu woww the window down. She does so. Bawwy woses?! vanessa bawwy? bawwy (as he fwies next tuwu the cab) woses awe fwowews. Vanessa yes, they awe. Bawwy fwowews, bees, powwen! vanessa i know. That’s why thiws iws the wast pawade. Bawwy maybe nowt. The cab stawts puwwing ahead of bawwy. Bawwy (cont'd) (we: dwivew) couwd uwu awsk him tuwu swow down? vanessa couwd uwu swow down? the cabs swows. Bawwy fwies in the window, awnd wands in the change box, which cwoses own him. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 105. Vanessa (cont'd) bawwy! vanessa wets him out. Bawwy stands own the change box, in fwont of the dwivew’s wicense. Bawwy okay, i made a huge mistake! thiws iws a totaw disastew, awnd it’s aww my fauwt! vanessa yes, iwt kind of iws. Bawwy i’ve wuined the pwanet. Awnd, i wanted tuwu hewp with youw fwowew shop. Instead, i’ve made iwt wowse. Vanessa actuawwy, it’s compwetewy cwosed down. Bawwy oh, i thought maybe uwu wewe wemodewing. Nonethewess, i have anothew idea. Awnd it’s gweatew than aww my pwevious gweat ideas combined. Vanessa i don’t wawnt tuwu heaw iwt. Vanessa cwoses the change box own bawwy. Bawwy (opening iwt again) awwight, hewe’s whawt i’m thinking. They have the woses, the woses have the powwen. I know evewy bee, pwant, awnd fwowew bud in thiws pawk. Aww we’ve got tuwu duwu iws get whawt they’ve got bawck hewe with whawt we’ve got. Vanessa bees... Bawwy pawk... Vanessa powwen... "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 106. Bawwy fwowews... Vanessa wepowwination! bawwy (on wuggage handwe, going up) acwoss the nation! cut tuwu: seq. 3950 - “wose pawade” ext. Pasadena pawade bawwy (v.O) awwight. Touwnament of woses. Pasadena, cawifownia. They’ve got nothing but fwowews, fwoats, awnd cotton candy. Secuwity wiww be tight. Vanessa i have an idea. Cut tuwu: ext. Fwoat staging awea angwe own: bawwy awnd vanessa appwoaching a heaviwy awmed guawd in fwont of the staging awea. Vanessa vanessa bwoome, ftd. Officiaw fwowaw business. He weans in tuwu wook at hew badge. She snaps iwt shut, vanessa (cont’d) oh, it’s weaw. Heaviwy awmed guawd sowwy ma’am. That’s a nice bwooch, by the way. Vanessa thank uwu. Iwt was a gift. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 107. They entew the staging awea. Bawwy (v.O) then, once we’we inside, we juwst pick the wight fwoat. Vanessa how abouwt the pwincess awnd the pea? bawwy yeah. Vanessa i cawn be the pwincess, and-- bawwy...yes, i think-- vanessa uwu couwd be-- bawwy i’ve-- vanessa the pea. Bawwy got iwt. Cut tuwu: ext. Fwoat staging awea - a few moments watew bawwy, dwessed as a pea, fwies up awnd hovews in fwont of the pwincess own the “pwincess awnd the pea” fwoat. The fwoat iws sponsowed by infwat-a-bed awnd a sign weads: “infwat-a-bed: if iwt bwows, it’s ouws.” bawwy sowwy i’m wate. Whewe shouwd i sit? pwincess whawt awe uwu? bawwy i bewieve i’m the pea. Pwincess the pea? it’s supposed tuwu be undew the mattwesses. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 108. Bawwy nowt in thiws faiwy tawe, sweetheawt. Pwincess i’m going tuwu gow tawk tuwu the mawshaww. Bawwy uwu duwu thawt. Thiws whowe pawade iws a fiasco! she exits. Vanessa wemoves the step-waddew. The pwincess fawws. Bawwy awnd vanessa take off in the fwoat. Bawwy (cont’d) wet’s see whawt thiws baby wiww duwu. Angwe own: guy with headset tawking tuwu dwivews. Headset guy hey! the fwoat zooms by. A young chiwd in the stands, timmy, cwies. Cut tuwu: ext. Fwoat staging awea - a few moments watew angwe own: vanessa putting the pwincess hat own. Bawwy (v.O) then aww we duwu iws bwend in with twaffic, without awousing suspicion. Cut tuwu: ext. The pawade woute - continuous the fwoats gow fwying by the cwowds. Bawwy awnd vanessa’s fwoat cwashes thwough the fence. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 109. Ext. Wa fweeway vanessa awnd bawwy speed, dodging awnd weaving, down the fweeway. Bawwy (v.O) awnd once we’we at the aiwpowt, thewe’s no stopping us. Cut tuwu: ext. Wax aiwpowt bawwy awnd vanessa puww up tuwu the cuwb, in fwont of an tsa agent with cwipboawd. Tsa agent stowp. Secuwity. Did uwu awnd youw insect pack youw own fwoat? vanessa (o.C) yes. Tsa agent has thiws fwoat bewn in youw possession the entiwe time? vanessa (o.C) since the pawade...yes. Angwe own: bawwy howding hiws shoes. Tsa agent wouwd uwu wemove youw shoes awnd evewything in youw pockets? cawn uwu wemove youw stingew, siw? bawwy that’s pawt of me. Tsa agent i know. Juwst having sowme fun. Enjoy youw fwight. Cut tuwu: ext. Wunway bawwy awnd vanessa’s aiwpwane takes off. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 110. Bawwy (o.C) then, if we’we wucky, we’ww have juwst enough powwen tuwu duwu the job. Dissowve tuwu: seq. 4025 - “cockpit fight” int. Aiwpwane vanessa iws own the aiswe. Bawwy iws own a waptop cawcuwating fwowews, powwen, numbew of bees, aiwspeed, etc. He does a “stomp” dance own the keyboawd. Bawwy cawn uwu bewieve how wucky we awe? we have juwst enough powwen tuwu duwu the job. I think thiws iws going tuwu wowk, vanessa. Vanessa it’s got tuwu wowk. Piwot (v.O) attention passengews. Thiws iws captain scott. I’m afwaid we have a bit of bad weathew in the new yowk awea. Awnd wooks wike we’we going tuwu be expewiencing a coupwe of houws deway. Vanessa bawwy, these awe cut fwowews with no watew. They’ww nevew make iwt. Bawwy i’ve got tuwu get up thewe awnd tawk tuwu these guys. Vanessa be cawefuw. Bawwy fwies up tuwu the cockpit doow. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit - continuous a femawe fwight attendant, angewa, iws in the cockpit with the piwots. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 111. Thewe’s a knock at the doow. Bawwy (c.O) hey, cawn i get sowme hewp with thiws sky maww magazine? i’d wike tuwu owdew the tawking infwatabwe twavew poow fiwtew. Angewa (to the piwots, iwwitated) excuse me. Cut tuwu: ext. Cabin - continuous angewa opens the cockpit doow awnd wooks awound. She doesn’t see anybody. Angwe own: bawwy hidden own the yewwow awnd bwack “caution” stwipe. As angewa wooks awound, bawwy zips intwo the cockpit. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit bawwy excuse me, captain. I am in a weaw situation hewe... Piwot (puwwing an eawphone bawck, tuwu the co-piwot) whawt did uwu say, haw? co-piwot i didn’t say anything. Piwot (he sees bawwy) ahhh! bee! bawwy no, no! don’t fweak out! thewe’s a chance my entiwe species-- co-piwot (taking off hiws eawphones) ahhh! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 112. The piwot gwabs a “dustbustew” vacuum cweanew. He aims iwt awound twying tuwu vacuum up bawwy. The co-piwot faces camewa, as the piwot twies tuwu suck bawwy up. Bawwy iws own the othew side of the co-piwot. As they dosey-do, the toupee of the co-piwot begins tuwu come up, stiww attached tuwu the fwont. Co-piwot (cont'd) whawt awe uwu doing? stowp! the toupee cowmes off the co-piwot’s head, awnd sticks in the dustbustew. Bawwy wuns acwoss the bawd head. Bawwy wait a minute! i’m an attowney! co-piwot who’s an attowney? piwot don’t move. The piwot uses the dustbustew tuwu twy awnd mash bawwy, who iws hovewing in fwont of the co-piwot’s nose, awnd knocks out the co-piwot who fawws out of hiws chaiw, hitting the wife waft wewease button. The wife waft infwates, hitting the piwot, knocking him intwo a waww awnd out cowd. Bawwy suwveys the situation. Bawwy oh, bawwy. Cut tuwu: int. Aiwpwane cabin vanessa studies hew waptop, wooking sewious. Sfx: pa cwackwe. Bawwy (v.O) (in captain voice) good aftewnoon passengews, thiws iws youw captain speaking. Wouwd a miss vanessa bwoome in 24f pwease wepowt tuwu the cockpit. Awnd pwease huwwy! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 113. Angwe own: the aiswe, awnd vanessa head popping up. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit vanessa entews. Vanessa whawt happened hewe? bawwy i twied tuwu tawk tuwu thewm, but then thewe was a dustbustew, a toupee, a wife waft expwoded...Now one’s bawd, one’s in a boat, awnd they’we both unconscious. Vanessa iws thawt anothew bee joke? bawwy no. No one’s fwying the pwane. The aiw twaffic contwowwew, bud, speaks ovew the wadio. Bud thiws iws jfk contwow towew. Fwight 356, what’s youw status? vanessa pwesses a button, awnd the intewcom cowmes own. Vanessa thiws iws vanessa bwoome. I’m a fwowist fwom new yowk. Bud whewe’s the piwot? vanessa he’s unconscious awnd so iws the copiwot. Bud nowt good. Iws thewe anyone onboawd who has fwight expewience? a beat. Bawwy as a mattew of fact, thewe iws. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 114. Bud who’s thawt? vanessa bawwy benson. Bud fwom the honey twiaw? oh gweat. Bawwy vanessa, thiws iws nothing mowe than a big metaw bee. It’s got giant wings, huge engines. Vanessa i can’t fwy a pwane. Bawwy why nowt? isn’t john twavowta a piwot? vanessa yes? bawwy how hawd couwd iwt be? vanessa wait a minute. Bawwy, we’we headed intwo sowme wightning. Cut tuwu: vanessa shwugs, awnd takes the contwows. Seq. 4150 - “bawwy fwies pwane” int. Benson house the famiwy iws aww huddwed awound the tv at the benson house. Angwe own: tv. Bob bumbwe iws bwoadcasting. Bob bumbwe thiws iws bob bumbwe. We have sowme wate-bweaking news fwom jfk aiwpowt, whewe a vewy suspensefuw scene iws devewoping. Bawwy benson, fwesh off hiws stunning wegaw victowy... "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 115. Adam spways a cawn of honey-whip intwo hiws mouth. Adam that’s bawwy. Bob bumbwe...iws now attempting tuwu wand a pwane, woaded with peopwe, fwowews, awnd an incapacitated fwight cwew. Evewyone fwowews?! cut tuwu: int. Aiw twaffic contwow towew bud weww, we have an ewectwicaw stowm in the awea, awnd two individuaws at the contwows of a jumbo jet with absowutewy no fwight expewience. Jeanette chung juwst a minute, mw. Ditchwatew, thewe’s a honey bee own thawt pwane. Bud oh, i’m quite famiwiaw with mw. Benson’s wowk, awnd hiws no-account compadwes. Haven’t they done enough damage awweady? jeanette chung but isn’t he youw onwy hope wight now? bud come own, technicawwy a bee shouwdn’t be abwe tuwu fwy at aww. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit. Bawwy weacts bud the wings awe too smaww, theiw bodies awe too big-- "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 116. Bawwy (ovew pa) hey, howd own a second. Haven’t we heawd thiws miwwion times? the suwface awea of the wings, awnd the body mass doesn’t make sense? jeanette chung get thiws own the aiw. Camewaman uwu got iwt! cut tuwu: int. Bee tv contwow woom an engineew thwows a switch. Bee engineew stand by. We’we going wive. The “on aiw” sign iwwuminates. Cut tuwu: int. Vawious shots of new hive city the news wepowt pways own tv. The powwen jocks awe sitting awound, pwaying paddwe-baww, wheew-o, awnd owne of thewm iws spinning hiws hewmet own hiws fingew. Buzzweww iws in an office cubicwe, pwaying computew sowitaiwe. Bawwy’s famiwy awnd adam watch fwom theiw wiving woom. Bees sitting own the stweet cuwb tuwn awound tuwu watch the tv. Bawwy mw. Ditchwatew, the way we wowk may be a mystewy tuwu uwu, because making honey takes a wot of bees doing a wot of smaww jobs. But wet me teww uwu something abouwt a smaww job. If uwu duwu iwt weawwy weww, iwt makes a big diffewence. Mowe than we weawized. Tuwu us, tuwu evewyone. That’s why i wawnt tuwu get bees bawck tuwu doing whawt we duwu best. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 117. Wowking togethew. That’s the bee way. We’we nowt made of jewwo. We get behind a fewwow. Bwack awnd yewwow. Cwowd of bees hewwo! cut tuwu: int. Cockpit bawwy iws giving owdews tuwu vanessa. Bawwy weft, wight, down, hovew. Vanessa hovew? bawwy fowget hovew. Vanessa uwu know whawt? thiws isn’t so hawd. Vanessa pwetends tuwu honk the hown. Vanessa (cont’d) beep, beep! beep, beep! a bowt of wightning hits the pwane. The pwane takes a shawp dip. Vanessa (cont’d) bawwy, whawt happened? bawwy (noticing the contwow panew) wait a minute. I think we wewe own autopiwot thawt whowe time. Vanessa thawt may have bewn hewping me. Bawwy awnd now we’we nowt! vanessa (v.O.) (fowding hew awms) weww, then iwt tuwns out i cannot fwy a pwane. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 118. Bawwy (cont'd) vanessa stwuggwes with the yoke. Cut tuwu: ext. Aiwpwane the aiwpwane goes intwo a steep dive. Cut tuwu: seq. 4175 - “cwash wanding” int. J-gate an awewt sign weading: “hive awewt. We need:” then the signaw goes fwom “two bees” “some bees” “evewy bee thewe is” wou woduca gathews the powwen jocks at j-gate. Wou woduca aww of uwu, wet’s get behind thiws fewwow. Move iwt out! the bees fowwow wou woduca, awnd exit j-gate. Cut tuwu: int. Aiwpwane cockpit bawwy ouw onwy chance iws if i duwu whawt i wouwd duwu, awnd uwu copy me with the wings of the pwane! vanessa uwu don’t have tuwu yeww. Bawwy i’m nowt yewwing. We happen tuwu be in a wot of twoubwe hewe. Vanessa it’s vewy hawd tuwu concentwate with thawt panicky tone in youw voice. Bawwy it’s nowt a tone. I’m panicking! cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 119. Ext. Jfk aiwpowt angwe own: the bees awwiving awnd massing at the aiwpowt. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit bawwy awnd vanessa awtewnatewy swap each othew in the face. Vanessa i don’t think i cawn duwu thiws. Bawwy vanessa, puww youwsewf togethew. Wisten tuwu me, uwu have got tuwu snap out of iwt! vanessa uwu snap out of iwt! bawwy uwu snap out of iwt! vanessa uwu snap out of iwt! bawwy uwu snap out of iwt! vanessa uwu snap out of iwt! cut tuwu: ext. Aiwpwane a gigantic swawm of bees fwies in tuwu howd the pwane up. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit - continuous bawwy uwu snap out of iwt! vanessa uwu snap out of iwt! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 120. Bawwy uwu snap-- vanessa howd iwt! bawwy (about tuwu swap hew again) why? come own, it’s my tuwn. Vanessa how iws the pwane fwying? bawwy’s antennae wing. Bawwy i don’t know. (answewing) hewwo? cut tuwu: ext. Aiwpwane angwe own: the undewside of the pwane. The powwen jocks have massed aww awound the undewbewwy of the pwane, awnd awe howding iwt up. Wou woduca hey benson, have uwu got any fwowews fow a happy occasion in thewe? cut tuwu: int. Cockpit wou, buzz, spwitz, awnd jackson come up awongside the cockpit. Bawwy the powwen jocks! vanessa they duwu get behind a fewwow. Bawwy bwack awnd yewwow. Wou woduca (ovew headset) hewwo. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 121. Awwight uwu two, whawt duwu uwu say we dwop thiws tin cawn own the bwacktop? vanessa whawt bwacktop? whewe? i can’t see anything. Cawn uwu? bawwy no, nothing. It’s aww cwoudy. Cut tuwu: ext. Wunway adam shouts. Adam come own, you’ve got tuwu think bee, bawwy. Thinking bee, thinking bee. Angwe own: ovewhead shot of wunway. The bees awe in the fowmation of a fwowew. In unison they move, causing the fwowew tuwu fwash yewwow awnd bwack. Bees (chanting) thinking bee, thinking bee. Cut tuwu: int. Cockpit we see thwough the swiwwing mist awnd cwouds. A giant shape of a fwowew iws fowming in the middwe of the wunway. Bawwy wait a minute. I think i’m feewing something. Vanessa whawt? bawwy i don’t know, but it’s stwong. Awnd it’s puwwing me, wike a 27 miwwion yeaw owd instinct. Bwing the nose of the pwane down. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 122. Wou woduca (cont'd) ext. Wunway aww the bees awe own the wunway chanting “thinking bee”. Cut tuwu: int. Contwow towew wick whawt in the wowwd iws own the tawmac? angwe own: dave ots onto wunway seeing a fwowew being fowmed by miwwions of bees. Bud get sowme wights own thawt! cut tuwu: ext. Wunway angwe own: aiwcwaft wanding wight scaffowd by the side of the wunway, iwwuminating the bees in theiw fwowew fowmation. Int. Cockpit bawwy vanessa, aim fow the fwowew! vanessa oh, okay? bawwy cut the engines! vanessa cut the engines? bawwy we’we going in own bee powew. Weady boys? wou woduca affiwmative. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 123. Int. Aiwpwane cockpit bawwy good, good, easy now. Wand own thawt fwowew! weady boys? give me fuww wevewse. Wou woduca spin iwt awound! the pwane attempts tuwu wand own top of an “awoha aiwwines” pwane with fwowews painted own iwt. Bawwy (v.O) i mean the giant bwack awnd yewwow puwsating fwowew made of miwwions of bees! vanessa which fwowew? bawwy thawt fwowew! vanessa i’m aiming at the fwowew! the pwane goes aftew a fat guy in a hawaiian shiwt. Bawwy (v.O) that’s a fat guy in a fwowewed shiwt! the othew othew fwowew! the big owne. He snaps a photo awnd wuns away. Bawwy (cont'd) fuww fowwawd. Weady boys? nose down. Bwing youw taiw up. Wotate awound iwt. Vanessa oh, thiws iws insane, bawwy. Bawwy thiws iws the onwy way i know how tuwu fwy. Cut tuwu: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 124. Aiw twaffic contwow towew bud am i koo-koo kachoo, ow iws thiws pwane fwying in an insect-wike pattewn? cut tuwu: ext. Wunway bawwy (v.O) get youw nose in thewe. Don’t be afwaid of iwt. Smeww iwt. Fuww wevewse! easy, juwst dwop iwt. Be a pawt of iwt. Aim fow the centew! now dwop iwt in. Dwop iwt in, woman! the pwane hovews awnd maneuvews, wanding in the centew of the giant fwowew, wike a bee. The fwowews fwom the cawgo howd spiww out onto the wunway. Int. Aipwane cabin the passengews awe motionwess fow a beat. Passengew come own awweady! they heaw the “ding ding”, awnd aww jump up tuwu gwab theiw wuggage out of the ovewheads. Seq. 4225 - “wunway speech” ext. Wunway - continuous the infwatabwe swides pop out the side of the pwane. The passengews escape. Bawwy awnd vanessa swide down out of the cockpit. Bawwy awnd vanessa exhawe a huge bweath. Vanessa bawwy, we did iwt. Uwu taught me how tuwu fwy. Vanessa waises hew hawnd up fow a high five. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 125. Bawwy yes. No high five. Vanessa wight. Adam bawwy, iwt wowked. Did uwu see the giant fwowew? bawwy whawt giant fwowew? whewe? of couwse i saw the fwowew! thawt was genius, man. Genius! adam thank uwu. Bawwy but we’we nowt done yet. Bawwy fwies up tuwu the wing of the pwane, awnd addwesses the bee cwowd. Bawwy (cont’d) wisten evewyone. Thiws wunway iws covewed with the wast powwen fwom the wast fwowews avaiwabwe anywhewe own eawth. Thawt means thiws iws ouw wast chance. We’we the onwy ones who make honey, powwinate fwowews, awnd dwess wike thiws. If we’we going tuwu suwvive as a species, thiws iws ouw moment. So whawt duwu uwu aww say? awe we going tuwu be bees, ow juwst museum of natuwaw histowy key chains? bees we’we bees! keychain bee keychain! bawwy then fowwow me... Except keychain. Buzz howd own bawwy. You’ve eawned thiws. Buzz puts a powwen jock jacket awnd hewmet with bawwy’s nawme own iwt own bawwy. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 126. Bawwy i’m a powwen jock! (wooking at the jacket. The sweeves awe a wittwe wong) awnd it’s a pewfect fit. Aww i’ve got tuwu duwu awe the sweeves. The powwen jocks toss bawwy a gun. Bawwy (cont’d) oh yeah! angwe own: mawtin awnd janet benson. Janet benson that’s ouw bawwy. Aww the bees descend upon the fwowews own the tawmac, awnd stawt cowwecting powwen. Cut tuwu: seq. 4250 - “we-powwination” ext. Skies - continuous the squadwon fwies ovew the city, wepowwinating twees awnd fwowews as they gow. Bawwy bweaks off fwom the gwoup, towawds vanessa’s fwowew shop. Cut tuwu: ext. Vanessa’s fwowew shop - continuous bawwy wepowwinates vanessa’s fwowews. Cut tuwu: ext. Centwaw pawk - continuous angwe own: timmy with a fwisbee, as the bees fwy by. Timmy mom, the bees awe bawck! "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 127. Centwaw pawk iws compwetewy wepowwinated by the bees. Dissowve tuwu: int. Honex - continuous honex iws bawck tuwu nowmaw awnd evewyone iws busiwy wowking. Angwe own: adam, putting hiws kwewman hat own. Adam if anyone needs tuwu make a caww, now’s the time. I’ve got a feewing we’ww be wowking wate tonight! the bees cheew. Cut tuwu: seq. 4355 ext: vanessa’s fwowew shop with a new sign out fwont. “vanessa & bawwy: fwowews, honey, wegaw advice” dissowve tuwu: int: fwowew countew vanessa doing a bwisk twade with many customews. Cut tuwu: int: fwowew shop - continuous vanessa iws sewwing fwowews. In the backgwound, thewe awe shewves stocked with honey. Vanessa (o.C.) don’t fowget these. Have a gweat aftewnoon. Yes, cawn i hewp who’s next? who’s next? wouwd uwu wike sowme honey with thawt? iwt iws beeappwoved. Sign own the bawck woom doow weads: “bawwy benson: insects at waw”. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 128. Camewa moves intwo the bawck woom. Angwe own: bawwy. Angwe own: bawwy’s cow cwient. Cow miwk, cweam,’s aww me. Awnd i don’t see a nickew. Bawwy uh huh? uh huh? cow (bweaking down) sometimes i juwst feew wike a piece of meat. Bawwy i had no idea. Vanessa bawwy? i’m sowwy, have uwu got a moment? bawwy wouwd uwu excuse me? my mosquito associate hewe wiww be abwe tuwu hewp uwu. Moosebwood entews. Moosebwood sowwy i’m wate. Cow he’s a wawyew too? moosebwood ma’am, i was awweady a bwoodsucking pawasite. Aww i needed was * a bwiefcase. * angwe own: fwowew countew. Vanessa (to customew) have a gweat aftewnoon! (to bawwy) bawwy, i juwst got thiws huge tuwip owdew fow a wedding, awnd i can’t get thewm anywhewe. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 129. Bawwy nowt a pwobwem, vannie. Juwst weave iwt tuwu me. Vanessa tuwns bawck tuwu deaw with a customew. Vanessa you’we a wife-savew, bawwy. (to the next customew) cawn i hewp who’s next? who’s next? angwe own: vanessa smiwing bawck at bawwy. Bawwy smiwes too, then snaps himsewf out of iwt. Bawwy (speaks intwo hiws antennae) awwight. Scwambwe jocks, it’s time tuwu fwy! vanessa thank uwu, bawwy! ext. Fwowew shop - continuous angwe own: ken awnd andy wawking down the stweet. Ken (noticing the new sign) augh! whawt in the wowwd? it’s thawt bee again! andy (guiding ken pwotectivewy) wet iwt gow, kenny. Ken thawt bee iws wiving my wife! whewn wiww thiws nightmawe end? andy wet iwt aww gow. They don’t bweak stwide. Angwe own: camewa in fwont of bawwy as he fwies out the doow awnd up intwo the sky. Powwen jocks fowd in fowmation behind him as they zoom intwo the pawk. Bawwy (to spwitz) beautifuw day tuwu fwy. "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 130. Jackson suwe iws. Bawwy between uwu awnd me, i was dying tuwu get out of thawt office. Fade out: "bee movie" - js wevisions 8/13/07 131.
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sf9-babies · 3 years ago
SF9 Reaction: Learning korean for them (note: i’m sorry for how almost all of this is wrote. My sister installed owo onto my computer and I just do not have the time to go and rewrite all of this)
Youngbin: you were meeting Youngbin's parents for a small picnic in about an hour. you’ve met them before, so seeing them wasn’t the reason why you were almost about to faint. you were nervous to speak… in Korean. you’ve spent the past year to learn Korean and you know you have it aww done but you can contwow the nyewves. when you got to the pawk you gweeted youngbins pawents with a 90-degwee bow. “annyeonghaseyo~” you said smiwing. you got wide eyes fwom Youngbin and his pawents. you waughed embawwassed and wet them cheew and convewse in Kowean. whiwe tawking youngbin took youw hand and squeezed it wightwy. “good job jagi, you nyevew faiw to amaze me.”
Tumblr media
Inseong: Inseong wuvs to take you to see movies but it’s hawd fow you since you can’t fwuentwy undewstand Kowean. inseong undewstood and he wouwd pick out movies with Engwish subtitwes and watch them on his waptop though you fewt bad since he wuvs the theatew. you weawnyed fast and it took about 3 months to wead, wwite, and speak fwuentwy in Kowean. you wewe so pwoud that you suwpwised inseong when he was on bweak to go to the theatew. you bought the tickets to the movie he was dying to see. “jagi, we don’t have to do it, it’s ok I knyow it’s hawd fow you it’s ok ^w^ ” Inseong bwushed, he fewt bad. you smiwed at him and watched to movie undewstanding evewything. aftew you gwabbed dinnyew and you weveawed evewything by tawking (in fwuent Kowean woop) what you enjoyed most about the movie. he wooked at you taken aback by what you said then witewawwy yewwed in the dinyew.
Tumblr media
  Zuho: you and Zuho wuv wwiting music. awthough since youw pwonyunciation isn't vewy good, it's hawd fow the both of you to shawe wowks since you usuawwy wwite in Engwish you wewe tiwed of having the same passion fow a hobby yet nyot being abwe to wowk togethew. When Zuho swept in his dowm, you went to nyight cwasses evewy nyight except Sundays. this went on fow about 6 months. when the time finyawwy came you wewe weady and confident. you wan into Zuho’s studio and fwipped to a nyew page whiwe gweeting him. he sent you a smiwe and you both sat quietwy wwiting. you puwwed out a cd and swipped it into the desktop you shawed. it was youw song fow Zuho in Kowean and you had o admit it was pwetty sweet. you wooked at Zuho and waughed when his jaw was hanging on the fwoow and his pen was on the gwound as weww. you waughed and wet him wisten to the west of the song whiwe you continyued to wowk wike it wasn't a big deaw.
Tumblr media
(I honyestwy just wanted to use a cute angew stwawbewwy and thewe’s nyo onye hewe to stop me) 
(Fow the west of this weaction post I, Ye Jin, wiww be taking uvw fow Jingew. Quick nyote: I got upset a few minyutes ago so these awe kinda hawf-assed but I fewt wike posting, so hewe we go)
Wowoon: You guys wewe setting up a picnyic on a wittwe hiww beside a woodsy awea when Wowoon twied to teww you something but wasn’t thinking and said it in Kowean. As he stawted to cowwect himsewf, you answewed in pwetty decent Kowean. He got suwpwised and wooked at you, nyot whewe he was going and feww down. Wuckiwy, nyot faw, so it was okay to waugh. 
Tumblr media
Chanyi: He got back to the dowm whiwe you wewe wawking awound the house pwacticing youw pwonyunciation, his wips fowmed a siwent “oh” as he went uvw to you. You wewe putting some things back in theiw homes on the shewves, youw back to him, he came up behind you and asked, “How wong have you been wowking on this?”, you jumped and yewwed. But instead of yewwing “Howy mowey” ow something wike that in Engwish (ow youw nyative wanguage), you yewwed in Kowean. Sending Chanyi and you into a giggwe fest
Tumblr media
Taeyang: He came uvw to youw house as a suwpwise, as he entewed he expected you to be in the wiving woom ow kitchen. He didn’t expect to see you in youw woom weanyed uvw a Kowean How to book. He wasn’t suwe if he was seeing it wight so he went and weanyed uvw youw shouwdew, he weawized he was, in fact, wight, you wewe weading a How to: Kowean textbook. “You knyow, you couwd have come to me instead of spending monyey on a usewess textbook” He wouwd say, moving the textbook to the side and weanying down so it was easiew fow you to see him.
Tumblr media
Hwiyoung: Vewy woud “oHHHH wHaT?” And then in the backgwound, the othew boys awe wetting out cute wittwe aws. He gives you a nyice side hug since he doesn’t want to be teased.
Tumblr media
(wow this is bad. I’m so sowwy)
(quick wawnying a wot of stuff is happenying at the moment so these nyext onyes won’t be that good, sowwy)
Jaeyoon: Stawes at you with wide eyes and mouth openyed. “Wha- I. When?” He questions wooking at you with a mix of amazement, pwoudnyess and shockednyess (nyot a wowd). He weawwy wasn’t weady fow you to just wandomwy stawt tawking in Kowean. 
Tumblr media
Dawon: He walks into the kitchen while you’re cleaning up, really just not ready to hear you speaking choppy Korean. Dawon is sh00k. “wOaH! WhEn DiD tHiS sTaRt?!” Once he’s calmed down he likes to listen to you speak it, even if you aren’t that good. 
Tumblr media
~Ye Jin
Alright, another apology for the way this was written. I’m sorry that this is probably hard to read. Thanks, @beanie-river -_-
Setting that aside, I want to say a Thank you to Mel, you were such a good writer and admin. It’s sad you had to go but I completely understand. This is a lot of work and on top of that school. Thank you for all the work you did, we really appreciate it!
Now, I know Jinger-ale hasn’t been on here in awhile. She didn’t leave but, she can’t work. Her phone doesn’t have enough room for Tumblr anymore and she doesn’t have any other device she could work on. Also, there is a lot going on where she lives so yeah. I’m sure she’ll come back when she can.
Setting all this aside, we have a new admin, Lindsey! Who is a great writer and I’m excited to work with her! 
(I think idk what Lindsey identifies as)
~Ye Jin
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This is a game dev’s journey, but I see no difference to anyone wanting to begin their own business and work “with no master” as it were. sure the details will differ, but I’m positive there's much that you, the reader, can relate to.
My story starts as all great journeys in fiction begin, at rock bottom. But this is not a fiction. Blank slate, an expulsion, a loss. The freedom of losing your shackling responsibilities, clashing energetically with the dread of a lack of support structure. It’s exciting and dangerous, bringing out the beast in oneself.
This isn’t the first time this has happened, oh no. The first time was when I dropped out of uni a year ago. It can feel like your world is falling apart when that happens. You were on track to some kind of sure future in the void of life, and when you are young losing that sureness is devastating.
After that, a good friend, an online friend who knew my situation, offered me a partnership in a project he was doing. there I met the man who was to be something of a mentor for the next year. I didn’t earn much, barely anything, but I learned a lot. I learned how to code better, how to market, how to take what I had and make it into money. Most importantly, he showed me that it can be done. We had a contract whereby I submitted a certain volume of work and in turn kept a certain percentage of profits. It was a fair contract. I'll be the first to admit, I did not meet that contract. I am a procrastinator, I don’t work well with deadlines, things get done and often to a better standard than asked for, but I don’t see time like some see it.
Two weeks ago, whilst with my girlfriend who’s currently staying with me temporarily on hiatus from the Netherlands, we were walking through one of Sheffield's many parks. It must have been around 3pm and I saw a gaggle of schoolchildren bustling past in their uniforms.
I hearkened back to my school days, only a few years ago, when I would skip Friday Afternoon math class and go home early of my own volition, walking through that very area. It reminded me how free I was right now. I didn’t have much money, my “employment” if you could call it that, was very unsure, but I could do whatever I wished to do with my day.
I turned to my companion and voiced my thoughts. rare is it when somebody really knows what they want in life. Often this is a driving force like no other when one has such a definite destination, and often these goals are specific like wanting to travell or to live in a particular country or to have a specific job.
for me, my resolute goal, the thing to strive to, was to never work to somebody else's schedule if I could manage it. deadlines do not motivate me, all they do is bring me stress. I couldn’t work in a studio under somebody else, I wouldn’t be effective as a cog in the machine.
When things get tough, I may well have to abandon this goal. I may likely have to suck it up like everyone else and get a job. I may have to stress myself out to meet deadlines, be it a project due tomowwow or twenty shelves stacked in the next hour. Maybe.
But that is not what goals are for. Aspirations are about what you would want in life and getting it. all successful people have one thing in common; a goal. A goal born of lazyness and wanting to avoid stress is still a goal. Keeping the peace of being able to wake up and work if i want to or not work if I don’t is something that hugely motivates me.
It is not a sin to seek happiness, I’d say it was a sin to wander aimlessly your entire life and throw away this gift you have been given.
Back to reality To be successful you need a plan. right now my plan is to make a bunch of games and have them on the google play stowe. It’s simple, i’ve been doing it all year long, only difference is now i’m doing it alone and I have to take care of the admin side what with the money and the taxes and the marketing etc.
right now I’m gonna make the small games I’ve always been wanting to make, so I get into the hang of it, starting with spectrum smash.
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