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There is something that’s been bothering me for a while. How come that Iduna was tan as a child and then so pale as an adult? also she looks nothing like Northuldra people as an adult.

I know that she wasn’t meant to be a Northuldra since the very beggining and that plot was made up later, but they could make it much better and with more logic. It’s very confusing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I remember when we first got the pictures of little Iduna, nobody thought that was her. We thought it’s some new character.

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“Not publicly released Frozen 2 Artwork”

Few of you asked to have it in total so here’s the best quality I got, it’s upscaled but with a old AI and it wasn’t supposed to be seen this big so deal with it x)

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PLEASE don’t be sorry for that. I am insanely flattered and welcome all fan art and oc x oc stuff. I love everything that you have posted so far and would contribute if I weren’t so busy rn. <3

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Frozen + Star Wars


My third crossover sketch!! Hope you guys like it!! It’s a quick one though 😅

I thought it’d be cute to see Fohana in the shoes of these guys!😂❤️

Elsa in the guise of Luke, Anna as her beloved sister Leia and Kristoff as Han (well, these last two names don’t sound good together, you know what I mean LOL).

Actually I’m not very satisfied with their faces but I’m so so obsessed with Olaf and Sven as R2-D2 and Chewbecca!!😂

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I always pictured Leanna sounding like a mixture of Mipha from BotW, and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle (go to 3:44).

Myrra, after looking, would sound like Queen Anora from Dragon Age (go to 4:30)

Sven I always thought would sound like Aragorn’s, but sort of cocky? I’m having trouble finding a good match :(

Estilil would sound like Eowyn but more elvish if that makes sense!

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A Message



Hans is granted a second chance by a criminal known as the Mystery, someone people have only heard rumors about. How and why the Mystery decided to go out of his way to do this was beyond Hans, and frankly it bothered him. But once the Mystery’s plan goes into action, it’s only a matter of time before something bigger begins to develop.

(AO3 version)

[Just to avoid confusion, this is technically a prologue but on AO3 it’s identified as Chapter 1. Also this fic takes place after Frozen Fever.]


I’ve seen everything.

I’ve seen them as kids, the elder hitting the other in the head, the years of isolation from people, the Coronation, Arendelle becoming a kingdom of ice, the journey to find her; everything.

You could call me a stalker, but I’m not. I have gifts of the mind, gifts that tell me where to go at the right times, that tell me people of interest.

I’ve been on my own for ten years. You could call that a long time. I’ve also been wanted for ten years. You act out of self defense and they all of a sudden call you a murderer, a thief. Well news flash, people—it’s called surviving.

I don’t talk much, but I’m a thinker and a fast runner. You have to be fast out on the streets, ‘else you’re dead—literally in my case. You have to be tough, ‘else you’re dead.

But of course you’re not here for lessons on how to survive out on the streets. You’re here for entertainment. Well you’re in luck, ‘cause I have an interesting story to tell.

From what I’ve told you, you probably think I’m tougher than nails and close to unbreakable. But of course everyone has their own opinions, sometimes the wrong ones.

                                                        ~The Mystery

[I do not own Frozen. I only own my OCs. Frozen belongs to Disney.]


(Next chapter)

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    They had been traveling, Nissa wasn’t sure where they were heading but it didn’t matter to her. All she wanted to do was torment her love and count the score of how many times he smiled that day. She had counted ten when a sudden nausea hit her, her steps fumbling as she tried to focus her gaze.

    “Nissa, you can’t just-” Sven didn’t finish his sentence as he turned back only to see his love fall to the ground. “Nissa!”

    She could barely hear his voice as he rushed to her side, taking her body in his arms. He was hot to the touch, or maybe she was just freakishly cold? “I’m fine,” her voice shook, a false sense of comfort failing to hide the fear within her words. Images flashed through her eyes, a pain too unbearable to voice racking through her body as it all hit her. Tears fell from her eyes. “He’s dead, Sauron is dead.”

    “What?” The elf croaked, body tense, only to be snapped back to his senses when the woman’s body grew exponentially colder. “Hey! Stay with me! What does this have to do with Sauron, what’s wrong with you!” 

    Nissa felt his fingers wiping away her tears, his grip on her strong as it had always been. “Hey, it’s okay,” her vision was going but she knew his body well enough to find his face. Caressing his cheek and pushing a strand of hair behind his ear. “I didn’t know what would happen, but I always believed what Azog told me all those years ago. Funny right?”

    Sven couldn’t speak, his words jumbled in his mouth as he put his hand on hers. Tears stung his eyes and he cursed the feelings in his heart but also begged to whatever gods left to allow her to stay by his side.

    “You’re not allowed to go, dammit,” he cursed. “No way are you allowed to annoy me to the ends of the earth and leave me now!”

    The girl let out a small chuckle, one that broke his heart. “I’m sorry, if I could, I would do anything to be with you physically.” She pulled herself up and gave him a final kiss, placing something in his hand. “I’ll always be with you, my love, never forget that.”

    She was gone. All that was left was empty cold hair and his hand clutching the necklace she had always worn. A blue gem that sparkled and moved whenever he gazed upon it. She had always worn it, even when they slept together and deep down, he knew what it meant to her. 

    His tears fell on the earth as he forced himself to stay together only for each of the pieces of his heart to crumble in his chest. Dammit, his thoughts cut through his soul like a double edged sword, both ends covered in agonizing poison. Dammit, dammit dammit!

    A scream tore through the air as the clouds that covered the sun, split apart, a new era being born anew upon the death of another.

Inspired by @pistachiozombie amazing boy, Sven <3

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