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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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22/100 Days of Productivity


I was struggling to get used to typing in Hebrew on my keyboard. Like really bad. I got so frustrated that I just stopped practicing. It left me wondering, why was it so easy on my phone? And then it clicked. It’s because I can see the letters as I’m typing. Duh.

So I started looking for a solution. First I printed out a Hebrew keyboard and had that in eyesight, whenever I was typing. Definetly an improvement but still a little awkward. Then I thought about buying little stickers to put on my keyboard, but I was dreading such a tedious task.

While I was looking, I kept getting ads for small bluetooth keyboards. I decided to give that a shot. Since it’s really versatile. Honestly, even if it won’t improve my typing it already improved my life. Didn’t know that a remote control for my computer was what I needed. And it’s also compatible with my phone.

  • Did Duolingo 🦉
  • Practiced typing on the keyboard, by copying song lyrics.
  • Watched more Quicksand in swedish.
  • Did the laundry ✨
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Fina Ted och Björn Borg i 70-talet. Nu är både idoler, skrev en reporter i en tidningen då. Ted och Björn spelade tennis tillsammans, men Ted lämnade det innan Björn lämnade det i 90-talet. Det var i 1981 när Björn tänkte att det var inte en bra sak att spela tennis längre. Han sade,

-Wimbledon 1981 var första gången jag började tänka att det här är inte roligt längre

Vad trevligt att se dem tillsammans!

Vackra bilder! 

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Originally posted by yurionice

Subject: Greetings part 2

Tjena! - Hi!

Javisst - Yes, certainly/of course

Jaha - I see

Sådär - so-so

Vi ses! - See you later!

Hur är läget? - How is it going?

Hur mår du? - How are you?

Hur är det? - How is it?

Du då? - You then?

Det är lugnt - It is cool

Jag är stressad - I am stressed

Jag är förkyld - I have a cold

Swedish fact of the day:

The Nobel Prize committee that chooses the winners for the literature category is located in the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building. As the name suggests, the building was mostly used for the stock exchange, until they completed moved out in 1998. Since the beginning, however, the king used the room every winter for the Swedish Academy. This was because the room was the biggest ball room in Sweden at the time that could be heated.

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