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#svsss recs
captainkirkk · 6 months ago
A collection of fics I’ve read (/reread) and thoroughly enjoyed in the past week-ish from all kinds of fandoms and genres.
Growing Pains by carolinaa (NOTE: This is a commission for me!! I adore it so much, please go read it and give carolinaa some love) 
Nobody's really sure how to take the new Fire Lord. Actually, nobody's really sure if he'll last long enough for them to get used to him. Zuko, existing in the uncertainty of a life after the war, is right there with everybody else.
The Witcher
 In the Deep Dark Hills by didoandis
 “You’re making a mistake,” Jaskier says. “Trust me – I’ll be watching Geralt rip out your intestines before all this is over. I’ve seen it before. It’s not pretty.” He draws himself up, shows his teeth. If this is going to go badly, he intends to be as difficult as possible about it.
 The alderman glares at him. “Enough of this,” he says, commanding; there’s a heavy dull thud at the back of Jaskier’s head, and a brief burst of pain, and then blackness.
When Geralt is late returning from a hunt, Jaskier’s the one who suffers for it. Things get worse before they get better.
A Song of Service by didoandis
 “Why do you wear that collar?” the witcher asks.
 Jaskier startles. He’s been fiddling with it, he realises, a nervous habit. He didn’t think the witcher had noticed, even though those golden eyes seem to spot most things.
 “It’s so people know what I am,” he says.
 “And what are you?” the witcher says. His tone has turned surprisingly gentle. Perhaps he can hear the misery in Jaskier’s voice.
 “Bound in service,” Jaskier explains. He tries on a smile. “It might not look like it, but I’m as much of a prisoner as you are.”
Jaskier didn’t exactly plan to escape from his master alongside a terrifying witcher. But it might turn out to be one of his better decisions.
[Inspired by The Accidental Warlord and His Pack by Inexplicifics.]
My Boyfriend from Rivia is Totally Real by anarchycox (+ podfic)
Jaskier accidentally lies to Valdo Marx that he and Geralt are in fact dating. And then he decides to roll with the lie and it just keeps growing and growing.
 A Letter to Me by kiapet
Fourteen-year-old Bakugou Katsuki knows he’s destined to be a great hero someday. Midoriya Izuku dreams of the same, but struggles to get through each day in a world determined to push him down. But when the pair of middle schoolers are kidnapped by a villain with a time travel quirk, they are forced to confront a future neither of them could predict- and versions of themselves they never expected to become.
Pro!Midoriya to Kid!Midoriya: You matter so much, and everything is going to be okay! Pro!Bakugou to Kid!Bakugou: Now listen here you little shit-
Deluxe System 2.0: Co-op Mode!  by  kitsunealyc
Standing on the edge of the Endless Abyss, Shen Yuan chooses to take the point deduction and die rather than shove Luo Binghe over the edge.
What can the System do except engage the failsafe mode and restore the account of the original user?
(or, Shen Yuan and Shen Jiu become trapped in the same body and are forced to cooperate in order to survive the plot and achieve their happy endings)
  A Pairing of Souls  by  Muzu
It doesn’t take five years for Shen Yuan’s backup body to mature, and when it does Shen Yuan emerges back into the world once more quickly realizing that nothing is as he expected or hoped it would be.
But Shen Yuan has a body to steal back and a promise to keep, and that leads him to the last place he expected to ever go: Luo Binghe's front door.
A Little Off the Top by demoncow97
There were so many enjoyable and non life-threatening things he could be doing. So why was Shen Qingqiu stuck surrounded by a group of bandits, unarmed, and willingly being taken hostage?
(Or: Shen Qingqiu gets an impromptu haircut, and no one is mentally prepared)
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i-drive-a-nii-san · 18 days ago
So I've been sitting in the corner crying over how Mobei-Jun must have felt in Chapter 37 of pride is not the word I'm looking for by @tossawary and I needed to draw something about it.
If you haven't read the story yet please please go read and follow this extremely talented writer and artist!! I honestly can't recommend enough for any SVSSS fans.
comic under the cut for blood and chapter 37 to 39 if you squint spoilers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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soursoppi · 6 months ago
Btw, if you ever have more mxtx or bnha recs you’d like to share just know,,, you reccomend such nice stuff and I would not complain 💕👀
Most of the BNHA fics I’ve been following haven’t updated in some time ;_; but I don’t think I’ve done a general MXTX rec so I’ll do that haha!
Talking to myself by velithya
(MDZS: XiCheng hints) Short but HITS HARD ;_; Basically a young Jiang Cheng gets a visit from his future self, and he gets to hear the words he so badly needs but never hears from his own family.
Status: Short one! Seems to be a series? Either way velithya always writes such good stuff ;_;
A Bit of Ruthlessness by jirluvien
(MDZS: XiCheng) Similar in premise to The Beginner’s Guide to Moving On (which has been deleted ;_;) but paced better and with punchier dialogue imo! I love the character voices in the letter writing, there’s a nice balance between the humor and the drama which is what I like best.
Status: Finished! At 110111 words it actually feels like a surprisingly fast read!
Ah, it all makes scents now~! by theWanderingHeart
(MDZS: Xicheng) If you like the soft fluffy parts of ABO but could do with less of the spicy stuff or angst- this is the ABO!AU for you! I’ve also done some art haha for Jo’s adorable ABO series! Very cute and funny hehe
Status: A series! A fluffy ABO series!
Poison in Your Veins by 2501987
(MDZS: Xicheng) An AU where Jiang Cheng is raised by his mom as the heir of Meishan Yu instead! Features mildly spicy JC and besotted LXC! Pretty interesting premise, and the first act of the series seems to be done, with hints for more!
Status: A Series, with the first act wrapped up! Probably with more to come!
tsundere sect leader gets papapa (times five)! by oh_fudgecakes
(MDZS: AllCheng) An all out glorious PWP that features JC getting the d every which way possible by WangXian and the 3zun. The only non-Xicheng spicy that tempted me enough to continue reading. Features some tender Xicheng moments if you’re a sucker like me hahaha.
Status: WIP! But goddamn is it juicy.
the blackest of rooms by cwnran (manatsuko)
(SVSSS: BingLiu) Basically a retelling of the original SVSSS where Liu Qingge becomes Luo Binghe’s Teacher instead. My FAVOURITE SVSSS fic tbh. Because of the perfection of the pacing and the writing. It is not a very light story though it does have a happy end!
Status: Finished! Pretty short, but it made me cry ;_;
Dual Cultivation series by acernor
(SVSSS: BingLiuShen) EXTREMELY SPICY. But also very cute follows LQG’s slow acceptance of the “feelings”. I am completely unable to read BingQiu now because of the glorious tsundere sexiness that is Acernor’s Liu Qingge, I keep waiting for them to woo LQG instead.
Status: FINISHED! Acernor writes a lot of tasty spicy stuff, my favs are her BingLiu(s) hehe
A War God From Another World by 月氣 (TheUmbraphage)
(SVSSS: Eventual BingLiuShen, currently LiuShen-ish) Liu Qingge is the one transmigrated this time, I LOVE THIS. The character voices feel really IC, and the world-building is really good (i.e authentic). It feels like something MXTX could have written! It’s fairly early in the story but still an extremely entertaining read!
Status: WIP, early in the first act and I’m crying a little because it’s been some time since the last update. But still a good read.
Same Deep Water As You by krypkaktus (Regndoft)
(TGCF: HXxSQX) Post-canon Beauty and the Beast-esque slowburn!!!! Beautifully written, slow, tender and full of healing ;_; I love the catfishes so much.
Status: 14/90..... it says haha... recently updated at least! Just take it a chapter at a time!
Returning Earth《天地緩緩 》 by iskendaris
(TGCF: HXxSQX) Exploration of He Xuan’s and Shi Qingxuan’s relationship from how they might’ve met, to what they might’ve felt for each other. An in-depth character piece, also very spoilery. No healing, mildly spicy, very nice world building and lots of pain.
Status: WIP! But the world setting does feel very authentically Ancient China-ish! I love that!
making a home to come back to by macdotexe
(TGCF: LQQxQR) Post-canon! Lang Qianqiu and Qi Rong figure out how to parent Guzi together! Slightly spicy, and very cute! I love the domestic-ness in this, and the slowly building UST between LQQ and QR haha.
Status: WIP, been a while since the last update but it’s still a satisfying morsel
So Says the Shapeshifter by foxflowering
(TGCF: LQQxQR) Post-canon spicy! Lang Qianqiu has Qi Rong in his hands at last, but before the spicy must come the character dissection (kinda literally lol)! This fic fleshes out Qi Rong’s character and motivations beyond the scraps we get in canon, really like the dialogue in this!
Status: Fairly short but fulfilling read!
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baoshan-sanren · 16 days ago
Spare Moshang fic recommendations? I have not consumed any svsss media besides the moshang fics and I think they’re my otp
so you have a bad day by tagteamme Explicit - Shang Qinghua is not stupid. It does not take a genius to know what it means when you ask a servant where your lord has left to and they readily supply the name of an exclusive brothel in between the two realms. Especially when it's after your utterly disastrous first time together. So he goes away for a bit to clear his head. And promptly gets kidnapped.
The Pen is Mightier by Shamelesscooper Explicit - The thought had been niggling at the back of his mind quite a bit lately. He wasn’t showing Shang Qinghua proper obeisance, was he? They’d grown so comfortable in their roles - Mobei-Jun as Shang Qinghua’s king, and Shang Qinghua as his dutiful servant - that they hadn’t thought to… stop. It was how it had always been. But things were different, now, weren’t they? They’d been different for a long time now. To ignore that wasn’t proper. That stops now, Mobei-Jun decides. His ancestors would be rolling in their graves to see him ignore the proper rites of courtship - the fact that he and Shang Qinghua were already mated besides. He was not raised to be some kind of country rube, as much as being sequestered so far up north might imply otherwise. Shang Qinghua was his partner, and, with all factors properly calculated, the more powerful of the two. It was only proper that Mobei-Jun display an appropriate level of submission to his better.
Performance Appraisal by kuumpiim Explicit - Mobei Jun may be a powerful demon lord, second-in-command only to his OP son, but why was he constantly finding himself dangerous scenarios? Why does a lowly peak lord have to be the one to keep bailing him out of trouble?! Please give this servant a break, my king! Or, all the times Shang Qinghua was promoted in Mobei Jun’s service.
The Shang Qinghua Effect by Yuu_chi Explicit - Shang Qinghua knows better than anybody that he doesn’t get a second look so long as Shen Yuan is around.
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vodkassassin · 3 months ago
Hey hun! Reminding you about that Moshang list like you asked!
Sorry this took so long, I ran out of energy and didn’t get any more until like, yesterday. Okay, so! Moshang fic recs!!
AN IDIOT’S GUIDE TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE by tagteamme. Chapters: 8/8, words:  156,680
Summary:  In order to pay off a debt that's not his, Shang Qinghua agrees to marry a man that's as cold and unyielding as he is stupidly rich.
Vod Notes: I’m not normally one for modern AU’s, but there’s just something about aspiring CEO MBJ and flat out broke SQH somehow wiggling his way into his heart that gets to me. The characterizations in this story are flawless, and the customary Moshang miscommunication/misunderstanding had me tearing out my hair at several points, yelling at these two dumbasses; and that’s how you know it’s a good one. 9/10 because I experienced lots of stress while reading this, which actually is a sign of a fantastic story, I’m just really weak and pathetic and immerse myself in reading way too much, so actually 11/10! Depends on how you look at it I suppose lol
a rose by any other name by sarahyyy. Chapters 1/1, words: 6,795
Summary: The one where Shang Qinghua suddenly becomes Prime Demon Marriage Material™ (bc of the LBH/SQQ marriage).
Vod Notes: somft. MBJ just loves SQH so very much, and SQH is pining ad dense as fuck. The perfect Moshang fic recipe. They are warm, soft, clueless idiots in this while still somehow being entirely competent, and we love to see that. SQH is a man made of contingency plans <3 I love it when authors do my son justice. 10/10
How to Panic Your Demon King by StarlightLion. Chapters: 1/1, words: 7,816
Summary: Mu Qingfang is starting to wonder if this is a requirement to be a demon lord. At least this one isn't kidnapping him.
Vod Notes: A delicious one shot about MBj worrying about the love of his life, who is a strong, dedicated, talented man who has an unfortunate training mishaps and then tries to cover it up bc he’s also dumb and doesn’t want to worry anyone. Stupid man. SQH we love you pls take care of yourself. You’re giving your husband grey hairs. A special treat toward the end with a MQF POV! My sexy doctor man is exasperated and done with everything. 10/10
it must follow, as the night the day by Tossawary. Chapters: 7/7, words: 26,342
Summary: Airplane Bro transmigrates into his own web-novel only to find out that the System messed up his world! Shang Qinghua is a demon in this world! All the characters supposed to be humans are demons in this world! And all the characters supposed to be demons are...?
Vod Notes: You simply cannot go wrong with Tossawary. They have the most scrumptious servings of Moshang in all the land. For this specific one, we’re gifted with a lovely Role Reversal AU! It’s got everything! Demon!SQH who is a absolute mess of a man? Serious cultivator MBJ who is stoic and cold but has the heart of a hero (or just a heart hardwired for SQH specifically)? Espionage? Feed it to me slowly like grapes. 11/10
You Will Never Step Lightly in the Dark by Janusoverlord. Chapters: 11/11, words 57,218
Summary: Shang Qinghua wakes up in the aftermath of Tianlang-Jun's rampage on Cang Qiong Mountain and has to navigate the delicate political situation he now finds himself in. Luo Binghe is building a harem with Shen Qingqiu as his first, and honestly most terrifying, husband. Yet, Luo Binghe seems to be turning his eyes to Shang Qinghua as a possibility as well. Excuse you? What is this? He didn't sign up for this!
Vod Notes: holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this one blew my entire mind! Not only do we have SQH looking out for number one (which is himself, bless you my son) when shit turns strictly bad, but we have a absolutely, one of a kind, PHENOMENAL badass SQQ who is supporting his bro and fucking shit up left and right and everywhere for Airplane’s sake. God. This was like drinking fine wine. Breathtaking, spectacular. My life has been changed. MBJ spends most of this being a big, sulky, upset mess but don’t worry, cucumberplane fixes that up themselves. LBH get’s put in time out by both his husbands (because this is LBH/SQQ/LQG), because he fucks up in this majorly and SQQ isn’t fucking happy and doesn’t let him get away with it just because he gives him the puppy eyes and I AM LIVINGGGGGGGGG!! TLDR: simply superb badass cucumberplane, sad boy MBJ hours, and LQG gets stuck with babysit the naughty demon king duty. VERDICT: umm?! 7000/10
A Queen’s Trials (And How to Speedrun Them) by daddykeehl. Chapters: 1/8(as of 4/17/21), words: 25,000.
Summary: Shang Qinghua is now well on his way to the same happily-ever-after that every protagonist gets, but two things stand in his way. The Queen's Trials, and a council that just won't give up. Too bad for them, they really don't know who they're dealing with.
Vod Notes: Sorry I can’t hear any of your questions over the loud, shrill screams of my absolute LOVE for this story. it’s not finished, no, but it’s set up in arcs per chapter, so I’m fine with waiting for the next one to come along, and so will you if you read this. Because, lemme tell you. Fucking amazing. An SQH who knows everything about the North? He’s God, dammit, why wouldn’t he? Using that to his advantage? Not just to prolong his life, but to legally win the right to marry MBJ. God, this story is just absolutely breathtaking. I was speechless when I got to the end of chapter one. The sheer level of worldbuilding! Catch me with actual hearts in my eyes. The small DETAILS! The magnificently built OCs! The culture, the writing! The character interactions! SQH goes around accidentally winning the lifelong loyalty of every badass, OP demon in the Northern realm. I am still screeching. daddykeehl you’re my number one. fucking 200k/10 heart eyes emoji, heart eyes emoji (also, it’s part of a series! The story before this one, Quick, Easy Steps To Realizing You’re The Queen Consort, is also VERY good.)
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moshangfic · 2 months ago
due south
Link to AO3
Author: screamingatthesun (savemeaplate) E, 12131, 1/1
Relationships: Mobei-jun/Shang Qinghua
Blurb: mbj comes to collect a debt from sqh’s father, takes sqh’s virginity instead
Mobei Jun is well aware of the situation. Shang Pingyao does not have thirty thousand dollars. What he does have, though, is a jumpy, soft-thighed son.
Mobei Jun can work with that.
Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Age Difference, loan shark mobei jun, college student shang qinghua, Size Difference, Size Kink, Strangers to Lovers, Rough Sex, Anal Sex, Dubious Consent, Oral Fixation, Rimming, Hair-pulling, shang qinghua gets relentlessly bullied, and a bunch of other stuff i cant remember, bc mobei jun's horny spirit took over, Power Dynamics, Virginity Kink, Loss of Virginity, Accidental Sugar Daddy Acquisition
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kasasagi-eye · 4 months ago
SVSSS fic recs
I decided to make several rec lists this year. Since @veliseraptor asked for SVSSS recs, I'm starting with these. I'm not good with descriptions but I can guarantee that everything on this list is amazing.
High Mountain, How I Long by Minimalistless.
Huahua palace divergence
white amaranth, purple eggplant by tshirt.
Postcanon, domestic, dealing with trauma.
honesty is such a lonely word by chrysaliseater.
truth serum, trial (!) fic
Shadows can bleed by SenZen_Travers
my favorite fic in this fandom. LBG resurrects SJ and tries to change him to his liking.
Не в нашей власти by Ликующий Октаэдр.
After his death, Shen Jiu returns to the time when he suffered his qi deviation and tries to change his fate. Amazing strategizing. (Russian, WIP)
point of view by acernor
SJ and LBG changes places, super hot hate sex ensues
How to Handle Laundry when Traveling Inter-Dimensionally by hoarous
hot washing machine sex
Reflected in Shadow by amarielah
LBG kidnaps SQQ. Cool worldbuilding, among other things. Has Non-Consensual Hurt/Comfort as a tag, how cool is that! (WIP)
to love another (and to learn yourself) by nyoomerr
LBG kidnaps SY (who was never SQQ and only read the novel), then re-learns how to be human. sweet.
Songs of a Wayfarer by foxflowering
An absolutely stunning ballet AU.
Bonus: can't get by, can't let go by JerichoJaspersJeromeJr, kitschlet
the one with two binghes (I will probably add more to this later as I'm far from done with SVSSS)
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thebaladofaspacecat · 2 months ago
Shen Qingqiu (Shen Yuan) x Luo Binghe (Bing-mei) lead a sect in the far future, within MDZS timelines. They adopt an orphaned Wei Wuxian and, of course, plot ensues. Highly recommend. Has Wangxian later on, Binghe is aware of the system, and so much humor.
“Where did you get this?” he demands, ignoring the boy’s excitement.
“There’s a bookstore down the road!” the boy cheers, practically bouncing with excitement. “Da-shixiong bought it for me. He said it’s one of the greatest romance novels of all time!”
Meng Yao leans forward to get a look at the cover and snorts. It’s a classic, alright. The Regret of Chunshan. His mother once taught him how to play it.
“You are never to read this, you understand?” Shen Qingqiu warns, tapping the boy—his son, Meng Yao realizes—on the head with his fan.
Shen Qingqiu turns to the man beside him who seems to be holding back laughter, and his gaze darkens further.
“You shut up,” he warns. “This is no laughing matter. That song should have died off centuries ago!”
As he reopens his fan and shuts his eyes, he mutters under his breath barely loud enough for Meng Yao to hear.
“Even my own disciples have read it. Will I never rest in peace?”
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tossawary · 4 months ago
As a demoness, Liu Mingyan doesn’t have a lot of first-hand experience with romance. This wouldn’t be a problem if she weren’t in the process of composing a romantic epic for the ages. Luckily, local human gremlin Sha Hualing is here to help.
Purely for the sake of good writing, of course.
Words: 9,799. Complete.
A lovely gift for me from the MXTX Remix 2021 event! Thank you, Anonymous Author! I’ll be sure to thank you directly once the authors are revealed! 
This fic takes inspiration from my “it must follow, as the night the day” fic (the Role Reversal AU, with Human Mobei-Jun and Demon Shang Qinghua) and runs with it to do wonderful things with Demon Liu Mingyan and Human Sha Hualing, and Demon Liu Mingyan still pursuing a writing career. 
Love that Sha Hualing kept her straightforwardness in this universe. It's so funny. Human Sha Hualing: "Oh, you're a demon? We should kiss about it."
I’m also still reeling from the chaotic energy of Liu Mingyan, Shang Qinghua, and Tianlang-Jun all being in the same room. Collaborating. Like, that’s a hard “oh, no” in the best way. 
There’s also some gorgeous Human Cultivator Sha Hualing and Willow Demon Liu Mingyan art at the end of the fic! Please go share some love! 
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captainkirkk · 6 months ago
NOTE: This one’s super late since I tripped and fell into tgcf. Once I’m finished reading it + the extras, I’m going to make a verrry long tgcf rec list
Make No Apology by Haicrescendo
[Aang’s the one who brings it to him. It’s tea, obviously, but it doesn’t smell like any tea that Zuko’s ever had. Spicy but also kind of...sour?
Zuko stares down at his cup with a sort of vague concern. He doesn’t want to drink this.
Aang’s staring up at him so earnestly, though, and Zuko’s never been able to say no to cute, googly eyes. It’s not right. He doesn’t want anything to do with Aang’s weird, spicy tea.]
Or: In which Zuko isn’t poisoned, but in fact finds himself at the tender mercies of a truth serum. In retrospect, maybe being poisoned would have been more pleasant.
You're Expelled by Gfan97
After the quirk assessment test, Izuku Midoriya is expelled from UA. After this he takes the only logical course of action: Attend UA anyway! And hide from Eraserhead like his life depends on it (which it might).
Meanwhile the rest of UA need to decide out what to do with this reverse-truancy.
The Witcher
hooked  peaktotheocean
Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove, hadn't been expecting to see invading Witchers on his riverbanks. Nor had he anticipated being named king to serve the White Wolf. Unfortunately, those were just the start of his problems.
(Because this fandom needs more childhood sweetheart stories)
For the Asking by Rassaku
In which Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, Conqueror of the North, would really prefer not to be receiving handsome young men as tribute.
Natsume Yuujinchou
Home and Heart  by winterlogic (Note: Yes, this is an abo fic, which is a trope I detest 99.9% of the time. But so far this fic has focused almost entirely on Natsume’s family and friends and uses scents/pack bonding to explore his trust issues and trauma, which is neat)
After spending years bouncing from family to family and school to school, Takashi's learned that the best way to survive as an omega is to keep his head down and leave no traces. When he moves in with the Fujiwara couple, Takashi plans to do much the same, but they seem bound, set, and determined to upset all semblance of stability and familiarity in his life. And so does everyone else in Hitoyoshi.
It's going to be a long year.
coax our vineyard through by Shializaro                
Lan Wangji was never clear on the details of Wei Wuxian's early life. This presents some problems when they fall back in time. Alternatively: Jiang Fengmian receives a series of odd letters fom Gusu Lan. Meanwhile, Wei Changze's son is nowhere to be found and strange things are going on in the world...
Content Warning: Romance by Ariaste (+ podfic)
Wei Wuxian just wants a little warning before Lan Wangji says nice things. Lan Wangji just wants to love on his husband, thanks.
Dew Over by ataratah                
Shen Qingqiu does a slightly better job of resolving things with Luo Binghe before self destructing, so when he's reborn into the Sun and Moon Dew Flower Seed body, the System gives him the chance to unlock a new save file as Peerless Cucumber: Mysterious Rogue Cultivator.
He still can't escape the protagonist's orbit, or his fate as a fixer of plotholes, of course, but Shen Yuan won't let go of his fresh start so easily.
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friendodo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
scum villain doodle dump no 1
1. two scenes i doodled while reading Gather Jewels from Graveyards by formerlyknives which is an AU where SY sets up a shrine to the original Shen Qingqiu (for the lolz) and starts praying to him to whine about all the things that annoy him, which eventually gives Shen Jiu the power to come back as a ghost king, much to SY’s chagrin and confused delight. I just loved Shen Yuan giving an absolutely bullshit explanation while under pressure so i had to draw his pain along with an iconic YQY rejection borne from brotherly love
2. hot liushen summer
3. random AU where SY becomes YQY’s disciple bc SY reminds him of SQQ and he just can’t get enough doting in with the when SQQ gives SY his seal of approval YQY is understandably delighted
4. Shen Yuan’s life as Shen Qingqiu is an endurance race and he falls at each hurdle
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i-drive-a-nii-san · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s been about a year but I’m picking up doodle recs again because I have absolutely fallen in love and need to share!
I have been reading this SVSS fic by @tossawary called ‘pride is not the word I'm looking for’
It is a phenomenal pre-canon fic where Shang Qinghua meets a baby Luo Binghe and his adoptive mother.
I originally clicked in for cute baby binghe but got so much more! This author does an amazing job of balancing a multiple arc plot with complex and evolving interpersonal relationships of all types, while also constructing possibly my favorite characterization of Shang Qinghua I’ve read so far.
Shang Qinghua’s running inner monologue is hilarious and his narrational voice shows through strongly and consistently in this fic. It makes him very easy to connect to throughout the story as it deals with themes of profound loneliness and found family in a way that I know many of us in fandom can relate to, especially a year into a global pandemic.
I love the slowly developing relationship between Mobei-Jun and Shang Qinghua dearly MBJ it’s not personal sometimes SQH just needs his mental break down time ahahahaha but I am also deeply invested in the platonic and familial relationships that make up the story. 
There have been so many times where I’ve finished reading a chapter and had to take a walk around my room just to process. And most recently, the fic took a turn I was NOT EXPECTING!!
Definitely go check this out and many thanks to the author for sharing all of your hard work with us!
EDIT: MORE TEARS!! from chap 37
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elegant-fan-twirl · a month ago
Shizun was very intelligent.
His intellect was unparalleled, that was something known across the entirety of Cang Qiong Peak. An IQ over 9000, as most understood. Luo Binghe could sit and listen for hours as he rambled on about various monsters, getting ever so adorably excited over discoveries of new breeds or newfound abilities. His grace, his teaching skill, his ability to plan ahead for (almost) every outcome, was unrivaled. Binghe may be smart, he may be a strategic master, but his shizun’s mind was like a steel trap. Anything the man read could be recited and put to use.
But, loathe as Binghe was to admit about his one true love and soulmate, Shizun was… kind of stupid.
4 times Shizun was dumb +1 time Binghe was
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nyerus · a year ago
hi! what are some of ur fav fics for all mxtx's three pairings?? pls recommend!! thank uu~
Hi Anon! I have a LOT of fave fics (esp for Hualian), but I’ll be good and limit them to like 3 per pairing haha! Some are explicit, some are not! Please mind the tags!~ I tried to give a good variety in type though!
Bingqiu Fics:
1.) He Was Made For Untidy Rooms and Rumpled Beds by Bluethursday - Excplicit This is my fave Bingqiu fic, and is so good that I basically consider it canon. It’s everyone thirsting after an oblivious SQQ!
2.) by omission by Yuu_chi - Mature This is a SY/SQQ reveal fic. Really good amount of tension, and I’m looking forward to the next part eagerly!
3.) Let’s Do This Again by marizousbooty SQQ re-transmigrates to his old world and body. It’s very heartwrenching, but it has a happy ending!!!
Bonus: You, Have Always Wanted a Place to Call Home by Bluethursday - Mature This is Bingge/Shen Yuan (BingYuan), so not technically Bingqiu, but it still basically is. It’s superb, period!
Wangxian Fics:
1.) The Price of Old Wishes by SoManyJacks - Explicit This is canonverse retold from LWJ’s PoV and it’s really great! I had such a good time with it and looked forward to each and every chapter!
2.) seldom all they seem by Fahye - Explicit This is a canon-divergent arranged marriage AU and suuuper sweet. Will also hit you in the feels!
3.) grow by cafecliche - Teen I read this one recently and adored it, though its not strictly wangxian. WWX gets turned into a kid on a nighthunt and the juniors take care of him. It’s a nice character study as well.
Hualian Fics:
1.) Tangled by ChoAyako - Explicit Excellent use of the butterfly silk, imo!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
2.) between a rock and a hard place by Naamah_Beherit - Explicit Probably one of my fave explicit fics for Hualian. Super spicy!~ I think I’ve re-read it like 5 times by now.
3.) the state of you by flowerpathy(silverheartstrings) - Mature I am a huge sucker for meta type fics and this one is XL and HC exploring HC’s past. I cried bc I’m a baby and it just hit me in the feels super hard!!! ;;;;;
Bonus: these pieces in my hands by yoonminomL - Teen This is actually a post-canon fix it for Beefleaf (ShangXuan) and QuanYin, with only background Hualian. But I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth mentioning!
This is kind of a random selection, but still--hope you enjoy, Anon!~  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
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lilacsical · 5 months ago
 Mass of Fic Recs- Fic Rec Days
Hey all! I think the fic rec days idea by huacheng-zhu is a great idea, so here’s the first post of what will be three! I only really read fics for books by MXTX, so I’ve split these between her three books, the first day being for SVSSS. Look below the cut!
A Pairing of Souls by Muzu | T, 79K, 1st in a series
After self-destructing to save Luo Binghe, Shen Yuan wakes up to find it’s been shorter than he expected- and there’s a surprise waiting for him, too.
Shen Yuan is fleshed out so well, and I love the author’s exploration of how his perception probably colored the novel. I also love the Shen Jiu shenanigans- I wouldn’t be surprised if the author has a sibling.
anxiety and caffeine are having a cockfight in my brain by Tossawary | T, 1.7K, established relationship
Missing home, Shang Qinghua tries to make an energy drink and reaps the consequences.
I loved this fic!! It’s short and sweet but hits the heart like a bullet to the chest. Definitely high on the rec list.
With Ink and Sword by xnemone | E, 26K, human/historical au
After passing the Imperial Exams, Shang Qinghua is sent to the cold lands in the north.
Sweet! Tender! Mobei Jun is more than the rumors! Shang Qinghua is a badass! There are so many good things to say about this fic, I could go on all day.
You Will Never Step Lightly In The Dark by Janusoverlord | E, 57K (Content Warnings: attempted seduction; definitely read the tags)
Luo Binghe has already married Shen Qingqiu; why has he turned his eyes on Shang Qinghua?!
Words cannot describe how much I loved this fic. It’s the second in a series, but I didn’t read the first part and understood everything just fine. Shang Qinghua may be in trouble, but he’s definitely not just a damsel in distress. I also particularly love all of the moshang interactions in this fic.
If Not You by ketolic (corrose) | E, 56K, 1st in a series
Shang Qinghua is at his wits end when Mobei Jun gets hit with a poison that’s only solution is dual cultivation, which he refuses to do.
Dude!!! They nailed Shang Qinghua’s narrative voice so well, and the sex?? Chef kiss. I have never read a bottom!Mobei Jun fic before and now have a mighty need for more. Excellent in every category and a super good read.
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moshangfic · 2 months ago
A kitty for your thoughts
Link to AO3
Author: MarcyDarcy T, 4591, 1/1
Relationships: Mobei-jun/Shang Qinghua, Luo Binghe/Shen Yuan|Shen Qingqiu
Blurb: cat!mbj, pining sqh, a happy ending
Mobei Jun is away on a mission.
Meanwhile Shang Qinghua finds a fluffy black cat with glimmering blue eyes in The Northern Palace.
These two facts cannot possibly be connected, right?
wifeplot, cat!mb, Fluff, sqh misses his king, Love Confessions
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azureseraph · 6 months ago
Hello everyone,
I'm in the mood for some good fanfiction, but I'm too sad to stroll through and find some.
If anyone has any absolute favorites that they'd like to share I would appreciate it very much.
I like a lot of different ships mostly m/m pairings and i am in a lot of fandoms, some (but not all) I have listed in tags. I wouldnt mind some none fanfics too if anyone has a recommendation for that as well?
Thank you, I am very grateful for whom ever would send me some.
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willowtreewillowtree · 3 months ago
has anyone done a baking show contestant x judge au for bingqiu?
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