jess-the-vampire · 4 months ago
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so i’m not gonna name names buttttt someone (You know who you are) has been massive liking and reblogging my tomco art/tomco fam art recently....yes i have noticed XD
have a gift you goober, i always love me more underworld fam! This one’s for you!
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sonyakiii · a month ago
Disney villains be like "oh well time to mercilessly torture some children" and it's a serialized TV-Y7 show
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tacosandtomcos · 2 months ago
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Happy Halloween!
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chispa-dulce · 2 months ago
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I love to draw them,
I don't know what Moon would have said to Toffee to make him blush, by the way She is pregnant
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gravityflops · 3 months ago
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empty96myth · 8 months ago
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hey, ToMarco! <3
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motherenjoyer · 2 months ago
Sometimes I just sit and think,,
The shows from my childhood are really gay
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lemonstonixx · 2 months ago
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star : marco It's time to go to school. marco?
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trans-l-lawliet · 7 months ago
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Light Yagami looking fresh with a mullet
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snowy-weather · 2 months ago
Rewatching Star VS the Forces of Evil and I remember why I, personally, was so disappointed in the ending.
It was the absolute awful turn they took with Moon Butterfly’s character. For a while she was absolutely my unexpected favourite character. She was cool and badass despite being reserved and strict. I just really enjoyed what they made of her character. And then around the finale... boom, it all went downhill and I was so disappointed.
Despite everything though, Star VS. Really was an awesome show for a while. The ending was disappointing, but everything that happened in between the beginning and the ending was so awesome!
And who can forget Toffee! Another favourite of mine. XD
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mylifeisfruk4ever · 3 days ago
Luo Binghe was like fire: he burned with passion and anger, it was not possible to contain it and it destroyed every obstacle.
Pain was his master, and he imparted it to others. He didn't care about the consequences, he cared about taking everything.
He was a ruthless Fire Lord, the most powerful man of all the four countries.
But sadly, Binghe was also the Avatar, as well as the ruler of the Fire Nation, and he had to represent the bridge between humans and spirits, the balance of the world.
He wasn't good at it.
In which Luo Binghe is the reluctant Avatar and Shen Qingqiu was the airbender master who had none of his shit.
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jess-the-vampire · 6 months ago
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The biggest take away i got from the new episode is i definitely have great taste in fictional sons
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cornflakesdoesart · a year ago
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My first stab at the SvstFoE trio! I thoroughly enjoyed this show and always wanted to draw some fanart for it , but I just never know what sort of fanart to draw if it’s not shippy for shows I love ...press f for me in the chat I guess :”D 
Stars design actually has so much detail that I never consciously noticed and I kept forgetting to add things like the hearts on her cheeks or her bag !
I might have...started this little drawing while the show was still airing? And then kept reworking it and then putting it away for a long time, there is one thing that I might fix later because it’s bothering me still but for now I’m releasing this to the wild!!
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tacosandtomcos · 3 months ago
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Couldn’t host tomtober this year but please, take this as a treat
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chispa-dulce · 2 months ago
Day 1 , 2
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I also wanted to join, I know the month is going to end but it is never too late to join a challenge!
I was a bit busy ... that's why I couldn't join in time, but from now on I can draw ... I'll take the opportunity to create more fanchilds for this inktober coincidentally, I hope to finish it!:))
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exposed-to-pink-kryptonite · 11 months ago
Ponyhead: c'mon guys, who's the most beautiful princess?
Star, Tom and Marco, at the same time: Turdina.
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rosetyler42 · 8 days ago
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This is another friendship that evolved out of talks between me and @lovelylivelyv: Ericka Van Helsing and Eclipsa Butterfly, known as the E-Girls! There's many similarities here: Both are definite monsterfuckers that come from monster hunting families, albiet Eclipsa is by far the more experienced and out-and-proud one of the two (she's dated enough monsters to have written a guide.) Both have similar taste in guys in some ways. And both have a curiosity and fascination for dark and creepy things. They're basically the animated version of Morticia and Debbie Jelinsky if Debbie had actually fallen for Fester.
2 of these art pieces Co stars @lovelylivelyv 's Eclipsa's pokemon, Potts the Authentic Polteageist!
@koobieday @htfanatic @fanlatinodrericka @erickadracula @ericka-van-helsing @erickaanddraculasblog @gothicthundra @another-strange-user @queencharliesshadow @animatedpixie @that-obsessed-gay-girl @sine-qua-noon @rain1940 @drericka
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cartoondot · a year ago
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don’t repost anything, like/reblog! ♡
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Moon: Have you noticed that lately, Meteora's has been acting like a real princess?
Eclipsa: A real princess? Moon, that's great!
Eclipsa: Don't you see? If Meteora's ever going to make it in this male dominated power structure, she's gotta eat, breath, drink, and sweat self-esteem!
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candelorofan19 · a year ago
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