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hoshi ♡ mmtg ep. 248
and as always ♡
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dork (affectionate)
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tag yourself i’m all three at the same time
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i just think this joshua deserves some love
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97z getting along well ♡
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Support System ~ Choi Seungcheol
Tumblr media
It came as no surprise to you as you walked into the studio to plenty of noise, feeling several pairs of eyes look across at you too as soon as you entered with several bags in your hands.
“Lunch,” you smiled, with the bags being taken from your hands before you even had the chance to finish what you were saying, looking around as several of them quickly emptied what was inside.
“You’re a life saver,” Seungcheol grinned as he approached you.
Your head shook as his arm wrapped around you, happy to stand back and watch the boys dig in for a little while first. Although you were waiting to eat too, you knew it was bound to be carnage if you got involved whilst the boys did,
It was far from the first time you had shown up just when the boys seemed to need you. Countless times you had been there to help out, especially when Seungcheol was feeling the pressure, trying your best to ease things for him.
“You bought so many of our favourites,” Mingyu called out to you as he tucked into one of the dishes, “you always know the right things to get us.”
Your smile was wide as several of the boys chimed in and told you how happy they were with what you’d bought, the perfect fix after a hectic morning of rehearsals.
“I hadn’t even thought about lunch,” Seungcheol frowned across at you as he admired the smiles on everyone’s faces, “I’d been so busy worrying about the routine.”
“It’s alright, you guys are busy.”
You could tell straight away that Seungcheol was annoyed at himself for not thinking about lunch, with twelve other people relying on him, he wished that he could have been more organised.
“Are you two going to come and eat?” Seungkwan called out as a spot on the floor opened up.
You quickly grabbed Seungcheol’s hand and led him across to it in an attempt to stop him beating himself up about not organising lunch sooner. You had managed to fix things, with the two of you working as a team, just like usual.
“Come on,” Seokmin encouraged as you found yourself sitting down beside him, feeling his side nudge into yours. “We’ve saved you some to enjoy.”
“I should hope so, I was the one that bought it.”
Seokmin’s eyes rolled as he passed you one of the plates that you had bought too so that they didn’t have to worry about how they were going to eat whilst in the studio.
“We can pay you back,” Minghao offered, “all you have to do is say.”
Your head shook in reply to Minghao straight away, as much as they didn’t like you spending money on them, you never minded stepping up when you needed to.
“Seungcheol, honestly, what would we do if you didn’t find Y/N?” Jihoon queried with a hum of delight in response to the food that he ate, “you found such a great human in Y/N.”
Seungcheol nodded in agreement with Jihoon as he began to load up the plate that he took from Seokmin too, reminding himself each time that he was eating thanks to you.
With their comeback pending, Seungcheol dug his head into the sand to get things done, often forgetting about what was around him. Time and time again you seemed to help him breathe a little easier and support him through the moments that troubled him.
“Y/N, you might need to come on tour with us so that we can continue being looked after,” Jeonghan called out, “you and Seungcheol can be our leaders together.”
Your head shook back at him with a chuckle, “you guys are just fine with Seungcheol, you don’t need me. I just like to do my bit for you guys every now and then, that’s all.”
“But you treat us so well, we can’t ever repay you for what you do.”
They couldn’t believe not just how lucky Seungcheol was to have you, but how lucky all of them were to have you. You kept them healthy and happy, even when at times they felt as if they were beginning to lose control.
“Just stop being nice and enjoy your lunch,” you warned all of them, beginning to get flustered as several compliments seemed to come your way. “It’ll go cold if you guys don’t eat it soon, then you won’t be thanking me.”
“Yes, we will,” Soonyoung argued, poking his tongue at him as you shot a glare across at him. “You’re not a part of Seventeen Y/N, but you’re as good as one of us, no one helps us out more than you do to keep us going.”
“They’re right,” Seungcheol spoke up too with a soft smile, “I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to be the leader that I am without you.”
Your head shook back at him, “you don’t give yourself enough credit sometimes, I keep telling you to stop underestimating yourself.”
Seungcheol’s smile turned up as a few of the boys began to move around the studio again after eating, heading to the toilet or going to pick up their phones to reply to any messages that they had gotten through the morning.
You and Seungcheol soon found yourselves sat with no one else anywhere nearby to you, with Seungcheol’s arm slowly moving to wrap around you. His eyes remained on the food that was around the studio, appreciating still not just the fact that you had brought them lunch, but the many other things that you did for them too.
“Have you eaten enough?” You asked Seungcheol as you went to creep forwards, only for Seungcheol to pull you back and stop you from helping to tidy things up.
“I’ve eaten more than enough, no thanks to you, of course.”
“Are you alright?” You quizzed, noticing that Seungcheol seemed to be a little distant with you, resting your hand over his. “I’ve done the right thing bringing you guys something to eat for lunch, haven’t I?”
Seungcheol nodded back at you straight away as his eyes looked across to you with a wide smile on his face, trying his best not to seem so distant.
“It’s just got me thinking really,” he began to tell you, “I mean, there’s so many things that I really don’t think that I would be able to do if it wasn’t for you Y/N.”
“We’ve been through this,” you laughed, “you really don’t need me, you can do this yourself with a bit more faith.”
Although you continued to downplay the role that you had in Seungcheol’s life, he would continue to pick you back up.
“You’re my support system,” he suddenly told you, “whilst the boys often rely on me as their leader, you’re the one that I rely on. Time and time again you help me out, and you never even complain about it too.”
“I just like to support you, because you support me too,” you smiled, “you’re always there when I need you too.”
Seungcheol nodded in reply to you, “I’ve got to repay you for all the things that you do for me, haven’t I, after all.”
“You know that whenever you need help, I’m here,” you whispered back across to Seungcheol.
His head continued to nod, “I mean it too, I couldn’t do the things that I do if it wasn’t for you, you’re the best Y/N.”
“Just like you’re the best leader too.”
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please stay. (wonwoo x reader)
genre - fluff, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers
wordcount - 1.5k
note - this is my first, very simple but the wonwoo brainrot would not quit! lowercase is on purpose. fic under the cut ^^
Tumblr media
“im sick of your shit y/n, i really am.”
it seemed like all of the time spent with your boyfriend ended with an argument. dont get it wrong, you love him, but hes great at finding issues in every little thing you do. at first it was things like not texting him when you wake up in the mornings, or getting coffee with a friend from one of your classes, but recently he had thrown a tantrum over every move you made. the current argument at hand being the fact that he showed up at your apartment unexpected and you had only made enough dinner for yourself.
“i don’t understand what you expect from me!” you raised your voice, growing annoyed at his constant outbursts. “will there ever be anything i can do that will satisfy you?” he had an icy glare as he stepped towards you, while you were trying to act unbothered even though he had at least 6 inches of height on you.
“well maybe if you just did things right once in a while, i wouldn’t have to put you in your place so often.” there was a bitterness to his tone, and not an ounce of love to be heard. 
tears started to form at the corners of your eyes, but you wouldn’t dare let them escape. wouldn’t dare let him win. 
“i’m sure my ex wouldn’t have let it get this far. maybe i made the wrong decision all along.” 
he had a wry smile on his lips as he leaned against the wall, drinking in your shocked and hurt expression. he had always had this smug aura around him, but this was worse. this was cruelty. he was getting pleasure from your pain.
you tried to speak, but you weren’t able to form words. none that you wouldn’t regret anyways. “i… well if thats how you feel…” you looked down at your feet, hoping that if he doesn’t see the hurt painted on your face he won’t get the satisfaction he craves.
he laughed. “you know what? maybe i’ll call her. im sure you’d be just fine too, i’ve seen you with those singer fuckboys you think are your friends. you should call one of them, maybe you’ll be a better woman to them than you were to me!” he pulled out his phone and started typing something as he walked towards the door. 
“wait, ‘were’? what do you mean ‘were’?” you knew what was coming, but your brain didnt quite process it in the moment. 
he looked up from his phone, the same sick smile not leaving his lips the entire time. “god, you really are stupid, aren’t you?” he let out a laugh that felt like the twist of a knife. “we’re done, idiot! don’t bother calling me either, i already deleted your number.” he chuckled as he opened the door and disappeared without another word.
as your apartment door shut, everything hit you like a tidal wave. you crashed onto your sofa, sobbing into your hands and struggling to catch your breath. your entire world was in slow motion until a knock at your door brought you back to reality. you stood up, vision blurry from the tears, and walked over to the door. you opened it to be greeted with somehow the first, and last person you had wanted to find you in this state.
“oh my god y/n, what happened? are you okay?” wonwoo said, concern laced in his voice as he stepped towards you and put a hand on your arm to calm you. you tried to act like nothing was wrong, but everything was so fresh and wonwoos concern just made you unravel all over again.
you and wonwoo had been friends since you quite literally bumped into him whilst rushing around the city one day when you were running late to one of your classes. you had been speedwalking through the streets, rushing to get to your campus in time. you slept in, but you just had to stop at your usual coffee shop before class. being somewhat in your own world, you accidentally bumped shoulders with wonwoo and ended up spilling your fresh iced coffee all down the sleeve of his shirt. apologizing profusely, you quickly asked if you could send him money for the drycleaning, or just pay for a new shirt. he laughed the same laugh that would still sound like music to your ears months later. he assured you that it was fine, and even said that it was his fault. his one request was that you give him your number so that he could get you a replacement coffee sometime when you both were free. so you agreed. from then on, one coffee turned into two, which turned into three, which turned into movie nights and impromptu 2am drives when you can’t sleep. you never would’ve thought that your clumsiness would lead to meeting your best friend, but some would say it was fate.
you tried to tell wonwoo everything, but the only words that you could muster up between sobs were “he left me.” he stepped forward to give himself room to shut the door behind you two. wrapping an arm around your shoulders, he guided you towards the sofa. at this point he had entirely disregarded the reason he came to your apartment in the first place. you collapsed into wonwoos arms as you reached the sofa. he held you close as he whispered reassurances into your hair. 
just being in wonwoo’s presence helped to calm you down, so within 10 minutes you had been able to collect yourself and you were able to tell wonwoo the whole story. he was visibly angry, but tried to hold it in so he could comfort you and not stress you out further. after telling wonwoo everything that happened, you realized that you weren’t quite sure why he showed up in the first place. but its not like you were going to complain.
“i should’ve asked before, but what did you come here for anyways?” you said, quirking an eyebrow at him. he simply shrugged. “i came here before practice to grab the phone charger i left here on saturday, but i’m happy i came when i did.” the fond smile wonwoo had on his face made you feel like the only person on earth. 
“oh, you have practice?” you tried to mask the disappointment in your voice. you knew how important wonwoo’s job was, and you didn’t ever want to come in the way of that. but a part of you hoped he wouldn’t leave just yet.
“not anymore,” he said, looking down at his phone screen, “i just told the guys that something important came up. they’ll understand.” he smiled the same smile at you that he always did before. but this time it felt.. different? “unless you just want to be alone? i can leave if you want.” 
you looked at your hands for a moment before looking back up and meeting his gaze. “...please stay.”
that was all he needed to hear. wonwoo shrugged off his jacket and put it on the back of the sofa. you watched his actions intently. for some reason, the actions you had watched countless times before had started to stand out more than usual. the way he nudges his glasses up his nose, the way he runs his hand through his hair, why were these things so prominent to you now? you pushed these thoughts to the back of your head as you watched wonwoo open netflix on your tv. he scrolled through the options until reaching your favourite movie, the one you had made him watch with you too many times to count.
“wait, i thought you said you were sick of this movie?” you tilted your head towards him. he looked over at you, the same fond look you’ve been basking in since he showed up at your door. “but it reminds me of you, how could i ever get sick of it?” 
you playfully hit his arm and turned away to hide the rosy haze shading over your cheeks. he just smiled, knowing that he couldn’t see himself in any other position than he was right now. 
he put his arm out, inviting you to his side of the sofa. you obliged, scooting over to insert yourself under his arm and wrap around his side. he rested his arm around your hip as he quietly spoke. “listen, even if i have seen this movie thousands of times, i’ll be damned if i don’t see you smile at least once today.”
and he succeeded. you couldn’t do anything but smile as you sat snuggled into your best friends side, forgetting the earlier parts of the evening ever happened. soulmates were real, and you two were living proof. he was your soulmate, whether platonic or not.
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Tumblr media
“i’m not a raccoon!! i’m a bunny!! i like bunnies!!”
(ref: cheol vlive!)
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hoshi for cubeme
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our future; the8 x fem!reader
request: i rly just want minghao x reader where they go visit his parents, and like the scenario could specifically be with his mom and y/n is like helping her make dinner or something and then she asks her what she would like her wedding to be like, and minghao is in the corner like uhhhhh... but y/n is so calm and just like yeah, i think that would be nice :) thanks
synopsis: you and minghao have dinner with his mom, and she's very set on asking you about the next steps in your relationship
a/n: i changed it just a little bit, i hope that's okay!-
cw: insinuating sex
genre: fluff, established relationship
.⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆.
this was one of the most important days of minghao's life, the two women he loved most in the world were about to meet. minghao cared deeply for his mom, much like he did for you - and although you both played a very different role in his life, he still valued you both so much. so of course he would be scared when you, his amazing girlfriend of almost three years, would meet his beloved mother. it wasn't the first time you had met, but it would be the first time you would spend so much time together.
you were in the bathroom getting ready, trying to figure out what to wear, and what would go with it, in your head as you did some skincare after a nice shower. "will you be ready to leave in forty-five minutes?", minghao asked as he walked into the bathroom. you were still in nothing but a towel, your hair soaking wet. if it had been any other time, minghao would've been all over you, but now he was only getting deeply panicked. "you're not dressed.", he commented. "yeah, i'm sorry hao!", you sighed, "the shower took longer than i thought and now i've been procrastinating because i don't know what to wear!" "... let me help you pick something out.", he said and walked out of the bathroom.
when he came back he was holding a pair of brown slacks and a silky off-white shirt. he handed them to you, but you didn't recognize the clothing as yours. "minghao, isn't this shirt yours?", you asked. "yeah...", his ears turned red, "but i think you look pretty in it, so it doesn't matter." "won't it be awkward if your mom recognizes it as yours?" "she won't, don't worry.", he said, and left you to get ready. you felt the fabric of the shirt again and smiled to yourself. if you had to name one thing about minghao that you absolutely loved, it would be that he always had sneaky ways of putting you in his clothes.
when you reached the restaurant you could see minghao's mom waiting outside. minghao was quick to engulf his mom in a hug, and you stood beside him with a big smile. "hello, mrs. xu. it's nice to see you again", you greeted her. "ah, y/n, it's so lovely to see you again.", she said, "i don't know why my son doesn't bring you around more often!" minghao muttered out a barely audible excuse beside her, but you only kept smiling at her as she complimented your shirt. you looked over at minghao, who's ears had turned red as soon as he met your gaze. "mom, why don't we get inside?", he asked. "oh, right!"
after you had sat down and ordered, minghao's mom turned to you again. "has my son been treating you well?", she asks, "he's always so busy.. he makes sure to make time for you, right?" "minghao's very caring.", you nodded, "we try to spend every morning together." "really? oh, how nice!", she turns to her son, "so you make her breakfast in bed?" minghao, who doesn't make you breakfast in bed, opened his mouth to say something but couldn't form any words. of course, you hadn't been very nice to him by saying that, as you usually spent your mornings in each other's embrace or showering together. "well, we like to make breakfast together.", you jumped in to save his skin, "we don't have much time in the mornings." "ah, i understand - you must both be so busy. how's your job going?"
the dinner continued in the same manner. you and minghao's mom held a nice conversation, and minghao would comment on things. he enjoyed this dynamic, seeing the two of you talk with each other made him feel warm. however, the topic suddenly changed to something that made him very nervous. "so what would you like your wedding to be like?", his mom asked you, "do you like traditional styles?" you looked over at minghao absentmindedly, and then back to the woman sitting beside you. minghao was freaking out, trying to come up with something to say that could possibly change the conversation. "i'm not sure.", you admitted, "i know that it's traditionally women who do most of the planning for weddings, but i really value minghao's input. i think it would have to be something that we figure out together." you put your hand on top of minghao's, gently rubbing your thumb over the back of his hand. he smiled at you, almost letting out a sigh of relief at your response. he couldn't understand how you stay so calm. "but you won't show him the dress before the wedding, right?", she asked. "oh, of course not!", you smiled and took your hand away from minghao to put them in your lap, "i was hoping that you could help me with that." "oh, i would love to!", his mom exclaimed. "i would really look forward to it, you have such good taste.", you complimented. "stop it, you!", she said endearingly, "you flatter me too much." "maybe we should actually get engaged before planning a wedding?", minghao interrupted, without a second thought. both you and his mom turned to him with expectant looks. that's when he realized what he had said and quickly tried to explain himself. "you need to get on with it then.", his mom said with a smile, "oh, to call you my daughter-in-law! i would love to do so!" "i would be honored to be your daughter-in-law.", you smiled at her as you clasped her hands together with yours. "honey, do you hear her?", she turned back to her son, "have you been looking for a ring?" "well, i can't tell her that... then it wouldn't be a surprise.", minghao said, "i have a feeling that any element of surprise has been ruined by this conversation already." "maybe we should change the subject, then.", you said, giving minghao a wave of relief.
when dinner was finished, and you were getting ready to get into the car with minghao, his mom took him aside and spoke to him in a low tone. you couldn't hear a word, nor see minghao's facial expressions to assess the situation, but you did see his ears turn red. after that interaction you all said goodbye and left. "so when are you going to propose to me?", you teased as he started driving. "if you say that again i might just get into a car crash.", he answered. "i'm only joking, hao.", you chuckled, "your mom was so nice, i hope you let me visit her soon again." he didn't answer, but he did have a playful smile on his lips which alluded to something that you didn't know of yet.
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“we have a special bond.” --boo seungkwan
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they really put seungkwan between the gemini line
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he ♡
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loser!dino appreciation post (3/?)
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pepperonidk · 2 days ago
When He Sees Me || k.m.g.
Pairing: Kim Mingyu x Reader
Warnings: none <3
Word count: 2.5k
Summary: What if when he sees me, I like him and he knows it? What if he opens up a door and I can’t close it? Catching feelings for your best friend is never easy.
A/N: If you like this story, please throw in a reblog lol. Inspired by true events. Obsessed with the quirky lil idea of bestfriend!Mingyu <3 this is also posted on my marvel account (@capwogers).
Tumblr media
Oh God, please don’t walk this way, please don’t wa-
“Oh, hey Mingyu!” The crack in your voice betrayed your attempt at a casual greeting, despite your efforts to disguise it with a cough. “How’s it-- how’s it hanging?” 
“You good?” Mingyu smiled at you but his eyebrow quirked upwards in concern. “I just wanted to make sure we’re still on for tonight?” His concern faded into a wide grin as you nodded in response. Mingyu gave you a quick goodbye before walking away towards his next class. 
As soon as you saw him turn into the classroom, you turned to face your closed locker, letting out a groan before setting your forehead against it. Mingyu had asked if you were good, and although you nodded, the butterflies in your stomach threatened to give you away. You were very much not good. 
A tap on your shoulder snapped you out of your thoughts and you turned to see your friend Minghao. “What did Mingyu do this time?” Minghao asked. For the last month, every interaction with Mingyu -- there have been a lot -- ended this way: a groan of defeat and a few welted lines on your forehead from holding your head against your locker. You turned to give Minghao a dirty look, annoyed by the amused smirk on his face.
“Absolutely nothing,” you sighed, finally lifting your head up to talk to him. You opened your locker as you talked, not wanting to make eye contact with Minghao as you confessed your feelings. “He just… smiled… and everything went downhill from there.” You rolled your eyes as Minghao laughed. “It’s getting worse, I have no idea how I’m going to get through tonight.”
Minghao laid a hand on your shoulder. “Well we’ll all be there,” he offered. “And if it makes you feel better, no one’s even noticed. Just act normal and you’ll be fine.” He shrugged his shoulders as if that was the easiest thing to do. But you couldn’t act normal anymore, not with Mingyu. Not when normal means resting your head against his shoulder every time he makes you laugh. Not when normal means borrowing his clothes when he tells you to stay the night every time a study session runs too long. Not when normal means wearing the extra sweater he keeps for you because you always forget yours.
Normal was when you didn’t feel butterflies everytime he looked at you, before your curious heart got the better of you and you began to wonder what it might be like to hold his hand. Now, things were just weird. At least for you. Nothing on the surface had changed, no one noticed how your heart rate picked up every time Mingyu touched you, or how you suddenly felt hot whenever he winked at you. But inside your heart was navigating uncharted territory in your friendship, trying to traipse along the thin line that separated how things have always been and how you suddenly wish things could be.
Pulling your textbook out of your locker, you shut the locker door a just a little bit more aggressively than necessary. Minghao gave you a small hug before linking grabbing your arm to drag you to your next class. 
For the rest of the day, you found it impossible to focus on anything. Instead of taking down notes on George Orwell in English, you found yourself absentmindedly doodling hearts. Everything just reminded you of Mingyu and your own confusing feelings. Thankfully, you didn’t share any classes with him today, leaving you just enough solitude to think about just why you were so frustrated with yourself.
Logically, you knew there was nothing wrong with having a crush on someone. You’ve had plenty of crushes before, a few of which reflected a temporary lapse in judgement on your part. You remember telling Mingyu about each of them, gushing about the most basic acts of human decency as he rolled his eyes and told you that you deserve someone better, but nevertheless helping you pick up the pieces every time someone broke your heart. That, you realized, was what scared you the most.
If you were to date, and then break up… well who would be there with kind words and your favorite boba when everything fell apart? The thought of losing your best friend over emotions, feelings, left far too much to chance. Was the idea of holding his hand, of hearing him call you his enough to make you risk the friendship that has always been enough for you? It should be enough for you, you reminded yourself. There was too much on the line and not enough guarantee for you to risk it.
With that determination in mind, you steeled yourself for the rest of the day, determined to put your feelings to rest and go back to normal.
Unfortunately, that plan quickly fell through.
You got to the restaurant a half hour late with only a really good nap to blame. You felt bad that your friends were waiting for you, but when you got there, you found an empty spot next to Mingyu, where your usual order of ramen was waiting and against your will, the butterflies flew rampant. The noodle that hit Mingyu’s nose as he ate while waving you over made you laugh as you sat down beside him.
“I got you your usual,” Mingyu explained in between bites. You smiled and thanked him before digging in. Mingyu had done this for you many times, and you willed your body to fight against the flutter of your heart. 
Thankfully, the rest of your dinner was going well, and everyone had plenty of stories to tell. Minghao had begun doing portraits of people in distress and revealed his latest piece -- a portrait of Mingyu slurping up a noodle only to get a rogue drop of soup in his eye. Jeonghan and Seokmin were fighting over something petty yet again, but of course they tried to keep it civil (they were fine again by the end of the night) so no one would have to pick sides. Seungcheol teased Mingyu about the B that he made on his literature exam yesterday over poetry and Mingyu’s face turned beet red. 
“Hey,” Mingyu began, attempting to defend himself. “I totally could’ve made a perfect score. I was just distracted.” He shrunk down in his seat a little bit, and the rest of you laughed teasingly.
“Yeah, you’re telling me,” Seungcheol continued. “You’ve been drawing little hearts all over your notes, dude, it’s unsettling.” He rolled his eyes and took another bite of his food, swirling his fork around the bowl trying to grab as much noodle as possible. 
Across the table, you and Minghao made eye contact, a look of surprise between the both of you. You tried to signal him to say something before a weird silence fell on the table, but he was not reading your cues. Thankfully, Mingyu spoke again.
“H-hearts?” He repeated. “Why would I be drawing hearts on my notes?” Although he tried to play it off, the rise in pitch gave him away. He scrunched his face in exaggeration.
“Actually,” Chan began. “Now that I think about it, you were doing that in chemistry class too.” You glanced over at Mingyu who looked at you with panic in his eyes. You took a long sip of water, suddenly feeling a layer of sweat form at the back of your neck. “Wonder what that’s about.” He shrugged and turned to Jeonghan asking if he wanted to split a slice of cheesecake with him.
Before Mingyu had a chance to try to defend himself once again, the waitress appeared. “Are you all ready for the check?” she asked.
“Yeah, but we’re splitting the check,” Seungcheol replied. Jeonghan rolled his eyes in response. “What? Just because I’m rich does not mean I have to share the wealth.”
The waitress nodded in response. As he was leaving Mingyu called her back. “Oh wait,” he called. “I’ll also be paying for this order,” he gestured to your bowl. She smiled at him and headed for the counter.
“Gyu,” you smiled. “I have money, I can pay for myself.” Although Mingyu usually had to order for you, he didn’t usually pay for you, unless it was a special occasion.
“I know, I just wanted to be nice,” he responded, giving your shoulder a playful nudge. “Plus, you seem like you’ve had a rough week. Every time I see you, you seem to be lost in thought. What’s been on your mind?” The sentence came out casually, but the furrow in his brows revealed how concerned he actually has been. Mingyu was nothing if not observant.
You let out a sigh, unsure of what to say. You didn’t want to lie to Mingyu, but you also didn’t want to tell him the truth, that you were thinking about him-- well, your feelings for him. Just when it seemed like he had backed you into a corner, however, the waitress had returned with the checks, and the question left unanswered.
After dinner, the six of you went to Seungcheol’s house to watch a movie. He had a home theater and loved to remind everyone about it. Not that any of you minded, especially if it got you free popcorn and a movie out of it. Every week, a different person got to select the movie and today, unfortunately, was Minghao’s turn. 
You loved him, of course, but you absolutely detested his taste in movies. Mostly because he was a horror junkie, and you were absolutely not. His last few turns however had been spent making sure you all had seen all of the Shrek movies. But today, he actually picked a horror film. Something about demons and the like. Chan and Jeonghan cheered at his selection as Seungcheol groaned. You settled into the couch in the back of the room and grabbed a blanket. Seungcheol and Joshua sat together on a couch, and Jeonghan sat on the floor in front of Seungcheol’s seat, the perfect spot to be able to scare him with a single touch on his leg.
Mingyu sat down beside you, handing you a tub of popcorn and a soda. He pulled the blanket over his own lap as he sat criss-cross on the couch. You tried not to pay attention to how his leg was brushing against yours under the blanket, instead focusing on the screen as the room went dark.
The movie had just started, but you could already feel yourself tense up in expectation. The music was coming to a crescendo and you knew something was already going to happen. You didn’t realize just how tightly your fists had balled together in your lap till you jumped at the sound of Mingyu’s soft voice at the shell of your ear. “Are you okay?” He asked.
He tried to hold in a chuckle as you almost bounced the tub of popcorn off your lap. He grabbed it from you and set it to the side. “Look,” he pointed to the screen where the creature’s head had just rotated a full circle as it crawled up the wall in pursuit of the main character. “That thing kinda looks like the spider from that kid’s tv show, but not as creepy.” You let out a laugh, a little louder than you meant, and Jihoon turned to tell you to shut up. 
The small joke was enough to dissipate the anxiety you felt towards the movie, but unfortunately only heightened your feelings about Mingyu. But he noticed how your fists unclenched and how your shoulders relaxed once you laughed, so he continued to tell you whispered jokes for the rest of the movie. Each time he noticed your body tensing, he tried his best to make you laugh, and god, how could you stop yourself from those butterflies anymore? 
At the height of the movie, you found yourself with your hands over your ears, and eyes squeezed shut, unable to even look at the screen or hear a joke. When Mingyu realized a joke wouldn’t be enough, he slid closer to you and pulled you into his side and you buried your face into the crook of his neck. Before you had a chance to think about the spicy notes of his cologne or the softness of his skin, the sound of a high pitched scream in the movie caused you to jump with a gasp. In response, Mingyu wrapped his arms around you tight, with a gentle shush. 
It was only after the music began to die down that you opened your eyes again, only to find Mingyu’s eyes fixed on the screen. Now that the worst was over, you no longer had an excuse to be in his embrace the way you were. You began to wiggle your way out of his arms, attracting his attention. 
“What are you doing?” he whispered. 
“Gyu, I’m a big kid,” you smiled, teasing. “You don’t have to hold me like a baby.” Mingyu let out a soft laugh before relaxing his hold on you just a bit. 
“Okay,” he relented. “I’ll just hold you like this then.” He began to shift so that your head was on his shoulder, and one of his arms looped under yours, intertwining your fingers. The smile on his face was calm as if this was something the two of you did all the time, but his racing heartbeat reminded you this was new for him too. 
The two of you remained that way for the rest of the movie. By the time the soft music began to play in the credits, you could hear light snoring from everyone else in the room. However, you and Mingyu made absolutely no efforts to untangle yourselves from each other. It was as if you were worried that once the lights came back on, you would never find yourself like this again, and what a sad idea that was. Normal, would never be enough for you again, not when you know now how much better life could be like in his arms. 
You weren’t sure if it was the adrenaline from the jump scares, or the sureness of his hand in yours, like it’s always belonged there, that gave you the courage to finally break the silence. 
“Mingyu,” you breathed out, lifting your head from his shoulder, but not letting go of his hand. 
He turned to you, with a look of concern, afraid of what you might say. 
“Kiss me.” The words came out so softly and so quickly that you weren’t sure if you said it at all. 
“Finally,” he whispered as his lips fell against yours, softly and slowly. He pulled away after what felt like hours and yet not nearly enough time. His hands reached up to cup your face. “I like you,” he admitted. “So much.” 
Suddenly, you felt it. You felt exactly what it must feel like to fly, to let yourself go without worrying about gravity or anything else. The risks were still there, the numbers hadn’t changed, but you knew that no matter what happened next, just having the chance to fly would always be enough. 
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