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04.12.2020 (8:43 PM KST)

○ wonwoo’s real form


WONWOO: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

S.COUPS: i posted it

WONWOO: aing ❤️

S.COUPS: your adorableness


WONWOO: yesyes spread the adorableness.

WONWOO: ah this can only be done through messenger. i won’t do it if you ask me to act cute in real life.

WOOZI: indoor stadium*


*cheol originally wrote 실내 silnae (true form) and jihoon continued w/ 실내채육관 silnae chaeyookgwan (indoor stadium)…

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It’s literally 9:45 am and I’m listening to Snapshoot by SVT . It’s time to talk about my 2020 Spotify top 100.


Reveal your Top Artist

ofc seventeen is my #1 cause they’re my comfort people and they have helped me so much this past year cause it has been my worst.

I tag: @myunqho @luvhannie @defgyus @gyukwons @art-hao @squishy-woozi @delicatecy @kyeomshine @rq-s @jonghan (only if y’all wanna🥺)

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Yo I’m Katy/KitKat and I’m a baby kpop fan who just started by listening to BTS earlier this year. I finally made a side blog for my obsession. I’ve kind of just been lurking but I’d love to talk to other fans and make friends! I’m awkward and nerdy and love memes.

These are my favorite groups (but I keep adding more): BTS, NCT 127/Dream/WayV, Seventeen, Monsta X, Day6, Enhypen, Stray Kids, EXO, SuperM, SHINee, and Ateez. I’ve only listened to a few girl groups but I want to learn more about them! So far I like Red Velvet, Blackpink, Itzy, Twice, and Mamamoo.

If you post about these or have any recommended blogs, let me know so I can follow more peeps. And feel free to send me asks or follow me or whatever. ☺️

[also I follow/reply from @drowningin-fandoms fyi. you can follow me there for general all-over-the-place stuff.]

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pairing — hoshi x reader

word count — 431 words

prompt — “tell your cat to stop shitting right at my doorstep”

genres — fluff, neighbor au

warnings — overuse of the word ‘shit’. god i am nothing if not innovative


“Tell your cat to stop shitting right at my doorstep.”

Your eyes narrow as you stare down your next-door neighbor over the shared picket fence, a water hose gripped in a vice-like hold in your hand. “It only shat on your doorstep once,” you hiss. “Tell your dog to stop shitting in my garden first.”

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