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Our story | LSM

Part 1


This is our story. From the day we met till the day we part. Black on white, our most precious moments, never leaving us. I love your forever.



Genre: fluff, tiny angst

Warnings: 1 swear word oops

Word count: 1644

Pairing: idol!Lee Seokmin x fashion student reader

Note: Yayy this is the first introduction part where you get to know reader a bit better. Let me know other ideas of plots I’m always open and happy to listen :))) enjoy!


Our story masterlist | MASTERLIST


You let out a happy sigh as you sucked in a deep breath of fresh air. The sun was slowly warming up your hair and generally speaking, today was a great day. It was the beginning of spring and you could already see little flowers growing in every corner or see colourful butterflies fluttering around you.

You loved it. So much.

Spring had always been your favorite season. It was never too cold nor too hot.

With a few last steps around a corner, you finally reached your destination. You opened the glass door on which a tiny bell was attached to signify new customers. The smell of fresh baked cookies filled the lovely spring air and immediately let you sight contently once again. You really already loved today.

From behind the counter, your coworker Chohee looked up with a smile and greeted you joyfully like she did every other day you two happened to have the same shift.

It wasn’t too long that you’ve worked in this adorable café to earn some money for university, which was draining literally every cent you earn. It was exhausting at times but you always remembered yourself to stay relaxed and composed. It was for a good reason after all.

You started studying fashion design at university about 2 and a half years ago and what could you say. It was absolutely tiring and weary but you still loved designing all these different clothing pieces with every single inch of your heart.

Your free time was nearly non existent with your job and all the assignments and due dates you constantly had to work and have an eye on. There were days you forgot eating or drinking while overworking yourself immensely, which ended with you waking up in a hospital bed. It wasn’t one of your proudest moments but at least the dress you were working on turned out amazing.

“Today is amazing, isn’t it? I bet there will be a lot of customers today.” Chohee chirped excitedly, looking out the window. You hummed in agreement, having mixed feelings with that new realization.

“I feel surprisingly good today. Even though I stayed up till 3 am. It’s all thanks to your smile unnie.” You gave her a teasing nudge while tying the yellow apron with the sun logo of the café in the middle around your torso.

The girl giggled and gave you a nudge back. “Hey don’t play with my heart that early. I have a date with Sungho later, I still need it.” She grinned at you with that dreamy look of hers.

You shook your head laughing. With that you started preparing everything else for the day to make your shift smoother.

“By the way, how is your mom doing? Do you want to pack some cookies for her again?” Chohee asked you after the first customers of the day ordered.

You nodded with a smile in her direction. “She’s fine. Still working as hard as ever. That was my plan actually. I’m going to go see her later anyways to help her with some grocery shopping.” Helping your mom was never a big deal for you, even if she wanted to do it by herself most of the times. But with working as a house aunty for an idol group of 13 members, it was often hard for her to do the grocery shopping all by herself. Especially when it was time for a bigger shopping trip.

You had told her many times before that she didn’t have to worry about earning money but she kept insisting to support your payments for university. You were always so grateful for her so you were glad to help her out now and then, despite your stressful life at the moment. You loved her for supporting you so much.

“That’s so good to hear. I hope she enjoys our new cookies. I added a special ingredient today, do you know what?” Your nose scrunched up, thinking hard about her special something. “I don’t know… cinnamon?” You took a wild guess.

“It’s loveee…” she giggled and you immediately rolled your eyes with a small smile, which was hard to hide. “Damn you really are in love.” You chuckled patting her shoulder. She let out a long sigh. “Oh yes baby I am.”

When it finally was the end of your shift for today, you quickly changed the apron against your baby blue jacket and headed out without forgetting to say good bye to your friend and wishing her fun on her date.

As you were on your way down the road to your car, you noticed your phone vibrating in your bag. A quick glance told you it was your mom.

You accepted the call with a smile and greeted her cheerfully. “Hi mom, I just finished working. Are you going to the store now?”

You heard her sighting heavily. “Y/n honey no I am actually at the hospital. The doctor said I broke my foot.”

“What? How? Oh god are you okay?” You stopped walking, staring at the ground with a frown. There were the typical peeping noices as we all know them in the background.

“Don’t worry about me, it was just a dumb accident. I slipped on the stairs and fell on my foot. But Y/n I was hoping to reach you. Can you do me a favour?”

You hummed, listening intently. “Sure mom. Are you sure you are alright? Should I pick you up from the hospital?” You would lie if you said you weren’t worried about your mother. It wasn’t common for her to have such accidents or generally needing to go to a doctor.

“No need for that, sweetie. I’m gonna call myself a taxi. But you see, I was heading over to the boys dorms to cook something for them since they must be hungry after their schedule. But I fell on the way there. Could you go over and make something quick for them? I really don’t want to loose my job because of that.” Your heart fell a bit. Cooking for bunch of grown up men with celebrity status? This was definitely not something that stood on your bucked list.

“Mooom… I would love to help you but-“ she quickly stopped you from talking.

“They aren’t even home by this hour. And I’ve told them already a lot about you. So no need to be embarrassed. And you know they are all very friendly. And you could just do something simple like jajangmyeon. They love it. I think they already have all the ingredients at their house.”

Your eyes moved around while thinking. If they weren’t even home yet, this wouldn’t be too bad, would it? And jajangmyeon was really simple and quick. There wasn’t really a way out at this point. You still wanted to help your mom.

“Alright… but if they come too early and see me, I’m out. Mom you know I can’t handle such situations well, unlike you.” You heard a laugh at the other side.

“Thank you Y/n. You won’t have to do it again, I’m going to work tomorrow. And you can do it. You’re such a pretty girl, who wouldn’t love you?”

You groaned with a chuckle. “Oh god mom stop I’m just cooking for them once. I’m heading to the apartment now then.” She laughed and agreed before saying goodbye.

This was really not how you were imagining this day would go but here you were, heading towards an idol groups apartment totally unprepared.

When you arrived, you made sure to ring the bell beforehand to make sure you weren’t intruding anyone’s privacy if someone just happened to be home. Lucky for you, nobody seemed to be home.

With a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomache, you quickly tapped in the password, your mom told you before and entered the flat without much noice. You stood there for a solid minute, listening to any possible sounds before gently chirping a ‘hello?’ into the empty room. No answer. Perfect.

You quickly took off your jacket and shoes as well as bag. With small cautious steps, you made your way to the kitchen. You helped your mom carrying groceries up to the kitchen a few times already so you were quite familiar with the location of said room. Still it felt quite awkward going around someone’s personal space without anyone present and especially without invitation. You know it wasn’t exactly intruding but it still felt like it.

As you started preparing the dish with chopping some vegetables, you remembered the few times you’ve met one of the members. It was brief but still, you remembered it til today. You believe his name was Seungkwan. You talked a bit and he sang your aunty his infamous ‘WiFi song’. It was the first time hearing an idol sing live in some sort of way so it was hard to forget how clean his voice was. And he was nice.

You started softly humming said song, grabbing another potato and began peeling it. It was all fine and good until you heard the quiet squeak of a door. You immediately stopped humming and stared down the hallway towards where the sound came from. Your heart started racing unintentionally and your brain switched to panic mode.

Please just be the wind or something, please don’t be a person, please.

And you knew you were fucked, when you heard someone walking. You quickly looked around panicked, thinking about hiding or running away. Or should you just jump out of the window? Would you get in trouble? God, you definitely would.

But before you could actually jump out of the window, you were met with a sleepy looking and not to mention insanely attractive man. Your heart definitely wouldn’t slow down with this view for sure.

Oh man, how did you even end up in this position?

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191120 - #밥무룩

I just wanna snuggle up with her

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Our Story | LSM



This is our story. From the day we met till the day we part. Black on white, our most precious moments, never leaving us. I love your forever.



Genre: FLUFF, tiny angst,…

Warnings: none yet

Pairing: idol!Lee Seokmin x fashion student reader

Note: Heiiii✨ I wrote on this story already quite a while and decided to post it here in many parts. It’s basically the story of DK and this ✨girl✨ (y/n living her life haha). So each part is an important memory in their life’s. It can go endlessly to be honest so I would love to get some ideas of you all🥰 I hope you enjoy! :)













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explanation: fluff= (f), crack= ©, smut= (m)














privacy (m)


kidult (f)




masterpiece (f)







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that’s totally okay! pledis is notorious for ignoring controversies, so i do not think anything will come out of this. i did not really expect anything from them so much as i expected something from mingyu. he knows what happened because he was there, so he can emphatically say one way or the other what he believes happened and/or point pledis to people who will likely remember what happened if they’re truly investigating this further. the cynical side of me doesn’t think that pledis is still going forward with this.

make sure to stay hydrated too! i’m doing okay, i have to go to work later today.

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everyone watching this








I will never be over this

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Lines in Kpop i love part 3

‘너의 내일이 되고 싶어서 오늘을 살아왔어’

'I wanted to be your tomorrow so I lived today’

- Thanks by Seventeen

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191119 - 💚햇살 조타

Oh to be a dog laying in sunlight…

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Dino : People, you have to lower down your standards.

Dino : There is only one Lee Chan in this world.

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good to me sounds like ahead of its time, like it could come out this year and i would completely believe it, it’s amazing, home feels like my hometown at the afternoon lol, it makes me sad and happy, it’s a really good song but i can only process how much i miss my hometown, it’s been two years since i felt home lol, sorry for ranting, and this somehow replicates the feeling, hug reminds me of me a year ago lol, damn, this album hits home, i’m really sorry for y'all for my venting, but it just feels so homey an the lyrics hurt, like the lyrics say no matter how much you hide it, you won’t be able to do it forever, don’t be scared, let me help you, ksagsdghsds sorry for rambling so much, chili is so f different like, it doesn’t completely belong to this album but it works, so i like it, shhh is intense is another level of different, vocals are serving y’all, i am: proud, 100/10 cured my depression,getting closer is  *chef kiss* i am: in love, it’s really great in general i cannot explain why i like it so much but its amazing, in conclusion, really good album, has a lot of styles and i have come to the conclusion that i am a simp for performance line,anyway,you can read the rest of my reviews under the #eggreviewskpop, and feel free to follow i reblog fanfics that i liked and started this as a way to know more kpop bands, so if you have any recommendation i’m here for it :D

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Thank you for tagging me, @aunty-tiger-potato which era or stage I love from my bias, let’s be honest, I love all, okay, I can’t choose, but lately, I’ve been keep streaming on these two mvs (still can’t choose pls), 24H and Fear :”)

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jeong jaehyun has an immaculate voice and although his looks are godly, we have to talk about his honey velvet voice and his flow when he raps and also his dancing skills?! Like this man is an all rounder, a whole shiny diamond but all I see is people talking about how hot he looks…§toP

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Seungkwan : I think my laptop has a virus..

Vernon : Never fear!

Vernon, putting a mask on the laptop :

Seungkwan :

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