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serenityseventeen · 4 hours ago
Hi! Super love your work! May please request Seungcheol or Jeonghan inviting you to go out, and since you have a crush on him, you agree... to find out they asked you out to make their ex jealous?
The angstier the better (im sorry i need to cry) but you can choose how to end it ❤️
Dwooskahsoanxjwps I think I might have went a little overboard with this one but I hope you can at least get a little sad... (Even though you probably don't need to cry anymore)
Thank you!!!
Here are the links to your requests!
"Deception" - Jeonghan part 1
"Damage" - Jeonghan part 2
"Dreams" - Jeonghan part 3
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serenityseventeen · 4 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: You believed that maybe your love for Jeonghan would help you forget what he did, but soon, you realize that it's just another dream that wouldn't come true. It was all like a dream.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: I didn't know how to end it off so I just did things. I want to talk about the ‘not alone’ m/v but this is too sad of an imagine/small series so I won't say anything and save it for my next happy one...
Tumblr media
“Is this what you call it? ‘Hurting so good that you don't know if you should leave or stay’?” You asked yourself, staring blankly at the wall.
Jeonghan and you were sitting against the shoe rack. His head was on your shoulder. You were sure that you didn't like Jeonghan. You were falling in love with him every second that goes by.
Even if he hurt you and shattered your heart to a million pieces, you couldn't hate him. You liked- no, loved him even if everything gave you so much pain. Even if you shed so many tears because of him. You couldn't tell if your love was just hanging on to the hope that he'd change or if you were willing to accept that he was going to forever not like you romantically.
Jeonghan's phone was on the floor.
The screen lit up and it vibrated. A message popped up on the screen.
You didn't want to look at it but reached for the phone anyway. With the phone in your hand, you turned it on and saw the first notification. A message from his ex-girlfriend. They continued to pour in, filling his entire notification tab.
EX-GF: Did you clear everything up?
EX-GF: Are you no longer feeling guilty?
EX-GF: Can we date now?
EX-GF: Where are you, Jeonghan?
EX-GF: 😠😠😠😠
EX-GF: You said you'd get everything worked out by today. Are you lying to me again?
You turned off the phone and placed it into Jeonghan's lap. Once again, a dream was cut off. Tears filled your eyes once more to find out the truth was nothing like the dream you wished for. The one thing you wanted was gone in an instant.
You brought your knees to your chest and hung your head. The tears dropped onto your knees as you cried in silence, trying not to wake Jeonghan.
‘Why should I be considerate of him?’ You asked yourself. ‘Why should I? I was the one who was continuously hurt. He just bothered me for a month to make his guilt go away.’
You abruptly moved away, causing Jeonghan to fall onto the floor. He woke up almost immediately.
You stood up and opened the door, showing the darkness of the night and bright crescent moon. The streets were lit with yellowish street lamps.
“Oh, Y/N, you're back?” He asked, rubbing his eyes.
“Get out.”
You pushed him out of your house with all of your strength, making sure he didn't fall down the stairs though. You stood up and gave him his phone and shoes.
“Leave! Stop coming to me! I've forgiven you, okay?!” You closed the door to your house.
Jeonghan got to his feet and walked down the stairs. You continued to push him out of your lawn, tears rolling down your cheeks as you did so. You were shouting for him to get out. He could only say your name softly, trying to get you to calm down.
“Go! Go to the arms of the one you love. The more you stay here and do stupid things for me the more my hope of being with you will rise. I don't want that dream to come true,” You pushed him one last time, into the road. “Go!”
Jeonghan placed his hands on your shoulders. “No, you're misunderstanding everything, Y/N!”
“I'm not misunderstanding anything. Forget my two-year-long crush, I hate you to shreds!!! You use me once to get back your ex, then tell me it was just for jealousy. Now you use me again to get rid of the guilt you feel? I'm done! I can't stand being around a guy like you! You're just a selfish bastard!”
Jeonghan shook you, his hands gripping tighter on your shoulders. “I'm not using you! I want-”
You pushed Jeonghan again, into the road.
“You're just a liar!”
“I want us to start over! Are you that stupid, Y/N? I'm doing nothing but hoping for your forgiveness so that we can begin again. I've realized now, belatedly, that we-” Jeonghan paused.
While he was waiting at your home, his knees on the floor, he promised himself not to move an inch. He promised himself to stay kneeled to get your sincere forgiveness. Jeonghan just looked down, his mind flashed back to moments that you two shared.
He did use you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. That was something he had to admit to. What wasn't planned was what you guys talked about. Everything you guys shared with each other were genuine.
Jeonghan didn't realize it then but he wasn't even glancing at his ex-girlfriend once. You were able to keep his full attention. Even if he put strands of your hair behind your ear and helped you wipe your mouth with a napkin, thr conversation you two shared was the real thing.
Jeonghan knew that he still somewhat liked his ex-girlfriend but he was willing to begin again. He was willing to retry this relationship with you properly so that he can enjoy making physical gestures just as much as he enjoyed talking with you.
“Hey! Watch out!” A bystander yelled.
You, on the other hand, didn't know what to believe. It felt like a dream. Everything. A blinding light approached.
Jeonghan looked over immediately and saw the headlights, outlining the familiar car that he's seen once before.
You two were so caught up in your argument that you had forgotten that you two were in the middle of a road. You turned to the left and saw a car approaching the lane you were on.
You turned to Jeonghan, whose eyes were focused on the speeding car as his legs spring toward you.
It wasn't even a second since you saw that car. Jeonghan had charged toward you, his arms did their best to secure your body, but you already knew what he was going to do from a millisecond gaze.
Your back was facing the car.
There was a loud screech as the drunk waitress stopped her bloody white car. You two were on the floor, holding each other.
Your eyes were opened enough to see Jeonghan's face. You gazed into each other's eyes. You couldn't say anything because your body simply had no more strength.
The woman got out of her car and stared at the two. The bystanders called the police and soon the place was filling with blue and red lights. Seeing her ex-boyfriend on the ground, her knees became water.
He blinked once and lifted his hand to your hair, taking a strand and placing it behind your ear.
“Now you look pretty.” He mumbled.
Tears rolled down your cheeks.
Jeonghan's head was bloody on one side. You couldn't even see your own condition but you weren't sure if it was better.
His bloody hand reached for yours. He held it tightly. You couldn't even smile back at him, who had tears in his eyes. You two were laying on the ground together, your head resting on his arms and your entire body paralyzed.
The sirens grew louder, but at the same time, fainter. The red and blue lights flew around brighter.
Jeonghan opened his mouth to say something.
“Don't go.”
It felt like you were going to sleep.
Your eyes met one last time.
Two butterfly kites flew in the sky. The sky was an abnormally bright blue and the grass was an uncanny bright green. The field had flowers in it and there was no one but you two there.
The car was parked at the exact same spot.
The brick building was there too.
Jeonghan helped you control your kite, one of his hands on yours. Your heart fluttered immensely from his small touches. Even his chest bumping on your back gave you butterflies.
You two looked at each other, smiling.
After a bit of gazing, Jeonghan leaned in and gave you a soft kiss on your lips. Then, he turned back to the kites.
It was indeed like a dream, like a scene from a fairytale, like a classic romance storybook. He wrapped his arms around your waist, still holding on to his kite.
“Three,” He counted down, smiling dazzlingly.
You smiled. A few birds flew by, chirping.
“Two,” He whispered, tickling your ears and making you giggle.
The sun was shining happily.
Your kite's string broke off.
Your butterfly drifted somewhere, far, far away, toward that sunlight that was way too bright.
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serenityseventeen · 4 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: After finding out that your crush used you to make his ex jealous, you get extremely angry and sad. He doesn't know what to do to make up for it so he tries everything, without knowing that the damage had been done.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: This story is literally when you hate and love someone at the same time. You hate what they did to you but still can't stop falling in love with them. It's really hard and I would even say that type of love is toxic to some extent. What kind of ending would this have...?
Tumblr media
You reached the crosswalk, seeing the blurred traffic lights and yellow and white headlights of cars.
There were already puddles being formed nearby.
People were covered by their own umbrellas or running to seek shelter. You sat down right next to the road, on the sidewalk. You felt tears well up in your eyes as you stared at your feet.
It was so cold.
People crossed the sidewalk. They glanced at least once at the person crying on the street.
You just sat there and cried. You cried because he, the man you liked for two years, was nothing but a liar. The man you thought was finally giving you a chance used you for his own good. ‘Jeonghan never liked me. Everything we did...’
Your mind flashed back to the cafe, where you remembered being so happy, talking with him. You two had so much in common, was that all fake too? Did he pretend to like you to fool you? To make you two try to look like some happy couple? He wasn't sincere at all. Those were only some of the thoughts that made the tears fall faster.
“Y/N!” When Jeonghan called, you wished you could just disappear.
You buried yourself in your arms, curling up your knees. You were crying too much. You just wanted the moment to stop, so that perhaps you could recollect the shattered pieces of your heart.
“Y/N, I'm sorry-”
When he tapped your shoulder, you completely lost it. You stood up, seeing him soaked in rain just like you. When you saw his dreamy face, that's when it hit you. He was always just a dream.
Even his eyes didn't have any sincerity. He was just coming back to defend himself, like a jerk.
“Why are you here!? I told you to leave, I told you to go with her! The girl you wanted to retrieve in the first place!” You pointed back at the park, your eyes filled with rage and pain. Your heart felt like it was being stabbed again and again just seeing his face. “I was nothing but a toy to you!!”
“No, no, listen-”
“You want me to listen? Listen to you defend yourself? You want me to believe that you actually, sincerely, genuinely, wanted to take me out and get to know me?” Your voice softened but it still showed so much suffering. You looked down at the ground, the rain fell harder and you grew colder.
“Why would you ever do that to me? What did I do wrong? Why would you just- Why would you place a strand of my hair behind my ear, wipe my mouth with a napkin, and touch my hand while standing behind me... Why would you do those things to someone you don't even like!?” Your clenched fists hit Jeonghan's chest.
You bit your bottom lip, trying to hold back the river of tears that were about to flow.
He took a hold of your wrists but you broke out of his grasp almost immediately.
“It would have been fine if I didn't like you,” You couldn't even see his face clearly anymore. He was just standing there in the rain, looking at the pitiful you. “It would have been fine… but I liked you. I liked you so much- I liked you for two long years!”
The rain was getting quieter and the dark clouds were fading.
“Did you know? Did you know that I liked you so much? You did, didn't you? That's why you used my genuine feelings!!” You hit him again but this time he didn't hold onto you. “I don't know who you are. I don't know where the man I liked went.”
Jeonghan couldn't say anything. He couldn't deny that he didn't know your feelings from the start. In truth, he chose you specifically because you liked him. His eyes couldn't even shed a tear for you, making the guilt inside of him rise even higher.
“I only wanted one thing,” you covered your mouth, continuing to step backward. The tears were too much. “but you threw away my everything.”
Jeonghan took a step forward. He called your name but you just shook your head.
“Let's not meet each other again. I don't want to see you, ever. I can't bear looking at you.”
Jeonghan paused in between his next step. This time, his eyes were filled with true guilt, but it was already too late.
“You're just a selfish jerk. Liar.”
Those were the last words you told him.
Jeonghan stood still, watching as you ran away and became a small dot, before disappearing. He didn't even say anything because everything you said about him was right.
Jeonghan stood still. He stood there for what seemed like hours. The words you said couldn't leave his mind. He was nothing but a selfish jerk. He didn't even know how to make up to you, knowing he had lied too many times.
The sun was coming out again.
The brightness of the sun was blocked by the curtains of your house. You sat down in a corner, curling yourself up as small as possible.
You hoped that your love for Jeonghan would be buried in the darkness and just dissipate.
You sat still, clenched your fists, and continued to cry.
- [a month later]
Jeonghan couldn't take it anymore. When you opened the door to your house to leave, Jeonghan pushed you back inside your house, coming inside himself.
“What are you-” You turned around to see Jeonghan. He locked your door and continued to block the way to it. Your emotions began to overwhelm your entire body.
“Why are you here? I don't want to see you, get out.” You tried to remain calm and fierce but your liking for him still didn't fade yet. You were growing afraid that it would never leave, that you'd be stuck liking a guy who hurt you like this.
“Look, I just want to get some things clear. Let's just sit down and talk for a few minutes.” His eyes were genuine.
You looked away, clenching your fists. Finally, you shouted, “I said I don't want to see you! Get the hell out!”
The tears were burning your eyes.
“You just hurt a person who you didn't like, what's the point in feeling remorseful? You never cared for me, you didn't consider my feelings one bit, why are you suddenly acting like a saint?” You squeezed your eyes shut. “Let's make it easier for both of us. Just leave me alone you selfish bastard!!”
Jeonghan licked his lips in frustration and ran his fingers through his hair. He wanted to hold you and tell you how sorry he was, but everything would still seem insincere.
Jeonghan tried his best to stay calm. “I wasn't trying to get my ex-girlfriend back. I was just trying to make her jealous.”
“Is that what you were trying to clear up? If so, it's useless. Stop coming here and leave for good. I don't want to see you.” You wiped your tears, still refusing to look at him.
“I know you think I'm a liar- I am a liar, but not now. I'm not telling you any lies right now. I'm sincerely sorry and I want you to forgive me. I've done everything, cleaned your front yard, watered your flowers, bought you things…”
“I didn't ask for anything. Don't act like you did it on my request!”
Jeonghan had come by your house every day for a month. He was leaving letters, telling you how sorry he was. You pretended to not read anything but you did. You read all of the letters.
“Can we just forget about what happened? I seriously want to start over. I want to become… friends with you again.” He dropped to his knees unexpectedly. His voice was soft and calm but held desperation. “Please, just forgive me. Please?”
“If I forgive you, will the memory leave?” You asked, crouching down to look at Jeonghan who had his head down. He was silent.
“If I forgive you and act as nothing happened, will the time I suffered suddenly disappear? If I forgive you,” you felt the tears well up your throat. “will I just continue to like you and leave out the memory that you used my feelings to make your ex jealous?”
Jeonghan felt like he lost all hope.
“I can forgive you,” you stood up straight. “but I won't forget what you did to me. It'll continue to pain me whenever I see you. I'll be continuously reminded of that moment when I see you. I can forgive you, but I have to continue living like this. I have to continue living as a fool who likes you while only getting hurt from it.”
You took a deep breath, sniffling, and unclenched your hands. “Stand up and leave. There's no hope for a better ending.”
Jeonghan didn't budge. For a moment, you missed seeing him smile.
You left him alone and left your house, asking him politely to close the door when he leaves.
When he heard your car leave, he completely collapsed. He hit the floor with his fists and tears fell from his face as his forehead bumped against the wooden floor.
He was being punished. He broke you first, now it was only right that he had to live with the guilt. Jeonghan knew of this, but still, he wanted to find a better ending.
When you got home from work, the front door was closed.
When you stepped into the house, you were presented with Jeonghan. He was still kneeling but his head had dozen off and was resting at the shoe rack to the right of the entrance.
You dropped on your knees and took his face into yours, feeling the tears come on your face again. He wasn't a mere crush.
“Just get away from me you jerk,” you said, tears rolling down your cheeks as your hands caressed his cheeks. “I don't even know what to do anymore.”
Jeonghan's weight shifted forward and he fell into your arms.
Tumblr media
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serenityseventeen · 4 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: You have liked Jeonghan for a long time and he finally asks you out on a date. Later on, you come upon the true reason for why he asked you on a date, realizing that being with him was always just a dream.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst (part 2&3 has more angst)
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: Okay, anon said Seungcheol or Jeonghan and I'm just xodjowjfiwjao I didn't know who to pick- but I think Jeonghan would have played off this kind of character more than Cheol (if this was a drama or something). I don't know, I can't just feel that this one is more for Jeonghan.
Tumblr media
Your insides were spilling with excitement and your face couldn't stop smiling.
Your body vibrated as you thought about your upcoming date with your crush. You stared at your reflection in the mirror in front of you, examining each side of your body, looking closely at your clothes. Your mind couldn't stop making up fantasies of how your date with him will go.
Two days ago, Jeonghan came up to you while you were at work. Of course, your heart was racing when he approached you, scratching the back of his head so shyly.
You had liked Jeonghan for two years, ever since you were introduced to him through a mutual friend.
That day, the sky was a mix of blue and purple, blending with the orange and small bits of red. It was the perfect time of day: sunset. You received a call from Jeonghan. He asked you to meet him outside of your workplace. His voice made your heart and stomach fill with butterflies.
Of course, you were going to meet him.
You two were standing outside of your workplace, facing one another. You fidgeted with your hands and tried to look into his eyes.
“The thing is...” Jeonghan seemed confident. He had one hand in his pocket. He was dressed comfortably, wearing black sweatpants and a short-sleeved plain shirt.
You pressed your lips together, almost unable to process the moment.
“Are you free this Saturday?” Jeonghan asked.
You looked into his eyes in surprise. “This Saturday...? Why?”
“Well, if you don't mind,” Jeonghan said with a smile. He pointed at you. “I want to take you out on a date.”
Your heart fluttered and you dug your nails into your hand. You didn't know how you were able to hide your excitement.
Well, that's how you did it. You simply accepted the offer from your crush to go out on a date together. It was a bit sudden, you had to admit, but maybe he just realized his feelings for you.
You put on your most beautiful and neatest shoes. You were supposed to meet him at a cafe where your date will take place. After that, Jeonghan said that he will determine where you two go next.
You left for the Cafe and Jeonghan was already there. You two talked and talked, you couldn't stop laughing at his every word. It was like you two were really flirting! He asked what you wanted to eat and bought it for you even if you insisted on buying instead.
You guys talked about your interests and found out that you two had a lot in common. You were so joyful inside that your main thoughts were to make him like you back. You were so happy and felt that you were getting close to being his lover. Of course, being his lover was not something you were obsessed about, it's just you were so excited that you couldn't stop thinking about the future.
From time to time, Jeonghan would help you wipe your mouth with a napkin. He would also place a strand of your hair behind your ear. It was perfect, everything was so romantic.
You two were talking but the topic shifted to past lovers. He was talking so casually that you didn't feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was because you liked him too much.
“I'm ending for the day,” A waitress said, interrupting you two with her voice. She sounded a bit irritated and annoyed. She was the waitress that served you and Jeonghan.
You were surprised because it was so sudden. Her voice was a bit loud too since she was standing right next to your table.
After eating and talking at the cafe, Jeonghan drove you to a park.
You were thinking that he just wanted to take a quick strode around the park but he went to his trunk and took out a kite.
“Are we going to fly this!?” You exclaimed, walking to the trunk. It was a cute butterfly kite.
Jeonghan nodded while smiling. “Do you know how to fly a kite?”
You shook your head. Your heart had been fluttering the whole day. “How about you, Jeonghan?”
Jeonghan casually took your hand and dragged you gently to the open field of green grass. There were people of all ages, some playing around, some laying on the cozy grass field.
Your heart couldn't stop itself from racing.
Jeonghan stood behind you and took your hands, placing them on the kite. Your stomach filled with more butterflies than before, your heart fluttering intensely as your heartbeat continued to quicken.
“So…” his voice faded out as he explained how to fly the kite.
All you could hear was your loud heartbeat, thumping so quickly. You could feel his chest press against your back. Before you knew it, the kite was soaring in the sky, seemingly so far away.
All you could think of was his hand on yours that you didn't realize that he had stopped talking.
You turned around and looked at him. He was looking somewhere, at someone in the park across from you two. She was also flying a kite but you couldn't see who she was.
“Wow! You really know how to fly a kite!” You said, smiling while watching the kite.
“I'll be right back,” He said, patting your shoulder as he left. He approached a brick building, which you thought was probably the bathrooms.
You just nodded belatedly in response.
You focused on flying the kite, running around hoping that he was looking from afar. Before you knew it, you weren't near the green field anymore. The sun was slowly fading into the clouds.
“Where is he...?” You walked back to Jeonghan's car but caught a glimpse of something at the brick building.
You could see the outline of Jeonghan's tan shirt and jeans. You walked over only to overhear something you shouldn't have.
“Just tell me the truth Jeonghan. You're doing this to make me jealous, right?” It was a familiar voice. Like the one that asked what drinks you wanted only minutes earlier.
You clenched onto the kite that was now in your hands instead of gliding in the air.
“You? Why would I need to make you jealous?” It was Jeonghan's voice. “Are you saying I'm doing this because I want you to want me back?”
“So you still like me?”
“Mind your own business. You're only approaching me because your jealous, huh?” You pressed your lips together.
“You did it on purpose. You're purposely trying to make me jealous because you want me back. Out of all cafes, you chose the one I worked at as your first date with this new ‘lover’ of yours. Out of all parks and out of all activities, you choose the things that you know I will be at and doing.”
“Think what you want.”
“You can't move on so fast, I know that. Tell me it's fake. Tell me you don't actually like-”
“It was just a coincidence.”
“I want you back, break up with that person and I'll date you again.”
“Fi-” Jeonghan looked over his shoulder and briefly saw you.
‘Fine’ was what he was going to say.
There was a flash of lightning and the wind blew roughly. Thunder roared in the distance but you didn't even flinch. Your eyes were already filled with rain.
That was the answer that Jeonghan was waiting for all along. He was just waiting for his ex's walls to break so that he can bring her back into his arms.
Every precious thing, every little effort you gave to get close to him flew away, along with wind, somewhere where it could never be seen again. Those specks of dust you sprinkled in hopes of becoming special had become a waste, even if they took the hardest efforts.
Your hands dropped the kite onto the floor. Jeonghan turned to you, silent.
The kite was taken away by the wind.
Rain began to pour.
People began to flee, seeking shelter.
You stood out in the rain, staring at Jeonghan in disbelief. He was at least covered by the roof of the brick building, which you learned held cleanup equipment.
Tears began to disguise themselves as rain.
Your hair that you took hours to style, the precious clothes that you never wore except for this occasion, your excitement that you couldn't contain, everything was gone. Ruined.
You spoke first.
“I'll leave then,” You walked past Jeonghan.
He took your wrist but yanked it away almost immediately. Your heart was shattered into a million pieces and the butterflies in your stomach had all died.
You saw her, the waitress.
“Give her a ride home, I'll walk since I'm already soaking.”
Inside, your heart was also soaking wet. You hoped that Jeonghan would mistake your tears as the rain.
You walked away, covering your mouth and trying to refrain yourself from crying out loud. You couldn't believe it.
He was just using you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? He didn't mean anything he said? Did he tell so many lies just to get his ex back? He used your pure and genuine feelings to retrieve something he lost? He took your innocent love and threw it as bait to catch what he wanted?
Your body was shaking and you couldn't hold in everything. Hoping you were far enough away so Jeonghan couldn't hear your pain, everything poured.
Jeonghan turned to his ex-girlfriend.
She had an anticipating look. Her hair was a light brown and she looked like she wanted Jeonghan to choose her. She seemed almost confident that he would.
Jeonghan took her hand, knowing he had to choose one or the other.
She gave a soft smile.
Jeonghan opened her palm and placed his car keys on it. He looked up at her, her smile faded.
Guilt was taking over his whole body.
“Drive yourself home.”
Tumblr media
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magicalhannie · 7 hours ago
Pen Pals
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Friday night, Jun and I were sitting on the couch watching horror movies on the couch of our apartment with a big bowl of popcorn by our sides and the lights completely off. Intently watching the film, the door shuts, causing me to scream from startled just as a murder scene appears on the screen. Jun laughs at my reaction and looks back, seeing the direct light flip on. An instead tallboy stands next to the lamp and looks at Jun before looking at me. "Horror movies again, jun?" he asked, and Jun chuckled "always~ You're home early," he responded, looking at the boy, whom I would presume is Minghao. "Yeah, Sooyoung forgot he had a meeting tomorrow with the dance team at school, so we had to return early. Dino too," Minghao explained and looked at me. "Is this our new roommate?" he asked curiously, and I nodded, smiling. "Oh yes. Hi! I'm y/f/n y/l/ln. Nice to meet you." I responded, standing up, giving a slight bow. Minghao returned the gesture and smiled shyly at me. "Xu Minghao. Nice to meet you," he responded, and I gave a friendly smile. "Thank you so much for giving me a place to stay. I do appreciate it" I started with a smile at both Jun and Minghao. "Oh, it's our pleasure. Besides, our rent went up, and we needed another roommate. Plus, some of our other friends, well. They're a little. Crazy," Jun replied, laughing a bit, "especially Jeonghan." Minghao raised an eyebrow at Jun and chuckled. "You're not one to judge," he replied before heading to his room as I watched him leave.
"Don't worry, he's shy," Jun started looking at me. I looked back at Jun and chuckled, nodding. "Oh, I understand. Not everyone is so open right away." Jun got up from the couch, heading for the kitchen, "Want anything to drink?" he called out as I looked back at the screen. "Cola would be nice, please!" Minghao came back to the living room, taking a seat on the floor looking at the screen. "What are you watching?" he asked curiously, holding his phone in his hand. "We are watching Halloween," I answered, looking at the screen. Thankfully, I love scary movies, and I thought Jun, being a horror movie lover, would enjoy this movie. I looked over at Minghao, who seemed to be typing away on his phone. Jun returned to the living room with a big bag of chips, some colas, and a couple of sandwiches, one for me and himself. Jun flopped back on the couch and handed over my sandwich and drink. I chuckled, taking it from him, bowing dramatically "thank you, kind sir." I laughed, taking the plate and setting the glass on the coffee table. "You're welcome, m'lady," he answered, putting the snacks on the table.
I noticed Minghao was looking at me out of the corner of my eye, and I looked over and smiled, tilting my head, "Yes?" I asked curiously, and he shrugged, "Are you enjoying your new home?" he asked and I smiled, taking a bite of my sandwich, "I am, yes, thank you" after tasting my food, Jun looked at minghao "Oh! , How's your pen pal?" He asked taking a sip of his cola. Minghao looked up at Jun and sighed. "I don't know. I sent them an email a while ago. But they haven't emailed back yet. I'm worried." Minghao looked at his phone and sighed again, watching it, waiting for a message to arrive. "I set my sandwich and smiled softly at him. "You know. I think it's sweet of you to worry, but I wouldn't worry as much. Maybe your pen pal is busy right now and hasn't had a chance to get away and reach out. I'm sure they're okay," I reassured. Minghao looked at me, giving me a soft appreciative smile, and nodded "you're probably right." he replied, leaning back on the armchair. "I have an idea, let's go an...hang out tomorrow, You, me and Jun.. Roommate bonding?" I suggested grinning at the boys. Jun smiled wide and nodded. "I'm game." He answered, looking at Minghao. Minghao looked between the two and nodded, Shrugging his shoulders, "sure, why not?" he answered, looking back at the movie. I looked back at the screen just as my phone started to ring beside me. I looked over to pick it up before answering. "Hello, this is y/full/n," I responded, holding the phone too. ear. "Hello.. Ho. Can I help you?.... I am free Monday.. Anytime works… sure, that's fine… Great! Thank you!. Have a great day," I said, hanging up the phone and looking at Jun. "Guess who got a job interview on Monday???" Jun dropped his sandwich in excitement and screeched, pulling me into a hug. "Oh my god! Congratulations! I hope you get that job!" He beamed, and I giggled and hugged back. "Thank you!". Minghao looked up and chuckled, "What job did you apply for?" he asked curiously, watching me and Jun pull away from the hug. "I'm applying to be a barista," I answered cheerfully and bounced in my lap. "My first job in Seoul!"
Chapter 1 || Masterlist || Chapter 3
Tags: @ssssssssssssscoups @cheolsblackgf @qtdoesart @whoyoulovedbefore @wonunuu @cupidhaos
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odetojeons · 10 hours ago
ok ok ok but what kinks do you think mingyu has 👀👀
okay so i’m gonna start answering the requests now like i didn’t disapear for one month :’) and omg i’m excited. I already said this before, I think mingyu is more of a sub than anything, but there are times. there are TIMES. when he doms it’s not too kinky, it’s more like carnal and (very fucking) rough sex in which he gets too impatient to be a good boy and grabs you by the hips, takes what he wants and just completely destroys you,, ANYWAYS, you can read more of my thoughts here. Y’all better sit down and buckle up cuz I have A LOT to say about this man (especially with how fucking much I miss him).
Praise Kink — I HAD to start with this one. I think you can all agree with me how much Mingyu loves being praised. There is actually a video of him getting red all over and whining because he got too happy when he was praised by the other members and IT’S JUST SO CUTE. Mingyu would downright meowl every time you told him how much of a good boy he is and how he’s perfect, so pretty just for me. But I also think he would love to praise you too, wants you to know you’re everything he’ll ever need.
Pet names — Idk if this is considered a kink, but please, he gives me such vibes of being into the pet names puppy or pup. We all know he’s considered the puppy of Seventeen, so I think it suits him and his personality a lot, especially because I think he would be so horny and desperate when it comes to sex. Calling him baby boy, angel, sweetheart, he would love it so much. Although he would love to call you by cute names too, and I think his favorites would be princess, prince and my baby.
Degradation — HEAR ME OUT, I absolutely think he would love being degraded. I just,, I can’t even begin to explain how much I think he would enjoy that. Mingyu is just so dirty, he would go all red when you tell him how he’s the filthiest little slut or are you that desperate for me you can’t even stay still? while he humps his cock on the pillow, too needy to wait for your touches. He could even cum just from such kind of words, in all honesty I think this is one of his major kinks ever, not just the verbal aspect of it but also the physical part too. 
Begging — Oh, yes. YES. Mingyu is all about begging. No matter how many times I think about it, I can absolutely hear his throaty and whiny voice saying please, please, please, let me cum, I have been so good, and he sometimes doesn’t even have to have a purpose or an incentive to do it, he just mumbles it without thinking like it’s the only word he remembers. It would come with the fact that he’s too horny for his own good, seriously, y’all don’t understand how much horny energy I feel this man exhuding.
Exhibitionism — We been knew how much he likes being watched. He may be shy about it, but I guess it can be related with his love for compliments. Although Mingyu would not only like people watching him, but also you as well. The way you move your body on top of him as you ride his dick, or the way he would put a hand on your lower back and make you arch impossibly more just so he could drill into you harder; the contrary of how he would cry and beg later when you edge him and tell him how much of a needy slut he is, being this desperate just because people are watching. ALSO ummm,, I try hard not to talk about other members here but, can I just say that I think him and Wonwoo are so much into watch each other fuck people. God, I even wrote like 18K words of porn of this particular thought. You can read it here.
Breeding Kink — Does this even need explanation? Mingyu would feel an almost animalistic need of putting as much cum inside you as he can. This would do as much as make him feral about it, when he has a stressing day or just because he wants to see his seed dripping out of your hole; no matter what compells him, it would get him aroused to the point where he wouldn’t even be able to wait until both of you get to the room, would rip and thorn both of your clothes off, put you on your knees and make you suck him off until he cums all over your face, just so he could fuck you against the wall afterwards. Which brings me to the next kink:
Strength/Size Kink — Well, is it possible to have a strength and size kink with yourself? Because he does. Mingyu would love to manhandle you around the place, fuck you against every surface of the house, especially if he gets to hold you up as your back is pressed somewhere. Not only that, but I also think it would be due to the movement of his hips. Or better yet; what comes after it. The way your ass and the back of your thighs would get red with how hard he’s thrusting into you, won’t be satisfied until you’re drooling because of his cock and simping for his muscles, bulging over the effort of fucking you. And I just know, I KNOW he would have a dirty mouth about it, would make questions like yeah? You like how strong I am? All this time on the gym gotta pay for something or falling appart on my big cock like you were made to, hm?. Fuck why am I like this. I LITERALLY BRING PAIN TO MYSELF.
Bondage — I think I’m writing too much so I hope y’all keep up with my horny ass, because I can’t stop until I say everything I want to say about him,, so, about this, Mingyu would love to tie someone up as much as he would love to be tied up... Okay, maybe I think he would love to be tied up more than tying someone up, if I’m being completely honest. He just gives this kind of vibes, maybe even as punishment for misbehaving, since he would sometimes be too desperate to wait like a good boy, and he knows you end up letting him take what he wants just because you would tie him up later and make him “regret” (the little shit would never regret anything, and neither would you).
Overstimulation/Edging — Oh, fucking definitely. I have this very vivid image of Mingyu sitting on a chair, hands tied up behind the chair back, legs spread and completely falling appart as you jerk him off. Flick your wrist faster and faster, just to get him on the edge and let go when he’s just there. Then, make that again and again and again, until he’s crying and begging for you to let him cum, and when you finally do, you only keep going, grip unforgiving. Watching his labbored breath of relief turn into little meowls, hips jerking away or closer, none of you are quite sure, but he wants it, saying don’t stop more like a moan than actual intelligible word.
Pegging/Anal Sex — Mingyu would be so shy about it at first. He would come to you, mumbling words you struggle to understand and cheeks burning red, until he manages to get out he wants you to fuck him. But oh lord, when he tries it out he would go absolutely insane. I really think he would be into it, into you rocking your hips and nudging your cock (plastic or not) against his prostate. Just imagine him with a dark blush all the way down to his chest, little whines and meowls that sounds too high and sweet for his own ears, body writhin all over the bed and fists clenching the mattress as his back arches. So damn cute and hot at the same time :( he just wants to be taken care of sometimes, being able to just lay down and have someone fucking him to oblivion.
Power Play — More like fighting for power to be honest. He really enjoys subbing, but when he does it he wants you to put him on his place, because Mingyu is irrevocably and completely a brat. He would tease you to the point where it drives you insane, just so you could snap at him and take what you want, as much as he loves when you do the same to him.
Spanking — Hmmm Mingyu and spanking. And he would do it hard. Full on open fingers going down on your ass until he leaves his handprint. To be honest, I totally think he’s the kind of boyfriend who would be possessive, wants his marks all over you neck and body, however, oh however, I also think he really really reeeeeally love when you do it to him. Everything, from the crescent shaped marks on his back, to the bite on his shoulder you accidentaly gave him when he was fucking you on missionary position, to the mark of your fingers on his cheek when you slap him for being a brat. Okay I kind of lost myself in the kink but yes. Mingyu and spanking.
Double Penetration — HOLY SHIT please tell me you agree with me. Like, fuck, there’s this evil side of him who wants to see you being speared open in more than one cock, wants to see you fucked into another dimension and reduced to an incoherent drooling mess, and it’s just so dirty of him, usually possessive and guarded, to let someone else get their hands on you just so he could watch you fall apart with two cocks. Or even him alone with a dildo, what it matters is to have two things inside you absolutely wrecking you. Or him. Oh shit why did I have to say that cuz now the image of him being double penetrated won’t ever leave my mind IT IS BURNED BEHIND MY EYELIDS FOREVER. Bye.
Choking — You damn right I think about his hands on my neck all the time. They look so big, and I’m sure it’s also something of his size kink, seeing his huge hands wrapped around your throat would make something ugly, something hot burn in the pit of his stomach. You doing it to him too, especially when he’s tied up, only being able to take what you’re willing to give him.
and that’s that! sorry (?) for writting too much, this always happens when I stay too much time without writting any filth,,, last time that happened, I speant two years without any smut so then I wrote 18K words of porn in two days (no, I didn’t sleep) AND I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WRITTING HALF OF IT??? and the time before that, I simply wrote 12K words. what is wrong with me. anyways!! hope you liked it, tell me what you think and your opinions too!!
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serenityseventeen · a day ago
helloo!! could i request a seventeen reaction when their s/o is really clingy? thank you<3 (also i love ur work sm<( ̄︶ ̄)>)
Thank you for requesting, the link is right below!
Seventeen: when you are clingy
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serenityseventeen · a day ago
omgomg i didn’t know we could make requests like that dkdjdj (after reading the wonwoo continuation of flinching in an argument)
can you do a continuation of woozi to you flinching in an argument (LMAOO SORRY I WORDED THAT SI WEIRDLY)
It's fine! Not actually worded that weirdly hehe!
Here you are, anon!
"Soft and Gentle" - Woozi
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serenityseventeen · a day ago
Woozi (이지훈):
“Soft And Gentle”
synopsis: After getting into an argument about chores with your boyfriend and flinching because of it, you two are both a bit upset. You come back home after work and make up with him. <Link to part 1>
genre: slight angst and fluff
pairing: boyfriend!jihoon x reader
a/n: I spent the morning doing nothing and dancing for the first time in ages, then helped my mom prepare to make sandwiches, sat in the car for an hour, then made some sandwiches. Also, I love that I'm in love with my own works. This one is so JIHOON (to me).
Tumblr media
(This is part 2 - if you already read this on the original post then you don't have to read this part)
Jihoon had his hands on his hips as he stared at you. You two were standing in front of each other.
“It's really not that hard and doesn't take long, can't you just do it?” Jihoon asked, his tone trying to remain soft.
“Jihoon, I'm busy.”
“You should clean up after yourself at least, babe,” Jihoon replied, avoiding your gaze.
“I need to urgently go to a sudden gathering, I don't have time.” You replied.
“I understand, I understand that, but you had hours beforehand to clean up, you could've done it then,” Jihoon replied, looking over at the dishes left abandoned in the sink.
“Jihoon, please be understanding this time.”
Jihoon scoffed and massaged his forehead. “Understanding? When I urgently needed to work I still cleaned up after myself, what's with you? Huh?”
You scoffed too, crossing your arms. Being a bit sensitive to his scolds, you felt tears fill your eyes. “You're really putting me into a bad mood, baby.”
Jihoon sighed. “Sorry, but I just can't stand it.”
You quickly fanned yourself, holding back the tears. “When you come back, please do your dishes, please!” He said, trying to control his irritated tone of voice.
As he brushed past you, he raised his arm into the air, instinctively, you ducked back and used your arm to block your face.
Jihoon turned to you, surprised. That's when he realized what you thought he was going to do, even though he only ran his fingers through his hair.
Jihoon stopped and removed your arms gently from your face.
“Why do you always make me feel like the bad one here?” Jihoon asked. The look in his eyes was obviously a feeling of guilt.
“I'm sorry.” You replied. Jihoon let out a soft breath and held your hand tightly. He clasped his hand into yours.
“Have a good time at the gathering,” Jihoon said, giving you a slight smile. “I'll wait for you.”
You nodded.
When you came back you immediately went to the kitchen, only to find your pile of dishes gone.
Seeing that Jihoon did your dishes made you feel guilty. It was a bit confusing but you were guilty because he was feeling guilty because you flinched; that's why he did the dishes.
You walked into the bedroom quietly, passing by the empty and quiet living room. Your boyfriend was nowhere in sight. He wasn't laying on the bed, watching anime, or playing his phone like he usually was at this hour.
You let out a deep breath and put your things away, then left the bedroom. Your eyes immediately settle on one room to the left of the bedroom and across the kitchen. The door was closed.
Your feet drew closer to the door and you placed your hand on the doorknob. You could already hear the music playing from the other side. It was “WHAT KIND OF FUTURE”.
That was your favorite of his solo songs. You twisted the doorknob and slowly opened the door. You didn't take a step inside the room but just waited for him to say something that would welcome you in.
When the door opened, you saw Jihoon staring at you. His gaze was soft.
“You're back?” He asked.
You nodded, softly smiled at him, and walked over. Jihoon turned around in his chair, facing the computer again. You stood behind him, watching as he created a beat.
“What are you doing?” You asked leaning down so that your face would be side to side with his.
“Nothing, just messing around,” Jihoon replied, chuckling softly. His ‘messing around’ will soon create another masterpiece, that's how it always goes.
You continued to watch in silence as Jihoon continued messing around with instruments and chords. It was as if the fight never even happened but you knew that you both were just trying to get over it.
Finally, you wrapped your arms around Jihoon's shoulders and wrested your face into his shoulder. You could hear the keyboard clicks stop. Jihoon had frozen.
“Did you do the dishes?” You asked in a gentle tone, burying your head into his shoulder.
Jihoon was silent for a moment.
He didn't even say anything but just nodded.
You giggled softly. “Sorry, I should have done it. I spent too much time slacking off that I completely forgot about the mess I left.”
Jihoon shook his head. “No, no, it was my fault. You could have done it later, I was just being sensitive.”
His hands lifted and held your arms gently, rubbing them softly. He patted your arms and looked at you through the computer screen.
“I'm sorry,” You said again.
“No, don't be.”
Jihoon's hand softly caressing your arm made you smile. He moved his hand up to your hair and patted your head.
You let out a relieved sigh and continued to bury your face into his chest.
There were still no keyboard noises.
Jihoon leaned down and gave your hand a quick kiss before placing his hands back on the mouse and keyboard.
“So what did you do at the gathering?” Jihoon asked, clicking from the mouse and keyboard echoed through Jihoon's purplish music room.
His little question and the way he asked it while doing something else made you confirm that Jihoon was no longer feeling that guilty.
His mood had boosted and his mind was ready to create something more than a beat.
Your feet pulled over a chair and you sat down, your arms still around Jihoon though. You could hear the repeating of sounds as he continued working.
You smiled, still feeling that lingering genuine peck on your hand.
Tumblr media
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serenityseventeen · a day ago
can I have some request
I want you to make svt reaction about when they know their baby’s gender plsssssss.
I am getting so forgetful 😭😭😭
I actually finished your request yesterday (I don't know if you saw) so here you are!
Seventeen: finding out their baby's gender
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kiidyne · a day ago
seventeen song scenarios
⤷ dk (lee seokmin): atlas: two by sleeping at last
Tumblr media
genre: comfort ,,?
pairing: lee seokmin x reader
word count: 733
note: lyrics are in italics! i thew this together at 4 am bc school’s been getting to me and i would literally do anything to get a hug from seokmin ㅠㅠ also i didn't proofread, sorry if it's bad wheeze
Tumblr media
It had been a while since you'd needed to go to Seokmin bearing problems this heavy on you. But things were getting too much to handle alone. The constant pressure and expectations your family put on you, schoolwork and tests piling up, nothing feeling like it's been going right recently, and every little thing was just weighing you down more and more. Everything felt like it was on a constant decline, and you needed someone. Someone specific.
It was a Friday night when it felt like the world was crashing down on you. Everything became too much and you had to escape. You abandoned the textbooks and papers spread out across your desk and left the house at almost 1 A.M., frantically getting into your car, and your instincts driving you straight to his house.
You pulled into his driveway, swinging the car door open and slamming it shut, making your way to his front door with tears threatening to spill from your eyes. The sharp, cold wind of the night didn't help in the slightest, making the tears sting like hell. You knocked frantically, Seokmin taking a while to answer since he wasn't expecting you at all, considering the fact that you hadn’t bothered to notify him that you were coming over.
He rubbed his eyes as he opened the door slowly, but as soon as he saw your expression, he wordlessly engulfed you in a tight hug, pulling you into his chest. You relaxed slightly into him, your arms instinctively moving to wrap around him as well.
"Sweetheart, you look a little tired. When did you last eat?"
"This morning…" You struggled to get out. You had been so caught up in your work you hadn't even realized you hadn't eaten all day until he asked. He ran his fingers through your hair, sighing, a tone of worry clear behind it.
"Come in and make yourself right at home. Stay as long as you need."
Seokmin’s voice, his scent, his touch, his everything filled your senses, and you immediately felt more at peace. He took you inside, and you kicked your shoes off as you stepped in. He brought you to his room and rummaged through his closet, pulling out one of his hoodies and handing it to you as you sat down on his bed. 
He excused himself for a moment, coming back quickly with a glass of water and a bowl of fruit. He set both down on his bedside table so that you could grab them if you needed before sitting next to you on the bed. He pulled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around you, allowing you to melt into him.
"Tell me, is something wrong? If something's wrong, you can count on me. You know I'll take my heart clean apart if it helps yours beat."
But you just shook your head, you couldn't talk even if you wanted to. The words for how you felt just wouldn't come out. You just needed him to be there. Him holding you was more than enough.
"It's okay if you can't find the words." Let me take your coat and this weight off of your shoulders.
And he did. You both knew he was your safe space, someone you could turn to when it felt like the whole world was against you. When it felt like everyone else had turned their backs on you, Seokmin was always there, ready to take you in with open arms.
Waves of tiredness came over you, the stress and thoughts of your schoolwork slowly fading away as he massaged small circles into your back and whispered reassurance into your ear. Sleep threatened to take over you, although you tried your hardest to stay awake, feeling like it'd be rude if you only came over just to fall asleep on him.
However, Seokmin wasn't helping your efforts at all. He had eventually laid back with you still in his arms, pulling you down with him. Your head rested on his chest, and his hands rubbed up and down your back.
"I'm glad you came to me tonight. You know I'm always here for you when you need it, my love. I'm so proud of you for handling everything alone lately, but you don't have to anymore. I'm here.
and I will love you with every single thing I have."
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serenityseventeen · 2 days ago
I have a request, where you are really really good friends with Minghao, like you guys are soulmates in a Non romantic way so you've been sending flowers every month, every 8th (yes the8 I know) and at the beggining he did not knew BUT one day he finds out and you didn't care because it was in a Non romantic way and one day one of the other guys finds out who it's the flower girl and it's scared because he doesn't know how to tell Hao that his beloved best friend is the one sending flowers. But again Hao already knows
Hiii!! Thank you for requesting anon! Sorry for the long wait, I'm trying to speed up these days and keep a consistent writing schedule! :)
Here's the link to your request!
"My Friend's Flower Fairy" - The8
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serenityseventeen · 2 days ago
The8 (서명호):
“My Friend's Flower Fairy”
synopsis: You and Minghao are really good friends and to show your gratitude toward him in a non-romantic way, you send him flowers every month on the 8th. He finds out about you but his members...
genre: bff au??
pairing(not really): bff!minghao x bff!female!reader (ft. DK & MINGYU)
a/n: “너랑 나란히 손잡고 싶지만~ I don't know what to do, what to do~” I love that part. To tell the truth, I didn't know how to end this one off lol. I like that it includes the other 1997 liners though hehe
Tumblr media
You were at a flower shop, looking at the displayed flower bouquets, trying to find a stylish one that you haven't bought before.
It was the 8th again, which meant that it was time for you to send a bouquet and handwritten letter to your best friend, Xu Minghao.
You guys were like soulmates but not in a romantic way. He was a cool guy that you liked to be around and everything between you two just kind of clicked. You never met a friend as great as him. Sending him flowers every month on the 8th was just a token of your appreciation; for him being such an understanding, other half kind of friend.
You looked through the bouquets. Some were wrapped and some weren't. You had been going in rainbow order, which made today's color yellow.
You looked around for a bit, playing your best friend's new song, ‘Side By Side’ while you looked. The song made you smile and bop your head. It also made you pretty unaware of your surroundings, blocking out all kinds of noise.
It was a bright and sunny morning. The sun was shining and there was a tropical breeze blowing away your hair.
You held up the bouquet you chose.
It was wrapped in yellow and white paper and had yellow and white roses, sunflowers, and small budding green roses, with some decorative yellow flowers on the side. You brought the bouquet to your nose and sniffed the natural flowery fragrance.
Minghao was on his way to the mall when he saw you standing in front of a shop across the street. The shop had in big pastel pink letters, ‘MIYOUNG'S FLOWERS’. The shop was yellow.
He stopped and gazed at you. The sun was shining brightly down on you, making your hair glitter and your face glow. The beautiful yet plain white clothes you were wearing made you look beautiful.
Minghao smiled underneath his mask at his best friend, finding that though she was pretty, she also looked a bit dorky just standing there sniffing a yellow flower bouquet.
He shook off the thought and decided not to come up to you. It was the 8th after all. Minghao's mind had already figured out everything.
He giggled to himself thinking back on it. Last month, he received a bright bouquet of a variety of orange flowers. If that same bouquet appeared at the dorm in a yellow envelope, Minghao's theory would be confirmed.
‘Now that I think about it, sending flowers in secret is something that Y/N will totally do.’ Minghao thought.
You were totally that type of person. He knew your personality like the back of his hand, though he couldn't explain it in words.
Minghao was partially disappointed in himself for not knowing it was you earlier. Being your best friend, he didn't even recognize your handwriting when you left little letters of encouragement along with the colorful bouquets. He didn't even suspect you at all. At most, he was suspecting his friend and member, Wen Junhui (because Junhui also seemed like a guy to do that kind of stuff), even though he wasn't a girl.
He just smiled to himself, unable to figure out a way to tell you that he figured out who the flower girl was.
In the end, he just sent you a text while on his way to the mall.
BUDDY HAO: Are those flowers for me? 🤔
BUDDY HAO: My little flower fairy?
You took out your phone and saw the messages from your best friend. Minghao had figured out your identity!?
BUDDY Y/N: I don't know what you're talking about...😁
BUDDY HAO: hehehehe I saw you with the flowers😅
BUDDY Y/N: Well...
You knew that you couldn't lie to your buddy, Minghao. It wasn't like you had anything to hide, actually. You were simply trying to brighten his days because you were his friend.
BUDDY Y/N: I'm going to send the flowers anyway😆
BUDDY Y/N: I am going to continue to send you flowers every day on the 8th.
BUDDY Y/N: Because I'm your best best bestest friend in the whole world!🥰🥰🥰
BUDDY HAO: I am laughing so much from this
You giggled to yourself, proud that you could make your friend feel just as thankful as you.
BUDDY Y/N: I am your flower fairy 🧚😎
You smiled brightly and looked down at the bouquet, then down the alleys of the streets, from left to right. Many people were walking, men, women, children, none of them looked like Minghao. You rolled your eyes and walked down the concrete sidewalk to the left, heading through the busy streets.
Flower delivery!
Mingyu was looking outside the window.
“Hey Dokyeom, come here!” Mingyu called, waving another SEVENTEEN member, DK, to look outside the window with him.
Mingyu placed his hand on the window, right on you who was walking down the street to the dormitory building. His hand was around Dokyeom's shoulders.
“Isn't that Y/N?” Dokyeom, or Seokmin asked, munching on chips as he looked at you.
“Isn't it?” Mingyu turned to Seokmin. They both nodded at each other then pressed their faces against the window to get a closer look.
“Doesn't she have a bouquet in her hand?” Mingyu asked Seokmin, who quickly verified with a nod that you were indeed, holding a bouquet.
Like two detectives that just solved a mystery case, Dokyeom pulled out his phone and took a picture of you walking to the dorm building.
Mingyu looked at the picture, blurry and at a terrible angle.
“Give me that-” Mingyu took Seokmin's phone and leaned backward, positioning the phone in front of him like some professional photographer.
“That looks better.”
Mingyu passed Seokmin's phone back to him with a satisfied smile. Seokmin laughed hysterically, playfully hitting Mingyu on the shoulder.
“I mean- was that really necessary?” Seokmin was still laughing his butt off, making Mingyu slip a chuckle as well.
When Minghao arrived back at the dorm from his shopping, Seokmin and Mingyu walked up to him.
“What?” Minghao asked, a bit flustered.
“You got another one,” Mingyu said with an uncanny smile.
“Bouquet? I figured.” Minghao replied, heading to his room.
Dokyeom and Mingyu followed him behind, giving strange vibes. Minghao turned back around and giggled.
“What? Why are you guys like this?” Minghao asked.
Mingyu rested his arm on Dokyeom's shoulder. They had on mischievous smiles.
Slowly, Dokyeom held up his phone. “Buy us pizza and we'll tell you who the flower girl is.”
Minghao laughed. He laughed so much, more than he ever had before. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Part of him didn't want to tell him that he knew the flower girl was you, to deceive them and play a little, but part of him just wanted to break it to them that he already knew.
Mingyu and Dokyeom looked at each other, puzzled, then back at Minghao.
They had never seen Minghao laugh so much before.
Minghao had wanted to know who the flower girl was in the past, but now that Mingyu and Dokyeom had the answer right in their hands, their member couldn't stop laughing.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|     THIEF | ┴SIƎH     |     [CHAPTER 3]
pairing; dom!jihoon x fem!reader x dom!seungcheol
this chapter’s notes; heist!au, dom!woozi, dom!seungcheol, threesome, spitroasting, filming of sexual acts, jihoon and cheol are mean in this fjdhjsdf, dirty talk, degradation, spit play, name calling, blowjobs/face fucking, hair pulling, no aftercare whatsoever🥴☠️ yall i have had a week and i’ll tell u all the tea tmr cuz i feel like talkin abt it for once bc I am that annoyed but anyway! 😭💕Welcome to the weekend! God am I exhausted, I feel like I say that every week LMAO Inbox roundup tmr too! And a temporary schedule as well~ 🥰 For now enjoy ch 3 of t|h and have a lovely rest of your day! 💕 I love and appreciate you all so much! 💕
As a refresher:
🐰 team: leader; Jeonghan | members; Chan, Joshua, Seungkwan
🐱 team: leader; Wonwoo | members; Soonyoung, Jun, Jihoon, Minghao
🐶 team: leader; Mingyu | members; Seungcheol, Vernon, Seokmin
chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - ?
Tumblr media
“Mmph!! Mm hmm mm mmph!!”
“Jesus, fuck, would you shut up? Do you want the cops to hear you trying to scream your head off?” Seungcheol keeps his hand pressed firmly over your mouth as he drags you over to the dark corner of the empty warehouse - eyes on Jihoon who scans the windows for the flashing red and blue lights.
“Can you see anything?”
Jihoon shakes his head ‘no’; lips pressed into a frustrated firm line. “Nah, I think they went down east instead.”
You start to relax as you realize that Seungcheol is right; still, annoyance evident in the way you squirm against his warm chest from how unnecessarily tight he holds you.
“Might wanna stop movin’ around, doll. Unless you’re trying to turn me on.” He mumbles into your hair - lips easing into a smirk when you freeze up. “You’ve got quite a reputation too. Don’t think we don’t know.”
Jihoon scans the windows one more time; ducking around to make sure they were in the clear before he headed over to where Seungcheol had you in his hold.
“What a fuckin’ bust. Feels like I wasted my goddamn time.” Jihoon mumbles under his breath, running a hand through his blonde locks as he meets your equally as annoyed stare. “If I knew you assholes would be at the jeweler trying to take those imported rubies, I wouldn’t even have shown up.”
“You think we planned that? Why the fuck did the two of you decide to show up on a Wednesday?”
“I could ask you that!”
The two males continue to argue as you roll your eyes and Seungcheol’s hand over your mouth only presses down harder as he gets more and more annoyed.
“Listen, forget it, it doesn’t fucking matter. The point is that none of us got those damn rubies and now I guarantee you they’re going to be put in the fucking vault if not moved to another goddamn location across town.”
Jihoon purses his lips again; unable to shake off his annoyance. “What a fucking waste of time.”
You huff against Seungcheol’s palm and for the first time in what has to be five minutes, both males remember you exist.
They share a glance - lips easing into suggestive smiles.
“Well… The entire night doesn’t have to be a bust, right, doll?”
Tumblr media
You only have two thoughts running through your head.
Jeonghan is probably going to give you that disappointed look when you get back and you’ll probably spend the next three assignments making up for it.
Seungcheol’s cock feels really good sliding through you wet folds and the way he feels so big against you makes your toes curl.
“Mmh… fuh--fuck…”
Your knees dig into the dingy cushions underneath you as you lean over the sofa’s back; nails digging into the material with each teasing pass of Seungcheol’s cock through your soaked folds.
“Such a wet ‘lil cunt, doll. You’re soaking my cock and I’ve barely done anything. Guess all the stories about you are true then?” Seungcheol smirks at your back before his eyes flit over to Jihoon who’s watching from the sidelines.
“Depends… W-what kinda, ah, stories?”
Jihoon scoffs, eyes rolling as he leans up against a stack of wooden pallets. “Fuck, what haven’t we heard about you is the better question here. You’re not exactly sitting in church on Sundays, that’s for sure.”
The two males share a laugh and right as you’re about to retort, you can feel the head of Seungcheol’s cock prodding at your entrance as you let out a shaky breath instead.
“So pretty on her knees though, aren’t you, doll?”
Tumblr media
Your discarded phone rings in your pants pocket from a foot away - reminding you every minute that Jeonghan expected you back any minute now.
Jihoon laughs, watching as Seungcheol fucks you on the dingy sofa.
“You sure take cock well, don’tcha?” His tone is mocking and almost enough to make you feel bad but the way Seungcheol’s cock curves right into your g-spot has you pushing Jihoon’s words to the back of your head.
You’d deal with him another time.
“Fuck, her pussy is suckin’ me in deeper the more you talk to her.” Seungcheol growls; blunt nails digging into your skin as he only fucks you harder.
Jihoon steps closer, rounding the sofa until he’s on the other side of you.
He threads his hands through your hair, forcing you to look up at him as he laughs in your face.
“Is that right? Will it make you wetter knowing that you’ll have to go running back to Jeonghan who’ll have to punish your cute ‘lil cunt when he finds out that not only did you lose the rubies, but that you’re also coming back with a cunt filled with someone else’s cum?”
He licks his lips, watching your eyes cross as the bliss pours over your body from Seungcheol’s rough thrusts that have you jerking forward and closer to Jihoon.
“W-wouldn't be, ngh, the--the first ti--time…” You grin up at Jihoon, watching the shit-eating grin melt off his face as he narrows his eyes at you.
“I’d watch my mouth if I were you.”
“Y-yeah? Or else, w-what? Gonna choke me with, mmh, your cock? Go ahead.”
Seungcheol laughs from behind you - slowing down his pace when he hears Jihoon growling.
The younger male keeps your head tilted up at him; your body swaying as Seungcheol’s hips rock into you.
“Open your mouth, slut.”
You obey his command - sticking your tongue out as far as it’d go as Jihoon leans over and lets a glob of his spit land on the bed of your tongue.
Drawing your tongue back in, you swallow down his saliva before opening your mouth to show him.
“Hah, such a good ‘lil cockslut. Or maybe you like it when people spit in your face? I guess that story Jun told me last week must’ve been a one off then, huh?”
Jihoon reaches a free hand to undo the button and zipper on his pants - the other one still clutched firmly in your hair as you wince at his tightening grip.
“Hmm~ Mingyu said you weren’t very good at behaving either, doll~ Do you just pick and choose your battles then? Know when to bark and know when to bite~”
You lick your lips, eyes crossing slightly when Jihoon’s thick cock comes into view.
“No, sometimes I just like it when you guys fuck me harder.”
Tumblr media
Your body rocks between the two males; sinking your mouth down onto Jihoon when Seungcheol makes your body jerk forward.
And you can’t count how many times your phone has rang but Seungcheol’s had enough of the incessant ringing by the 9th time, so he leans over to the side - grabbing the small device and checking to see who was calling.
“Uh oh~ Looks like you’re in trouble, doll~ You have so many missed calls now… Don’t you think you should answer it?”
Panic strikes you when Seungcheol passes the phone to Jihoon; the younger male pointing the phone’s camera down at you as you choke and sputter around his girth.
“Should we facetime him? Show him what’s really taking you so fuckin’ long?”
You moan around Jihoon’s cock and clench around Seungcheol’s at the thought of Jeonghan seeing you between the two males.
Would he be mad?
“You should record a video, Jihoon~ Just in case she wants to watch herself again later being a good ‘lil cocksleeve for us both.”
Hollowing out your cheeks around Jihoon, you simultaneously start to fuck yourself on Seungcheol’s cock when you hear the camera going off above you - alerting you that Jihoon’s already started recording.
“Fuck, look at her putting on a show.” His grip in your hair tightens just as Seungcheol starts to double his pace; cock throbbing inside of you as he nears his orgasm. “I bet you have so many videos and pictures in your ‘lil spank bank, huh, bun?”
“Seokmin showed me one of the videos he had too... You were so pretty when you were cryin’ in that one, after he made you squirt.”
Jihoon zooms the camera in on your lips stretched around his cock; making sure to film your tear stained cheeks and his other hand tangled in your hair before he passed the phone to Seungcheol.
“Oh? ‘Lil bunny can squirt too? My my, just so full of talent, aren’t you? Or is your cute body just that sensitive after cumming so many times and having so many cocks filling up your desperate ‘lil holes?”
Seungcheol takes the phone with a free hand - using his other hand to wrap around your body as he plays with your clit with his index and middle finger.
You cry out around Jihoon’s cock as fresh tears spring to your eyes at the sensations overwhelming your body between the two males and you feel yourself hurtling towards an orgasm when Jihoon holds your head still as he starts to fuck your throat.
“Gonna cum down your pretty ‘lil throat just as Seungcheol cums in your filthy ‘lil cunt.” His cock throbs inside your mouth and you can’t help but gag when he hits the back of your throat with each snap of his hips as you try to relax your throat from his rough movements.
“Mm, you’re gonna be dripping cum from both ends, doll~ Too bad we didn’t have a third person to fuck your cute ‘lil ass too.”
Seungcheol films his cock thrusting in and out of your cunt; drool threatening to spill from his mouth at how wet his cock leaves your tight warmth every time he pulls out. He pinches your clit as you mewl around Jihoon’s cock and the two of them work in tandem to bring themselves over the edge as Seungcheol continues to record.
“Fuck, ‘m gonna cum, doll~ Gonna fill up your filthy ‘lil hole with all my cum so you can go back to Jeonghan and let him fuck it out of you.” Laughing, he watches as you squirm and work your hips back to meet his quick thrusts. “You should be thanking me, doll. I know how insatiable you are~ Let Jeonghan know he can always have our sloppy seconds~”
The two males share a cruel laugh before they fall into relative silence - both of them thrusting into you at the same time and making you feel extra full of their cocks from both ends.
You can feel their cocks throbbing inside your body and it only takes a few more thrusts before you feel Seungcheol’s warm cum filling up your cunt and Jihoon’s cum sliding down your throat and filling up your mouth as you sputter and try to swallow it all down.
And you can’t tell if Seungcheol is still recording - but a part of you hopes he is so that you can watch the footage later.
“God, next time we should switch so I can fuck her pussy.” Jihoon throws his head back, hips still thrusting towards your face as he continues to fuck your throat and ride out his orgasm. “Her mouth is so fuckin’ tight and wet and I bet her pussy is just as fuckin’ good.”
Seungcheol is busy recording his cock thrusting into you - now covered in a combination of your wetness and his cum when he draws his hips back.
“Fuck, bet her cunt is so tight when she’s cumming… Too bad we won’t let her.”
Their nonchalant laugh is deafening to your ears when you feel them slowly start to pull away from your body - cum trickling from your chapped lips and spent pussy as you stay frozen in your place on the dingy sofa.
“W-what…?” Your voice is hoarse and barely above a whisper as you watch Jihoon tug his boxer briefs and jeans back up and you can only imagine Seungcheol is doing the same from behind you as well.
“Oops, might’ve sent that little recording to Jeonghan, doll~ My bad~ Just a slip of the finger, y’know? I can be so clumsy~”
Your teary eyes look up at Jihoon - disbelief written all over your features as his cum drips from your lips to the sofa underneath you.
Seungcheol snaps a picture of his cum trickling down your thighs and dripping onto the sofa with his own phone before he rounds the sofa and stands next to Jihoon - both of them having annoying smirks on your face as you whimper. 
“Maybe if you’re quick enough, you can get to Jeonghan’s phone before he gets a chance to watch it.” Jihoon taunts, hands in the pocket of his pants as Seungcheol leans in until his face is only centimetres away from your face.
“Or maybe let him watch it, doll. Since you’re such a whore for punishment.”
Tumblr media
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💌  love talk (profiles: 3/3)
Tumblr media
series summary :  yn has been running the twitter account cupidsarrows with her friends for a few years now, to massive success. because who wouldn’t flock to an account promising to listen to all of one’s heartaches with no judgements and promises to give relatively solid advice? but what happens when one of her advices doesn’t end well for someone and he starts running an advice account of his own just to spite her? pairing : svt leader line x f!reader genre/s : university au, slice of life, fluff, humor, angst
Tumblr media
profiles : three  ❥•  chaos beings
love talk  ❥•  series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❀  soonyoung :  yn’s childhood bestie, grew up next to each other and eventually ended up attending the same uni, seriously contemplated sending a message to cupid’s arrows not knowing yn is the one who runs the account.
❀  chaeyoung :  soonyoung’s younger sister, knows more than what she lets people think, queen of keeping secrets and the person to go to if you ever need to vent, way too observant. 
❀  jun :  knows yn runs the cupid’s arrows account after overhearing her and wonwoo talking about it. is honestly going insane trying to keep it to himself, but he’s trying his best. yn does not know that he knows. 
❀  chan :  falls in love just a little too quickly, has sent messages to both accounts and cannot decide which one he prefers :(( feels like he should know who are the admins are, dismisses the thought immediately though. 
❀  minghao :  owner of the group brain cells, could probably figure out all the admins of the advice accounts if he wanted to. luckily for everyone, he can’t exactly be bothered to do so. 
Tumblr media
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💌  love talk (profiles: 2/3)
Tumblr media
series summary :  yn has been running the twitter account cupidsarrows with her friends for a few years now, to massive success. because who wouldn’t flock to an account promising to listen to all of one’s heartaches with no judgements and promises to give relatively solid advice? but what happens when one of her advices doesn’t end well for someone and he starts running an advice account of his own just to spite her? pairing : svt leader line x f!reader genre/s : university au, slice of life, fluff, humor, angst
Tumblr media
profiles : two  ❥•  heartbreakheroes admins
love talk  ❥•  series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡  jihoon :  messaged cupidsarrows in his third year of uni, a year later and he’s still salty about it so he opened up an account of his own and had his friends help him; king of giving out tough love.      ♡  admin : 🌀
♡  jeonghan : says the first thing that comes to mind in giving advice, will flat out tell someone to dump their s/o once he sees any sort of red flag.     ♡  admin :  💤 
♡  seokmin : takes so long to reply because he actually thinks about his answers, sends novel-length paragraphs for advice, always ends it with a reminder for self care.     ♡  admin : 🐳
♡  seungkwan : will always tell people to go for it and just confess + will actually give people detailed plans for their confessions ; sucker for a good friends to lovers.     ♡  admin :  🐚
♡  joshua : the go to person for heartbreak !! way too sweet to the people who send in their problems, they might actually just fall in love with him after.     ♡  admin : 🌊
Tumblr media
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💌  love talk (profiles: 1/3)
Tumblr media
series summary :  yn has been running the twitter account cupidsarrows with her friends for a few years now, to massive success. because who wouldn’t flock to an account promising to listen to all of one’s heartaches with no judgements and promises to give relatively solid advice? but what happens when one of her advices doesn’t end well for someone and he starts running an advice account of his own just to spite her? pairing : svt leader line x f!reader genre/s : university au, slice of life, fluff, humor, angst
Tumblr media
profiles : one  ❥•  cupidsarrows admins
love talk  ❥•  series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➹   yn : started cupid’s arrows in her first year of uni, honestly didn’t think it would blow up in the way it did. now in her final year of uni, still wants to help as many people as she can.      ➶ admin :  🍄
➹   seungcheol : joined cupid’s arrows in his second year after he gave yn amazing advice on heartbreak it wasn’t really for her but someone who had messaged the acc and she didn’t know what to do ; still unaware of why he accepted.      ➶ admin : 🍒
➹   wonwoo : found out yn and cheol were running the account during their third year and just felt like joining, uses whatever he learns from romance novels in giving out advice.      ➶ admin :  🔖
➹   mingyu : in his third year of uni and was sitting next to wonwoo in a class, read over his shoulder and gave pretty okay advice so wonwoo roped him in too.       ➶ admin : 🧣
➹   vernon : in his second year of uni, a very new admin to the account; just overheard the four talking about someone who sent in a message, gave advice thinking it was for one of them, impressing everyone and bringing him in.      ➶ admin :  ☄️ 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‧₊˚   a seventeen social media au <3
Tumblr media
series summary :  yn has been running the twitter account cupidsarrows with her friends for a few years now, to massive success. because who wouldn’t flock to an account promising to listen to all of one’s heartaches with no judgements and promises to give relatively solid advice? but what happens when one of her advices doesn’t end well for someone and he starts running an advice account of his own just to spite her?  pairing : svt leader line x f!reader genre/s : university au, slice of life, fluff, humor, angst
status : coming soon...
Tumblr media
profiles !
cupidsarrows admins  |  heartbreakheroes admins  |  chaos beings 
Tumblr media
parts ! soon...
Tumblr media
incoming text...from ren !  idk if you can tell, but i love secret identities dshgkf and yes i know this has the same name as one of my fave hoe anthems but i promise this story is (mostly) wholesome !! and if you’ve read my previous smau and are wondering if i’m pulling the same kind of ending,, i won’t be ;))
Tumblr media
taglist is open ! just send me an ask or reply to this post ! <3
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
order up !  medium hot chocolate at 75% sweetness with a slice of cherry pie and strawberry shortcake for anon <3 order notes : joshua hong x reader, slight angst, fluff look, something’s written on your cup… hi anon! sorry your order took so long, i had to take a brief hiatus from writing:( still, thank you so much for requesting and i hope you enjoy. 
Tumblr media
summary : there’s a storm raging on and joshua’s terrified. but it’s not exactly of the harsh winds that howled outside his bedroom window, it’s having you so close to him. word count : ~0.8k
Tumblr media
The power went out an hour ago, enveloping the two of you in complete darkness. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happened if you hadn’t given into Joshua’s incessant pleading of you staying the night. The rain falls hard, and you could hear each time they made contact with the concrete, a thunderous crash so loud that you were afraid it would somehow crack the pavement. The low rumble of thunder didn’t help either, accompanied by flashes of lighting — quick yet bright — momentarily lighting up the walls of his bedroom.
A candle is placed on his bedside table, lavender scented, warm and relaxing — almost enough to make you forget the chaos brought on by the outside, of the wind that had trees bending to its will, of the heavy clouds that completely covered the night sky. You’re shivering, several chills running down your spine, fingers just ever so slightly shaking. 
And Joshua notices, of course he does, removing himself from the blanket you shared and wrapping the extra material around you, allowing you to be fully engulfed in its warmth. You feel his hands lightly brushing your shoulders as he does so, fingertips briefly grazing over the back of your neck in the process. 
“What about you?” A frown graces your features, brows knitting together at the sight of him only in a hoodie and sweatpants against the freezing air that surrounded the two of you. 
“You need it more than I do, Yn.” He chuckled, shaking his head, his eyes crinkling as he looked at you. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine. Thanks for letting me wait out the storm.” You mumbled, leaning your head on his shoulder, eyes fluttering shut. 
His heartbeat speeds up, like it was just now sinking in exactly how close you were him. Joshua feels your breath on his neck, your side pressed against his, as you somehow snuggled even closer. It wasn’t exactly a secret that you too were close, having dealt with several teasings from his friends because of this.
“Why don’t you just tell Yn how you feel?” Jeonghan’s voice echoes in his mind, only the slightest hints of playfulness in his tone, looking at him with complete seriousness — a sight he wasn’t exactly used to. “I’m getting tired of watching you dance around your feelings. It’s honestly kind of sad, Shua.”
“Because I don’t like Yn, alright?”
But he does, so much, more than he could even grasp himself. You overwhelm in the best way possible, invading his thoughts when he first wakes up in the morning, your name the last thing on his mind when he closes his eyes. 
Joshua’s afraid, terrified even. More than he has ever been in his life. More than the storm that terrorized the city so late into the night. More than the darkness that threatened to submerge the two of you had it not been for the candles that were lit around his room. He pulls you closer, if that was even possible, like you were his lifeline. Like he could somehow let you know all the things he wanted to say without ever actually saying it, hoping you’d feel the deafening beats of his heart when your head is on his chest. And some part of him hoped your heartbeats matched with his too. 
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked, lifting your head from his chest, noticing his gaze completely transfixed on your features, eyes scanning over the length of your lashes, the tip of your nose, the arch of your brows, the curve of your lips.
Joshua blinks back at you, unable to say anything, just looking. There’s a small smile on his face, a softness in his eyes that you’re unsure if you had ever seen from him before. Your chest rises and falls with his; it’s quiet, a little too quiet for your liking. 
“Oooh you wanna kiss me so bad.” You teased, wiggling your brows, gently shoving his shoulder. Anything to ease whatever tension was building, a nervous chuckle leaving your lips at as he moves closer, just a few inches from your face. 
It was a moment of boldness. But maybe he wasn’t even thinking, perhaps he wasn’t even supposed to say it out loud, Joshua mutters a soft, “Would you let me?”
Instead of giving him a worded answer, you tentatively press your lips onto his. A hand reaches up to cup his cheek and he leans in to your touch, feeling the softness of your palm against his cheek. It makes him bolder, his lips moving faster, wondering why he even bothered to wait so long. 
You pull away, catching your breath, but he moves to press your foreheads together. Joshua’s eyes are still closed, slowly leaning in and mumbling against your lips, “I guess I got my answer.”
Tumblr media
— thank you for visiting cafe amore ! feel like ordering something else? check the menu here.
Tumblr media
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yeostars · 2 days ago
hi!! please can i have 41 and 46 for jun pls, love your writing x
41: “you keep acting like a brat and i’ll take you over my knee right here, i don’t care how many people are watching.”
46: “wanna see what i’m wearing under all this?”
Tumblr media
parties and all these gatherings junhui drags you to had never excited you, you always tagged along with him because you enjoyed his company and you did not want him to have to do it alone. the worst part about tonights, was all that was on your mind was how much you wanted  to go home and let your boyfriend ruin you. 
“Jun...” you voice trailed off as you pulled him down to speak in his ear, feeling need seep through your veins. 
“yeah baby?” he smiles back, unaware of all of the thoughts running through your mind. 
“i’m bored.” you frown and he looks down amusingly at you, you always said that and every time you tells you that you did not have to come out with him. his smile soon falls when your palm lands on the bottom of his stomach, dangerously close to his belt. “and i want you.” you pout. 
jun isn’t surprised, you always seemed to want attention and want him, he always found it an ego booster. 
“we can go soon, then i’ll take care of you.” he says, his hand landing on yours to pull it off of him, knowing you can get him riled up from your touches. his words making you from more, you wanted to go now. 
some time passes and you need grows, pulling on his hand and trying to get his attention fails, you know why he does this. he does that to make you need him even more. 
“can you please look at me.” you say and he listens, his soft eyes meeting your much harder ones. “wanna see what i’m wearing under all of this?” you smile teasingly, watching him clench his jaw when your finger pulls as the top of your dress, your chest becoming more exposed by the second until he grabs your hand. 
“first you try and touch me in front of all these people and now you want to expose yourself?” his tone is much different from the one he used earlier when he told you he would take care of you.  “you keep acting like a brat and i’ll take you over my knee right here, i don’t care how many people are watching.” 
“y-you can’t.” was all you could muster up, watching the smirk on his lips had the butterflies in your stomach going crazy 
“you didn’t seem to care about people watching before, hm?”
Tumblr media
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