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#svu spoilers

in other news they finally give fin plot time and they have him kill someone? epic fail

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“The Things We Have To Lose” thoughts

Stellar episode. Actually stellar. The title is a great overarching theme to connect all the little lose ends from previous episodes.

We get to see Kat’s growth as a detective and her headstrong ways drive her in a good way to catch their guy.

We get to see Fin’s soft compassionate side come out as he fights for what is right regardless of the consequences.

We get to see Liv fire back at Barth, risking overstepping professional boundaries (and it was awesome).

We get to see Rollins be a momma bear for Ivy and despite the tough love, she doesn’t lose sense of the fact that Ivy is indeed a victim.

And we get to see Carisi prep for a HUGE case. He’s nervous but extremely passionate. His passion for detective work channeled into getting justice for vics in court. And all the temperament changes in him this season make sense.

The pace was amazing. The plot was amazing and not to mention the huge ref to the real life case of a dude whose name rhymes with Shmarvey Beinstein.

My one complaint comes from the Rollisi moment. Yes, I was happy that Amanda was trying to be supportive of Sonny. Finally, after all the times he’s been there for her. That’s the organic way that these two need to slowly come together. Mutual support until it blossoms into more. I’m here for that!

But I was still uneasy watching this scene. Why? Well, Amanda hasn’t showed us she’s ready to be that person for Sonny. Just a few episodes ago, she was all goo goo eyes over Khaldun. And that was never resolved. YET she was definitely sending suggestive vibes here. “I have a sitter.” “Let’s get a drink or three.” Yeah, Amanda’s judgement isn’t always the best when it comes to alcohol and men. And I don’t want her dragging Sonny’s heart around while she decides what she wants in her life or who she wants. Hopefully they resolve this a bit better next season. (More on this scene here)

FAVORITE MOMENT: Sonny drinking pepto and turning into an excited puppy before his high profile trial. Bless his heart ❤❤❤

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Okay I really want to know what they’d had planned for the last few episodes because that was such a perfect ending to the season that I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be the ending.

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Did Amanda just call Carisi “Dominick”? Like I know that’s his name but it’s weird af. Literally no one calls him that.

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i s2g if this ends up being rollisi im selling my tv

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I’m actually impressed with Amanda asking Liv if she’s too close the Ivy situation and should take a step back. That’s a lot more self-awareness than we usually see from our intrepid heroes.

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Is the SVU captain usually involved in prepping individual witnesses? Doesn’t Liv have like… other things to do? Other cases? Like, a lot of them?

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