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she’s so cool
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OBI-WAN APPRECIATION WEEK 2022 ↳ Day 4: Favorite relationship dynamic
Obi-Wan & Anakin
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smamhub · a day ago
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good morningggg
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lpjillian · a day ago
Again, good morning to me. I painted again at night, so in the morning I was again not happy with something. I made it all right for me. I don't like it when the main figure is lost in the background. No no no
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Changed art + plain background.
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mrfandomwars · 23 hours ago
Okay theory:
The reason people get mad at the Jedi for not breaking laws and becoming vigilantes is because they watched too many shows as kids where the good guys/the police/superheroes broke laws "for the greater good"
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captainkappa · 3 hours ago
No thoughts just Grogu chasing after fireflies and Din watching on from his spot in the grass
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short-wooloo · 19 hours ago
Ok, so in legends, Kit Fisto was Yoda's padawan, and this should be brought into new canon
1. Look at this man
Tumblr media
Look at him and tell me he's not a member of the disaster lineage, tell me he's not a member of that pack of insane idiots
2. This would make him like Dooku's brother
Just imagine what you could get out of a confrontation between them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The drama, the tension, one brother turning his back on his family and giving into darkness, the other staying in the light, admonishing his older brother's betrayal, but promising him that he is still loved, that if he chose to come back, he would be welcomed
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laciefuyu · 2 days ago
ngl sometime anti jedi is so funny, like they got so mad being blocked then going on rant on jedi fans being stupid for taking comfort on jedi because they have element that inspired from real life religion like buddhism which most prominent inspiration and get mad in behalf of buddhist when they are not buddhist. like idk dude, that's how inspired work, having element that similar because its inspired from it lol
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sunflowersinheaven · 6 hours ago
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cowboywizzard · a day ago
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they should’ve hugged more
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suncity6 · a day ago
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gryffindor-jedi · 5 hours ago
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Favorite familial relationship:
The Ghost crew
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smamhub · 2 hours ago
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reuploading some oldies (: new photo set for sale todayyyyyy
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iron4man · 8 hours ago
i want to see cal kestis touching anakin skywalker’s lightsaber and re-living his turn to the dark side, what led him, but also his memories as anakin, the war general, the best jedi of all the time, the friendship with ahsoka and obi wan before they meet again (because they will) in the jfo sequel…
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mrfandomwars · 18 hours ago
Over and over again we watched as the good guys in media broke laws and what not for "the greater good" (like in cop shows, superhero movies/cartoons/etc), as they choose lovers and family over the innocents(I was told, for example, Doctor Who, Supernatural and then S1 finale Gravity Falls) and have watched as the show/movie/etc be a discussion of morality where both sides are right
This is Not Star Wars
Star Wars is not that
It's a kids show with the message being good Vs bad
It Isn't a "everyone is right actually" kind of media
The Sith and their code is Literally Based Of N*zis and the book of the moustache man that I can't spell right now
The Jedi aren't "in the wrong actually", they are the good guys who understanding of the Force is literally the same as how George Lucas (The Creator!) explained the Force
They can't become basically free roaming vigilantes that people seem to love because Star Wars breaks the mold and actually shows us the consequences of actions, even if they were made for "love"
The Jedi have to obey the law like everybody else
(I know, a group of people who's job is to protect and help us actually following the law)
Especially since they literally represent the Republic and the Senate even if they have no power in them
Like, I understand growing up on those types of shows where no one is right and the good guys are allowed to break every rule imaginable and get away scorch free simply because they are viewed as the good guys
But that isn't Star Wars
Star Wars talks about consequences of one's choices
This isn't a new thing, like Luke went via his attachments and lost his hand, had to be rescued making people fail to save Han in time or Anakin choosing to put Padmé over the galaxy and doomed it in the process, loosing Padmé in the end either way
You have to let go of the idea that the good guys can get away with basically everything
That idea is how you end up with people unironically saying that villains who did unimaginable terrible things are the good guys and the good guys in that piece of media are in the wrong
Star Wars is Good Vs Evil, it's about handling and understanding your emotions before they can control you, it's about the consequences
It's a kid show like all the others who went and the whole Good Guy Vs Bad Guy thing
I understand that sometimes it's funny to criticize adults (or anyone) in kids media and say how the good guys are in the wrong because of X but like
You can't do that with Star Wars where one side is literally based off Nazis
The Jedi aren't the bad guys just because they went and didn't become vigilantes in a media that is literally about the consequences of one's action, be it a good action or a bad action
TL;DR: Don't hate Star Wars just because you are annoyed that they took over on giving even the good guys consequences of their actions when you wanted to be the one to do it in you fanfiction
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tomicaleto · a day ago
I read this quote, ❛ don’t you die on me. ❜, in so many stories but I would love to see what you do with it.
Hi anon! Seems like I couldn't do too much but what I did is full of pain :)
Hero x Villain prompts
This is further down the timeline from this AU (two different links)
Hope you enjoy!
“Don’t you die on me.”
Darkness surrounded them, mud splashing as rain fell over their bodies and thunder rumbled over their heads. 
Anakin was kneeling on the ground, uncaring about the weather and the destroyed droids around himself. It was hard to focus on anything but the body lying on his knees, gasping for breath. 
Obi-Wan was looking at him with heavy eyelids, blood soaking his dark robes and amber eyes losing their teasing glint. “Darling, you look… almost worried…” He managed to gasp. 
“Shut up,” Anakin barked back at him, feeling tears pooling in his eyes. He raised his head and frantically looked around, hoping to catch one of his men. “Help! Help!” He shouted, but the rain swallowed his voice. Pressing his hands on the wound, he frowned at the Sith and ordered: “Don’t you die on me.” 
Kenobi looked back at him almost adoringly, a soft and unusual smile on his lips, even if strained from the pain. “I’ll do… my best… love.”   
Thank you for asking!
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cohborikardok · 2 days ago
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my son
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short-wooloo · 2 days ago
I hate all of those "the meaning of X lightsaber color" videos/articles
There is no deeper meaning
If it's red, evil
If it's any other color, good
A blue lightsaber means you have a blue lightsaber
A green lightsaber means you have a green lightsaber
A purple lightsaber means you have a purple lightsaber
Etc etc, so on and so forth
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