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I think it’s absolutely tragic that we never got to see the room of a thousand fountains on full display in a star wars movie or show,,, what I would give to see the Jedi meditating and playing and sparring in there among the plants and water :((

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Obi-Wan says “Anakin” so much in all Star Wars media, it almost seems like his favorite word. He constantly calls out to get Anakin’s attention, sometimes to warn him of danger, sometimes to ask for help. Sometimes it’s in an attempt to calm and persuade him—Obi-Wan is always trying to control or rebuke, praise or affirm him—but it can also almost sound like a pet name, almost possessive

Anakin in return often says “Master” and “Obi-Wan,” and sometimes “Old Man"—he has a much wider range of naming choices reflecting each level of intimacy of the interaction. I think how we name people is very indicative of attitude and adjusts to fit the context. During the Clone Wars, after Anakin is knighted, Obi-Wan rarely calls Anakin “Padawan” (in recognition of his changed status) compared with the frequency that Anakin calls him “Master” (in recognition of their shared past).

Obi-Wan still called him “Anakin” on Mustafar, but it was “Darth” by the Death Star. Imho it hurts to think that Obi-Wan must have said “Anakin” thousands of times, repeating it over and over until it was embedded in his speech patterns like a kind of verbal punctuation. Then that relationship is destroyed, those syllables become poisonous instead of precious, and there is a hole in the middle of Obi-Wan’s sentences (and life) where Anakin used to be :/

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so i love opening mark hamill’s twitter and i finally looked at his profile picture and wow.. he is legit a zaddy 😭😭

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i got some doodles of clones with long hair! Bc hot dam i cant stop thinking about it.

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The Clones and Their Little Acts of Love For You

Rex-forehead smooches

Echo- gives you little Mando'a lessons for fun

Fives- back rubs

Jesse- picks you guys up some pizza

Kix- will hype you up about your outfit, even if it’s ok pants and a t-shirt with a hole in it

Tup- holds your hand while walking around in the park or stores

Dogma- does the dishes after you cook

Hardcase- picks up your favorite candy at the gas station on his way over

Coric- sends you songs he thinks you will like

Bly- funny face contest

99- pops into your work because you forgot your lunch

Cody- makes you tea when you need something warm

Waxer/Boil- doesn’t judge you for still watching those Saturday morning cartoons

Wolffe- supports you in any new hobby or hyperfixation you have

Boost/Sinker- doesn’t complain when you drag him furniture shopping

Hunter- gets along with your mother, even though she can be a bit complicated

Wrecker- will suprise you with the best pillow fort ever

Tech- need someone to help you with homework or understanding something? He is right there to help and explain as slowly as you need

Crosshair- you have been extra stressed and he booked a weekend getaway from civilization for you.

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Optional Fertilization v1.3 FS 19

Optional Fertilization v1.3 FS 19

This mod allows you to convert the fertilizer tanks of seeders, which have optional fertilization, to seed tanks in the workshop.
fixed small bugs
If a lot of slurry or manure is available for fertilization, you don’t have to spend too much expensive mineral fertilizer. As a result of this conversion, the area performance of these machines increases due to more seed stocks,…


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“Ich fotografiere, um herauszufinden, wie etwas aussieht, wenn es fotografiert wurde.”

Gary Winogrand

© by the Photographic Art of Wilfried Peters

#Fotografie #Photography #Photographie

#schwarzweiss #blackandwhite #noiretblanc

#Deutschland #Germany #Allemagne

Aufnahme Ort:

Bad Driburg

Aufnahme Datum:


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Das #Leben ist eine #Reise durch die #Zeit und die eigene #Geschichte

#Life #Vie

#Travel #Voyage

#Time #Temp

#History #Histoire

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Good luck kiss  (´• ω •`) ♡

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and for creators (being a creator is not mandatory we can just chat as well)
this is a discord server for everyone who loves star wars. it’s a safe space to discuss ships, movies, cast etc.

on top of it we have a blog @swcreators where we will post your star wars creations!!

get in your spaceship and fly over to our discord server by clicking this link!

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