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iron4man · a day ago
“People are standing up.”
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asgrony · 17 hours ago
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nice to see you skyguy
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where-is-ezra · 4 hours ago
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spectre-six · 20 hours ago
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Star Wars: Rebels // 1.07 “Out Of Darkness” Ezra vs Chopper, Round 2 (Round 1)
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cowboywizzard · 19 hours ago
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it’s hard to let go sometimes
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sidesofmayo · a day ago
Sooo…was no one going to tell me that Taylor Gray seems like he is just as sweet and wonderful as Ezra irl or did I have to find that out for myself today?
Here he is talking about the last time we saw Ezra.
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estrangedlestrange · 17 hours ago
thinking about ten year old luke running around the farm and ten year old leia running around the woods but ezra is also ten and he’s alone on the streets
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phoenixyfriend · 2 days ago
Auntie Soka and Little Leia (and Rex): Chapter Ten
Read on AO3
And that's a wrap! Last chapter, folks. If you want to start from the beginning, click here.
Sokari isn’t there for the shouting match between Rex and Fett, but she doesn’t have to be. She can hear it from clear across the ship. Even if she couldn’t, Rex comes to her afterwards. He’s been crying, which isn’t as surprising as it could be. These bodies are still prone to such things, and will be for years. She doesn’t comment.
“Do you want to talk about it?” she asks.
“We need to take out Sidious before he starts anything on Kamino.”
“Agreed,” she says. “It’ll be hard, though.”
“I don’t care.”
She hums idly. “What did Fett say?”
“That if it wasn’t going to be my brothers, it would be someone else’s. Either we stop the cloning from happening at all, or we mitigate damage by being there.”
We, he says. It’s telling.
“I don’t think Sidious is going to tap him for it,” Sokari admits. “Not unless you’re willing to stage that kind of fight publicly enough for Fett to claim the Jedi poisoned you, family, against him. It could work, but it’s a gamble.”
He knows all of this.
“I miss them,” he says, and she cards her fingers though the curls he’s managed to grow in the past weeks. “I just… even at the end, I had Wolffe. I knew Boba was out there; I wouldn’t be surprised if the beskar let him survive a Sarlacc. I had brothers. Not as many as I used to, but there was always someone. I miss them all, so much it hurts.”
“It wouldn’t be them,” she reminds him. She pulls him closer, puts her cheek to his head. “It would be the same process, the same faces, the same training, even, but the boys themselves…”
He clings to her and shudders.
“I can’t force them to grow up the way I did,” he says, not quite at a whisper. “I want them back. Sidious is going to make the army no matter what. Someone’s going to suffer, and I don’t want it to be my brothers, but they won’t exist otherwise, and…”
“And it’s an impossible choice,” she summarizes. “And it sucks.”
“It’s sucks Gungan balls, Soka.”
She laughs, and feels him smile against her shoulder. Good. He needs to smile more.
“He’s still trying to get me to like him,” Rex says. "He’s still making an effort, and he never did that for anyone except Boba, and it’s weird. I don’t know what to do with any of that.”
“Gain a brother,” Sokari whispers, and she feels him jerk against her. “If that’s what you want.”
“He’s not vod.”
“Same blood as all the rest, and you’re older than him, so he’s not really in a position to be a parent to you like he was to Boba,” she says carefully. “You don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want to, but… I think he’s trying.”
Rex doesn’t seem inclined to respond. That’s fine.
She keeps going. “I think this means a lot to him, and that he isn’t any more sure of what to do than you are. You don’t have to forgive him for what he did in the future, you don’t have to accept when he reaches out. You don’t have to ever talk to him again after we reach Coruscant if you don’t want, but I think… I think it’s worth at least considering what you have to gain. I think there is worth in looking at what he’s trying to give you.”
Rex huffs. “Why couldn’t he just be the shabuir I knew in training?”
“Something happened between now and then?” she offers. “I don’t know. I never met him in the original timeline. I just know the guy that keeps trying to get on my good side so you’ll like him.”
He outright scoffs. “Soka, that’s not the only reason he’s trying to get on your good side.”
“…I’m a former Jedi who talks trash to his face,” she says slowly. “And I cried on him. There is no reason for him to be nice to me, other than you.”
“He thinks you’re cool and a good person and wants you to be his friend.”
“Bantha poodoo.”
Rex grins in a way that goes straight to smirking. “Soka, I’m not joking. Jango Fett wants you to be his friend.”
“Kriffing why?” she asks, more than a little horrified. “I’m a mess, look like I’m ten years younger than him, have gleefully kicked his ass in front of an audience; I even told Vos to throw him at a baby Sith Lord. Putting up with me is one thing, but I’m… I’m only barely not a Jedi. I’m a historical enemy of Mandalore, and part of the community he hates more than anything, and—”
“And his reaction to you kicking his ass was pure Mando,” Rex says. “In that he now thinks you’re a badass, and thus worth being friends with.”
“I can’t believe that. I physically cannot.”
“Soka, just accept it. The Mand’alor wants to be friends with you.” He scratches at his scalp. “I mean, he met you while you were protecting what appeared to be children, and it’s apparently still early enough for him to care about that. Especially family.”
She leans back in her seat, eyes on the wall ahead of her and back against the cool metal of the other side. Rex falls back with her. She wonders if Rex changed the subject so they didn’t have to talk about deciding how many of his brothers get to exist, and whether or not he can swallow the bitterness of his history to have a connection with at least one member of his blood. She doesn’t ask. If he wants to change the subject, that’s his right.
“I don’t… no.” She denies it as well as she can, and then the implications dig a little deeper. “Is this me accidentally signing up to be the Jedi Order’s official liaison to the Mand’alor?”
“I mean, this point in time… they’ve got Kenobi for the Duchess, yeah?” Rex shrugs. “Good relations with the system are probably a positive, and you’ve got a stronger connection than Tholme and Vos.”
“Ugh,” she says. She rubs a hand against her head, and then lurches to her feet. “Fine! Fine. If it’ll get him to move on the Mandalore situation before the Sith decide to bribe him with an army he doesn’t get to keep, I’ll teach him how to fight for the kriffin’ Darksaber.”
“That’s what makes the decision for you?”
“Well something had to!”
They only get one lesson in before Coruscant, but the lesson lasts a full day, and Soka’s got his comm number. Fett’s a quick learner anyway, and Tholme is there to give pointers where Sokari can’t.
He won’t measure up to a Jedi in saber-to-saber combat, but he doesn’t need to. He just needs to learn enough to turn all those skills with a beskad to something that works with a jetii’kad.
(The balance of a saber is wrong to those used to a physical weapon. The inertia doesn’t work the way anyone expects. There’s no need to worry about damaging the blade.)
(Fett is good. Sokari is better. Bless his heart, he knows it.)
(She will mold him into the shape of someone who not only can, but should help rule a system with a history like that, and he damn well knows that too.)
(Continue on AO3)
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cassian andor breathe if you agree
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maiseey · 18 days ago
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“It was an honor to serve with you, Rex…it was an honor to fight with you for something we chose to believe in”
"Ah…we did it, Gregor. We did it."
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plosbros1 · 2 months ago
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janezebu · 2 months ago
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family photo
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keelifallen · a month ago
Not really my style, but I’m experimenting :)
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where-is-ezra · 2 days ago
me when my dedicated and wonderful followers like my innocuous posts of space stock images:
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laelish · 8 months ago
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This is everyone but Luke’s favorite game.
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dashedwithromance · 4 months ago
you know what. rebels was so fucking good and i’m tired of the slander. rebels is a story about a boy who lost his family and his safety and his home and never had cause to look out for anyone other than himself, who met a group of strangers who showed him love and trust and forgiveness, and became a man who sacrificed his life to save his planet and the rebellion. it’s a story about moving on from loss but not forgetting it; coping with devastating trauma and realising it doesn’t define you; realising you aren’t your mistakes and you can do better and will do better. it’s about the importance of art as both a political tool and a part of life, and the triumph of nature over man and machine. i just have so many fucking feelings about this show i love it so much-
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sidesofmayo · a day ago
Tucking this Bail quote away for future reference.
“I wanted to live way out past Kathou when I was your age. Chase purrgil, you know? I had a whole plan.”
(Screaming about how Bail Organa, friend of the Spectres, friend of Ahsoka, friend of the Jedi, had a plan for chasing purrgil.)
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estrangedlestrange · 16 hours ago
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I will take the child and watch over him.
star wars: rebels, 2017 obi-wan kenobi series, 2022
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cinno · 8 months ago
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my favorite era of sw is the era that literally has not happened yet
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guinevereslancelot · 2 months ago
it's me ezra the sith holocron speaking to you inside your brain listen to me boy leave your jedi master we don't need him come with me and we'll use the dark side to destroy the sith in space your free will is an illusion
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