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anyway… bunch of art students all live in one little decrepit res house. based on shitty mini res at dalhousie in halifax. slowly growing squad of punks and gays and idiots that fuck around and find out. like a fun mystery until it is not kind of thing. like if slenderman is real why doesn’t he fight me behind denny’s situation. and sometimes you just want to do your shitty elective homework and you have skipped 10 lectures this month bc you have superdepression.

a story to boldly answer the question ‘what if there was a dark web of conspiracy in a shitty college town and maybe everyone besides us’ and ‘what if we are living in a simulation and become half-lucid in the middle of the dream and not knowing how you even got to the place you are’ and ‘what if life started to feel like a gas station at 4 am but all day’ and ‘what happened to some of those milk carton missing kids’ and ‘what if there was a town in a pocket dimension timeloop that collected people who go missing taking an unmarked exit off the freeway and made them think they’ve lived there all along’  and ‘what if you went looking for someone and stopped in a town and forgot you had ever been from somewhere else’  and this got out of hand conceptually

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