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About dead ends.
To ask a question correctly, you need to know half the answer. But if it concerns oneself, all the questions and answers are already there. You need to want to see.
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Morning to everyone 🍁
#morningtea🦊 #selfimprovement #theway #stagnation #swamp #18arkane

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Ode to a swamp

A song that sings within me

Walking along the shoreline

Or paddling gingerly through the waters

The boughs of Your cypress

Dressed in Spanish moss

Wrap me in protection

Offering contrast for my eyes

Prickled with attentive searching for brother and sister lifeforms


The alligator

Architect of habitat for all


The heron

Keeper of the balances


The anhinga

Pointing my way


The dance of the sandhill cranes


Lord Shiva appears as a turtle in a yogic balance upon a rock

Here my soul is peacefully on fire

Here is my renewal

My sustenance

My resting place

Ode to a swamp

A song that sings within me

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