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#swan asks
densewentz · a year ago
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Baby photos evidently i don’t understand the phrase ‘quick sketch’ but i will never turn down a chance to good-naturedly shame 1 (one) immortal ginger (feat. ultimate dad carlisle, and bella ‘extremely psyched to have this future blackmail material lying around’ swan) thank you for the ask! assorted twilight trash (6/?)
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bellaswanswife · a year ago
twilight au where the cullens leave town in new moon but they leave Emmett behind so the depression scene is just
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paluumin · 3 years ago
idk if anyone’s done this already but.... have you considered...... yoi swan lake au.....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“white swan / black swan”
inspired by swan lake and yuzuru hanyu’s gala skate (”Swan”)
this has been sitting in my inbox for over 4 months probably and anon, I haven’t stopped thinking about this :’))) over the past 4 months, I’ve watched the ballet, read the summaries, consulted my classical music enthusiast friends and finally drew some art while listening to the whole soundtrack
//I think I’ve seen some swan lake aus somewhere in the fandom! but nonetheless, I still had fun with these pieces
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densewentz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
family bonding im not really happy with this yet but im also tired of looking at it so. also i refuse to believe jasper wasn’t running around taking out his frustration with edward by ramping up charlie’s frustration with edward
Thanks for all the new follows!
assorted twilight trash (4/?)
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breakingisabella · 2 years ago
The Cullen’s probably forgot about Bella’s human needs once in a while (heck even in BD Edward states “I’m not feeding you enough”). Could we pretty please have some HC’s where the Cullen’s realize Bella might be in blankets cause it’s winter and there’s no heating in their home, or that they forgot to feed her until her stomach growls loudly, or that Bella falls asleep too late so she sleeps in too late too. Just human stuff the Cullen’s would forget now and then.
esme teaching herself to knit so that she can make bella hats and scarves to keep her extra warm her first winter in forks
emmett just constantly handing her snacks, like a cat bringing its owner things it has found
rosalie silently giving bella a bottle of water she’s bought her from the vending machine
when bella looks confused, rosalie just shrugs, “edward said you need to stay hydrated.”
when they’re out at a party, alice announces “bella, will you come to the bathroom with me?”
when they get there bella looks really confused and alice just says, “well people always say that girls go to the bathroom in pairs and i never knew why. um… do you need to use the bathroom?”
jasper keeping tabs on her emotions to see when she starts to get tired and reminding edward that she needs to get some rest
carlisle herding bella directly into the kitchen whenever she comes over so that she can try his newest dish that he’s learnt to cook from the cooking channel 
she always leaves the house with armfuls of tupperware containers of exquisite food to take home to charlie
edward turning the heating up way too high in the car so that she starts to sweat even in the dead of winter
he also wraps her up like a burrito when she sleeps so that his body temperature doesn’t make her cold
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Hi! What is your very specific Twilight AU?
okay, so. New Moon.
party disaster, dumping her and dipping, all happens normally.
but THEN. Bella finds out she’s pregnant.
(and I know you’re thinking- pre-marital sex?!?! Edward would NEVER! but listen. I am the author now. I’ve been around Christians my whole life. shut up!)
so anyway after a million pregnancy tests and a lot of googling about vampire baby legends, Bella’s like...well this is probably gonna be a situation,
Nessie doesn’t have an insane growth rate here because I hate that, so she has a normal amount of time to prepare, and she’s very...aware that the birth is gonna be Rough at best. So she goes to Jacob
who is NOT a wolf yet but Is aware of the pack and the treaty, and they are closer friends already, and she’s like ‘hey. paranormal emergency. you’re the only person in this town who enables me. help.’
 and Jacob’s like I’m Fucking Fifteen and goes and gets Leah, since she’s technically an adult and a girl
(ms. meyer How did you make one of leah’s only 3 character traits ‘upset she’s infertile’ and then not have her support bella’s choices in breaking dawn please make it make sense)
 so they start brainstorming solutions and the best they can work with is. Bella’s gotta ride out the pregnancy in hiding. they have no way of knowing whether she can survive the pregnancy and the only clue they have about whether the baby will be a monster or not is from google searches, but they also can’t exactly take her to an obgyn when her uterus feels like it’s calcified and her ribs are getting broken and she seems to be craving blood
So, Leah’s got her own little place. Bella moves in there, telling Charlie she wants to move back in with Renee (she knows her parents would never willingly call each other so as long as she keeps up communicating with both of them they should be none the wiser of her growing a little dracula in Leah Clearwater’s basement).
Leah has already defected from the wolf pack at this point (because...the Cullen’s left and she didn’t really like any of the guys anyway lmao) so they don’t run the risk of them hearing her thoughts while she’s in wolf form. She goes out and hunts animals, brings them back and her and Jake drain the blood from them so Bella can drink it. All three of them find this extremely disgusting obviously but Jake’s loyal and a little bit lovestruck, Leah’s a supportive friend and queen, and Bella’s just trying to keep her and her baby alive, and none of them feel like trying to rob a blood bank
Bella is 100% certain the baby will just be a baby who happens to like blood, like she was in bd, but the tentative plan is that if a crazy soulless monster comes out of her Leah will...handle that...
Which neither are thrilled about, so Bella’s just trying to focus on staying positive. And between that, trying to survive and stay hidden, Bella doesn’t really have time to...Check Out the way she did in new moon. Like, she’s absolutely still depressed, and she’s still getting an occasional Edward hallucination because carrying a vampire baby counts as reckless in many books, but she’s just more...resigned and pissed than anything. She’ll have days like the ‘possibilities’ scene, but more often than not she’s just telling the Edward hallucination to go fuck himself when he’s begging her to find the real him so they can have Carlisle deal with the pregnancy 
at some point, Seth gets roped into the whole mess (he’s prone to just breaking into his sister’s house) but since he’s like, 13 and The Best Baby Boy he’s immediately supportive. He didn’t even fucking know about the wolves and the vampires until he walked in on a six months pregnant Bella drinking blood while his sister and Jacob are hacking away at a dead deer, but he’s know when you were 13 and sneaking around about Anything made you feel like the coolest person alive? point is he’s helpful
AND he can get away with spending a lot of time at Leah’s house without anyone finding it weird, unlike Jacob, so he starts spending most of his free time there keeping Bella company and brightening her day up
HE is the one who enables her when she comes up with the name Renesmee lmao
(just because she hates Edward doesn’t mean Esme ever did anything wrong!)
“bella I’ll throw you out of this house if you don’t come up with a real name” “leah she’s white you can’t just disrespect her culture like this omg”
anyway these four become the DORKIEST and WEIRDEST little family it’s cute
so then. labor.
it’s less...graphic than in bd because Bella hasn’t been actively dying the whole pregnancy and she doesn’t snap her spine in half, but it’s still. bad.
she essentially delivers a rock that Nessie then begins chewing her way out of. she’s actively bleeding out. Jacob’s having a panic attack. Leah made Seth watch so he would never have unprotected sex and the scare tactic is working. Leah’s covered in Bella’s blood which is not great considering she’s Holding A Rock That A Vampire Is Emerging From
Leah’s been taking classes and researching deliveries so she needs to stitch Bella up and see what else is wrong but Seth is rocking back and forth on the floor crying and Jacob’s screaming and pacing too fast to grab so she’s like. Bella babe I know you’re dying but you need to hold this thing for me ksjdfllksf
so while she’s handling That, Bella’s got this weird little rock in her arms and is watching the baby slowly fight it’s way out like this is a very fucked up egg or something and she’s just. overwhelmed. maybe it’s the blood loss but she’s looking at the messy, scrunchy little face and she’s already in love and envisioning their lives together.
and then, you know, the baby bites her,
she has just enough time to think ‘how did we not think to prepare for that’ before she can feel the venom coursing through her. it’s just as bad as she remembers from James’ bite but somehow...easier to tolerate. she blacks out pretty quickly
the other 3 notice and are like : 👁👄👁
Jacob...literally explodes into a wolf On Spot
Seth darts out the fucking door he’s seen enough for one day
Leah, sole holder of the braincell, realizes Nessie just bit and isn’t drinking from Bella, and deduces this is like...a survival instinct or something. the baby instinctively changes it’s mother first thing. weirdly...touching? 
So she gets the baby and checks that everything is physically okay with Bella (apart from you know. changing species) and is like...guess this is an issue for 3 days from now Leah
more immediate pressing issues: screaming new born baby and oh, yeah, the giant red wolf in the basement,
“Jacob I know this is disorienting but if you break anything in my house I’ll fucking kill you”
she really just leaves the poor boy to go get the baby cleaned up and warm up some of the frozen blood they’ve got in her fridge (RUINING HER TUPPERWARE, BELLA)
she’s not worried about the wolf pack mind meld yet because she knows Sam took the guys on a mission way farther up the coast for a few days and they’ll be too far away to hear Jake. hopefully, by the time they get back, Bella will be awake and they’ll have made an escape plan by then
and as she’s bottle feeding blood to the baby she’s thrilled that it seems to be like...relatively normal and not s horrific monster or anything. mission: unwillingly murder my best friend’s baby has been successfully canceled 
“Oh Goddamn it....Renesmee DOES fit you...”
Seth, from where he’s cowering behind the couch: “told you”
so, Jake eventually calms down, they spend the next few days cooing over Nessie and brainstorming how to handle Bella when she wakes up a vampire, and also nicknaming Nessie ‘Nessie’ because they know Bella will find that intolerable and they feel she deserves karmic punishment for stressing them out so much lmao
so, three days are up. Seth’s upstairs putting on a way-too-elaborate puppet show for the baby with not a care in the world. Leah and Jake are in the basement because they know Bella probably won’t want their wolf blood and their ready to phase in case she gets a little aggressive
but she just wakes up and is like. hey! how’s it going? where’s my baby?
sjdhfksdj they were expecting feral but Bella still has her super self-control. she didn’t even realize she’d changed into a vampire until they told her lmao
Bella’s a little too freaked out to try hunting yet so they give her some of the stored blood they’ve been feeding Ness and she’s like. good to go. Leah’s about to scream like have the elders been exaggerating this whole time or is Bella truly a freak??? lol
So, they spend a couple days just...relaxing, Bella and Renesmee bonding, they’re trying to come up with fun places Bella can move to with the baby so no one she knows finds out, and every now and then Leah and Jake go out and she tries to help him get the wolf thing under control
and then,,,,the pack get back from their mission early
and immediately are able to read Jacob’s mind
so they head over to Start Shit because there’s two bloodsuckers on their land but,
the pack not attacking because Jake imprinted on Renesmee? tired. the pack not attacking because Jake’s Alpha Genes have taken over and declared Nessie and Bella as part of his Pack and attacking would literally start a war? inspired
so they hash the whole thing out....ultimately Sam decides Bella is more of a victim than a threat, and since neither her or Nessie seem to be going on a bloodlust rampage any time soon...he decides to grant them immunity from the whole ‘kill the vampires’ rule. He’ll let her and her daughter stay in La Push as long as they agree to stick to animals and only hunt out of town. PLUS from what little Bella knows about the Volturi, she’s worried about them finding out about Nessie, so they’ll offer protection if that does happen, in exchange for her being able to help them with intel on any other vampire threats in the area (you know like. if a nomad is fucking stuff up in a nearby city, they’ll send her to talk to them first before deciding if they need to intervene. Sam has become acutely aware he has a lot of teens and kids in his pack, so he’s trying to keep them out of fights as much as possible)  
anyway that’s the story of Nessie gaining like 17 chaotic as hell ride or die uncles,
let’s fast forward a bit
it’s like 15 years later. Bella’s not living with Leah anymore, but she’s got a cute apartment in a nearby town, and owns and runs a bookstore on the first floor of it. she got her ged and did college online and teaches night classes at a community college. She’s still in contact with her parents, who Adore the life out of Nessie. She still helps the pack out and they’re all close. Nessie is a handful but in a fun and lovable way. They go on little weekend trips whenever they have time. Bella’s happy.
but then a. Situation. arises.
basically, the Volturi have been made aware of some unknown vampire chasing others out of the pacific northwest and conspiring with shapeshifters. and you know when Aro gets curious he tends to spin things dramatically. who’s to say this vampire isn’t conspiring against all vampires? against them? why has no one’s special talents worked on her? he simply must find out.
Bella and the Pack get word and decide their best course of action for now is to go on the run. they’re not gonna be able to take on a whole army but if they can bide some time and lay low they might be able to figure something out
except Bella is like....I have a teenage hybrid that the Volturi don’t know about would be EXTREMELY irresponsible to take her with me
but she can’t send Nessie to Charlie or Renee because they don’t know about her...dietary restrictions. She can’t stay with Billy or anyone else in La Push because the Volturi might trace the pack’s scent there and discover her. She’s panicking, they have to leave in a few days max and she can’t find a safe place for her daughter
and then she’s like.....fuck.
she had run into Jasper a couple of years ago- they have the same forgery guy and were heading to his building around the same time as a coincidence. She promised to forgive him for the party incident if he promised not to tell Edward he saw her and that she’s a vampire now. He agreed, but then told her Edward’s been living on his own for a while now and insisted on giving her his number...she never could bring herself to call it or delete it...but now...if she wants to be 100% Nessie is safe and protected...
So, the past 15 years have been fairly rough for Edward
he’s still convinced leaving in order to save Bella was the best course of action, but like...the vampires canonically mate for life. that’s his soulmate. he’s absolutely miserable without her. he’s thought about cracking and going to find her again but he always talks himself out of it, convinced she’d just tell him she hates him or something
so as stated in his patented Edward Cullen Self Loathing Guide, first thing to do is isolate yourself from all the lovebirds you usually live with. Sure, he keeps in contact, but...not well. he’s currently living alone and posing as a university student. He’s not even really sure what he’s supposed to be majoring in. He’s mostly been in a haze since he left Forks.
and one day....he gets a call from an unknown number. he ignores it, thinking it’s a spam call. but then it calls like 8 more times in a row and he figures answering might be a bit smarter than simply throwing it at the wall
And Edward...swears he came back to life and immediately had a heart attack the second he hears Bella’s voice
He feels breathless and disoriented the whole conversation, trying to figure out if his memory did her voice any justice, trying to rush out 15 years worth of apologies, trying to comprehend she’s actually speaking to him.
But Bella’s very blunt on the phone. She doesn’t want to let herself get emotional. She’s on a time limit, and she has to focus on getting her daughter to safety
And Edward swears he somehow misheard her the first ten or so times she told him. He had a daughter? that wasn’t possible
“she has the audacity to be your Evil Twin so I’m pretty sure it’s possible”
so she gives him a rundown. she needs to go into hiding, no I don’t need your help with that, gives him details about Nessie, what she’s like, what she likes to do, her diet, her favorite color, how annoyed she is by this whole situation, “Edward I know you don’t love me anymore, but I remember how protective you were, and that’s what I need Nessie to have right now. She needs you right now” and Edward wants so badly to refute Bella’s claim of lost love, to tell her he has absolutely no idea how to be a parent, but...her tone is aching so much he can barely speak. He can’t let Bella down again, and he can’t let this little girl he foolishly created and left down anymore than he already has, either.
So he agrees, she tells him to be at the airport in a few days, and hangs up. 
Edward loses about half a day staring at a wall in shock, before he jumps into preparations.
Bella told him while their daughter possessed some speed and strength, hunting was fairly dangerous for her. She was more delicate than his kind, and had a heartbeat. Reheated blood bags had been their best option, and she also needed human food as well. He also had to get a room ready for her- he wandered around stores for hours, reading young girls minds to see if there was any furniture or decorations that were universally liked- which was of course, fruitless, but he did manage to find a handful of things he was sure Bella would have liked at that age, and prayed for the best. He somehow got himself covered in purple paint that was a nightmare to get off. Bella had sent him some forged documents claiming Nessie was his younger sister he’d won custody of, and he got her enrolled in a nearby school. He lived every day leading up to her arrival staving off a panic attack.
it wasn’t until he was on the way to the airport that he realized he forgot to inform his family about this life update. they must’ve been on a hunting trip, because he got nothing but voicemails 
imagine being Carlisle and you come home to a voicemail from your son who’s banished himself from the family that’s just like ‘hi. you’re a grandfather now. I’m having a nervous breakdown and might crash my car. call me back at your earliest convenience I suppose” like what would you DO
 after he gets to the airport he starts panicking again, realizing Bella had never actually sent him a picture, worrying about how he’d find her, but then- he sees a tiny girl with untamed, dark red curls, features strikingly similar to his own that are pulled into the expression Bella always made when she was reading, absently chewing on her lip, and before she looks at him with her mother’s big brown eyes, he already knows who he’s looking at, and he’s certain if he was human his tear ducts would be having a fit right now
Renesmee, however, seems less willing to have an emotional meeting. She mumbles out a simple greeting before gathering up her bags and heading for the door, Edward rushing behind her to try and help
listen. the awkwardness of Charlie trying to connect with Bella. but 10000x worse because of Edward’s overthinking, self-deprecating ass and Nessie being like ‘ah yes the guy who broke my pregnant teenage mothers heart, fantastic’ lmao
the car ride is p a i n f u l. Edward’s trying so hard for light conversation and Nessie’s barely giving one word answers. Bella had warned her about the mind reading so she was carefully keeping her mind blocked, which Edward is trying very hard to be understanding about instead of annoyed, but By God does he want to know everything about her
when they get back to his place, she quietly thanks him for the room and then promptly locks him out of it lol. He spends the rest of the day just pacing back and forth until he realizes he should eventually feed her lmao
and that’s...kinda how the first couple weeks go. she only emerges from her room if he bribes her with food, she awkwardly tries to dodge his questions, he drives her to school and then begs her to tell him how it went when he picks her up, he spends his college classes distracted because he’s freaking out constantly about how to successfully bond with her. His favorite time of day now is night, because she can’t block her mind while she’s asleep, and even if her dreams are all nonsense they’re still...part of her that he gets to know.
His family keeps begging him to let them meet her, but he’s pushing back because if she’s this bad at adjusting to one new family member, how is she going to handle six more?
(meanwhile Alice and Rose started a group chat with her and are having a ball clowning Edward lmao)
wait ksjflksd I think this vine perfectly sums up the dynamic im envisioning
anyway they....very slowly make some progress. much too slowly for Edward’s taste, but hey.
Like he finds out snacks she likes. or jewelry she likes. stuff like that and just...wordlessly leaves it around for her lmao. he thinks it’s like trying not to startle a deer, Nessie thinks it’s more like a cat trying to gift you a dead mouse, but either way it’s weirdly endearing.
He notices she always has a huffy little frown when he picks her up on Wednesdays. So instead of begging her for an ounce of information of her school life, he asks her one Wednesday morning if she’s excited for the day and she admits she has an elective class every Wednesday with a girl she doesn’t get along with.
He gets her school photos (and Weeps) and realizes apart from her room the home is fairly barren of decorations, so he buys a bunch of picture frames and hangs up the school shots, and some pictures of the Cullen’s over the years, and the few he has of Bella that he could never bear to part with. Other than catching her smiling at the prom picture of her parents, Nessie doesn’t say anything- but the next time he comes home from hunting, there’s a pile of pictures of her growing up on the table, and he starts weeping all over again as he hangs them up
(there’s one of her and Bella hugging and looking at the camera with identical grins and joy in their eyes, he can’t help but put that in his room. He hopes one day he’ll get to see a scene like that in person)
He starts trying to get her out of her room a little more- he still hasn’t managed to a get a ‘favorites’ list out of her, so he starts playing movies Bella loved, to see if any of them lure her out. some do, some don’t- he got halfway through a Lord of the Rings marathon, which was Torture in his opinion, but then Ness came out and quietly asked if he could restart it and suddenly they became his favorite movies ever.
Bella’s not able to contact her on a set schedule or anything because of her situation (and you can bet your ass Edward’s contacted every vampire he knows and ordered them to help her out if they come across her or the Volturi), and Edward realizes that’s probably taking a toll on the girl, so he starts telling her stories of her mother when he knew her in Forks. She’s particularly amused by the blood typing incident- the first time Edward hears Nessie properly laugh, he literally starts crying on the spot
could you imagine the sheer panic if she ever gets so much as a cold
And yes, she’s still pissed on Bella’s behalf, and yes, she specifically blasts 70s music because Bella told her he hates it one time, and yes, if he looks at her like he’s a kicked puppy one more time she might claw his eyes out, and yes, she refuses to introduce him to her friends from school because she Knows everyone will then start asking her about her ‘hot brother’ and she can’t live with that and also can’t live with him knowing that so she told him if he ever introduces himself to any of her friends she’ll set him on fire, and yes, she’s homesick 95% of the time but...he’s growing on her. like a mold, or something.
(okay, maybe when Seth tried to analyze why Mamma Mia is her favorite musical, he might have had a point. half a point. quarter of a point. shut up.)
And Edward’s still trying to not have a panic attack every time she’s out of his sight- he’s got Carlisle keeping tabs on the Volturi for him, and it’s not exactly hard for him to keep track of her through other people’s minds- but she’s so tiny and her heartbeat is Too Fast and what if she inherited her mother’s unlucky streak??
but they’re toeing the line of co-existing peacefully and Edward’s scared to push it past that
then he has to, because it turns out he sent her to one of Those Schools where the parents have to be involved in the school in some way or another and Nessie’s Annoyed
sdkjfsdkjf she keeps trying to get him to just sign up for like pta meetings or something and he’s like ‘I need you to understand you are the only person in this town I actually know or like I Cannot survive around fundraiser moms I can’t’ 
so she’s like ugh fine I’m in the drama club
listen.....Stage Parent Edward Cullen.......the power this holds...
that’s right this whole post was an elaborate ruse for me to make a musical theater headcanon again lmao
no okay but seriously he starts off just helping build sets and stuff like that but then midway through the year their music teacher gets fired and the schools like begging him to take over because they can’t find someone in enough time that’ll know the music for the show they’re doing and he’s like “I need you to understand Nessie will never talk to me again if I start actually working at her school” and they’re like “She also will never talk to you again if we have to cancel the big musical, though” and he’s like. fuck.
silent treatment for a week and a half
lmao so now he’s trying to juggle being an overly-enthusiastic stage parent who’s making costumes and sets and kinda crying backstage when he sees his daughter in her costume with also being the music director for the damn show and trying to teach a bunch of kids how to read sheet music 
one day he ended up in a coffee shop with the hair and makeup moms, gossiping about the cast’s love lives, and he literally doesn’t know how he got there
is it wrong to pass Nessie in class even though she’s putting all the wrong answers on the test but he Knows she knows the right answers and is only answering wrong to try and get a rise out of him
Bella sneaks into town to see the show- they thought it would push their luck if the pack came, but they sent an ungodly amount of flowers and candy. When she snuck into the house while Ness was sleeping she Was Not expecting to find Edward up to his elbows in sequins, trying to fix a bedazzler he accidentally broke in frustration, muttering under his breath about how if Nessie’s romantic opposite in the show doesn’t keep his thoughts clean he’s gonna kill him- and it just cracks her up. She WAS nervous about seeing Edward again but now she’s assured he’s still a dork lol
So Edward freaks when he sees her but they don’t wanna wake Ness up so they’re trying to be quiet but like. they’re going through it 
Like Bella Wants to be pissed at him but she can’t, she still loves him- and while she can’t just get over what he did to her, it’s also not lost on her that ‘leaving to protect someone I love’ is literally what she had to do to her daughter
And Edward....Edward, who only left to give Bella a chance at a safe, human life, seeing Bella in front of him as a vampire, knowing it’s his fault she ended up that way and she had to go through it alone, had to raise a baby herself because he’d made it so hard to find him...knowing if he’d just pulled his head out of his ass he would have been able to be there for her...would be able to form a coherent sentence around his love right now, would have long and fond memories of Nessie’s childhood, likely wouldn’t have to watch Bella hide from the Volturi...he’s back in a self-loathing spiral already
But they haven’t seen each other in so long and they just don’t want with the unpleasantness right now, so they just push it aside. Bella helps Edward with the costumes. Edward fills her in on what she’s been missing with Nessie. Bella tells him some stuff about when Ness was younger. They just spend the night talking, and it feels like no time has past between them at all- which just makes the heartaches a little stronger
When Nessie wakes up to her mother there she’s ecstatic- bubbly and loud and glued to Bella’s hip all day, giving her in depth play-by-plays of her school and rehearsals and friends she’s made, bouncing on her toes all morning, hyper, giggly, and- it kind of breaks Edward’s heart a little, even though he knows he hasn’t really...earned this side of his daughter, yet. 
(at least he got his wish of seeing their twin smiles in person)
(he wishes he could see them every second of every day)
so the girls spend the day catching up while Edward mostly feels like a thirdwheel, and then they have to get Ness over to the school so she can get ready
Bella decides to hang out around the school theater before the show actually starts- she leans against the wall next to the piano, the two talking in hushed tones while Edward runs through songs. Bella really missed watching him play- the only thing that managed to drag her away from it was when Nessie called her to the dressing room to help with a hair emergency 
she didn’t talk to him much at intermission, her attention being stolen by the rest of the Cullen family (who had been Very Loudly supporting the show so far, she knew Ness was probably dying of embarrassment backstage)
after the show, the three went back to Edward’s and just...talked. Nessie was gushing about the show and eating while her parents assured her she was the greatest actress ever born, simple stuff like that. she fell asleep sandwiched in between them on the couch 
Bella realizes she’s never going to be able to bring herself to leave again if Nessie wakes up, and tells Edward as much. He clearly doesn’t want her to go just yet either, but...she’s on the run, it’s not like she has much choice 
He has so much he wants to say to her but he just- can’t. it’s not the right time. but he’s hoping she can see that in his eyes
Bella shifts Nessie off her shoulder so Edward can hold her, and she gives him a light kiss and says ‘thank you, Edward’ before disappearing in a flash. she needed to go before she lost her nerve.
Edward can’t bring himself to let Nessie out of his arms, so instead of carrying her to bed he just stays there, holding her, trying his best not to think that that could be the last time for a long time he’d ever see his Bella again, trying not to let thoughts of a life he gave up unwittingly consume him
okay I didn’t mean for this to be So Long so I’m cutting it here uhh...let me know if anyone wants a part 2? sorry lmao
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lilassparks · a year ago
Top 10 Canon & Non-Canon OTPs
List your Top 5 Canon and Top 5 Non-Canon OTPs. Then, tag 10 people to spread the love, and so on and so on... 
Because fandom life is fun and full of love!
I’ve been asked by anonymous and I loved the idea! So, here we go!
EDIT : After 5th November 2020, I need to change a tiny little thing in this list...BECAUSE DESTIEL IS FUCKING CANON NOW ! *cries*
TOP 5 CANON OTPs +1 (*hearteyes*)
(I still can’t believe some of them are actually canon!)
1 - Destiel - Supernatural
Tumblr media
2 - Elu - Skam France
Tumblr media
3 - Captain Swan - Once Upon a Time
Tumblr media
4 - Nagron - Spartacus
Tumblr media
5 - Braime - Game of Thrones
Tumblr media
5 +1 - Kalagang - Sense8
Tumblr media
(The fact that they are NOT CANON is just a travesty!)
1 - Sterek - Teen Wolf
Tumblr media
2 - Bagginshield - The Hobbit
Tumblr media
3 - Stucky - Captain America (MCU)
Tumblr media
4 - Merthur - Merlin BBC
Tumblr media
5 - ColdFlash - The Flash
Tumblr media
And I add these three that are SO CANON, but people are just stupid and blind (fight me on this, I dare you!)
Spirk - Star Trek (EVERY VERSION!)
Tumblr media
Wolfstar - Harry Potter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ll tag my darlings @stydiaeverafter, @signoraviolettavalery, @i-never-look-away, @manesalex, @gra-sonas, @insidious-intent, @stars-collide-for-malex, @bellakitse, @xx5494, and @moderngenius94 Have fun ^^
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love-in-mind-palace · 2 years ago
people who mock twilight cause bella keep describing edward every five minutes really had never read canon. you could make those where is this quote is from games and it would be a hard fight between bella and watson.
I...I did a mistake of looking into the quotes. And I hate you so much....
✎I glanced sideways at the beautiful boy, who was looking at his tray now, picking a bagel to pieces with long, pale fingers. -Bella Swan.
✎Sherlock Holmes took his bottle from the corner of the mantelpiece and his hypodermic syringe from its neat morocco case. With his long, white, nervous fingers he adjusted the delicate needle, and rolled back his left shirt-cuff. -John Watson.
✎His eyes were gloriously intense as he uttered that last sentence, his voice smouldering. I couldn’t remember how to breathe.-Bella Swan.
✎In height he was rather over six feet, and so excessively lean that he seemed to be considerably taller. His eyes were sharp and piercing, save during those intervals of torpor to which I have alluded; and his thin, hawk-like nose gave his whole expression an air of alertness and decision. His chin, too, had the prominence and squareness which mark the man of determination. His hands were invariably blotted with ink and stained with chemicals, yet he was possessed of extraordinary delicacy of touch, as I frequently had occasion to observe when I watched him manipulating his fragile philosophical instruments.-John Watson. (I always black out when I read this)
✎I turned and he was leaning toward me, his pale, glorious face just inches from mine. My heart stopped beating.-Bella Swan.
✎His face flushed and darkened. His brows were drawn into two hard black lines, while his eyes shone out from beneath them with a steely glitter. His face was bent downward, his shoulders bowed, his lips compressed, and the veins stood out like whipcord in his long, sinewy neck. His nostrils seemed to dilate with a purely animal lust for the chase, and his mind was so absolutely concentrated upon the matter before him that a question or remark fell unheeded upon his ears, or, at the most, only provoked a quick, impatient snarl in reply.-John Watson. 
✎In the darkness he looked much more normal. Still pale, still dreamlike in his beauty, but no longer the fantastic sparkling creature of our sunlit afternoon.-Bella Swan.
✎An instant later he pulled me back into the blackest corner of the room, and i felt his warning hand upon my lips. The fingers which clutched me were shivering. -John Watson. 
There is more. I need to breathe.
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breakingisabella · 2 years ago
From the bottom of my gay heart can you even imagine rosella version of when Bella got cornered by those creeps in port angeles
a silver car screeched into view and i dived out in front of it
so desperate to get away from the group of men that i didn’t care if it hit me
it stopped inches from me and i stumbled the extra few steps to lean on the bonnet
the driver’s side door opened immediately and i was shocked to see rosalie hale get out, her face a mask of anger and her jaw clenched tight
she was at my side in only a moment, her hand gently on my elbow
“are you hurt?” she asked lowly, her eyes trained on the men
“no.” i whispered
not physically
“get in the car, bella.” she ordered softly
she didn’t need to tell me twice
i started towards the passenger side door but glanced back to check on her
to my horror she was walking towards the men
“rosalie! don’t!” i cried out, knowing full-well what they were capable of
she ignored me and dutifully, knowing i couldn’t stop her, i got into the car and pulled the door shut behind me
i watched anxiously through the tinted windscreen
the men brayed at her, whistling
they had found a bigger prize
in a way, i could almost understand it
rosalie was the most beautiful person i had ever seen and she was driving the men crazy
my gut clenched as i saw her smile flirtatiously at them, as though inviting them to take a closer look
the leader did as she commanded but when he reached out to touch her, faster than lightning, rosalie had clutched his arm in her grasp and bent it backwards
even from inside of the car i heard the sharp crack as his bone shattered
i didn’t know how she had done it, the strength it would have taken would have been inhuman
but at this point, there wasn’t much that didn’t amaze me about rosalie
the other men quaked in her presence and started to move away from her, leaving their friend on the ground
rosalie stared them down until they had all left before giving the one on the floor one last sharp kick to the ribs
clearly she knew that he was the orchestrator of the planned attack on me
she returned to the car and pulled away, driving far too fast
we were both quiet for a few minutes, my breathing not yet fully slowed
“i shouldn’t have done that.” she said finally, breaking our silence. “carlisle will be very disappointed.”
“rosalie, you saved my life. with all due respect to your father, i’m very glad that you did that.”
“i would have kept you safe regardless,” she promised. “i didn’t have to hurt him.”
“he would have hurt me.” i said confidently, though the thought made my blood run cold
“i know. i guess that’s why i couldn’t stop myself. he’s lucky it only went that far.”
“how much further could it have gone?” i asked, a small hysterical giggle escaping from my lips. “i doubt he’ll ever use his arm again.”
“it could have been worse.” she replied simply. “trust me, bella.”
“i do. i trust you, rosalie.”
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fuckmeyer · 7 months ago
why the wolfpack is more relatable & sets a better example in 2020 than the cullens ever did in 2005
tl;dr: because the wolfpack represents america’s changing values while the cullens embody america’s old system of values
throughout the series, smeyer places the cullens on a pedestal & holds them up as the ‘ideal.’ this is because the cullens encapsulate what 2005 america valued & saw as ‘perfection.’
based on what bella finds attractive about the cullens & what smeyer chooses to show about them, here are the american values that the cullens represent:
wealth: not only $$$ as a status symbol, which is used to separate the cullens from the humans. but also using wealth/materialism as a means to say “i love you” (the yellow porsche edward gifts alice, the island carlisle gifts esme, etc.)
european beauty standards: pale skin, light eyes, et cetera, are praised & valued by bella. darker-skinned vampires exist but are “othered” in text.
perfection without effort: perfect memory, perfect motor skills, perfect beauty - all it takes is 3-5 days of excruciating pain. i would describe it as an empty meritocracy (which for some reason boomers LOVE ??)
individualism over collectivism*: the cullens using their time/resources to only benefit themselves. (& bella) *(i genuinely believe this is slight character assassination by smeyer. MOST of the cullens are part of the civic-minded GI-generation & would be raised to be more collectivist, as the majority of the cullens experience generational traumas like Spanish Flu, WWII, Great Depression, etc.)
european culture: the italian volturi defined as being ‘royalty.’ deference to european status quo by the end of BD.
do americans still value these things? yes. do they value them as much in 2020 as they did in 2005? i would argue no. i think for many, the cullens aren’t as sexy, desired, or lusted after as in ‘05 bc they symbolize an outdated american value system.
now, let’s compare these values to the values the wolfpack demonstrates throughout the series:
experiences > wealth: not only does the wolfpack place higher value on experiences (dinner with friends & family, bonfires, storytelling, cliff diving), but they express their feelings for others through actions, not expensive gifts (see: the bracelet charm that jacob carved for bella; leah dunking on bella on jake’s behalf in eclipse)
beauty as a result of personality, not looks: bella describes the physical features of the wolfpack as attractive in an “othering” way. but personality/characteristics & physical features do go hand-in-hand in these descriptions. when bella describes jake as beautiful, she’s taking into account his sunny personality - by contrast, descriptions of cullens/edward are all about physical features.
perfection/gain through effort: a BIG theme of new moon is seeking & accepting (& rejecting) a state of perfection/peace. that’s what the motorbikes symbolize: taking broken, shitty things & putting in the effort to fix them into something fun, new, & exciting. jacob becoming alpha is another example, as it takes a huge personal sacrifice w/ much to gain.
collectivism > individualism: found family trope illustrates the millennial/gen-z value of collaboration, cooperation, & choosing the collective. despite the trouble that bella causes the wolfpack, they still band together to protect her from victoria. emily cleaning & fashioning clothes for the pack is another example of valuing the whole over the individual.
cultural equality: even tho smeyer clearly portrays the cullens as better than, the text does not support her ideas. bella holds the cullens as this aloof, detached bunch that are so out of her league. meanwhile, the indigenous stories told & wolfpack/quileute events held throughout the series consistently guide bella, give her answers, & provide her with a sense of community that doesn’t exclude her based on her perceived imperfections.
tl;dr [the long version]: twilight was popular in 2005 bc middle-aged women who were brought up in a materialistic patriarchal society loved the cullens for upholding the old order of american values & the “rewards” that come with it (“you too could someday marry a rich, beautiful, perfect ‘bad-boy’ who showers u w/ expensive gifts”).
by contrast, the twilight renaissance loves & values the wolfpack in 2020 bc millennials & zoomers who are coming back to this series with full-fledged opinions/identities about how society should work are attracted to the caring, collectivist, hard-working nature of the wolfpack - & the values of a changing, beautiful, shiny new america that they represent <3
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dreamalongwithamy · a year ago
It’s time to talk about how Bella and Edwards relationship really isn’t as ‘problematic’ as people make it out to be. Old subject but I’m re-reading eclipse and want to share my two cents.
Yes, Edward watching Belle sleep without her permission is creepy. Yes, Edward ripping out Bella’s car engine to stop her from going to La Push is definitely bad; but I feel it’s important for me to note that Edwards KNOWS what he did is bad and that Bella calls him out on it (Edward then later tells Bella that she is free to see Jacob as she wishes and that it’s not his place to dictate her actions).
Additionally so, Edward has been around for a century but he remains static at the age he died,, which is 17 and so in many cases he acts like a 17 year old boy. The brain doesn’t fully develop until age 25. So while you can think that their age gap is ‘controlling or manipulative’ for this reason, let it be known that Edward still is 17 in every way, just better educated and cultured.
If you’re going to try and evaluate Bella and Edward relationship please also try and take in the perspective from the books and not just the movies, as you will see that the debate that ‘it’s abusive’ is often debunked to an extent within the books themselves. I just don’t think only evaluating them from the movies gives them a fair shot because it misses a lot out; and sometimes certain aspects can get ‘blow out of proportion’ because of how easy it is to hate twilight.
Disclosure, I’m not trying to excuse the more problematic elements. Let’s just pin that on smeyer’s Mormonism and thrive in headcanonism.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also just want to throw in this last one because I love how much more they act like actual teenagers in the book opposed to in the movies and that their relationship feels so much more genuine and cute.
Tumblr media
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breakingisabella · 2 years ago
Bella has GREAT self control when she’s turned. What if (totally AU) she was turned before she got to Forks and still lived with Renee and decided to move in with Charlie (partly cause of Phil but also 99% from the Phoenix sun) and there she meets the Cullen’s who are surprised Chief’s “sweet little girl” is actually a vampire
we had all heard the story
chief swan’s darling daughter had disappeared from her mother’s home at the age of seventeen and seemingly vanished without a trace
he had flown to phoenix to help his ex-wife search for her
they hadn’t found her; she had found them
walking through her mother’s front door three weeks after she had vanished, seemingly unhurt but not quite as she had been before
for some reason unknown to the town of forks and its many gossips, bella swan would not be living in phoenix anymore
charlie had brought her home over a month before but no one had seen her yet
but one day we walked into the school cafeteria and the minds and mouths of every student were alight with intrigue and excitement
charlie swan had enrolled isabella swan at the school and she would be commencing the following week
“finally we get to see what all the fuss is about.” emmett said as we sat down at our table for ‘lunch’
“what do you think is wrong with her?” alice wondered
“why does something have to be wrong with her?” i asked
“edward, she’s been in town for over a month and yet nobody’s seen her, there has to be a reason for it. something must have happened when she went missing.”
“she probably has some kind of disfigurement. a bad scar or something from whatever she went through.” rosalie said decidedly, but with considerably less interest than the rest of us
“there’s no point speculating, we’ll see what it is the minute she walks through those doors tomorrow morning.”
“tell that to the rest of the student body.” i muttered, the thoughts of the other students and their various theories about bella swan buzzing in my head
but jasper was right, we saw exactly what it was the minute she walked into school the next day
we smelled her before we saw her, the startling scent of an unfamiliar vampire catching us off guard as we stood in the small parking lot
we all froze defensively, scanning the area for possible attack
and then i saw her, bella swan
she saw us too, and her eyes widened as though she couldn’t quite work out what she was looking at
creatures that looked so much like herself that she had no relation to, creatures that she could smell and sense
she knew what we were in an instant and seemed unsure of whether to approach us or stay far away
the rest of the students were going internally crazy as they looked upon her
so beautiful, unnaturally perfect, and yet her eyes confounded them with their strange shade of amber, almost orange
“what do we do?” hissed emmett
“i don’t understand.” jasper growled. “she must be a newborn and yet, she’s able to stand in the school without any effort. it doesn’t make sense.”
“is she a danger to us, edward?” rosalie asked me
“i-… i don’t know… i can’t hear her.”
“what?” they chorused
“i can’t read her mind. she must be a shield, carlisle told me about them once when we were discussing various gifts.”
“we need to make a decision now.” rosalie said suddenly. “do we take responsibility for the girl or do we let her go about her day with the possibility that she will reveal what she is and thus reveal what we are to the students?”
“we look after her.” i said impulsively, unsure what was driving me to want to know the newborn so badly
jasper wavered, “are you sure?”
“it’s a risk.” emmett added
“it’s a risk we have to take if we want to make sure everyone is kept safe.” i pointed out, knowing i was right
alice raised a hand to bella, and beckoned her over
the newborn hesitated and then walked towards us carefully
she must have been practicing
“bella swan?” i said as she neared us
she nodded, looking at each of us in turn, her bizarre eyes flickering as she did so
“my name is edward cullen. i’m-…”
“i know what you are.” she interrupted me. “we’re the same, aren’t we?”
“does it have a name? my parents have been trying to work it out but-…”
“it does, but not one we can speak about here.” alice said. “how’s your thirst.”
“under control, i went early this morning.”
“you think you can handle a day at school?” rosalie asked her, as though suspecting the answer would be ‘no’
bella’s brow furrowed, “what other choice do i have?”
“we can talk about that later too.” i promised. “come on, we’ll show you to the office and see if we can make sure there’s one of us in each of your classes.”
“and bella?”
“welcome to forks.”
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hansjisung · a year ago
ok this is just a ramble but black swan resonates so deeply w me for so many different reasons and i’ve seen other’s takes on it and i agree
the song’s first proper verse says ‘the heart no longer races when hearing the music play’ now i’m not a dancer but i felt it in a different away.
imagine being so immersed in something, that you’ve given your heart too but one day u don’t feel that spark anymore, even when something prompts or tries to stir up that old passion, u don’t feel anything. it’s almost as if that part of u is lifeless or dead. when i thought of it, i thought of friends and old relationships that i’ve had now. like i don’t feel that stirring, that smile on my face, or the anticipation towards seeing any of these ppl again.
‘that would have been my first death, i’ve always been afraid of.’ and then they speak about how u always knew one day, the fire would go out, the spark would no longer be rekindled and u fear that day but its arrived.
black swan speaks about not being able to enjoy what u once so passionately lived for. ur soul and the vibrancy that fueled ur happiness is like a light that went out and no candle or flame can spark it again. 
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gxnya · a year ago
miss isabella swan when asked about her plans after high school for the yearbook
Tumblr media
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karazatara · 2 years ago
Top 10 non-disney animated (hand-drawn is ideal, yet you like you who you like XD ) women you find attractive and please explain? :D
You later sent me another ask, amending it to five, so I’m going to go with 5 again for now :-)
5. Chel
Tumblr media
Seriously, she’s super pretty! And she’s got real curves. And she’s sassy. Love a good sassy character xD Plus I love how she’s always 100% ready to out-negotiate/out-con a couple of con-artists
4. Princess Daphne
Tumblr media
She counts, right? I know she’s from a video game/arcade game, but it’s a Don Bluth animated video game. For anyone who may not know, she’s the damsel in distress in Dragon’s Lair, aka one of the hardest games mankind has ever invented. No, she’s not really a compelling character, but her design is super cute and she’s got this kind of breathy voice that’s actually really nice?
3. Tzipporah
Tumblr media
Again, sassy character, so I automatically love her. But also, she’s got a really cool design. Not to mention all the sh*t she has to put up with in this movie: getting kidnapped, escaping back to her home, then going BACK a few years later to watch all the crazy sh*t her husband does, and still stays super tough? Absolute legend.
*Please note: With this characterization of Moses’ “crazy sh*t”, no offense is meant to Christians, Jewish people, or anyone else for whom the book of Exodus (on which this movie is based) is significant. I just want to point out that witnessing events of this nature would be pretty significant/shaking to your average person.
2. Eris
Tumblr media
She’s a pain in the ass to edit with, but she’s SOOOOO pretty. Beautifully animated, LOVE her voice, and just in everything she does you can tell she’s the goddess of f*cking your sh*t up chaos. Seriously, I’d hang out with her in a heartbeat.
1. Anya/Anastasia
Tumblr media
Like I said here, this was my princess growing up. Her look, her attitude, I love it all. Also I’m counting her as Non-Disney here because when she was made, she was owned only by 20th Century Fox.
Honorable mentions (since I mentioned one of these elsewhere)
1. Evil Odette
Tumblr media
(Literally could find no gifs of her)
I’ll be honest. Regular Odette to me has always been kind of (as nostalgia critic puts it) “Diet Disney”. But as soon as you have Rothbart’s sidekick turned into Odette for the ball, the character design becomes WAY more interesting to me. Maybe it’s the black-and-red dress. Maybe it’s because we get the animation shooting looks like the one above, idk.
2. Holli Would and Thumbelina
Tumblr media
As I’m sure no one is surprised, my recent interest in these characters is thanks to @airasora. Lina is cute on her own, but Holli wasn’t as interesting to me because I felt like she was designed just to be hot (also her movie is kind of all over the place). And then a little thing called Hollina happened, and now I love these two xD So thanks Aira!
Thanks for the ask!
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