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#swan queen
1nsomnias · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy (late) Sweniversary!! I drew this iconic scene for the occasion, let's go for another 10 years!!
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coalitiongirl · 2 days ago
Here is a story.
A lost girl is found one day: not by her parents, but by a boy. The boy already belongs to the villain. The lost girl returns, chips away at the villain’s possessions, chips away at the villain’s curse. The lost girl wins, and the villain is defeated.
Or. No. Not defeated. The villain grows, changes, loves. The lost girl builds her family, and the villain finds a way to be a hero. And when they together, they are mighty. Together, they can move the moon and traverse worlds and destroy the vilest of magic. Together, they are unstoppable. Together, they might fall in love.
Together, they are wrenched apart, lest they fall in love. They are paired up with men, insignificant and forgettable, and thrust into stories that will never allow them to be glorious. They are written by men, insignificant and forgettable, and thus they are made to be forgettable as well.
We did not forget them. We did not let them become insignificant.
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ouatsqincorrect · 2 days ago
Emma: What if I pour coffee in my cereal instead of milk?
Regina, taking the coffee pot as she walks by: What if you don't.
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dopredo · a day ago
One day I may stop being obsessed with Regina and Emma...
But today is not that day.
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nemotheanon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Swentober Day 24: Sword & Gift
[Prompt List 1] || [Prompt List 2]
Twitter • Insta • Pillowfort • AO3 • Ko-Fi • Carrd
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whyweloveswanqueen · a day ago
it’s been like 3 years but i have never ever seen a fandom so alive, so this blog is officially active again !! let’s show some love again to the most beautiful love story which was never meant to be written
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sapphic-scribble · a day ago
A is a prominent crime lady in a city eroded by corruption. After years of elegant planning and sacrifice, she is two steps away from becoming mistress of the entire city. B is a girl who joins A's group in order to get revenge on the man who killed her family. B will inevitably attract A's attentions, but in trying to carry out her revenge, she will jeopardize everything A has worked so hard for in her rise to power.
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entheia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
happy 10th sweniversary! here’s a throwback to my first swan queen art <3
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stregaomega · 2 days ago
I love swanqueen so much, I’m willing to rewatch all 7 seasons of OUAT just to get my fix. Goddamnit I can’t help that it’s the greatest love story never told.
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themysqueera · 2 days ago
Can't believe this man hasn't changed his profile picture in 10 years. Absolutely wild
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annoyingvoidzombie · 2 days ago
10 years ago, a boy knocked on a woman's door, asking for her to believe in him and magic (well he actually asked for orange juice) but what we didn't know, it's a knock for us to join to an amazing adventure, HAPPY DECADE ONCE UPON A TIME ❤️
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ronniemacswan-mills · 2 days ago
#Sweniversary10 Viva la SwanQueen!
Am I the only one who listens to pretty much every song and thinks about Emma and Regina??
Happy anniversary Swens!
(I just did this hope you like it)
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ouatsqincorrect · 21 hours ago
Regina: *accidentally bumps into a door*
Emma: Regina! Are you okay?
Regina: Yeah, I'm fine. Emma, pointing at the door: You stand in Regina's way ONE MORE TIME and I swear I'll take you down.
Emma: Come on, Regina, let's go.
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hattersarts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im weak to the Emma Seeing Regina's Evil Queen Wardrobe And Freaking Out trope i can't help it (swanqueen, OUAT)
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