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theshyreader · a day ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to doodle these two and I felt like this was the most suitable for them
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themochimadeoftaro · 2 days ago
Dancing lessons.
Tumblr media
this is also a scene of my [unreleased] Swatchton fanfic which I want to publish...... soon.
They are gay, your honour.
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evenmywordsare · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
queencember day four || favourite offscreen interaction
a lesbian queen and her trusty ride-or-die lesbian butler. (they/them only for swatch.)
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deltadrabbles · a day ago
Family au continued.
Kris manages to keep contact with the Dark World via an app made by Spamton on their phone.
Through this app simply named [[D3LT∆RUN3]] they can text their fam on the Dark World whilst their in class or at home.
Kris's contact list on the app looks like this:
•♠️ Lil digger (the notification sound for Lancer is a splat noise)
•🍷Cyber aunt (the notification sound for Queen is her cool mixtape)
•🃏Chaos machine (the notification sound for Jevil is a clown honk)
•📈 [[Best salesman ever]] (the notification sound for Spamton is a cash register pinging)
•☕ Head birb (the notification sound for Swatch is elegant paino music)
•😸Bagpuss (the notification sound for Seam is Lantern)
•🐛oh worme? (The notification sound for Rouxls is his theme remixed with splat noises. Suggested by Lancer for a laugh)
•🐈Catwoman (The notification sound for Tasque Manager is... A techno remix of Tasque's meowing?!)
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devsplayhouse · 2 days ago
The 2 idiots and one voice of reason
Tumblr media
This ship is honestly so funny and cute. Too bad swatch has idiots to look after.
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cyxiano · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Concept art for ‘Thaw and Avenge’ and ‘Blushing’ talk sprites for Spamton and Swatch for ‘Vs. Swatch’. I’ve discovered that I really really like making sprites so I’m finally moving forward with the Project :) I’ll probably post the script for the Pacific Route of Vs. Swatch Serve and Protect soon!
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angelkiitten-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
i spent FAR too long on this,,,,,
but the lighting looks kinda cool... right ??
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jarsofgloop · 2 days ago
*At the Cyber Cafe* Blue: Hey guys! Sorry I'm late I was doing stuff Swatch: It's ok...I am stuff Blue: OMG!!1! SWATCH NO!! Spamton: Ha Ha Blue you were banging my partner
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ramblingresidence · 13 hours ago
Welcome! This is Yertendo, bringing you some rambling from this residence
Hello! Welcome to our blog. As the name indicates, we'll be showing off various AU's and updates for said AU's. First up, a new one: SHOPSWAP! My AU, one could maybe call it a deltaswap take but shhh, which shops the swapkeepers with the secret bosses. Uh, wrong order of words? Anyway. This AU is a writeup, featuring music, and art. Here's the collection doc, which shows off the various writings I've done so far, and all of the swaps! There will be more coming soon! and here’s Spamton’s doc! Entirely honestly, I made this AU just so I could have Spamton swapping with Swatch, and it escalated from there. Spamton here's this... Burgerpants lookin' fella, working for Queen. But he does indeed still spam a ton. Sprites are by me, and our banner up there, is actually art of him! He's my boy,,, 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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emery-warz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Have a disgusted looking swatch. You decide what they're looking at.
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