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Logged in and the boys reminded me it was my Birthday today.


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i will destroy every aspect of the known universe and burn whatever remains to ash in order to ensure i eradicate whatever hurt you.
id prefer a hug
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Deadline reminder for current events, not including Shall We Date games: 

Ikemen Sengoku - Feb 28 (1 March)

Ikemen Vampire - March 7 (8 March)

Ikemen Revolution - March 8 (9 March)

Blood Domination - March 8 (9 March)

A3! - March 3 (4 March)

Obey Me - March 8 (9March)

Ayakashi Romance Reborn - March 9 (10 March

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hey! if like to mention that as of right now, i only have one request, so if anyone else would like to request anything, send stuff in! i kind of stopped writing for a while, due to my failing mental health, but i’m a bit better now and need smth to keep my mind occupied, so i’m getting back into writing. i also do character matchups!

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Thank you @eliasxchocolate for letting me work with you and draw your oc Rucha. I don’t take credit for the design, I only drew your vision.:)

(Note: as I said before, this isn’t my idea, I only drew the drawing itself. And I also gave eliasxchocolate permission to use this drawing however she please, as it isn’t my oc. Please check out her blog!) 

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I get strong “what if we rewrite the stars” vibe and I like it

Kinda like the greatest showman au

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Lord Diavolo: if i run and jump at Lucifer ,he will most certainly catch me in his arms

*Lord Diavolo running towards Lucifer*

Lucifer:*holding cup of tea*

Not again Diavolo …

Lucifer:[drop the cup of tea to catch Diavolo]

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Obey Me Boys songs ranked:

Now that all of the character songs came out I wanted to go through my opinion of them from my favorite to least favorite.

  1. Are You Ready? -Mammon: shit slaps even people who don’t even know what obey me is have jammed to this in my car. It’s perfect for him. Uwu lyrics but fun dance beats. I love it so much.
  2. Dreamscape-Belphegor: two and three were hard because both of them are amazing. But I’m bias to belphie. His voice is my favorite in general so to hear him sing is perfection. It’s very on character too like Mammon’s. Very laxed not worried about fancy beats or difficult lyrics just a fucking sleepy boy.
  3. Read My Heart-Satan: I was not ready to be in my feels as much as I was when I heard this for the first time. I expected him to have a more chaotic sounding song but the depth and piano perfection. Give me multi dimensional Satan all day.
  4. Pomade-Asmodeus: I knew this one would be fantastic because Ayme is an amazing singer. I thought it was going to be more club sounding but I kind of like the chick flick montage music for him. Very catchy too and a song you could make love to so that’s fitting.
  5. My Chance-Leviathan: perfect sound for him. I love that it fits his character 💯. I could see him singing this with his blushy face.
  6. Arcadia-Lucifer: not my kind of music I guess wanted something a little more dramatic for him like more orchestral maybe. It’s still fun. I love his voice in general.
  7. Hungry Sixpack-Beelzebub: I wanted to like this one so much more than I do. Beel is one of my faves and his voice actor is adorable. It reminds me of almost 90s early 2000s “rock” of which I am not much of a fan. I like more metal sounding. It’s still a cute song though. It does fit Beel as far as sound. He would definitely be the more rock one.

Honestly I love all of them. They were all good songs. I really hope they do the datable Undatables now. Let me know your ranking and thoughts 🐄


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Haha hi people I’m back and to a lot more followers so thank you. I just finished following everyone back. Working on my inbox. Head Cannons and Requests coming 🦙

Hail Diavolo


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straight up thought the new circus event was going to end with everyone waking up from a Solomon induced food coma

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Sure, why not? I’ll try anything to break this cycle of insomnia I’ve got going on.

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I think Lucifer stans would hate me with the luck I have

Every time there’s a pool with his UR/+ in it…

I always end up getting his card

Even though I don’t want it.

Like I have said before game, I will not love him no matter how hard you try.

If there’s someone who has luck getting Mammon’s cards, I will trade you pls. Haha.

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Would it be disrespectful to say ‘Speak of the Devil’ in the Devildom??

like you’re talking shit about Lucifer with Satan, and then he walks in the room and you go “Haha speak of the Devil, I was just talking about you” and both of them just look. Horrified. Lucifer’s glaring at you saying “How DARE you disrespect Diavolo in that way!” and Satan has just covered his mouth in quiet shock, spectating on.

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Part 3 of Independent Business Woman!MC (with the Undateables this time!)


  • You are Lord Diavolo’s right hand, he tells himself as you turn your nose up at him and leave him behind.
  • He’s alone in the entry hall, having hoped to invite you to dinner.
  • He’d rescheduled his entire evening in the hopes that…
  • But that was foolish, surely?
  • Lord Diavolo’s right hand is not foolish, he tells himself.
  • So he goes back to work.
  • Tonight, and tomorrow, and if he gets his way, every night after.
  • Working can’t be foolish, surely?
  • If he immerses himself in his work - takes more and more assignments from Diavolo until he’s buried - then he can’t focus on you.
  • It would be foolish to dwell on what I cannot have, he tells himself.
  • He gets harder on Mammon.
  • His pride is bruised in a way he doesn’t know how to heal or to fix.
  • He’s quicker to snap, and slower to apologize.
  • But dwelling on what I cannot have seems to be all I can do, he tells himself, as he watched you frolic with the angels.
  • It’s the first time he really misses the life he’d left behind.
  • At least you’re happy.


  • ”Human… are ya’ sure ya’ don’t have a Grimm to spare?”
  • Once he got over his annoyance that you didn’t love him back, he became a grovelling puppy.
  • You’re cool and beautiful and professional.
  • And wealthy.
  • Why do you do this to him?
  • Why.


  • The Avatar of Envy feels… a lot of things when it comes to you.
  • You’re just like some anime characters he adores more than anything else.
  • And yet… he thinks you’d be insulted if he told you that.
  • (”They’re not all big tiddy anime girl! I swear, MC!”)
  • He shudders just at the thought of that conversation.
  • He spends most of your visit in the Devildom watching sadly from the sidelines.
  • He can’t even begin to fathom why you prefer the angels over his brothers and him.
  • Well- he understands why over him.
  • He’s just a worthless otaku, he tells himself.
  • Of course you don’t like him.
  • But Lucifer, powerful and attractive and confident?
  • Or Satan, intelligent and strong-willed and kind?
  • You’re a puzzle to him.
  • One he can’t solve.


  • The Avatar of Wrath, due to you, ends up spending a lot more time with Beel.
  • Why?
  • Because Beel is in the gym if he’s not in the kitchen.
  • In the gym are punching bags.
  • And Satan is smart enough to use punching bags instead of the wall.
  • Whenever your eyes skip over him as though he’s just an uninteresting growth on a log makes his blood boil.
  • He wants you to notice him.
  • And he’ll never snap at you or be rude to you for it.
  • If you’re not interested, it’s not your fault.
  • He needs to respect that.
  • But he’s still a demon.
  • There’s still a part of him, ugly and hidden deep down, that needs that recognition.
  • And he doesn’t get it.
  • Not from you.


  • How many months have passed since you arrived in the Devildom and first began to express your distaste for the brothers?
  • Quite a while.
  • Asmodeus, after a while, begins to recover from the disappointment of your lack of interest.
  • He started to hang out with other friends again.
  • (Mostly Solomon.)
  • He went out every night to get laid.
  • Things are GOING GOOD for him, honestly.
  • Even if he cries himself to sleep quite often because you don’t like him.
  • How can you be so mean to him :(


  • Once again, Beel has never done anything to deserve your disdain.
  • Of all the brothers, he is the kindest.
  • And he just wants you to be comfortable.
  • Even if the type of person you are is something he is unfamiliar with.
  • Although you’re uninterested in any romantic advances, is it so wrong for him to still just be happy to be your friend?
  • It’s not easy to be a human in the Devildom.
  • Of that much, he knows.
  • So he’ll just be here for you.
  • Forever and always.
  • (Or until you ask him to leave. But then again, maybe not.)
  • He knows Luke doesn’t like him much, but hopes that by association if you get along with him than maybe eventually the angel will too.


  • Your effect on Belphegor was strange, you always think.
  • It’s always one of two extremes.
  • The first - the more common - is that he sleeps all day.
  • And all night.
  • He just sort of hibernates, and when he is awake he’s saying that he’s tired, and if he sees you he gets even more groggy.
  • He just wants to let the days pass, one by one, until you’re gone.
  • It’s either that, or-
  • Or he’s wide awake.
  • And Belphegor without his usual sleepiness is…
  • He’s a different man.
  • It’s terrifying.
  • There’s nothing that freezes you to the bone more than turning a corner and meeting eyes with Belphegor from across the room.
  • His eyes, usually so narrowed with exhaustion that all you can make out is dull purple, are a vibrant pink.
  • They glitter, wide and soulful and full of stars.
  • Even stranger is that when you turn the corner, it’s into the kitchen, and Belphegor is having a conversation with Lucifer.
  • A casual conversation.
  • You would even call it familiar.
  • You caught the last half of what Lucifer was saying, and they’re discussing politics.
  • Like roommates.
  • Or brothers.
  • Belphegor isn’t… trying to kill Lucifer.
  • What is happening?

Lord Diavolo

  • If there’s one thing Diavolo knows, it’s wealth.
  • All his life, he’s yearned for nothing.
  • Except a present father and no emotional issues, but, well, we can’t have it all.
  • He finds it incredibly amusing how much you’ve gotten under the brothers’ skin.
  • Those demons are generals and admirals, for heavens’ sake.
  • He spends many a night teasing Lucifer about how the Avatar of Pride’s panties are in a twist because of a simple human.
  • You were chosen for the exchange randomly.
  • He feels he’s had the stroke of luck of the century.
  • (Plus, it’s great to see one of the human exchange students getting along so well with the angels!)


  • Barbatos has served Lord Diavolo for as long as he can remember.
  • Wealth is nothing new.
  • And being fed up with the brothers in the House of Lamentation is no feeling that he is a stranger to, either.
  • He understands you.
  • But he’s busy.
  • You leave him alone.
  • He leaves you alone.
  • You get along just fine.


  • It only takes one thing to get into Simeon’s good graces.
  • And that would be for Luke to consider you a friend.
  • The angels have to stick together while down here.
  • Honestly, Simeon was expecting to see a lot of things in the Devildom.
  • He was expecting to return to the Celestial Realm a different angel, and he was expecting for Luke to see things he wouldn’t ever want to talk about.
  • After all, it’s… it’s the Devildom.
  • What he didn’t expect was for one of the human exchange students to be headstrong and independent and confident.
  • He didn’t expect for you to put your neck on the line and metaphorically flip off literal demons from the bible as though they were regular passerbyes.
  • He wasn’t expecting to find such a kindred spirit in a place so dark.
  • But, well, you’re here.
  • So he supposes that he did.


  • Luke doesn’t approach you at first.
  • You spot him eyeing you curiously from across a classroom once or twice, and deduce immediately that he’s not a demon.
  • It’s clear, from the airy white and gold and the glow that seems to follow him.
  • You’d met Simeon already.
  • Could that boy really be an angel, too?
  • It made sense, you supposed.
  • Angels were described as being an image of innocence, after all.
  • It felt wrong that an angel who looked like that - small and defenseless - could be chosen to go on an exchange to hell.
  • Maybe he’s stronger than he looks, you told yourself.
  • Maybe he’s more mature than he looks, you told yourself.
  • But then you met him, and immediately felt the need to adopt him.
  • He’s really just… a kid.
  • He’s bouncy and hot-headed and loves to bake.
  • Luke reminds you of younger siblings and puppies at the same time, and right from the first conversation he had you around his finger.
  • Screw the demon brothers.
  • Let them mope.
  • You’re not spending a dollar on any of them.
  • Luke, though?
  • All he needs do is say the word, because this is no place for an angel.
  • But he’s here, and you’re here, so you’re taking it upon yourself to be his older sister now.


  • The thing about Solomon is that he’s seen it all.
  • Religion, race, wealth.
  • It doesn’t effect him anymore.
  • He’s been everywhere, and he’s met everyone, and there’s nothing that can surprise him.
  • He’s seen women who are successful before.
  • Why should you be any different?
  • Even if you’re a bit more headstrong than the last, or perhaps secretly kinder than others he’s known.
  • He shows you respect, and he cracks his jokes, and he still casts his spells.
  • He swore long ago he wouldn’t let someone else draw him from the path he wants to follow.
  • This year - the year in the Devildom - is full of surprises.
  • You’re not the biggest one.
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Obey Me Brothers with an MC who acts like a child around their own older brother


  • The eldest brother finds your usual shenanigans somewhat irritating.
  • It’s like having another Mammon around the house.
  • It’s just that this new Mammon is more breakable, and if you piss off the wrong person you’re likely to get yourself killed.
  • So when your older brother visits and he sees an immediate change in you, at first he’s relieved.
  • At least your brother isn’t like you.
  • But then he sees how childish you act around him, and something… doesn’t feel right.
  • He’s seen angels act like that; carefree and childish, as though they have yet to really learn right from wrong and are just trying to live their best lives.
  • The word he would use is spoiled.
  • You’re an exchange student, and your behaviour reflects onto him and, more importantly, Lord Diavolo.
  • His amusement turns quickly to irritation.
  • Maybe he just won’t be satisfied with you no matter how you act.


  • Being entirely honest, Mammon hardly notices a difference.
  • You’re always at your most childish when you’re with him, after all.
  • It’s you and Mammon as the pair who do dumb shit.
  • Mammon also tends to pout to try to get things from you and Lucifer (with more success from one than the other.)
  • Lucifer looks out for him, doing his best to keep Mammon out of debt and out of danger, even if Mammon isn’t really… aware of it.
  • It’s kind of weird, how easily Mammon and your brother get along.
  • With Mammon’s obsessive puppy love, you would have thought he wouldn’t want one of your family members around.
  • What if your brother made you want to go back to the human world permanently?
  • But that sort of thought doesn’t seem to cross the Avatar of Greed’s mind.
  • To your brother?
  • Mammon is just… like another younger sibling.


  • Omg…
  • This reminds him of that one anime…
  • You know?
  • “Oh dear, I’m living with seven hot roommates who I like to joke about with and spend every day alongside doing things like pranking the eldest to cooking with some of the younger ones and they like hanging out with me too, but unfortunately one day my older brother came to visit our group house and I remembered how troubled my childhood was and how much I miss my brother because we used to have lots of fun and I can be even more childish with him than with my roommates.”
  • Yeah, that one!
  • He hopes this won’t follow the same plot as that anime, even though… everything seems the same so far.
  • He likes when you’re his Henry.
  • You can play games together and hang out and he feels better with you around.
  • He tries not to be jealous of your brother and the easy friendship you have with him.
  • He’s their brother! He tells himself over and over. He’s their brother!
  • Whether he manages to convince himself to be content or not…


  • He frowns when he sees you pouting and trying to extort things from your brother.
  • On one hand, he knows what that’s like.
  • After all, he’s a demon.
  • He was born of rage.
  • For many years, it was of no matter to him how he hurt those around him.
  • It was just about new experiences.
  • New types of anger.
  • Eventually, new feelings.
  • He took and took and took and never gave back anything, because he didn’t have to.
  • “MC, you shouldn’t manipulate your brother like that,” he says eventually, one night when its just the two of you laying together in silence.
  • You question what he means.
  • It’s always been like this, you say.
  • “Then maybe its time to change,” he whispers.
  • “None of us are perfect. But we have to consider how we effect those around us.”
  • It’s all well and good to have fun.
  • But this seems… wrong.


  • Asmo thinks the relationship you have with your brother is adorable.
  • Usually you’re something of the family therapist to him and his brothers.
  • It’s nice in a strange way to see you just… being normal.
  • He knows, somewhere deep down, that when compared to the demons?
  • You’re just a kid.
  • It’s good to see you acting like one, honestly.


  • Although he’s big and some might say intimidating, Beel still has five older brothers.
  • And he knows what it’s like to grow up with older brothers and still… be closer to them in your own way as adults.
  • After all, he and Mammon used to squabble over games of ball.
  • Asmo used to pin him down to paint his nails.
  • Beel was only stronger than Belphie for a long time, too, so he also understands from the other way around.
  • He’s not the oldest, but he has been older.
  • He knows what it’s like to be protective.
  • He understands both parts of the situation, from personal experience.
  • Don’t get him wrong, Beelzebub loves when you act so natural and goofy with him and his brothers.
  • You’re really part of the family.
  • All of the demons in the House of Lamentation know it.
  • There’s a new place for you in their hearts that wasn’t there before.
  • You’re not replacing anyone or taking someone’s spot.
  • So he’s not sure why he starts to feel jealous to see you acting like that with your real brother instead.
  • He knows it’s not the position of brother he’s feeling envy over.
  • After all, he often finds himself wanting more.
  • He hopes one day you’ll figure out what you want, too.


  • As the youngest, Belphegor has always been, for lack of better words, a brat.
  • He’s stubborn and angsty and very much still the edgy teenager of the House of Lamentation.
  • He knows what it’s like to have an older brother.
  • He has several, after all.
  • So what he can’t understand is why you’re so excited to see your brother again.
  • Don’t siblings sort of… suck?
  • Other than Beelzebub and Lilith, who hasn’t been around for a long time…
  • Well, Lucifer literally locked him up for speaking his mind.
  • Mammon is a scumbag who steals his things.
  • Levi might not be that bad, but it’s not like he’s ever around when Belphie needs him.
  • Satan is honestly one of the most chill of Belphegor’s older brothers, which could be ironic, considering the sin he represents.
  • Asmo is just so self-centered that the Avatar of Sloth feels like Asmo has never seen him.
  • Beel is the only one that Belphegor really, really actually cares about.
  • But when it comes down to it…
  • It’s almost just like he loves himself.
  • He and Beel are-
  • Closer than brothers.
  • They’re a symbiotic entity.
  • Each thought he has, his twin shares.
  • It’s just how it’s always sort of been.
  • So he sees you, excited to see your brother. And even more strange, he sees your brother, excited to see you.
  • This he sees.
  • This he just… he can’t understand.
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I know, I know, this has been said a million times but

Jesus christ can the brothers just stop being complete jerks to Mammon. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve started disliking them because it’s actually pissing me off.

Mammon has been my least favorite from day one and the fact even I show more care for him than his own fucking brothers is so irritating.

Why is it okay for all of them to act out on their sins, but when Mammon does it, they put him down for it? Seriously.

No one gives Lucifer shit for being a stuck up prick who would rather save his own reputation than his family. No one gets onto Levi when he acts like a kid. No one talks about Satan when he’s acting up, Asmo when he makes really inappropriate comments, Beel when he goes into rampage because he’s hungry.



The fact that he gets so excited over the smallest bit of attention you show him is so heartbreaking and I seriously want to punch all of them in the face for being like this.

I’m gonna turn into a Mammon stan just to show them that he does deserve love, and patience, and to be listened to.

Fucking hell.

Anyways, give this man a hug. He needs it.

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