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#swd belphie
obey-me-fantasies · 3 hours ago
𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨 (𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙩𝙬𝙤)
Part one found here. --- Mammon: What goes up but never comes down? Belphie: The amount of stress you’re bringing this family. --- Mammon: Oh, here’s my award for most rules broken! Asmo: That’s not an award, it’s an angry letter from our boss. Mammon, hanging it on the wall: Well, it has the word ‘most’ in it, so I’m calling it an award! --- Levi: My favourite outdoor activity is going back inside.
--- Computer: Please enter a password. Luke: *types in Simeon* Computer: Your password is too weak. Luke: How DARE YOU- ---
Satan: Don’t worry, I’ve got a few knives up my sleeve. Solomon: I think you mean cards. Asmo: He did not. Satan, pulling out knives: I did not. --- Diavolo: Without ugly, there would be no beauty in the world. Asmo: Thank you for your sacrifice, Mammon. --- Diavolo: We have fun, don’t we, Luke? Luke: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life. --- Diavolo: I have been tricked, I have been backstabbed, and I have quite possibly been bamboozled. --- Asmo: Maybe the true treasure was friendship all along. But I hope not, because I can’t spend friendship on new clothes. --- Mammon: We have a problem. Lucifer: No, YOU have a problem. I have an idiot who keeps making them. --- Belphie: ...My man Beel just killed a goldfish. Beel: *licking his lips* Yup. Delicious. --- Levi: Why do I always tell people we’re cool? We are so very uncool. --- Asmo: Dom or sub? Simeon: I guess Domino’s, since I don’t go to Subway that much. Don’t see why you’d put them in the same category though. --- Lucifer: Mammon, how could you possibly have gotten into this much trouble in one day? Mammon: It... It didn’t take me the whole day... --- MC: I see the red flags, I acknowledge they’re there, and then I completely ignore them. --- Solomon: You know what I’ve realized? Simeon: Some thoughts are better left unsaid? Solomon: Nice try, anyway- --- *Comments under an image of a really hot knife cutting bread* Satan: Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. Lucifer: It would instantly cauterize the wound, so it wouldn’t bleed, so it wouldn’t be very useful. Beel: if you want information it is MC: why would you STAB a person when you can have TOAST? --- Mammon: I wasn’t hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal, that’s where the blood’s supposed to be! --- Solomon: I desire moisture. Belphie: Please just say “I want water” like a normal person. --- Asmo: How long do you think it’ll take? Solomon: I don’t know, three or four. Asmo: Three or four what? Days? Weeks? Months? Solomon: Yeah, maybe five. Asmo: Five what?! --- Solomon: Lucifer won’t wake up, what do I do? Satan: Did you try kicking him? Solomon: Yes. Satan: I’m out of ideas.
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lord-diavolo-is-watching · 15 hours ago
Ballet dancer Belphegor is the one thought haunting my mind every single day
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obeymematches · 17 hours ago
Hi! Can I request an mc with the bros? (If just a few, you pick!)
When Im cleaning or eating, and an item of clothing gets dirty or wet, I just take it off if Im comfortable enough with the people in the space. So, not nsfw, just wondering what a reaction to an mc taking off their shirt mid-washing dishes lmao who covers them up? Who immediately starts stripping too?
hi bestie 🥰🥰
you do wh- ngl that sounds fun&hot 👀 we are all missing out here ig-
You take off your shirt in the kitchen! (gn mc, brothers only, not nsfw but suggestive here and there)
He was in the middle of a sip of his coffee. He never would have imagined by the time he drinks his coffee you'd be shirtless??
is that all he has to do later when he's horny
It is up to you if you want to make a show for him as he is definitely staring at you now.
For now though he enjoys the view but once someone else comes in he pretends to scold you and urge you to put on your shirt. As if you just now took it off...
Imagine the amused look on his face though- might get just a bit more touchy than usual when he goes to put his mug on the counter
You were alone in the kitchen when you decided to strip. However, as you were taking your shirt off he stumbled in the door.
He completely freezes out, takes a couple of second for him to comprehend what is going on. He worries that you did this for someone else in the room but he is oh so much relieved when he notices you were alone.
Mammon would definitely compliment your muscles then smoothly make his way over to you. Then he starts stripping I mean who is he if he wouldn't get the wrong message-
Stands awfully close, accidentally touching you every now and then.
He was already in the room because if he came in to this he would turn a 180° and never visit the kitchen again that day.
The first person who immediately wants you to cover up because he is worried about you!
What is oil gets on you and burns you! What if others see you! Also he is a little bit uncomfortable like this-
Oh I totally see him make an apron for you so you don't have to strip every time you get a little dirty (jokes on him <3)
I think he would let out a surprised oh, I mean he didn't see this coming-
Asks you why you did this, is it a human thing? is it ok if he joins?
Listen I just think he would strip too this man is also full of surprises
Your unpredictability makes you so sexy in his eyes if you didn't have anything going on with him you better get ready-
I don't think he would ask much before he starts stripping too, you are not the only one who is allowed to be sexy here!
At first he is very surprised though, he never saw anyone do this before. Makes him realize what he would miss out on and tbh he isn't going to let that slip
If anyone then he is instantly drawn to you from now on, there is no going back sweetheart-
He was helping you with the dishes so you stripping so close to him hit a little different-
Almost dropped his plate and cloth why did you do this pls-
Though if you want to show off, he can do the same too and you can see what happens!
Might want you to cover up a little but wouldn't be so pushy about it, if this is how you feel comfortable he isn't going to let his concenrs be known
MC what are you doing??
Similar to Mammon, he would also have urgent business near you and would get a little bit touchy, but obviously only "by accident". (Like his elbow touches you, or he uses his inner-lower arm to sign to you he is behind you so be careful)
Does that but he is going to fight anyone who comes into the kitchen and looks at you the wrong way. he is more protective than we give him credit for i think.
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danger-noodle-uwu · 17 hours ago
Could you do a part 2 the MC that snapped and killed her abusive family, but with the dateables. You don't have to do this though (or add Luke). It your choice after all.
Trigger warning
Mentions of blood/abuse/murder
Unlike the most, he had known you would bring only happiness and improvement to devildom and the seven-unruly brothers.
"Welcome to devildo-- are you alright?!" The prince almost screamed upon seeing the exchange student in horrid condition. Not to mention his nature is kind itself.
Therefore, he was more focused on your health at your arrival rather than being bothered by blood that had soaked your figure red.
Originally he proposed to pick you up as you looked injured but it was declined, so instead he simply held your hand. The same of that ripped the life out of its creators.
His strong arm tugged you to follow him in the poorly-lighted balcony, revealing the wondrous city and the gardens of the academy while informing you about your stay and task etc. And gave you what was called a heart felt welcome.
It was new. This feeling. The feeling of warmth, is it? You wondered for the way his sweet words had your heart to move.
Though he never truly spent time with you other than work, he'd still felt a force pushing him to you and know you. Of course, he didn't mind the stone coldness of your voice or the way your eyes rolled at him.
Feelings are confusing especially to our dear Mc as Love, an emotion almost never experienced. It hurts so much. They cried, longing for his and only his comfort thinking this might be yet another torturous hell.
"Ah Mc, good morning. How was your slumber?" " How did i- ?" "Oh...well, i was informed that some lowly demon had you cursed during one of the practical sessions. Therefore, I decided to keep you under my supervision." "But who--and how?" "You shouldn't worry about it, I've taken care of that. For now, you just need to rest." "Thank you."
It was once again surprising that such high demon No-- the highest demon ever cared about you to such an extent that you couldn't help but let the tears flow.
Noticing them immediately, Diavolo rushed towards however this time it wasn't concern in his eyes. It was love.
His hands wiped every last tear that dared to stain his dearest's beauty. He had learned of how you were bruised and broken, of how you were forced to kill for survival.
Many words of love and affection, the red-haired demon was encouraging you constantly. His emotionally-driven nature was capable of igniting the flame of passion that had been extinguished within you.
Past was long forgotten, it didn't matter what you had done for you weren't yourself but molded into something else. Forcefully.
And for the present, Diavolo bent slightly forward to kiss your knuckles, requesting a dance with you while confessing his love all over again.
" You have me. Until the the flame of every last star in the entire of three realms extinguishs, forever my love. You have me forever."
Much like belphegor, Barbatos hadn't been at your arrival, he met you during your first day in RAD. When you were rather more decent than the summoning.
The keeper of time had foreseen as to how and what your actions were. But most importantly, he knew why.
His thoughts told him to stay away from your arrogant lowly-human self. He avoided you, dismissing you as much as possible while not slacking at his job.
The visits to future told him about your importance, the way your one word was enough to make the brothers kneel. It was a terrifying thought that a human would make the seven demon brothers of sin bow.
He'd hate this possibility yet he knew this was the true reality which would give his lord the satisfaction he deserves.
This loyalty forced him in multiple situations, he hated much like this one however it changed everything.
Due to his sworn loyalty to throne, he was forced to help you around in RAD as Mammon bunked school for the fifth time this week.
During this period, his observant eyes followed you everywhere you went. He'd known about your snapping and tried to do everything to avoid such incident to happen again with all his might.
The loyal butler took this opportunity to show you rest of the RAD in attempt to rid of you.
Firstly, you saw the traditional arts of demonology which were recently painted. And then, dance forms that adorned the streets of devildom during festivals.
Lastly, he bought you to the gardens of devil's home, a place where every flower is a soul blooming within the nature.
He used to come here to get healed from the wounds that his own creator gave him, to find peace as well and not to lose hope ever.
"Hey barbatos, thank you for showing me this place. Thank you, I really mean it." You whisper as tears well up in your eyes while he froze.
When did you become so emotional?! He was so shocked to hear pain yet peace within your voice. Beautiful eyes that reflected only love for nature and it's little creatures.
Soft hands tracing the patterns on a Middlemist's Red camellia's smooth petals, you hummed a tune, a tune which filled his mind with serenity.
Evening was slowly moulding into night and you got up to leave however something stopped you. A swarm of firefly like butterflies, they're wings glowed in the darkness.
They surrounded you as if dancing to the tune you were humming, begging you to continue which you did refusing to let go.
Never in his long life did he think he would fall for such a human who once disgusted him?!
The selector of realities fell in love right then. He realized that you were just really hurting and wanted to protect you fragile heart from another such event.
He confessed at the sight, of how he did not know of who you truly were. Of how kind, of how angelic you were. And he apologised for being rude to you due to the past.
Tears you swallowed before came back poured down like rain as you kept claiming that he kept you waiting for so long and that you love him so much.
"Even though love can hurt in some cases, with you, it is a risk that I am willing to take, Mc. For you, it is worth the risk. My love..."
"This is simeon. He's an exchange student from celestial realm. Which is to say he's an angel." Diavolo introduced the ethereal person that stood next to a little child.
It was rather odd... his reaction, he looked happy to see feels weird for not even the ones created you ever gave that look.
Though it wasn't for long as he'd sensed the monotone aura you radiated off. instinctively he draped an arm around the little angel's shoulder as if mother hen keeping her child safe.
Of course you knew why, he could feel the sins your being had committed for the sake of what?! Pft... a life full of misery... what a great decision made...
Playful as a child, he'd tease Lucifer so carelessly unlike the others. He was such seducing sight that could be deadly yet sweet for someone as wounded as you.
Wishing each-other a good day, the three males had left you and Luke all by yourselves, who advised you to never trust a demon especially if it's Lucifer and left for his own classes.
'Rumors spread like wildfire in devildom' it was true, for soon there was barely a person interacting with you in the academy.
Only one kind soul held conversations, would have lunch with you, let you hang around ignoring the rumors and the mocking words you'd receive and even go as far as reassuring you. Simeon.
The world would feel empty without him by your side. And soon, the desperation of gaining his affections was indescribable.
Sometimes your mind would play his voice like melody on repeat or make the memories replay. You could only fall deeper and deeper and there was no-escape. Not that you wanted any either.
Already sensing the love your heart held for him, he confessed under the bright blue skies of his origin yet not his home. You were his home.
The Angel had revealed his true form, unable to contain his own feelings.
Strong wings that almost dragged him off his own feet in order to show their might, a canary-yellow halo radiated the light of a thousand suns adorned the Angelic one before you.
It was a sight one would risk their life for. Beauty in its truest form. You wondered would he still accept you after knowing your actions...?
Which he surprisingly did! Oh how ecstatic you were to know that your being wouldn't be judged for the sins that weighed you since forever.
Simeon, the high-ranked angel wasn't shocked when you cried your heart out to him, mumbling his sweetness will be the end of you and thanking him for everything.
"Oh sweet little lamb, you are and will always be an undying light to me. Same stands for me, I wish to do the same. Oh sweet lover of mine, I love you no-matter the past, present or future..."
Rushing off from the demons that openly threatened your life, you bumped into someone. A someone with snowy white hair yet shiny as silver, blue-brown eyes which resembled the peaceful look you'd find within a lake. A lake of beauty.
It was almost hilarious as to how much detail you noticed about him in so short-time. Little did you know it was the strings of fate pulling back together again and again.
During the stay at castle, or how he more than willingly taught you magic, or when he helped you return to devildom, to the brothers.
While you were believing that he didn't know about the past events that occurred in your own true home. He did.
A certain demon who served below the future king had a pact with him yet you didn't know. He forced the butler to reveal your origins as he wasn't keen on trusting you or your suspicious behavior which soon piqued his interest or at least that is what he'd told the butler.
It didn't. It never did. He felt bad for you, it seemed even survival in human world wasn't the same for you. It reminded him of those he left behind however happily and willingly.
Surprisingly the greatest sorcerer found himself falling for you despite knowing that the outcome of such love would most probably be . Pain. Suffering. Misery.
As he fell more and more, he pushed you away hurting both of you in the process. Of course he did that, his immortal life won't let him die with you and your loss won't let him live.
He wanted to protect his fragile heart from every single person who was capable of tearing it apart due to his attachment to them.
And you were not just a person he was attached to but in love with. It was the fearful thought of using him, manipulating him for deep down inside he was scared and stupid.
Your cries, screams and tears went by unnoticed. Each whimper unheard.
Multiple times you'd randomly get up during the teaching sessions with solomon as it was getting harder and harder to conceal the pain.
Love became painfully poised notion. It would ache yet felt joyous.
It was during such breakdown, when solomon entered your room and found you lying weakly crying, begging him to stop. To stop hurting in such a torturous way.
The wise king as he was said to be, was currently dumbfounded as he thought his love was one-sided nevertheless it wasn't.
Rubbing circles on your back, he slowly calmed you. He spoke soothingly to help you calm down.
"I am right here." "I won't go anywhere." "You are safe and sound in arms, hmm?" "Shh don't cry, I love you..!"
Though it came off natural, he was surprised when your eyes shimmered with both tears and hope. He was saddened to know he was wounding and scarring you in such a way just to save himself.
He swore to love and cherish right there as you laid on his chest hearing his heart beating for you and only you.
"Your love is more dazzling than the stars, more alluring than the full moon, and brighter than the sun. Nothing compares to your beauty and worth to me. Your love is truly the best thing that I have ever experienced."
We don't traumatize children on this blog.
Holy moly guacamole!! That was messed up cause it comes of more like how your love story goes. Lol. Anyway I don't wanna do Luke cuz he's our precious baby.
Have a good day!
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the-heartslabyul-hatter · 18 hours ago
Hello Hatter Senpai! I know you are also a hardcore Asmo lover so I bet you’re already very much in the know of the latest event and (spoiler alert) Asmo is wonderful with children! So is Mammon! I also adore your baby stories and would like a baby story of Asmo and Mammon caring for the twins who have turned into adorable toddlers. Please, please, please give us that boost of serotonin we desperately require!
I squealed when I played the event and saw them as papas for a day! I never imagined how wonderful they would be with children but then again they probably all had to step up with their younger brothers when they were small.
Mammon and Asmodeus: Oh Baby!
Tumblr media
The cries of toddlers could be heard echoing through the halls of the House of Lamentation, after the events of Little D. Number 2, the entire house was absolutely done with babies. Well, all but two were done. Beelzebub, despite the warnings of what could happen if he or Belphie ate Solomon’s questionable cooking that he “perfected” he still ate it anyway, unfortunately so did his twin. The two were now transformed into a pair of tiny wailing toddlers who now lie on the kitchen floor in a heap of what they would’ve worn if they were their normal size.
Lucifer and the others bolted in to the source of the wailing and were surprised to see the twins in their toddler forms. Lucifer sighed, he remembered all to well what those two were like when they were that age, as well behaved as they were, they were the ones who would cry the second they were separated. Lucifer bent down and scooped them both up into his arms, covering their bare bodies with their T-shirts they used to wear.
“Shhh, come on now you two. Please stop your crying.” Lucifer tried his hardest to calm them down but they continued to wail loudly.
Asmodeus reached in and took Belphie into his own arms to hold and comfort as he swayed gently. “Oh Belphie, it’s okay sweet baby brother of mine, shhh. Good boy, that’s it. Asmo’s gotcha.”
“Thank You Asmodeus. Now Beel, come on and calm down like your brother... come on...” Lucifer sighed as Beel’s wailing got louder.
Mammon only sighed and took Beelzebub into his own arms and began to gently rock him, slowly, the younger demon began to calm down. “Hey, see, yer okay ain’t ya Beel? Good boy.”
“Well, if you two are so wonderful with children then I shall put you in baby duty for the rest of the day and until I force Solomon to fix this situation he made...” Lucifer groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Now I’m sure you both remember how to care for Beel and Belphie as you did before a long time ago. I’ll use my magic to transform their beds into a shared crib, Mammon, I expect you to buy more baby formula and diapers for them.”
“Ya mean I gotta use MY hard earned cash?! Ya know that’s cruel eh?” He complained with a groan but was completely overtaken by the confusion and innocence in little Beel’s eyes that he sighed and agreed. “Fine, I’ll do it for em. B-but I want compensation for this ya know!”
“Mammon, you will get your compensation but that will be later. Now order those items and care for them. I’ll go have a little conversation with Solomon...” Lucifer began to laugh evilly as he exited the kitchen and headed to Purgatory Hall.
“Alright then little ones, Mammy has some special things for you both so while those are on the way let’s get you all cleaned up and ready for some playtime and a nap!” Asmo took Beel from Mammon and carried the twins to the bathroom to give them a bath so they at least could be clean after being on the floor. He turned on the water and set some bubbles in the water, gently putting them both in the bath. “Aww~! Aren’t you two the cuteness little twins in the universe! Aww!”
“Beeley and I cute?” Belphie giggled as he played with the bubbles and put some on top of Beel’s head making him laugh.
“Yes you are! So cute and tiny! Just the sweetest babies ever!” Asmo leaned forward and popped kisses on their pudgy cheeks watching them smile and laugh adorably.
“Oi! The stuff just got ‘ere, I’ll bring it in for ya, I bought em bottles, diapers, wipes, baby sized T-shirts, formula, toys and blankets.” Mammon announced as he entered the bathroom. “Looks like they’re havin’ fun eh?”
“Yup~! Two cuties are nice and cleaned and ready to have some playtime before a nap.” Asmo hummed as he helped them both out of the bath with the help of Mammon who assisted in drying them up and putting training pants on the twins and covering them with cute baby bloomers that matched the two’s colors. Asmo then helped them both slide into their pale blue T-shirts which had a matching print of stars and sheep. “Aww! So cute!! Let’s get them to their bed- I guess nursery as of now. Let’s go sweetie pies~!”
Beel took Belphie’s hand and began to wobble to their nursery with big smiles and giggles. “Well they look like they can walk well. That’s good!”
“Mammon, they’re two, not newborns!” Asmo groaned as he huffed at Mammon. “Be careful you two, don’t run, we can’t have any owies!”
Mammon only chuckled and rolled his eyes, he was beginning to see why his brother was the favorite at the daycare center he worked at in the human world. Asmo had always been kind and gentle to children no matter who they were, he adored them and in return they to adored him. Mammon remembered how Asmodeus would sing the triplets to sleep when they were babies in the Celestial Realm, he would sit beside their cradle and sing as he rocked them. It was truly a precious sight to behold and he had the photos to prove it.
They all arrived to the twin’s bedroom and noticed the crib in the center of the room with two rocking chairs, one on each side. The crib already had Belphie and Beel’s favorite pillows along with a couple of stuffed animals to snuggle. On Belphie’s side of the crib there was a small cow plushie with a cute baby blue bow around its neck and for Beel was a teddy bear with a red bow around its neck. They also had a small baby blanket for each of them, Belphie’s a pale blue blanket with tiny cows and a cute little red barn and Beel’s was a little blue blanket with teddy bears and honey pots. Asmo began to snap pictures and gush over the newly transformed nursery.
“Oh this is so precious! Absolutely precious!!” Asmo squealed as he watched the twins wobble around and check out their surroundings. “Mammon do you have the toys for them?”
“Yeah, I’ll set ‘em up for ‘em!” Mammon bent down to the twins level and began to place the buildings blocks and other baby safe toys on the ground for them. “Here ya go little guys, go on an’ have some playtime!”
Almost instantly the two began to grab the building blocks and cars and play with them on the rug, Asmo laid on the ground next to them, watching them and ruffling their hair as they played adorably. Beel would roll around and giggle as Asmo would lightly tickle his pudgy belly, while Belphie would gently play with Asmo’s hair making his older brother smile. While Beel was still full of energy, Belphie only scooted closer to Asmo’s chest and snuggled closer, bringing himself into a little ball.
“Aww, Belphie are you sleepy? Do need to go beddy-bye?” Asmo cooed softly as he scooped the smaller one into his arms.
“S-sweepy…” Belphegor sniffled softly as he began to get fussy and in need of a nap.
“Oh it’s alright cutie, there there, let’s get you and Beel a nice warm bottle and into bed!” The fifth born smiled as he bounced the tiny Avatar of Sloth in his arms. “Mammon~! These precious little babies require nice warm bubbies for their little bellies~! Would you please get them a bottle, well an extra one for Beel!”
“Yeah, yeah, I hear ya, I see that Beel here is all exhausted out, he’s flopped onto his belly!” Mammon laughed as he bent down and began to gently poke the tiny gluttonous boy, watching him whimper and whine at being poked.
“Oh Mammon, leave the little darling alone and get those bottles!” Asmo huffed as he took Beel into his embrace as he watched Mammon rush to the kitchen and prepare the bottles of baby milk. Asmo sat himself in the rocking chair on Belphie’s side of the crib and began to gently rock the twins in attempts to soothe their cries. “Oh sweeties, Mammy is on the way, it’s alright.”
“M-Mammy!” Beel cried as he squirmed a bit in his older brother’s grasp. “M-Mammy…”
“Oh Beel, he’s on the way, it’s alright, see? There he is!” Asmo smiled as he placed Beel on the floor and watched him run over to Mammon, clinging onto his legs. “Aww~! Looks like the little Beeley Bear missed his older brother~! That’s so cute~!”
“‘Corse he missed me! I am the Great Mammon ya know!” Mammon smirked as he handed Asmodeus the bottle of warm milk for the tiny little boy curled up in his arms. “Alrighty Beel, yer twin is all ready for beddy bye, up ya go!” Mammon swiftly scooped up the smaller demon and allowed him to drink his first bottle as he sat himself in his own rocking chair and rocked the younger to sleep.
Belphie immediately latched onto the bottle and began to drink up as he closed his eyes and slowly began to drift off as Asmo gently rocked him and shushed him. “Aww, Belphie is already asleep I see~! How adorable!” Asmo whispered as he stood up and carefully bounced him to keep him asleep, he took the empty bottle and placed it on the nightstand and carefully laid Belphie down on his side of the crib and tucked him in with a kiss.
“Alright, Beel’s asleep too, into bed ya go Beel, sweet dreams baby bro.” Mammon carefully laid the sunshine twin next to his other half and carefully tucked him in. Almost instantly, the two clung to each other and snuggled up together. The elder two began to walk out of the room as quietly as possible but were immediately halted by the sounds of whimpers from the crib.
“Oh no, poor little darlings! Oh it’s alright, Asmo is right here. Hush now sweet babies.” Asmo cooed softly as he once again took a seat in the rocking chair and began to rock the crib gently trying to ease the twin’s cries.
“I thought we had ‘em asleep!” Mammon groaned as Asmodeus shot him a glare.
“Shh! I’ll just sing to them like… like the old days…” a sad smile on his face as he continued rocking the crib. “I think I know the perfect lullaby! The little ones at the daycare center I work at love this one~!”
“Well ya best work yer magic ‘cause they’re gonna cry louder!” Mammon sighed as he leaned against the wall and watched his younger brother begin to sing.
“La la lu
La la lu
Oh my little star sweepers
I'll sweep the stardust for you.”
Asmo’s voice began to soothe the twins quickly as he continued his song, watching them carefully. He quietly took the pacifiers and gently encouraged them to take them in their sleep to which the twins did obediently.
“La la lu
La la lu
Little soft, fluffy sleeper
Here comes a pink cloud for you.”
Mammon walked forward and began to gently brush the twin’s tear streaked cheeks with a soft smile. The two were almost completely calmed but Asmo knew he had to continue the lullaby.
“La la lu
La la lu
Little wandering angel
Fold up your wings
Close your eyes
La la lu
La la lu
And may love be your keeper
La la lu
La la lu
La la lu~…”
Asmo finished his lullaby and reached into the crib to kiss the twins and stroke their soft faces with a gentle finger. “There now, little star sweepers.” He whispered quietly.
Mammon bent down himself and placed a kiss on their heads as well with a smile. “Dream on ya two, dream on.”
Tumblr media
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dummy-thicc-demons · a day ago
Do people have last names in Devildom?
I couldn’t think of last names for the brothers, much less the side characters, and I didn’t want to name them any type of “obey me” name.
I lowkey head canon that they do not have last names and usually can tell who others are by their energy/aura. Similarly, people could tell who others are talking to based on where their energy is directed.
As for Solomon, I think he forgot his last name years ago lol
But idk
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paradisoperdita · a day ago
When Belphegor Knew He Loved You
Here's part 8 of the series; only 3 more left! I had to spend some time thinking of how to address 'the elephant in the room' as well as showing the shift in his feelings. This is very dialogue heavy, but hopefully conveys enough for it to be enjoyable 💜
When He Knew He Loved You Masterlist
“I forgive you.”
Belphegor looked at his twin drowsily. Even in the darkness of the early morning, Belphie could see the sad smile on Beel’s face. They both knew how each other felt. Beel knew his brother’s mind was whipping itself into a self-chastising frenzy rendering sleep impossible. Belphie knew his brother only spoke those words to soothe him. His actions were simply unforgivable.
“ don’t really mean that, do you?” Belphie croaked.
A heavy silence hung in the air. The space between their beds had never felt so distant.
“I do...” Beel announced finally. “I forgive you, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget what you did to them.”
Belphie rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. The crystal droplets and umbrellas above the staircase swung slowly. It took about a week for his own twin to forgive him. How long would it take for his other brothers to forgive him too?
Did he deserve to even ask you?
Forgiveness was a word Belphie knew in theory, but never thought would ever be given to him. A millennia of guilt is enough to drive even the most intelligent of demons mad. His burden for failing Lilith now superseded by his regret over killing you.
The house felt much lonelier than it ever had before. Even the empty attic felt more welcoming than the cold expressions and hurtful smiles he received from his brothers. Every attempt to get closer to you was thwarted in some way or other. You were guarded, both literally and figuratively. It was rare to find you alone; there was always at least one brother by your side whenever Belphie was around. On those rare occasions where he could get close enough to talk to you, there was a hesitation in your voice that wasn’t there before. Your hand rested against your neck as you spoke.
It was a warm summer afternoon. Even after 12 months in the Devildom, it still seemed strange to you to look up at a dark sky during the day. This sky that was so different from your own, and yet felt more like home than the stars you had been born under.
A text from Belphie had summoned you to the RAD vegetable garden. You had been given explicit instructions to bring only yourself and something for lunch. Collecting the food was easy; leaving without someone following you was the challenging part. Your hands sat awkwardly in your lap as you waited alone on the wooden bench.
“Hi...” Belphie stood a short distance from you. He looked uncharacteristically fidgety as he hesitated joining you.
“Hi” You smiled politely and moved up to make room for him. He sat beside you as you unconsciously looked around at the paths leading from the garden.
“It must feel good to be away from my brothers’ fussing.” He said nonchalantly.
“They mean well, they’re just worried about me, I think. It makes sense, after...” You trailed off.
Belphie took a deep breath. “I suppose...” That unspeakable ordeal clung to both of your thoughts; neither were sure of how to speak its name. “We haven’t been able to speak like this since I was in the attic. You used to visit me quite often.”
You grumbled to yourself. “I thought you might have been lonely and you seemed to enjoy speaking to me...” The word ‘seemed’ had taken on a new meaning. Hindsight had tainted those once pleasant memories.
Belphie slouched in his seat, his head precariously balanced on the back of the bench and his vision unfocussed on the dark sky above. This was when he was supposed to reassure you. When he should tell you that he was actually very lonely and that he hadn’t actually been playing you for a fool. That this whole thing had all been some big misunderstanding.
He couldn’t.
If he did, he would only be lying to himself. It wouldn’t be fair on you to try and persuade you with more honeyed words and half-truths. It would take a lifetime of good deeds for you to forgive him, which might be impossible for a demon like him. Yet, he had to say something. In a couple of weeks, you would be gone.
“Do you...remember me telling you about the nightmares? The ones where Lilith...” He shuddered. Even far from the depths of sleep, that accusatory voice and bloodied apparition chilled him to his core. You nodded. You granted him that same patient ear he appreciated that first night he told you. “...I haven’t even told Beel about them. I figured he had enough of his own problems to handle without worrying about mine as well.”
You mulled over his words. There was a vulnerability in his voice. Every word was both a cry for comfort and a condemnation of himself. What had once appeared as a simple friendship had become a tangled mess in your mind. Complicated thoughts and feelings looped and twisted together. You grasped hold of one end of this tangle. A gentle tug and you watched to see whether these thoughts would unravel, or if it would tighten the knots further.
“I...” You began. “don’t really know what I should say. I can see you’re trying, and I’d like to think you’d never do something like that again. Hm...” The tangled thoughts loosened and the words became easier to find. “I understand why you did it. The events around Lilith, Lucifer and the exchange program explain your behaviour...but they don’t excuse it. And yet...”
You looked at him. He was still staring glassy-eyed at the sky.
“I don’t think it’s my forgiveness you really need. I think it’s more important that you forgive yourself.”
A single imp-fly fluttered past the end of Belphie’s nose as your words sunk in. Such a simple statement, but the earnest way in which you spoke them gave them an inexplicable power. The effect they had on him was almost magical. There were no words that could describe this sensation. The unshackling of his tormented heart, the quietening of harrowing voices, and the relief hearing your honest thoughts. You hadn’t granted him absolution, but you had given him something far more valuable: Hope.
He sat up and nodded. It sounded like a lot of hard work. Maybe there was hope for him yet? If a human like you had the strength to sit and talk with him like this, then there was no reason why he couldn’t confront his own demons. Perhaps it was time for the nightmare to come to an end.
You returned to your lunch, but stopped before taking a bite.
“...There’s a caterpillar on my lettuce!” You yelped.
“That’s ok, a caterpillar doesn’t eat much.” He quipped. Your joy was contagious as he found himself smiling along with you. A lone crow squawked once and flew from the garden.
Your laughter tumbled from you with the warmth and intensity of a new dawn.
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baalism · a day ago
Belphie misc headcanons 🐄
- For some reason he smells soooo good its stupid. Like vanilla, musk and soap/fresh laundry soap.
- Obviously he's a cuddle fiend; will cuddle you like a koala, wrapping his limbs (and tail!) around your body and NOT let go for hours.
- That or he just lays on top of you like your personal weighted blanket from hell.
- As possessive as Mammon but Worse because Belphie is manipulative about it.
- He gets away with everything smh
- Everybody babies him not only because he's the youngest but also because he's so cute!
- And everything about him (besides the fact that he's a murderer lmao) is so soft and cute. His brothers can't help pinching his cheeks or like letting him sleep on them or whatever.
- Does like animals but wouldn't ever get a pet because that's too much work.
- So petting zoo dates are ideal because he gets to cuddle all those farm animals without having to actually take care of them.
- Most likely out of the seven to bonk your head with his horns like goats and rams do, but gently(?)
- Being around Belphie will definitely wear you out, that's just how it is. you'll find yourself more tired than usual and low in energy the more time you spend with him.
- That being said, sleeping with him is heavenly 😳 and the dreams you have are incredibly vivid, you can't really complain.
- Belphie's eyes are incredibly sensitive to light, and it doesn't help he's literally always under covers.
- Blue light from electronics is his worst nightmare, if his phone is not at 10% brightness his eyes get like
Tumblr media
- Likes piercings but only has a septum one because it fits him but also he can flip it up and not yank it in his sleep.
- Wears tshirts of human world bands hes never heard before lmao.
- Clothes thief. Belphie has at least one tshirt or sweater from each of his brothes and you as well. Even from Lucifer. He just grabs whatever clothes are baggy and comfortable for sleeping and never gives them back.
- Sleepy, clingy and whiny drunk. At parties will stick to either yours or Beel's side, not let go and complain the whole time about how much he wants to leave.
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
You know the tiktok challenge where either parents run one way and the child chases after one? I can’t get it out of my head where the brothers are doing it, each thinking the MC would follow them + the MC goes with Diavolo/Barbatos instead of them.
Hope that’s clear!x
Choosing The 'Parent' TikTok Trend
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos & small child!MC (gn!reader- no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list
a/n: tysm for the request! it was super cute! hope i handled it well, haha. to anyone unfamiliar with the trend: i feel like anon explained it pretty well but it's basically a 'pick one' situation where the kid chooses which person to go after. as always, my inbox is open if you want to make a request or just want to chat!! (also this is tagged as brother x reader for visibility but obviously is not anything but familial/platonic)
reblogging? how kind
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer pretends to be unbothered, simply clearing his throat and adjusting his tie, but he’s almost inexplicably disappointed, even if he has no reason to be. children are fickle and there’s really no rhyme or reason for you choosing one of them over the other. he was just irritated by diavolo’s smug face. yeah, that was it. it has nothing to do with him wanting to be the one to scoop you up in victory.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon insists they do it again. and again. when it becomes apparent you're going to choose diavolo or barbatos over him every time he hides his minor hurt, brushing it off like it doesn't even matter (spoiler: it does). he rolls his eyes and loudly claims they must have been cheating or something, as he’s your favorite, dammit.
Tumblr media
➳ levi is upset, obviously, and can feel his envy burning in his gut. he reminds himself you're just a kid, and you have no way to know the implications of your actions nor any hurt feelings they may cause. plus, this is just a game, and he knows you like spending time with him, giggling at the fun graphics on the screen. somehow he's still jealous, especially when he sees you giggling, patting at barbatos’ horns.
Tumblr media
➳ satan is almost as good at appearing cool and collected on the outside as lucifer, easily playing the part of someone who doesn’t really care about the choice. the green burning in his eyes pretty much gives him away, though. his mind whirls, jumping from conspiracy to conspiracy. you must have been bribed or something- after all, there’s no way you’d pick them over the guy who’d read you three bedtime stories the night before.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo is lowkey offended but at least has good enough manners to just play along and laugh at the choice, at how fast you took off after them and not him. seriously, why would you pick diavolo and barbatos over him? him! it just didn’t make sense. he knew you liked him well enough, so why wasn’t he the one winning? it must have been a setup, as no one in their right mind would put him second.
Tumblr media
➳ beel actually doesn't mind. sure, he’s a little put-out, but seeing you giggle and have a good time more than makes up for it. he wasn't super invested in the results, not like some of his brothers were, and he had enough confidence in your bond and common sense not to be hurt or doubtful. he wasn’t one to care about the title of ‘favorite’, anyway.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie has to make an effort not to glare at you as you innocently squealed with joy as diavolo’s wings brushed your arms. you were a small kid with a small brain, so it was whatever. plus, he was the one you came to when you needed to be comforted from a nightmare or couldn’t fall asleep, so that had to count for something, right?
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo hides his grin as you come running to him and barbatos for the nth time, eagerly waiting to be picked up. it was flattering see you pick him time and time again, but he already knew that would happen as he had barbatos look into the results when he learned about the game. sure, there were other timelines when you chose the brothers, but it wasn't this one, now, was it?
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Hey um can I request about MC who has a angry issue and how will the obey me brother deal with MC
Ofc!! My brother has anger issues so I kind of based it off that. I also did it hcs!
Tw: anger issues, shouting, throwing things
He knew about your anger issues. It was on your form when he chose you.
When he can tell you're on the verge of a meltdown, he tells everyone to leave the room
Let's you shout and yell, ducking out the way as you throw things
Tries to get through to you but also keep his distance
Uses a stern voice to ground you
Makes sure to hold you after, or sit with you
No, but he doesn’t understand it
When you start shouting, he’s unsure of what to do
and if you’re one to spew insults, oh boy, his trust is broken
As soon as it’s explained, he feels bad
Asks the best ways to help you and to calm you down.
Supportive bf
Human anger issues
“Okay... I can deal with this..”
Talks about things you enjoy when you’re having a meltdown.
If it’s a small outburst, he cn deal with it better
Big outbursts are a little more difficult but he does not leave your side
He will listen while you shout, trying to ground you all the while.
Dries your tears gently after
As the avatar of wrath, he knows anger is a difficult feeling
He gets mad at everything and will try his best to keep you calm in all sorts of situations
Recommends you all sorts of activities to manage your anger
When you have a meltdown in front of him, he’s grateful. Glad you’re able to trust him.
Will sit and read aloud to you when you’re shouting
strokes your hair and offers to shower with you after.
AAAAAAAAA he does not do well with anger
As soon as Lucifer told him, he was weary but willing to help
Researched human techniques and brought cushions for you to throw and punch instead of using his  own ones.
Meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness are  his go-to techniques to help
He can have a venomous tongue so if you get angry at him, he has to hold back
But reminds you that your anger is not your fault.
Reminds you that he loves you, no matter what
Baby was so shocked when you shouted at him
He thought it might be because he ate your leftovers, and felt bad
Mammon explained your anger problems
He also does research on it and comes up with an anger management plan to help you.
offers exercise as a way to let all your anger out
Want a hug after, he’s scooped you up and not letting you go
Also surprised when you yelled at him
Sort like Beel, helps you make an anger management plan
Helps dry your tears and actually gets out of bed to help you
Hates seeing you so upset, but super happy you feel like you can trust him
If you’re exhausted after a meltdown, he’s happy to open his arms and let you rest against him.
Tries his best to help as best he can
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squeaky-ducky · a day ago
Tumblr media
I had a mighty need to make this after seeing this meme template.
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twiceasfrustrating · 2 days ago
Anime Night
Rating: Teen and Up
Category: F/M
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Relationship: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Belphagor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character
Characters: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphagor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Reader, Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)
Additional Tags: Kissing, handholding, fluff, Mammon being slightly possessive (but not overly so)
Summary: You just want to enjoy a good ol' traditional anime night, but sometimes your boyfriends can be distracting idiots.
Anime night was one of your favorite traditions. It started as an excuse for Levi to show you all of his favorite anime for the Devildom, but you also got to show off some of your own choices from the human realm. It was like your own little otaku binge night masquerading as some kind of cultural exchange. Along the way, however, you had managed to pick up a few other members for your little anime club. Mammon joined after he was introduced to TSL in your very first weeks in the Devildom; Beel joined because he liked spending time with his family and there was always an excess of snacks; Belphie was there to be with you and Beel; Satan would sometimes join if the anime for the night was based on a novel he liked (note: novel, not comic or manga); Lucifer refused to join, usually siting that he still had work to do; and Asmo was banned after a certain incident that you promised to never mention again.
Tonight, it was the usual five members gathered in the large common room (which was the new space after Levi's room proved not to be the best place to hold an entire family of screaming anime fans). Although, it felt more like four since Belphegor had already fallen asleep and was leaning against his twin, pillow cradled against his chest. You had taken your usual spot in the arrangement, sitting in the middle and zealously guarding your small bowl of popcorn from Beel. Speaking of, that particular brother was sitting on the ground, leaning back against you legs and currently ravishing his ninth serving of popcorn. Levi was to your right, eating a box of pocky as he tried get into the right mindset for an anime. Mammon on your left, ignoring his own snacks at the moment, completely engrossed in the scene on screen.
"EHHH! No way!" Mammon was apparently the only one that hadn't figured out the twist yet, so he had to voice his surprise. Even so, you wished he wouldn't voice it so loudly. You could feel your left ear ringing.
"They all but said it two episodes ago." You snickered at his innocent reaction. It was like he enjoyed letting the anime explain everything for him and unraveling it at the exact pace the show wanted.
"Really? When did you figure it out then?" He challenged your deduction skills.
"About six episodes back." You stick your tongue out at him. He should have known better than to question how quickly you caught onto the little hints the anime had been dropping.
"I noticed it two episodes ago." Beel added in between fists full of popcorn.
"The first time I saw this, I figured it out at around episode three." Levi chimed in.
You had to question that statement though,"Didn't you read the manga this is based on?"
His purple hair covered his eyes almost completely as he looked toward the ground in shame, "They changed that part when they adapted it, so it still counts."
"No way! Ya don't get to brag about that one." Mammon put a pout on his face and turned back to the show without another word.
You smiled softly at him, your face illuminated only by the glow of the projection in front of you all. The colors of the screen danced across your skin as you leaned over and gently placed a kiss against his cheek, "Don't pout. It was cute when you figured it out." His enthusiasm was endearing and certainly one of your favorite traits of his.
Mammon froze when he felt your lips against his face, only turning to look at you when he fully processed what you had just done. As he looked at your dimly lit face, he leaned in and returned the kiss, this time against your lips. With some force, he places his hands on your hips and pulls you closer until your shoulder touches his side.
"Mammon!" You whine against him, knowing the pure hell he has just unleashed. You try to wiggle back to your original spot, but his arm is still wrapped around your waist and he refuses to release you.
He leans his head against your shoulder, burying his face into you, "Mine." Of course this is the time he would pick to get greedy and try to monopolize you. You sigh, just waiting for the inevitable.
"Hey!" And there it was. Levi was no longer paying attention to the screen, instead focusing on you and your current placement in the group, "You don't get to hog them!"
"We're supposed to share, Mammon..." Beel added in, since the second-born pulling you from your spot caused your legs to shift away from him. He already missed you, even though you were in the same room.
The avatar of greed's grip on you tightened, "Get yer own human."
You roll your eyes, "Can someone pause the show if you're going to fight? I actually want to watch this." You say, but you are pretty sure Levi isn't concerned about that at the moment.
"M A M M O N!" Levi is nowhere near as intimidating as Lucifer when he says his older brother's name, but you still feel the chill running down your spine.
You have to stop him before something terrible actually happens, "Alright. Human in the way. Please don't summon Lotan." You have no interest in dealing with that issue again. One time was enough to last your entire life, "Levi, move over here. Beel you skosh over too." Both of them do so, Beel making sure to wake up Belphie so he knows they are moving closer to you. The younger of the two looks mildly disgruntled that he was woken up, but gets over it quickly since he would prefer to be with you than not.
Mammon made a very obvious noise of displeasure when the others join you both, to which you place a hand against his face and give him another kiss on the lips, "You did this to yourself."
"Do we all get one of those too?" It was the first thing Belphie had said all night since the marathon had started.
You feel a small blush cross your face. You really should have seen that coming, "Right now?"
The look the other brothers that hadn't gotten a sign of affection yet clearly said yes, right now.
You sigh, "Fine."  You give Mammon a side-eye that tells him that he has to let go now and you won't accept any backtalk.
He grumbles something in a language you don't recognize as he lets go of you, getting a response from Belphie in the same tongue. They always did that when they didn't want you to understand what they were saying and it made you feel a little left out.
But that was an issue for a different day. For now, you had to play fair and show how much you loved each of your boyfriends. You started with Levi since he was next to you on the couch, feeling how nervous and uncertain his kisses were, even after all this time. It was adorable in its own way. Next was Beel, who was always willing to show off that his status as the personification of gluttony didn't just apply to food. His kisses were full of a kind of hunger that made you feel weak every time, forcing you to pull away before he decided to eat you alive (metaphorically of course). Last was Belphie, who was surprisingly gentle with his affection. His kisses were not delicate, but they matched his lazy nature in a way you couldn't explain. They made you want to give in to him and let him take control of everything, but now was not the time for that.
You pulled away from him, giving him a warning glare because you knew exactly what he was trying to do. He shrugged and went back to his sleeping spot against Beel, except he wasn't falling back asleep. You followed suit and leaned back into your new spot on the couch, feeling Mammon's arm curl back around your waist and Levi's hand reach over to hold your own. Beel had found his comfortable spot against your legs again, but this time he sat in just a way so that Belphie could also have some contact with you. You loved these idiots of yours, but you wished they could learn to share your time.
You looked over at Levi, "Can we rewind? I missed how the last episode ended." Since they insisted on distracting you.
"Oh yeah," He used his free hand to grab the remote and skip back to where they revealed the big twist.
Belphie stared at the screen, seeming to remain neutral when the twist was revealed for the second time, "Oh. I was wondering when they would finally reveal that." He had figured it out after seeing the cover art on the DVD box.
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critical-goat · 2 days ago
Demon Brothers and What Sets Them Apart From Other Demons (headcanons)
AKA me over analyzing random headcanons about their powers; it’s 6AM and I’ve been up for 24 hours, let’s go (this is also incomplete because I don’t have one for every brother, no it’s not favoritism)
also, uhhh. fuckin spoilers for pretty much everything. I’ll be mentioning stuff from very early in the game as well as stuff in much later game. I also ended up ranting about more than their powers.
- His magic; I know that sounds weird, but magic users among demons is apparently rare. Satan explains this mid 2nd season during the study session (from my memory at least) and that has just. Stuck itself to my brain ever since. While all demons are magical in nature, not all of them naturally control or have magic
- His magic is likely a combination of older Celestial magics as well as Infernal, something he accomplishes given his status as a fallen angel. It gives his magical signature a very unique feel to it
- Lucifer seems to know everything that happens in the House of Lamentation, even if there’s no possible way for him to know. My theory? He has meticulously set up magic to help him keep an eye on things while he is around and away from Lamentation. (Originally read this from one of ThalFox’s theory posts and it lives in my head rent free. Please go check them out)
- Lucifer is particularly skilled with wards, given that he was able to curse a staircase from allowing either demons or angels from being able to access and has some degree of skill in illusion magic, as it had surprised Belphegor that MC had been able to see him without magical help
- So most of the fandom seems to know that Mammon has a unique connection to his familiars that the other brothers either don’t have or don’t show off; at the very least he is able to communicate with them, however it is unlikely also possible this ability goes as far as to be able to hear or see things from the perspective of his familiars which is arguably a lot cooler
- An add on to this connection: I actually do not believe that this is common knowledge to anyone outside of Mammon and Lucifer, as the chat it is revealed in Mammon had used this power to spy on the prince of hell, something I highly doubt he would have been able to pull off if such an ability was known
- I like the idea that Mammon is really good at mimicry, both impersonating people and replicating any random noise he’s heard
- Probably the quickest and most agile demon in all of the Devildom, and certainly is among the brothers
- Gets his rank as the 2nd strongest likely from the amount of self control and restraint he has compared to literally the rest of his brothers. If he shows any amount of power, it’s on purpose and you should be concerned.
- The ability to charm people is not unique to Asmo in the way that only he can do it, as apparently this seems to be a trait most demons possess, but rather, how easily and how completely he is able to charm others
- Literally as soon as he is introduced, MC is warned not to look him in the eyes because he can and will bend your mind as he sees fit. And MC’s immunity is noted very quickly, hinting that the effect on lesser beings (or at least non magical ones) is immediate
- To a lesser extent, he is able to influence the mood of those around him with his presence alone; probably has a calming effect and might explain why he sees to get in trouble with Lucifer so little (also the fact he doesn’t generally do anything to piss the eldest off)
- His domain extends over more than just physical, carnal lust. It’s a side of Asmo less known and rarely seen, but there is a deeply hidden part of Asmo that has an insatiable blood lust. Whether it’s to keep up his reputation or because it gets messy and makes him less presentable, the only people who’ve seen this side of him likely died shortly after (I have very flimsy proof of this one, but after the reveal of the Belphie situation, he says he wants to carve open MC’s heart and see what makes them tick. He seemed seriously so that’s a no from me, never want to see directly ever again)
- Belphie just emanates a very calm, and soothing aura.... whenever he puts the effort into projecting it, which isn’t often. He just cannot be bothered most of the time. This is probably why MC was so stupidly trusting of him.
- It also makes him impossibly more tired when he does use it
- Has easy control of dreams, but only over others dreams. The closest he can come to controlling his own dreams would be lucid dreaming, which is disturbingly easy for him to accomplish
- A dream walker, able to project himself into the dreams of others if he so desires or simply watch as an outsider; this is how he was able to first grab MC’s attention and bring their attention to the attic
- As the weakest of the 7, it is likely that his abilities are more easily shrugged off by his brothers if not outright ignored
- If the subject is weak enough of will, Belphie could direct his victim in a sort of sleep walking trance so long as he could keep them asleep enough
- Rather than charming the viewer, anyone who stares into his eyes will instead be lulled to sleep or become very, very sleepy
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saeyoungchoismaid · 3 days ago
Belphie "You want to date me you get Beel as a bonus, not negociable" avatar of Sloth. It is really cute how he makes no illusions about basically sharing MC with Beel lol
Now that's a sandwich I wouldn't mind being put in 👀
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twiceasfrustrating · 3 days ago
Lay Me Down
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Characters: Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)
Additional Tags: Not Beta Read, Not Canon Compliant, Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Gender-Neutral Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Yandere, chapter 16 spoilers, Except I did and AU so kind of not really, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Dark fic, Tags Are Hard
Summary: The demon Belphegor hates humans with a deep passion. If you asked him, he would say there were no exceptions. However, even through that hatred, he finds his feelings for the transfer student to be more complicated. He spent so long talking to them past the walls of his prison that he can't imagine a life without them and he finds it unfair that his brothers got to spend so much time with them with he was locked up. Now he was free, thanks to that very human. How would he repay such kindness and deal with his own inner turmoil.
The demon Belphegor had done many things in his life. He had been an angel, loved humanity, watched his sister die in his place, fallen and become a demon, hated humanity, cursed humanity, damned human after human, tortured them, refused to forgive them...
But that was humanity as a whole.
For him, there was one exception: the transfer student. Not Solomon. He was as worthless as the rest of them and he would have gotten rid of him a long time ago if he could. It was the other one that fascinated the youngest brother. They were dumb and naive, trusting him so readily the second they met him in that attic prison. They hadn't even questioned for a second if he had been locked up for a valid reason. It was almost disheartening to see how easily they believed his sob story.
Usually, he would find pleasure in taking a human life, especially one that was so trusting. Crushing their windpipe and leaving them a soulless husk on the floor sounded like a fun idea... Or it had. He had planned on doing just that, but the second he held that human in his arms, the second he held you in his arms, he was overcome with a different desire.
He had looked down at you with a dark fire in his violet eyes, seeing only a foolish human that had dared to trust a demon that hated their entire race. But his heart tugged in a different direction. You had been the only person he could speak to for months and the only one that looked at him so innocently and lovingly. You hadn't recoiled in shock or fear at meeting him and had even gone out of your way to help him. That didn't make you special in and of itself (in fact, he would argue it made you even more foolish than a normal human), but it did change how he saw you in particular. During that entire time, you had been an oasis in the middle of an unforgivably hot desert. It was also depressingly unfair that his brothers had gotten to spend so much time with you when he had not.
That's why, when he finally had you in his arms he just couldn't bring himself to rip the life out of you. Your innocent eyes, trusting face, and warm smile would be something he missed if he did. However, he also couldn't find it in himself to be so magnanimous as to let a human like you walk away.
That's why, when he finally had your warm body wrapped up in his arms, he couldn't let you go. It would be so, so easy to crush you, erase you, eliminate you, and leave you nothing more than a memory but that was so unfair to him. Why should his brothers be the only ones that got to enjoy their time with you? Why was he the only one that was expected to go without his share?
He refused.
He rested his head in the crook of your neck, his hands resting again your back while his arms wrapped under your own. Closing his eyes, he focused his everything on you, reaching his power deep inside and letting it brush against every nerve he could find. Each impulse sent down from the brain suddenly appeared to turn itself off, his sin affecting everything it touched inside of you. As it went through you, your muscles relaxed and gave out, forcing you to go limp in his grasp.
"What are you-" you began, but your tongue was heavy in your mouth and difficult to use.
He could only glare down at you and allow a thin, cruel smile to cross his face, "You're so stupid. You actually thought you could trust a demon?" At this point, the only thing holding you up was him. The smile left his face, finding it annoying to even pretend. He wanted the last thing you remembered to be the contempt in his eyes he had for your kind and the words he wanted every single one of you to hear, "I hate you."
You open your mouth to scream, use a pact, do literally anything, but you cannot. The heavy feeling in your limbs had spread quickly throughout your entire body and left your lips unable to move freely. Soon, you were unable to even keep your eyes open and your head lulled backward as an unwelcome sleep drew you in.
Belphegor kept his arms around you, feeling how fragile your body really was now that there was no rigger in your muscles. To anyone not more aware you would appear as dead as any corpse, but if they looked more closely they would see you were just asleep. Well, not just asleep. It was far deeper than that, as he had ran his entire sin through every inch of your frame, which would leave you in a state of rest for as long as he wanted. What did humans call the old tale? Sleeping beauty? Yes, that was fitting. You were his very own reviled sleeping beauty.
Using the strength granted to all demons, he picked up your body and flung it onto the bed with little care for if you were injured. Thankfully, nothing had been damaged in doing so. Carefully, he moved your legs to lie straight and folded your hands over your chest, making it look like you were a massive doll rather than a person. He brushed every stray strand of hair out of your face and looked down at you. So perfectly disgusting. He couldn't live with the contradiction in his heart, but he would learn how to eventually. With you like this, well, you weren't in a hurry for him to learn. In fact, now you would be as dependent on him as he had been on you to free him. No one else would find you here. No one would even think to look for you. You may not even realize how dependent you were given how far into the void of sleep you had fallen.
But Belphegor, yes he, was the only one that could reach your mind anymore. Sleep and dreams were his domain and no one else could encroach on them. Even if they wanted to drag you out, he wouldn't let them. You belonged to him now. In this attic, in this place, in your dreams and nightmares, you were only his. His brothers had gotten their time with you, and now he would have his pound of flesh. Maybe he would even finally resolve how he felt about you, the one human that he couldn't find it in himself to hate as much as all the others. What it meant to resolve those feeling, however, had yet to be seen.
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twiceasfrustrating · 3 days ago
Bonding Time
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: GN/M, Multi
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Relationship: Beelzebub/Belphegor/Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub/Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader, Beelzebub/Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader, Belphegor/Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader
Characters: Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)
Additional Tags: Double Penetration, Brothers, Oral Sex, Gender-Neutral Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Shameless Smut, Threesome, Oneshot, Not Beta Read
Summary: You were in the middle of an intimate moment with Beel and you both thought Belphie would be asleep by now (as usual), but you were wrong! Well, it's not fair to leave one twin out of the moment, now is it?
You had to keep both of your hands over your mouth to keep yourself from crying out. Beel was currently between your legs, running his tongue over you and sending waves of pleasure up your spine and straight into your brain. Your eyes shut themselves tight as you fought the urge to come undone in his grip. You really shouldn't even be doing this kind of thing right now, not in his room with Belphie lying in the other bed right next to you. Originally you were just playing around, trying to tease him with the fact that you had a bag of candy that you weren't going to share with him (of course you were lying about not sharing it). You had plopped one into your mouth just to make a point, and he grabbed you and tried to steal it straight from your mouth with his own rather than just taking some from the bag! Even after he had managed to get the piece from you, he kept going; attacking your lips and biting his way down your chest and stomach until your pants were off. He really was the most ravenous of all of his brothers, in every sense of the word.
Of course, neither of you was an exhibitionist, but this was the predicament you were now in and neither of you had the rationality to think of moving from this location with how turned on you both were. You could see Beel bulge in his pants, but he was too busy holding onto your legs to help himself out of his clothing. You felt a little bad knowing that he was so focused on you that he wasn't taking care of himself.
"Beel," you whisper through staggered pants and moans, "you can put it in."
His eyes look up at you as he pulls away from your lower half and his eyes widen, looking for some kind of confirmation that he heard you correctly. You nod at him to let him know he heard exactly what he thought he did. He was very cautious of not moving any further before you felt ready since he was very large and he didn't want to hurt you. But when you told him explicitly that you wanted him he was more than ready to barrel forward.
He sat up and reached his hands down to undo his pants. As soon as he popped them open, his cock sprung out and you got a full view of its length and girth. It really was large and you still didn't know how you were able to take all of it. Actually, it had taken a while for the both of you to get that far. Originally you could only fit the tip in without feeling uncomfortable, but you had both gone slowly and over time it had gotten easier and easier. The thought of how much work it took before you could return the satisfaction he gave you, however, was still a thought that embarrassed you. Not that he ever complained or blamed you.
You reach down and spread yourself so that you can fit him more easily, "Go slow, okay?" You ask him, knowing that you tend to be on the loud side when he goes too quickly with you. Right now, you can't afford to make yourself obvious and risk waking up Belphie.
He nods back to you and places the tip of his cock against your waiting body, pushing into you slowly. You bite your bottom lip and groan with need, feeling how he fills you up with each extra inch. You want him. You need him. You are cursing your own stupid brain for not thinking ahead and insisting on going to your room. Sure, you would have had to wait a few more minutes to get back to the fun, but you would have been able to make as much noise as you wanted.
You look at Beel's face and can tell he is feeling the same way. His bright orange hair fell over his face and he was mimicking your attempt at biting his lip. You were both cautious about Belphie and neither of you wanted to give him such a rude awakening. On the other hand, you were both at the point where you may be willing to push your luck. Goodness knows he was pushing you over the edge with each painfully slow movement he made in you. All this speed was doing for you was reminding you how much you wanted to scream out his name and rile him up so he would really show off how much vigor he had.
You prop yourself up on your forearms and press against him so you can feel him slid inside of you more fully. That was a mistake. You let out a noticeable, audible gasp as he hits something inside of you. You ball your fists against his sheets and cry out, "B-Beel!" You can't help but let him know just how that spot makes you feel.
Something inside of him seems to snap and he throws your leg over his shoulder and continues to pump into you more forcefully than he was previously. You can feel how you stretch back, trying to sink him even further into you. Soft moans escape filling the room around you as you slowly forget why you were ever supposed to be quiet in the first place. Each thrust increases your volume until you are practically screaming out for him as your first orgasm wracks your body and turns you into a quivering mess. Even as you cum, he doesn't stop moving inside of you.
At least, he doesn't stop until you both hear shuffling from right beside you both. With a moment of realization, you move to cover your face with your hands to hide your shame. Beel gropes around his bed to try and throw the covers over the both of you, but it is too late. Through the gaps of your fingers, you can see Belphie sitting up in his bed, staring lazily at you both.
There is an awkward moment of silence between the three of you.
Belphie is the first to speak, "Don't stop for me." His voice is groggy and his eyes are barely able to stay open.
Beel, still fully inside of you, is the one that answers him (since you are too embarrassed to show your face, let alone speak), "Sorry..."
The youngest throws his legs over the side of his bed and brings himself to standing, "Mhm."
"We were trying to let you sleep..." He sounds almost ashamed, which breaks your heart. Beel is so sweet and caring toward everyone, and hearing his voice sound so pained and doubtful breaks something inside of you.
"Mhm." Belphie walks to the edge of the bed you are lying in. He rubs his eye and stares down at you with a smirk, "I'm awake now." The tone of his voice is his usual mischievous one. You are overcome with anticipation, knowing that Belphie always has some kind of ulterior motive when he uses that voice.
With a lump in your throat, your gaze trails from his face, down his chest, and settles on his... He and Beel must think similarly because it apparently didn't take him long to bulge in his pants as well.
"Should I wait my turn or am I allowed to join?" He asked, sounding slightly upset (you have to guess at the fact that you had both started with no concern for him in the matter).
You move your hands and look at Beel. You are guessing by the fact that he is still rock hard inside of you that he isn't completely against the idea, but he is looking at you with a confused, worried face. You return his look, wondering if you are both thinking the same thing. You feel like you are having a silent conversation between both of you in an instant. You bite your lip as he stares at you. He looks off slightly to the side, which you can tell is his way of saying he will leave the decision to you. You don't want to accept if he is not comfortable with it, but the blush on his face tells you that he wouldn't mind.
With that understanding, you look at Belphie at stammer out some kind of consent to him joining. You aren't quite sure what you are even saying, given how embarrassed you at the moment, but he seems to understand as he reaches down to undo his own pants. You open your mouth to invite him inside and know that you consent to what is about to happen. He isn't nearly as large as his twin, but the size of the thing as it presses against your lips is still respectable.
Your head is bent back as he pushes into your throat, going slowly at first to make sure you don't choke as he begins to move. It doesn't take you long to grow accustomed to the motion, and you let out a small moan around his length. As soon as you do, you can feel Beel begin to move again inside of you. He had been still the entire time you were starting with Belphie so you could adjust in comfort. It almost made you cry how sweet he was with you.
Right now though, you had both brothers' cocks shoved into you, each one moving at their own pace and flooding you with pleasure. Beel was hitting deep inside of you, making your already needy body twitch around him. Belphie was pushing into your mouth, letting you taste his full length and filling your head with the desire to feel him in the same way you did his twin. You couldn't help but run your tongue over his shaft as you moaned around him.
"So pretty," Belphie said as he ran his hands across your chest, giving you little pinches as you worked on him. He was definitely still upset about earlier, but his teasing didn't hurt. In fact, you groaned each time he pinched at you. No matter how upset he was, he wouldn't hurt you or be mean. At worst, he would be passive-aggressive.
Beel's hands grabbed onto your hips as he continued to pick up speed. He wasn't just thrusting anymore. Now he was helping push you down onto himself. You instinctively wrapped your legs around him so he wouldn't move too far away from you. As you did that, his pace picked up even more. He was never rough with you, but you could feel how much he also wanted you with each movement.
"Love you." That was what came out of his mouth as he buried himself into you. Those words made you melt.
"No far, Beel." Belphie spoke up, "I love them too. You shouldn't always get to be the one that says it first."
Slowly but surely, they both began to thrust in the same rhythm. You could feel the tension in your lower body as you could feel your next orgasm already approaching. You shut your eyes and focused entirely on the feeling of being brought to the edge again.
"Are you almost there?" Belphie chuckled, "Me too. Keep going."
Beel must have been close too because the only words out of his mouth were a mixture of your name and declarations of love.
It wasn't much longer until you finally snapped and gave into your next orgasm, spasming from the intensity that the two of them brought you. Not even a minute later, both of them pulled out of you and you could feel the warmth against your stomach and chest as they both finished onto you.
You lay on the bed, panting and trying to catch your breath as the last waves of your orgasm roll through you.
The twins move to lie on either side of you, each one laying kisses across your cheeks and lips. One of them is holding onto you tightly, but you are too tired to figure out which one it is.
Beel kisses you as he keeps muttering his love and Belphie is on your other side saying how pretty you look right now. You are too exhausted to move, but you can hear one of them mention how they should probably help you clean up. Almost immediately, you can feel yourself being picked up (definitely Beel). You shake your head, not wanting to go out like this where someone might see you, but Belphie says he will make sure no one catches you.
"It will be good for us to spend more time together. Besides, I didn't get to spend as much time with you as Beel."
The tone of his voice leaves you twitching again, as you can hear the hunger still inside of his words. You lazily look up at Beel, who is staring at you with loving, but equally hungry eyes. You cross your legs in his hold and just nod, knowing that you aren't going to get to take a break any time soon if the two of them get their way. Not that you are complaining. You love them both very much, as much as they do you.
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Tumblr media
You honestly thought it would be very much harder to get him to agree to wear matching clothes but you were completely mistaken.
Lucifer is actually really into the idea, in fact, he might actually prefer that to you stealing some of his clothes. Because sure he likes the idea of you wearing his clothes.
Matching outfits, on another hand, are a complete different matter. They manage to keep his own clothes to himself and still asserts him as your one and only boyfriend.
He'll still like to have something quite discreet so don't expect you two to wear the exact same outfits. But matching accessories or even white (tee)shirts with maybe a small pattern are definitely things you can look forward to.
Tumblr media
Mammon had been wanting to wear couple outfits together with you ever since he learned it was a thing. Literally his entire wish list on Akuzon is just a bunch of couple items that he wishes he could have with you.
However Mammon being Mammon he would never admit that, in fact he was so secretive about it it ended making you grow suspicious and sneakily check his phone from over his shoulder.
When you say you're actually good with it, Mammon completely freezes. He tries so hard to appear cool to you but you see it, you see the little Mammon inside his head doing cartwheels and backflips.
Know that when your outfits (who are exactly the same from head to toe btw) finally get to you, you'll be taken on long dates by Mammon just so he can parades around the town boldly stating that you two are together.
Tumblr media
Get a lover and wear matching outfits? Yes, that was definitely one Leviathan's dreams.
While technically when he said matching outfits he actually meant matching cosplays. Oh, the thought of holding hand with as you walk around a random anime convention cosplaying as one of his OTP, this was the dream of every otaku (or so he thought).
When you actually suggest to wear matching shirts during a normal day expect to see him blush from head to toe.
"C-C-Couple o-o-outfits" Him who was all confident a second is now a stuttering mess. Poor boy can't possibly imagine you wanting to proudly state him as you boyfriend through your outfits.
He is not against it of course but start small shirts with the same pattern but different colors are the best way to get him used to it.
Also expect him to try and hide behind you in public muttering about how embarrassing this is while you lead him by the hand through the streets of the Devildom.
Tumblr media
When he first thought about couple items he thought about matching mugs. Something that reminds him of you first thing in the morning as he drinks his coffee, making him smile slightly.
However while he had heard about such things as couple outfits and thought of it as a nice idea, he never really thought twice about it.
It's when he heard you suggest it one day you were hanging out in the library together that he finally gave it an actual thought.
(This may or may not have been a clever attempt from your part to help with his dreadful fashion sense)
Satan is not the type to wear the exact same outfit as you, it might actually make him quite embarrassed but your two outfits will most definitely be sharing color palettes.
Tumblr media
You guessed it, Asmo is all about matching outfits. Sure he does prefer wearing your clothes or have you wear his if you're comfortable since it has quite the sexy side to it, something that Asmodeus is of course quite attracted to. But when for whatever you two can't wear
Unlike his brothers (except maybe Beelzebub) wearing matching outfits is not a weak attempt to announce you as his to everyone who can see but more about you two looking cute together.
He can go with anything, accessories, shirts, entire outfits or just color palettes he loves them all.
However minor setback with him is that even if you're more comfortable in darker colors he'll actually try to push you into trying something more colorful. He'll never force you of course but he just thinks you two would look adorable in pastels.
Tumblr media
He honestly never knew it was even a thing. Beelzebub's perception of random romance was honestly sucking on separate ends of a spaghetti until your lips collide "Lady and the Tramp" style so as you can guess wearing couple outfits is not something that had ever really crossed his mind.
However when you do tell him about him he is quite cool about it. In fact he is actually interested and does seem eager about the idea of having you wear the same outfit as him.
In fact not only he helps you choose some matching clothes but he also pays more attention to clothing store while on his run to get snacks and even sometimes come back with some matching stuff under the arm.
One thing Beel does love if your comfortable with it is see you in oversized clothes, so it is quite the common occurence to see him come back with a sweater three sizes to big just to see you swim in it while he chose another matching one for himself (his size this time).
By the way if he had to choose a style sportswear would be the way to go so expect a lot of sweaters and running shoes.
Tumblr media
Two words : "Matching Pajamas". He loves them. No matter your style of night wear he'll find you two matching ones (unless you prefer to sleep naked in this case matching nakedness I guess).
Loves it when the first thing one sees in the morning is the bunch of surprised face (mixed with some very badly masked envy) from his older brothers as you two walk hand in hand in the dining room still in your matching PJs.
He'll definitely love some matching day wear as well of course since once again he likes the looks he gets from others as he walk next to you in the streets of the Devildom.
Very much like Lucifer he'll still like to keep oit lowkey as he, funnily enough for someone so easily smug, does get embarrassed quite often when it comes to you. So matching white shirts are definitely what you can expect from him during the day, at night however he does like a bit more """eccentricity""" (stars pattern is unsurprisingly his favorite pattern so you might get a lot of those.
Tumblr media
REQUESTS ARE OPEN (for a short time)
Tumblr media
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the-mourning-stars · 3 days ago
Telepathy - Kyohei Yaguchi && Satoshi Onishi
Unofficial English Translation
I'm so sorry this took ages
Beelzebub singing
Beelzebub talking
Belphegor singing
Belphegor talking
Hey to you
What's the most important?
Now I really want to know about that
You're still sleeping, in your dream
Who is there with you?
Hm? No, wait, maybe in your dreams, you are also sleeping
You're too lazy, that's not fair
But it's good in a way
Oh, loving you
La la, in this world
You hold so many charms that make people look at you
You're blinking, this is so precious and they are all for me only
Hey to me
This is a special willfulness only I can use
Now I really want to ask you for a favour
You're eating again, in your stomach
I wonder what's up in there
Before my sleepiness hits me
I want to ask you about it
But it looks like you won't finish soon
Let me lie down for a while then
Oh, feeling me
La la, what's going on?
Your stomachs the universe, everyone is so into you
Your gentleness is "good", your muscles are "mood" and they are all for me only
"Hey Beel.. this song... could it be you are singing about me?"
"Hmm? No way. Ah... I want a cheeseburger. Belphie, let's go buy it."
"But you're already eating one now!"
"That said... Belphie, in this song.., you're singing about me, right?"
La la, in this world
You hold so many charms that make people look at you
You're blinking, this is so precious and they are all for me only
La la, what's going on?
Your stomachs the universe, everyone is so into you
Your gentleness is "good", your muscles are "mood" and they are all for me only
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