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#swd lucifer
amor-immortalem · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Meet Me Under The Azaleas part 9
Parts 1-8 can be read on this masterlist
Masterlist 2
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x4gay · 7 hours ago
Hey guys i’ve recently moved my rp group to discord and we are still looking for a Beel and Belphie please Dm me if interested!
Have a great day/night my loves.
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dummy-thicc-demons · 7 hours ago
Obey Me boys playing Friday Night Funkin’
I’ve been obsessed with Friday Night Funkin’ lately so take these headcanons.
MC introduced the boys to FnF....
Won’t play unless Diavolo tells him to bc Luci believes himself to be above playing computer games
Will watch the others play and make comments whenever they miss a beat
Secretly wants to play though and he’ll give in to the desire in the privacy of his own room or study
If he’s feeling nice, he’ll let MC come and play with him, but it always get spicy at the end bc Luci isn’t going to let MC leave without paying a price
He’s pretty average at the game and he hates that he’s not perfect at it
Struggles between wanting to practice and wanting to stop lowering himself just to join the others
He doesn’t have a favorite Week but he does really like the track Winter Horrorland, and when the update comes out, he also likes the track Monster
Is actually kinda good at the game?? Definitely above average
This man is crazy good at dancing so rhythm comes easily to him and definitely freestyles to the tracks
Don’t ask him to play an instrument though because he’s hopeless in that area
Will try it to gamble with his brothers and makes them make bets on who would win or lose
I don’t know why I feel like Mammy would like Week 1, but once Week 7 was released, he falls in love with it
His favorite track is DadBattle and always bops his head to the beat
Will brag and always tells MC to watch him win then proceeds to lose
Expert at the game
Because of his mad gaming skills, hitting the keys on time is easy
It also helps that he is fantastic at DDR
His biggest flex is being able to play all of the Weeks on hard mode
His ability comes from practice and dedicating his blood, sweat, and tears to gaming in general
He wants to know more about the plot and makes theories
His favorite track is Satin Panties bc he loves the duet sound is that really the only reason levi?
Interested in the game but he doesn’t love it like some of his brothers
The music is not his taste but he’ll admit that they have their charm
He’s average at the game and he’s okay with it
He would practice but he gets too into it when he does play and ends up getting angry every time he loses
They definitely needed to buy new laptops because he ended up breaking them
Doesn’t have a favorite Week but does love the track Philly
He finds joy in the line “shoot them up and take them out”
Doesn’t play the game at all and is really bad at it anyway
He doesn’t want to be stressed and start sweating bc that’s unseemly and gross
Still really likes the game though and enjoys watching his brothers flail around, particularly Mammon
Likes most of the tracks but he’s not the biggest fan of Week three, Monster, or Winter Horrorland
He loves Mommy Must Murder and wants to be her as well as fuck date her
His favorite track is Senpai but he hates the character Senpai
Thinks Lemon Demon and Senpai’s third form are disgusting inside and out
Doesn’t play often and would rather eat and watch because his brothers don’t want him to get his crumbs and grease on their laptops
When he does play, this man is a GOD
FnF just comes naturally to him and it both impresses and pisses off his brothers
Beel is a natural at the bass or the drums so it helps with his FnF skills
This man is just perfect at rhythm but pls don’t ask him to freestyle dance to the tracks
He likes the happy tones of the first two songs in Week 5 and gets hungry during Winter Horrorland
He likes what happens in Stress of Week 7 because he thought it was wholesome
Doesn’t play and doesn’t want to play
He likes just listening and dozing off
His brothers coerce him every so often but he’s just bad at the game
His favorite place to be is leaning on the shoulder of whoever is playing
His favorite Week is Week 6 because it’s chill
Doesn’t really care about the characters but he’ll like whoever MC likes
Will make fun of you if you lose or miss a lot of beats
Do I even have to say? This man is perfect at the game
Will play if Diavolo or MC asked him to
He was caught off guard when he played Week 7 on hard mode
He still won but it wasn’t a perfect score
He only missed a few beats and no one noticed but him
It’s okay because he played it a second time and it was flawless
His favorite track is High bc he likes the chill bob sound and always has a small smile whenever he hears it
Diavolo is so bad at it someone pls help him
What he lacks in skill, he makes up in enthusiasm
Absolutely adores the game, it’s music, it’s characters, and it’s concept
Will listen to the soundtrack often as a stress reliever
Will call MC to have tea with him as they play FnF in the garden
He loves the energy of Week 4 and his favorite track is MILF
Wants MC to wear Mommy Must Murder’s outfit
Heard of the game before but never played it himself until MC brought it up
Above average player
He plays with Levi sometimes and that’s where he gets his skill from
Definitely a huge fan of mods bc he likes the extra content and admires the work that other people put in
Doesn’t play on his own since he’s a busy magic man but he will play if the group is playing
Vibes to the music but won’t listen to it outside of the game
Teams up with Diavolo to try to get MC in the milf outfit
Another example of can’t play for shit
He can’t even use his D.D.D correctly and you expect me to believe that he can play FnF?
This kind of music is new to him and was startled and overwhelmed when he first heard it
Is amazed at Levi, Barbatos, and Beel’s mastery of the game
Plays whenever Luke or MC asks him to
He also likes to pester Lucifer and try to get him to play the game
Like Beel, he enjoys the happy vibe of Week 5
Good at the game
He’s a quick learner so give him a few turns on a level and he’ll be able to beat it even if he isn’t perfect
Plays the game during his free time bc he thinks it’s fun
Will beep and aah to the tracks whenever they play
You’ll see him tapping his fingers in the table, and when you ask, he’ll tell you that he’s practicing
Secretly likes playing with the demon brothers bc they’re always so chaotic and entertaining
Considered cosplaying as BF but was to scared to ask Levi to help him
Lastly, here my OC just bc
Heard about it from a friend in the human world and immediately fell in love
Average at the game but she’s practicing hard
Freestyles with Mammon
Like Luke, she will beep and aah whenever she hears a track playing
Loves watching the boys play she loves watching the boys do anything really
Favorite track is Ugh and lowkey simps for Tankman much to Levi’s distress and confusion
She also wants to wear the milf outfit but won’t agree to Diavolo and Solomon’s unless they call her Mommy
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dummy-thicc-demons · 9 hours ago
I’m still very angry that Lucifer, Satan, Solomon, and Diavolo just refuse to wear their sleeves correctly like what the hell
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insect-empire · 9 hours ago
Otama Tony Reaction~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Image 1: "Otama Tony? You've made a other strange friend, haven't you?"
Image 2: "How do you play it? You'll teach me, won't you?"
Image 3: "The house has been awfully loud lately. Turns out everyone has been playing with these guys."
Image 4: "I have my piano so I should join in next time."
Otama Tony was available on akuzon from 4/21/2021 through 4/25/2021.
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moemammon · 15 hours ago
Alright so my request is angsty-ish. Mc is engaged to someone else when they move for the exchange program and stays faithful during their entire stay, so maybe hcs on how the brothers react to a taken MC who (if they even try to advance) actively avoids romantic situations with them, and maybe a little bonus of them reuniting with their lover smittened.
I tried to request this before but all my asks get eaten so I just wanted to make sure it got through
"What Do You Mean You're Already Taken?!" (Feat the Demon Bros and GN!MC)
(Hell yeah angst time heheHEH >:))
Can you even imagine how Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, reacted when his obvious advances toward you were always awkwardly brushed off? No matter what he tried, no matter how perfectly romantic the situation, he could never coax you into accepting his affections.
And he soon found out why, when you finally admitted that you were taken by another.
He can't remember the last time he's felt pain like this. He'd finally found someone he could be... vulnerable with. Someone he could open himself up to, who wouldn't see him in a different light as a result.
But to know that no matter what, he'll never be able to have you? It's a worse punishment than he could've imagined himself. He can't do anything but accept it, and you'll soon find that his advances come to a complete vault.
He's a little colder to you, but that's only because he's trying to relearn how to feel about your presence. He asks that you give him some time alone, for a few days. He'll be busy in his office in the time being.
God, he's crushed. Mammon... was always aiming to be your first everything. Guess someone beat him to the punch before he could do anything to stop it. It takes everything in him not to accuse you of pulling his leg.
But you can't be serious... right? You're saying that no matter what he does or how strongly he feels, he can never have you? He won't get to hold you against him? He'll never be able to kiss you? To pull you under his sheets so you can sleep your worries away? Never be able to tell you just how much he loves you, more than any material possession in this entire world...?
But... why couldn't you just choose him..?
Mammon doesn't get it. He feels like he's always getting the short end of the bargain no matter what he tries. He knew the stakes were high when he started pining for you. You're... YOU! Perfect, amazing, lovable you... who will never be his.
These days he's barely home. You guys are still 'friends', but sometimes you can't tell if he's teasing you or actually being mean. He can't even stand being around you for too long, because his damned heart starts pounding until it hurts. He'd rather gamble the nights away than to have to deal with that.
Of course you're taken... it's not like he could've expected otherwise. Someone as great as you wouldn't look good standing with a gross otaku...
Jokes aside, Levi's heart has just shattered into a million pieces. You were his one! The one he dreamed about! The one he wanted to be around, despite his crippling social anxiety!
You got him... No, you REALLY got him. He didn't have to put up any walls when he was with you. He knew you liked him for who he was, and that you weren't secretly making fun of him when he wasn't around.
And... you two actually enjoyed one another's company! You shared so many laughs, so many days together, and just when he thought he'd gathered the courage to ask you to be his, you told him that you were taken.
He'll get over it. He's used to being disappointed, after all. Just don't mind him while he spends the next two weeks holed up in his room. If you need something, do you might just writing a note and slipping it under his door? He can't bear to look at his phone, since it's full of pictures of you.
Satan didn't mean to cause an outburst like that. He never meant to scare you. But when he realized that all this time spent falling deeper, and hopelessly in love with you, was all for naught? He didn't know how to react.
So many new, strange feelings rushed into him at once, until it all exploded in a fit of rage. Was it really anger? Or was it sorrow so strong that it could've been mistaken as such? He couldn't tell, because he's never felt this way before.
His room had been completely destroyed, many precious books lost to the unstoppable force that was his angry release. And when it subsided he was left feeling empty and lost... scared, even.
Would you think differently of him now? Would he think differently of YOU now? Could this... odd, sick, twisted relationship of yours be mended..? He didn't even know if he had the strength to attempt it.
So he isolates himself from you, spending a great deal of time repairing the damage done to his room. And when that's been finished, he's reading like his life depends on it. In the world of books, he can forget about real life entirely. Is it silly for him to imagine that maybe, some day, everything will work out like in a lighthearted fairytale?
So you have a partner? Polygamy is fine too! Or so he thought, until you emphasized that you were loyal to your one and only partner. Meaning.. Asmo wasn't invited to the party.
Now, the Avatar of Lust wasn't exactly one who knew rejection. Sure he got a few 'no's here and there, but those little flings meant nothing and had no weight on his heart.
But you? You... were everything he didn't know he needed. Asmo knew he was beautiful and alluring, but you knew there was more to him than that. And you sought to bring those parts of him out into the light! He could only dream of showing his true self to you and you alone.
Asmodeus felt so secure with you, like the mask he'd been wearing for millennia could finally come off. With you, he could just be himself, and he could never tell you just how much that really meant to him. But now his heart aches with a pain he's never felt before, and it hurts so much that he can't help but cry.
His devilgram followers have been seeing him a LOT more lately. So has all of the devildom, really. He's never home anymore, choosing to fill the void with temporary lovers instead. It isn't enough though, and it only makes the pain worse. But in the end, what more can he do? He doesn't understand what love is without you.
Beel loved you. More than he could understand. More than he could've known.
When the feeling first blossomed within him, he thought it was hunger. Instead, it was a burning desire for you and only you, twisting in his core and setting his heart on fire.
Beel didn't understand it, but he knew that when you were with him, he could breathe a little easier. He could forget about the gnawing hunter that clouded his thoughts. For once, he actually felt free of his sin.
And then, you told him about your significant ofter, and he’d never felt so hungry in his life. The pain was so strong he thought he might collapse from weakness right then and there. It hurt... he hated it...
To everyone's shock, Beel has begun losing his appetite more frequently, most often after catching a glimpse of you. That familiar pain would sprout within him again and make him grimace, and he could no longer find the desire to eat. Maybe he'd just take his meals to his room from now on..?
Right... of course. A human like you would be partnered with a human. It was natural that you'd have relationships before your life in the devildom. Anyone would've known that. So... why the hell did it sting so much?
Belphie couldn't sleep. Every moment he closed his eyes, visions of your sweet smile, your wonderful laugh, the way your nose wrinkled when you ate something gross... all of it haunted him. He couldn't get you out of his head no matter what he tried.
And it was so much worse now that he knew you were taken. He wondered if this was a punishment for killing you, like the universe's way of judging him for his misdeeds, and the ages of hatred he held in his heart for humans. Why would fate allow him to be happily partnered to one?
Try as he might, this was one worry he couldn't sleep away. He could never get comfortable. He couldn't close his eyes without thinking about you. He didn't want this. He hated this feeling of self loathing and regret. Belphagor wanted you, more than he’d ever wanted anything.
Maybe... he could convince you to love him? Show you that his love was so, SO much more than what anyone else could offer? He’d remind you of all the times you two shared together. You're not scared, right? Good. That's the last thing he’d want, because he loves you.
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kaitycole · 19 hours ago
saying the first ‘I love you’
Tumblr media
Summary: The OM boys saying the first ‘I love you’
Tumblr media
Plans the perfect moment and then says it
Asmodeus, Simeon, Diavolo
Says it off hand but is genuine
Belphegor, Solomon
Plans the perfect moment, but you end up saying it first
Lucifer, Satan
Too nervous and you say it first
Beelzebub, Barbatos
Texts it to you
Blurts it out loudly and in public
Tumblr media
likes, comments, and reblogs are always appreciated!
interested in more? --> masterlist
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sweetheart-for-animeboys · 19 hours ago
𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕠𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕓𝕪 𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕚𝕗𝕖𝕣
𝚃𝚢𝚙𝚎: small one shot imagine
𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜: Lucifer, GN!Reader, i did not proof read this I just plugged it into Grammarly and called it a day
𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐: gun mention and a threat to shoot the reader with it
𝙽𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜: based off the spy event. It’s a bit OOC for this event but I’ve seen a lot of people on TikTok joking how they want Lucifer to shoot them with a gun bc of that one card in the event which brought the inspiration lol
Tumblr media
Your hands are tied around your back, you’re on your knees on the floor, clothes, and hair a bit disheveled due to the resistance you had while getting to the room you were currently in.
Dark eyes stared right back at you, almost glaring, before going down towards his gloved hands cleaning a Glock.
Once he finished, he tosses the small towel to a nearby table and kneels towards you, a mixture of a smirk and a sadistic smile prominent on his face as he grabbed your chin.
“Now you’re going to tell me what you know, or I might have to resort to some rather...”—he let’s go if you and stands up, looking at the refined gun in his hands— “unorthodox means.”
You scoff internally, there was no way you were going to be intimidated by this.
“Or what? You’re gonna shoot me?” You sneered, showing to be not at all phased by his intimidating, but rather attractive, tone and the gun in his hands.
Suddenly you felt something cold on your forehead and the sound of a gun cocking.
There he was, looking at you with a full in sadistic look as his finger threatened to pull the trigger.
“I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?”
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x4gay · a day ago
Hey y’all don’t think i’m gonna post much tonight i’m very much mentally out of it but I won’t leave y’all high and dry. Hopefully when I start my new meds I’ll be a bit better. Remember to care for yourself and if you need to talk i’m always a dm away.
Solomon x MC
just some fluff
I finally get to stay over at purgatory hall. I promised I would watch some movie marathon with Solomon the others decided to go out for the night to give Solomon and I privacy. I head over to purgatory hall and was greeted by Simeon and Luke who were on their way out. I walked to the living room, you could seriously get lost in these halls.
“Hey MC ready for the horror movie marathon” Solomon was already sitting on the couch he looked kind of nervous.
“Horror movies? Great!” I really love horror movies. Well not watching them alone but the idea is nice.
“If you get scared you can always sit with me i’ll protect you.” Solomon teased.
“Haha let’s start watching” I sat on a sofa and got comfortable with a blanket. Solomon sat next to me and rested his head on my shoulder. I could stay like this forever if i’m being honest. The movie wasn’t even that scary but i’m starting to think Solomon doesn’t like the movie. I stared at him with worried eyes. He was furrowing his brows. Without thinking I rub my thumb in between his eyebrows. It normally relaxes a person he flinched at first but melted into my touch.
“Hey are you okay?” I hugged his head.
“Yeah just a bit tired, mind if we turn the movie off” He shook his head.
“Of course” I smiled at him and turned off the tv.
“What did you think of the movie” He questioned.
“Well it wasn’t scary at all, i’ve seen way worse. I don’t see how someone could be scared of this silly movie” I let go of Solomon’s head to look at him.
“Pff yeah it wasn’t scary at all” His voice was a bit more high pitched than usual. I think he’s actually scared I smiled at him thinking about how the sorcerer was scared of a small movie. “What” Solomon asked.
“We’re you scared.” I question.
“No...” He got defensive.
“Okay... I’m going to go use the restroom.” I got up and walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later I come back and see Solomon squeezing a pillow. I stared for a bit and walked to him. He jumped a bit when he heard my footsteps.
“Oh hi..” He calmed a bit. Solomon was really tense so I stayed away from him to not scare him.
“Are you sure you’re okay? It’s okay to be scared.” I looked at him with a concerned look.
“I’m not- okay I am, happy?” He sighed.
“Hey i’m not going to judge it’s okay to be scared.” I smiled at him reassuring him.
“Can you come over here and comfort me” He shyly said. With no hesitation I smiled and sat next to him.
I held him in my arms and his heart rate completely slowed. I gave a small kiss on his head and he pushed me back to where he was laying on me.
“Thank you” He mumbled.
“For what?” I question. Solomon looked up at me and looked me in the eyes.
“For comforting me and just being you.” I smiled and held him tighter. Soon enough Solomon planted a kiss on my lips. My face felt hot. We spent the rest of the night in each other’s arm just soaking up each other’s company.
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insect-empire · a day ago
Fly like a Spy Synopsis~
For anyone who missed the event or simply wishes to know what happened. 
Tumblr media
Spoilers Ahead~
We begin in a train car, with hazard lights flashing red all around us. Mammon, quickly established as the leader of the mission the MC is on, begins to yell and panic as he attempts to find a way off the train. After apologizing or telling him to chill out, they make it back to the base of operations where Lucifer is waiting for them. Mammon complains about the MC's lack of training, but Lucifer praises them for going on a tough mission and even invites them on a more important one at a later date.
Their conversation is interrupted, however, by the arrival of the other agents-- who, of course, introduce themselves. There’s Leviathan the genius hacker, Satan who’s in charge of gathering intel, Asmodeus the master of disguise, Beelzebub who’s the brawns, and Belphegor the infiltration specialist. After introductions, Lucifer informs us of a new important mission. A large resort is being constructed by the Three-Legged Crow Group, and it’s believed to be a cover-up for something much larger.
Because the state of the art technologies and securities that the group possesses, it’s decided that they have to infiltrate from the inside by getting close to the Vice President of the company, Diavolo. Lucifer, Mammon, and the MC are chosen to be Dia’s personal bodyguards, while the other agents are going to be scattered about the group trying to get as much intel as possible. Before they begin their mission, Mammon pulls the MC aside and informs them that they must pretend to not know the other agents if they ever come in contact with them, or else it will blow their covers.
The mission begins, they walk into the Three-Legged Crow Group’s building and Lucifer distributes mini, wireless headsets for them to use if they ever run into trouble. Diavolo and his secretary, Barbatos, appear before them. They promise to protect Dia from any harm that may come to him. Diavolo takes them with him on a run to meet with the owner of the land he is planning to build a resort on. though, he separates them into three cars, likely a tactic to avoid eavesdropping. This leads to Lucifer and the MC are in a car alone together, and they have a quiet moment where Lucifer commends the MC for all the hard work they have been doing and encourages them to keep it up. Which is strangely sweet.
Finally, they arrive on the property and the MC immediately attempts to gather intel. But, is shot down by Barbatos’s dismissive answer. Before the MC can dig themselves into a hole, Satan shows up posed as the owner’s lawyer. Satan expertly begins to inform Diavolo that his “employer” no longer wishes to sell his land to Dia because of suspicion that they are using the land for malicious intent. Despite how well conjured the lie is, Diavolo and Barbatos don’t give away any information and instead take their leave for the day.
A quick time skip is mentioned, they have been working on the mission for a few days at this point. However, they have infiltrated another agent, Asmo, who is posing as Diavolo’s new secretary. It is also revealed later when they are having lunch, that Beel now works in the cafeteria. He gives the MC a USB drive that contains information he gathered from gossiping employees and tells them to give it to Lucifer.
Lucifer immediately opens the information after Levi sends him the deciphered files. Inside is surveillance footage of Barbatos talking on the phone. The MC returns to work and accidentally bumps a janitor-- who is in fact, Belphie! He’s been working there for a few days and mentions patterns he’s noticed. He relays the pattern information to the MC and tells them to inform Lucifer.
Finally, the big final of the mission is announced. They are going to infiltrate Diavolo’s office after hours, using Levi’s excellent hacker skills to bypass security. This disheartens Levi, however, because he doesn’t want to do fieldwork, he just wants to stay in his room (laugh track). It begins, Levi immediately hacks into the security cameras and sets the footage on a loop so the guards will not see them coming. However, despite the attempt, the guards are headed their way. Mammon phones in Lucifer, panicking, but they decide to hide without Lucifer telling them to do so.
The guards just don’t seem to be going away, so Mammon in his wisdom decides to stealth attack them from behind. He manages to take them out somehow and ties them up. Levi proceeds to unlock the security on the door but instantly hits a snag. It’s much more complex than he originally thought. He manages to get the door open, but can only hold it for three minutes, so it’s up to the MC to run in and copy the information from Barb’s PC onto a USB in under three minutes.
The MC manages to get in, but the computer is password protected. The MC can either ask Levi for advice or try random passwords. It ends up being “Diavolo.” However, the MC only has 30 seconds to get out of the room once they’ve obtained the information, but they thankfully make it. Unfortunately, the alarms have been triggered. Lucifer yells for them to get to the roof where he’s waiting for them with a helicopter. But, an unforeseen event occurs! Levi has been captured by Diavolo and Barbatos!
They make a trade deal, Levi for the flash drive. Levi tries to sacrifice himself for the team, but Mammon stands firm on not leaving him behind. he concocts a plan where the MC fakes handing off the flash drive, but before they can grab it, Mammon shoves over Dia. He falls to the ground and gets into a fight with Barbatos. MC grabs Levi and makes their way to the helicopter, with Mammon in tow. They get away safely and with the information.
The team rejoices for a job well done, and we finally find out what the Three-Legged Crow Group wanted the land for. Turns out, there was an unusual energy source in the area, and they were planning on building an underground research facility to harness the energy source's abilities. But, because the information was now in the hands of the team's agency, Diavolo canceled the project and resigned from his position as Vice President of the company. but, plot twist! Diavolo and Barbatos are now hired at the agency and are working as proper team members. How nice!
Fly like a Spy event was available from 4/17/2021 through 4/28/2021.
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radnewspaper · a day ago
Lucifer, to his brothers: Alright, listen up, everyone. I have an announcement to make and I only have two minutes.
Belphegor: Why? Are you in a hurry?
Lucifer: No, I was referring to your relatively short attention spans.
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cloudsofclan · a day ago
So I was very drunk last night but I still did all my daily missions I'm proud
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After reading the domme writing all I have to say is Lucifer 👏 needs 👏 to 👏 get 👏 pegged 👏
he absolutely does 
There’s something very satisfying about seeing a man as normally composed as Lucifer come undone beneath you. But you can’t quite put your finger on why, maybe it’s how one of the only things he can manage to say between pleasured gasps and cries is your name. Or the way his entire body seems to shake with delight every motion of your hips as you plunge in and out of him. 
He’s really close to cumming, the way his cock twitches and leaks pre-cum are clear signs. It would be so easy for you to slow down, or to stop completely and watch him despair, knowing he would have to beg for his release. But... he’s already begging for you already to keep going, to let him finish. 
“Ah please don’t stop,” he pleads between heavy breaths, and you won’t deny the pleasure it gives you knowing that you managed to have Lucifer begging for you to let him finish, without even forcing him to. So you let him cum after a few more heavy thrusts. 
“Don’t look so pleased with yourself.” He murmurs after some time passes, noticing the smirk of satisfaction that was on your face, sending a glare your direction, but there’s no heat behind it. 
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mammons-tax-returns · a day ago
comforting you about your body insecurities pt. 1
beelzebub, mammon, lucifer
:) ! first post back!! (rest of the brothers coming later)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is a very attentive demon, despite being busy with his nose shoved in a stack of papers around the clock
He really does find you wonderful, both just to relax with and to admire.
And he’s known that you piqued his interest ever since you appeared before him in the stuco room. And this is LUCIFER. He normally doesn’t give any human a second glance. Unless ur some powerful and dangerously talented sorcerer with white hair 🤧but that aside
Tonight, he gets a break from Diavolo’s workload because there is yet another ball being held at the castle.
He sprays a faint but expensive cologne on his skin, quietly hoping that you would like and comment on it so he could respond with some flirty line. That would be nice, he thinks.
Then, he’s taking long strides leading out of his bedroom, and heading over to yours beside the kitchen, where he hears his siblings bickering over the best fruit.
He knocks on the door first, waiting for a response that never comes. He only hears your favorite song from within.
He calls your name, only becoming more confused the longer the silence grows
When he pushes open the door, he’s nearly relieved to see you standing in front of the body mirror, fixing the the collar of your outfit. You turn to look at him offer a smile. “Hey, Luci. You’re punctual, as usual.”
He hums under his breath in response. A silent “i know”. He pads over to you, placing a hand on your hip affectionately. “You look good enough to eat, handsome. Asmodeus may have his moments but he certainly knows how to dress anyone with anything.”
You look at your own eyes in the reflection, not able to respond entirely. Lucifer means well, you’re sure of it. He doesn’t know that the past hour of preparation for the ball was spent scowling at the parts of you that you could never quite enjoy entirely.
Lucifer looks questioningly at your expression from the mirror. “y/n? Is something the matter?”
At that, you snap back to reality and look back at him. “Huh? Oh... Right— Sorry, I just,” you trail off, at a loss for words. Was this the right time to mention your thoughts, before a ball? “It’s nothing, just lost in my thoughts, I suppose.”
Lucifer’s eyebrows knit in the way that they tend to do when he worries. “Mind sharing? I’d love to sit and listen.” His hands slide around your waist until he’s hugging you, and you catch a whiff of his cologne which makes you melt. Once again you wonder if this relationship was something you deserved.
“Don’t give me that, lovely. I said I’d like to listen, no?” As you turn your head away, he takes the opportunity to rest his head on the crook of your neck.
You sigh, smiling hopelessly. You hate to admit it, but his response makes you feel jittery on the inside. “It’s silly really, I just wasn’t feeling myself just now. The clothes are amazing! But...” You know exactly what you’ll say next, but the words feel venomous in your mouth. “I’m wondering if Asmodeus understands how wasteful it is to put them on me, you know?”
Lucifer is at a loss, and his heart aches at your words. “Oh dear... Well that’s no good. I can’t have my gorgeous lover worrying himself over something that’s so far from the truth.”
You are already aware that Lucifer will always support you no matter what, and the thought is both heart warming and bothersome. “Yeah, yeah, Lucifer... I’ve heard it all alr-“
“Then what do you not understand?” Lucifer cuts you off promptly and confidently. “Do you really believe that I’d sugarcoat this? Anything?”
You swallow thickly. “N-... No. You wouldn’t...”
“Good. That’s a good response.” He places a sweet kiss on your cheek, ruby eyes flitting up to your own gaze in the mirror. “I’m almost afraid of other demons trying to steal you away in such a dashing outfit, to be honest. Enjoy yourself, but if any of my brothers try anything, I swear...”
You laugh a little, running a free hand through his hair and noting how he almost sinks into your touch. Almost like a cat. “Thank you, Lucifer. For everything.”
Lucifer kisses your hand softly. “You are perfection, darling.”
You look forward to slow dancing alongside the eldest brother now, losing yourself in the music. Lucifer was right, there was really nothing to worry yourself over.
Tumblr media
Mammon, unfortunately, had to cancel date night plans for the weekend for a modeling gig.
You were disappointed, but not mad at him. He told you in advance, offered to make up for it, and usually tries his best to uphold his promises.
He offers to bring you with him, guilty at the thought of your alone in your room.
You don’t know whether to accept it or not. Would you fit in on a set full of gorgeous, picture-perfect demons?
Mammon has his hand on the back of his neck, nervous that you’re too angry at him to want to say yes.
To his delight, you smile and agree to go with him. Maybe, this way, he can avoid others flirting with him when they know that his boyfriend would be in the room.
At first, it makes you feel a little bit happier seeing Mammon light up with joy after seeing him pout like a puppy moments ago.
The day has come that you step onto the modeling floor. The photographers and staff know you well due to Mammon’s insistent bragging about you and your relationship. Clutching your D.D.D. anxiously, you make your way over to Mammon, who is already posing for a camera under bright studio lights.
You keep to the shadows as you watch him intently. Mammon is well known for his idiocy, but he is one handsome devil.
The evil snickering of two demons sound behind you, to which you ignore. You were too nervous to actually move, anyways.
Whatever... It doesn’t concern me... Right?
The giggles don’t stop, and you can’t help but listen in on their whispers. It sounds as if they purposely spoke louder than normal just to bother you.
“Look at how his eyes are shining... Obsessed with Mammon, much?” Oh boy. It really seems like they’re talking about...
“Let’s talk about those clothes, though... Are you kidding me... Does the human world really have that low of standards— or is this the bottom of the barrel.” At that, the two burst into a fit of cackles.
Luckily, a photographer hisses at them, irritated with the noise breaking his concentration. They quiet down, but continue to berate you in ways you had never even considered.
You’re sweating bullets now, itching to use your hand to wipe the oncoming tears of embarrassment. You blink them away, and don’t notice that your boyfriend is now finished with his shoot.
You tense upon seeing him speaking to the camera tech. Your heart nearly jumps out of your throat. The last thing you needed was him seeing you cry right now. He’d be worried sick.
Not even bothering to excuse yourself, you slip into the bathroom and can only focus on the laughter of the other demons behind you. The sound causes you to shake slightly as you shut the door behind you.
There is more than one stall, so you briefly worry that someone would come in and find you bawling your eyes out in the middle of a semi-professional setting. You sigh heavily and turn the sink on to wash your face.
The more you stood in front of the sink rubbing your face, the more vividly you remember the rude comments made about you. Could they have been true?
With a troubled look, you sneak a glance at yourself in the mirror.
You didn’t think that your clothes were particularly “bad”... They said so much, and it’s all coming back like a vicious and cruel tsunami.
No matter what you do, you can’t seem to stop crying.
“Oh y/n!!~ Where are ya’ at?” Mammon crashes through the door, hands on his hip with a toothy and closed-eye grin.
Thinking quickly, you reach over to grab a hand towel and press your face into it. “H-Hey, Mammon, you looked good out there...”
Mammon must have picked up on your wavering tone, because he pauses.
You’re frozen on the spot when he places a hand on your shoulder, although you can’t see him through the towel.
“Uhh... What’s up with you? Don’t tell me that you’re...” It’s too late to react when he pushes the towel aside to find your teary eyes.
“Wh-What?!” His heart drops immediately. “What’s wrong babe?! Are you like... I dunno hurt or something?!”
You exhale shakily, still trying to calm yourself. “Those models out there are just... A little too honest about me, I s-suppose... But it’s really fine. I just... I don’t know... I guess I just needed a minute to... Freak out a little?”
“Honest? What the hell do you—“ A sudden feeling of recognition pulled at his features. Truth be told, he knew those demons personally, having worked with them before. Then the guilt of knowing exactly what happened began to eat away at him. “Oh...”
You shifted, wishing that he would drop the subject. This was getting much too embarrassing to bear, and the way his eyes drooped with sadness made your stomach churn. “Mammon. I-I’m serious, I’m okay—“
Mammon’s arms surround you like a sturdy, calming veil.
“I know you’re not, y/n!” Mammon had no desire to listen to you pretend to act unbothered. “I don’t know what they’ve told you, but I can guarantee that I have been given comments just as bad as those- and I’m The Mammon.”
You grip onto his shirt, avoiding making eye contact with him. “But... That’s the thing Mammon. I’m not nearly as confident or perfect as you.”
Mammon holds you tighter, voice softening drastically. “Don’t you think that’s exactly what I think of you when you comfort me on my bad days?”
A pool of warmth starts to seep from the depths of your chest. And your furrowed brows start to relax. “Really..? You mean it?”
“y/n, you are precious to me, and all of my crazy ass brothers. And there is no way in hell that I’ll allow some scum of the world get in the way of realizing how flawless you are.”
Tumblr media
Beel wants nothing more than to spend every second of the day with you. And Belphie.
But unfortunately, most of his time is spent in the gym, if not the kitchen.
So he asks you if you would like to start working out with him at the gym, or even if you were just interested in hanging around and nothing more. He just wanted your presence.
The idea itself made your heart swell. But after a bit of thinking, you weren’t so sure. You’ve never been to a gym in Devildom before, but you were sure it wasn’t very different from human gyms.
It would be filled with confident and toned bodies that would put you down without even trying.
And as much as you wanted to be there with Beel, you weren’t ready for the prospect of the nasty looks you’d receive sitting beside the sixth-born who is a perfectly sculpted athlete.
After all, he seemed a bit too good for you, as it seemed in your head.
Beel wonders why you turned him down. Had he done something to upset you?
He’d have to get down to the bottom of it, lest he regret ignoring your behavior.
To do this, he takes a day off from the gym, thinking that the answer to this situation would be to spend time together. Smiling to himself, he clutches a bag of sweets to his chest.
y/n has got to love this, he thinks excitedly.
Knocking once, he can barely keep himself from barging in and tearing into his baked goodies. “y/n, I’m here. Wanna share these cookies with me? There’s also pound cake and cupcakes... The mini ones with enchanted apples on them.”
His smile falls a little when there’s a long note of silence. “y/n?” He questions.
“Oh! Uh... Sorry, Beel... Maybe another day. I’m studying for that final right now.” Beel knows you sound sincere, but something about this response seems off.
His heart sinks a little, feeling a little embarrassed after being rejected. He hadn’t expected this.
“Ah... Are you sure?”
There’s a silence from the other side of the door, and the sixth born starts to genuinely worry.
Truth be told, you had been weeping alone looking through images of famous demon athletes that advertised the same gym that Beel attended regularly. It was a dangerous thing to do, but how could you look away?
You take a glance at yourself in the mirror. your eyes were barely puffy. A bit red too. But overall, nothing seemed very different. Maybe— Just maybe, he wouldn’t even notice.
“Hello? You in there?”
You stiffen at the sound of his voice.
“Coming!” Hopping to your feet, you rush to the door and open it.
“Oh man, I was starting to get antsy smelling this bag... Let’s hurry and dig in.” His eyes are trained on the food in his hands, and his mouth is watering.
“Oh, Beel... You have some drool again!” You lightly scold him and wipe the corner of his mouth with a napkin from the table right beside the door.
At that, he finally gets a good look at you.
“Oh, thank y—... ou...” He trails off instantaneously. “Your eyes...”
You sigh and bow your head sheepishly. “Agh... I should’ve known you’d catch me. It’s not anything serious, I just was... I was watching a sad movie is all.”
His eyebrows knit together. “So were you studying or watching a movie?”
He caught me.
He pushes forward, closing the door behind him and taking your hands in his. He leaves the bag abandoned on the floor.
“y/n... What’s been up with you lately? You’re seriously not yourself.”
Your face flushes, and you sigh. Your throat suddenly feels tight. “Uh... That’s...”
He’s noticed this entire time. I’m an idiot.
“Listen, Beel...” You squeeze his hand. “I’ll tell you because I know that if I don’t, you’ll be worried sick.”
He nods hurriedly, heart rate increasing.
“I guess I just...” The words struggle to make their way out. “I don’t understand how-how someone like you; handsome, kind, and strong could end up with...” You pause, starting to tear up. “With someone like me.”
Beel takes a moment to process your situation.
And when he does, his head starts to spin, and his heart feels heavy like a boulder.
“y/n... What are you even thinking?” Is all he manages to whisper. He pulls you into a tight, comforting hug and sniffles.
“You mean literally more to me than anything or anyone else.” He says firmly. “I don’t know what part of you you’re so hung up on, I couldn’t even imagine there being any reason to be.”
“You don’t have to—“
“I do.” He cuts you off firmly. If he didn’t, you may try to deny his definite truth. “y/n, I know i’m all about food and training... I’m sorry I don’t know how to make you realize how wonderful you are.
But I’d like to learn that with you. Is that okay?”
Your tears finally fall, soaking through his tank top.
“Of course... I’d love that.”
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dreamkidddream · a day ago
Hiya~ Can I request quote 9) "Are you jealous?" for Lucifer in Obey Me! pretty please😊
This was so much fun to write! Luci know that he gets jealous but never wants to admit (his jealousy is worse than Mammon but you didn’t hear it from me 🤭) and sorry this got kinda long! Reader is gender neutral!
TW: suggestive/spicy themes, but nothing extremely graphic is mentioned
Prompt: “Are you jealous?” with Lucifer!
Tumblr media
Lucifer is pissed.
He’s tapping his foot, and constantly checking his phone, waiting in his study for you to either walk in or call him. It’s late, and you’re still not home yet. He asked his brothers where exactly you are, and when Asmo told him that you’re out with the same “friend” you seem to blow all of them off for some time now, it just makes his mood turn even more sour, the scowl on his face deepening.
Now, Lucifer is not opposed to you making friends, as long as they aren’t a threat to you, his family, Lord Diavolo and the other exchange students. He understands that it’s very easy for you to connect with others, intentional or not, and he encourages it to a certain extent. However, this same “friend” that you’ve been increasingly been hanging out with for the past couple of weeks is starting to rub him the wrong way. Of course he’s met this “friend”, a classmate from your Seductive Speechcraft class (which just made him feel more unease with you being with them), and they seemed harmless enough (for a demon at least). Annoying, but harmless, at first.
Then began the constant need for your attention.
It started with the messages and calls under the guise of studying, the “innocent” demon begging you for help so that they can pass the class, and you being the naive nice human that you are of course obliged their request. Then it escalated from once a week, to three times a week, to almost staying after school every day just to “help”. He didn’t like that, as it’s him or his brothers that always walk you home every time, and this demon (who he found is Yuki, a demon who feeds off of sexual energy nonetheless), is messing with the routine, but he kept his cool and forced his brothers to do the same. He- They weren’t happy about this, but at the end of the day, you’re still coming home to him- them, and nothing is changing that. Not to mention how he made sure that someone had their eyes on you, whether it’s Mammon, Beel, or even himself (which he preferred).
Until Yuki decided that you need to hang out more, without him or his brothers.
That’s when he made it known of his dislike towards them, and dislike is putting it lightly.
You started to come home right at dinner, right before Beel devoured your plate. Mammon obviously voiced his displeasure aloud, with the others silently agreeing or making passing comments, but Lucifer would just shut the conversation down before anyone gets too upset, mainly for himself. He doesn’t want to lose control over something trivial like this, he can’t, he won’t- he’s well above some minuscule pest like them, and it would be a waste of time and energy to be worried about someone who is clearly below him!
He’s already irritated with Yuki integrating themselves into your everyday life, but he’s also trying to fight the increasing sinking feeling in his stomach the more you both bond.
The more you two become more than acquainted with one another, the more Lucifer tries to fight and hide this feeling. He buries himself in more paperwork, practically locks himself in his study, avoids anyone’s questions or concerns, and has become overall snappier than usual. He’s even snapped on Lord Diavolo, Lord Diavolo of all people!
(Granted Diavolo just thought it was overall stress, so he just simply laughed it off, but it didn’t go unnoticed by everyone, including you).
Now Lucifer is not stupid, he’s a very intelligent and powerful demon, and he doesn’t have to say it to be known. He made sure to do some research himself on Yuki, and didn’t put anything past them. You’re still surrounded by demons who wouldn’t hesitate to swallow you whole if allowed, and some are still desperate enough to try anything, so he’s very cautious with others being around you.
Which leads to now, you being out again with that demon at The Fall. Ever since, Lucifer retired to his study, constantly checking his phone for any updates. He refused to look distressed in front of everyone, and he knows that you’re smart and not so gullible, you’ll be okay, you had to be.
It’s well going on 1 in the morning, and you still haven’t answered any of his calls and texts? You swore that you would always answer him, so something had to happen. What exactly were you doing? What exactly were you two doing? We’re you okay? Are you safe? Has that Yuki tried anything with you?
Were you two doing anything now?
All of these questions swirling around in his head, his worry only adding on to his frustrations and building tension going through his body.
He already marched down to the door, coat forgotten and tie undone, flinging it open and scowl so deep that his fangs were bared. That Yuki better hope that you come home in one piece and spotless, or else he will make sure that they regret being alive-
He couldn’t wipe the surprised look on his face when he made eye contact with you, who was matching his own expression, hand frozen in the air mid knock.
“Lucifer? What are you still doing up? Are you about to go somewhere?” His expression quickly morphed to one of high distaste, the irritation displaying clearly on his face and his grip tightening on the door.
“I was still awake waiting for you. Have you forgotten how to use a phone, or are you too good for one now that you’re with your ‘friend’. And I remember specifically telling you to let me know when you leave, did I not?”
“Oh. phone kinda died, but I was already on the way home and-”
“By yourself?! Do you know how irresponsible that is? Do you forget that you’re a mere human?”
His irritation is rising to pure anger at this revelation. So that demon didn’t even have the decency to walk you home? To make sure that you arrive safe? And yet you still have the nerve to spend time with them and practically ignore him?!-
“Well- um, Lucifer? Lucifer!”
He snapped out of his murderous thoughts, and stepped aside to let you in.
“Come inside now, it’s late, and we have much to discuss.”
Your face scrunched up, showing confusion in how he’s acting. You know that’s he mad about your phone being dead, but he’s mad enough to leave the door barely hanging on its hinges? But you knew that arguing or pointing it out would just make things escalate, so you just stepped past and began to make your way up the stairs.
You can feel his eyes bore into the back of your head, but you just didn’t understand why. It’s about more than just your phone, it seemed like he’s been on edge for awhile now. You want to approach him, to ask him what’s wrong, to have him open up, but of course Lucifer being Lucifer, it was to no avail.
You racked your brain as he lead you to his room and began the “conversation” about how irresponsible you were being (really it’s just him getting whatever he needed off his chest and not you giving any input). Was it because of you going out so late? No, you didn’t drink, you and Yuki stayed together the whole night, and you let him know hours before. Was it Yuki? Now that you’re think about it, he has been frowning more it seemed like every time you brought up their name-
The pieces are starting to fit together now.
Oh my Diavolo.
You couldn’t stop the words escaping from your mouth before you could realize it.
“Lucifer, are you jealous?”
He choked in the middle of his sentence, and the room went quiet. You’re pretty sure that you can’t even hear him breathing, and his face just went entirely blank, no expression whatsoever.
Oh no, you broke him-
A gust of wind erupted, so strong that you had to shield your eyes for a second, and when you removed your arm, you were met with massive black wings and a very enraged demon.
“Excuse me?”
You stepped back until you stumbled onto the bed, as he stalks closer and closer to you.
“Care to repeat yourself?”
You knew better than to respond, and you felt frozen on the bed. You also know that Lucifer won’t attack or try to kill you, but it didn’t take away from the fact that he has moments where he’s very intimidating, one of those moments being now.
He’s looking down at you like a predator would to its captured prey, his ruby eyes glowing deviously in the dim room. He didn’t stop moving until he was on top of you, caging you in.
“Me? Jealous?” He scoffed. “I am the Avatar of Pride, the most powerful being in this house, yet you assume that I’m jealous of a demon that’s beneath me? You insult me, MC.”
He took hold of your chin, “Do you not remember what I said when we made the pact? You are mine and mine alone. Not anyone else’s, but mine.”
You felt like your nerves were getting the best of you, but you couldn’t force yourself to tear away as he leaned closer. He sealed his lips against yours in a heated kiss, one that you gladly accepted, not before uttering the words that made your heart race even faster.
“Maybe I should remind you of who you belong to, hm?”
“Had a fun night, MC?”
“Yeah, it was”, you coughed in your hand. “Very nice, very fun. We had a great time.”
“ and Yuki or you and Lucifer?”
He giggled, “I’m just saying dear. I don’t sense the pent-up sexual frustration from Lucifer anymore, and he seems back to normal and even relaxed. Though I must say MC, I wish that you had spent the night in my bed instead.”
“Of course you do Asmo.”
“Besides, I would have covered your hickeys much better-”
“MC, are you ready?”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear has never been more true than now, as Lucifer appeared behind you both, placing his hand on your shoulder.
“Huh? Oh, yes, sorry.”
“Eh? Where are you two going?”
“And without me?!”
“Yes. Now, leave us be”. Lucifer moved his hand from your shoulder to your own hand, leading you both out the door. You two had plans for the day after the...eye-opening talk from last night, and he didn’t want to waste anymore time than he already had.
Asmo waited until he heard the door click, and then quickly whipped out his D.D.D. to text Yuki. He knew that the plan was going to be a success! A tense Lucifer made things more difficult for everyone, and he has too much pride to open his mouth so he decided to step in and team up with Yuki, who already knew about the whole ordeal.
Lucifer was already on the edge of snapping and letting his primal instincts take over anyway, so Asmo just gave him a little push in the right direction.
Thank Diavolo the plan worked, or else it would be hell for them both. He did owe Yuki some exposure on his socials in exchange for this and backing off of you now, but it was well worth the trouble.
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x4gay · a day ago
Lucifer x Gn!MC smut
This has been in my drafts forever.
Based off the devil sauce text messages.
All this over Devil sauce? MC thought to themself while walking to Lucifer’s room. I don’t understand why I would be punished. I opened the door to Lucifer’s room and he was already sitting on the bed. I sighed and walked over to him.
“MC, why didn’t you throw away the devil sauce.” Lucifer stared at MC he seemed a bit tense.
“It was a mistake” MC huffed and rolled their eyes.
“Mistake, it’s a simple task. Unless you’re unable to comprehend that.” Lucifer stared at MC.
“Actually I can comprehend.” MC challenged Lucifer. Lucifer was getting more and more annoyed at MC’s remarks.
“Come here now and I’ll be gentle” Lucifer smiled at MC. MC wasn’t going down without a fight.
“Oh yeah? Make me.” MC smiled and tilted their head to the side. Lucifer got up and pinned MC to the wall.
“I don’t think you understand. My orders are final.” Lucifer got close extremely close to MC’s face so close that his lips brushed on theirs.
“Now i’m not going to be so nice now.” Lucifer smirked and locked the door. MC was in shock but kind of turned on. Suddenly MC was swept off their feet Lucifer carried them to his bed.
Lucifer began undressing MC while he stayed fully clothed.
Lucifer left dark marks up and down MC’s body. MC moaned softly.
“Come here.” Lucifer led MC onto his lap. MC nodded but couldn’t keep their composure when they felt Lucifer’s hard cock under them. They were so desperate they began to rub themself on his erection. Lucifer groaned a bit and took control of the pace MC was going.
“Lucifer- Ahh” MC moaned out the pace they were going at had their legs shaking.
“Naughty MC, already so needy” MC almost reached their climax but Lucifer put them back on the bed. MC whimpered a bit. Lucifer began to tie them to the bed. MC begins to feel their warmth throbbing just wanting to be fucked.
“Lucifer... plea-“ MC was interrupted with Lucifer’s hard dick in their mouth. Their throat burned at the sudden stretch but they took it all in.
“Good MC, Maybe i might reward you.” MC moaned after that statement. The moan vibrated on Lucifer’s dick causing him to groan softly. He pulled out and spit covered MC’s mouth.
“Open” MC didnt hesitate and opened their mouth. Lucifer spat in MC’s mouth. “Swallow” MC was so needy they swallowed it. They wanted more.
“Lucifer fuck me... please... i’ve been good” Lucifer laughed at MC’s begging and stuffed his dick in their mouth. Lucifer fucked their mouth making sure to hit the back of their throat. Lucifer’s dick began to pulse as he came inside the human’s throat.
MC gagged a bit while they felt the warm cum go down their throat. Lucifer began kissing down Mc abdomen and lightly skipped over their area. Lucifer separated MC legs and left harsh kisses in their inner thigh. MC arched their back shamelessly grinding against the air.
“No no we got to be patient” Lucifer continued to leave marks on their inner thigh. Lucifer adjusted himself at MC’s entrance only teasing them with the tip. MC was so desperate they tried to get more of him but Lucifer pulled out.
“No please” MC whined.
“Then be good” Lucifer ordered.
MC stayed still ass Lucifer shoved his entire length into MC. That made both of them moan in unison.
“You’re so tight” He grunted as he slowly started to fuck MC. While he did this Lucifer kissed the sweet spots on MC’s neck causing them to moan loudly.
“Lucifer ahhh” MC moaned. This caused Lucifer to go faster.
“Continue to moan my name that’s right. Of course I make you feel good” Lucifer felt MC tighten around him and MC’s moans out louder. Lucifer stopped.
“Why should I let you cum” Lucifer smiled at the needy human.
“Because i’m sorry Lucifer I promise I won’t throw an attitude again please let me cum. MC begged. Lucifer just smirked and pound mercilessly into MC’s tight hole.
MC began to cum but Lucifer continued fucking MC while riding out their orgasm. After a few minutes Lucifer came inside MC. MC felt so full being stuffed with Lucifer’s cum. Lucifer pulled out and kissed MC.
“You were so good Maybe you should act this way again.” MC blushed at Lucifers words. He untied MC and started to place soft kisses all over MC.
“I hope you’re not too hurt” Lucifer spoke in a worried tone.
“I’m fine” MC said still breathless and shaky.
“What would you like me to do. Run you a bath? get you a warm towel?” Lucifer looked MC in the eyes.
“Hey, hey i’m okay I enjoyed it” MC kissed Lucifer. “Can we just lay here for a bit.” MC stated.
“Of course anything for you. I’ll run a bath for you later.” Lucifer took off his shirt and laid back down.
“You and I can take one together” MC smiled.
“Okay” Lucifer pulled MC into his arms leaving a small kiss on their head.
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x4gay · a day ago
Here’s some Belphie fluff since request are empty
MC spent the day at the human world with Simeon. The two decided to take a quick break and walk around this huge stuffed animal place.
“Wow everything is so soft here” Simeon hugged one of the bears. MC stopped and stared at this one pillow pet, it was calling their name. It was a soft cow pillow pet it reminded them of Belphie.
“I know that look in your eye, why don’t you just get it? I know whoever you’re getting it for would really appreciate it especially a sleepy cow lover.” Simeon laughed. MC shook their head and smiled.
“The brothers would get jealous plus I only have enough money to just buy the pillow pet” MC sighed.
“Well I’ll help you pick up smaller stuffed animals to give to the brothers. I’ll help you pay for it, uh just don’t say it was from me” Simeon grabbed the pillow pet and placed it on MC’s head.
“I really appreciate it Simeon, but are you sure?” MC looked at him worryingly.
“You would do the same for me. Plus this is the closest I can get to giving the brothers a gift.” Simeon frowned.
“I’m sure they will love it” MC gave Simeon a tight hug to reassure him. The two had this close platonic bond that people never understood. They were both interested in someone else. Simeon would never admit it but his admiration for Lucifer goes deeper than just a close friend way. MC was obviously head over heels with Belphie. They both always wondered if there could be anything more with their crushes but only time would tell.
MC headed home and Simeon left to Purgatory hall.
MC opened the door and dashed straight to their room avoiding the brothers interrogation. MC put all the bears in a small bag. They left them in front of each of the brother’s room door.
They walked to the attic and saw Belphie just waking up from a nap.
“MC, what a good surprise.” Belphie said rubbing his eyes.
“Did you sleep well?” MC questioned hiding the bag behind their back.
“Not really I kept on waking up but maybe I can sleep better if you’re here next to me” The sudden sweet comment caused MC to blush.
“Well first I got you something.” MC smiled. Belphie looked at the bag suspiciously he normally doesn’t receive gifts unless it’s from Beel. He hesitated grabbing the bag. He pulled out the soft pillow pet and a smile appeared on his face. He hugged it tightly and anything from MC makes it priceless. He realized that MC got it for him without even asking. His face turned a light shade of pink as he realized the gesture MC made.
“Well-“ MC was cut off by Belphie squeezing MC. He appreciated it so much more than anyone could imagine.
“Thank you, You’re the best” Belphie pulled them on to the bed.
“What should we name him” Belphie held up the pillow pet.
“We?” MC questioned.
“Yes this will be a test of our commitment, I say lenny” Belphie laughed.
“That’s a dumb name” MC took Lenny into their hands.
“You’re a dumb name” Belphie hit them lightly with a pillow.
“What-“ MC laughed. The laid and talked for the rest of the night.
When Lucifer got home from a stressful day he was surprised to see a bag in front of his office door. He grabbed the bag and went into his office. He placed the bag down and sat at his desk. It was probably another prank but a peak wouldn’t hurt. Lucifer looked into the bag and saw a small fluffy blue bear. It smelled of lavender and vanilla one of the few scents he could actually stand. He saw a note at the bottom of the bag and decided to read it.
‘Hey Lucifer boys all think I got them these bears but It was actually Simeon’s idea. He’s going to kill me for saying that but he spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect bear for you. Be appreciative or I will leave crumbs on your bed.
Lucifer smiled at the note and held the bear closer to him suddenly all his stress from today has disappeared. He grabbed his DDD and decided to send a text.
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meenah-chan · a day ago
Me: I wanna make a Luci chibi next!
*sees a cute meme from icebabe on Ley's blog*
Me: ...
Tumblr media
Me: Yay! Chibi Luci!
Me: ...Something's not right... Hmm, oh well.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@levisnormie finally made a Luci chibi but why does it feel like Luci will get more angry? 😂🤣😂🤣 Well, he's already angy anyway on my meme so ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
@icebabe thanks for the daily memes 😂🤣
Tumblr media
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