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fxrstmemer · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Big Brothers
I’ll probably remake this drawing at some point
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takeaslicex · a month ago
The Obey Me! Demon Brother's + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), sex tapes/filming yourselves having sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, masturbation (female and male), doggy position, missionary position, cowgirl position, sex work, finger sucking, nude photos, semi-public sex, etc.
Word count: 2.8k+
Summary: So, you asked your demon boyfriend to make a sex tape with you. How’d that work out for you?
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
You’re not being serious, are you? That’s an incredibly ridiculous and obscene thing to ask. He has a reputation to uphold, and if someone found out? If Lord Diavolo himself found out? Absolutely not…
… Okay, but ever since you asked, he’s been thinking about it non-stop.
I mean, what are the chances of someone actually finding your sex tape? It’s not like anyone besides you is allowed to enter Lucifer’s room, and he knows enough spells from his thousands of years alive to protect absolutely anything he wanted.
So, one night, you walked into Lucifer’s room with his body pressed firmly behind yours with a hand covering your eyes. With his other hand on your hip to guide your movements, he halted your steps just a few feet away from his bed. By the sensation of his cock straining against his pants and pressing against the back of your thigh, and his fingers exploring your skin with the softest touch, you had a feeling that tonight would be fun.
But what you weren’t expecting, when Lucifer uncovered your eyes, was to find an expensive video camera and tripod a few feet from the end of the bed, and candles lit all over the room.
I think that Lucifer would do a sex tape the old-fashioned way, with a video camera positioned to cover the entirety of the bed for a few reasons. One, Lucifer is a classic and old-fashioned guy - why would he use his phone if he has a perfectly good video camera? Additionally, using a phone would take away one less hand from the equation - and he’s gonna need both of yours and his for what he plans on doing with you. 
Also, keeping your sex tape on a literal tape makes it easy to keep hidden. He’ll keep it locked in a drawer guided by a hundred different protection spells, hidden in his room that’s already under a protection spell, so it would be quite impossible for anyone to find it. Anyone can unlock or hack a phone.
As far as the actual sex tape goes, I think it would be nothing short of filthy. The video camera is able to get every single angle and position that he puts you in, and you know damn well he’s putting you into the most flattering positions so that when either one of you rewatched it, you’d see how well he pounds into you and fucks your pussy into next week.
Picture this: sitting in-between Lucifer’s legs on the edge of the bed with him sitting behind you, his legs dangling off the edge of the bed beside yours. You’re both facing the video camera head-on while he finger fucks you into oblivion with one hand while keeping a tight grip on your neck with the other, forcing you to look into the video camera as he talks you through your orgasm.
Or, would you rather imagine him pushing you down to all fours to face the video camera while he fucks you doggy-style?
“Smile for the video camera, sweetheart. This is what you wanted, is it not? Look into the video camera and beg for me, Y/N - let everyone know who the fuck you belong to.”
When you asked him, baby would absolutely be flustered as hell that you would want him fucking you to be filmed, but after he gets over the initial shock, he wouldn’t hesitate to grant your wish.
“I-I uh… I mean, yeah. Yeah! You want The Great Mammon to fuck ya on video camera, yeah? Fuck, human. You know all the right ways to get my dick wet, don’t ya?”
Now, unlike Lucifer, the action is happening on his phone rather than an actual video camera. Whether he’s holding his phone in one hand while he gets the perfect angle of you choking on his cock, or propping it against a pillow while you bounce up and down on his length while you’re sitting pretty on his lap, his phone captures your pretty moans and sighs better than any video camera could.
One of his favorite things to do on video? He would absolutely shove his fingers down your throat after he fingered you with one hand and hold the video camera in your face with the other, getting all those pretty choking sounds crystal clear.
I really hope you like the sound of Mammon’s voice, because you’re gonna be hearing a lot of it in your little sex tape, too.
“F-f-fuck, human! Taking Mammon’s cock like a fucking champ, huh? That’s my good girl - that’s my very good girl! Oh, fuck!”
Mammon would become so obsessed with your sex tape that he’d watch it all the time. One time, you walked into his room, your books in hand and ready for a quick study session when your moans, clear as day, sounded from his phone. You stopped once you realized what he was watching, but it was his dick in his hands that made your eyes widen. Of course, you had to help him get off after that.
Oh, this isn’t a one-time thing, either. Once you guys have done it once, he’s going to want to do it all the time.
… But, the more that you guys filmed yourselves having sex, the bright idea that you guys could make money off of it popped into Mammon’s head.
So, you suggested the two of you make a sex tape, yeah? Now, Mammon’s suggesting that the two of you make a couples OnlyFans account - or, whatever the equivalent to that is in Hell.
Due to Mammon’s career in modeling, I think any videos or photos posted would be faceless to avoid jeopardizing his career. Additionally, if Lucifer somehow saw Mammon or your face on such a site, I think he would quite literally strangle the both of you. So, faceless content it is!
I don’t think he’d want to film the two of you fucking every single time that the two of you had sex - when he’s feeling his most intimate with you, which does happen frequently, he wouldn’t want to waste his time or energy filming it. It’s only when the two of you are going at it like fucking rabbits that he would suggest filming it, let alone uploading content.
You… you… you want Levi and you having sex to be FILMED?!?!?
Leviathan, like his older brother, would have to get over the initial shock of the question you asked before he agrees. However, he would absolutely agree.
So, you guys could get a video camera and make a sex tape that way, or you could use your phone, or… wait, Levi has a perfectly pristine webcam on his desktop, does he not? Yeah - you’re about to make Levi’s wildest fantasies come true and be his little camgirl.
So, yeah. Levi would absolutely fuck you in his gaming chair that he spent hundreds of Grimm on, filmed by his desktop that he spent thousands of Grimm on. How unfortunate it is that your back is facing the video camera while you ride his dick - but damn, do you look good fucking him in his favorite spot in the world.
Give the demon a blowjob while he’s leaning back on his chair like a king, and you’ll have Levi coming down your throat quicker than ever before.
“Fuck - Y/N! Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum all over my setup! Oh fuck, don’t you dare stop!”
Levi also has his ways of keeping your sex tape a secret, much like Lucifer. While your sex tape would be on his computer, he knows exactly how to hide it and put a bunch of passwords on it. He doesn’t need anyone else seeing you like that. 
Also - if you wanna make this demon go absolutely feral, leave a video of you fucking yourself on his chair when he’s not in the room. Just make sure you put it in a file where nobody else would find it.
One time, Levi came into his room to watch a new human-world anime that he illegally downloaded to his desktop. He paused, noticing an unexpected file titled “”. Upon clicking it, he almost died on the spot at the sight of you, your legs wide open and feet planted on his desk, fucking your fingers and moaning out his name.
Poor boy - you better never leave him, because you just exceeded all of his greatest fantasies. 
Out of all of the brothers, I think that Satan would be the most against making a sex tape. However, for argumentative sake, let’s say he’s down to make one with you. 
I don’t think that Satan would want to make a sex tape for the simple idea that he wouldn’t find it appealing or respectable, nor does he find it necessary. If you guys are already having sex, why does he need to film it? He knows where to find you if he feels like repeating what would be filmed.
However - I can think of one scenario where he wouldn’t be opposed to making a sex tape - out of jealousy. 
Picture this: Satan was walking to his dorm when he saw you disappear into Lucifer’s room. It was a completely innocent hangout with the eldest brother - he was tutoring you on your worst subject for an hour, and Satan knew you wouldn’t cheat on him in the first place. However, given Satan’s wrath and history with Lucifer, he was beginning to feel extra possessive after that.
Cue the end of your night. Satan has a video camera shoved in your face and tits while he fucks you into the mattress, getting the way your mouth falls open in bliss and your chest bounces in each thrust.
“You gonna flaunt this little ass around my brothers til the day you die, huh? Do they know who you belong to, kitten? What would Lucifer think if I sent him this video of me fucking your tight little pussy? Isn’t this what you wanted?”
Of course, Satan would never embarrass you like that by sending anyone your sex tape. But it’s not like the thought of making sure his brothers know who you belong to hasn’t crossed his mind. 
One thing I do think that Satan wouldn’t be opposed to in the slightest is nudes. I mean, all of the brothers would love it, but I think Satan would rather receive tasteful nudes from you rather than film a sex tape. 
One day after one of his classes, he had settled down to read a book while he waited for you to finish yours. Once he opened the book, he realized that his usual bookmark had been replaced with a polaroid of you - smiling oh so pretty for the video camera, and your tits out on display for him. Let’s just say you spend the rest of your day in bed with him. 
Do you… really even have to ask the Avatar of Lust? You might as well have just said “We’re going to make a sex tape”, and it would’ve been as casual to him as talking about the weather.
However, the second he heard your request, Asmo could practically hear the wedding bells. You’re so perfect for him! He loves it when you express your desires and is down to do anything in the bedroom.
“Oh Y/N! I thought you would never ask! Let’s start right now, baby. How do you and your beautiful desires want to do this?”
Asmo is down to make a sex tape in any way that you desire. Do you want to make love in the jacuzzi while being filmed with a video camera and tripod? Do you want the perfect mood lighting that hits his flawless skin and soft hair just right on your phone while he goes down on you? Or do you want his phone propped up on his vanity while he handcuffs you to the bed and fucks you relentlessly? Do you want him to fuck you with one of his toys, or do you want to cum around his cock? It’s entirely your choice. 
You know those perfect Twitter porn videos where the couple looks flawless, the background is pretty, and the sex is achingly good? Yeah, those are the kind of videos I think Asmo would make with you.
“Uh…! So pretty, baby. Don’t stop - I’m almost there, cum with me, yeah? Cum with me, darling!”
Just like Mammon, I also think that Asmo would be down to make an OnlyFans with you - but not for the money. I think he would want to do it as a form of sexual expression and to share with the world your beauty together and how well the Avatar of Lust gives it to you. 
He’d be public as HELL about it though because you know he doesn’t care at all. He’d be posting a photo on his Devilgram telling everyone that your shared OnlyFans account is having a sale that week. 
I think Beel would be extremely confused about why you’d want to make a sex tape with him, and it could take some convincing to get him to actually want to do it. I really cannot see him actively wanting to film a sex tape, but I can’t see him being opposed to it either. 
Beel would ask you why you want to make sex tape - and not in a rude or judgemental way, but he’d be genuinely curious as to why you’d want to do that with him.
“Oh… okay. That makes sense, Y/N. We can do that. When did you want to make one?”
I don’t think that any sex tape with Beel would be some performance like some of his brothers, but he knows how to bring you to orgasm, so the job is getting done either way.
However, I think that Beel could switch up easily between making love to you and fucking the absolute hell out of you. So, if you decided to make multiple sex tapes, then there’d definitely be a switch up between him softly worshipping your body or making you cum all over cock repeatedly. 
I don’t think he would care at all if you started filming him eating you out - he eats you like a starving demon in the desert, and in case he ever gets ‘hungry’ and you’re not around, it’d be the perfect thing to tide him over until he can recreate the video. Your moans of pleasure are just so delicious.
“Hold still, pumpkin - I’m still hungry. Make sure the video gets all your pretty moans, too.”
If you want to make the demon lose his damn mind - send him a video of you fucking your fingers while he’s working out, or while he’s at practice. He’d be so hungry that he wouldn’t be able to think straight until his tongue was inside of you.
I could also see him letting you prop your phone up in the kitchen pantry while he fucks you against the door or pantry shelves, the sight of falling boxes and bags of food falling to the floor while you get relentlessly pounded into the shelves.
Belphie would be down to do it, but be prepared to do all the work for this lazy demon. You’ll be handling the camera this time!
I imagine that sex with Belphie is a lot more intimate and softer than his brothers would go on you, and not just because of his sin. He has a very soft and adoring personality for the ones that he loves (Beel, in particular), so I imagine that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be just as soft. Don’t mistake that for him not being able to bring you to orgasm, though. He knows exactly how to make you cum.
So, that being said, I think that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be so nice. Imagine riding his dick while he lies back against his fluffy pillows and blankets in the attic room - one hand filming, and the other exploring the skin on his stomach. The video would be able to get Belphie’s soft moans and mouth falling in ethereal bliss, his eyes in awe as he watches you ride him like an angel.
“F-fuck, Y/N. You’re so beautiful riding my cock like that. Are you g-gonna cum all over my dick for the camera, baby? Is that it? F-fuck!”
I think that Belphie would appreciate making a sex tape with you more after the fact - that way, when he’s at his most lazy and in need of your comfort when you’re not around, he can watch how flawlessly you ride him and make himself cum before he falls back asleep.
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
asking them for their coat
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, beel, belphie, diavolo x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list | pt 2
a/n: this is a little something that buried itself in my brain. i'll get to the rest of the characters eventually i swear, haha! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so come say hi!!
pls reblog and like <3
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer lends you his jacket without hesitation, gently draping it over your shoulders. “i told you you should have brought a jacket,” he chides gently, “though i’ll admit it’s even colder than i thought it’d be.” his jacket is warm and thick, the pleasant and familiar smell of his cologne drifts off of the collar, and despite ourself, you can’t help but indulge in a good sniff, hoping lucifer doesn’t see. he totally does, but his stomach does a weird wiggly thing that keeps him from bringing it up. the idea of you enjoying the way he smells… well, it’s an intriguing thought.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon blinks at you. “oh! ya want to borrow my jacket? sure thing?” he shrugs out of it, passing it over without any fanfare. “sorry, i haven’t washed it in a few days.” you zip it up, the sleeves falling over your hands, and are instantly warmer, the thick material already heated thanks to mammon’s body heat. you shove your hands in the pockets, startled to feel stuff in them, and when you pull it out, you’re unsurprised to see a few crumpled up wrappers, some coins, and a few other random small items. it’s somehow so mammon, and you can't help but smile as you put it back.
Tumblr media
➳ beel skips handing his sweatshirt to you, instead tugging it gently over your head. the fabric pools around you, soft and warm, and it falls nearly to your knees. you’re grateful though, hugging yourself as you bask in not being cold anymore. “is that better?” beel asks earnestly, and you nod, rolling the sleeves up a couple of times. “good. you can keep it, if you want. i have a bunch of others.” beel isn’t lying, but his intentions aren’t completely pure; he likes seeing you in his clothes, likes being able to help when you need it.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie doesn’t really want to part with his jacket, but he supposes he should, for you. after all, he’s not going to be responsible for your suffering. besides, he’s a demon and can withstand the cold much longer than you can. your chilled fingers fumble on the buttons, making him sigh and gently push them aside. “what would you do without me?” he says with a little sigh, deftly finishing them, his hands lingering a little longer than they should have. “freeze,” he says, after a moment, answering his own question, pretending he’s unaffected by the bashful grin you’re giving him.
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo wraps his coat around you, the fabric soft against your neck. “i hope this helps,” he says, feeling somewhat responsible for your chattering teeth. “we’ll have to go shopping to get you a sturdier coat.” he likes seeing you in red, likes how it looks against your skin, likes how you were unafraid to ask him for it, even though he’s the demon lord. you shove your hands in the pockets, smiling up at him. the coat is thick and comfortable, and you like how he obviously likes seeing you in it. maybe you should ask him for it more often.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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syazrock · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Reupload) I literally thought Simeon is gonna be the groom but eh... harem is still good too.
I’m late bcuz i was busy with animate the new audio drama.
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sinnamonrolle · 17 days ago
[ the little moments ] ♡ Diavolo
8 - That moment when you found out what Diavolo did with your doodles.
✿ part of a series now! ✿
❀  gender neutral reader  ❀
“Your Highness,” you called out, your knuckles rapping against the door of his private office. The sturdy wood muffled the three knocks, softening the crisp sounds. “It’s me. Are you inside?”
Immediately after you lowered your hand, the door opened to a beaming Diavolo. He wore his polite and friendly smile, restrained in the emotions he showed through his face, but his eyes softened when they met yours.
“Please, come in,” Diavolo said, his smile unfurling into a bright grin. He opened the door wider for you, letting you pass through before shutting it.
“How’s your work going, Your Highness?” you teased, dropping your bag next to your desk. “Still have a stack of papers?”
Ever since you agreed on a weekly hangout session with Diavolo, he immediately installed a new desk next to his, furnished with everything you would need—pens, paper, ink, pencils, colors—there was even a paper weight shaped as a golden nugget.
It must be nice to be a prince.
Diavolo wrapped his arms around you, gently latching onto you, and rested his cheek on your head. This side of him was something that only you could see. You bet even Lucifer didn’t know how puppy-like the prince of the Devildom was.
Diavolo pouted, blowing out a huff of air. “I understand being formal when we are in public, but we are in private, currently. Why don’t you call me by my name? Hm?”
You laughed and patted one of his arms crossed over your chest, but you dryly responded with, “I see Your Highness has plenty of free time. Your Highness must have completed so much work during the week.”
Diavolo drooped over you, his head burying into your neck as you tried to break free of his hold. You had some work to do, but you knew he had even more work waiting for him. Even though your weekly sessions were scheduled so that you could hang out with him, almost every session was spent working. You didn’t blame it on him—rather, you quite liked these sessions since they were calm, without the chaotic mess of the brothers, and you managed to get work done. You also get to spend that time with Diavolo, so it was definitely, one hundred percent a win-win situation.
In response to your veiled reminder to start working, he clutched tighter onto you.
“Be good, call my name,” he said, his voice leaving in a higher pitch than normal. It was even a bit nasally. Was he… whining? Diavolo, the future king, was whining? “Please? Say my name, hm? You know I love hearing you say my name.”
When he finished his sentence, he blew lightly into your ear. The warm air tickled at the inside of your ear, numbing it with a tingling sensation that remained even after he stopped.
You flushed and covered your ear with a hand. You glanced at him from the corner of your eyes only to see his pouting face, his own golden eyes misty with unshed tears.
Coupled with his voice, it was an effective and deadly double KO.
Flustered, you cleared your throat. “Di-diavolo… Diavolo, I think you should go work on your papers.”
Diavolo beamed at you, his eyes regaining their clarity. If you weren’t busy avoiding his eyes as you tried to rub away the color on your cheeks, you would have seen his eyes narrowing with a hint of smugness.
Before he pulled himself away from you, his mouth pressed against the junction of your neck where your shoulder joined together, the sensation of soft lips warming your skin for just a moment, and you swore your heart missed a beat—tripping over a figurative line and tumbling around in your chest until it landed flat on its face.
Diavolo sighed as he turned to the stack of papers on his desk. “I’m so sick of looking at these papers. I much rather look at you all day. You are, by far, more interesting than whatever Moloch has to report on his governing.”
You gave him a helpless look. “It’s your kingdom that you’re looking at.”
Diavolo ran a hand through his hair, his slender fingers separating the dark red strands, and you couldn’t help but stare at the way they fell back over his forehead.
“I can still be bored of it,” Diavolo replied. The teasing and playful expressions that were just on his face had now faded away, leaving behind a blank face that carried hints of exhaustion.
As a demon, Diavolo wouldn’t show any signs of aging like humans would, since demons had amazing regeneration abilities. And with the magic suffused in the Devildom air, it wasn’t any surprise that demons could keep their youthful appearance or even alter them to their preferences.
Diavolo had the face of a human in their early twenties, but you noticed the dark bags underneath his eyes, the way his eyes drooped, and the dazed look he often showed when he forgot the world existed around him.
“Besides,” he continued, sitting down on his seat, “You haven’t read Moloch’s reports. He’s a bit—how do I put this… Moloch pays high attention to details, especially when it involves… certain emotions and feelings. He’s easily excited by them, and since he wants to make sure I don’t miss anything, he includes everything into his report.” He stretched his thumb and index finger to measure the stack of papers. “This much is his.”
Diavolo pointed to basically one-third of the stack.
“That’s a lot of paper,” you said, also sitting down. “This is a weekly report, right? How do you still have so many trees?”
He blinked in surprise, probably from your concern about the Devildom trees, and then, he laughed.
“You are so cute,” Diavolo said, smiling. You were basically right next to him, so he reached over and lightly squeezed your cheeks. His voice became softer. “Don’t worry, we recycle all the paper, and we are replanting whenever we can. Anything that is within the territories of my kingdom will be well taken care of.”
“That’s good,” you said, returning his smile. “I wouldn’t want a beautiful place like the Devildom to reach the state of the human world.”
Diavolo picked up a sheet from the stack on his desk, the nail of his thumb scratching lightly against the paper. It was a subconscious habit of his that you accidentally noticed from the several sessions you’ve spent with him.
“I appreciate your concern for the environment,” he said, skimming the paper before setting it down on your desk. “But won’t you spare any for me? My eyes are so dry from reading for hours non-stop.”
You thought back to when he teared up earlier, appearing pitiful in order to make you say his name, and unwillingness welled up inside you. You had to stop spoiling him, or this would turn into a bad habit.
“Be good, hm?” you said flatly, mirroring his earlier coaxing. Only this time, there was mild indifference on your face. You brought out your own homework and grabbed a gilded pencil from the pen holder. “Get to work. Your kingdom awaits your guidance.”
Diavolo didn’t respond. You stopped flipping through your chemistry notes and turned to find him staring at you with a smouldering gaze. The dark pupils of his eyes nearly swallowed his golden irises, leaving behind a thin ring of yellow that reminded you of a fire’s core—a blazing, molten yellow that threatened to intensify into something that burns.
You swallowed hard, the air pausing in your chest. If you weren’t sitting down, your knees might have given out from how intense his eyes looked.
You managed to get some words out. “What—what is it?”
“I’m sorry,” Diavolo said. There was a hoarseness to his voice that roughened his words and lowered his pitch, seeming to rumble from his chest. Despite the hoarseness, the way he spoke was undeniably smooth and even a bit… deliberate. “It seems… I experienced momentary deafness. Please, would you repeat what you said?”
There was absolutely no way Diavolo experienced “momentary deafness,” or however he put it, because you knew that, as a demon, his senses were outstanding compared to humans. He had always been healthy, and today would be no exception either. Although it resembled more of an excuse than anything else, you had no resistance to that stare of his and could only agree to his request.
“Di—Diavolo,” you said, but when you found that your voice came out slightly wrong, you cleared your throat and repeated yourself. “Diavolo, be good. Do your work.” Your voice subconsciously became softer, but this time, it didn’t contain the same indifference as before.
Diavolo’s long eyelashes fluttered, trembling as he took in your words. After a short period of silence, he hummed softly.
“Yes,” he said, looking at you. “I will listen to you.”
To your surprise, he actually returned to his work without saying anything else. The only sounds that filled his office afterwards were the smooth slides of parchment against parchment as he placed the ones he finished reading onto your desk.
You returned to your own work as well. Your chemistry class had an exam coming soon, and you still felt ill-prepared for it, so you couldn’t miss out on this quiet time. However much you would like to study at the House of Lamentation, it was impossible to do so most of the time. One brother after another would just invite themselves into your room, often bringing their little arguments with them, resulting in them always asking for your opinions without fail.
Tapping the edge of the golden pencil against your notes, you took in a deep breath and cleared all irrelevant thoughts from your mind. No more nonsense. It’s time to study.
And so, the time quietly passed in this manner.
Before you knew it, you reached the last pages of your notes. You sat back into your chair, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the soft cushioning against your back. Diavolo’s taste was just fantastic, although you suppose anyone would after living in luxury for thousands of years.
The sound of scratching filled your ears, suddenly reminding you that you weren’t alone in the room. You lazily opened your eyes to see Diavolo slide another paper onto the growing pile on your desk.
Diavolo had made some good progress. He was nearly done with his stack, which earlier had towered over him. Some of the papers were signed and stacked to his other side, some were set aside to be reviewed again, and the remaining unnecessary ones were set on your desk.
The reason for it was because Diavolo knew you had a habit of doodling when killing time. You often finished your work before Diavolo, and so while resting your brain, you found yourself reaching for some paper and letting golden ink flow and form random shapes.
The pen scratching against the paper, the twinkling of the golden ink as the lights casted their glow against it, the shuffling of fabric against wood, the scritch scritch scritch that would occasionally murmur in the office—they all came together to form something comforting to you.
It became extremely familiar. Sometimes, when you studied alone in your room, on the rare quiet days when no one bothered you, you found yourself scratching against paper with the edge of your nail. Because, otherwise, the silence didn’t sound right.
How wonderful it was—to have this sort of secret connection.
“Oh? This is different from your usual doodle.”
You blinked, waking up from the trance of your drifting thoughts, and saw that Diavolo was smiling at you as he leaned into his hand.
“Ah, did you finish?” you asked, returning his smile as you set down the pen in your hands. “I think you finished faster than usual.”
“Of course, I did,” Diavolo said. “I had to in order to fully enjoy your drawing.”
He reached over to your paper, and then you realized that you had spaced out the entire time you were doodling. You had no recollection of what you drew, so when you looked down at your work, you couldn’t believe your eyes.
The golden lines winked back at you, teasing you with their sparkles as you tried to process the fact that you accidentally, very much so, drew the prince of the Devildom while he was working.
Indeed. Now, you remembered.
On the back of a report was a Diavolo in gold ink—the eyes half-lidded, focused on the paper in his hand; his mouth set softly with the ends curled down, matching with the minute wrinkling of his brows; the taut lines of his neck gently trailing into his collarbones, which were exposed due to his unbuttoned collar; the protruding knuckles on his hands, linked to his slender fingers that held onto paper.
It was a rough sketch, but it captured so much that the roughness gave it a sense of life. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. It was drawn in such a short amount of time that it could hardly be considered a masterpiece.
But with how Diavolo was handling the paper, you almost felt like he was treating it as such.
“Can I keep it?” he asked, setting the paper down and turning to you.
You looked at the drawing in his hands, and then back at him. Your sketch felt like a mocking copy of the real thing, and a creeping feeling of shame crawled up your neck.
“Are you sure?” You fiddled with the pen on your desk. Why did you have to go and draw him? “It’s not that good. I don’t mind if you keep it, but—”
“It’s not a matter of being good or bad,” Diavolo interrupted. He tenderly traced the lines you drew with a finger as he spoke. “To me, when I see this sketch, I don’t see the technicalities of art, but rather, the time you spent thinking of me. And it is this time and thought you have put in that I treasure the most.”
You didn’t know what to say in response, so you looked down, away from the soft indulgence on his face that only appeared when he was alone with you.
You looked away because you couldn’t bear the way your heart stuttered from it, because you couldn’t bear to allow yourself the growing familiarity of that expression, because you wouldn’t be able to bear it if one day you were no longer the receiver of the same expression.
Diavolo left a lifelong impact on you that was slowly suffusing through your daily life, but what about you?
How long will you last in his heart?
You clenched the pencil you were playing with, your mood dipping at the depressing thoughts sneaking their way into your head, but then you remembered something.
Looking back at him, bracing yourself against that expression on his face, you asked, “What did you do with my other doodles?”
Diavolo tilted his head, the strands of his hair brushing against his eyes, and he smiled at you mysteriously, like he relished in knowing something that you didn’t.
“Are you curious?” he asked.
You stared at him, face blank as various snarky replies flew through your mind. You were so tempted to sass back, but you decided on a mild, “Well, yeah. Why else would I be asking?”
Diavolo laughed, eyes squinting into crescents. “Fair enough. Then, I’ll show you.” He leaned over to his other side, away from you, but right before he pulled open the drawer, his hands paused.
“Are you ready?” Diavolo teased.
You were not impressed. At your deadpan expression, Diavolo stopped playing around and finally pulled the drawer open, carefully taking out the glass display box from inside.
You couldn’t tell what was displayed inside until Diavolo placed it down on the desk and removed the casing around it. Six golden seal stamps, each with a beautifully carved wooden body, were meticulously arranged so that the patterns could be seen clearly.
“Are those… seals?” you asked, leaning in closer to confirm what you’re seeing. “What do seals have to do with my doodles?”
Diavolo rubbed your head. “Look closely,” he said. “These are my favorites out of all your doodles.”
You blinked, then carefully studied the engravings. The first one was a doodle from long ago, from when you had just started the weekly sessions with Diavolo. In fact, it was so long ago that if Diavolo hadn’t told you that it was your doodle, you wouldn’t have recognized it at all. The others were all from your previous sessions. Some you couldn’t remember when it was from, but some you remembered doodling in the previous months.
“To answer your question,” Diavolo said after a while, “I made all your doodles into seals. My favorites are kept close to me in this case, and the others are placed in a protected cabinet at the back of my office. I also made another set so that I could look at them and use them back at the castle.”
“You…!” you choked, whipping your head towards him incredulously. You thought it was already crazy that he made six seals of your doodles, but not only did Diavolo make a seal out of every doodle you drew, he made two sets! Two! “Isn’t that overkill?! Why did you make two sets? That’s such a waste of resources! I thought you would just keep the papers I doodled on, not… not… this!”
Diavolo ignored your scolding and picked up a seal from its stand. “Do you want to give it a try?” he asked casually, taking out another box. This one held wax sticks, a spoon for melting wax, and some tea candles. “This penguin of yours is really cute. I love how chubby it is!”
“No, no,” you breathed out, rubbing at your forehead. “No, it’s fine. As long as you’re happy.”
After all, Diavolo was a prince of an affluent kingdom. It was also part of his nature to indulge in these sort of eccentric little things. And it wasn’t like you were angry or anything, since you did give him permission in the first place. You weren’t angry at all, just perhaps a bit embarrassed at having something you made with barely a thought and any effort to be turned into high-quality seals that rivaled the manufacturing of the royal seals…
Diavolo was really too much.
“Then, you can watch me,” he said, grinning. “What color should I use?”
You curled the edges of your lips. “How about blue?”
Diavolo nodded, grabbing the dark blue wax stick from the box. The golden specks mixed into the wax sparkled under the light as he broke a piece off. Lighting the tea candle with a spark of magic, he placed the piece of wax into the spoon and watched it melt into a puddle of gold-speckled blue.
Now that you thought about it, it was rather endearing. You smiled at the pure glee on Diavolo’s face when he poured the wax out on some paper, delicately pressing the seal into the wax.
This wasn’t bad. You could get used to this. Maybe you shouldn’t, but when you saw how Diavolo beamed after lifting the stamp from the wax, when you saw how he showed the penguin to you after peeling it from the paper, when you saw how this moment held you two so tenderly that you felt like time stopped—you were rather reluctant to let all of this escape from your grasp.
Crackle, stamp, peel.
This sound, too, you decided—if the sound of nails against paper was the sound of comfort, then, this sound of joy—you won’t let it escape.
It was yours to immortalize.
Phew, this one took a while. I'm sorry it's so long ;-;
Barbatos is next!
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7deadlymorons · a month ago
When you squish their cheeks ( luke is platonic )
looooves it but won't admit ; lucifer,mammon,luke
makes cute noises ; leviathan, belphegor
squishes your cheeks ; solomon,diavolo,satan, asmodeus
confused but enjoys ; beelzebub,barbatos,simeon
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moemammon · 7 months ago
Could I request HC of MC falling asleep on the brothers and someone asks them to do something but they don’t want to move bc of MC🥺 kinda like how it’s illegal to move if an animal is asleep on you🥺💕 thank you!
I'm soft for stuff like this tbh
The Demon Brothers react to GN!MC falling asleep on them
Lucifer has found that he works best when you're near him. Something about your presence calms his old soul. So it's become a habit that he has you near while he's going through paperwork, always touching you in some fashion.
Today, you were resting your head against his shoulder in the late afternoon, the warmth of his body and the sound of his pen scribbling on paper lulling you into a sense of peace and sleepiness.
He looked over after noticing the added weight against his side, and found you'd drifted off to sleep. And man.... this man realizes just how soft he is for you. Like, can you BE any cuter??? You're gonna kill him.
He feels a warmth swell up in his chest, not only from his affection for you, he the way you seem so peaceful sleeping against him like that. The fact that you feel secure with him, while others only seem to fear him, makes his heart fill to the brim.
But now he can't move, or you'll wake up. And to make matters worse, he just heard a loud ass crash in the hall right outside, and the sound of Mammon cursing under his breath. MAMMOOONNNNN-
As much as it pains him, he doesn't have the strength to get up while you look so content and secure sleeping against him like this. Besides, he can always kill punish Mammon later. He’d just text Beel to string him up from the ceiling until then.
It's not unusual for the two of you to chill on the couch together, and he doesn't even care that you're all over him. Actually, he's probably the one that pulled you into such a position.
You're laying on his chest, and he's got his arms around you while he plays around on his phone. And that's when he notices the tiniest of snores coming from you. He looks down and sees that you've fallen asleep.
FUCK does that make him wanna scream. His heart is so full of love that he's literally trembling. You were so.. sO CUTE. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. HE LOVES YOU, DAMN IT.
But then he gets a text from Lucifer, asking him to go back to RAD to fetch some documents. Why'd he have to be his errand boy all the time? Why not Satan??
Mammon is no stranger to Lucifer's wrath though, so now he has a strong need to get you off of him, yet an equally strong need to hold you close.
Especially when you mumble something that sounded vaguely like his name in your sleep. Maybe... it’d be fine to let you rest a little longer? It's not like those lousy papers were going anywhere, right?
You????? Felt comfortable enough to sleep on him?????? In the middle of a movie he put on????
There's practically steam coming out of his ears. He's short circuiting. He's going to die and it's all your fault. WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE YOURE JUST SLEEPING ON HIS ARM AND YET THE MOE IS TOO STRONG-
Seriously though, he's so red up to his ears that you'd think he might die. The only thing that keeps him from death is that you aren't awake to look at him. He was safe!
But then a notification pops up on his D.D.D, and he suddenly remembers he’s got a tournament to compete in with a couple of online friends! He promised them!!!
Maybe... he'll wake you up? No no no, he'd really die if that happened! You can't wake up yet!! But the game-! The dungeon run-!! The loot!!! What can he do?! There's no way he can ruin this 'straight-out-of-an-anime' moment!!!
Levi's never been one to miss a chance to game, so why was he so conflicted?! Now he was thinking that maybe he could just reschedule the match? Besides, when was the next time he might get to see your sleeping face so close to his own? He wonders if he could sneak in a picture or two...
Satan's entire room, albeit cluttered, has a cozy vibe. Just the way he likes, as a man who prefers to keep calm and indulge in the wonders of books. And he's invited you over to indulge with him, per usual
Though he'll admit it IS a little late, so he understands that you're sleepy. It doesn't even surprise him when you slump against his arm from your position next to him, the book on your lap sliding to the ground.
As much as it pains him to see the book fall like that, he quickly realizes he can't bend down to grab it, or you'll wake up.
And he hasn't had a chance to really look closely at your sleeping expression, so he has to get his priorities in order. He could get that boom later, anyway.
He laughs at you, and how easily you've fallen asleep. Why didn't you just tell him you were tired? He’d walk you back to your room so you could sleep. Yet you wanted to spend time with him so badly that you pushed through?
He closes his book and leans his head against yours with a soft sigh. Peaceful days like this were all he could ever ask for. He wished he had a spell to preserve this moment forever.
Helloooo? Are you even listening anymore?? He was in the middle of telling you about the time Beel ate his entire collection of bath bombs, and you fell asleep right on his lap!
Probably because he was making you lay there while he dabbed products onto your face. "This one is a great toner. Doesn't it smell good? And this moisturizer here is sooo creamy!"
He can't help but notice how peaceful you look laying there, fast asleep. He could just eat you up! Catch him leaning in to kiss you a million times, wondering if you'll wake up.
He's gotta put that kissing on hold when he realizes he has a photo shoot to get to in an hour! He'd need every single minute to get himself ready of course, so he needed to start now. The only problem was... you. On his lap.
He can't get up or he’d be cruelly abandoning his precious MC! And there was no way he’d be that heartless. But that photo shoot was pretty important... How else would he give the devildom its dose of his gorgeous face???
Cue Satan coming in and finding Asmo doing his skin care on his bed, straining to see his reflection in the far away vanity mirror... all so he wouldn't disturb a hair on your adorable little head.
Beel had asked if you'd lay on his back for extra weight while he did his planks, but he never expected you to fall asleep there. Belphie does the same thing sometimes, so he's no stranger to having to stay still for someone else's sake.
The warmth of your form draped over his back makes him smile, and he wonders if you're cozy laying like that. Wasn't his back kind of hard?
He was fine with waiting until you woke up, since being stuck in a plank for an unknown amount of time would be a great workout, what wasn't so great was the gnawing of hunger slowly starting to creep up on him.
Beel was hungry. Starving, even. And he was stuck because you fell asleep on him. He tried muttering a soft "MC, wake up" as a means to gently wake you, but when you didn't budge, he wondered if he might die like this.
The longer he waited, the more his hunger built. It was five minutes. Ten minutes. Twenty, and then- he lost it.
You wake up to being suddenly dumped onto the cold floor, and you only catch a glimpse of the avatar of gluttony rushing off to empty the fridge of its contents.
He'll apologize when he's full, okay? He promises he loves you, but his hunger is no joke. Promises to treat you to Madam Scream's later as an apology.
Not unexpected that you'd fall asleep while in Belphie's care. He had a knack for that sort of thing, bringing the air around him to a sleepy halt and making your eyes heavy with that smooth voice of his.
You were listening to him talk about the old days, when he and Beel would sneak away from their brothers to have their own adventures. Then the next thing you knew, you were drifting off to sleep.
Belphie immediately noticed when your head leaned against his hand; he’d been toying around with your hair and occasionally stroking your cheeks. This was one of those moments he didn't feel like bullying you, after all.
But now he kind of does. You were so innocent, and so vulnerable right now! He could tickle you awake at any moment and you wouldn't be able to stop him at all... Though he doesn't.
He instead looks up when the door opens and Beel pops into the bedroom to ask if Belphie can help him find his jacket. There's no way he’d deny his brother, sooo sorry mc. He hesitates for two seconds, but he's leaving you.
Belphie is a sleep expert, and that includes his mastery of the art of not waking people up, so somehow he's managed to carefully maneuver around you so you're still fast asleep.
Leaves you with a little kiss and tucks you into his bed. He'll come tickle you to death later 💕
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whatissleepeven · 9 months ago
Okay so imagine the brothers are offered back their divinity if they kill the MC. How would they react? (Oh or for more angst- get back Lilith in exchange for MC’s life?)
Ohohoho, is this angst hour I sense? Thank you for this ask, and I’m...sorry in advance for the heavy feelings-
(Me: Okay angst time, time to play the appropriate song
*begins playing Spiderman Pizza Delivery Theme*
Me: let’s begin)
Trigger Warnings: Panic Attack (Beel’s Prompt), PTSD Symptoms (Also Beel’s Prompt), Talk of Loss
Obey Me! Brothers’ Reactions To An Ultimatum
Well, he certainly does think about it.
No, not about the divinity...but about Lilith.
They could have her back in their lives? All for the price of one human?
This human, who has caused him nothing but grief and throws themselves head-first into danger.
If this was towards the beginning of the program, he’d be more inclined to take it-
But he doesn’t.
He can’t do that to you. Not you. You, who had repaired their broken family. You, who had seen all of their flaws and strengths and passions and fears and embraced them.
You, who continues to smile so brightly and say his name with utmost faith in him.
He lowers his arm. You look fearful, but...resigned. Like it will be fine, like it was okay if he killed you.
He hates it.
“Does your life matter to you that little?”
You smile sadly, and a small portion of him wants to scream. No no no, it cries out, this isn’t how you’re supposed to be! Your smiles aren’t supposed to be full of sorrow!
“Your sister meant-...means a lot to you. To all of you. Who am I to take that away, huh?”
He walks over to you, his steps measured. You close your eyes, waiting for the killing blow-
A weight settles on your head, giving it a few rubs. “You are worth more than you could ever know. Remember that.”
He continues to walk, heading out the door. A few tears drip from your face onto the floor.
He could care less about his divinity. If he had to choose here or the Celestial Realm, he’d much rather stay here. He knows, deep in his heart, that Lilith lived a long and successful life.
You, however, are irreplaceable.
“H-Hey...ya gotta be kidding me.”
“Well?” You grin, holding your arms out. Your stance is peaceful, like all you’re asking for is a hug. But he knows better.
Divinity and Lilith? All for killing-...
For killing you?
He hates this. He hates the look in your eyes, hates the trust you’re showing him, and hates your bleeding heart that’s just waiting to be taken for granted. Hell, it already has been taken for granted.
“What do you think you’re doin’, playin’ the hero? Wanting to sacrifice yourself? You think that’ll make us happy?!” Tears gather in the corners of his eyes.
You lower your arms, shocked. “Wha-”
You let out a small oomph as he tackles you into a hug, pulling you close.
“You’re trembling, ya idiot.” He mumbles, and you feel something wet drip onto your shirt. He’s crying, you realize. He’s crying because this hurts him.
He pulls back to clamp his hands down onto your shoulders. “Save it!” He barks forcefully, making you blink. “Ya really thought I’d give all this up? For something that’s already happened? I like what we got goin’ here. My brothers like this life way better than the ones we had in the Celestial Realm. Everyone’s happier lately, and it’s ‘cause of you.”
The minute trembling that ran through your body before returns in full force, tears pooling forth as you grip his shirt. He pulls you back into the hug, and you feel safe. That’s right; he’s your number one protector, the Avatar of Greed.
How could you forget that?
He grins, reaching a hand up to ruffle your hair in a playful manner. You laugh thickly, your tears still falling. “You’re stuck with the Great Mammon, and don’tcha forget it!”
Because you are his priceless treasure. Not Lilith, not some stupid divinity...
Leviathan has always been the outcast.
His passions, his fears, his confidence...All of those are wildly different from his brothers’. He’s not as close as Beel and Belphie are, or as Lucifer and Mammon are, or as Asmo and Satan are.
He’s the black sheep of the family.
“Y-You’re leaving it up to me...?”
You nod. Oh, how he wishes this was just a run-through of an anime script. You two would spend long hours into the night reading the lines and acting them out, repeating each scene until it was done flawlessly.
But reality is far too cruel.
“It’s your family. Your story. I’m just a side character, if you will.”
Your smile is cynical. He wants nothing more than to throw his spare Ruri-chan blanket around your shoulders and force you to marathon the entire series of “I Love My Best Friend But I Get Everything Back If I Kill Them...I Have A Choice To Make!”.
He takes a step forward. Then another. “You...Why would you do that?”
You laugh, a warm sound that serves to make his stomach knot with dread.
“Because I love you guys, why else?”
Silence. He doesn’t know what to say. What’s the right thing to do? What can he do, with his small confidence?
He’s struck with a memory, of the two of you gaming in his room. He had felt terrible due to his brothers critiquing his love for anime to the point he started to berate himself for it, and you merely patted his shoulder while telling him words he’d never forget.
“There’s things only you can do, Levi. So when you start to overthink...just feel, and let your body handle the rest.”
It’s time to take you up on your advice.
“Ghk-!” You stumble as he lunges at you, the both of you toppling to the floor. He’s crying, clinging to you like a lifeline.
“I-I could never kill the Henry to my Lord of Shadows...Every Lord of Shadows only has one Henry...!!”
Leviathan has always been the outcast. He still is, but when he’s with you he feels like he belongs.
“...Huh.” You blink at him. You’re not sure if you heard him right. Did he just-...say “no”?
“No.” He says again, his eyes narrowing. “Please tell me you’re joking about this.”
Why? Why would you throw away your life like that? For their “happiness”? Give him a break.
“What do you think you’re accomplishing by doing this?” His voice starts quiet, growing in volume as he steps towards you. You backpedal, not expecting the angered response, which only serves to fuel his fury.
“Do you think it’d make us happy? Do you think we’d jump at the chance to sacrifice you for something that’s better long forgotten? Do you really think so little of us? Well? ANSWER ME!!”
You flinch as he gets in your personal space, only to freeze when arms wrap around you and squeeze you tight.
“I was born from Lucifer’s wrath, the only bona-fide demon among my other brothers. For a long time, all I knew was anger and hate,” he whispers, stubbornly refusing to look at your shocked gaze. “I began to read to learn more, to be able to feel other emotions. But the anger and hate stayed, concealed by the thin veil I constructed to make myself more likeable. More polite. More charming.”
He wanted nothing to do with Lucifer. He wanted it so bad it hurt. So he built himself a brand-new personality, becoming someone others could rely on, all so he could spite him.
And then you came along.
Your eyes water as you realize that you feel him shaking. “I never met her, you know, but I’ve seen her through his eyes. I feel his lingering pain, and sometimes it makes me want to tear my own chest out,” he says, voice wobbling. “But to ask you to do give you up for something I have no right to feel upset’s something I won’t do. Ever. Not when you saved me.”
You rest your hand on his back as you return the hug, a choked sob escaping you. “Satan, I-”
“You saved me.” He whispers fervently. “Do you understand? That means everything.”
You claw the back of his shirt, your breath hitching as you succumb to your tears. You both end up falling to the floor, hugging each other like your lives depend on it.
He doesn’t need divinity he’s never had. No, not when he has you.
He could go back? He could go back and get his little sister back?
But if he did, then you’’d...
“I know how much you miss being the Jewel of the Heavens.” You say, sitting next to him. It’s supposed to be a quiet night, one where you both relax and take care of each other, but then this opportunity appeared and-
He...didn’t know what to do.
- No, that was a lie. He knew exactly what to do. There was only ever one option for him.
“I’m hurt.”
You look over at him, surprised. His voice is small and he’s pouting, but there’s a tremble in his bottom lip as his eyes shine with unshed tears.
“I’m hurt, you know!” He repeats, and by now you’re pretty sure your mouth hangs open. “I’m hurt that you’d think so low of me!”
You scramble to explain. “Asmo, that’s not-”
“But it is!” He cries, interrupting you. “It’s exactly that! Did you think I would actually take that chance?!”
Your eyes soften. You go to place a hand on his shoulder, only to still when he slaps it away. “...Asmo.”
He throws himself at you, wrapping his arms around your neck as he clings to you. You don’t have the heart to throw him off, wrapping your own arms around him.
“We’ve come all this way because of you.” He murmurs against you. “And you’re the only one who loves me for me. Although, my looks are definitely a strong point-”
You chuckle weakly, feeling your own tears start to fall. He smiles once he hears you, happy to know that he lifted your mood even if it was just by a little.
“-if I gave you up, these past years would have been for nothing. So, no; I won’t do it. Besides, have you seen the following I have down here? I’m on my way to becoming the Jewel of Devildom!”
You move one hand to rest on his head, a warm smile spreading across your face. You don’t notice how he looks at your expression with awe and adoration, giving his head a few pats.
“I know you can do it.”
Well. With you by his side, he can do anything.
This isn’t happening. This- This can’t be happening.
Not again...not again...!
He grasps his chest and stumbles back from you, and he hears the way you call his name with worry in your voice. You sound far away, he thinks to himself. Are you already dead? Where is he? Did he fail again? Is this the Celestial War? Maybe that’s why he smells iron, hears screaming, hears himself screaming. It’ll explain the pain at least, and he would chuckle if he wasn’t too busy gasping for air.
Ah, his heart feels like it’s on fire it hurts so bad. Is it tearing itself in two? He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what to do...he doesn’t know who to choose-
It hurts. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. It hurts...!
“Beel, can you hear me? Take deep breaths. Okay? Please, breathe!”
- Huh?
He feels something on his face. What is that?
Oh, this warmth...It’s almost like-
Your name falls from his lips. You sigh in relief, sitting back.
“I’m glad you’re okay. How do you feel?”
How do you feel? You just said it was okay if he chose his angel status and Lilith over you, and you’re asking him how do you feel?
He lowers his hands, frowning at you. “...Why did you ask me?”
His voice is small. Fragile. Your heart breaks at the sound of it, tears building as you see his form shake.
“Why did you ask me, when the last time I did something I murdered my sister?”
You pat his arm, reaching a hand over to give him a side hug. “Remember what Lucifer said. She wasn’t murdered; she lived happily as a human, right up until she died of old age.”
All the more reason not to do it.
He sinks into your hold. You shoulder his weight with no complaints. “I can’t do it. You’re family; I-” he swallows past the lump in his throat, tears streaming down his face. “...I love you too much.”
Because he could care less about his angel status. Because Lilith already lived her life of peace. It still hurts, but you were the one to hold his hand when he had nightmares. You were the one who saw past his intimidating form and hung out with him.
You are important, and Beelzebub will take on the Celestial Realm himself if anything happened to you.
...He’s quiet.
Well, it’s to be expected. He hates humanity, and it’s his younger sister we’re talking about here, not to mention how close they were.
“So?” You ask as you lean back, the wall of the planetarium supporting your weight. “I don’t mind if you choose her and your status. It’s-”
“I could give a rat’s ass about my status as an angel.” He snaps. “Just shut up for a second and listen.”
You shut your mouth. What were you gonna say to that? An angry Belphie is not a Belphie to speak lightly with.
You jolt a bit as you feel hands lightly smack against your cheeks, smooshing your face. He tugs your head so that you’re staring at him, and it’s then that you notice how his eyes waver.
“I killed you,” he says, his brows furrowing, “I killed you. And yet you’d let me choose?”
You snort, raising a hand to cover his own. “Yep. Your move, Sleeping Beauty.”
He doesn’t understand. Why would you give him that power? He had robbed you from your family when he took your life. He temporarily washed out your future.
Did you really trust him that much...?
“It tore Beel and I apart when we learned she was dead. I-...I blamed myself.” He starts, and you don’t have the heart to stop him. Not when you already made peace with your end. “I started eating less, sleeping more. I despised Lucifer, and I despised all of humanity for taking my little sister away from me.”
You remained quiet. He lets out a frustrated huff, shaking you a bit.
“And then you came. You freed me from that place, you mended what was broken, and forgave me. And I will never betray that trust; not now, and not in the future.”
He bumps his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. You close yours as well, feeling the tears drip from your face and onto the floor. He’s...choosing you? Over everything he’s ever wanted?
What did you do to deserve someone like him in your life?
“So don’t you forget it, you idiot.”
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takeaslicex · 2 months ago
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Gender Neutral! Main Character
Content Warning: A few earlier chapter spoilers (all appropriately tagged), and some implied NSFW (these headcanons are NOT smutty, but some can be implied to be), mention of death
Word count: 3.9k+
Summary: My headcanons of the seven brother’s primary and secondary love languages!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
Lucifer’s primary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
He already spends so much time looking after his brothers, keeping everyone out of trouble, and working hard to please Lord Diavolo, that beginning to look after you would become second nature. In fact, it’s his job to make sure your needs are met as the human exchange student, so making sure that you are taken care of is literally in the job description as he has pledged his loyalty to Lord Diavolo.
However, it didn’t take very long for Lucifer’s service to you to become voluntary rather than mandatory.
Though Lucifer would never admit it at the risk of wounding his pride, he would do almost anything to make sure that you were happy, healthy, and/or safe.
His acts of services range from the smallest acts to the big ones - but they all matter.
If you’re struggling in any of your classes, Lucifer would be the first to know, and more than likely would be the only one who would actually sit down and help you. If you were feeling physically unwell, he’d be at your side with medicine in a minute. If you were feeling emotionally unwell, you’d be in his arms in a second.
These acts of service would typically cause you to think you were putting too much on his plate, but Lucifer never fails to remind you how much he cares about you.
“Lucifer, I don’t need you to come over. You already have a lot going on today. It was just a nightmare. I’ll be okay, I’m just being ridiculous.” “MC, if I thought you were being ridiculous for one moment, I wouldn’t have offered to come over. I’ll be over in a minute - I’m all yours for the rest of the night. I love you endlessly, and I’m always here for you, do not forget that.” *cue a night full of cuddles and backrubs long after you were lulled back to sleep*
Lucifer’s secondary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Lucifer is an extremely busy demon and barely makes time for himself, so if he makes time for you, then you are incredibly special to him.
I personally think that he prefers spending quality time alone with just you, rather than spending it in public with prying eyes. That way, he could be most himself, and most importantly, have you all to himself rather than sharing you with his brothers.
Lounging on his couch with a chess board in front of you? Listening to each other’s favorite music together? Simply existing in each other’s arms? Absolutely nothing better than that in his eyes.
He also really likes having you in his study while he’s doing paperwork - even if you’re just sitting on one of his chairs while he’s working. Although, sometimes, having you in the room while he’s trying to focus can prove to be distracting, so this occurrence is a bit more rare.
“Y/N.” “Yeah, Luci?” “Can you come to my office at once, please? I have more paperwork for Lord Diavolo than I’d like to handle at the moment, and I would love it if I had something pleasing to look at while I’m busy.” “Of course. Can I help you out with your paperwork?” “That would be lovely, my Y/N. Please come over as soon as you can - I’ve been dying to see you.”
However, he does absolutely love to show you off in public as well. It’s a pride thing.
Whether it’s taking you out to an expensive restaurant, laying with you at the beach, accompanying you to the human world, or simply walking you around the streets of…. well, Hell, he knows how good you look at his side.
A power couple if I’ve ever seen one.
Mammon’s love language, naturally, is GIFT GIVING.
Whether it’s Mammon himself out shopping, or if it’s one of his brothers spending the money, Mammon found it hard to shop for himself without shopping for you, too. If he’s out shopping anywhere, he’s always on the lookout for something you may like as well.
“Hey, human! I bought these flowers for ya while I was out shopping today. Go ahead and thank The Great Mammon for that, MC! Because you’re welcome!”
Most of the time it’s one of his brothers paying for whatever gift he bought you. Or, even you yourself. But since Mammon is the one who picked it out and handed it to you, it totally counts, right? As long as you don’t question how the gift was paid for, you’re good.
However, since he’s totally been in love with his favorite human since day one, he finds it pretty much impossible to go shopping without spending his money on you. He just loves your reactions to the things you buy him, no matter how big or small.
“Well I… bought this for ya because it reminded me of ya, ya know? Because I… I love ya, MC. You’re pretty special to me.”
I could definitely see him gifting you with clothing and jewelry more than anything, since he’s not exactly uneducated in the fashion department. He totally would give you clothing that he’d love to see you in, or even clothing that would match his. Cringey? Maybe. Does he care? Absolutely not. You’re his human, after all.
Mammon’s secondary love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
As I mentioned before, Mammon’s been pining for you since day one. And while gift-giving and spending his quality time with you was always something he could do as friends, touching his favorite human was only a benefit he could indulge himself in once he finally got to claim you as his. So… once he got to touch you in the most intimate of ways, he never got enough of it. Ever.
Mammon, being the total tsundere that he is, would be different depending on whether or not the two of you are alone, and his touches would be no different.
If he’s in public with you, his touches would be almost proud and claiming. With an arm wrapped around your waist and your head under his chin, Mammon would proudly announce, “Incoming - The Great Mammon with his absolutely stunning human! Since I’m feeling quite generous today, you can all look at how good we look together. Feel free to thank me later!”
However, when he’s alone with you, he’s the biggest softie - and so are his touches. A complete cuddle bug, you’re almost always enveloped in his embrace, or vice-versa. He likes to lay with his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, but he also likes being the big spoon and encasing your entire body against his.
Also, consider this: either him spinning you around, or you spinning him around. *sobs*
Just touch him, or let him touch you - please!
Levi’s love language is undoubtedly QUALITY TIME.
Levi really values his free time. He canonically loves nothing more than immersing himself into video games, anime, and fiction. So, if he chooses to spend his time with you instead, or if he invites you to do his favorite things with you, then he really loves you.
Spending time with him is him showcasing all of his interests to you. Often, he gets made fun of for his interests in anime, gaming, and cosplaying, so introducing all of his interests to you in their entirety would be a pretty big deal for him - because he wants to share them with you, not just tell you about them.
“Listen well Y/N, because I’m going to explain this to you however many times it takes because I’m not dating no normie, got that? The Tale of the Seven Lords isn’t just a masterpiece because of the plot, but also because - ”
Spending his time doing and watching his favorite things with you just makes it all the more fun for him. You’re his favorite Player Two, his favorite anime binge-watcher, his favorite midnight-premier buddy, and favorite person to accidentally spoil things to.
Also, if you had any interests that he didn’t share, I think he would be willing to experience them with you as well as long as he got to spend time with you. As long as you take an interest in his interests, he’d be willing to indulge you in your interests, too.
Of course, with you being from the human world, you have the pleasure of introducing him to your favorite games and anime from your world, too. If you walk into his room with a new DVD set of an anime you like from the human world? Prepare to be locked in his room with him for the next week.
Levi’s secondary love language would be through GIFT GIVING.
Of course, his gifts wouldn’t be as grand as Mammon’s would be, but they would be a lot more personal in my opinion.
Levi’s idea of a gift would be personal items that mean a lot to him, such as limited-edition items, a copy of his favorite video game, a soundtrack from an anime he likes, figurines, a collector’s edition manga, or anything else that he holds dear to his heart from one of his fixations.
If Levi were to notice that you were really into one of the animes you were watching, or if you really liked the video game that you two were playing together, I think that he would be quick to give you something from his collection if it made you happy.
“Here, I want you to have this. It’s a limited edition Ruri-chan figurine - only 100 of these exist in the entire world… and, since you love the anime so much, I… thought you’d like it. But, if you break or damage Ruri-chan in any way, I won’t hesitate to ban you from watching The Magical Ruri Hana with me ever again, you got that? So, uh… enjoy, I really hope you like it, Y/N.”
Initially, I think that Levi would be hesitant to give you anything from his collection, given his envy or even just his general love for fiction. However, upon seeing your face light up the second you realized he was giving you something so special to him, he never became more sure of anything in his life.
Satan’s primary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Satan is pretty independent and values his free time to be by himself, very similarly to Levi, so having you around him in any capacity during his free time is his way of showing you that he loves you.
His main interests being those of books and fine arts, laying in his arms while he reads his favorite book out loud to you or introducing you to his favorite detective show would be a perfect night in his mind… much in fact, that he starts bringing you to all of his favorite places that have to do with his interests. You quickly became his companion to his book club, and you take frequent dates to museums and art galleries together.
“Hello darling, we’re reading the number one best-selling book in the human world in our book club today. I thought that it would feel a bit like home to you, and I think that it would be nice to experience a piece of your world together. Would you mind accompanying me tonight, Y/N?”
Also, with him being the big animal advocate that he is, I really hope you don’t hate the many little furry creatures of Hell, because you’re about to be visiting quite a few shelters with him. That, and creature-cafes as well.
One time for one of your anniversaries, you managed to convince Lucifer to let you surprise Satan with a trip to the human world so that he could see more cats than he could handle by visiting animal shelters and going to a cat cafe. It was the one time you’ve ever seen him tear up in your life.
Much like Levi, I also think that Satan would be pretty willing to take an interest in your interests as well, as long as he got to discuss them with you and have you next to him while he enjoyed them.
Regarding his sin, I also believe that spending time with you is a good way for him to subdue his wrath as well. When you’re with him, it’s a lot easier for him to control his emotions and keep his wrath in check. You keep him calm and collected, and as his peace, he adores having you around.
I believe that Satan’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION.
Due to Satan’s respectable and typically composed nature, Satan isn’t one to beat around the bush and tiptoe around his feelings and what he wants to say. If he loves you, or if he’s happy around you, he’s going to tell you just that.
I don’t think that his words of affirmation would be as outstanding and vocal as Asmodeus (see below), however, I think that he would never hide his feelings from you, since his sin is bred from a strong emotion, after all.
“Y/N! Thank you so much for coming with me today. Your presence makes me so happy - I really like having you with me, even if it’s just something as small as grabbing a drink. I love you.”
Also, consider Satan recommending you his favorite books, and upon reading them, it becomes quickly apparent that the romance in these books is how he truly feels about you. It’s not him personally saying these words of affirmation, but he might as well be.
Staying true to his title, the Avatar of Lust’s love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH.
Asmodeus is a very physical person towards everyone, so if he loves you, he’d definitely be more physical and touchy than anything.
PDA is a part of the package with him - he’s 10000% into holding your hand, cuddling with you, hugging you, and kissing you in front of everyone, and wherever he wants. He does NOT care.
When you guys are alone together, Asmo’s just as physical as well. How he acts in public with you vs. how he acts in private with you is a line that blurs constantly.
Essentially, there’s always at least one part of his body on you. Whether it’s his hand on your thigh, or his fingers through your hair, or his arms around your waist, or your entire self sat perched on his lap is entirely dependent on the situation.
He just really loves the way your skin feels under his fingers.
“Oh darling! Your skin is just so soft, and… warm ❤. Why don’t you come a little closer so I can touch you in other places, hm?”
I don’t think that a relationship without touching would work when it comes to Asmo. Of course, I believe that he would be pretty understanding about boundaries and respect when you don’t want to be touched. But the physical nature of his love is a big one - and as long as he’s touching you, everything is alright in the Devildom.
Asmo’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, though I believe that his primary and secondary love language could be switched.
Out of all of the brothers, Asmodeus would be the most straightforward with expressing his love and what he wants to say to you through actual words.
I truly believe that MC is the first person that he has had truly genuine romantic feelings for. Oftentimes, lust and love have a funny way of blending together, and it’s quite easy to mistake one for the other. However, it’s quite apparent to him, and to all of his brothers as well, that he truly is in love with you.
Also, if you are truly in love with him back, and you don’t just see him as lust and sex personified? Oh boy, are you going to make this demon melt like putty.
So, with that being said… he would never let you forget how much he loves you. How could he not let the first person he’s ever truly been in love with know that he loves them every second of the day?
“Oh, Y/N… my sweetheart, I love you so much. I love you so much that I could hold you and kiss you a thousand times a day and never get bored of it. I want you now and forever, don’t you get that, my beautiful human? Won’t you let me love you forever, please?”
Just let him give you lots of kisses and tell you how much he loves you, please.
Beel, being the big softie that he is, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
I headcanon my MC as incredibly small compared to Beel, but either way since Beel is pretty big, I think that having you wrapped in his arms would just be the best thing in the world to him because it would feel like he was protecting you.
** SPOILERS ** When Beel was dealing with the early chapter grievances regarding Belphie and Lilith, you were a tremendous help to him in every sense of the word. One of the ways you were a comfort to him was through holding his hand and sleeping with him at night, so naturally, he associates touching you with loving you.
You just fit so perfectly in his arms, okay?
Beel doesn’t think twice about touching you in public - though his touches would be fairly innocent. He likes having you perched on his lap with his arms around your waist, holding your hand as you walk the halls of the Devildom, or holding your thigh during meals.
Of course, handsy makeout sessions in the kitchen during snack runs or while you two were making dinner together have been known to happen more than once… (the two of you aren’t allowed to make dinner together anymore, actually.)
In private, Beel is just as big of a softie with his touches as he is in public. He loves having you lay straight across his chest, even if it’s just to talk and hang out rather than just sleep. However, holding you while you two fall asleep together is his favorite part of his day next to… well, eating.
“Beel baby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” “...” “I woke up and you had rolled over to the other side of the bed, that’s all.” “Oh my god, I love you so much. Want me to come back and we can cuddle until my next class?” “Yes! Come back soon, please.” “And, I love you too.” “Now come back to bed.”
Shoulder rubs and back rubs are his things, and if it’s you giving the massage - especially after a game or a tough workout - then this demon is going to be getting literal heart eyes for you.
Beel’s secondary love language would be GIFT GIVING - and it’s a very specific gift he would give to you. If you guessed food, then you’re a thousand percent correct.
Being the Avatar of Gluttony and a huge foodie, sharing his food with you in any capacity is basically the same as saying “I love you” for him.
The first time Beel offered you some Super Spicy Devil Fries off of his plate at lunch one day, all of his brothers and you included all stopped dead in your tracks.
“Hey MC, you want some of my fries? I know how much you like them - so here, have some of mine.” *Cue Asmo choking on his food, Levi and Belphie’s mouth dropping, Satan dropping his fork, Mammon quite literally hollering, Lucifer’s eyebrows raising, and you doing all of the above*
Basically, you’re the only person in the world who’s safe from his wrath if you touch his food. Anybody else would be on the floor in a hot second.
Belphie’s is the hardest to pinpoint for me, but I think that just like his twin brother, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH - and for a very specific reason.
** SPOILERS ** Belpie was incredibly close to his younger sister Lilith. Upon realizing that you’re a descendant of his sister, and the closest thing he’ll ever get to having his human sister back, I think that touching you (in a non-sexual way) would make him feel closer to her.
Of course, he would like to touch you just for you being you as well.
Since he’s the Avatar of Sloth, and thus a very tired and lazy demon by default, I think that he would eventually learn to associate comfort and rest with being with you, and would only want to nap or lounge around if you were there to do it with him.
“MC, I’m tired.” “Take a nap, baby.” “I can’t.” “Why not?” “Because you’re not in my arms, obviously? Come to my room now, please.”
You’ve had quite a few arguments about which of the two of you can be the big spoon or the little spoon for the night, because there’s just so many perks with being the big spoon. Of course, there’s perks with being the little spoon, too, so you both let the other win the argument from time to time.
Having you pressed firmly against him under the coldest and comfiest blankets in Hell is literal heaven to him. He just wants to have his arms around you all the time, okay?
In public, I think he would be prone to sleeping on you too, since you’re just so comfortable and because he loves and trusts you so much. How many photos are out there of Belphie sleeping on your shoulder in class? Too many.
I’ve thought hard about this, and I think that Belphie’s secondary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
** SPOILERS ** Belphie definitely regrets killing MC - like, infinitely. I think that no matter how hard he tries to forgive himself, or no matter how much MC or his brothers have already forgiven him, I think that killing someone you’d later fall in love with would be a big weight you could never truly get off of your shoulders and forgive yourself for.
With that being said, I think that Belphie would take special liberty in protecting you and making up for the wrong he committed in any way possible.
He’d often check in on you and make sure that all of your wants and needs have been taken care of, to making sure you ate breakfast that morning, to checking in on you when you’re with his brothers to make sure you weren’t too overstimulated or stressed out.
This would be an easy thing to pinpoint - that he was often doing things to overcompensate for what he did to you. However, while it’s true in part that he’s doing these acts of service out of guilt, he’s also doing these things for you because he loves you and wants you to be happy all the time.
“Belphie, my love, I know what you’re trying to do and I promise you that you don’t have to. Okay?” “Of course I do, Y/N - you don’t understand.” “Okay, so help me understand, please.” “I-I just… just let me do this for you, okay? I love you so much. Just let me do this.” “...” “Belphie?” “Yes?” “You know I forgive you for what you did, right?”
Belphie can’t take back what he did, but he’d happily spend the rest of your life making it up to you if that’s what it took. He just loves you so much - and if he can keep you happy, healthy, and safe through his actions, then it’ll never be an issue for him.
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comparing them to cute animals pt 2
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