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   ❚❘❘ 𑁍 ྀ 1/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY.

Given that I failed the first time, here we go again!

  • I had Swedish class and I’m still struggling a little with ett and en, but overall I love learning the language.
  • Finish my 3 assignments for my media class! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’ll be.

Originally posted by asking-jude

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Does anyone have any recommendations for lighthearted swedish tv shows? I’m trying to learn the language and the couple shows/movies I’ve found on usa netflix are really depressing lmao

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Attributed to Niclas Lafrensen (b.1698 - d.1756), ‘Portrait miniature of a Lady playing Cards, possibly Fredrika Eleonora Horn of Ekebyholm later Stenbock’ + frame, goauche on ivory?, no date (1750s?), Swedish, for sale est. 6,000 - 8,000 SEK in Bukowski’s Important Spring sale, June 2020; Stockholm, Sweden.

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Ett centrum (centrumet, centrum, centrumen) - Center
inte mycket - Not much
Bara - Only
Hon - She
Han - He
En partner (partnern, parter, partnerna) - Partner
Ett jobb (jobbet, jobb, jobben) - Job
Typiskt - Typical
En polis (polisen, poliser, poliserna) - Police
En ambulans (ambulansen, ambulanser, ambulanserna) - ambulance
Till exempel - For example
Ringer (ringde, har ringt, att ringa, ring!) - Call
För att - Because
Intressant - Intresting
Brasilien - Brasil
En månad (månaden, månader, månaderna) - Month
Augusti - August
Var ligger X? - Where is X located?
Cirka - About, approximately
Studier - Studies
Varke - Every
Trivs (trivdes, har trivts, att trivas, trivs!) - Enjoy
Nederländerna - The Netherlands
Ekonomi - Economics
När fyller du år? - When is your birthday
Mars - March
En förälder (föräldern, födäldrar, föräldrarna) - Parent
Stannar (stannade, her stannat, att stanna, stanna!) - Stay
Cyklar (cyklade, har cyklat, att cykla, cykla!) - cycle
I dag - Today
Hemma - At home
På stan - In town
Jobbar (jobbade, har jobbat, att jobba, jobba!) - Work
Datakunskap - Computer science
En bank (banken, banker, bankerna) - Bank
Pratar (pratade, har pratat, att prata, prata!) - Speak
Tittar (tittade, har tittat, att titta, titta!) - Watch
På jobbet - At work
Hit - here
En student (studenten, studenter, studenterna) - Student
En grupp (gruppen, grupper, grupperna) - Group
Med - With
England - England
Chattar (chattade, har chattat, att chatta, chatta!) - Chat
Nästan - Almost
Roligt - Fun
Också - Also
får (fick, har fått, att få, -) - Receive
Svårt - Difficult
En lärare (läraren, lärare, lärarna) - Teacher
Spännande - Exciting
Lär sig (lärde sig, har lärt sig, att lära sig, -) - Learn
I morgon - Tomorrow
Gör (gjorde, har gjort, att göra, gör) - Do
Åker (åkte, har åkt, att åka, åk!) - Go, Travel
Där - There
En Kusin (kusinen, kusiner, kusinerna) - Cousin
Tillbaka - Back
En Söndag (söndagen, söndagar, söndagarna) - Sunday
En måndag (måndagen, måndagar, måndagarna) - Monday
Väntar (väntade, har väntat, att vänta, vänta!) - Wait
Vänta ett tag - Wait a while
I kväll - Tonight, this evening
Tyskland - Germany
Spelar (spelade, har spelat, att spela, spela!) - Play
Här - Here
Tillsammans - Together
Alla - All
Det snöar - It’s snowing
På sommeren - In summer
På vintern - In winter
Större än - Larger than
Spanien - Spain
Tvärtom - On the contrary
Betalar (betalade, har betalat, att betala, betala!) - Pay
Schweiz - Switzerland
En flagga (flaggan, flaggor, flaggorna) - Flag
Vit - White
Röd - Red
Blå - Blue
Gul - Yellow
Öster om - East of
Väster om - West of

Finnaly got the the end of the list!
And come the weekend, once I have done the example questions/statment, Topic 3 will be wrapped up =]

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I had these feeling like 4 years ago. I didn’t know if I’d make out alive. Today, when I’m older and a lil bit wiser, I think I can handle it. But I’m still not sure about it. The internet is eating me up. I feel locked inside my own house. I might be able to escape soon. Let’s pray.

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Amazon’s launch of a Swedish retail site, its first in the Nordics, has caused embarrassment at the e-commerce company after a series of errors led to confusing, nonsensical and occasionally vulgar product listings scattered across the catalogue.

To start with, Amazon chose the wrong flag: the Argentine flag appeared where the Swedish flag should have been placed on the country picker. It is unclear how the error happened: aside from copious use of blue, the two flags are not similar.

Other problems were more understandable, thanks to some disastrous automatic translation from listings on other European branches of the retailer. Nintendo Switch games were listed as suitable for the Nintendo Circuit Breaker, and a collection of second world war-era Russian infantry figurines was translated as “Russian toddlers”.

Products featuring cats were hit particularly hard, with the lewd double meaning of the word “pussy” leading to a T-shirt with a cat on it being labelled with an vulgar Swedish term for “vagina”.


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international performances/recordings of musicals that exist and are on youtube that i love bc i like languages :

- spring awakening in austria

- rent in iceland

- book of mormon in sweden

- rent in south korea

- little shop of horrors in thailand

- spring awakening in mexico

- in the heights in argentina

- billy elliot in the netherlands

- newsies in italy

- spring awakening in south korea

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