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So, after YEARS of wanting one, I finally FINALLY got a kitty of my very own. I’ve wanted one since I was in middle school but my parents always told me “You can have one when you move out.” So when I finally moved out with my significant other…he wasn’t into the idea of getting one at first. So I waited, and wore him down and now we have the sweetest fur baby ever. He even bought her a cat bed which she loves. I just wanted to welcome sweet Jiji to the family.

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YES OF COURSE YOU CAN BE AHH I’m so glad you like them! They’re making me super happy to write you’re welcome to send in as many as you want ❤️ I actually have to go back for another shift later tonight but since I work at a restaurant then it’s been crazy slow. Basically today consisted of me standing around chatting with friends before my manager said I could go home so I mean at least I was semi social even if I was only there for an hour

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OKAY HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH GOOD SONGS WHAT IS THIS also hi bby all the love for you 🥰 pls stay safe out there. and??? Akaashi?? I’ve basically been inhaling fics of him I’m working on something that I hope will turn out good. BUT I’m living for these songs so YES. I hope you like this, my lovely ❤️

“You’re absolutely breathtaking.” Akaashi whispered, grabbing your chin softly.The kiss he gave you made you weak in the knees, but all too soon he pulled away. He had the cheesiest smile on his face which made your heart squeeze.You stood there, enveloped in his warm arms and couldn’t help but close your eyes to enjoy the feeling of him. If there was a heaven, this was it. Under the moonlight while being wrapped up in the embrace of the one you loved was everything you ever wanted.

“Keiji,” You breathed, looking up to see his face flush. “I love you.”

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just a reminder, michael is such an amazing guy and he’s really got everyone’s best interests at heart. he is kind and funny and so intelligent and well spoken. michael cares about us and his family and friends. he cares about the band and what they put out. he likes to play video games and be with his dogs. he got a tattoo for final fantasy on his finger and on his arm. he’s passionate about every little thing that he does. michael is patient and understanding and lets fans pet his dogs. he loves crystal and thought about using 5sos lyrics to propose to her. he is talented and beautiful. michael gordon clifford has saved so many people, and he doesn’t even realize it. he is an inspiration and loves people so hard. michael is an amazing guy.

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