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#sweet potato

Mo, 01.06.2020

During the end of may I had a really bad time. A lot of binging and self neglecting…

I felt really depressed. Don’t know what else to say. I also don’t think there is much need for it. Almost everyone knows what it feels like. As always: here we go again

Breakfast: Smoothie (I added some oats, so it’s more filling) (197cal)

Lunch: massive sweet potato and green beans (509cal)

Snack: one apple (73cal)

Dinner: one can of kidney beans (270cal)

(Total = 1.049cal)

I feel extra proud of myself for doing a workout program today!! ~30min

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I was part of a rainbow themed breakfast collaboration this morning and my colour was orange! Each person was making a breakfast in a different colour of the rainbow 🌈 I had a sweet potato bowl for my orange themed breakfast; a mashed sweet potato, alpro yoghurt, a satsuma and all topped off with manilife peanut butter and some seeds 👌☀

H x

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Sweet potato and ginger dessert soup U(⁎˃ᆺ˂)U
I ate it along with my tomato eggs couscous
Sweet, spicy and great for cold weather!

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May 26th 2020

The best food to stock up on right 🔛 now in my opinion would be potatoes 🥔!

  • You can make so many different things with them!
  • They last forever!
  • When 🤔 they die they grow into a new potato 🥔 !

Originally posted by insanethiings

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