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#sweetgrass the cat

Me: Ah shit, where’s my phone?

Me: [looks all over apartment]

Me: [uses service to call phone]

Sweetgrass: [starts vibrating]

Me: This is because I scared you cleaning, isn’t it?

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Sweetgrass has been in an e-collar for three days now. And yet she is still trying to lick herself even though she’s just licking the inside of the cone

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Things that just proceeded in my home
Roommate Alex: Bye, Sweetie!
Roommate Adam: [Alex's BF] Bye!
Me: She's talking to the cat [Sweetgrass aka Sweetie].
Roommate Adam: ...oh.
Roommate Alex: We might need to come up with a new nickname.
Me: Yeah, Adam can be Human Sweetie.
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