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@taylorswift you have always said that you welcome constructive criticism from fans. I trust that you will read this, and further educate yourself about the black lives matter movement and the ingrained anti-blackness that is prominent in every industry and non-black community. being anti-trump is not enough. racism cannot simply be voted away—It was there when obama was in office, it will still be there if biden is in office. I most importantly hope you choose to use your platform more effectively, to it’s full extent. the way you have used your platform is incredibly underwhelming. participating in the performative Instagram blackout, and posting an Instagram story - that only stays up for 24 hours - with donation and petition links is the bare minimum. why didn’t you tweet the donation/petition links?. treat the black lives matter movement the same way you treated lgbtq rights. you can’t just pick and choose when to be political. you supporting the black lives matter movement only when it became mainstream is upsetting enough. your support for the black lives matter movement was long overdue and still extremely underwhelming. you can’t always just post about important issues only when they become mainstream and trendy. I understand that it can be risky to publicly post about topics that aren’t mainstream but that’s when we need your voice and platform most. talk about systemic racism. talk about the anti-blackness that is ingrained in the criminal justice system. talk about how capitalism and racism go hand in hand. make your donations public. let your black fans know that you’re truly with them.

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