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Aoi: Hi all!! We’re still alive and well, if a bit blown away by recent canon developments!

As you all know, Contained heavily revolves around the Doctor, and boy oh boy is Horikoshi giving us a treat!

Swift and I are currently devouring the new content! We’re both impatient to get back into writing, but we’re not going to turn away good canon content if we can help it! So we’ll be taking a temporary pause for… “research.”

As always, thank you all for your patience, and it really is wonderful having such amazing, loyal readers!

For anyone who’s not caught up with the manga oho boy! I recommend reading it ASAP! Crazy things are happening!

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yeah!!!! Like

I knew there was gonna be a move on the army but it’s so tense and terrifying and exciting to see it actually moving forward and happening

Someone’s gonna die and it’s not gonna be of fun

(probably. Not counting Nomu because Mirko seems to be having kind of a blast already)

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Hey guys, Aoi here. 

Just wanted to give everyone an update. I’ve been super busy with school and two jobs. Thankfully, I’ll be done with school in Dec. so I’ll have a LOT more free time. 

Thank you for your patience, and hopefully we’ll be able to post something by the end of December. *crossing fingers*

(Swift also caught a nasty cold, so she’s recovering from that)

As always feel free to send asks here or join our discord for general updates and chats.

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Aoi: so swift and I are close to getting the next chapter done, but it may take a while because we’re recovering from a bunch of irl stuff. (Swift has been really sick, and I just sprained my ankle the other day, on top of both of our pets’ medical stuff) so yeah lots of stuff but we promise we haven’t forgotten about this or our readers! Thank you for your patience and hope you continue to enjoy our series!! ❤

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What I like about you: Your passion for good character development and analysis is very fun :3

jkfl;s ahgkls;a hgklda;hgldka; ghks;ahgdsak;

thank u <333333

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swiftwidget replied to your post “honestly, i really dont know. i try my best to be kind and…”

Some people are dicks. You’re awesome Saisai-chan. You’ve been a pleasure to know and talk to and anyone that actually has spent the time to get to know you would think the same. You’re a person, not just a blog. I think some folks on this website forget that.

thank you for the words of support… i really appreciate it a lot

it gets so exhausting lately… i try to not let it show. i don’t want any drama or to cause trouble. i just wanna enjoy MHA because it’s something that’s close to my heart, and something me and my friends all love. in some ways, it introduced me to new friends. and its something i can share with my step dad. 

but this…. situation lately has been so emotionally and mentally exhausting. i don’t want any trouble. i don’t know what i’ve done to make people so angry at me, or hate me. i try to be extra careful about what i post lately, and i get worried that people will take my playful replies literally. sometimes things get so bad that i get anxitey attacks and won’t stop shaking for an hour or more. 

thankfully that doesn’t happen very often, but unfortunately it does happen. i really don’t think of myself as a strong person. in the end, i really am just… a person, tho. i try to be kind, certious, and helpful, and do what i can. i try to be positive; i know i’m popular and i want to be a positive influence on the people who follow me, and look up to me. i don’t think of myself as better or worse than anyone else, but i know i have influence, and i try to use it carefully. i just… try to do my best.

anyway, i’ve rambled enough. and thank you again…. it was nice hearing your words. and i think you’re right; sometimes, people forget that there are people behind these blogs. 

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