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#swirl’s writing
writing-and-robots · 7 months ago
The Universe Can Be A Lonely Place
Ch 1. Ten Forward
You were seated in a corner booth in Ten Forward, silently reading the PADD next to you as you slowly ate the replicated meal you had been served. Usually you tended to remain in your quarters for any meals or off-work time but you found yourself longing for the beautiful view of the large observation window tonight. It had been a long week on shift, it seemed that Murphy’s Law and The Enterprise were synonymous at this point, so you were happy for the peace and quiet.
“Hello, stranger.” A voice beside you startled you from your thoughts. You turned and were greeted by Guinan, who was smiling pleasantly at you. You always found her a comforting presence.
“Hello.” You returned the greeting, smiling back. She raised an eyebrow at the empty seat across from you to which you smiled sheepishly and beckoned her to join you. She sat down, always the definition of elegance, and folded her hands on top of the table as she gazed at you. Her eyes seemed to be able to pierce through your entire being but not in an invasive way, it felt as if an old friend who knew more about you than you yourself did was simply studying you. Guinan seemed to have that effect.
“Don’t see you in here very often.”
“Yeah, I just...missed the view.” You gestured your head to the observation window.
“It is something, isn’t it.” Guinan turned around to gaze out at the stars for a moment before returning her attention to you. “You know, I’ve been all over the universe, but it’s the people right here on this ship that have amazed me the most.”
She nodded. “There’s good people on this ship. And good people are hard to come by in this galaxy, each with their own unique story.” She smiled softly from across the table. “So, let’s hear yours.”
“My what?”
“Your story, tell me about it.” She waits patiently for you to answer. You adore Guinan and are always so calmed by her, but being put on the spot and being asked to tell her about yourself seemed to be more anxiety inducing than facing an entire Kardassian fleet. Panic slowly started to set in, your story was benign, boring, plain, just like you; and who knows all the amazing people Guinan has met in her life, no doubt in your mind that you would merely bore her. But of course you couldn’t voice these concerns, she was merely starting a friendly, casual conversation, so you tried to play off your insecurity as nonchalantly as possible.
“Oh you know, same as most people I bet on this ship. Worked hard, went to the academy, picked a major, graduated, and started my career in Starfleet.” You forced a bright smile to reach your eyes.
She studied you intently, a fond look on her features, as she hummed softly in response. “Hmm. Everyone has their own definition of a story I suppose, maybe yours just needs a little extra push.” She winked before taking her leave and making her way back to the bar.
Stunned and slightly confused, you sat at the lonely table mulling over Guinan’s parting words. You felt like she was hinting at something but her mysterious nature always managed to trip you up in deciphering her seemingly endless wisdom.
You let out a huge sigh and returned your attention to the passing star field through the observation window. You always had a fascination with space and exploring other worlds, it’s why you joined Starfleet in the first place. But despite being a source of comfort, the vastness could often make you feel small and alone; knowing you were surrounded by your fellow officers and crew mates didn’t stop you from feeling like you were drifting away in the vacuum of space. Cold, voiceless, and lonely.
Shaking yourself from these destructive, yet repetitive thoughts, you stood and pocketed the long forgotten PADD. Just as you were nearing the door you passed by Commander Riker, who stopped you with a call of your name.
“Well hello Lieutenant, don’t see you in here very often.” His smile seemed to be contagious and you couldn’t stop yourself from returning the smile.
“Yes, well sometimes it’s a nice change of pace.” You could feel your heartbeat start to increase and the nervousness began to set in. You weren’t afraid of the Commander, you actually found him quite charming in an odd sort of way and admired him as both an officer and fellow human being. But this was Commander Riker you were talking about, why was he interrupting his nice evening by talking to someone as uninteresting and quiet as you?! Even without the difference in rank why would he want to spend his evening chatting with a lowly anthropologist.
“Me and a few others were just about to order another round in celebration, care to join us?” His smile radiated warmth as he looked at you expectantly. You knew you could trust him with your life in a dangerous situation, that he would fight tooth-and-nail for the safety of every crew member or innocent life; but you did not trust yourself. You knew what you were and what role you played in the game of life, you couldn’t trust yourself to step out of those boundaries and drag others with you when it all eventually spiraled.
Your smile tightens and you try to morph your outward expression into something that hopefully resembles reluctant but thankful refusal.”I appreciate the offer Commander, but unfortunately I have a lot of reports I need to catch up on since our recent encounter with the Demoorians. Perhaps another time.” You smiled politely before quickly ducking away from the group, missing the slight disappointed expression on Riker’s face.
You made it back to your quarters without interruption and swiftly shut the doors behind you, leaning on the cool metal as you released the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. After a few more steadying breaths you walked over to your small desk and discarded your PADD on the surface and moved to change out of your uniform.
You felt bad for lying to the Commander, you had finished the reports almost two days prior and although you could continue to work and perfect every detail, it definitely wouldn’t take up enough time to prevent you from engaging with Commander Riker and the others for drinks.
As you put on a comfy pair of sweatpants and oversized hoodie you became acutely aware of the silence that surrounded you. Of course, living on the Enterprise never meant you were in complete silence; the warp core and engines always emitted a low hum throughout the ship that usually felt comforting to you, feeling as though you’re a part of something alive and moving. But tonight, the low thrum only echoed the loneliness you felt engulfing your heart.
Even the ship herself had more connection to others, had a voice that those in it’s company waited and desired to listen to. You liked to imagine that you had a connection with the Enterprise, that it understood you and you in-turn understood her; but the voice in your head reminded you that such things were impossible. An even more poisonous voice then helpfully added that even if it were possible, to befriend such an inanimate object, what makes you think it would find you interesting in the first place? Why would you be worth its time?
You attempted to banish the awful thoughts that haunted you, but they persisted. You had an early shift tomorrow and wanted to get some rest. With a sigh you grabbed your personal PADD from the bedside table and pulled up an old Earth movie you had seen countless times.
If you couldn’t get the voices to stop, then you’d drown them out until exhaustion overtook you; as was almost tradition at this point.
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noodlenibblescribble · 13 days ago
Thinking about the angst of liking your best friend since childhood but losing your closeness as tragedy strikes you both.
She loses her sister and you lose your free will. You don't talk as much anymore out of some sense to protect her, and she starts hanging out with another smart kid instead. It's for the best.
You notice she's crushing on the class bad girl (it's so obvious!) and you hate it. So you want to hate her, but one adventure later, the bad girl comes around to being a good friend. Your first in so long. And it hurts so much more meeting back with your childhood friend only to talk about her.
They're good people.
They deserve each other.
Unlike you, with your parasite.
....... and yet.
The next adventure comes. Your childhood friend was kidnapped! You go for the rescue, and get split up along the way. You find her. You're alone.
And your parasite starts infecting her.
You struggle at first. You know the horrors it's capable of. She's a sweet and kind girl, she doesn't deserve to become a monster!
The one in control suggests
You and her might be more than friends.
And it's pushy about being together with her.
And... she's not fighting back?
It's wrong.
It's wrong but
You're not going to be alone anymore! You see her pain and it's cathartic. She's going through what you went through. She's going to understand.
What could bring you closer than this mutual burden? What more could you ask for?
And when her smart friend comes along to ruin it.
There's only one logical option.
She leaves you.
You feel cold.
You don't see her for the rest of the adventure.
But you know she's still under the same parasite's control when she comes to save you last minute.
She's still connected to you.
And that makes you so
Happy. For the first time in years.
You all 'wake up.' She's still scared. She wants to believe it was all a nightmare.
You won't let her.
You show her the watch
With a smile
And her hope is crushed.
She won't be yours.
But she will be with you until the end of this sick game.
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doomstar · a year ago
You know what, fuck people who force writers to reveal their trauma in order to justify the stories they write. No consumer is owed an explanation for the content a creator creates, and no creator should feel obligated to draw from or admit to pain that may or may not be in their life in order to craft a work of fiction.
“I had an idea for a story” is all the justification you need to write one, and all anyone needs to let it be. 
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marcywoot · 3 months ago
Thinking about Marcy again... Like, she's an incredible example of how a character doesn't have to be evil or bad or villainous to be an antagonist. With Sasha, it's clear from the first time you meet her that she's an antagonist, someone who Anne will have to clash with to grow.
But Marcy... Marcy isn't. She's set up as the "uwu innocent cinnamon bun" character. From the moment you meet her, you're meant to like her. And - I don't know about all of you - but I did (and do!). But Marcy isn't an uwu innocent cinnamon bun (though she is very sweet ;P), her's and Anne's goals directly oppose each other, and while Anne has no clue, Marcy is actively attempting to make sure that Anne can't reach her goals. Not in an evil way, but moreso in a selfish yet understandable way. Marcy doesn't want to go back, and is willing to trap her friends in another dimension to insure that she doesn't.
And I don't mean this in a malicious way. Marcy doesn't want Anne to forever be separated from her family, I think. I think she views it more as a "me or them" situation. And, honestly? I can't fault her for that. As someone who's constantly been moving their entire childhood, if - at the age of thirteen - I found a box that would've let me and my friends stay together forever, I would've taken it! Without thinking about how my friends might feel about it.
But all that just proves my point. She's an antagonist, but she doesn't feel like one, which is what makes her such an amazing and compelling character. Presented a similar situation, I doubt many people would've done anything different!
(And I'm aware that it's totally possible that Marcy didn't really believe that the music box would actually have done anything or that she want to escape her home life for.. different reasons*. That doesn't change my point that after it does, she still doesn't change course. If their was a word with less negative connotations than "antagonist", I would've used it, but since their isn't, I hope everyone gets my vibe.)
*Though I hardly think two (three?) lines of dialogue is enough to derive what her entire home life was like. Though that's for another post
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vriddy · 2 months ago
tag game: what element writer are you?
Tagged by: @bittermoonswrites​ - thank you!!
Fire Writer
You burn. In the night, under the hot sun, you burn. You shine in the darkest nights, bringing to your readers an immortal fire. No one is able to portray feelings better than you. Emotions burn your characters, making them matches in dark rooms, lighting up everything, and burning from their own hands. Your best is shown in short stories, where the flames of your character’s souls can burn brighter than ever, and become ashes. Your stories hold the most passionate love, soft sighs whispered against a lover’s skin, and the neon lights of a night club. Pain is your second name, and you don’t mind it. Wars, betrayal, yearning, a/b/o and enemy to lovers are your favorite tropes. But when you decide to comfort, the fierce fire that burns in your soul becomes the warm hug of a blanket in a cold day. Established relationships, per-relationship fluff and medical fics are great at showing this softer side of you. Keep burning, and show everyone how hard a fire can burn, even in the coldest of the nights.
Tagging: @marianna5writes, @seeesame, @mercurymiscellany, @vanilllacocoa if you’re interested. It’s a fun quiz! And anyone else who think it’d be fun, too.
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issamhysa · 9 months ago
all of my kingdom for your return
eren and reiner with a warrior s/o hcs
this was supposed to be an actual fic but i didn't feel like having to deal with pacing shut up i am SAD :(( i've had this idea for a while so reeee but MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES/MANGA under the cut!!!!! i might give this like two separate endings if y’all like them!! <3
the mission was a simple one. that's what all your superiors, what zeke, reiner, annie and colt kept telling you. infiltrate their military, climb their ranks and retrieve the coordinate.
you don't know how, or when it got this out of hand.
maybe it was when you stood back and watched marcel get devoured by the titan. maybe it was when you didn't fight your brother when he held you back from tearing annie off reiner.
maybe it was when you befriended the coordinate, eren jeager, whilst you helped him "escape" shiganshina after the attack on wall maria. maybe it was when you watched him cry out and yell, blissfully unaware of just how much he would grow to mean to you, and how troublesome he would come to be.
you were meant to join the military police with annie, but you opted to join the scouts instead. you wanted to stay close to your brother, but you also needed to keep an eye on eren. out of the four warriors that remained in paradis, you were the most perceptive.
you, bertholdt and reiner are quick to establish yourselves within the scouts regiment and befriend the rest of the cadets, but you all made the same mistake. you get too close to them, you start to care for them and to slowly detach yourselves from the mission.
that is, until marco. you weren't there, you didn't see it happen, and to an extent, you were glad you weren't. marco was a sweet boy, one of your closest friends, and you were sure that watching him die would've ruined you. that's when you started to realize, you had to focus. you all did, you couldn't afford any more slip-ups, especially if they could cost the lives of those you grew to love and care for.
eren comforted you that evening, after the wall was plugged. you hated to admit it, but the way he held you close made your stomach flutter the same way it did when reiner touched you. he reassured you, mourned with you and promised to kill every damn titan in his way. before you knew it, you were falling, and you were falling hard.
the expedition came, in which annie revealed herself to be the female titan. in the end, you could do nothing as she was beaten by eren, forced to crystallize herself in order to save herself. in order to hide the secret you four shared.
time went on, and your attachment to eren grew. mikasa accepted you, slowly, and armin became a good friend of yours. you and eren began to spend more time together, whether it was training or staring up at the stars from the wall, your fingers intertwined as you reveled in the warmth of his presence alone.
little did you know, reiner was slowly unraveling. here you were, falling in love with the enemy, when you were his to begin with. you and reiner had always had a "thing", though unspoken. bertholdt knew, annie knew, everybody knew. you falling for eren only fueled his resolve.
it was time to finish this.
reiner and bertholdt told you about their plan to reveal themselves at the tower, when everybody was sleeping. you had tried to tell them it wasn't time, that this could be delayed, but you knew he was right. this had gone on for long enough, and you had made too many mistakes. you managed to hold them off until you got back to the wall.
you were meant to reveal yourself along with them, but when the time came, you couldn't do it. when your brother and reiner shifted, you braced yourself against the steam, anchoring yourself to the wall with your odm gear. you wanted to stay, but you knew you'd never truly belong here. not knowing what you had done.
when eren transformed, there was nothing you could do but watch as he and reiner pummeled each other to the brink, until eren had found a way to slowly crack away at the armored titan's neck. soon, the nape would be exposed, and reiner and bertholdt would be in trouble.
the scouts were near, waiting for the opportune moment to strike and tear reiner out of his titan, and in that moment, you had a choice to make.
you could stay still and cooperate with the scouts, letting eren kill reiner and hoping eren wouldn't hate you for betraying them. or you could help reiner and bertholdt escape, leave for marley and never look back.
reiner's armored titan called out, and though nobody could understand the reason for his sudden cry, you did. he was calling out for you.
you realized you had grown sick of being nothing but a bystander to tragedy. you had done nothing as marcel got eaten, you had done nothing when annie was defeated.
you couldn't let reiner get killed, no matter how much eren meant to you. so, managing to wrangle yourself out of jean's grasp, you grabbed on to the blade you were given and jumped off the wall. with a cry from your lips, the speed titan enveloped you in hot, steaming flesh.
six meters, short dark hair and fearsome teeth resembling that of the ancient smilodon cat came down onto the attack titan, sharp claws digging into his eyeballs.
your titan yowled with each tear of skin, but tears were streaming down your flushed cheeks. you weren't screaming out in anger, you were devastated. it should've never come to this. if only you had guarded your heart from this, it wouldn't hurt as much as it did.
"eren, forgive me" you cried over and over and over again, though you knew the possibility of eren ever forgiving you after this was unlikely.
you loved eren. truly, you did. but you loved your brother more, you loved reiner more, and you wanted to go home.
bertholdt took your sudden attack as his cue and let the colossal titan fall, shrouding everybody with steam. with an unconscious ymir and eren, you and your brother latched onto the armored titan and disappeared into the forest.
the forest of giant trees was as silent as ever. you, bertholdt, reiner and ymir were waiting for eren to come to while simultaneously planning your next move. the boys picked up in your sudden shift of mood, though, wondering why you had gone so silent. but when bertholdt followed your line of sight and found you watching eren, he knew.when eren woke up, the first thing he did was scream at the three of you. bertholdt and reiner were able to shake it off, but his anger cut you deep. the hatred and betrayal in his eyes. the way he called you a "traitor", despite you already knowing it. it hurt more coming from his lips.
eren was watching you fall apart, and part of him thought he could somehow talk you into helping him, into realizing that what you were doing was wrong. but he knew better. after all, he watched you jump to reiner's rescue without hesitating.ultimately, you had chosen reiner over him. despite the nights spent together, the hidden kisses shared under the blanket of stars, the silent moments on top of the wall. 
reiner and bertholdt's betrayal could never compare to yours.
the scouts were on you quicker than you had imagined. you were all barely able to make it out alive. your attempt to capture historia failed, and the scouts quickly gained hold of eren once again. 
before the titans could overcome you as you and your brother hid under the palm of the armored titan, ymir gave you a way out.
the next time you saw eren was while you were looking for bertholdt during the second attempt to capture him. zeke had finally come to your aid, and victory was surely yours, that’s what zeke had said.
what you weren’t accounting for was erwin’s suicide charge allowing levi to get close to zeke. what you weren’t accounting for was armin’s intelligence, although you really should’ve known better than to underestimate him. you weren’t accounting for the thunder spears that almost killed reiner, either.
you had lost long ago, you just hadn’t realized you had. it wasn’t until you were pinned onto that rooftop, helpless to watch your brother get devoured by armin’s new titan, that you finally realized.
you were doomed from the start.
had it not been for zeke and pieck coming to rescue you and reiner, you were sure the scouts would’ve taken you into holding, tortured you for information without so much as blinking. levi and hange would’ve enjoyed that. and maybe, just maybe, you would’ve let them.
but your mission wasn’t over yet. this had all been the easy part.
the hard part would come four years later.
but for now, you would settle for watching eren’s broken expression shift into nothing but pure anger as you left him once again, knowing the weight of your betrayal would bear down on both of your hearts for years to come.
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citri-nate · a month ago
S. Corps Tattoo Parlor - Chapter 22 preview
Levi was looking at the plants hanging on the parlor’s high window while mindlessly twirling the butterfly knife around his fingers. It helped him to focus. He was sitting on the couch, listening to the soothing sound of tattooing machines of the guys present in the room.
His mind was with his girlfriend who, apparently, decided to avoid him; or so he thought. Maybe he got used to spending too much time with her; perhaps she just focused on others; that would be good for her since he didn’t seem to give her a break with all the shit happening around him. Still, he couldn’t sweep the feeling of anxiety out of his mind.
That’s why he decided to do the only thing that could calm his nerves down. He stopped playing with the knife, locked it, and stood up.
It didn’t matter that they cleaned the place this morning. It could only get better.
Tumblr media
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writing-and-robots · a year ago
Captain and the Mechanic
(Small reader insert and Rex first meeting...)
The 501st had been stationed on Coruscant for a few rotations as their ship made repairs. The General had been busy with Jedi business and had given the men some time off. Most brothers spent their time between the local barracks and 79’s. Rex, ever the workaholic, was nose deep in paperwork and mission reports until most late hours.
This had been the Captain’s routine for the past 2 rotations, and both nights he saw R2 quietly sneak off base and exit into the heart of the city. Rex tried to forget about it, brushing it off as something the General had asked the droid to do but his curiosity was eating at him.
He saw the little droid roll past his office again, but this time Rex was going to get some answers.
R2, learning from the best, was able to effortlessly slip past the doors and security without detection. Rex followed behind, making sure to keep distance so that the little droid wouldn’t pick up on his tail. The droid dipped in and out of the citizens milling about the chaotic streets and made his way to the upper-mid levels of Coruscant.
R2 stopped abruptly at a small building in one of the darker corners of the street and looked about. Rex was barely able to duck out of sight as R2 looked scanned for any followers before continuing to the back of the store and disappearing from view.
“Where are you going?” Rex wondered aloud before following. As he rounded the corner he saw a light leaking into the side alley. Beeping echoed from a door that was slightly ajar. Rex approaches the door on high alert, ready to jump into a fight and rescue R2 from whatever creature had lured him down there.
Just as he was nearing the door, he heard R2 beep followed by an excited voice.
“No kidding!” The voice laughed. Rex stopped and listened to the conversation. The person who spoke seemed non-threatening and sounded young.
R2 beeped again, whirring happily at whoever was with him. The mysterious person laughed playfully, their voice soft and full of life.
“I can’t believe that he did that! I’m surprised anyone can keep up with him!”
R2 beeped in response.
“Yeah, I suppose it’s a good thing you're around to help keep him in check! Who knew Jedi could be so ridiculous.”
Rex’s eyes widened in surprise. Now his General was involved and he’d heard enough. Quietly he peeled the door back and stepped into the doorframe.
R2 was propped up and sitting in front of a hunched over figure who seemed to be tinkering with the little droid. Tools lay scattered about the tiny garage-like space in an organized chaos that would put Fives to shame.
R2 spun his dome around and chirred as the figure lovingly patted his head and reached for a small brush on the bench beside them. It was then that R2 finally noticed Rex standing in the doorway and beeped in surprise.
The figure shot up and sent the small stool they were sitting on careening off to the side. They spun around, tools still in hand, with a wild look in their eye.
“Oh my goodness, can I help you?” She asked nervously. Rex looked her over. She was in overalls and an oversized shirt, covered in dirt and grime from head to toe. Her hair was cut short and pulled out of her face with what seemed like an old cloth.
R2 beeped at her, causing her to immediately drop the tools in her hand and straighten up.
“Oh my god, you’re Captain Rex!” She saluted him stiffly. “Hello, Sir!” She faltered slightly in her form, slouching and started to anxiously ramble. “Oh, that was weird, wasn’t it? God I’m not a soldier, was it rude to salute you? Probably. No definitely was. Shit. Um, hi.” She stretches out an invitation to shake hands before quickly pulling it back, as though her hand had touched fire. “Oh my god, no handshake is way too casual! I need to have more respect. And I’m filthy so you probably don’t want to touch me anyway! Shit, sorry, I’m rambling!” She ended with a nervous laugh as she slapped her head.
Rex could only smirk at her antics. She obviously knew who he was, best guess is R2 had told her, but her failed attempt at an introduction made him chuckle slightly and put him a ease.
“What are you doing with this droid?” He asked, though a little more relaxed he wouldn’t let his guard down completely.
“Oh shit, right. Do you have a mission? I can finish really quick, I was just doing some detailing for him and-“
Rex cut her off before she could ramble further. “No, I meant why is he down here, with you?”
“Oh, uh,” she looked to R2 as if asking permission to tell him the reason. R2 gave a soft boop which she returned with a soft smile.
“Um, well sometimes R2 comes down here for special cleaning or repairs when he’s on world.”
“We’ve got our own repair units at the base.” Rex stated, crossing his arms.
“I’ve told him that many times.” She turned to scowl at the droid. “But he seems to like it here and I’m always happy to help, plus I enjoy the company.” She smiles at him.
“The company? Of droids?” He raised a skeptical eyebrow.
“Yeah, well I’m sort of a mechanic, self-taught. Mostly I just do small repairs, cleaning, touch up paint and other little stuff like that. Don’t worry, I don’t charge or anything, I’m not really licensed so it’s not a business, I just...ya know, do it for fun.” She shrugged.
“And how exactly did you meet this droid?”
She beamed at him as she slung an arm around R2, patting him gently. “Oh, long time ago he was wandering around down here, looking for something and got roughed up by some idiots. I found him and cleaned him up and helped him back home. He’s been coming back here since.”
“Huh.” Rex couldn’t deny that he found her intriguing. A mystery and an oddity, but interesting and full of wonder, something he didn’t see a lot of in the galaxy.
“Oh god, do you want something to drink? I could whip you up something to eat from the cafe if you want?” She turned to head into what Rex assumed was her house. He chuckled, he’d never been offered a drink by civilians before, much less one he had snuck up on and accused of stealing his droid.
“No thanks, but I appreciate the offer.” He laughed lightly which seemed to relax her a little. “I can see that R2 there introduced me already, but I didn’t catch your name.”
“Oh! Right! I’m Y/N.” She smiled at him brightly. They stood in the quiet garage, silently waiting for the other to make the next move.
Growing tired of waiting, R2 booped impatiently which caused Y/N to jump.
“Yeah, yeah don’t worry your circuits. I’ll make sure to finish detailing before I let him take you away.” She turned back to Rex. “Um, you can take a seat if you want while you wait, it won’t be long.” She gestured to a chair off to the side, the seat covered in a layer of dust.
She turned back and began working on R2 once more. She seemed to get lost in her work, seemingly forgetting Rex was even in the room. Rex studied her as she worked diligently.
Her fingers expertly moved the tools in her hands, delicately straightening various wires and circuits in R2’s chassis. Her eyes sparkled and she chatted aimlessly back and forth with the droid. Rex couldn’t help the fond feeling that crept into his heart as he watched the two interact.
Suddenly there was a new presence at the door. A serving droid cradled a detached arm knocked gently on the metal surface of the door.
“Miss Y/N.” The serving droid spoke, tearing her attention away from the astromech. “May I ask for some assistance?”
“Oh god, what happened.” She shot to her feet, concern etched into her expression, as she gingerly helped the droid inside and sat it down next to an adjacent workstation.
She took the arm and examined it carefully. “It got stuck in the compactor again, didn’t it?” She asked. A sadness filled her voice that surprised Rex. She spoke to these droids and empathized with them as if they were flesh and blood.
“I’m so sorry. I’ll get you fixed up as soon as I’m done with R2, okay?” She quickly pecked the side of the droid’s face with a soft kiss before returning to R2, putting the last finishing touches on her work.
She leaned back and examined her handiwork. “Okay, looks like you’re good to go. Try to avoid sand planets for a while, it took forever to clean your servos this time.” She scolded the little droid as if it were a small child. She laughed before leaning down and giving a quick kiss to the top of the astromech’s dome. “Stay out of trouble, okay?” She smiled softly as R2 beeped and rolled over to Rex.
“Good to go little buddy?” Rex asked, R2 booped an affirmative and turned to leave.
Y/N stopped him. Rex turned and saw her nervously playing with her fingers, not quiet making eye contact with him.
“I just wanted thank you for, you know, keeping the galaxy safe and putting yourself in danger all the time. I know you guys probably don’t get recognized all that much for what you do, but it really does mean a lot to us. To me.”
Rex was stunned, happily so. He was thanked by a civilian, one whom he didn’t even directly save. She offered appreciation freely to him.
He smirked. “Just doing my duty.”
“No. It’s more than that. I know it is. So, thank you.” She looked at him, eyes filled with sincerity, a slight blush dancing across her cheeks.
Rex didn’t know how to respond. Here was someone who recognized and seemed to understand a little bit more of what the clones do. He was stunned.
“Oh, um Captain?”
He chuckled. “You can just call me Rex.”
She smiled brightly at that. “Rex, feel free to drop by the cafe anytime! We’re open everyday, and you can eat free of charge! Or if you even need a droid repaired just drop by and I’ll help.”
Rex nodded thoughtfully. He’d never been offered anything like that from people aside from his brothers. “Thank you, I think I might just take you up on that offer.” He smiled.
“Great! It’s a date! Wait, no, I mean like plan! It’s a plan! Well not really a plan, I guess, I mean you don’t have to come and I know you’re busy and don’t want to commit to anything so-“
She was beginning to ramble again, Rex was figuring it was probably a regular thing for her. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. He found her extremely interesting and kind. He couldn’t help but feel drawn to her, wanting to know more about her.
“How ‘bout tomorrow? 1600?”
She gaped at him a moment before counting on her fingers, trying to calculate what time he meant. “Of course! 1600 is great! I’ll be waiting! Shit, no I mean like I’ll be expecting you not like waiting waiting, you know-“ she quickly stiffened her back and lightly slapped her head. “I mean I’ll see you then.” She chuckled nervously.
He returned the smile, she was already growing on the clone captain. “See you then.”
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bored-soletsdoathing · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nerd stimboard but make it glow blue
☆   ☆   ☆
☆   ☆   ☆
☆   ☆   ☆
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thatflyersfan · 11 months ago
I have seen a bunch of people on their Kirby bs and it’s making me too haha so maybe an imagine where you just hit leg day in the gym HARD and can barely even keep yourself up and so Kirby brings up the idea of getting it on and you kinda laugh and say how you can barely move and he says he’ll take care of it/do all the work
Oh yes sign me up to some hot Kirby Dach time this man is so fine. Also for these next thots imma be listening to my sexy playlist tha has me feeling a certain type of way and if anyone cares to join me feel free
Your legs BURN. Working out with Chicago’s strength an conditioning coach is the number one way to never wanting to walk again. Kirby had set you up with him, god bless and curse him at the same time. You know you’re not going to be able to move tomorrow and your legs already feel l8e jelllo so that is a good sign already.
But by the time you eat something and get home, Kirby is back from running out to pick up his dry cleaning.
“Looks like someone got their ass kicked,” he chuckles, looking at your sweaty hair tied up in a pony tail messily.
“I wanna die,” you grumble, shoving another forkful of food into your mouth like a heathen. Kirby laughs and walks over to you, hanging up his cleaned suit before walking over from you. He leans against the door frame and looks you up and down.
“Can I help you?” You ask, putting down your fork and leaning on one elbow as you look up at him. He doesn’t say anything, just stalks over and grabs you by the throat, shoving his tongue into your mouth and swallowing your moan. It’s slopp, needy, desperate.
“I bet you looked fucking amazing,” be breathed out heavily, eyes filled with black and lust, “sweat dripping off you, down your neck, down your back.”
His tone sends a tingle down your spine, making goosebumps appear across your sweaty skin. He tilts your chin up and licks up the column of your throat, making you gasp as hsi saliva cools your burning skin.
“I don’t think I can stand,” you whisper.
Kirby takes a step back and holds your chin between his thumb and pointer finger.
“Oh, that won’t be a problem my darling, I’ll do all the work.”
Then he’s grabs g your thighs and lifting you up, spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall in the hallway. He hold you up with his leg, propping you up so he can ge a hand free to rip your leggings down and get himself free from his shorts. They pool at his ankles, yours dangling off one leg.
You don’t really know what you did to get him this riled up, but you’re ot complaing. His long thick fingers fuck you open, teasing you slightly as he preps you for him. Kirby’s not small.
When he finally stops teasing you, he presses in quick, bottoming out and growls deep in his chest. The weight of the gravity forcing you on his cock is doing wonders for hitting spots never touched before. You gals in and out when he starts thrusting ruthlessly, hips snapping to yours quick and dirty.
“Fuck, Kirb,” it’s punched out, begs and please literally being fucked out of you as he fucks in and out.
“Not yet baby, not till I say so,” that patient mother fucker, “so fucking good, baby. So perfect for me, for my cock. So pretty when you take what I give you. You like being split open, don’t you?”
You nod, words melting on your tongue.
“Can’t even speak babygirl, I’ve got you that fucked out already? Beg for me, Yn, beg.”
You groan out, head lulling back on the wall, back arching as you tighten around him, desperate for a release. You heave for a breath before you can find your voice.
“Please Kirby, let me come please, I need it baby, make me feel so good,” you whine out, high and needy. You’re puddy in his hands, thoroughly fucked past the point of thinking properly as he begins to stammer his thrusts, known generically he’s getting close.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “such a perfect little pussy, so tight and wet for me.”
You moan out blissfully when he rubs at your clit, making your legs jump and clamp around his waist, drawing him even closer as your stomach tightens up then bust open, flooding your warm wet crease around Kirby.
Kirby too feels cumdumb. He rests his sweaty forhead against your shoulder as he sucks in breaths, bracing his arms on the wall your pinned to, veins popping out.
When he goes to let you down, he slips out and you whine, missing the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock. It’s always so good. Your legs give out and Kirby catches you before you buckle tk the floor, but he chuckles at you
“C’mon baby, lets get you cleaned up, in the shower,” he trails a fu her up your body suggestively, the hunger in his eyes nowhere near from gone.
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hecckyeah · 6 months ago
someday I’m going to write a full out essay on fanfiction and why it’s much preferred by people (like myself) with severe anxiety, because it’s something familiar and easy to get into and doesn’t require that extra level of awareness because you already know the characters and the world, and you don’t have to spend extra mental energy trying to learn a whole new story from scratch, and how that’s super similar to listening to the same music (or genre of music) on repeat for literal years (again, me) because it’s familiar and soothing and you can sing all the words by heart. 
just gonna add it to my list of shit i gotta put down on paper someday
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paper-swirls · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was commissioned to create some custom ceramic figures for Macfarlane Lantern Publishing’s ‘Bright Spear’ trilogy!  A fox, a kelpie and a raven ((I’m currently closed for ceramics commissions while the studio I get my things fired at is closed due to corona restrictions, but I’ll be opening them again once the studio reopens!))
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eiswolfzero · 5 months ago
wally building collapses buried alive 👉🏼👈🏼
He was trapped. He was trapped.
Wally couldn’t see but he could hear the rubble and dust settling. The faint noise of tiny pebbles trickling down larger stones before landing somewhere near him. Somewhere far off. Everything sounded muffled.
He took a deep breath to calm himself down, only to start coughing from the amount of dust he had breathed in. His eyes stung too, tears rolling down his cheeks to clear his eyes. Squeezing his eyes shut, Wally tried to control his breathing, to only breath through his nose. To calm himself down. He needed to be calm.
He wasn’t sure how long he lied there on his stomach before feeling like he could move without breaking out into a cold sweat. Not that it did him any good. As soon as he tried to get on to all fours did his back come into contact with cold stone above him.
Hesitantly he pushed against the stone, but it didn’t budge. The entire building must have landed above him. His only saving grace in that moment had probably been his instinctual reaction to vibrate through the stones coming down above him. Which in turn had created his tiny, very dusty space he was currently in.
Wally briefly curled up and tried to get his hands and legs under control, tremors going through them at the thought of stone upon stone upon stone above him. “I’m not claustrophobic,” he murmured to himself, causing him to cough again due to his speed up breathing. He couldn’t panic. He wouldn’t.
He wasn’t claustrophobic. He was the one afraid of heights, not of spaces.
But that was because he could usually get out whenever he wanted. He just wasn’t so sure how smart it would be to vibrate out of an entire building. How many floors had there been?
Were the other’s safe? Were they hurt? Was that why they hadn’t contacted him yet??
Wally moved a shaking hand to his communicator, tapping the earpiece while holding his breath. “Hello?” He asked into the dark, moving his hand away from his communicator. His fingertips stuck somewhat to the material of his earpiece.
“Can anyone hear m-.” Again, he coughed and curled up tighter, trying to create a tiny space with hopefully less dust.
Again, nothing.
Maybe his communicator was faulty? These stupid things reached into space! Reached the Watchtower! Surely a bit of concrete wouldn’t cause them to not work anymore. The silence that greeted him was telling him otherwise.
There wasn’t even static.
But…Supes. “Supes!” He said out loud, his voice thin from the dust so he cleared his throat. “Supes!” He called out louder, hoping his friend could hear him. Maybe J’onn was looking for him too. Surely their powers would have let them get out of this unscathed. Wally knew that. But the concerned twisting in his stomach was there anyway.
Wally didn’t call out again, aware that he shouldn’t breathe in all that dust. And who knew how much air he had anyway? There was no light filtering through, he couldn’t see anything. Maybe there was no chance of fresh air getting to him so he would have to be careful about it. Maybe.
He properly curled up again, feeling some fine rubble rain down on his shoulder before everything calmed down again.
Was he hearing something? Did some of the stone move? Everything was so muffled down here. He probably couldn’t hear more than a meter beyond that stone around him and yet…
There was that noise again, and again rubble rained down on him. Everything above him must be moving! Excited he listened for more, trying to find out where the noise was coming from. How far it was away. Should he call out? Should he say something? Maybe his-
“Flash?” His communicator seemed loud in the tiny space and Wally flinched away from the noise, smacking his head against the ground.
“Ugh…I’m here,” Wally quickly responded and went to rub his head, the mask feeling sticky and dirty as well.
“I can hear you. Just stay were you are!” Supes’ voice rang in Wally’s ears, but it didn’t matter. The tension bled out of Wally as he lied there, listening to whatever was happening above him.
“I won’t go anywhere,” he replied with a brief laugh, causing him to cough again.
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Imagine your F/O taking an interest in your newest fixation, even if they don't completely understand...
F/O still asks questions and listens intently as you explain things, doing their best to be supportive. No matter what you're telling them however, they love hearing your excited voice... Maybe even asking you to repeat things once or twice as an excuse to hear that beautiful sound even more ♡
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moonsugar-and-spice · 4 months ago
For the writing prompt, Ursa + weather
There is a silence in his presence these days, an elusive chill in the air, something dark cloaked in beauty, like fallen leaves under frost.
A nightingale calls from the trees at their backs, their once starry-eyed evening stroll now dulled to ritual, and Ursa looks at him where they’ve stopped.
Perhaps it is the moonlight sharpening the hard angles of his face, or the lack of wind letting every hair, every tree’s limb hang without movement -- but it is in these stillnesses that she can feel the withering of this thing once so alive, a leaf wilting in an icy wind, hear the slow and steady crumbling of the ground beneath their feet.
Sadness is not the word for it -- such a thing is little use to her now, an ache that has no remedy -- but perhaps it bears more resemblance to resignation.
The autumn leaf might cling to its branch, but it is already dead; the only question is when it would fall.
Send me a prompt.
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