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1llithiaa day ago
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starts crying and collapses onto my knees ... The scrunkles .m The Silly magic guys .. Doodles
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zergys2 days ago
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袣褌芯 Bad Boy?
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cadenceofhyrulea year ago
PSA for Switch owners
The latest 11.0 update means that Google Analytics is a thing on the switch and turned on. What that means is that Nintendo has a deal with Google to share with them your data for advertisement purposes.
To turn it off
go to the eShop
go to your profile where your funds and account info is
go down to the bottom of the page
there you will see 鈥淕oogle Analytics Preferences鈥
select the Change
select 鈥淒on鈥檛 Share鈥
Please spread the word. Really shitty of Nintendo to just quietly start allowing Google to spy on users for advertising.
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somecutething17 days ago
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"My cat always wants to sit on my laptop while working so I just play videos of birds on YouTube to distract him"
(via high61helmet61)
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xhnort10 months ago
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butterflies - animal crossing: new horizons (2020)
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autie-j11 months ago
You know what accessibility option I'd like to see video games adopt? The ability to increase the font size for in game text. I have horrible eye sight and it makes it hard to play games with a lot of text, especially when they insist on using the tiniest font possible. And even if it's not crucial to the game, I miss out on fun lore and stuff. There have been video games in the past where I've given up on playing because they were really text heavy but the font was so small that it was too much of a pain to play. Adding an option to increase font size would make so many games much easier to play and enjoy for me.
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mono-luca3 months ago
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nintendonewsbloggera month ago
Stardew Valley dev announces next game Haunted Chocolatier
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ConcernedApe, the developer of Stardew Valley, just unveiled its next game Haunted Chocolatier.
The two titles are similar in that they鈥檙e both a 鈥渢own game鈥. Players will move in to a new town 鈥渁nd try your hand at a new way of living.鈥 That means talking with townspeople, achieving your goals, and making progress in a number of ways. But Haunted Chocolatier is described as more of an action RPG, and the chocolate shop is the focal point rather than a farm. It鈥檚 also been said that there are no plans for multiplayer at this time.
ConcernedApe says that development began just over a year ago. Other projects have been in the works, but this one will likely be completed first.
Here鈥檚 the first trailer for Haunted Chocolatier:
There鈥檚 no word on release timing at present, with ConcernedApe stating that the game is 鈥渟till relatively early in development and I want to be able to work in peace without the pressure of a release date, or even an estimated release date.鈥 Platforms are also not confirmed aside from PC, but it should be on 鈥渙ther major platforms鈥 鈥 meaning Switch is very likely.
You can access the official website for Haunted Chocolatier here.
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jvgsjeff7 months ago
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But I鈥檓 not done washing my fish!
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ankyo-crossinga month ago
There was a WHOLE LOT in that Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct so here are my cliffnotes.
Update is coming Nov. 5th
--Can order coffee, invite characters via amiibo, see residents show up for coffee, and have coffee with friends as groups (shows them all sitting around drinking coffee)
--Takes you to a new random island with new plants, different weather than you currently have, and different seasons.
-Harv's Island
--Can turn it in to a shopping Plaza with the visitors to your island and some new like Harriet the hair stylist (will teach you new hair styles) and Reese and Cyrus who will let you customize items you couldn't before (like the nook miles items that are exclusive color to different people). Also Katrina is showing up to give fortunes. Tortimer is also there but I'm not 100% sure what he does. Something about storage. I think he lets you access your home storage from there.
-Group stretching
--That Japanese style early morning stretching but it's a game you can do with buttons or motion. So you can actually do the stretches with your villagers by hitting play on a tape player.
-Island Ordinances
--Like New Leaf. Beautiful island, early bird, night owl, bell boom. That's what's listed in the direct and that's pretty much what was in New Leaf. It says it'll make residents more active early or later but I have to imagine it'll chance shop times too if you do the early or night.
-Construction Consultation
--Tom Nook had New house designs for your home. Storage expansion is going from 2400 to 5000 with three upgrades you can buy to get it to 5000.
-Nook Miles
--New redeemable items for Nook Miles. Like new apps for your Nook Phone, new building materials, and new decorations for your island.
--You can now DIY cooking with new cooking DIY and new items you can grow to cook with. Like tomatos, wheat, sugar cane, potato's, and carrots and more. You can use them to make meals.
-Pro Decorating License
--Buy with Nook Miles, allows you to add ceiling hanging items and change only specific walls.
-Bridges and Inclines
--Upped from 8 to 10.
--9 new fence types and you can now customize some fence colors.
-Camera App
--Allows you to go in to a first person view and set up a tripod if you want. I'd imagine you can look behind buildings though since we've seen those aren't actually fully rendered.
--The patterns used for customization can now be worn or used as flooring or wallpaper.
--11 new hairstyles being added including what Harriet teaches you.
--11 new reactions
-Island Life 101
-New Nook Phone app that will help new players get an idea of what to do.
-Storage Shed
--Get a storage shed item that can be placed outside and used to access home storage.
--Automatic Bell Dispenser item so you can get bells without going to resident services.
--12 new songs and a music box item you can get and play music box renditions of his music.
--You'll dig up broken Gyroids and you can rebury them and water them. The next day they grow in to a full one. Very different designs than previous games and you can customize the colors of a lot of them. More will show up after it rains.
-Nook's Crany
--New item types (like ceiling hanging items) and new items that haven't been in this game yet.
-New Tool
--Ladder Set-Up Kit is a ladder you can place and just leave it there. We also saw vines that work the same on Kapp'n island and the character pocketed them. DIY is bought at Nook's.
--Can now slide between narrow spaces so you can make areas tighter with furniture and such.
-Resident Relationships
--They'll now invite you over or come visit you at home like past games.
-Paid DLC
--That's the last major free update. We're also getting, essentially, Happy Home Designer New Horizons as a $24.99 update that lets you fly to work and do the whole HHD thing, making vacation homes for villagers and facilities. It's called Happy Home Paradise. You'll also learn new techniques for decorating like adding new walls to homes to divide rooms, support pillars, and new items. You get paid in a new currency that can be traded for exclusive items at the island shop. You can also buy souvenir snacks to give to your villages to get them to come get a vacation home. You can use Amiibo figures and cards to call people too. You'll need to design the vacation home to the villager's wants and as you do it you'll learn new things, like changing the dimensions of the interior and changing lighting and a soundscapes. You can also polish furniture which will give some of them new effects (like polishing a flower pot will have butterflies around it). And you can do that at home now too.
--You can invite NPCs and you can convince more than one villager to share a home.
--There are vacant buildings that can be made in to facilitates, like a school or hospital or restaurant. Animals will show up to work them and use them.
--You take photos of the homes you make and they store in a new Nook app and can use it to travel right to them. And you can share online and follow designers.
--Lottie is back running all this with two new NPCs. A walrus who isn't Wendell and the cutest monkey.
--After you design a certain number of vacation homes you'll be able to do it for home residents on your island.
--$24.99 for the DLC but it also comes as part of the Nintendo Online Expansion Pack.
-Expansion Pack Pricing
--I didn't see this the first time. $49.99 annually, or $79.99 for one year of Family.
-Amiibo Cards
--Series 5, 48 cards. Feature a lot of new characters we haven't met (Sasha a bunny, Tianshang a monkey, Shino a deer, Cephalobot a robot octopus, etc). Go on sale Nov. 5th. Not retailer exclusive.
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