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Socrates. Greek.

          In the busy streets of Athens, amongst the humdrum activity of everyday life, three white clad men walk together engaged in discussion. Two young men, flanking an older, grey-haired Socrates. One raises a point, but Socrates hold his hand up as if to question the young man. As they walk, light pours down and then from above, and in the foreground is a sword blade and hilt. On the sword blade a small but nevertheless noticeable gadfly.


faces the truth, even if unpleasant

is up front with everyone

likes everything on the table

plays by the rules

avoids lies and deception


sizes up a situation quickly

understands hidden motives and desires

is difficult to fool, trick or con

figures out the unspoken rules and agendas

is quick on the uptake


is direct and open in all dealings

gets to the heart of the matter

acts without pretence or guile

is straightforward and no-nonsense

can be candid when necessary

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things that people care very deeply about: 

  • distance
  • timing
  • oh shit did I hit you too hard???
  • oooo is that a new sword?!!?!

things people care very little about: 

  • gender

(spoiler: i love my local swording school)

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tarot deck design question…

So for my deck design, I’m not changing any of the suits, I’m keeping with cups/pentacles/wands/swords. But for the imagery, I’m having a hard time sticking with one representation of the suits. How do you guys feel about different objects throughout the deck to represent the suits?

For example, a sword may be represented by an axe, an arrow, a scythe, etc. Cups could be actual cups, mugs, or buckets. Wands could be a staff, or large posts, a shovel or a broom. Pentacles might be an orb, or a carving of a pentacle etc.

See what I mean? I liked the idea when I came up with it, I think it allows for more descriptive images and creative variation. I just want to know what others think before I really commit to it.

Let me know if you have thoughts !

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I mean idk if it’s that secret akfnakf.

I do indeed have a knife collection, they’re all in a safe for keeping my sister away. There’s a large variety too!

I got old ones, I got a silver one, I got a hand made crystal one, I got a set of throwing knives, I got a squiggly one, I got two dragon themed ones, a handmade wooden one (not as dangerous as the others), two pocket knives, one made of that rainbow shaded metal that’s super pretty, and a few more boring ones.

Also if you count swords I’ve got five of those

Tell me something that you think is true about me.

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                An Adventure Hunter’s Media Guide #14

Sword and sandal movies have always sparked the Adventure Hunter in me. But of all of them, Clash of the Titans was and is the top spark of them all. (And I am talking about the 1981 version, not that piece of shit-trash remake.)  I mean come’on, the film is Adventure Hunting at its best: Handsome young hero, BEAUTIFUL princess, cloaks, swords & shields, monsters, traveling the (known) world, godly intervention, magic, palaces, market squares, temples. 

I know many people like to tease the film, mainly cause its dated. It was Clash of the Titans that got my interest in ancient history. No, its not historically accurate, nor is it mythologically accurate to the real myth but its still fun, exciting and entertaining. Clash of the Titans will always be a Adventure Hunting fave,

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US Officer’s saber, circa 1805-1810

from Rock Island Auctions

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Handmade Tool Steel Bowie Knife|

Powder Coated Blade | Big Hunting


Custom Handmade D-2 Steel Bowies Knife with Leather


Total Length:

17" inch


12" inch


5 “ inch

Blade Material:

Tool Steel/D2 Steel

Handle Material:


Hardness (HRC):

58 to 60Hrc

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Chinese Nationalist Army officer’s sword, 1920′s-1940′s

from Sofe Design Auctions

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Shark tooth sword, Gilbert Islands, early 20th century

from Artemis Gallery

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They don’t allow weapons on the plane. Hand them over, Roman.
*grudgingly pulls out sword and hands it to Virgil*
C’mon Roman
*Pulls out a second sword from down his back, five daggers from his boots and three from his pants*
*pulls two more daggers out from his breast and a final knife from his boot*
I said ALL of them
*sighs and pulls out one last tiny dagger*
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This Basket-hilted Claymore (Broad Sword) was wielded by a Scottish soldier of the Black Watch, 42nd (Highland) Regiment, against the French under Montcalm, at the Battle of Ticonderoga in 1758. Displayed at the unit’s museum at Perth.

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