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((Since this seems to be close to the uh…weird ass transformation kink/fetish on deviantart I’m only half doing it, and also, there is no Victor or Gloria there’s Chase my swsh oc he takes the place of the two bc at the time I got the game I didn’t like the canon names~Ducy))




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Yeet yeet~

So I’ve been experimenting with my style and I gotta say I love the results so far. I really love this style of shading and hope to do more with it. <3

Anyway, I’ve been planning this kind of AU for a while now. I got the idea before KingPin actually, but thought it was a bit of a strange one. But I decided,”Fuck it” and started writing.

…I have the whole story planned out and got two drafts for the first two chapters written is what I mean btw. XD

The first image is just some pose/shading/suit drawing/whatever practice of Leon that got a bit out of hand. I just wanted to draw the suit underneath his coat seen in this image here. And I got carried away but I love the effect. <3

The second image is with an OC. Yes, this will be an OC x Canon kind of thing, sue me. The gal’s name is Alice, a singer who performs in Galar in various clubs and bars before being noticed by the Chairman himself. It’ll be explained in the beginning actually. But either way, she has a rather extensive history with boss Leon here. TwT

And I was too lazy to shade so bleh. Take it and leave it. XD

For older watchers, she’s the same character I drew a while back here with her and Leon’s son, Sawyer. The backstory in that image is LONG outdated btw, so just letting you know. ;)

I’ll upload a full headcanon about MobBoss!AU VERY soon. And the first chapter of the fanfic I have planned will be uploaded very soon as well as soon as I set up an AO3. For now, enjoy these little doodles. <3

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Just a few more screenshots I took.

I think I’m pretty much done with the DLC. I could go through the dynamax adventures for the rest of the legendaries, grind to 2 million watts for Honey’s final scene in IoA, or try and see if I can trigger The Long Haired Woman tm to appear in the graveyard (which I found out is RANDOM), but I think I’m okay putting it back down for a bit.

I did go through the Galarian Star Tournament a bit deeper. I’m actually suprised, it does get difficult at times, maybe tedious but indeed difficult (not too difficult, but I was expecting less tbh). Even Lame-o’s like Hop are made better when he’s paired with Leon. I also really like the combos convos that can happen, some of which are hilarious and surprising. It’s also incredibly easy to level your pokemon to level 100 here.

I even went an extra step and limited myself to 3 pokemon like the other npc’s. I got a lot more of a challenge by doing that, and in one case I had to watch my teammate save the battle. Most of the time I was able to pretty much sweep, but I did get a good adrenaline rush the few times I lost two Pokemon.

My team for the majority btw


Of course, gotta have Raven the Corviknight. Also joining was Katapuldra the Dragapult from Germany, who finally successfully maintained a team spot in a big challenge event. Both of these two were excellent sweepers and a few loops even swept the entire tourney.

Kentucky the Blaziken comes from my White 2 randomizer run. Ngl he got his ass kicked a BUNCH, but the man comes through when I need him. Particularly this mad lad took out Hop’s Dubwool and Zamazenta and Leon’s Aegislash. Not to mention Milo and Piers are pretty easily handled with him.

I battled in the Galarian Star Tournament 15 times to unlock the two “mystery” trainers. Ngl, was kinda disappointed when I found out who they were, but it was actually kind of fun going through 2 more loops with these two.

But I think I’m good until the next game or I get bored enough to do the rest. I expect an announcement in maybe January at the earliest, maybe Pokemon Day next year. I was thinking there might be 2 more DLCs, but the Sinnoh or Johto remake rumors hold more water at present, especially since next year is the 25th anniversary. Could be wrong though. Tbh if the DLC would be as good as Crown Tundra and add in the rest of the 235 missing mons, I’d be down for another trip. But this may be the last ship I sail in Galar for a bit.

Hope to see you in the next game, Corviknight. You’re a real Diamond in the rough.

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  • Here’s a secret: the ends of Leon’s hair curl into slight waves and are much more defined when his hair is in a pony tail. This man will be putting hair models to shame with the waves his hair naturally will fall into.
  • His s/o will often ring their finger around one of said waves to see if it will curl up more. Most of his hair is wavy, but sometimes they can find a lock of coiled curls and it’s just the cutest thing. 
  • He’s never too bothered by them messing with his hair. He actually will ask if they want to style it when he has the day off. This has led to both Leon and his s/o learning how to braid and style long thick hair in numerous ways. His favorite is braided buns because it looks neat and stylish, plus it’s easier to manage.
  • Leon absolutely melts to the feeling of his s/o brushing his hair before putting it up in a ponytail for him.
  • Sometimes, when his s/o runs their fingers through the thick strands, they will poke themselves with bobby pins and other small accessories that have accumulated in his mane over the past day.
  • If his s/o also has long hair, Leon will be a sucker for matching accessories.
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Finally got some art for my Meet-As-Kids-AU! Where Cassandra ends up moving to Galar at the tender age of 8/9 and goes on the Gym Challenger with Leon, Sonia, and Raihan (her rival), too! Naturally, they had to take a group photo ;)

Based off of the ref image of course xD

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Today hasn’t been a great day for me and it’s still a little hard to crack a smile right now. But even so, thank you to everyone who sent me reassuring and kind messages and this is a little something for you all because I hope you can smile today if you haven’t already

For context, the official account for the Pokemon anime released key art of Leon and Sonia as kids so I couldn’t resist ;u;

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So, I talked once about regional forms, and how Sun and Moon introduced the concept of different regions having different variants of pokemon adapted to that particular environment. It’s a neat way to give a new spin on a particular pokemon and flesh out the world in a creative way, and generally it’s done exceedingly well. Because it went over so well in Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield brought along even more regional forms, this time with an additional twist: new evolutions specific to the regional form! This is after three whole generations without any cross-generational evolutions besides Sylveon, making it feel even more special, and Cursola is the first example of this concept we’re reviewing.


Originally posted by scyther-no-scything

Galarian Corsola, Cursola’s pre-evolution, represents bleached coral – coral that’s expelled its algae due to rising water temperatures caused by climate change – and is effectively little more than a sad coral “skeleton”. Appropriately both Ghost-types, Cursola continues with this concept, now a ghost made of ectoplasm exploding out of Corsola’s skeletal remains, an orb with Corsola’s face encased within it. This orb is apparently Cursola’s soul, which the ectoplasmic growth around it serves to protect. Notably, that growth also has its own face, appearing to scream in lethargic agony in contrast to the more cutely sad Corsola face.


The ectoplasm also has a rather severe effect upon those who touch it: becoming “stiff as stone”, like a touch-based gorgon or something. This characteristic is even represented by its hidden ability, Perish Body, which causes both Cursola and anyone who uses a contact-based attack against it to faint in three turns, the same effect as Perish Song. Conceptually, I feel this isn’t QUITE as cool as Perish Song is, and it’s not actually that useful of a gimmick since it just means you both need to switch out to avoid fainting, but it’s still a pretty neat idea. The TCG had its own implementation too, seen above!


The shiny changes the opaque portions from white to black, which looks eerie as hell and creates an effect even better than the average black shiny. Love it!

Cursola’s a great concept for a pokemon and an intensely creative design, one of those that really stands out because of their distinctiveness. That said, on an aesthetic level, I admittedly don’t personally like it that much?? Like it feels so weirdly top-heavy that I feel it would just topple over, even if its ghost body logically doesn’t have any weight to it. I dunno. I definitely RESPECT Cursola, it’s just a rare ghost that I don’t particularly vibe with, even if I do love the idea of it. Certainly good regardless, though.

mfw anthropogenic climate change has permanently ruined the planet/10.

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