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Yeah, I made my own birthday art. I have no regrets xD

It’s my 28th on the 28th aka GOLDEN BDAY! So figured I’d celebrate with some golden boys and their golden girl ;) You bet Raihan and Leon know how to treat their Queen Cas right.

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Seriously tho villains in SWSH are so hit and miss.

  1. Chairman Rose was such a boring character with the dumbest plot ever.
  2. Sordward and shielbert were great. It turns out taking part in stopping an evil plan has you feel like punching the bad guys. Can’t wait for the sister Gundolyne
  4. Klara is the best actual rival in a pokemon game since Silver. She is so fucking vicious in wanting you gone it’s great. I want her dream to come true.
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Hey all! I was going to call this “Gym Leader Analysis”, but I really wanted to talk about Leon and Sonia too. We’re just keeping this series going! Keep an eye out for P3 (It’ll probably be posted in the same night).


Originally posted by champion-leon-imagines


  • AGE: 26
  • ETHNICITY: Half Hispanic, Half Black
    • Leon is definitely cool uncle friend. I know he is a hot mess and can barely look after himself, but I just feel like he is so good at taking care of other people. 
    • Leon is a man of many faces. He can pump up a crowd one moment and rid his face of emotion the next. It is definitely jarring when someone first gets to know him. 
    • Leon is pansexual. He pretty much flirts with anyone (within his age range, of course). That being said, he isn’t out to the public yet. He isn’t ashamed of it at all; he just doesn’t want his sexuality to be the only thing he’s known for. 
    • Speaking of flirting, there is nobody he flirts harder with than Raihan ;) 
    • Leon was 12 when his dad died, and it hit him really hard. Since the rest of his family took it even harder than he did, he internalised a lot of his pain and focused on trying to help raise Hop. He doesn’t really feel like he ever got the closure he needed. 
    • Oh boy, is Leon protective over Hop. There is a 10 year age difference between them, so he will always feel like Hop is his “Baby Brother”. 
    • (Fun fact: He develops a similar relationship to Gloria when he becomes her Champion Mentor). 
    • Leon is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He doesn’t really process the fact that some of the things he deals with are incredibly dangerous, which is a bit concerning to his friends. On a more lighthearted note, this means that he will ride any roller coaster without breaking a sweat. 
    • Cannot cook to save his life. 
    • Leon, like Hop, has ADD. That’s why he’s always getting lost/seems to have trouble keeping focus. 

Originally posted by djsockpuppet


  • AGE: 26
  • ETHNICITY: White
    • Sonia is the smartest out of our gaggle of characters and she knows it. 
    • She and Leon entered the GPL together, but she dropped out before going to Hammerlock. Sonia originally joined the league thinking it was something she wanted to do because she was good at pokemon battles, but she quickly learned that the rigorous lifestyle trainers live wasn’t for her. 
    • Sonia had an uncertain period of her life where her best friends had all become gym leaders and she was stuck in Wedgehurst helping her grandmother. She definitely had imposter syndrome when hanging around them, so for a few years, she kept her distance. Attending University really helped her start to find her footing, though she wasn’t sure what branch of pokemon studies she wanted to focus on (until the game starts). 
    • She has a strong pokemon team, but she doesn’t fight with them anymore. She mostly keeps them around for company and they help her with her research! 
    • Sonia is super close with Hop. After becoming champion, Leon asked her to keep an eye on him. They very much have a sibling relationship (though neither will admit it). 
    • She is the friend that is overly invested in everyone’s love lives. Sonia is constantly trying to set everyone up together because she “just loves love”. 

Originally posted by wvoukbb


  • AGE: 25
  • ETHNICITY: Black
    • Tall boy! Raihan is freaking huge, and being around everyone else in the League only heightens this fact. He jokes that the one thing he will always hold over Leon is their height difference. 
    • You would think Sonia is the biggest gossip, but we all know that Raihan is. You can trust him if it’s something serious, but you have to preface that. If you don’t, you may as well kiss your secrets goodbye. 
    • Raihan is the best person to go to when you need help. He has big Gryffindor energy and will literally do anything you need him to. If he doesn’t, you just have to call him out for “being a coward”. His pride will definitely be the death of him. 
    • Raihan has the biggest social media presence despite not being champion. He is really good to his fans and will try to interact with them as much as possible. Will always sign autographs or stop to take a picture. 
    • He met Sonia, Leon, and Nessa through the GPL (they were all in the same season). He beat out Nessa but lost to Leon in the finals. Raihan took the defeat pretty hard and made it his goal to dethrone Leon, so he fought Hammerlocke’s previous gym leader and the rest is history. 
    • He really wants to impress Leon ;)
    • Bede once challenged his for his throne, but lost. Raihan always brings this up to him now that they’re both gym leaders just to piss Bede off. 
    • He really likes egging on his friends. Raihan never crosses the line, but he’ll say just the right thing to make you challenge him to a pokemon battle. 
    • Puts on a brave face, but definitely lets negative comments get to him.
    • The chaotic one in the friend group. 

Originally posted by couriwaystation


  • AGE: 22
  • ETHNICITY: White
    • Such a pure, soft boy. Literally the nicest, chillest person. He just scares people off with his edgy demeanour. 
    • He cares a lot about the people in his town. Since Spikemuth is small, it definitely feels like everyone there is a family. It was the main reason he refused to move the Dark Type Gym to a different location to obtain a Dynamax hotspot. (That, and he hates Dynamaxing). 
    • Speaking of, he is fairly new as a gym leader! Leon nominated him to participate in the GPL after noticing his raw talent in the GJPL (Galarian Junior Pokemon League). Piers didn’t expect to make it as far as he did, but he was truly the dark horse of his season. He made it all the way to finals and wiped the floor with the gym leaders he went up against. He did end up losing, but he used the newfound fame he received from participating to kickstart his band.
    • Two years later, Leon approached him again and asked if he was still interested in becoming a new gym leader. It started as a small, non league Gym, but his notoriety quickly gained Spikemuth new attention. He joined the League only one year after debuting. 
    • Despite being crazy talented at being a pokemon trainer, Piers really isn’t interested in it anymore. He likes the freedom that comes with pursuing his music career. (It definitely helped that his little sister shaped up to be an astounding pokemon trainer herself). 
    • Coolest big brother ever. Marnie chastises him for pampering her, but they are definitely best friends. They’re the type of siblings that, if one of them goes to the grocery store, the other will just tag along. 
    • Dad Friend. 100% a Dad Friend. Literally adopts Marnie’s friends the second he sees them. (Who are these twerps? Ok, I guess they’re my children now). Would never admit to this fact. 
    • Vegan. 
    • Piers and Marnie grew up in an artsy family with three other brothers (he is the exact middle child). They weren’t rich, but they are all super close and supportive of each other. 

Originally posted by freusan


  • AGE: 25
  • ETHNICITY: Black
    • Looks are definitely deceiving with this one. Nessa is good at keeping a serene face, but if she loses, she is definitely seething underneath. 
    • So pretty, oh my god. She was scouted by a modelling agent during her GPL season. Nessa only signed after she lost the Finals Tournament. Her career started as something to keep food on the table now that she couldn’t become champion, but she has grown to respect her craft. She likes to use it to promote small businesses and make political statements. 
    • Nessa was trained by the previous gym leader of Hulbury (another water type trainer), so it was no surprise to anybody when she tried to hand their title off to her. Nessa refused to take it without winning a pokemon battle, fair and square. 
    • She is super athletic! Nessa was on the swimming team throughout school and won several region championships! Sometimes during the off season, she’ll help teach swim classes to younger kids. 
    • Best friends to lovers with Sonia! They met during their GPL but didn’t start to get romantic feelings towards each other until 6 years later. Everyone knows that Nessa has a girlfriend, but she keeps the fact that it is Sonia private because she doesn’t want the crazy fanboys to target her. 
    • Nessa takes on a big-sister-role to all of the new female gym leaders (Gloria, Marnie, and Bea). She and Melody will literally strike down anyone who even looks at their girls funny. 
    • Her relationship with Milo is hilarious to anyone who isn’t them. Nessa is convinced that they are rivals and must constantly train against each other in order to get stronger. Milo sees her as his best friend and will bake her treats for when they meet up. (Also, Kabu is their dad. I’m just stating facts). 
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I streamed for 4 hours drawing the new Pokémon and nobody came

Published: Jun 5, 2019

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Have you ever seen a post of a person’s headcanon and disagreed so hard w/ their interpretation of a character. I once saw a comic featuring raihan and Sonia from pokemon swsh battling and raihan was just so cruel to her afterwards it Appalled Me. Like it felt like the person drawing it was just so horrifically sadistic in how Raihan cut Sonia down that it threw me out of the comic completely. Raihan would never. He is a Good Guy. He may be a feral millennial but he is not mean, especially not like that. I never understood the pan-fandom need to attack people over their headcanons until that point. Like I’ve never so vehemently disagreed with someone until I read that comic. It’s been at least a month and I am still not over it. Why do I care this much about a game I’ve barely played

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my full piece of kabu for @/gymleaderzine

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I didn’t pay enough attention. Isle of armor was early game content and I feel like an asshole as the champion stomping Klara’s gym leader dream.

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Pokemon Gym Leader CHAMPIONS!!

So I started a little project where I turned all the Gym Leades into the Galar Champion inspired by Leon’s aesthetic of course! :D And these are the results!!

1. Champion Milo! The Gentle Champion! Don’t let his softness fool you, though; his grass Pokemon are as fierce as they come. And when he’s not dominating the field, he’s tending to his Wooloo back home!

2.  Next up is Nessa! The Model Champion! Undefeated in battle and in looks! She combines her career as Champion showing off her impressive water types along with her impressive looks at photoshoot~

3.  Champion Kabu! He is the Stalwart Champion; unmovable and unbeatable on the pitch, burning away the competition! Off the field he’s just as much a champion, helping young, aspiring trainers whenever he can

4.  Champion Bea! The Fighting Champion; her Pokemon and her battle spirit will crush her opponents with an iron fist! She inspires trainers all over to do their best and fight for victory!

5.  Champion Allister! The Shy Champion! Both the youngest and seemingly sheepish champion to date, but don’t let his shyness fool you! His Pokemon will wipe you off the pitch if you’re not careful!

6.  Champion Opal! The “Pink” Champion as she proclaims; her fairy-types may seem dainty as she does, but be rest assured they are a force to be reckoned with! Word is she’s looking for a trainer to succeed her…

7.  Champion Gordie! The Indominable Champ! He’s as sturdy and unbreakable as his Rock Pokemon, so you best thing twice about taking him on and expecting to win! Melony is his very proud #1 fan, much to his chagrin

8.  Champion Melony! The Ice Queen, as she’s affectionately called, but don’t worry; though her attacks will leave your breathless and frozen, her kind, motherly demeanor will warm you right up!

9.  Champion Piers! The Rock King; If his lyrical prowess doesn’t leave you weak in the knees then his Dark Type Pokemon will! He never fails to impress, especially when he doesn’t need Dynamax to win! (look inspired by Freddie Mercury)

10.  Champion Raihan! The Dragon! Don’t let his easy smile fool you; he’s as fierce as his dragons on the field and the storms he brews up, but don’t worry, he’s always up for a selfie with his fans!

Which one is your favorite? :D

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Iiduku: Swallowing glass just to stay pure

Natalie: If you put my name and your name together you get  𝓂𝒶𝓎𝑜𝓃𝓃𝒶𝒾𝓈𝑒   also, please don’t swallow glass-

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Bede: Remember the time I liked you?

Hop: No

Bede: GOOD because it never hapened HA!

Hop: :’C 

Victor and Gloria: *about to kick his ass* 

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@rabusplash HAPPY BITHDAY!!!! >v< It’s not much (and 1 am) but hope you have an amazing day!!!

And to celebrate is her OC Clover with her Champion Leon :’]

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Pokemon: Sword and Shield

Allister: Alejandro, please eat something. You’ve only had Pink Monster for a week. Please, I’m so worried. Eat a vegetable.

Alejandro: hEhE uLeAsH tHe BeAsT

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A logo I whipped up for my Pokemon AU KingPin! I’ve had this AU for a while and I wanna pick it up again with my fanfic SongBird.

I’ll have more info up on it soon!! <3

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