peapa-artist · 11 months ago
Cross and Tech are the siblings who give eachother the most shit let's be real
Tumblr media
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creme183 · a month ago
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I love echo so much. I also love chickens. Let’s combine the two!
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unwhitewashthebadbatch · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[IMAGE ID: A banner for #UnwhitewashTBB. The top says "Star Wars is for everyone." in black with a yellow background. In the center of the Star Wars wrap-around logo is "Respect fans of color / Respect Jewish fans / Respect disabled fans". The bottom banner is light blue, and #UnwhitewashTBB is in black on top of it. /end ID]
If you can't think of what to say, but want to show your support for #UnwhitewashTBB, you can post this image anywhere you would like!
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deaconusdelirium · 2 months ago
What Clones say during ‘That’ time
Warnings: 18+
Summary: a few things some of the clones say during the time you both share together
“You’re gonna make me-“
“You’re something special”
“Don’t stop, please.”
“Kiss me again cyar’ika”
“You’ve always taken me so good, why not now?”
“Relax, let me do this”
“You’re body’s a totem, and I’m here to worship you”
“Be as loud as you want, the senators out”
“You’re hotter than both of Tatooines’ suns”
“You look better like that”
(I’ll let your imagination play with that one👀)
“Let’s make a baby”
“Move like that and this won’t last long”
“Gedet'ye -osik, Mesh’la”
“You’re breathtaking”
“Prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on”
“Let’s try something new”
“Could we take our time?”
“Sight for sore eyes
“Look at me like that again”
“Open that pretty little mouth of yours”
Imperial! Crosshair-
“The view from here makes you even more endearing”
“You were made for me, and only me, remember that.”
I’ve been away from writing and posting a bit, and I’m sorry. During that time I got to thinking and just being me again, but I also got so many ideas and this was one of them…
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paperback-rascal · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
About a year ago I saw a post where OP had a headcanon that Crosshair is somniloquy and talks gibberish in his sleep.
Yep, this comics gathered dust on my hard drive, unfinished, for all this time.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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starwarscultureweek · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Star Wars Culture Week: March 1st - 7th
Fashion - clothing, accessories, makeup, hair, tattoos, anything!
Food - snacks, meals, candy, and anything edible!
Language - Mother tongues, accents, pidgins, creoles, slang, dialects, and any other form of verbal or nonverbal communication!
Religion & holidays - Religions big and small, personal philosophies, and spirituality! Show us the major and minor celebrations!
Little Planets - What are the Star Wars equivalents of Chinatown and Little Italy? What’s the home away from home, the enclave of your culture?
Music & Art - Statues, paintings, songs, instruments, and all the ways that people make art and music!
Diaspora - Cultural mixing, borrowing, sharing, reclaiming, and everything that immigrants and their descendants do in diaspora!
It’s okay to post late! If you want to make sure we see your work, be sure to tag us @starwarscultureweek
Please properly tag all warnings and triggers!
Credit properly if you are using others’ designs or inspirations!
There is no limit on the number and variety of things you can post, but please don’t spam!
Reblog! Like! Retweet! Share! Show support!
Please remember: this event is meant to uplift and support people of color and other marginalized communities in celebrating their identities. Bigotry or harassment of any kind will result in an automatic block.
And most importantly: have fun!
Please feel free to reply if you have any questions!
[Image description:
Image set of 2 images. The first image is a photo of a nebula overwritten with the following text:
“Star Wars Culture Week #SWCultureWeek March 1 - 7″.
The second image is a photo of a galaxy overwritten with the following text:
“[along the left edge of the image] Star Wars Culture Week
[in standard left-to-right writing] 
Day 1 Fashion Day 2 Food Day 3 Language Day 4 Religion & Holidays Day 5 Diaspora Day 6 Little Planets Day 7 Artwork”.
/End image description.]
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howie-ner-cyare · 10 months ago
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an echo art for belated 1409 followers ヽ((◎д◎))ゝ
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theclonesaremysons · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reasons why I love Echo 1/∞
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thatfunkyopossum · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I had to fix my son. What the fuck did they do to him. I’m really proud of this though! I think it’s my best one yet. Let me know what you think in the tags :)
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clonehub · 5 months ago
periodic reminder that the bad batch is a deeply racist and antisemitic series, and its portrayals and tacit support of racism (lightened skin and European features as expression of genetic desirability and superiority) and antisemitism (greedy lizard woman played by a jewish VA) enables real-life racism and antisemitism in the fandom, putting fans of color and jewish people at risk for harassment and violence.
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the-clone-father · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Felony, I’m watching you. No touchy the Howzer…
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techs-goggles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
s1e2 tech being too cute for his own good
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creme183 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Sleeping Echo from College AU.
He deserves a nap with Lula, okay!?
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unwhitewashthebadbatch · a month ago
We're closing in on 3,000 signatures! Please read, sign, and share!
We the undersigned are Star Wars fans reaching out due to our deep concerns with the new series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. We feel that elements of the show, including many character models and aspects of the writing, are alienating and harmful to fans of color.
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deaconusdelirium · 2 months ago
You’re The One
Hunter x F!Reader
Summary: The Bad Batch have been running around non-stop and finally drop by your place to get some rest. But Hunter can’t help but admire the way you care for them all
Warnings: None:)
The Bad Batch were non-stop working, even when they weren’t working, they would still be very busy. Especially Hunter, he keeps watch of everyone, makes sure they’re ok and doing alright, he makes time for everyone but not just anyone. He has to know them personally to actually care about them. Which confused you when they all came over to relax, saying that Hunter never worried about anyone new like you. Time from time, they’d come visit in your apartment on Coruscant. Staying the night or two when they’re on the run or just need somewhere to relax and get back on track, and you welcomed them with open arms.
A little- just a small… little tiny crush had blossomed in Hunters chest whenever you treated them like real people, like they weren’t clones who had numbers. You didn’t look down on them with disgust and it made his heart beat faster when you treated Omega with love and all she deserved with a look on your face he’s never seen before. Or how you always made sure the guys needed or wanted anything, even going as far as dealing with Crosshair’s complaining with a warm understanding smile, that even he had a soft spot for you. Before you knew it, you and Hunter had started a relationship, his brothers congratulated him along with Omega
This mission was unlike any other the Batch have been through, bounty hunter after bounty hunter, running from the Empire while risking their lives on countless planets made them tired. But Hunter couldn’t show his drowsyness, not until he knows everyone’s safe. As soon as the Marauder touched down on the ground, everyone grabbed their things and stepped off the ship, Omega’s feet trudging as she tried to keep up with Tech. Wrecker grabbed and carried her while Echo gave an obvious yawn, Crosshair was a lot quieter but still managing to keep up.
They hoped it wasn’t to late, not wanting to disturb or even ask to much from you. Only to be surprised when you opened the door with wide eyes, like you weren’t tired at all, “hey.. guys. Come in” you stepped to the side, motioning for them to step into your apartment, as they all made their way to the living room, you followed with light steps. Looking at them all as they seemed beat and exhausted, “you mind if we stay here for a bit?” Hunter asked, eyes desperately searching for any answer as you nodded quickly. “You don’t even need to ask, what’s mine is yours. Stay as long as you need, the rooms are back there, if you’re hungry I can always make something, or if your thirsty I have tea” you walked pass him and to the others.
Grabbing their things like their blasters and helmets, making sure to grab and hold Crosshairs rifle extra carefully as you set them down safely near the kitchen to be put away and cleaned later. Everyone thanked you as Omega walked up to Hunter, “I left Lula and my Batcher in the Marauder” Hunter only nodded in response, “I’ll go grab them” but you told him to stay put as you brought Omega to your room, telling her that she can sleep in here after giving her a shirt. She climbed into bed as you covered her, then meeting Hunter outside, seeing him waiting for you. “I can go grab them, you rest” before he could decline, you placed a hand on his chest and pushing him to sit on the couch, giving him one of your signature smiles before he caved in and nodded.
It didn’t take long to find the Marauder, after grabbing the things Omega requested, you headed back. Opening and closing the door quietly just in case the guys were already sleeping, and there Hunter was, arms spread out across the top of the cushions with his head leaning back. A soft snore leaving his lips every now and then as you went into your room, tucking Lula and the Batcher in next to her as she hugged them closer. Returning back to Hunter, he was the same as before, he must have been real tired if he didn’t hear you come in, before you grabbed a blanket and pillow for him, you cautiously walked over and kneeled before him. Taking his gloved and vambraces off as he didn’t move.
Moving onto his shoulders and chest, you were careful not to make to much noise or move him too much. Placing each and every one of his armor off the the side, he was already laying on his side by the time you finished so you draped the blanket over him. Walking to the rooms, everyone’s armor was off, except for Techs goggles. Carefully taking them off, you grabbed their stuff and into the kitchen you went. Cleaning the grime and dirt off from their recent mission. You weren’t tired, so you headed over to their weapons, cleaning them while giving Crosshairs rifle a bit more attention, it was was past midnight so you eventually settled for bed.
Something didn’t feel right though, so you turned around as Hunter slept quietly. Your hand placed gently on his shoulder as you called his name, pulling him from slumber as you winced, wishing you hadn’t done this, but he deserved better. He woke up, “Y/n, everything alright?” He sat up looking around, then noticing his armor was off. His eyes caught the sight of everyone’s armor neat and clean in piles waiting to do their duty again. You laugh to yourself and nod, “you can sleep with Omega” he ran a hand over his face, nodding as he stood up.
His chest blossomed with warmth, admiring your natural instincts to care for others. It’s what made him fall in love with you in the first place, you always put them before yourself when they were around, and he loved it, especially when it came to Omega. Everyone couldn’t be trusted, but with you, it was totally different. Like he could finally let all his stress go, he could watch you two play for hours and still think you were to good for him. And with his brothers, no one could stand them for more than a day, you were always so patient and understanding, from the looks of it you even enjoyed spending time with them. He just knew you were the one
You led him to the back room as he crawled under the cover and patted the empty spot next to him. Once you were in, he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer as you became the little spoon. “Thank you” he whispered, “for what?” You raised a brow in confusion as he tightened his hold, “for letting us stay” “like I said, this is your home. You’re welcome anytime”
Your conversation was interrupted as Omegas arm draped across Hunter arm, making him tense for a second before he laid on his back again. Hunter placed an arm around her, making sure to get her toys in as he held both his girls in arms, thanking the maker for giving him something he thought he’d never have.
Another one of those nights where everything feels slow and you have the strong urge to binge watch all Star Wars movies^^
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paperback-rascal · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
this drawing is a sequel to my other work “warehouse practice”.
It’s a part of my archery!Crosshair...AU-of-sorts? x modern!TBBAU by @transformersluna​ that... still lives in my mind rent free.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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oftincturedwords · a month ago
how much do you want to bet that whenever hunter is talking with rex & anakin in a distant echo , that tech , crosshair , & wrecker were panic cleaning the havoc marauder because they realised that a jedi general was going to be accompanying them on the mission ??
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howie-ner-cyare · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
gave my first try at animating (;′⌒`) tried to do anime-style rex in his poncho sdjhajsd 
idk when i look at his poncho in the show it looked rather heavy so i didn’t try to animate the rest of the clothing oof
Click for better resolution 😬😬
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muguathepapaya · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I wonder what kind of personal trainer Howzer would be. Maybe the type to not let you give up?
Waxer, Boil, Gregor, Cody
Echo and 99
Colt and bonus Shaak
Rex and bonus Ahsoka
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clonehub · 4 months ago
A Look Back at the Past Year or So
Remember when #UnwhitewashTBB all first started? When all I had was a poorly designed carrd and a million anons helping me build it? When there were people who were detailing some of their more unsavory memories in replies and reblogs to help me round out the carrd? We've certainly come far since then: a survey, a petition, emails AND letters sent out, as well as more and more people every day made aware of Whitewashing and other forms of racism in Star Wars.
Remember how primarily white fans reacted? How many of were called aggressive, bullies, liars, overreacting--how many of us are already stereotyped in our day to day lives? Remember the swift denials the racism, the speaking over people of color, the violent antisemitism, the dismissal of ableism by able bodied and neurotypical people? Remember when people such as myself and people whom I've never met kept getting harrased?
I don't want a repeat of that. We all have a right to be here. We've come very far. I've met lots of new people and made a good deal new friendships. I learned a lot about myself, about disability rights and politics, about antisemitism, and about racism in other forms. I know many people learned some more about these things, too.
First, thank you all for supporting me. I hit a rough patch, but I've come through it safe and sound. Second, thank you all for supporting this movement. This is NOT goodbye, this is me saying that even if Disney doesn't listen to us, we're not going anywhere. We won't shut up (or at least I won't) and we'll let racists and bigots know that just because there aren't a lot of us, doesn't mean we don't matter.
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