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boomdafunk · a day ago
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⁃Home, in your arms - …………………. I don’t know how this drawing came to life but here it is ! Also this was in the sylki request .
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eliotdrawings · 2 days ago
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comm for ponderosa121 @ twitter :: NO REPOSTS/REUPLOADS::
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aussie-tea · a day ago
Mobius: Sylvie is the dangerous variant you agreed to help us catch!
Loki: You don't have all the facts!
Mobius: Which are?
Loki: I love her.
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ramenana · 2 days ago
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sheherlocked · 19 hours ago
Mobius: Happy birthday. Here’s Loki’s gift to you
Sylvie: that’s a big box
Mobius: yeah
Sylvie: … Loki’s inside it isn’t he
Mobius: *sighs* yeah
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lovesfern · 15 hours ago
🚨so while the mcu fandom is still trying to play the trauma olympics with these characters i think it’s time the universe acknowledged sylvie had it worse than both wanda and thor or really any of your fav characters combined girl literally lost her family lost her planet lost her timeline as a child and grew up as she puts it in the ends of a thousand worlds but sure keep hating her for killing the man who took everything from her🚨
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captn-andy-skull · a day ago
Guide to a unSuccessful date by Loki Laufeyson
Choose the right location
Tumblr media
Dress to impress
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Go out to dinner to talk. Make it a two way conversation and don’t be afraid to reveal information about yourself. Be interested!
Tumblr media
Use the Power of Charm
Tumblr media
Don’t be afraid to tease him
Tumblr media
Have a reasonable amount of alcoholic drinks
Tumblr media
Be mindful of touchiness
Tumblr media
Keep a positive attitude
Tumblr media
Go for a stroll to enjoy one another’s company in private
Tumblr media
Do something different and fun
Tumblr media
Mirror their body language
Tumblr media
Offer a polite compliment
Tumblr media
Be yourself and have fun
Tumblr media
Sylvie’s guide to a successful date
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aussie-tea · 2 days ago
Loki: Sylvie and I kissed.
Classic Loki: Mobius get the wine!
Mobius: Do not start without me, do not start without me!
Classic Loki: Let's hear about the kiss. Was it a soft brush against your lips or was it like a "I-gotta-have-you-now" kinda thing?
Loki: Well, at first it was really intense, you know, and then we sorta just sunk into it.
Classic Loki & Mobius: Ohhhhhhh!
Sylvie: Ugh, and then I kissed him.
B-15: Tongue?
Sylvie: Yeah.
B-15: Cool.
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theromanticrationalist · 9 hours ago
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wandaloki · 17 hours ago look at this entire thread. It just shows how much general audience and casual mcu fans adore Sylki. Going through this thread gave me so much joy this evening ngl
Honestly after the day I have had, this has put a smile on my face. It’s a reminder that most people love love and it’s just so wholesome to see people so happy for our Loki (the one where the guy was mad at Sylvie had me laughing though he is so funny)
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Hello one and all..haven't posted in awhile but I just would like to say that:
Sylki is canon 😊💚
*drops mic*
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So I know I'm late to the party (like way way late) but you what I would've liked to see in Loki?
I would have liked to see Loki pull a Jack Harkness.
I would have liked to see Loki kiss both Sylvie and Mobius - and for him to do it in the way that Jack Harkness does in Doctor Who where he kisses both Rose and 10 the same way and its equal reciprocity.
That would be some nice confirmation that (aside from just saying "I'm sure there were would-be prince's and princesses") Loki + his variants are Bi.
(And there could also be some more visuals other than that one small shot of 'gender: fluid' on Loki's ID card - but thats a discussion for another day).
A good rule of thumb in writing is 'show don't tell' and I wish we could have gotten some more visual confirmation for those 2 things is all.
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